Amazon FBA Ninja Course Review – Is it Really Worth it?

One thing I like about Kevin David’s Amazon FBA Ninja Course is that it is constantly evolving.

When I first bought this program back in early 2017, it has lesser content than it is now.

More stuff is constantly added and updated because of this aggressive and ever changing market.

Things that worked in the past, may not work today.


So, this is probably one of the most important factor when deciding if you should join the course.

Who wants to join a course and learn outdated stuff, right?

Now, in this Amazon FBA Ninja Course review, we are going to dive deep into the most updated version of the course.

I’ve seen a lot of poor reviews about this program, as well as some raving reviews.

So, we will look into the complaints and figure out if this is the most suitable course for you start your Amazon FBA business.

In case you are on the wrong review, Kevin David has 3 main products, the Amazon FBA Ninja Course (which is what you are on now), the Shopify Dropshipping Ninja Masterclass Review, and Facebook Ads Ninja review.

If you are looking to become an Amazon seller and create your own private label products, then this is the review for you.

However, if you are looking to be a dropshipper, you should check out the Shopify Dropshipping Ninja Masterclass instead.

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How We Assess the Course – Our Criteria

To be honest, there are so many Amazon FBA training courses out there.

It’s hard to know which is the best, because you just don’t have that capital (the money) to spend on all of these courses.

They are usually expensive, and the refund policy is always conditional.

You either have to show proof of work done, or consume lesser than a prescribed percentage of the course, in order to receive a refund.


So, my mission is to use my resources to help you figure out the best course to attend.

Before that, let me put this forward to you that there is really no guarantee of success.

No matter how great a course can be, your success depends solely on your personal effort and execution.

Many people cried foul because they didn’t achieve results after spending time and money on the course.

Now, with that said, we are looking for the comprehensiveness of a training program.

Which means that we are looking for a course that walks you through from A to Z on how to become a successful seller with Amazon FBA.

So, without further ado, let’s dive right in to see if the Amazon FBA Ninja Course by Kevin David meets our criteria.

What I Like…

There’s absolutely no fluff in this training program, and it dives deep into many areas of the Amazon FBA business.

It is probably one of the most comprehensive course that I’ve attended.

Kevin David makes you feel as though you are learning from a friendly mentor.

Amazon FBA Ninja Review - Members AreaAmazon FBA Ninja Review - Members Area

It is unlikely many courses where “they tell you what to do, so you do it”.

This course is more like a friend guiding you through the steps and the pitfalls.

And Kevin even tells you that you should challenge the rules and the norm of the business.

For example, one of the rules of the Amazon FBA business is to avoid glass products.

Kevin David advises you to challenge that rule and make it possible.

That’s how you get ahead of the competition.

You’ll understand why I said the Amazon FBA Ninja course is comprehensive as you read the summary of each module below.

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The Amazon FBA Ninja Course Review

Product Research – Module 1

#1 – What to know before your product research

 Unlike many other Amazon FBA courses that I’ve attended, where they dive directly into product research and the set up of merchant accounts.

This course starts with the pertinent things you should know before starting the business.

For example, should you use an LLC to house all of your business activities or should you use your individual name.

And, should you borrow money to start this business or should you not.

Amazon FBA Ninja Full Course Review - Module 1Amazon FBA Ninja Full Course Review - Module 1

I think these are important questions, and I’m glad they are covered in the early part of the training.

In this section, you’ll also be introduced to a method called “ITRACK 999 Cart” where you can identify the sales volume for a particular product.

#2 – Advanced Product Research Technique Tutorials

First, you’ll be introduced to the methods on how to find the best products to sell.

Then, it ends with Kevin David puts every piece of information together to make a formula for picking a winning product.

This part consists of 11 useful lessons and it takes almost 2.5 hours to complete.

#3 – What to Know After Product Research Completion

You’ll learn about the common mistakes people make when pricing their products as well as the Amazon FBA storage fees.

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Finding the Right Supplier or Manufacturer – Module 2

#1 – What to Know before Contacting a Supplier and Shipping

Especially when we are new to the E-Commerce business, we want to appear experienced so that the suppliers will not take us for a ride.

Amazon FBA Ninja Full Course Review - Module 2Amazon FBA Ninja Full Course Review - Module 2

This section tells you exactly how.

You’d be given templates on how to get the best information out of your potential suppliers, as well as the Do’s and Don’ts when sending money for initial purchases.

#2 – How to find a world class supplier and shipping company

Finding a winning product is the first step to success with Amazon FBA.

And, finding the right supplier is the next step.

Without a proper supplier, your entire product supply chain will never run smoothly.

Which is why these lessons are so crucial.

#3 – What to Know After You’ve Found Your Partners

Great! You’ve found your suppliers, now what?

In this part, you’ll learn how to inspect the products before it sends to Amazon FBA for storing.

Listing Your Products on Amazon – Module 3

#1 – What to Know Before Creating a Listing

This part covers a wide range of information.

  1. Protecting yourself from the hijackers
  2. Setting up your initial price for your products
  3. Understanding canonical URL and its relevance to Google ranking and Amazon Product list ranking
  4. Optimizing your product image for better customer experience.

Amazon FBA Ninja Full Course Review - Module 3Amazon FBA Ninja Full Course Review - Module 3

#2 – How to Create a World Class Amazon Listing + Rank it

This is where you’ll learn how to create a great product listing page.

Kevin walks you through the steps to create great bullet points of the product description as well as the things that draws a buyer’s attention.

With these steps, not only you will provide a better buyer experience, you will also get a good product list ranking on Amazon and Google.

He also walks you through several examples of a good product listing page so that you can learn from them.

#3 – How to Continually Iterate, Protect and Optimize Your Listing and Keywords

If you are new to the e-commerce business, you definitely want to protect yourself from product listing hijackers.

Just imagine that you’ve done all the hard work like finding a good supplier or manufacturer, identifying a good product to sell, building up your private label brand, taking professional photo shots for your products.

Then, a hijacker comes in and lowball your product pricing.

They simply take your private labelled products and sell it at a much lower price, and all of the sudden, you lose your “Amazon Buy Box”.

This is something that we never want to encounter, but it often happens in the e-commerce space.

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Launch Your Product – Module 4

#1 –  What to Know Before You Launch a Product

Kevin prevents you from black hat strategies that others are using to undermine your business.

Who knows that giving out massive discount to customers to get initial sales, get some keyword boost, and improving your best seller ranking, can actually ruin your your business.

Also, this part will share with you the methods on how to create captivating videos that will inspire a sale of your products.

Amazon FBA Ninja Full Course Review - Module 4Amazon FBA Ninja Full Course Review - Module 4

#2 – How to Launch an Amazon Product the Right Way

You can really learn a lot of ninja tricks on how to launch your product.

Especially when you are a new seller on Amazon, you need eyeballs on your product offer.

Which means that you want your product to rank on Amazon when someone searched for a related keyword.

But, getting good ranking for your products is tough, especially when there is a heap of competition.

This part will walk you through several ninja tricks to boost your product ranking using resources out of the Amazon space.

I want to become an Amazon FBA Expert!

Email Campaigns – Module 5

#1 – What to Know Before You Create Your Email Campaigns

Your product reviews are the ones that get your the actual sales.

However, Amazon restricts you from selling your products at a super low price so that you can exchange for positive reviews.

Amazon FBA Ninja Full Course Review - Module 5Amazon FBA Ninja Full Course Review - Module 5

So, Kevin teaches you the white hat ways to get real customer reviews through an email follow up series.

He also teaches you the best email headline to use to get a high email open rate.

#2 – How to Create World Class Email Campaigns that Get You Reviews

Kevin expands into the tips and tricks to get your audience to open your emails, read them and take action.

Of course, the stuff that he is teaching is white hat techniques and not those that manipulative.

Amazon PPC Campaigns – Module 6

#1 – What to Know Before Setting Up Amazon PPC Campaigns

This is the part where he shares with you the different types of Amazon Paid Advertisements (PPC Campaigns).

You’ll learn the best type of Amazon paid advertising for your product.

Amazon FBA Ninja Full Course Review - Module 6Amazon FBA Ninja Full Course Review - Module 6

#2 – How to Create Wildly Profitable Amazon PPC Campaigns

In this part, you’ll learn the exact ways that Kevin David uses to scale his Amazon PPC Campaigns.

You’ll learn everything from selecting the best keywords for your products, to the optimal bidding price for your advertising campaigns, as well as understanding the metrics of your ads.

#3 – How to Optimize Amazon PPC Campaigns

This is an extension of part 2 where you learn about the metrics.

Of course after learning about the data of your campaigns, you need to learn how to optimize your campaigns and scale them.

This is the part where you’ll learn just that.

I want to become an Amazon Ninja!

Traffic and Automation – Module 7

#1 – What to Know About Building a Product Following

Learn how to leverage on Social Media Influencers to grow your product following.

Logically speaking, this is one of the best ways to make your product known to the public.

Amazon FBA Ninja Full Course Review - Module 7Amazon FBA Ninja Full Course Review - Module 7

However, this strategy is under utilized. So you’ll learn all about that here.

#2 – How to Use Facebook Ads to Drive Traffic Directly to Your Amazon Listing

As the topic header suggests, you’ll learn how to use Facebook Ads to sell your Amazon products.

The problem with driving Facebook traffic directly to an Amazon product page is that there is no way to track the number of sales.

Normally, to track the sales conversion rate on Facebook is when you input a Facebook Pixel on your website that you own, but the problem is, you don’t own Amazon.

So, this part of the course will teach you an effective way to know your sales conversion rate without having to input a Facebook Pixel.

#3 – Lessons in Scaling and Automation

In here, you’ll be introduced to a list of tools that Kevin David uses for his Amazon FBA business.

These tools will lift the weight off you, so that you can focus on the more important things for your business.

Additional Tips and Tricks – Module 8

#1 – Seller Central Hacks

Amazon hacks (Glitch) that you can use to better your product list ranking.

Also, if it happens that one of your customers left a negative review without providing any contact information, you’ll learn how to figure out who that customer is and how you can contact that person.

Amazon FBA Ninja Full Course Review - Module 8Amazon FBA Ninja Full Course Review - Module 8

This may help you turn that negative review into a positive one.

#2 – Amazon Ninja Tactics

This is the section where you will get your money’s worth.

Honestly, these are tips and tricks that I’ve not seen on other Amazon FBA training programs.

And, you can definitely use this knowledge to get an edge on your competitors.

It is really too much to describe what you can learn from this part of the course.

So, if you are interested, you can check out the course here.

#3 – How to Beat an Amazon Suspension

For some reason, if your Amazon account is suspended, you’ll learn how to get out of that suspension.

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My Personal Opinion

Whoa! I think I’ve spent countless of hours watching the videos and taking notes.

I hope that this Kevin David’s Amazon FBA Ninja course review will help you decide if it is the right course for you.

As you’ve seen above, there are a ton of knowledge that you can gain from this comprehensive course.

I’m not sure why there are people calling this a scam.

Now, I have concluded that those who claimed Amazon FBA Ninja Masterclass a scam are those who

  1. Gone through the course without actually doing anything; or
  2. Didn’t get a refund because they binged the videos without taking any action.

Personally, I think I have learned a lot from this course.

Now, I am confident that any beginner can become an expert with Amazon FBA with the help of this course.

I highly recommend this to you, especially if you have no prior knowledge or experience. Join Amazon FBA Ninja Course Now!

However, as I’ve mentioned right from the start that your success depends solely on your personal efforts, execution and consistency.

I hope you will stick with this program and eventually find your success.

Thank you for reading this review!

If you think this review has helped, I’d be grateful if you could share this on Facebook and Twitter.

And, if you have any questions or you’ll like to discuss further about Amazon FBA Ninja, please, feel free to leave a comment below.

Your pal,


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