Are Paid Surveys Worth It? – A Reliable Source Of Income?

With the way the Internet has revolutionized the online business industry, many people have been turning into paid survey sites as a source of income today.

You might even personally know someone that is doing the exact thing. You might be wondering right now…

Is getting paid doing surveys a good source of income?

Well, I will tell you right off the bat even though it is pretty evident with the title of this article…

Paid Survey is Not a Reliable Source of Income!

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But for the sake of argument and educational purposes, I am going to share with you today the ultimate truth about paid survey sites.

In addition, I will also discuss in details the advantages of online paid surveys and why many people consider it to be a go-to alternative to the Top 3 Most Popular Legitimate Online Business Opportunities for anyone.

What are the Advantages of Online Paid Surveys

Many people turn into taking paid surveys because it provides a unique opportunity for anyone to make money online in the most convenient ways.

These are the most attractive qualities of making money with paid survey sites.

Be your own Boss

One of the most significant issues people have about working in a company or the office is that they do not have the freedom to do whatever they want, anytime they want.

When working online with paid survey sites, you will have complete freedom as to what time you want to start working.

You can also decide on how many breaks you are going to take; you can take a nap whenever you want or, choose not to work at all!

You are literally your own boss.

Work Anywhere

As long as you have a reliable source of Internet, you can make money with paid survey sites.

Heck, you can complete some task and make money even while you are in the bathroom (which I don’t recommend because ugh, gross?).

You don’t even have to get off your bed!

Just turn on your laptop or your mobile device, connect to the internet, and you are good to go.

It is possible to make money anywhere you go as long as you have access to the Internet.

You can make money while on the beach, on vacation or even while shopping. How convenient is that?

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Work Anytime You Want

As you are your own boss, you have full control over your schedule. You can choose to have a full-time job during the day and make a few extra bucks with paid surveys at night.

This is one of the biggest advantages of paid surveys. You will have the opportunity to make extra money at your convenience any time of the day.

Save money, time and energy

Because you can work in your bed if you choose to and start work whenever you want to…

There is also no reason for you to set the alarm and wake up early. You will not need to endure the frustrating traffic on the way to your office or take a bath!

You can be as lax as you want and still make money.

Your Opinion and Ideas Count

Paid survey sites are probably among the few income generating streams that greatly values your ideas and opinions.

In paid surveys (as the name suggests), you will be “paid” for your opinion about certain products, issues, events, and discussions.

It is not every day that you get your opinion heard and appreciated by other people, well, unless you are working every day on paid surveys. (duh)

Spend More Time with Your Loved Ones

Perhaps the best things about making money doing paid survey are that you can do it while spending quality time with your family and loved ones.

If you are a single parent…

Paid survey sites will provide you the opportunity to make money online to potentially pay your bills while within the arms reach of your child.

Make Money even You are Not Feeling Well

Talking about getting sick, if you get sick, you can still potentially make money while you rest at home.

Most tasks of paid survey sites are elementary and mundane that you can actually complete them with ease even if you are not at your 100% capacity.

Provides Individuals with Disabilities a Chance to Earn His/Her Keep

The world is unfair especially for people with disabilities. But no matter your limitation is as long as you can complete surveys, you will get a chance to make money and provide yourself with your basic needs.

This opportunity is something very rare with the traditional employment system.

There you have it.

The benefits you get to enjoy should you decide to start making money online with paid surveys. However…

I must point out that the amount of money you can make with paid surveys highly depends on which sites you to work with.

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On the other hand, I highly advise that you exercise caution when you decide to get involved with Paid Survey sites.

Which Paid Survey Sites should You Avoid

As much as there are legit and good paid survey sites that you can make money from, there also exists a plethora of shady and scam GPT sites.

These are the paid survey sites that you should stay away from.

  • Shady survey sites that require a membership fee
  • Paid survey sites that promises unrealistic hourly rates
  • Sites that asks for confidential and private information

3 Reasons Why Getting Paid doing surveys is NOT a Good Source of Income

No Fixed Earnings

Other than the very few paid survey sites that promise a fixed rate, the vast majority of these GPT sites cannot guarantee anyone a fix hourly income.

The amount you can potentially earn highly depends on your demographic, your skills, the amount of work you can put into and the kind of surveys you participate in.

Extremely Low Income

Depending on what kind of paid survey you participate in…

Your potential income with paid survey sites ranges from a few cents into a few dollars. Not to mention that these surveys will consume a different amount of time to complete.

Paid survey sites such as ClixSense and UniqueRewards may provide you with a lot of tasks to make money but their rate are extremely low that they are not worthy of your efforts at all.

Not Getting Paid

Complaints from paid survey site members about not being adequately compensated for their efforts is a typical scenario with GPT sites.

Some of these issues even take months to be resolved!

This is fine if getting paid doing surveys is not your primary source of income. If it is, then you are in big trouble.

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Is Making Money from Paid Survey Sites for You?

I am in no position to say one way or the other. I will say this though…

Even if there are many advantages to making money through paid survey sites, I honestly believe that there are much better ways to make money online.

Any of the following popular ways to make money online is a much better alternative to paid survey sites:

If you want to learn more about these online business models,

You may also be interested to read:

My Advice to You

If you enjoy participating in online surveys and getting money for it, please go ahead and give it a go. However…

I will tell you right now that getting paid participating in online surveys is only a good way to make “a little” money during your free time.

The fact remains that it is very unlikely that you will make a decent living and a steady income out of these sites.

If you are really keen on making money online, then I highly suggest that you take a look at this program instead.

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Final Words

Thank you for taking the time to read this article. If you find this helpful, kindly share it to the people you know who might need this kind of information.

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I do hope that I provided you with sufficient information for you to make an informed decision on whether getting paid doing surveys is a good source of income.

Until next time.

Your pal,


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