Fanbox – The Truth will be revealed!

Name:  Fanbox
Website:  www.fanbox.com
Price: unknown
Owners: Brandie Williams

Bare Naked Scam rating: 3 Thumbs Down


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Fanbox has concluded. The business is now known as Empowr. Click here to read the review.

Is Fanbox a Scam?

Apparently I got a warning letter from the lawyer of Fanbox mentioning that I have made defamatory statements regarding Fanbox. I have since reviewed and revised my article so you can view all the truth about Fanbox with ease. I feel that there are facts and truth to be told about Fanbox and it can’t be ignored. So from here on out is the review I promised to re-release.

Review starts here…

Is Fanbox a scam? Yes, I believe it is. I have given Fanbox a bad rating due to the numerous bad comments/experiences (my personal experiences as well) that I have uncovered whilst doing my research,  but I would still like to hear from Fanbox users who actually made money with it.

From here on out, I am going to share with you the things that I have discovered while being a member of Fanbox, I urge you to think twice and consider the things I am about to share with you before you make your decision on Fanbox.

The general idea of Fanbox is to create an opportunity to make money for people who spend lots of time on social media sites, like facebook, twitter, etc. To be honest, the idea sounds great! You post/share your pictures, videos, articles, etc on Fanbox, and the more geniune “likes” or “re-shares” on your post, the more money you make. To me, something is really fishy, how do I make money when people are not paying actual money (All I get was “Like” on my post)? Do people pay money to “like” my post?

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I was really curious on how this work and I believe you do too. I have found the video below which explains exactly how you can make money from Fanbox.

I am pretty sure you still do not grasp the idea of the video above but if you do that is really great.

Basically, you post anything you want on Fanbox and your post will be noticeable to other Fanbox members. When other Fanbox members visits your post, they will be able to see “automatic advertisements” on the right sidebar of your post (like the ones Facebook has). You got exactly 24 hours to profit from these advertisements (when people click on the advertisement and purchase an item).

Now there are huge flaws in this system. Through my knowledge on the online industry, firstly, I know there is a low possibility that people will buy stuff from social media networks, secondly, there is a low probability that people will be drawn to the ads on the sidebars. If anyone were to purchase anything on the internet, they will not buy it straight away unless they know exactly what they want.

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So, the chances of you making money online is close to 0%. But wait, let me share with you how I made $258.66 without doing anything in Fanbox.

How I made $258.66 with Fanbox?

Yes, as I have told you, I did nothing! I get a “daily revenue statement” almost every single day via my email, and each day my revenue gets higher and higher. Take a look at a snapshot of my email inbox.


It is such a mystery of how I make such money without any activity in Fanbox. What I have discovered is alarming and it is something that you should be aware of.

These “money” that I have made without any work done are basically Fanbox credits that you can use to post advertisements on Fanbox. BUT!!! In order to use the Fanbox Credits, you have to be a paying member of Fanbox. This paying membership program is called “I’ll Pay Later (IPL)”.

Just look at some Fanbox users experiences below and you can decide for yourself if it is well worth it joining the IPL program:

Source: http://liteleaf.blogspot.sg/2011/01/fanbox-scam-spam-fraud-payment-blogs.html

Source: http://www.ripoffreport.com/r/Fanbox/internet/Fanbox-fanbox-unathorized-payment-San-Diego-Internet-1045654

Is Fanbox Membership really that prestigious?

They made you think so. They made you believe that you need to be invited by other members of Fanbox in order to be a member yourself. Why are they doing so? Is it really because there is an overwhelming demand for their membership?

The reason is simple. They want you to believe that people are dying to be a member of Fanbox and that it if you became a member, you are the privileged one (Good Marketing Strategy). Well, it is not that hard to become a Fanbox member, just type “Fanbox invitation code” on Google and you will get your activation code.

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My Sincere Advice to You

There are too many negative experiences and bad reviews about Fanbox and I will let you decide for yourself if it is worth joining the program. If anyone who is an active member of Fanbox who actually made money with Fanbox, wants to challenge my views, please feel free because I am curious if anyone actually cashed out any money from Fanbox. Fanbox made you believe that making money online is as easy as ABC but in fact it is not true.

Through my experience, making money online requires a lot hard work, dedication and perseverance. More than that, you need the right knowledge, support and tools. If you would like to know more on how I made my first dollar online, check out my #1 Recommended Online Business Training Center. This is the place which provided me with a stepping stone to be where I am today.

As always, I invite anyone (even if you are not a Fanbox member) to share your views on Fanbox. Just leave a comment below and I will be more than happy to discuss it with you. If you find my article helpful and that you would like to protect your friends and family from this scam, please share this article with them by clicking on the social media buttons (Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus) below.

Your pal,


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