Why Make Money Online Fast, Free, Easy, and Guaranteed are Pure Lies!

If you’ve ever searched for a way to make money online, it is common that you come across people who make such claims.

Today, I am going to debunk why I think these claims are all lies!

Before you judge me or this article, know that I’ve reviewed hundreds of business opportunities, studied behavioral marketing, and have been scammed many times in the past by these very claims.

BNS-Character-No More ScamsBNS-Character-No More Scams

My Goal of this article is nothing more than educating you about the make money online industry. And, I hope that this piece of knowledge will help you look past these marketing gimmicks whenever you come across them.

So without further ado, let us tackle these claims one-by-one in this order:

  1. Free
  2. Fast & Easy
  3. Guaranteed

Myth #1: Nice! A FREE Way to Earn Money Online!

Let me be brutally honest with you; there is no such thing as a free lunch.

Whenever something is FREE, there’s ALWAYS A CATCH!

This happens in almost every business opportunity I come across. Do these headlines look familiar to you?

Make Money Online Free is a LieMake Money Online Free is a Lie

  • FREE Webinar Reveals How You Can Earn Six Figures Online!
  • FREE Training Series: How To Earn $10k Per Month Without Any Investment!
  • Stop Wasting Thousands of Dollars! Here’s How You Can Earn Money For FREE!
  • Best FREE Way To Make Money Online. Guaranteed!
  • I Will Show You How To Earn $8k Per Month In This FREE Video!

Sounds juicy? That’s how the product owners capture your attention and arouse your interest.

In the online marketing world, a freebie is termed as a “Lead Magnet.”

And it is an effective way for product owners to identify consumers who “may be” interested in the products they sell or offer.

Yes, you heard that right. There is always a product sale involved, which means that it is NOT EXACTLY FREE.

Sound Sleazy? It’s Common Practice!

Although this method of marketing sound sleazy, contradicting, and controversial…

It is a common practice in the business world (not only in the make money online industry).

Think about it, would you buy a $1,000 facial treatment package right off the bat?

Or, would you buy a $3,000 hair and scalp treatment package if you don’t know how it works?

MMO Sleazy Marketing is Common PracticeMMO Sleazy Marketing is Common Practice

No, right?

That’s why these companies will offer a FREE trial just to (1) get you to understand their products or services better, (2) to build rapport with you, and (3) to earn your trust.

Once they have earned your trust, the sale becomes much easier.

This is the exact method that is applied to the make money online industry. But…

Not All Make Money Online Programs Are Scam

First of all, I want to highlight to you that not all products or programs that use this strategy are bad.

What matters is the end product.

At the end of the day, it is what you can take away from the program that matters. That is even if you don’t achieve the results as advertised.

Like the “FREE Webinar Reveals How You Can Earn Six Figures Online!”…

What’s important is that you learn something crucial (like the proven concept and methods) that will bring you a step closer to your success.

With that said, there are some bad apples in the bunch that will promise the heavens but delivered nothing.

Beware of Ridiculous Claims!

They will rope you into their “FREE training,” promise you a bunch of things, gain your trust, make you buy into their course that cost thousands of dollars…

And once you are in, they are gone!

You tried to ask questions, no one answered. You asked for a refund; they said you didn’t meet their requirements.

You are stuck and helpless, and you realize you’ve just lost money.

Make Money Online Scammers EscapingMake Money Online Scammers Escaping

Yes, this happened to me, so I can tell you how exactly how these things work.

So, the next time you hear something FREE, apply a healthy amount of skepticism.

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Myth #2: Is It Possible To Earn Money Online FAST & EASY?

Here’s the thing. Everyone wants to make money online, but only a small group of people have the patience to learn the craft.

If somebody can offer a method, a program, or a system, that claims you can earn money FAST & EASY, who wouldn’t want it, right?

There are many reasons for wanting to earn money fast and easy.

It could be because you need to pay off your credit card bills, or if you could be evicted in the next couple of days.

Earn Money Online Quick and SimpleEarn Money Online Quick and Simple

Whatever the reason, there is NO SUCH THING as earning FAST AND EASY MONEY.

Let me explain…

For the basis of this assessment, let us discuss some of the quick money methods shared on this site, which are:

  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Paid Surveys or Get Paid To (GPT) Sites
  • Online Trading
  • Multi-Level Marketing
  • Investing in Cryptocurrencies
  • Starting Your Own Website
  • Starting An eCommerce Store

The Truth About A 90% Done-For-You System (Affiliate Marketing)

If you haven’t heard of a system like this, good for you!

But if you have, I hope you were not fooled.

Many product owners that claimed you could earn money fast and easy are preaching a system like this.

It is true that 90% of the work has been done for you, but let me share with you what the 90% consists, and what you have to do for the 10%.

BNS - Done For You BusinessBNS - Done For You Business

What is Done-For-You in 90%?

90% of the work consists of an automated sales funnel. In it, there are:

  • Initial Sales Page (with or without video);
  • Lead Capture Page;
  • Email Series;
  • Done-For-You Coaching or Training Series (which is nothing more than a selling system)
  • Tripwire Offer (A Low-Ticket Offer – $10 or Less);
  • High-Ticket Offer (Hundreds or Thousands of Dollars); and finally
  • A Payment System

I agree that if you are complete newbie, it will be tough for you to create a system like this, but the truth about the 10% isn’t making it any easier.

What Do You Need To Do For The 10%?

Now, 10% of the work boils down to your ability to find high-quality leads or prospects for the Done-For-You System.

And to be honest, this is the hardest of all.

There are only 2 ways that you can acquire traffic, and they are…

  1. Free Traffic
  2. Paid Traffic
Free Traffic

Like I’ve said above, free is never always free, and there is always a trade-off.

To acquire free traffic, you’ve got to put in a lot of time and effort, and it takes time to build trust with your audience as well.

The most common ways to get free traffic are from places like social media, forums, and search engines.

Plus, to be effective with the Free Traffic strategy, you’ve got to take the time to learn how to do it properly. Otherwise, you will be considered a spammer.

So this strategy will never be considered as a FAST AND EASY way to earn money.

Your best bet will be on Paid Traffic.

Paid Traffic

Here comes another problem. Paid traffic is a tough nut to crack.

Even for a person like me, who have experience in internet marketing, copywriting, and the understanding of how behavioral psychology works…

I still lose money sometimes.

The unfortunate truth about paid traffic is that you have to:

BNS - Problems with Paid TrafficBNS - Problems with Paid Traffic

  1. Understand the 5 stages of customer awareness;
  2. Know how to write great headlines;
  3. Have good knowledge and experience with Copywriting;
  4. Spend a good amount of money to identify which advertisement(s) is/are profitable;
  5. Pump a large amount of cash to scale that profitable ad.

The first 3 items above are the most important, and it requires time and effort to learn the craft.

If you go into paid traffic without the knowledge, then you are just throwing money at the advertising platforms. They’ll be more than happy to receive your dough.

Now, let me ask this question again to those people who claim YOU can make money online Fast and Easy, “where does the Fast Money fit in.”

The Truth About Doing Paid Surveys Online (or GPT Sites)

In this article, I talked about the 3 critical reasons why you should not waste your time on paid surveys.

However, if you don’t mind spending a heap of time to earn pennies…

You can check out the top 10 legitimate online survey sites.

The crux about completing a paid survey or a task on a “Get Paid To (GPT)” site is that you won’t get paid a lot, but you’ve got to spend a lot of time completing them.

BNS - The Truth About Earning Money from Online SurveysBNS - The Truth About Earning Money from Online Surveys

And, to cash out, you have to meet the threshold requirements.

Upon reviewing many GPT and paid survey sites, I learned several shocking facts:

  • On average, a person has to spend about 40 minutes to earn $1;
  • There aren’t enough supply of paid surveys and tasks to meet the demand;
  • Because of the lack of supply, many people were not able to meet the cash out threshold. In other words, people don’t get paid.

Making Money from Paid Surveys and GPT sites aren’t that FAST and EASY after all.

The Truth About Online Trading

Yes! This opportunity is Fast & Easy


Instead of earning a quick buck, you could end up losing your entire fortune if you are not careful.

Online Trading is like Gambling! There’s no better way to describe it.

To earn money from Online Trading, you need to be like the professional poker players who gamble for a living.

They analyze your cards, your facial expression, and everything, and they only bet when the right opportunity comes along. They are patient and opportunistic.

These are the characteristics of a successful online trader. If you genuinely want a career in online trading, you have to take the time and effort to learn and master this craft.

And, the fact is that even if you are a master trader, you won’t win 100% of the time. No one can predict the future, not even Warren Buffet (he admitted it).

Professional traders keep their risk levels at the lowest and will only enter a colossal trade when the right opportunity comes.

The Truth About Starting an online trading businessThe Truth About Starting an online trading business

The question is, do you have the patience to learn how to spot these opportunities?

Also, if you are a beginner, you are more likely to lose money than to earn.

Once again, Online Trading is NOT a fast and easy way to earn money. And it is not suitable for everybody.

The Truth About Multi-Level Marketing Opportunities

In my opinion, Multi-Level Marketing Opportunities are the toughest and longest way to make money.

It is common to see ads like these from MLM companies:

  • Live the life that you Deserve;
  • Be Your Own Boss and Quit Your 9 to 5 Job;

Is MLM a fast and easy way to make moneyIs MLM a fast and easy way to make money

Those are dreams that almost everyone has, but how many of them actually lived the dream?

After immersing myself in many MLM opportunities, and reviewing many popular MLM companies

I discovered something alarming!

The FACT is that:

  • More than 95% of distributors across all MLM companies are losing money;
  • Only about 3% of them are earning a little more than $2,500 per month;
  • And only the top 1 – 2% are living the dream.

Though the alarming statistics, this business opportunity is still considered legitimate.

But, it will NEVER be considered a quick and easy way to earn money online.

If you are considering to join an MLM Opportunity, I would highly suggest that you learn the new era method to do this business, instead of doing it the traditional way.

The majority loses money with MLM opportunitiesThe majority loses money with MLM opportunities

Because the traditional methods don’t work anymore. That’s probably why so many people are not achieving results.

The Truth About Investing in Cryptocurrencies

You may not believe me, but I have tried and tested a lot of make money opportunities.

Even in Cryptocurrencies.

I’ve invested in BitCoin back when it was around $10k per BitCoin, as well as in Ethereum when it was approx. $400 per Ethereum.

It was a hot market back then, everyone was rushing in to grab a slice, and courses about Cryptocurrency investing were flying out to the market like nobody’s business.

But it was until…

The BIG CRASH in January 2018. In a short span of 3 months, since the price of BitCoin hits $20k on 15 December 2017, it lost almost 60% of its value by March 2018.

Truth About Cryptocurrency InvestingTruth About Cryptocurrency Investing

Those who bought in early were happily cashing out at the height of the market, while those who went in late saw their entire fortune swept away overnight.

Yes, it WAS a fast and easy way to make money, but NOT ANYMORE.

If you are thinking of investing in Cryptocurrencies or buying a mining rig, consider the risks involved before proceeding.

The Truth About Starting Your Own Website

Starting a website is one of the best ways to Make Money Online, because it is dynamic, and there are many different ways you can monetize your site.

These are just some of the methods to monetize a site.

BUT, it should never be considered a Fast and Easy way to earn money.

Because fundamentally, to earn money through a website, you need people visiting it.

Meaning, you need to get traffic (free or paid) to your website, and we have discussed this above.

The Truth About Starting An eCommerce Store

Whether it is Retail Arbitrage, drop-shipping, Amazon FBA or Shopify.

Success with any of these will not come overnight, much like all other opportunities I mentioned above. I know it gets old.

With Retail Arbitrage and drop-shipping, you need to source for the right opportunity to be profitable. And you need to advertise the product, manage the orders and take care of the refunds (if any).

This business is not easy, but it can be fast if you pick the right product(s) to sell.

BNS - Starting an eCommerce StoreBNS - Starting an eCommerce Store

As for Amazon FBA and Shopify, these are automated tools to help your eCommerce store run more smoothly with ease.

If you sell branded products that are widely known to the public, you could earn money fast, but it will take time to set up the business process.

However, if you are selling a private labeled product (your own brand), it could take a lot more time to make money, because your business or products will need to earn the trust of your customers over time. But once your product or brand becomes viral, you will be laughing your way to the bank.

Starting an eCommerce Store is our second best-recommended business opportunity, right behind affiliate marketing.

But unfortunately, neither of these opportunities can earn you fast and easy money.

Myth #3: I Guarantee You Will Make $10k In The Next 30 Days!

Honestly, NO ONE can guarantee your success, but yourself.

And, if somebody offers to guarantee your success, that person is more likely to take money away from you than to help you earn any…

Most of us as human beings, we love certainty, but nothing in this world is absolute.

Guaranteed Way To Make Money Online is a LieGuaranteed Way To Make Money Online is a Lie

Ask yourself this logical question, if there is a program or a system that can guarantee your success, wouldn’t everybody be flocking to it?

And if the program or system is such an underground secret, what makes you so special that you are allowed into it?

I would say that out of the 3 make money online claims, this is the most ridiculous one because there is NO SUCH THING AS GUARANTEED SUCCESS in this world.

So, BEWARE whenever you hear such a claim. 

Final Words

First of all, I want to thank you for reading this article, and I hope that I have given you a different perspective on the Make Money Online industry.

Of course, this article is not intended to discourage you from pursuing the opportunities mentioned above.

My only wish is to educate you that Making Money Online Fast, Free, Easy, and Guaranteed is the bedrock of all make money online scams.

If you truly want to make a living online, you need to have the right mindset. Which is to take the time and effort to learn the craft, and invest a little money on your knowledge, if necessary.

Anyway, I just wanted you to know that every word in this article is based on my true experience, and I do earn a living online. In case you are wondering if you should trust my words.

All the best to you, and I hope that whichever method you use to earn money, you will eventually succeed.

Barenakedscam - About Me - Jack CaoBarenakedscam - About Me - Jack Cao

And if you have anything to add to this article, please, feel free to leave a comment below. I would also appreciate if you pass along (share) this message to others as well.

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Take care & stay safe online!

Your pal,

Jack (Team Scam Buster)