About Bare Naked Scam

You came here for a reason, and I believe it is to find out if an income opportunity is a scam or if it is a legitimate business to join.

And, in Bare Naked Scam, we do our best in sharing the most in-depth information about a program. If it needs an investment from us just to get really deep, we’ll do it.

Simply speaking, “We strip scams naked for you!”

How Bare Naked Scam Was BronHow Bare Naked Scam Was Bron

We’ll rather be the one being scammed than you wasting your hard earned money on unscrupulous programs, and that’s our main objective.

Our main focus is on the following income opportunities:

  • Multi-Level Marketing;
  • Affiliate Marketing;
  • Online Jobs and Surveys;
  • eCommerce; and
  • Online Trading.

Of course, we would like to cover as much grounds as we can, but we are just a small team, and we are always looking for people who are willing to expose a scam for us. If you have this innate passion, please, send us an email at [email protected].

About Jack Cao

Hey, it’s Jack here, and first and foremost I want to thank you for visiting my humble site.

The reason I started this site is because, I too, am a victim of many “online opportunities”. In fact, I am the oblivious one who would spend thousands of dollars trusting someone who promises a bunch of stuff that never eventually work out.

Bare Naked Scam - Jack CaoBare Naked Scam - Jack Cao

And through many ups and downs, with a resilient and undying mindset, I was able to generate an income that far exceeds my full-time salary.

Through this rocky journey, I’ve learned quite a great deal about online marketing, specifically, Copywriting, Content Marketing, Search Marketing, and Social Media Marketing. ​

In my opinion, these are the skills required to better understand what goes behind the mind of product creators, or in other words, the creators of the income opportunities.

How I Started My Journey

I’ll be honest with you…

My story is much like anyone else. I work in a corporate job and barely had enough time for my family.

I knew my life was not about trading my time for money in a job that I am least passionate about.

So, I ventured out to seek other income opportunities.

My First Attempt

I was surrounded by many network marketers (I don’t know why), hence I was roped into a network marketing company that sells “magnetic field bed” that is said to be good for blood circulation.

A couple of months after I joined, the company got shut down by the authorities for running a pyramid scheme.

Second, Third, Fourth Attempt…

Were total disasters as well.

If I recall correctly, my second attempt was with a company named NTI, which was later shut down by the authorities as well.

The third attempt was an MLM company selling Korean Jeju Volcanic Soap (that does not exist anymore).

And, my fourth try was with Forever Living, a well known MLM that is still active and strong today. But, I couldn’t earn a dime from it, sadly.

Then, I Found Online Trading.

After so many failed attempts, I started to pick up some books and went to the drawing board.

Through the book Rich Dad Poor Dad, I found online trading, which I thought was perfect for me.

I didn’t have to go out to meet people, and I could stay at home to work (which is something that I dream about).

Plus, there are so many people who have succeeded with this opportunity; I thought I could do it too.

Well, long story short, I studied this trade wholeheartedly for a couple of months, and when I finally traded with real money…

I lost almost $3,000 in the first trade.

As devastated as I was, I continued to persist for over a year, and eventually gave up. At that time, I couldn’t recover what was lost.

So, I went back to the employment line as I needed to survive.

That was when my colleague came to me with yet another MLM opportunity called World Ventures.

Ok. I promise this was the last MLM I’ve joined. Again, another failed attempt. I am so embarrassed to even speak of this.

And Then, I Found Affiliate Marketing…

This came in the form of disguise, and I didn’t even know such a thing called Affiliate Marketing existed.

The opportunity was marketed in a way that I can earn money immediately on auto-pilot from Amazon.

All I needed to do was to pay money for a website, and I am all set to earn commissions.

How naive was I, right? I mean, this was something new, and it seemed pretty easy to do.

So, I went ahead and got everything set up.

And then I waited…

… And waited…

… And waited…

And yeah, you’ve guessed it. It turned out to be a scam.

Well, I acknowledged that it was a failed attempt. However, it wasn’t all bad.

I fell in love with the idea of Affiliate Marketing that I decided to research more about it.

That’s when I found…

My Second Attempt with Affiliate Marketing

It was a course that teaches affiliate marketing, and it charges $25 per month for it.

And the best part was the story of the person who created the program.

He was a drug addict who overcame all adversities and became an internet millionaire.

His story was so compelling that I took immediate action when I got the chance.

But, the deeper I went into the program, the more money I was spending.

Before I knew, I was spending thousands of dollars, yet I didn’t learn anything productive.

Feeling deceived again, I was really frustrated, and I was at the brink of giving up…

So, I went on Google to find out if I can get a refund and to check out if others felt the same way as I did.

While I couldn’t get a refund because my purchase has passed the refund period, I saw a genuine review that answered all my concerns about the program.

And then, it recommended me to yet another affiliate marketing training program.

Can you guess what I was feeling at that time?

My Third Attempt with Affiliate Marketing

I was like, “What? Another program again? How much is it going to cost this time?”

Now, at this time, I’ve tried so many opportunities and got sucked into so many scams that I became critically skeptical.

Thankfully, this program has a free version where we can take a peek behind the curtain without any obligations.

And to my surprise, I actually learned more than what I’ve paid for in other programs.

I was hooked, and I immediately signed up for the paid version of the program.

It cost only $49 per month, and there’s nothing else that I needed to buy or upgrade to.

This was so different than most programs out there; in fact, it was the first I’ve seen that was genuine in terms of teaching people to succeed.

However, It Wasn’t Rainbow and Butterflies

I wish I could tell you that I succeeded right off the bat because of the awesome training and all.

But, it just didn’t happen that way.

You see, even with the best training and the best support, one can still fail.

Success really depends on each individual, and it requires persistence and perseverance.

The fact is, I failed twice and finally found success on the third try. Hooray!

But, did you know, I almost gave up on the third try?

Three Months In And Still No Results

I was working tirelessly for over 3 months with nothing to show for.

My daily routine started at 5 am every single day…

And, ended late just so that I could have more time to work on the business.

One month flew by after the next, and there were crickets.

No one was visiting my website, which means there is no chance of getting a sale.

Honestly, I was so close to throwing the towel and give up the idea of financial freedom.

That’s when I received an email…

“Congratulations! A New Commission…”

This was the most enlightening email I’ve received ever!

It was a small commission, and it was nothing to be proud of, but it is enough for me to believe that whatever I am doing is working.

True enough, a couple of days later…

“Congratulations! A New Commission…”

I’ve received yet another commission, followed by a couple more.

Had I Given Up, I Wouldn’t Have This Level of Success Today

Skipping ahead to August 2017, I’ve finally left the workforce to work full-time on my online business.

That year I quit my job; I made a little over $100,000.

And, the following year, I made over $130,000.

Lesson Learned…

Whichever opportunity you choose there will always be people who are making money.

You just have to choose the right opportunity that suits you best and stick with it till you become successful.

People who failed are the ones who gave up.

Success is meant for people who persist long enough to reap the rewards.

About Jay Roland

Jay is an online entrepreneur who is now working as a content writer for Bare Naked Scam.

He joined Bare Naked Scam because like Jack, he too ended up losing money in false training programs and fraudulent investment schemes.

Jay spent more than six years of his life in three different multi-level marketing companies. He has seen both the beauty and the underbelly of the MLM industry.

Bare Naked Scam - Jay RolandBare Naked Scam - Jay Roland

If it weren’t for a particular network marketing program, Jay wouldn’t have made money, and he would’ve quit MLM.

Right now, Jay is helping Jack expose the truth about the different business opportunities, especially when it comes to MLM companies.

If there is a business opportunity that interests you, you might check out our library of reviews first so you will know exactly what to expect.

Should you wish to learn all the things Jay has found out in his MLM career, read his story here.

You Can Help Too!

The internet is full of scams, and Jack and Jay’s efforts alone are not enough to keep the online community safe. Bare Naked Scam needs your help!

If you:

  • Have any insider information on an online opportunity;
  • Wish to expose a program on behalf of Bare Naked Scam;
  • Want to expose a program anonymously.

You can drop a comment below or contact Bare Naked Scam directly.

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