Is Viral Dollars A Scam? – Facts And Proofs

I will not beat around the bush; Viral Dollars is a scam site. You will not get paid, and joining this site poses a threat to your personal information.

I know this sounds like a lot of hate, but please hear me out. After all, I have nothing to gain ruining this company's reputation.

But I have all the proofs below to support my conclusion.

Review Summary

Name: Viral Dollars

Founder:  Unknown

Cost To Join: Free

Viral Dollars Scam Exposed

Income Opportunity Rating:

What Is Viral Dollars?

Viral Dollars may disguise itself as a legit Influencer slash Get Paid To (GPT) site, but it is actually one of the many copies of the same scam sites

Viral Dollars has a lot of names, and all of them offers the same earning potential. I know for a fact that Viral Dollars and Viral Market is the same. How? 

Because I joined Viral Market and I found something interesting which I will share below.

Viral Dollars Clone Scam Sites

Viral Dollars official website used to be "," but as I am writing this Viral Dollars review, you cannot access the old site.

You will be automatically redirected to Referral Pay, the new name of Viral Dollars.


But anyone who isn't born yesterday could see that other than the name, nothing is new to this site. Even how the site look is the same. No information about the owner of the website is revealed. 

The other sites I know that are the same copies of Viral Dollars are Clout Pay, Paid4Clout, Viral Pay, and MVP Bucks.

The older version of this scam site is called Kids Earn Cash.

Do you know any other sites that you think another copy of Viral Dollars?

How Does Viral Dollars Scams People?

Just like how its clone sites lure people in, Viral Dollars promises to pay you mouth-watering earnings just by completing simple online tasks.

For starters, Referral Pay (aka Viral Dollars) will pay you $10 - $15 for every referral. The funny thing is the site literally says Referral Pay at the top but Viral Dollars in other sections.

Is Viral Dollars A Scam

Also, you will even get paid $25 just for signing up.

Yes, these amounts will be on your account, but it stays a number, and there is no way you can withdraw your earnings.

But I'm getting ahead of myself so more on this in a moment.

How To Make Money With Viral Dollars

Other than referrals, you can also make $2 - $5 when people click the affiliate link that you share on social media sites.

You can also earn $10 by downloading apps, up to $25 for completing surveys and holy guacamole, 50 big bucks for creating our own Viral Dollars/Referral Pay video testimonial on YouTube.

Take note; it is free to become a member of this site. No wonder many people have fallen prey.

But when something is too good to be true, it probably is.

The Ugly Truth About Viral Dollars
(aka Referral Pay)

Below are the things which made me believe that Viral Dollars is a scam site. Let me know if you agree with me.

#1 Made Up Company History

On the About Us page of Referral Pay, it says the site has been around since 2015.

What Is Viral Dollars

However, checking its domain name, Viral Dollars, and Referral Pay are both created in 2019. 

Viral Dollars:

Viral Dollars Domain

Referral Pay:

Referral Pay Domain

These sites are no more than a few months old as I am writing this Viral Dollars review.

Furthermore, the Referral Pay website is an exact clone of Viral Market. This is apparent in the Payment Proof page.

Viral Dollars Clone Sites

Now here's the page from Viral Market.

Viral Market Payments

#2 Data Mining Site

Viral Dollars is a site created to take advantage of unsuspecting individuals hoping to make easy money without investing anything.

But in reality, these sites will steal confidential information from you.

These include your name, your email, PayPal account, etc., and then sell this information to third parties that are willing to buy them.

They may pay the first few members, in the beginning, to make the site appear legit. But once it has gathered the information it wants from you, or you ask for a payment,  you will probably get banned, and your account will be deleted.

Viral Dollars Customer Reviews

Another thing that could happen is the people behind the site will take it down, and the site will be renamed.

For example, Viral Pay to Viral Dollars to Referral Pay.

#3 You Will Not Get Paid

Once you request payment from Viral Dollars, that's when the truth will hit you. What is likely to happen is that when you request a payment, you will get locked out from your account, banned or blocked.

The management of Viral Dollars, now Referral Pay, will then cite some technical issues regarding your account. Some stupid violations of their terms and conditions, etc.

Viral Dollars Scam Proof

In fact, you are lucky if they will even reply to your message.

#4 More Fake Company Information

When you look at the company's Contact Us page, it says that Viral Dollars is based in Melbourne, Australia.

This is another fabricated info, much like its clone sites Viral Market.

Even the testimonials are fake, and none of those people exist. Below are the proofs that Viral Dollars scams its users.

Viral Dollars User Experiences

I look around hoping to find a real testimonial from Viral Dollars users who got paid by this site. There is none.

The Viral Dollars Facebook page has nothing but negative reviews from users.

Meanwhile, in Trustpilot, Viral Dollars, Viral Pay, and Referral Pay have an abysmal rating from users.

Viral Dollars Wont Pay You

After knowing these facts, do you still think Viral Dollars (now called Referral Pay) is a legit business opportunity? Is Viral Dollars a scam after all?

I'd love to hear your thoughts in the Comment Section.

Is Viral Dollars A Scam?

Yes, Viral Dollars is a scam site that makes you believe you can earn easy money just by completing random online tasks.

I know that some of you might not agree with me. There are people who won't call Viral Dollars a scam since it did not ask any money from them when they join in.

This may be true, but unfortunately, Viral Dollars is merely using its members to gather personal data which the people behind this platform can sell to third parties.

Even if Viral Dollars didn't ask for your money when you join in, it got some things from that are equally valuable. Your name, phone number, email, PayPal account, and other sensitive personal information.

On top of that, this site won't pay you at all.

My Humble Advice

It is not my place to tell you what to do with your time and how you want to make money online.

But if you'd ask my opinion, I strongly suggest that you stay away from the likes of Viral Dollars and its clone sites. 

It may be tempting to give this free to join site a try, but you will be exposing yourself with the risks of jeopardizing your private information.

If you are seriously looking for a legitimate way to make money, then I can recommend an alternative business program that you might like.

Viral Dollars Best Business Alternative

On top of being a scam, GPT sites like Viral Dollars, even legit ones cannot provide you a steady source of income.

You cannot make a living with these kind of online opportunities.

If what you are looking for is a business that could potentially make you a six-figure income at home, try this pro​​​​gram instead.

It is a program that has changed the lives of thousands of ordinary people who had no prior knowledge and experience in online business.

In fact, some are able to finally quit their dead-end 9-5 jobs and enjoy an early retirement, like this guy.

Final Words

Thank you for taking the time to read this Viral Dollars review. I hope that this has helped you make an informed decision regarding this company.

If you think this is useful, kindly share this to the people you know so they won't fall victim to the Viral Dollars scam going on.

Until here, and I wish you all the success in your future endeavors.



Viral Dollars Review

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