How To Make Money Online Without Paying Anything

If you’re trying to find a way how to make money online without paying anything, then this article is for you.

I know this sounds a little too good to be true and “scammy” (if that’s a word) even. But there are plenty of ways to make money online that doesn’t require initial financial investments, and I will discuss all of them here.

I guarantee that the opportunities on this list are not scams.

They are 100% legit, decent, and simple enough for young, old, abled, tech savvy or not to get started immediately right after reading this post. In fact…

I was able to make a six-figure income with one of them!!!

When I started, I am also just an ordinary guy like you, trying to make both ends meet.

So whether you’re someone with a full-time 9 -5 job hoping to earn extra bucks, or someone who is trying to make a living at home, there is one that would suit you best among the opportunities below.

And speaking of scams, I will also share some of the fake business opportunities and how to avoid falling in one of them.

Let’s get started.

Best Ways To Make Money Online Without Paying To Start

Below are the best ways on how to make money online without paying any start-up cost.

#1 Selling used/unwanted belongings

Now, this is an excellent way for anyone to make money. It doesn’t matter if you’re knowledgeable about Internet marketing or not. There are a plethora of places on the Internet for you to sell some of your unwanted things. You can sell almost anything too!

You can start earning a few bucks to hundreds of dollars by selling some of your unwanted belongings in various online marketplaces. 

You can also post them on your personal Facebook or Twitter account. Say, you’re not using your old baseball bat anymore. Some slugger out there might be happy to take them off your hands for a reasonable price.

You can also sell old books, games, electronic devices, sports equipment, jewelry, wedding dresses, and what have you on specific sites that accept them. Some of the most recognized sites include eBay, Amazon, RubyLane, and Decluttr. 

And if you happen to be a collector, limited items such as mint-conditioned comic books, albums, and toys (especially toys) can easily fetch you a couple of thousand dollars! 

Note: To maximize your earnings, take a great photo of your item, and write a compelling and honest description before you sell it online.

#2 Use your words

Freelance writing, sounds familiar?

If you happen to be good with words, you might be pleased to know that you can put them to good use and make money at home.

Countless trustworthy and established sites such as Upwork have thousands of employers seeking to hire good freelance writers.

There are a lot of writing projects to choose from, such as writing blogs, reviews, and writing product descriptions.

There’s plenty of work to go around, and you even have the flexibility to choose whether to be paid per article or on a quota basis. 

As a matter of fact, due to how the Internet has changed everything today, you can even turn this into a full-time career!

You can pick a particular niche and create your blogging website, which believe me, much easier than it sounds.

#3 Blogging

Blogs are excellent sources of information, like the one you are reading right now (why thank you).

But did you know that blogging is one of the best ways on how to make money online without paying? 

But although creating a blog site is easy, finding the right niche for your blog is going to be a challenge. You have to pick a niche that you won’t have much competition but is still profitable.

Furthermore, writing a blog is easy. It’s getting traffic and making people find your blog that is the biggest challenge. No matter how excellent and helpful your blog is, but if it isn’t ranking in Google searches, it’s not going to make you money. 

Most importantly, you need to choose a niche that interests you. Without passion in what you’re doing, you’re bound to fail.

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Blogging Fact

It doesn’t mean that once you come up with your blog site and blog post, you will then rack money automatically. I’m afraid not.

Your blog will function as a means to reach different people and help with their problems. And by doing so, you can use your blog to help advertise other people’s products and businesses that provide solutions to these problems.

These companies will then compensate you whenever you send traffic to their sites or when they make sales because of you.

But if you don’t want to promote other people’s businesses, well then, you can sell your own products in your blog. Remember #1 on this list?

You can create a blog specific for the products that you are selling e.g., “how to make money with your unwanted items” and display your items.

Note: Lucky for you, blogging is one of the ways I make money online. If blogging is one of your interests, there is a sign-up form below for a free online course (yes, FREE) that will teach you how to make money with blogging.

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#4 Sell your crafts

Shout out to all artists out there!

If you are born with a talent to create beautiful things, then you wouldn’t have much trouble how to make money online without paying anything.

Huge websites like Etsy, for example, gives artists a chance to sell their crafts at considerably fair prices. You can sell paintings, clothing, jewelry, home decors, and even edibles. Let your imagination go to work and get paid with your creativity.

You have to make a free account on one of these sites, and you’re good to go. You also have the option to sell and promote your crafts in your blog site!

Of course, you have an option to go big-time and try joining Shopify or Amazon, but that would cost you money.

#5 Rent your time and voice

If you’re the person who happens to have a good voice over the telephone and you can speak different languages fluently…

You can make money from home by becoming a call center agent. 

Becoming a call center agent has a few more requirements other than just a great telephone voice. But you might want to consider this option as the pay is excellent.

Call centers provide businesses the human resources to answer their phones at all hours of the day. The average pay for a call center agent these days stands at least $10 per hour. That’s a good amount of money to make at home. 

Furthermore, most call center companies today provide their agents with health and dental benefits and even 401k plans!

So, what do you think of the above list on how to make money online without paying anything? Did you find one that suits your skills, passion, and interests?

If not, then don’t worry. 

There are more ways to make money online at home below that won’t cost you anything to start.

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#6 Rent your phone and mobile device’s memory

If being a call center agent nor a blogger is not up to your alley, you can try a much simpler and less requirement-sy one. You can get paid by merely installing apps.

Yes, you read that right!

There are legitimate companies that will pay you $50 – $300 a year just by installing their apps on your mobile devices. Companies like Nielsen Computer and Mobile Panel is one of them. 

Various GPT sites such as PrizeRebel also offer similar gigs for anyone who might be interested.

Note: Most GPT sites are free to join, but in my opinion, they are hardly worth your time. Here’s why.

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#7 Get paid with your opinions

How would you like to earn money just by sharing your honest opinion about certain things?

Well, other than installing apps on your phone, the best GPT sites (Get-Paid-To) are more famous in paying their users for completing random online tasks.

The same as PrizeRebel, most GPT sites will pay you for completing surveys and sharing your opinions on various subjects.

Joining these sites requires no fees, no advanced SEO knowledge, no excellent writing skills, and no Ph.D.! 

All they need is your honest feedback and a little effort to voice out your ideas about their research, products, or services. In exchange for the information, they would pay you easy money.

Note: Unlike most of the other options on this list on how to make money online without paying anything, taking paid surveys won’t make a living. It does, however, provide you with an excellent opportunity to earn a little cash on the side. Some of these sites also offer prizes and gifts.

#8 Get paid playing games and watching videos

If you like watching a lot of videos and playing games (which could very well be the reason why you’re on a financial hiccup right now, kidding), then let’s put that into good use.

As I mentioned at the start of this article, there’s a lot of ways how to make money online without paying anything – various ways that would fit different kinds of people. 

So, if you don’t like voicing out your opinions and taking surveys is too much of a hassle for you, then some GPT sites will also pay you to watch videos and play games.

But be careful, there are plenty of scam GPT sites out there that won’t pay their members. Sites similar to Viral MarketBrainBux, and College Power.

To avoid scam sites like a mentioned above, check out our list of the legitimate GPT sites.

Note: Since your potential earnings with GPT sites are incredibly low, I suggest that you join at least 3 to 5 of them to maximize your income.

How about now?

Are you still looking for more options on how to make money online without paying anything?

There are three more and one of which is what allowed me to earn a six-figure monthly income. See below how you can too!

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#9 Make money with your typing skills

If you have your ways with the keyboard, you might be glad to know that plenty of companies out there would love to hire you for your accurate and quick typing skills.

Some companies will ask you to transcribe videos and come up with a written script.

Visit sites like Craigslist and Upwork, and you will find many good-paying data entries and administrative jobs for yourself. 

#10 YouTubing (creating YouTube videos)

YouTube is an excellent platform to start making money online. It is free to create a YouTube account, and it’s easy to upload your videos.

But like blogging, you must pick the right niche for your channel, so you know the kind of audience that you are going for.

There are different options on how you can make money on YouTube. You can get paid based on your views, and you can also promote other products to earn commissions.

I also have a YouTube channel and though it is not my primary source of income, my channel contains helpful topics especially about affiliate marketing. Some of the tips I revealed in my YouTube videos are worth hundreds of dollars in other online courses.

Should you be interested to learn more about YouTubing, I can personally help you with that.

Meanwhile, speaking of affiliate marketing, it is the best way to make money online without paying anything as you start.

#11 Affiliate marketing (Best Recommendation)

This is how I make money online. In fact, this is how I make a living today!

Affiliate marketing is similar to blogging, but you don’t need to sell any products or create your own. You will only need to help promote other people’s products which you believe could help your readers.

I was able to make a six-figure monthly income with affiliate marketing, and there are many others too.

If you’re looking for proof, you can read My Humble Story.

Why I Choose Affiliate Marketing

A few years back, there comes the point in my life when I cannot take my dead-end job anymore. The toxic workplace, unbearable bosses, and my ever so little salary.

There are times when I want to take my ex-girlfriend (now my wife) to a romantic date but I can’t since I have no money. I want to buy my mom a pretty dress or my dad a slick shoes but I can’t for the same reason.

So I decided to create another source of income.

I tried MLM and online trading. But it is affiliate marketing that changed my life for the better.

With affiliate marketing, you can make money online with your passion and interests. If you’re still searching how to make money online without paying anything…

This could be it!

Because unlike GPT sites and other online jobs such as data entry or freelance writing, your potential income in an affiliate marketing business is limitless. 

Many people have been making a full-time income at home with affiliate marketing, and others are able to quit their 9-5 job too! 

If you have an existing blog or perhaps even own a website, you can start bringing in money immediately into your pocket while staying at home. Start affiliate marketing today for free!

Affiliate marketing is a huge opportunity, and it could provide you with the financial freedom that you seek.

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Scam Online Business Opportunities To Avoid

While there are plenty of ways how to make money online without paying anything, affiliate marketing included, I understand that you can’t help but be skeptical.

Chances are, you’d already been a victim of an online opportunity before which you think is an excellent way to make money at home but turned out to be a scam.

Don’t worry; I’ve been there, and you’re not alone.

In fact, my previous experiences in scams have been my motivation to create Bare Naked Scam – to expose the truth behind the different business opportunities today.

When it comes to opportunities that promise you huge income without paying anything, these are scams to watch out for.

#1 Scam GPT sites

There are plenty of GPT sites that promise hundreds of dollars as daily income just by inviting your friends and completing menial tasks.

But in reality, all your earnings are merely numbers, and there is no way to withdraw them.

More examples of these scam GPT sites are Viral Dollars and Kids Earn Cash.

#2 Fake Influencer platforms

Have you heard of Empowr and FanBox?

These are fake influencer platforms that promise to pay you substantial commissions just by being a part of their community. 

But when you actually try to withdraw your earnings, a transaction fee will be required from you. Once you’ve made the payment hoping to cash out your mouth-watering earnings, you will never hear from them again.

#3 Mailing order programs

People who have been looking for ways on how to make money online without paying anything have stumbled upon various scams appearing to be a mail-order programs.

These companies promises that you can potentially earn thousands of dollars per day without needing to sell any products. And yes, you can join for free!

But here’s the catch. As the scam goes, you will need to send the company a postage-paid return envelope with the processing fee inside. You have to mail the envelope and wait for the cash to arrive in your mailbox daily. Ridiculous right? 

But some people still fall for scams like this such as the Club Cash Fund.

#4 Free to join online trading platforms

As cryptocurrency and Forex trading platforms became very popular, online scammers have been sneaky enough. 

Many were able to create fake platforms that will lure you in with the promise of daily earnings without investing anything.

The common MO of these scam platforms is that they will offer you a free membership, but you will have to pay a certain amount to “access” their trading bot. 

They will assure you that the money you put in is not a payment but rather, your capital to start trading online. They even add that you can withdraw that money anytime you want.

Don’t be fooled!

The most recent companies we’ve reviewed that belong to this category are FX Trading, Immediate Edge, and Lucrosa.

If ever you are aware of similar scams that presents itself as a legit way on how to make money online without paying anything, let our readers know in the comment section below.

Final Thoughts

We currently live in an age when anything is possible with the Internet. The good thing about it is that you can utilize the Internet how to make money online without paying for a startup cost.

You can either complete mindless tasks like watching videos, test an app, or answer survey questions to earn a few quick bucks.

You also have the option to sell your unwanted stuff, make money with your creations, or make use of your God-given skills and talents.

And of course, you can choose to dream big like I did before and start your own business with affiliate marketing.

Which “Make Money Online” Opportunities To Join

Whatever the path you choose to take towards financial freedom, you must realize that opportunities to make money are just out there for the taking; it’s up to you to seize it!

If you’re unhappy with your financial status today, do something to change it. As did I before and boy, I’m sure glad where I am today.

I will be honored to guide you and become your coach if you find me worthy.

  • Are you making money online too? 
  • Do you have more ideas on how to make money online without paying anything? 

Please make use of the comment section below. Until here and I wish you all the best in the future.

Your pal,


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