Fanbox – The Truth will be revealed!

Name:  Fanbox
Website:  www.fanbox.com
Price: unknown
Owners: Brandie Williams

Bare Naked Scam rating: 3 Thumbs Down


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Fanbox has concluded. The business is now known as Empowr. Click here to read the review.

Is Fanbox a Scam?

Apparently I got a warning letter from the lawyer of Fanbox mentioning that I have made defamatory statements regarding Fanbox. I have since reviewed and revised my article so you can view all the truth about Fanbox with ease. I feel that there are facts and truth to be told about Fanbox and it can’t be ignored. So from here on out is the review I promised to re-release.

Review starts here…

Is Fanbox a scam? Yes, I believe it is. I have given Fanbox a bad rating due to the numerous bad comments/experiences (my personal experiences as well) that I have uncovered whilst doing my research,  but I would still like to hear from Fanbox users who actually made money with it.

From here on out, I am going to share with you the things that I have discovered while being a member of Fanbox, I urge you to think twice and consider the things I am about to share with you before you make your decision on Fanbox.

The general idea of Fanbox is to create an opportunity to make money for people who spend lots of time on social media sites, like facebook, twitter, etc. To be honest, the idea sounds great! You post/share your pictures, videos, articles, etc on Fanbox, and the more geniune “likes” or “re-shares” on your post, the more money you make. To me, something is really fishy, how do I make money when people are not paying actual money (All I get was “Like” on my post)? Do people pay money to “like” my post?

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I was really curious on how this work and I believe you do too. I have found the video below which explains exactly how you can make money from Fanbox.

I am pretty sure you still do not grasp the idea of the video above but if you do that is really great.

Basically, you post anything you want on Fanbox and your post will be noticeable to other Fanbox members. When other Fanbox members visits your post, they will be able to see “automatic advertisements” on the right sidebar of your post (like the ones Facebook has). You got exactly 24 hours to profit from these advertisements (when people click on the advertisement and purchase an item).

Now there are huge flaws in this system. Through my knowledge on the online industry, firstly, I know there is a low possibility that people will buy stuff from social media networks, secondly, there is a low probability that people will be drawn to the ads on the sidebars. If anyone were to purchase anything on the internet, they will not buy it straight away unless they know exactly what they want.

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So, the chances of you making money online is close to 0%. But wait, let me share with you how I made $258.66 without doing anything in Fanbox.

How I made $258.66 with Fanbox?

Yes, as I have told you, I did nothing! I get a “daily revenue statement” almost every single day via my email, and each day my revenue gets higher and higher. Take a look at a snapshot of my email inbox.


It is such a mystery of how I make such money without any activity in Fanbox. What I have discovered is alarming and it is something that you should be aware of.

These “money” that I have made without any work done are basically Fanbox credits that you can use to post advertisements on Fanbox. BUT!!! In order to use the Fanbox Credits, you have to be a paying member of Fanbox. This paying membership program is called “I’ll Pay Later (IPL)”.

Just look at some Fanbox users experiences below and you can decide for yourself if it is well worth it joining the IPL program:

Source: http://liteleaf.blogspot.sg/2011/01/fanbox-scam-spam-fraud-payment-blogs.html

Source: http://www.ripoffreport.com/r/Fanbox/internet/Fanbox-fanbox-unathorized-payment-San-Diego-Internet-1045654

Is Fanbox Membership really that prestigious?

They made you think so. They made you believe that you need to be invited by other members of Fanbox in order to be a member yourself. Why are they doing so? Is it really because there is an overwhelming demand for their membership?

The reason is simple. They want you to believe that people are dying to be a member of Fanbox and that it if you became a member, you are the privileged one (Good Marketing Strategy). Well, it is not that hard to become a Fanbox member, just type “Fanbox invitation code” on Google and you will get your activation code.

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My Sincere Advice to You

There are too many negative experiences and bad reviews about Fanbox and I will let you decide for yourself if it is worth joining the program. If anyone who is an active member of Fanbox who actually made money with Fanbox, wants to challenge my views, please feel free because I am curious if anyone actually cashed out any money from Fanbox. Fanbox made you believe that making money online is as easy as ABC but in fact it is not true.

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As always, I invite anyone (even if you are not a Fanbox member) to share your views on Fanbox. Just leave a comment below and I will be more than happy to discuss it with you. If you find my article helpful and that you would like to protect your friends and family from this scam, please share this article with them by clicking on the social media buttons (Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus) below.

Your pal,


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  1. I joined Fanbox some years ago and earnt and received payments which made it feel it was ok. BUT the goalposts were constantly changing and earnings became impossible to get at because of IPL with money earnt rotating in a constant loop always outstripped by any profit made every month. I contacted its then leader only to be told I should be happy as my ‘profits’ were earning more yeah only you get never get it out…bah what a scam!
    I deleted my account cancelled authority in PayPal and counted my losses which amounted to a good sum of money as I sold well in ‘Market Place’ and had regular customers. Forget getting anything back as their fine print in Terms and Conditions should be warning to all…they are not obliged to pay you a cent and you play the Fanbox game at your own risk. They are ripping off people in poor countries and using the ‘Mantra’ of Love and Peace to everyone and just earnings for effort put in. What a joke if it want so insidiously criminal.

  2. Dear Jack, thanks for your sharing. I had 6 terrible months with Fanbox, lost some sight and over 400 Euros (thanks God I got them back after many letters; but I lost many hopes and plans and months of work).
    I haven’t thought of it since 2015 when this happened and now I went to check online, but it looks like they still exist: how can they survive with all the people they have robbed?
    Thanks again ,best regards,
    Sonia (Italy)

  3. How can i get back money I lost. i reported my problem to Paypal but still no response. Can you help me?

  4. I already lost money. Paypal was paying directly from my account. I had to complain before the auto debit stopped. I did not collect a dime back even though my cash was claimed to be as high as $7,000 but I was to pay something like $3,000 money claimed to have been lent to me. I did not sign any borrowing agreement. Is there any chance of ever of collecting money lost? I must have lost close to $200 before I refused to go there again. This your review confirms my suspicion. Thank you.

  5. Mahadev Kumar Bhandari says:

    Dear Sir
    Thanks a lot for oppening my eyes towards these easy online money providers. My native language is not English So simple language I understood a great deal from your articles.

  6. Steve Campbell says:

    I just wanted to say that you are correct the two years as a member i had nothing but problems i have never pull more out than I put in financially. when i did get to times i was due money problems mysteriously popped up and i never saw any payment after the switch from fanbox to empower. if you do decide to join use it to redirect your fans to an email list that would be the only benefit i see. otherwise scam all the way.

  7. can i open again my email in fanbox they could not find my email when i enter in empower

  8. Nikko Castaneda says:

    Hi Jack, I’m so glad I read your article , This really wonders me in the first place how they made money out of doing nothing as you mentioned. Its really a SCAM..!! I hope more people will read your article from here. Again thank you very much and more power to you.

    Br. Nikko

  9. nick robinson says:

    Thanks Jack!

    Since your initial posting, I was duped by the same folks who now call themselves “Empowr”, although its the same company.

    I just had to check again, as I shared my email list with them and lots of my “unassuming” friends were signing up… until I warned them.

    Thanks again,


  10. I wish I read this first before I lost 25$ on my paypal. And I asked for refund thanks they did refunded but into my cash Out balance on empowr, and when I tried to cah Out becasue the coach told me how to cash out the money was lost day by day , telling in notif that it was use to some ads even I got 1k$ balance as my earnings from them that I aslo didn’t know how I earned because sometimes I didn’t do post or close a loop in 1-3 days? Isn’t it amazing? But hell yeah I believe in Jack because I also once a member of this FanBox i just don’t know why I did not tired joining in this kind of bullshit site. Thanks for this info now I can tell to my friends that I had invited to that empowr that this is really a scam site.

    Best regards!

  11. PCHIDI CHIKERE says:

    I believe fanbox as a scam period

  12. I still belong to this group, go to the very excited and I believed everything that was said, I started selling a personal problem, and have sold worth $ 55,000 two years have passed and still have not received absolutely nothing, my esfuna money because I have to buy what they call energy and I had to buy $ 12,000 worth not having to pay fees that put me for the money they invest. The money they invest me are all my winnings plus a credit assigned to me as you move up the investment, profits from my sales will esfunando investment month after month and never reach maturity because we have to pay the fee of creedito invested by them without any control and then pay part of the credit, that is nothing. Since no do, no one to turn to, this is a scam manifested where availing of the need for the disadvantaged, the charging them bleed month to month quotas. These fees guess they are to pay the parasites that form the platform and they charge every month of our money, they have chastened the SC to give long and not talk, it’s like a cult where it says something give low no more and they stay with the work of years. No where I report something, I’m Spanish, I do not master the language, I write THROUGH a translator of google and I feel swindled


  14. And Please how to deactivate the account which Im not using

  15. Good day to Fanbox or empowr management & staff.
    I have empowr account which Im using everyday, its AJ Eluna my account, by mistake I PAID MY AD PLATFORM
    Fees TO OPTIMIZED MY ACCOUNT AJ ELUNA yesterday but unil now Not Optimized because my payment goes to the other account which Im not using named Amelia. The payment was Confirmed deducted from my VISA DHS. 82.17 that was yesterday. NOW I want to request from you to transfer my payment to my original empowr account AJ ELUNA PLEASE HELP Im just a new member

  16. Hi, thanx for exposing fanbox mate.
    It is a big SCAM, so please stay away.i started getting ” Daily revenue emails” when I started my
    Monatized YouTube Channel.
    Alhumdulilah I earn good money from YouTube…!!
    Desi Lad

  17. Jack ,
    Thank you for sharing …
    I also received notice from fanbox almost monthly for almost 3 years even i did not register as member . I was puzzled then … since i did not signify my membership to them … how come that i have an account with them .
    They keep me posted of my earnings … the hug amount really tempt me to join. But i turn it down…i know that real money requires hard work. I thank God for His guidance …

    1. You are most welcome! Glad that you didn’t get in. Fanbox is now called empowr, they are doing the same thing but has better branding.

      ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

  18. FanBox is a criminal group running free online.

    They make you pay for what they call “earnings” and they set up a system that can never let you get your money back. They say you can “cash-out” at certain stage but their system would never let you “cash-out.” For example if you stop posting things on FanBox and expecting to cashout at the end of the month after you have paid all their so called processing fee, their system would continuously generate $ 0.01 or so earning for you, and they call it royalty earnings. And as long as you earn anything within a month you are not allowed to “cash-out”/get your money back.
    FanBox team now known as Empowr are criminals. They should be sued, arrested jailed. They are simply thieves/professional internet scammers period.




    1. Hi Willian,

      Thanks for your comment!

      Could you please share this message in the review of Empowr as well. Empowr is the new name of Fanbox, and I wish that people see that too.


      ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

  20. Hi, the name fanbox got changed to empowr.com now and it looks much more legitimate.. same basic structure, but now they have success coaches to help you move along and up. I cashed out 1.54 in early activation and actually got the money in my paypal.. the rest of the money I have to wait 90 days for, but I can wait… the fee is 2.9% for ad platform fee of which you pay an even smaller amount depending on which power level you are one..

    so far it seems okay, but I won’t know for sure till 90 days from now when my turns comes to cash out of empowr. Great review …

    1. Thanks Ana! Looking forward to your update after 90 days!

      ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

  21. Thanks for the enlighntenment. My mailbox has been inundated with mails from fan box telling about earnings i know i did nothing to earn. I wish they would stop clogging my mailbox. Marked their mails as spam, but yet the mails keep coming…

  22. Hi Jack! Thank you. Also I found this new online part time job as well. Dollarsun.xyz. Can you give me some advice. Thank you.

    1. Hi Micah,

      When there are no product offering in any opportunity, you should be on high alert. I suggest that you will not waste time and effort on Dollarsun (though it is free).

      One more thing that you must note is that Facebook has a strict no spam policy, posting your referral links on facebook may cause your fb account to be suspended.

      ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

  23. For me, years back (15, maybe even 20) I had an on-line friend who suggested I join FanBox. As I recal then, you received daily e-mails with fun stuff, pictures, and the like.

    At some point those e-mails went away — I suspect the original ‘social media’ site had then failed, and now the site is trying to do something different. Just like everyone else here, I’ve been getting regular spam to tell me my earnings have been going up — all without doing a thing, or visiting the site at all.

    Today, I received an e-mail that appeared to be from an actual human, appearing as a ‘reply’ to my “daily revenue statement’. (I thought I was the guy who would have to ‘reply’ first? lol)

    This person describes himself as a ‘Success Coach’, and basically tells me I am thick (ie: stupid) for not making more money, and gives me a picture to post, which would thereby allow me to make more money. (lol)

    I’m pretty sure there must have been a change of ownership, or something, because at other times, I’ve seen e-mails asking me to “verify my account”.

    Anyhow, many thanks for putting up some space where we can share our own experiences, and inform people who are seeking answers for the spam they’ve received.

    Now, can you tell me if the pretty Russian lady really needs a husband, even if he isn’t rich? (lol)

    Thanks again!

  24. HEY, am a victim too of fanbox but thank God have never shared my bank info with them.they say i have over 5k $ in my account….
    Am afraid of more online marketing schemes and i dont know which one to go for..or an online job that can be true to help earn a living from kenya…
    Please help…

    1. I am glad you didn’t get too deep into Fanbox.

      Before I suggest any good training programs that will teach and guide you to be successful online, I suggest you read this article before moving forward as I explain what you should expect from your online business.

      ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

  25. Thank you for all the effort you put into informing about scams!

  26. I have $ 3961.84 earnings as they have notified for me. Just to proceed for the step 3 ( by checking and sending Credit account number) in order to activate my personal account. I doubt that may be this will be the beginning of my headache, so i decided to search any posted links to gather information about this..thanks and i had found your link.

  27. I have been receiving emails from Fan box for almost 3 years and my amount has soured to $ 5000/- plus.
    I have been cautious and read the reviews and also questioned myself how can i earn $5000/- plus without doing anything here. So many people have changed hands telling me that i will lose my money if i dont do anything about it till date i have not answered them.
    the last i did was i said yes just to check what happens and it asked me for my credit details or paypal.
    i did not attempt anything .
    Waiting for the amount to cross $10,000/-

  28. Hi Jack
    I just opened my yahoo account after a few “yrs” of inactivity and found my inbox filled with messages from fanbox telling me I’ve “earned” about $1700 and I just stared and thought “what in the world?!!!!!!”
    That’s when I googled “fanbox” and found your blog. I agree with you on this. This is quite an elaborate hoax. I hope other people will be able to see it for what it is and be careful.

  29. Allan Masiga says:

    Many thanks Jack, am from Uganda. I was told my fanbox account had $1750. This is alot of money to me. They asked for my account validation. So I provided my card details. Good thing it had zero amount. But suddenly after putting in my details, I saw a warning message that I owed $202 in past dues. I was hesistant and refused to proceed. Then I saw another pop up suggesting I pay atleast $47 of the out standing $202 then pay later the balance. I still declined. They confirmed that my card will NOT be debited by $47 . But am still worried, just incase I want to use my card for other online purchases, wont they take my money the moment I load my card?

    1. I would suggest that you destroy that card and ask for a new one from your credit card company.

      ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

  30. John Fraser says:

    I really wanna see what fanbox lawyer or lawyers have to say to this all. Who was the lawyer bloke who sent that message to you which made you moderate this rather sane post. Leave me contact address and I have a much more powerful think tank that would take care of the rest. This is like a cheat telling you that “you are a thief”. LOL


  31. John Fraser says:

    Lol I have made $5678 without doing a thing at fanbox. I wanna LOL till I die laughing. He gets daily statement of revenue that he has earned $35.67 from IPL. You know what is that. Let me explain(though I was reading all this more than two years back) this stark naked:
    Fanbox created electronic dollars- a Federal crime but they claimed all such electronic dollars were backed by hard cash. Hard to believe-Federal authorities need to investigate that now. Otherwise sooner than later fanbox would be controlling global value of dollars(LMFAO).

    These electronic dollars were lent to gullible clients through IPL. Remember these were not real dollars so could not be loaded on credit cards, or paypal etc.

    Instead these dollars were kept in fanbox IPL loan accounts. Where to top it all….lol…hahahahaha…they were earning interest and charges. These were debited to loan account and you were asked to clear them through credit card or paypal or what have you. That is fake dollars were getting converted to hard cash greenbacks.

    LOL LOL………not stopping at that fanbox told you that IPL loan to you was working for you. How? LOL LOL… as money invested in internal advertising on fanbox……..and it earned revenue for you. How much well as much as were reported to you in emails everyday.

    Rider was these revenues were managed to be just a whisk higher than your costs. So if you have earned $5678 then your costs would be $5677 lol over one year. When you cash out after two years you would net $1…hahhahahahahah. And fanbox has converted $5678 worth of fake dollars into real ones to the extent of $5677 as your credit card is charged or paypal is debited.

    Do you see the GENIUS..very evil one at that.. I guess fanbox is closing the experiment and within three months this gang would vanish with booty in various corners of globe…..if you have not understood a part of above do get in touch and I would undress it all for you all and good.

  32. Hi Jack,
    Wow I just checked my hotmail account and what do I see emails from FanBox… I never got the understanding of this site so I just let it be… Seems like there is money in my account but I am not going to fall for that… Thanks for the info…. Goodbye Fanbox….

  33. concept com says:

    I thank you so much for this review. am happy i come across this review. i’ve been a member of fanbox for some times now. i have earned serious amount and the period is more than the maturity as demanded by them; in short more than a year now. But up till now could not cash out anything. This made me to start researching on legitimacy of their claim. more greece to your elbow.

  34. Christian says:

    Thank you for this article about FanBox Jack. I want to Add that besides those Marketing Strategies of becoming a lucky member for being invited by a FanBox already member, they have a legend on your FanBox page that says “Never share your password or payment information to your Success Coach or any other member” haha making you believe that your earnings are legit!! I am so glad that I read all about it before making a mistake. Thanks a lot Jack! And no I do not spend all day in the internet, I cant!.. So I guess this is not the kind of business for me ?

  35. Thanks Jack for this info.
    I got this emails from fan box almost 3X a week..
    Good thing i dont have paypal nor credit card account.. lol
    its quite tempting!
    As i remember i sign-up on fanbox way back 2010 / 11 i think…
    I was confuse by the email because on the first email says i got $1700, the next is $2000 something, but the message content has $1710 only…

    Thanks for the information, it is clearly a scam.

  36. RASHID MUSTAFA says:

    Thanks Jack for real guidance.

  37. Thank you Jack.
    I have those emails from fanbox that I have earned almost 8500$ up to now and I was curious how did I do that without any action?
    I opened fanbox page for my first time today!

    1. You are most welcome Masood! Glad I could help!

      ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

    2. John Fraser says:

      lol and discovered or would discover that you have to pay $9500 through credit card or paypal to get those $8500………lol

  38. Thanks for the article I was just about to put information about my card then I realised it seems very fishy cz I didn’t do anything I made 4569$. But after reading this they can fuck off. Hats off to you.

    1. Glad you saw my post before taking any action.

      ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

  39. hi jack,
    thanks for the info, everything what happened to you, happened to me. thank God i didnt engage with this scam, but i have to admit, that i was tempted to do it. as i am in need of extra money.

    but me and my wife just think about staying together with our own business, its hard at first, but it is what it is…

    thanks again

    1. Hi Ariel,

      I’m glad I steer you away from this. Good luck to your business and I wish you well!

      ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

  40. Haha.. Just as I assume that this fanbox is totally a ridiculous internet scam which keep on msging to validate my earnings in order to cash out my credit which is earning daily.. I’ve tried to email back to their site n ask that I will donate them all back to your company rather then asking me to pay a fee for validating the account.. Hah not in a million yrs I will be fool by these type of scam online.. So users out there nothing is free in this world.. Pls use your brain to think and not let this kind of scam ruined your hard earned money easily…

  41. Jan Richmond Tieng says:

    Hi Jack,

    Thanks so much for this! I’ve been getting emails from FanBox for about 2 years already, and they’ve been telling me that I’ve earned about $2,300+. I kept wondering how I was able to earn it when I haven’t been doing anything! I’m from the Philippines, and that money could help a lot, but it’s also questionable to me.

    But I’m more interested in hearing out your online business. Please do share!

  42. Sarath Sembacuttiaratchy says:

    Been Cheated. I am a Fan Box member. They have my credit card number. I have never got a cash out, I have lost about $1000+ so fare for IPL utilized taken out from my credit card but now I have 0 utilized. Currently I have 90 days matured $351.46 for cash out but I can’t get that and I do not use their account any longer I am planing to delete the account. but my main concern is how am I going to delete my credit card information that they have. Please advise.

    1. Hi Sarath,

      I would advice to contact your credit card company and notify them of this fraud rather than contacting Fanbox.

      ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

  43. EC Progress says:

    Don’t let the Bernie Madoff type swindlers take(steal) your money. File complaints with http://www.StopFraud.gov
    And you can file complaints with your state’s attorney general. Just type into your computer browser space, for example, california attorney general complaint
    THESE are instructions from the California Attorney General “In cases of statewide significance, we can bring legal action when substantive evidence is accumulated which indicates that a firm is systematically violating California law.”
    So, everybody that has lost your money that you have paid to these fraudulent companies, should email complaints about these cheating companies to your state Attorney General. Email complaints to California State Attorney http://oag.ca.gov/contact/consumer-complaint-against-business-or-company
    Remember, government has to receive thousands of complaints from us “substantive evidence needs to be accumulated which indicates that a firm is systematically violating California law.”
    So get all your family, friends, and acquiantances, who have been cheated by these companies to file complaints.

  44. Hi Jack. I had been receiving emails from Fanbox for years stating that my daily earnings were gradually increasing. I kept deleting these emails for many years, even though I did not have an account with them. In curiosity, recently, I logged in and created a profile. In return I was sent an email stating that I was an orange power user and was forwarded an email stating that I was about to be charge an amount of $xxx.xx for being a “orange” power user. Immediately cancelled my membership yesterday and am now waiting for a response from them.

    1. Hi Tony,

      Thanks for communicating. Hope everything works out for you. Please update us here.

      ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

  45. Am really confused, I’ve been thinking that am making real money from fanbox, now, empowr. I signed up a month ago, and I’ve earned a little above 2000 dollars, so I’m hoping for the money to mature as they said. So that I can cashout. But I decided to do some research to know if am dealing with legitimate business only to come this site to out the real truth. Seriously, am like, real down. All the same, am grateful to Jack for standing up for the truth without apprehension. Please man keep it up and continue the good work.

  46. Just as I suspected. Note they send emails with a no-reply return address, and a success coach contact – who surprise surprise never respond. I don’t recall ever signing up but I get an email daily and I can’t stop them, even by unsubscribing them.

  47. You don’t get any real payouts from fanbox…it’s a total scam!!!!!!!
    my friend fell for it and next thing ya know…they STEAL money from HER……………….WTF is that all about

    Needless to say….i will NOT EVER join any marketing thing online that says i can “make money fast”…i’ll just do my REAL job and get paid for it and NOT get ripped off!!!!!

  48. Donavon Mickelson says:

    I have more than $3,000.00 in my Fanbox Account. How do I cash out??????

    1. Those are only credits for you to advertise on Fanbox. Those are not real money. In order to utilise the credits, you have to pay Fanbox for its membership fee. I would suggest to avoid it.

      ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

    2. John Fraser says:

      lol just write a letter to fanbox CEO and he may catch a flight to hand over 3 grands to you in cash personally…………..

  49. I was a member of fanbox few years ago.
    I earned just like you did, and I also sold several blogs, guides and services (some of them priced about 100$), but my earnings never got matured…
    Since they have 3 months maturing period.
    During those 3 months, all my earnings somehow falls to 0$…

    I really suggest to everyone to stay away from fanbox…

    Plus, when the started, fanbox admin (jonny cash) claimed that they raised 2 Billion $ before they launched and that’s how they have money to pay to customers…but little bit later, he claimed that they were bought for several millions of $…
    100% Laying…100% Scam…why anyone would give away 2 Billion $ to startup with zero brand, authority and credibility…
    And if they had 2B$, why would they accept few millions later on…

  50. Thanks for the info sir

    1. Well I believe Fanbox is an elaborate scam that has been allowed to continue over a long period of time with little resistance from authorities . I myself built up over $2000 in earnings over a few years. Despite several communications with so called success coaches to draw out any earnings no replies were forthcoming. Since then I am warned via emails my ‘earnings ‘ are at risk as they want my bank details ! They now claim to be closing down and there communication with me is carefully worded stating my bank details are needed in order to ‘ attempt’ to draw out my earnings ! Yes indeed ‘attempt ‘ is the key word ! I doubt I could draw out a cent . I have resisted handing over any bank details and urge anyone in a similar position Not To Do so !!!! . My mind boggles what these people plan or are doing with members financial details ! As we all are aware the scammers abound in the digital world preying on the desperate to obtain their personal details . The aim is very simple . They use these details to create false accounts in YOUR name ! So before you know it you will be in debt and ‘they ‘ the financial beneficiaries ! . What amazes me more than anything else is that supposedly Fanbox is based in U.S yet authorities there have done zilch to shut them down ! I’m sure they have had numerous complaints and will continue to do so particularly in light of them closing down . When this finally happens I’m sure we will all hear of the massive scam but it will all be too late for the victims of this well organised rort . They already have made massive amounts through their IPL system a very ingenious way of not only getting personal bank details of their members but also helping themselves to IPL fees from their accounts !!! By the time authorities attempt to bring these people to justice they will be well gone ! Retired to their tax havens far away from the reach of the law !
      Take heed of all these warnings posted here and elsewhere . There is no easy cash to be made on the Internet without hard work and know how unless you are a scammer of course . Good luck !!!

  51. jack gann says:

    Jack Cao..

    p t l…great to expose the scams of fan-b?x .

    i too have the account and always adding fine to yr account and adding money to yr account.

    I applaud your goodself for been brave and courages and may God bless you with greater wisdom and divine knowledge and may His angel surround and protect you always.

    It is hard for the goverment to shut it down cos they phrase the sentence in such a way that it is true,only those who are very smart and wise get away from it.

  52. My husband received a message from fan box saying he need to claim his earnings from 2-15-13, but first he will activate his membership. When he click the activate, there comes…. what you want….use your credit card or pay pal. So he just left the message. He said he is not a member of fan box how he get that earnings? Sounds fishy isn’t it?

  53. Evelyn Deladem says:

    Thanks a bunch Jack. I was wondering how people get the money into their personal accounts. I didn’t know it will never be!

    1. The “activation” is them stealing money from you……

  54. Fanbox tells me that I have over $10,000 in my account with them. This seems to come from online purchases I make, and which, somehow Fanbox monitors and adds to my account. Do you know it this over $10,000.00 has any online saleability value ?


    1. I would suggest that you consider before activating your account based on the many responses we had about the program.

      ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

  55. Dharmesh Dhakaan says:

    Thanks Jack for this beautiful post…i just saw my brother account on fanbox and wanted to check exactly what this is about so i google for fanbox scam and i reach to your post and it was very helpful and now i am sure its a big time scam…so thanks once again and will share this article with my brother so he will also know the facts of Fanbox…Thanks Dharmesh

    1. You are most welcome Dharmesh!

      Always glad that I can help!

      Let me know if you need help on making money online.

      ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

  56. Hi Jack

    Thanks so much I think you God-sent, I was just about giving out my card details cos i am told i have $4,969.34 but I know very well i have not worked for anything. I hesitated when i got the feedback that my past dues is $ 1810 and that will be deducted from my card. That actually scared me to find out if it genuine and fortunately i saw you post.

    I am grateful boss

  57. I was member of Fanbox for many times, and at the beginning I was made to make cash out and get money on my paypal, this was at the beginning of the site. Then things changes, they made IPL (it’a a king of credit rent from fanbox, that you can use on the site to buy ads, power user level etc. You need to return back IPL before cash out. They also add a NUB (New User boost, that is an automatic IPL use from the system, in few words, the system rent you money that the system use to make investments). every month for the use of IPL you have to pay a % loan . From the report you every day receive from the system, you earn. You can also earn by selling things on this site to other user and fanbox take a % on your earnings from sales. You can cash out your earnings after 90 days, but you have to return back all the IPL used and above all you need to have the NUB active for 30 days before cashing out. This means that the NUB will use a lot of IPL more than your matured earnings, and you will bever be able to cash out and above all you continue to pay every months the fee for the use o IPL. If you do not pay the fee you will be debited with a lot of late payment charges. If you have inserted your credit card or bank account fanbox took the money from them.
    You can also cash out your earnings without using IPL and without having NUB active but in this case you need to have earned nothing in the last 30 days. This is impossible as some days before the end of each month, the system will give to you legacy eanings (that are earnings from things you have posted in the site in the past). If you try to delete all the things you have posted in the site as I did, you still have legacy earnings, so you cannot cash our.
    In few words you will never will be able to cash out. Actually I have more than $2,000 to cash out but it’s impossible to cash out them.
    Fanbox is a real bad scam, they make you believe that you earn, and every month you will pay ipl fee thinking to be able to cash out the month after, but I repeat you will never be able to cash out.

    1. Farouk Ali says:

      Great Ms Amira: This is the most informative information I have seen here. You are indeed very experience with the system. I on the other hand, don’t have a clue as to how I am involved in all of this with $4,890.47 to date, it never attracted me to answer, or reply, or to do anything. Now, well I want to find a way to stop these everyday notifications that is coming to me. I was never really interested, as I prefer to move forward with my business as usnual.
      Thank You Amira, I would like to ask a question, regarding the costume, is it Portuguese or Caribbean, why? Well it’s Carnival in Trinidad & Tobago, and I will be seeing it!

  58. Hi Jack,
    You were absolutely great in your exposition.
    I have been wondering on how I can be communicated
    by FanBox when I never applied to join and to my chagrin
    my strange earnings started growing steadily without me doing anything to a staggering $4484. Wao!
    However, i will appreciate if you can help me using your great wealth of experience to draw the money while I gladly pay your service charge.

    1. Hi Thompson,

      Well I would not know how to get money out of Fanbox even if you pay me. Lol!

      The way I know how you can make money online is to get basic education and build your fundamental knowledge. The best place to do that is through here.

      ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

  59. Of course Fanbox is a scam. It is a trusim ( but nonetheless true ) that just as you cannot win a lottery you never bought a ticket for, you cannot have an open Fanbox account , and with some imaginary sum standing at your credit, if you never consciously opened any account in the first place.

    I never opened a Fanbox account nor have I ever had anything to do with them and yet they regularly send me an identical email telling me I have earned over USD 2,300. Anyone who tells me that I have earned something for doing nothing and in some system or scheme that I never joined and have never heard of must be a scammer. Its that easy.

  60. i have almost US$4K in my account which I had forgotten when & how I signup. Getting emails everday to secure my account to prevent losing the money. Lately they said the experiment is ending and I have to secure it asap.

    Actually I had already secured it once for a refundable fee of $1.00. I was just curious & decided to spend $1 as an experiment. I guess that was a yr ago already. I was refunded and got confirmation that my account was secured & activated but no way to withdraw the $4K earning. Then the messages still keep coming to secure the account to protect my earnings. hahahah

    Lately emails are all about ending the fanbox experiment still urging to activate account to secure. hahahaha

  61. hello Jack,

    Thanks for this eye opener. I am more than grateful for this. However, I need to build an alternative stream of income preferrably online and which is devoid of scams. Can you introduce me to anyone that works? Thanks

    1. Hi Damola,

      You are welcome! Please feel free to check out this program. It is the place that got me started in the first place and it is proven to work. Let me know your thoughts.

      ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

  62. I have never signed up to Fan / Scam Box. But every day my earnings go up . Some 3.3 K now. The big thing is they want your bank details to send the earnings . and all the details that go with the AC . So if you want to find yourself on skid row and skint. Don’t be fooled into giving your bank details . Be safe and lucky Terry

  63. Rajesh Rai says:

    Great Post, Indeed the Fanbox makes people believe that making money from online is really easy and sweat as a cup of tea but you revealed thruth.
    Nice post thumbs up.

  64. hi jack,
    thank u for this info. i hav a fanbox account and they bin sending me msgs like i hav a money alredi there and waiting 4 me to get it. thank heavens that i didnt fall on this scam. we almost open an account 4 this.

  65. Nathan Michaels says:

    I have like 7k and over and I opened this site back in like 2007.I never did anything with it at all and recently I noticed the email I keep getting to secure my account so I can redraw. I was tempted to link my bank account thinking I was going to make some money .thanks for letting me in on the secret !

  66. Hi Jack,
    I’m almost get hijacked by FanBox. Thanks for the info you shared, very informative. ???

    1. Wow! You did a great job replying to them. Well I have revamped my article so that I can they can’t do anything to my site. I only speak the truth and no truth can be deemed as a defamation.

      ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

    1. Hi Jason,

      I have restored my article and have revised it so that I do not offend the copyright law and will not be seen as defamation. Now my artcle is sharing all the truth about Fanbox. I let everyone decide for themselves if it is worth joining Fanbox.

      ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

  67. Hey Jack – wow – I had no idea this was a thing! This is real? Sounds so convoluted and complicated – but I guess they do it that way to confuse you and keep you from realizing this is a scam! So happy I clicked on your page and read this article – now I know to stay away from those ads on facebook! I’ve seen them floating around, and when things are particularly hard financially, I must admit I get tempted to try, but now I’m glad I didn’t. Thank you for saving me time and money!

    1. You are welcome Anja!!! I am glad that my post have reached you in time. Let me know if you need any help finding success online.

      ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

  68. Hi Jack, really good information and it’s always nice to be alerted to scams and programs that don’t work, thanks for the info!

  69. Hi, thank heavens there are people like you exposing scams like this. You are dead right, at face value it looks very attractive which is going to suck a lot of people in. An interesting and engaging read!

    1. This is the reason why I am in this industry, to warn people about such sneaky scams. Thanks for dropping by Paul!

      ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

    2. Nimal Jayatilleke says:

      How can i get back money I lost. i reported my problem to Paypal but still no response. Can you help me?

  70. Hi Jack, all I can say is wow this scheme sounds scary. How can they expect to break just about every law ever written about fraud, theft and embezzlement. How can they get away with what they are doing? In the UK, we report companies like this to authorities such as the Office Of Fair Trading or whichever government organisation that deals with internet scams.

    I sincerely believe the comments that you posted in this review and can safely say that I will not be joining the ranks of being ripped off by FanBox.

    Thank you for bringing this to our attention.


    1. Glad I have informed you about this and I hope to alert more people on this. Many people have tried reporting this scam to the authorities but up until now, nothing was done. So I guess the best way now, other than keeping the pressure on the authorities, is to circulate this scam review to alert as much people as possible.

      ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

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