Is Empowr a Scam? – The truth revealed!!!

Name:  Empowr.com
Website:  www.empowr.com
Price: Various
Owners: Brandie Williams

Income Opportunity rating: 1 / 5 Stars

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I am sure you have tonnes of questions relating to Empowr. Trust me, I do too. My aim of this article is to voice my opinion, and to help people understand what Empowr really is.

Empowr is the new name for Fanbox, and if you do not know what Fanbox is, you should check it out here. It explains the history of what Empowr truly is.

Empowr is an upgraded version of Fanbox, with a nicer looking user interface, new features, but the same old tricks. In general, Empowr is just like any other social network (Facebook, Google Plus, etc), but the main difference is that the purpose of Empowr is driven by money, while the purpose of other social media platforms is driven by social value.

The main idea of Empowr is to allow people with similar interest to congregate, and to earn money sharing things that are relevant, however, the way you are taught to use Empowr opposes the purpose of the program . So, what exactly is Empowr for?

As I went through the Empowr’s user interface, more question marks popping up. One of the most puzzling questions that I have for Empowr is that there is no clear guide as to how much you can earn from posting and sharing. Wouldn’t you be curious to know how much you can earn for each post or each share?

A few days after signing up with Empowr, I received an email and was told that I made $4.28 without performing any tasks, so how exactly did I make the money? Is it just some random number that is plucked from the sky?

One thing for sure is that you have to pay money to Empowr in order to cash out. So is it really worth it? I will discuss this below.

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How do Empowr make money?

In other words, you pay money to make money. Does it make sense to you?

Here’s how it really works:

  1. In order to cash out, you have to provide either your credit card details or a PayPal account, and when you provide your payment details, you have to agree to this:empowr-auto-billing
  2. Without you knowing, when you post something on Empowr, you automatically use their Ad Credits. If you have provided your payment details and have accepted to the above terms, you will automatically be charged on your credit card or your PayPal account if you use more than $2 worth of advertising fee. Remember, this advertising fee is levied each time you perform an activity on Empowr, moreover, you will be charged a 2.9% ad platform fee on a monthly basis.
  3. Any earnings that you make from Empowr takes 90 days (3 months) to mature, but it takes you a few seconds to pay their advertising fees. Does it make sense to you? Why you can’t cash out immediately if you have paid their advertising fee?

I posted a question to my “Success Coach” 3 days ago, but I did not receive a reply.

My question was, “how much exactly do I earn from each share and each post?”.

I guess nobody can answer this question except for the creators of Empowr. Wouldn’t it be weird to do so many things on Empowr, and not knowing exactly how much you make from each activity?

Empowr claims that this:

The company’s patented platform aims to provide economic opportunities for its citizens and return 97 percent of company revenues to them.”

Technically, Empowr is earning money from its citizens (YOU) if they pay into the program.

If you take an overview of this program, it is basically a transfer of wealth from one person (the one who made a loss) to another (the one who profited), and the program is an intermediary which charges you a fee for using its advertising platform.

So what purpose does Empowr serve? In addition, how would you know that 97% of its revenue is returned to its citizens?

Let me ask you a simple question, “What is the main purpose of advertisement?” It is to promote your products or services right? In Empowr, you are advertising even if you do not have a product or service, does it make sense?

Facebook has the advertisement function that Empowr has, the only difference is that Facebook earns money (Advertising fee) from people who truly has a product or service, but Empowr earns from its citizens even if they do not have a product or service to promote.

Real User Experience



These are screenshots from Empowr’s Facebook wall.

Empowr’s Mission is to help Poverty?

In my opinion, if a company really wants to help poverty, would it ask you to pay money before being able to cash out? Once they get hold of your credit card or PayPal details, it is hard to say if you will make more money than what you spend. As you already know, you might be charged a fee without you knowing.

People living in poverty may not even have a computer to begin with. And if they have a computer, will they understand how Empowr works? Will they truly make money from the program?

It is said that Empowr supports 82 charitable causes, I would like to know what causes are they supporting.

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Buying and Selling on Empowr?

Empowr has a function that allows you to trade items (products or services) with your Empowr Network. This function is called the “Marketplace”. It works like eBay if you are buying or selling products, and it works like Fiverr.com if you are providing or engaging a service, services like Data Entry,etc.

Well, you know eBay has gone through many hoops to ensure that their sellers deliver their products as promised, and any disputes will be handled by eBay themselves.

eBay even guarantees this:

“In some cases when we determine the seller was not responsible, we may refund the buyer at our own expense.”

You can check out eBay’s Buyer Protection here.

Whilst Empowr said this:


Sure, Empowr ensures that its sellers deliver their products by providing a buyer’s protection feature, which is none other than a mere rating function. The question is, “Is it enough?”.

The only dispute resolution your can get is through the success coaches, but the problem is, are the success coaches trained enough to handle such disputes? For all you know, the success coaches are just citizens of Empowr, untrained to handle disputes.

So if you ask me if I will ever buy anything from Empowr, my answer is NO.

What is your opinion on this? Please share your opinions by leaving a comment below.

The Social Value in Empowr…

Do you know the reason for why Social Media exist? It exists for people to connect with each other, and to share interests.

I am sure the main reason to join Empowr, for most members, is to make money, and to make money from Empowr, you have to share or post stuff. Instinctively, you will start sharing or posting mindless things on Empowr just so that you get an opportunity to make money from it.

So, what is the social value of Empowr? Please share your views in the comments section below this review.

When you use Facebook, and you post stuff like your personal photos or videos, and you hope that your friends and family will see it, like it or maybe leave a comment. This creates social value, and it improves your relationship with your friends and family.

What happens in Empowr is totally opposite. The main drive for you to “post”, “share” or “like” stuff on Empowr is money, and not to connect with others. In my opinion, this social platform is fundamentally wrong. Just to give you an example, someone has posted a question on Empowr:


It has gotten 34 “Likes” in 3 hours, but no one is sharing their experiences or posting any comments. I feel this question is relevant to the program and it creates social value if someone responds to it. Unfortunately, that is not the case.

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Fake Testimonials?



I tried to find “Nathan Lee” and “Serena Villanueva” in other social media platforms and I couldn’t find them. If you find them, please, help to share.

Daily Earnings Statement?

Have you been receiving “Daily Earnings Statement” in your email from Empowr? I bet you do, tonnes of it. As you probably know, these earnings can only be cashed out if you provide your credit card details or your PayPal account.

Furthermore, you have to consider the amount of money you have spent unknowingly to achieve the said earnings. For me, as you can see I made $9.39 on February 2016 (picture below), and I have checked my Ad Credit balance and it shows that I have utilized $8.91 of advertisement fees, which means my net earnings is $0.48. On top of that, in order to cash out, I still have to pay 2.9% Ad platform fee on a monthly basis, so what am I left with?

The big joke is that I still have to wait for 90 days (3 months) in order to cash out that minute earnings.


My 2 cents on Empowr

Empowr is a complicated system that not many will understand. Some might even lose money using Empowr. In order to truly understand how Empowr charges its fees, you need to read all the terms and condition carefully before you agree to it.

In my opinion, I feel that the purpose Empowr is fundamentally wrong as it do not provide social value to its citizens. Fees should be charged to advertisers and not to its citizens. If Empowr truly takes care of your interest, shouldn’t they make money from its advertisers and return 97% of the profits to you, rather than charging you a fee for whatever you are posting?

Please help to share this article if you think it helps you understand more about Empowr. If you like to voice your opinion on this program, please do so by leaving a comment below, and if you find this article helpful, please share it with your friends and family by clicking on the social media buttons (Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus) below.

Your pal,


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  1. Thomas Michael says:

    Empowr.com, Collegepower.com, in our opinion, is a scam. If you question anything they just delete your account even when you have supposedly earned $10,000.00. It is a dictatorship not a democracy. Their current alleged scam is to pay everything in (ETH) and earn in dollars, or your native currency, at their dictated rate of their coin token (EMPRB). They supposedly did a swap of (EMPRG)1,000,000,000 (fanbox) to one (EMPRB) (collegepower). One has to ask who owns the coin token (EMPRB). Think possible Michael Cyrus Pousti. Empowr now going to market to naive college students under the collegepower.com. Most of the links do not work. They were instructed to “Preserve All Records in Anticipation of Litigation” (class action). As such, all their empowr training links are now dead. Of the opinion that it is a scheme to prop up their own coin. It is not registered. There are several complaints of not being able to get your earnings out of the platform. They make you keep your funds in for 90 days claiming to stabilize coin. They claim to help poverty, yet have no examples of anyone being lifted up. Just google empowr scam then decide for yourself. Recommend never giving any credit card info. Watch your internal (ETH) wallet for potential skimming. Never pay for anything until you can cash out. They are trying to get 3 billion people on platform within 90 days. If only they can skim one (ETH) from each, hey. BEWARE, BEWARE, BEWARE the default is to give them you contact list and the default is that your contacts go to your so called success coach, i.e. guide. In settings unclick the default they will not tell you this, wonder why? Their vendor MetaMask claims empowr.com is a phishing site. Since visiting their site Windows Defender keeps finding the virus identified as Phishing.

    1. Hey Thomas,

      Totally agree. It seems like College Power is Michael Pousti’s (and company) newest attempt to scam more people. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts. Make sure to spread the word and help protect other people (especially your friends and family) from this racket.

      Stay safe out there too.


      Jay (BareNakedScam)

    2. Shirley Louisa-marie Oxborough says:

      I belonged to Fanbox at the time of switching to Empower and my experience taught me this was a scam of disgusting proportions. They hook you in promising you can earn by posting content which was incredibly time consuming so I decided to join the ‘Market place’ to sell product by advertising products, drop shipping etc which well ‘on paper’ anyway, seemingly a good earner and not without considerable effort! It became increasingly obvious that the constant shifting of the goalpost, in order to get your money out, became the means by which Empower/Fanbox held on to YOUR money without excuse or reason. When challenged I was told : “Isn’t it good your money goes back into your business?”NOT if you never get to see it in your bank account! To be honest it’s a while ago now and have chosen to forget how much I lost and as there is no platform to air grievances on Empower(red flag) I cut my losses and deleted my account. Don’t touch it is my advice or it will end in tears!

  2. Eric van der Worp says:

    Hi, thanks for the great article. I joined Empowr 100+ days ago, but didn’t really use it as I didn’t understand it, but I did give them about 30 bucks in ETH gas fees (LOL) – roughly $2-$3. ANyway, I’ve earned literally a billion in my currency (BWAHAHA!) but to convert these useless precoins into coins you have to fulfil your Daily Goals and the Mission Wheel will come up for you to spin and I presume convert like 2 cents into coins, who knows or cares anymore. It most definitely fails in the social aspect, for sure. I went and read how to get your coins into your local currency to withdraw, and WOW MetaMask gives me :
    “ATTENTION – MetaMask believes this domain could currently compromise your security and has prevented you from interacting with it.
    This is because the site tested positive on the Ethereum Phishing Detector. This includes outright malicious websites and legitimate websites that have been compromised by a malicious actor.”
    So please people, this is a SCAM like so many others. So clever, but oh so bad 🙁

  3. If someone really wants to promote their product/service, I guess it is always better to go with a platform which everyone uses. Most probably that is Google and Facebook.

    But, why many platforms come up with such confusing business models. In my opinion, it is better to go with the big platforms for advertising and not with Empowr.

    1. Thanks for sharing Nirmal! I truly agree with you, why spend time and money on a confusing platform when there are so many straightforward ones out there. 🙂

      ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

  4. Empowr.com is a real scam! I read all the comments here and I totally agree with everyone of them because they are consistent with what I personally experience too. The few that appears to have somewhat positive comments in my opinion are most likely inhouse members. My $25 dollar cashout request remain pending for closed to 3 years now even after passing the 90 days maturity! When cashout did not happen, I then thought I can use the available to sped at marketplace to buy some stuffs. I bid for a number of stuffs which they claim I won, only to come back to tell me my winning bids have been refunded. I imagine the products are also fake. I stumbled by their name on Facebook account and I tried to ask them questions but up till now, no one responded. The only response was the automated response that says “someone will respond soon”. Here was my question to them… “why has it taken over three years now for a pending $25 cashout to go through?” And here is the response so far..”Thanks for messaging us. We try to be as responsive as possible. We’ll get back to you soon.” By “soon”, maybe they meant next year.. Lol. Now I suddenly found my balance on Empowr to be $9,471,431.97 precoin even without doing anything for more than six months now on their website and that my account is inactive and will have to pay a little Ether gas not less than $2.50 (real dollar) in order to cashout, but they advise that I will get the best result by making it up to $100 which I believe is going to be by credit card or PayPal. It’s interesting to note that the responsible authorities are doing nothing to checkout these criminals.

  5. I join empowr in 2018 and now it’s 2019 i never used empowr really,but then i look at my email and i have $57.856.980 at my balance WITHOUT DOING ANYTHING!!!
    I’m really excited at first but then i check if this as a scam cause it’s really suspicious that i have all that money cause i never used empowr,and it is T_T
    I’m really sad but, you can’t get everything you want for free and without working hard to get it.


  6. I’ve never used my account at all but I have managed to accrue $94,627,153.34 – lol
    Am now deleting account.

  7. Hi i just deleted my Empowr account. Yes it is a SCAM! Why? Because i had $54,112,670.93 (USD) balance on my wallet. Omg. How the hell did i got this huge amount of balance on my wallet without doing anything.Lol!

  8. Edward Williams says:

    Hi Folks!
    My experience leaves me no alternative except to call Empowr the biggest scam on the Internet. I have been a member of Empowr for over 2 and a half years and rose high enough that they keep creating higher levels (except with greater demands for meeting their imposed daily quotas). The highest was 3rd degree Pearl.
    Nevertheless, it was only in the very beginning of my experience was I able to cash out some some small amounts, and that, with great difficulty, confusion, and striving with “Support.” At one point my earnings exceeded $1,000,000 and I had sold several thousand in goods; yet, for that extreme effort, I havenotnwver been able to cash out any significant funds. Since, the early parts of 2016, Empowr made it increasingly difficult for “citizens” to cash out. I believe they systematically instituted or allowed manifold glitches that impaired citizens from cashing out. Glitches that Empowr never reconciled, that is, pl said what should have been paid had not the glitch occurred. Continually, like donkeys, we were given new carrots to chase and when achieved them another new policy would be instituted.
    The bottom line is that I was never able to access any of that money, money that came from innumerable hours on laptop and smartphone, trips to the post office, and a drain on my already limited income. (I am retired on disability.) Never was I paid real cash for the goods I sold! They did encourage citizens to bbn pay for purchases with their credit or debit cards, though. Always funds going into Empowr, but nothing coming back out. Now your earning are tied to the new Empowr ecoin. SMDH!
    My key to giving Empowr no more of my time or money is R.O.I., (return on investment). Empowr does NOT deliver!


    Ed Williams

  9. I joined empowr in October 2017. it was fun initially. then they insisted on entering my Paypal details, I became alert. Since I did not give those details, I never got a chance to spin the wheels for higher money. then one day, they downgraded me. by then I was inactive. at that point in time, I had an accumulated earning of nearly $16500 (Lol 😉 ). I had to spend that on upgrades. Those upgrades were just a change in color of the ball next to your profile pic.

    their marketplace is the most pathetic place you can find anywhere on earth. I don’t know if anything ever gets delivered. For imaginary money, you can buy imaginary goods and services which may get delivered in your imagination!!! That is empowr.

    Then they came out with the concept of empowr coins. they even claim they were the first ones to start the cryptocurrency. I think we need to Ripley’s Believe it or not! When the coins introduced, earnings dropped drastically. then there was a hype created around the coin and the highest price I had ever seen was around $1. I never participated in their bidding process. I knew they will scam. But the moment value of their coin started to tank, they wanted the citizens to participate and prop up the price of their coin. for that you will get more coins! what a stupidity? Everybody is dumping EMPR coins. Current Market price is at $0.000000002. Bitcoin calculation can go up to 8 digits after the decimal. But this thing has gone to the 10th digit. If theirs is really a good currency, then it is better to buy it from any of those crypto exchanges. for $1, you will get around 50 Million EMPR coins. so why struggle at empower.com website, wasting time and energy. I have closed by account. No more wasting my precious time.

    1. Thanks for sharing your interesting point of view! I share the same sentiment as you. Lol!

      ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

  10. Im former empowr user.
    i quit today.

    first of all.
    i like empowr concept.thats why i join.
    but, day by day , month by month passed. i discover empr just another scam.
    did they pay us?? yeah, we can cashout in empr coin and trade them to ethereum..

    but, behind that. all empowr want is using their member to spend money to increasing empowr coin value. so empowr can cashing out $$$.

    in their white paper & coinmarketcap.
    total supply coin is 750 mill. but yesterday empowr issued more coin to 2.2 Bill. without any notice to their member, they just do it.

    and today , they posting an update.

    in order to cashout empowr coin, member should giving their “private keys” of ethereum address.

    its like giving your ATM card + ATM Pin to someone you never meet.

    as soon i delete my empwr account. i write this testimony.
    i hope people read this and understand.


    1. Thanks so much for sharing this Rahmat! I believe this will help others who are considering this platform.

      ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

      1. some good news.

        my report to etherscamDB get result..

        now metamask already blocked access to empowr.com website

        1. Thanks so much for letting me know Rahmat!

          ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

  11. First of all i’m just an empowr user like you and not more than that but what I think most of the people here are using empowr for a week or month and start judging it. I am a empowr user for more than a year, and here is my 2 cent knowledge.

    Q. I sign up empowr, not did a single thing and now my balance is over $20 lol?

    A. When you sign up, a welcome post is posting on your behalf, so whoever like or comment on it automatically become your earning over the lifetime.

    Q. I have a coins in my account for more than a year and still can’t cash out?

    A. As you know you have to pay subscription fee, and it will be deduct from your recent earning, so your earning today should be available till 3 month later to get matured and not used in subscription.

    Q. my money got deduct from my paypal, for ad fees?

    A. Empwr is not for quick cash, but fall prey for instant cash out and never link your paypal and use ad credit, you will be charges sooner or later. although it might affect on your earning, but it is better to be safe side.

    1. Hey Dravid,

      Did you ever cashed out? That’s my question, hope that you can answer.

      Also, were you able to cash out USD, not some unverified “coins”.

      ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

    2. #DRAVID – HERE many SCAM Proofs are published by a 12 years experienced empowr person : https://empowrcitizensvoice.blogspot.com, Can you give proof of genuineness of empowr? I came to know that empowr is also stealing money from the balance day by day and not giving detailed historical statement of transactions. Isn’t it? Also they are using few cents are lure to catch the shark of hundreds of dollars by faltering new comers and pay for some subscriptions there. isn’t it ? Please give Only 1 genuine proof, if any normal (citizen) person earned genuinely.

  12. Anonymous says:

    When FanBox was in existence we got some benefits a few cash out a couple of times. Empwr turned to be a big scam. I went through several comments on this page every one has voiced the same thing. It’s true with all the members except for May Ram. Those success coaches are helpless and clueless. They play the same tune, what was being taught. Few mentioned here their pre coins have disappeared , yes its the same case with me too. The management is worried only about protecting your account by giving authorization to the authorities to access your paypal account or credit card account. I don’t think anyone would be able to cash out any money any day. Even I had been a SC before. Now the system is highly complicated. Think well before you leap.

    1. Thanks heaps for sharing your thoughts! 🙂

      ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

    2. Doug Culler says:

      11-6-2018: I have had $3,500 of market place $$ go poof back June 2017 when they were still $ based. Others have had their accounts deleted when they asked for the money they were supposed to be paid for market place items they bought and sent out.
      Then there are the bogus $100 and $250 cc and pp charges that don’t show upon your empower balance sheet. Y can get that back by going through the pp claim procedure. Or used to anyway.
      Now May Ram has been moved to head the outside merchant deals made with store owners to use the EMPR coin that was PUMPED up to $8 by empowr and then DUMPED and now worth only .02 cent each. She was head of conning success couch program.

  13. Karthikyn says:

    I spent my human effort for 3 hrs a day for 500 days and above, I spent out of my pocket US$3755 on their marketplace and subscriptions, I spent for electric bill about 1500 hrs for my desktop computer. But I never received a single penny from Empowr. They (Founders, President, Coaches) are purely cheats trying to foolish people and trying to change the meaning of the word democracy as slavery and sycophant. Moreover simply they will suspend your account without any notice and information then you will not get any reply from them at all the sources. I got suspended for asking the truths and I lost all my money and efforts of 500+ days. After suspension you will be joker of spending everything at Empowr. This is my promising words and 100% practically experimented result. NEVER trade their cryptocurrency (EMPR) they are manipulating by fixing the price of trading with the range. Empowr is PURELY cheating at all points.

    1. Hi Karthikyn,

      It’s really unfortunate that you have to experience this, and I really do appreciate that you shared your experience here.

      I hope that everything will work out well for you going forward, and if you are still trying to look for a way to earn a income online, maybe you can check out my story, I was in similar position as you.

      Hope this helps.

      ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

  14. You never get the money for work. Now promise a clear cryptome

    1. Yup! Better avoid them! What’s the use of the Crypto when no one is using it, right?

      ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

  15. Christian Urciada says:


    I have recently joined empowr.com and first thought is that it was an easy earning platform. Posted and liked a bunch of posts and earned precoins and coins. A few days ago, I tried cashing out. I was able to cash out using ether wallet. I have now balance in my ether wallet with empower coins. However, I do not know where to go to after. Any information on how to use this empower coins in ether wallet, please email me.


    1. Hi Christian,

      I’m afraid to tell you that there might not be any use of Empowr coins.

      In order for any Cryptocurrencies to have value, it has to be utilized or used in some way. With Empowr coins, my guess is that you can only use them towards the “services” that Empowr provides.

      Other than that, I don’t think that there is much or any demand for the Empowr coins, and if you try to convert it to cash, I don’t think you will see much value.

      ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

    2. Jürgen Klein says:

      Hi Christian

      You can trade your coins in ddex.io

      1. Hi Jürgen Klein,

        Can I ask how much have you earned from Empowr and how much have you traded for profits?

        ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

  16. Hey Jack. I started empowr a little more than a year ago. So far I have not spent or been charged a single penny. However, I also haven’t tried cashing out yet. I am now a Purple Star and all from just posting statuses daily. I am still in the neutral, not fully believing or distrusting the site. But I do want to solve this mystery for everyone else wondering if cashing out is possible. I honestly think I figured something out. I’ll keep at it and I’ll let you know how it goes! Feel free to email me, I’ll do my best to reply. I’ll also be immensely glad to know I am working with a real person on this case.

    1. Hey Josh,

      Thank you for sharing your experience thus far!

      Looking forward to your update on cashing out. This is a real problem for many people using this platform.

      ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

  17. Gary Stratton says:

    My empowr account went over $1200 in value and it was over 365 days in age. I set it up to pay the $50 per month for a few months with my PayPal account to see if I could get some of this $1200; I was never eligible to cash out any amount of money because it was always at zero for cash out even though most of the balance was there over 1 year. After seeing this for sure I knew it was a scam. I complained to PayPal and got most of my money back. I would take notice of the daily email messages and my balance eventually went to over $3000 and I checked again to see if I could get any of the money; still zero was eligible for withdrawal. Now on Aug. 21, 2018 my account is at $2.61. I have not looked at it on over one year and will need to look at all the emails to see what occurred during that time.

  18. Hi Jack,
    I have read many comments of empowr members on your site and it is bad and indeed alarming. I am new to the program but with this information I think I have to be more careful about everything in the empowr platform. However, I will like if you can find out if Sunita Rose Director of Policy http://www.change.org is one of empowr advisor as listed here: (link removed) and if indeed she was, you might get more information about empowr from her. Please if you do, try let me know.

    1. Hi Ngene,

      I’m sorry I couldn’t help on that. I don’t have direct access to the Empowr database. So, I can’t confirm.

      ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

  19. It’s definitely a scam as far as I’m concerned. I joined to help the poor (as advertised). I accumulated $4000+ over a couple of years but then could not cash out! Told the to send direct to my charity but nothing happened. I could not even buy anything with the proceeds. At one time my card was charged without authorization. So, is it a scam? Well, now my account is showing a couple of hundred dollars – down from $4000+ and nothing has gone to charity or paid to me!!!

    1. Thanks for sharing your experience here. Unfortunately, there’s little to no remedy to your loss, but at least your experience will help deter people away from this program.

      ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

  20. Lanie Lopez says:

    Maybe it’s my two years in Empowr and whoo! men I do understand everything you said in here.
    Empwr is really a very complex platform and when I begin I received really a note from the President that I will really be killed here (though it was a joke). And they said also that if I have no money and no time to work I should not joined in because Empowr is in it’s imperfection.
    I go on to support their good words to alleviate poverty. But yap I also experienced to be robbed ( not so much of money though i felt a bit hurt but its okey for me and so i go on) but I don’t know since my focus is not really money (though Empowr mentioned their fine goals if you are Empowrians to really got money here). I also read a line about anything words against them will be sued by then as well. And I asked my coaches about these words tht Empwor is a SCam. The Coaches just tell me which is true as well that those who say ThisS IS A SCAM didn’t really get yet the complex situation of the platform. Most of us staying at Empowr learned that if we felt bad and had imperfections the reason behind is that it’s not perfect yet. Also Empowr is really giving free Ads amount to $1000. And even I am not really working the daily tasks needed for me to earn the platform keeps on working for me. One desire for every newly Empowr citizen is the quick desire to get cash but it is never be because Empowr is bussiness. I even told many of my co-Empowrs who have the same struggles faced that Empwor is not a quick rich Scam. You need to know this formula: Sales-Cost of Good Sold + Profit – Expenses = True Profit. You will never gain money or Cash Out with Empowr if you don’t know the basic of Business. Empowr is clear to this that most will say this is a Scam. When I was a babe in Empowr i heard of this and I told one blog that i will go on with empowr and if i saw it is i will really go out but look since I know what Business is all about…I go on. It could be really Scam if u know only one fourth of what is this very Complex one. Hope I do help. God Bless!

    1. Hi Lanie,

      So, to put it simply for people visiting this page, could you give us the steps that could really get you to cash out from this system?

      I’ve seen people paying money to Empowr unknowingly, and they did what they were told, yet they don’t get any cash pay out in return.

      Could you explain that as well?

      ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

  21. I get an email from them every day that I earned money without doing anything, I don’t remember signing up, this is a scam I won’t be anywhere near it.

  22. They are definitely a scam. 90 days until fully mature. Nothing in over 2 years. Then I clicked something and they started hitting my PayPal. I wish someone had their address I would like everuone who reported them on here to also go to the BBB.

    1. Thanks for sharing Wayne. Yes, people definitely need to know about this program so please share your experience here as well as on BBB.

      ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

      1. The BBB has been a joke! Last year anyway. They got all the complaints shifted over to their old name fanbox. The empowr name is listed as a political org.and the BBB said not enough info to give them a bad rating. What kind of payment and or fancy lawers got that done?

  23. I had lose close to $400 on this empowr platform how do I disconnect my PayPal account from the debiting me anymore

    1. Hi Scott,

      You can login to your Paypal account >> Scroll over to Tools >> All Tools >> Recurring Payments >> Click on a link “My Pre-Approved Payments”, and you will find Empowr there.

      You can cancel your payment from there.

      Hope this helps.

      ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

  24. Now they come with the idea to introduce tokens in their system, even with this, they say you need to mature your tokens for 90 days, I’m in their site for almost 233 days and my cash never matured so far even a single day!

    1. Thanks for sharing the update on this program Daniel! Much appreciated!

      ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

  25. I am an Empowr citizen. I upgraded my rank to one step highet level few days ago. This is from teal second power level to teal star. This is a power up in our system. The amount of $60,000 was deducted from my earnings. Expiry of my new rank is 1 month only. So, I have been working hard to earn here, but it will just go to the company. They say that we have profit sharing in the company. But I did not receive a single cent

    Lately, they requested me to use Ethereum coins for my total earnings in the company. I have founder coins for 20,000 + matured last June 21, 2018. It shows that it is active. I looked for the coins in my personal ledger. The amount did not appear there. I asked my very good Success Coach with the highest rank in the company. Where are my funder coins? Nada. Wala. Nothing. It just disappeared like that? I requested her to ask higher officials to explain this matter to me. I am sure this happened to other members.

    We were required to register our coins in my own Ethereum wallet. My wallet address and private key are now with me. I know that, in the near future, I could transfer some of my coins to an outside wallet. Empowr offer sales of coins. They have an offer that if you buy 1, another 1 free. It means that when I buy 10,000 coins, I will be given 20,000 coins. I have purchased more than 80,000 paying pre-coins. They mature in 3’months. I asked my beautiful Success Coach if where are my other free 80,000 coins? She said that this will be given upon maturity. I requested her again to ask the Management to explain to me why my another 80,000 free coins disappeared again. These coins should be given toe upon purchase. It did not also appear in my account.

    Another issue is that they empasized that we are using Empowr coins. I have not heard this in the coin industry. They said that our transactions at Empowr are Ethereum coins. We have our own Ethereum wallets now. They fear that sooner, we will transfer our E coins in outside wallets. They have just fooled us about our use of coins. They know that we have intentions of transferring our coins and getting th out of Empowr. They want to hpld our coins again and never allow anyone to do this action.

    In conclusion, Empowr is a great SCAM.

    Thank you for your site wherein we could voice our regrets in joining Empowr. Other members have mentioned anout no cash out given to us.

  26. Hi Jack. Empowr is definitely a scam.
    I had 2 accounts with them. The first account I earned up to $15000 but could never withdraw any money. However hard I tried, could never qualify. My Paypal account was billed twice and money taken from my CCard without my consent. They never asked for permission or even advised that money would be taken.
    Later on I discovered after many hours of searching through the countless layers of menues that I ticked a box which gave them free access to my PayPal account, which I had to switch off.
    Thereafter $500 was frequently just deducted from my earnings for operating costs. No warning, no asking of permission, just deducted whenever it suited them.
    I started asking many questions and all of a sudden I was denied access to my account. Nobody has the answers and you cannot get to any of the administrators of the business. The success coach was the only acess of communication who never answered any of my questions. I was always refered to the tutorials. After all the data I spent and money that they took from my credit card and earnings account, I still need to meet someone who was able to withdraw money from this scam.
    They make their money from click ads and get paid per click that their members make, same as Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook, and were supposed to share it with their members, which they NEVER do.
    My second account was also frozen and inactive by me, yet every week I see money being deducted from my earnings. The latest deduction was $1000. They are now getting greedy.

    1. That’s the problem with this program. BEWARE of what you “tick” and “agree” when you sign up to Empowr.

      There were never upfront and the vital information are all in the terms and agreements.

      It’s really unfortunate that you are in this situation. I feel for you Jurie.

      ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

  27. Bindeshwar says:

    Empower.com is a scam, i did not do anything but got 30 dollars.

  28. Im on empowr. I have tons of red flags going up. Im waiting my 90 days to see if i can cash out my ” matured coins”. I will never give my paypal account i fo to them.

    1. Chances are you will not receive any payout. If you read the comment from one of the Empowr coders, you’ll understand that it is coded in a way that you will not cash out.

      ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

    2. Mili Satapathy says:

      Many people are working here. Empowr is like a tree and many have taken rest under this shadow. Don’t spread such news.

  29. I have my 3 years unclaimed payout its around $4,000 Dollar now but when i am trying to cash out I could not get it there are a lot of procedures and my fears if i will fill up the forms that they are asking i might lost my hard earned money instead… never mind it keeps daily sending mails to claim my cash out..

    1. I hope everything works out well for you.

      ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

  30. ragini jaiswal says:

    empowr instantly cut my$50+$5 from directly my bank account through my paypal account. i couldn’t do anything. it’s a big loss for me. from starting 15 jan,2018 to till now i am working still in wait to get my money back. but not got. i am feeling i am wasteing my time & precious time+Internet charges. Now my balance is showing e3504.87 but trasfer out showing e0.00 after complition of above 90 days. screenshot given below. ?????????????

    ragini jaiswal–empowr citizen

  31. I am a Legal professional from India and have same similar problems with my empowr account but since I am not sure the country where it can be brought to justice, could you please arrange for an open discussion to organise a mobilized group for taking legal/other action against all such vague enterprises one by one?

    1. Hey Raytony,

      Thank you for your comment!

      Since I am not legally trained I was hoping if you could guide me on how to do this.

      ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

  32. Anonymous says:

    I’m remaining anonymous here, I would Like to tell you all that I am one of the developers behind Empowr and I am very sorry, I apologize. I am shame of myself for developing empowr and please I tell you stay away from it because we made it in such a way that you can never cash out! Indeed you have to invest. Its definitely not a scam, because you do invest and you do get money but that is virtual, you never ever cash out. The only person earning here is the person behind empowr. I had left a few loop holes in the website intentionally to help people being fooled. But, as soon as they realized that I was not with them, they kicked me out. I hope you guys will forgive me. I am heartily sorry for working with empowr. I still repent for other people’s lost money.

  33. I have followed this empowr as a citizen almost for an year. I have not been able to cash out my earning even after they have confirmed to me i have more than thousand dollars fully matured to cash out ….it sound sad to me

  34. Dr Millgram says:

    It’s a scam without doubt. These two conmen are downright dangerous.

  35. strikes me that there is a lot more being said in the unanswered direct uestions than in the answered ones

  36. Pliendante says:

    With the help of a recovery expert i was able to recover my money from an online scam, Happy to share my experience .

    1. Happy for you to share your experience here! Looking forward to that.

      ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

  37. Razob Ali says:

    I am earning money online since 3 years as a freelancer at Upwork. Many times I have signed up different websites for different purposes but I can’t remember when I have signed up on empowr. Since past few days, I am noticing the emails from empowr that say’s you have earned $0.17, $2, $1 etc. Today I have visited their website and see my balance is $20! Lol, I have to work hard on Upwork at least 3 hours to earn $20 but there is already $20 on empowr without visiting their website ! I have been curious about them and find your blog. I am going to unsubscribe empowr and mostly to mark them as spam.

    1. Haha! Thanks so much for your input Razob!

      ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

  38. Chris, you are crazy. if they are not scam how com they keep sending me emails telling me I have 6$ in my account when I have not even signed up yet, huh? secondly why did they changed their name to from FANBOX to EMPOWR? plz go scout for victims elsewhere……

  39. Empowr is totaly scam, i am using from 14 months but did not get single $ from empowr,. I was SC for more then 6 months.
    May ram getting bigger amount on monthly base. The othe SC Is getting less the 10 $.

    1. Hi Sher,

      Thank you for sharing your experience here. Much appreciated!

      ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

  40. These empowr bastards are a big time Spammers! I don’t know where they’ve got one of my private “coded” emails (I have my own websites so I create my own emails – so I do Know I didn’t give That one to them!) – and I have a hard time to stop them. Every time I stop one of their spammy names, another, similar just pops up like:

    And they don’t have Any contact info on her main website, so it seems I am going to have them to report to Amazon, Google, FTC and other authorities as to take All of their products down!

    You should do it to, if you had any contact with these spammers

    1. Thanks for your message Danny!

      I’ve received similar problems from other users as well.

      Just hope this post will inform others before they take action with Empowr.

      Unfortunately, I don’t have a direct contact with them, and I hope the authorities could do something about them too.

      ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

  41. Hi
    I am a data entry operator, saw many websites, joined some sites, paying money, worked for them, alas! they take my work , and pay only 0. Is there any genuine website offering data entry/adposting work? If I join will they pay money? tell me

    1. Hi Surya,

      So many people have claimed that they are not getting paid, so I am assume the worst.

      ~Jack (BareNakedSCam)

  42. I spent so much money on empowr. I also bought so many products to sell on empowr. Isold so many products and never received any money. I have been with empowr for over a year and was at top level for several months with no return. It said that i had earned over $800,000.00, but could never cash out. Just got ripped off.

    1. Hi Don,

      Thanks for sharing your side of the story.

      It’s really unfortunate for hard working people who trusted the program. I wish I have a remedy for you.

      Thanks for sharing this once again. This is definitely helpful to those who are interested in Empowr.

      ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

  43. Sharky Monster says:

    You saved me from wasting my time, and wasting my money, I am really not want to be waste any things. You are really a saviour.

    1. Thanks for your kind words Sharky!

      ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

  44. Chris Morrison says:

    JAN 23, 2018…

    I am Chris Morrison…I am very unhappy with the services of Empowr….I was with the Company for over a year….My earnings had gotten up to over 600 Thousand…I wanted to pay my platform fees thru with the earnings that I had made in over a year,,,and then one day last year in 2017..they cancelled my acct and did not give a reason…They took money from my paypal acct without my authorization…of which was over 1 thousand dollars…I had to go thru a lot of problems with my bank…just to get my money back…..This Company is running a Scam…do not join them,,they will rip you off…I made over 600K with this company and never received a dime of it….i put in a lot of time and effort to receive this money….I am searching for a lawyer cause I am very unhappy with the way that they do Business….before they cancelled my account ..they should have given me a payout of which they did not…..Do not join this company….they will deceive you and rip you off…I am Chris Morrison from Carson, CA…..Jan 23, 2018

    1. Hi Chris,

      Thank you for addressing your frustration here! Truly appreciate that!

      Unfortunately, before you join the company, you were given a set of documents to complete, and you’ve agreed to their terms and conditions.

      So, legally, they will not be penalized even if you make a law suit. You really have to understand how Empowr work before you join them.

      I’m sorry that you have this kind of experience, and hopefully this message will get across to people who are looking to join the company.

      Thank you once again!

      ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

  45. Rachid Moukhliss says:

    All what you said is logical so far, but the biggest issue is why you dispute a transaction from your paypal account, this later has no power to refund even Empowr doesn’t reply to dispute after sending emails to them… They are fast to take money but slow or impossible to cash out. I’m doing my best to let everybody knows about the reality of this scam

    1. Thank you for your comment Rachid!

      This will definitely create some awareness about the program.

      ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

  46. Hussein Lilah says:

    I have $1,275.88 earned cash since July 2017 but i am afraid of paying the Adplatform fees because they might decline to release the cash balance to my paypal.

    What should i do?

    1. Based on what I’ve learned from many members, don’t do it! You could lose more money than you earn if you don’t understand how Empowr work.

      ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

  47. Empower is a big scam, I have lost my 2000 rupees without my knowledge. Empowr should be banned all over the world

    1. I am so sorry that you are experiencing this. To avoid further loses please contact your financial institutions to stop payment to Empowr.

      I hope this helps!

      ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

  48. phil watson says:


    1. Hi Phil Watson,

      Thank you for your comment!

      Do you have personal experience with Empowr? If yes, could you share it with us so that everyone who reads this will know?

      Thank you so much!

      ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

  49. Chandra Pal says:

    People sitting in America are making fool to people of world through empowor.com site. they are looting the men but not paying anything to any one due to asking their confidential details of bebit/credit card for their confirmation and charging them their fees for various purposes. They never give them payment. Kindly report the matter to the President of America to stop such none sense website after the investigation and punish them as they had not paid money to their citizens daily hard work. I shall request the google also to ask the details of personnel to whom they have paid the payment with their contact details and serve the same to the public otherwise such smart people will keep continue their looting the hard harden money as well as their daily hard work by posting their post and other activities. You will also be equally responsible for the same. Kindly delete their site from the Google.

    1. Its not that easy Chandra although I wish it is. You need to file a class action lawsuit but who will be the lead to this non-rewarding lawsuit? Unless a prosecutor takes over, I think Empowr will continue its operations.

      ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

      1. Henry Hriczko says:

        Hello , To all and any who have experienced the EMPOWR SCAM, I feel your pain. For all who have been suckered fleeced ,ripped off and lied to , deceived and now made to feel like a fool. Let go of it. Spread the word. other than that.
        The only way to get these guys held accountable is to let the KARMA GOD Handle it.
        Or pay the CRYPTO ENFORCEMENT ON THE STREETS aka BLACK OPS take them down. Way down. They are the root of the worlds scumbag population.

  50. i have signed up for empower with my paypal account. may i know please how to delete my account and to cancel paypal account on it and how to prevent future lose of money in my paypal account if it is true that they have hidden charges or charges paypal account without prior notice…. thanks a lot. and more power to the truth! ^_^

    1. My suggestion is to either contact Paypal, or to transfer all funds out of paypal to another account.

      I hope this helps.

      ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

  51. Rani Kushwaha says:

    hi guys ,
    i was joined empowr since 6 months ago . i have earned 1429 USD but i can’t still my cashout .
    i can say really in simple word that
    Empowr is Scam ……………
    dont wast the time on this site ……

    1. Thank you for your insights on this Rani!

      ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

  52. vijay rathore says:

    Thank you for this article…
    it’s very helpful for me

    1. You are most welcome Vijay! Glad this helped.

      Jack (BareNakedScam)

  53. They are the biggest liar in the world, i have been there for 3 years, even as a success coach, We were told; “you will cash out one day”, But, it never came. Now, they are planning to lurch crytocurrency, as a medium to pay them (client), But, who will accept a lairing company like “empowr”. Folk empowr, The biggest Scan in the world. stop deceiving people/the world with your fake money, is never real, As a matter of facts, it can’t be real. Everyone, run for your life. And if you must do Internet business, go to another site, and be sure of a penny, but, never with empowr.

    1. Hi stone,

      Thank you for your insights. It’s unfortunate that you’ve been through that horrible experience, but I’m glad that you are sharing it here.

      This just proves my point that Empowr is not a good opportunity to be in.

      ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

  54. there are no one payment proof i made 2 cash outs. empowr say the will pay me in 10 days. but they never pay. i have automatic spend arround 1000 dollars and its a scam!!
    people that defend this scam is people that have faith in this system. but they get a deception in the future. please dont be scamed. dont join this fraud site.

    1. It’s unfortunate that you’ve fallen victim to this program, and I do appreciate that you spoke up to warn people about this.

      Thank you for that!

      ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

  55. Empower is nothing more than a scam. I was supposed to be able to cash out over $2000. However, I had to have a PYPal account with either a debit or credit card attached to my PayPal account. Empowr stated that they would charge a minimal amount and immediately return it yo you. Well, they charged $30 and as stated they immediately returned the $30. Now it was said that after this transaction I could cash out my earnings. Even though they returned the $30 they have not allowed me to cash put my money. I don’t understand why they charged the $30 and immediately returned it without allowing me to cash out my earnings. My thinking is that they gain your trust by this first transaction and then later on after they have your trust they will charge you and keep your money. I feel that they will never cash put your earnings as I have done not one thing to earn any money. Its a scam plain and simple. I am trying g to delete my empor account and I am not able to do so. I have requested that empowr unsubscribe me and they have not done so. This is spam and it is a scam. They gain your trust then they scam you out of your money with no intention of ever cashing out your so called earnings.

    How did I earn money when I have done absolutely nothing to earn it.

    Be careful!

    If anyone has received a substantial cash put please inform me as I have tried to no avail and my do called coach has never even answered any emails that were sent to them. I don’t believe the coaches even exist.

    Anyone correct me if my ideas are wrong.

    1. There’s a lot of complaints about Empowr, and it is really unfortunate that so many people have fallen victim to this.

      I truly appreciate your insights on this, and I hope it can warn everyone about this program.

      If you are looking for a way to make money online, I’ve scoured the internet to find these legitimate programs. You can read their reviews and decide which is most suitable for you:

      1. Wealthy Affiliate
      2. Authority Hacker
      3. Fizzle
      4. Affilorama
      5. Chris Farrell Membership

      Hope this helps Dennise!

      ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

  56. i think its a scam, two times when i try to claim money and they ask me mu paypal account next what happened a letter from someone on empower page emailing me that there is a deal of making money that someone died and left money in bank and please send your info details we coperate so that i send money to you bra bra……….

    It looks to be a scam

  57. I would likr to know what is what is it possible to cash out by today?

  58. For me, it’s been 2 year on empowr. And yes you can cash out, but you need to do complicated things. My tricks was waiting to get enough power to pay ad fee with empowr balance (red star) and turn off auto level up, that’s make you spend nothing from paypal and just spend a bit balance for ad fee. what you need to do is just wait your balance mature. THAT’S WHAT I THOUGHT AND IT’S WORK (i was cash out 150 usd and 2300 usd). BUT now empower have a different system. You don’t need 90 days, mobile apps turn to browser, etc. Now you need 300 point mission. That’s mean, you need to sell things and doing your daily goal. To get 300 point mission, mean you need at least 300 days of posting, liking, and listing that is not easy, you still need to think about fee and new rules. And what i afraid is that not gonna work that way. There is so much thing new and i know people will spend more money in empowr than they can cash out. The best option is stop using empowr because they are smart to gain people trust while fooling them, unless you smart enough to challenge their system (but i doubt cash out is still working).


  59. This account its just false, how can you balance reduce as days goes by and yet you haven’t purchased or cashed out anything. Talking of purchase, I tried buying goods from this site; I never got any response meaning this site is just a lie and I never received those goods. Anyone planning on joining this site please don’t cause it a fraud of identity.

  60. Lanie l G. says:

    Hi, thank you very much for that opinion.

    The missing things I believe due to their Alpha stage or it can truly be a deception am not so sure yet.

    I am too neophyte with Empwr and it’s true am finding hard but I went on because I like also to earn from the true things I got there. Actually I haven’t given my paypal yet it’s good that I have no any card this year. One thing good as a promise and experience by others the $30 activation fee will be refunded. but my question to my coach why not get that amount from my earning at Empowr account? My coach answered me that this is Empowr rule.

    I have 4 pending as I experienced selling out there. but I can’t understand the pending words is still pending after a sell transaction of more than a month. About the ad fees Empowr gave $1000 to my Empowr account. I am not sure how it was really used or decreasing as I went on working…I will still want to find out as you know I still believe and support Empwr despite of.

    Another thing in the Listing I got a lot of items to sell that is being Rejected by Empowr. There was no specific explanation in how to really have a successful listing. To list is the third task to finished everyday for an Empowr Citizen to have an early Cash Out. You can never earn well in Empowr if you will not work daily.

    Another thing I found out that there are lots of Scammers entered in as Empowr Citizen. And my coach told me that we need to report all of them to Empwr and i was told how to eradicate them in Empowr. Some are also doing Porn and I also wanted to help Empwr eradicate them and I like how the site of Empwr solve such.

    I also find one person who explained his side at Youtube how he is a success in Empower and lots of people too. I also wanted to know who are the real culprit, those people who been out or eradicated by/from Empowr may of course say something bad. I am also preparing myself and praying that I maybe one being put down, but anyway am not afraid as long as God knows everything. That God will bless those people who bless other people.


  61. Empwr robbed me 300 USD and i was never able to cash out…..

  62. I had forgotten:

    The man who appears in the testimony is familiar to me.

    Search in Google:

    Thoughtful man eating an apple against a white background

    Is it the same man ?? this is a stock image

    1. I think its a stock image. Lol!

      ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

  63. Hello from Brazil!!

    We are receiving many SPAM messages related to empowr.

    I never tried to associate with this company. However, they say that I have a balance of $ 2,000. I’ve never worked actively with empowr. This is magic money ? Did I discover the secret formula to make money without working?

    I do not believe in Santa Claus. I also do not believe in money falling from the sky and magical profits. For me, this money does not exist. It’s just a number on a screen. I will not associate my credit card or a paypal account to make a withdrawal. This is bizarre. The way of working of this company is absurd.

    I do not know how things work in the United States. There is no supervisory organ? there are no authorities? there is no police I can create a website to fool people. Will not nobody do anything to me? nothing will happen? Fraudsters do not go to jail?

    I’ will create a post to alert Brazilians about this fraud. I am researching on the subject and for this reason I accessed this blog and I am making this comment.

    Thanks for attention.


  64. Nobody ever cashed out. They are telling me to pay 800 to get 7000 of my my fucking earnings. I don’t trust them at all.

  65. Empowr charges my back account which I link it thru Paypal, an amount of 250 US dollars without my consent, I was shock when I check my balance at the bank and wonder why where did my money go, I requested a bank statement and found out that it was Empowr who charges it, I lodge a complained/disputes at Paypal and still awaiting for the resolution and also I demand a refund from Empowr….Now I’m planning to open a new bank account at my bank and let the account connected to empowr stay dormant or close it…..In my own opinion Empowr is a big scam, they will entice you with big earnings by posting and liking the posts yet end nothing in return, and then stole your money if you divulge details of your account to them

  66. Empowr is 100% illustrative, dramatic cheating. You must spend 10000s of USDs there but you will not earn atleast 1 usd and there is no assurence about your profit / returns. There are thousands of hidden rules which they will not tell you and accept you if you found and asked to them.

    I spent 2hours a day and 561 days, I completed my daily goals everyday, and I spent $2789 by selling products, and I spend $7500 for paying Ad platform fees. But till today I didn’t received even a penny from empowr.

  67. I never created an account with empowr but receiving emails about my daily earnings. When i reset password through my email I found some bucks in the account. I don’t know who created an account for me and how it works? Very surprising!!!

  68. What is the bottom line? Yes or no: Is Empowr a scam or not?

  69. I start with Empowr 2016 I was there more the 7 months, My account was over 34.000 from sailing my own products’ I send a message to Empower Customer Service when they will deposit the money in may PayPal Account that is register on my Empowr with my Credit Card to from Capital One. After that I troy to Log In to my Empowr Account and my Account was Deleted. I send a mail to Empowr regarding this SCAM Business. I resave a e mail message from them you can start all over if you like to. Is this the new future for the new generation???
    Here is the link for the Website SCAM THAT WAIST YOUR TIME https://secure.empowr.com

  70. Richard Mungai says:

    I have 1,963 dollars that have matured for 90 days but it cant be cashed out. What is the problem?


  71. Olabisi O. says:

    Empowr has just deducted $150 from my card that i linked to my paypal and i have not been able to cash out even for once since i joined i joined in Feb. 2017. What is the meaning of this shit?

  72. Aaron Parry says:

    How much do I have to pay to get the cash?

    Sent from Yahoo Mail for iPhone

    On Monday, August 28, 2017, 2:52 PM, [email protected] wrote:


    I am your claims officer and I am here to take you through the steps on how
    you will get your winnings.

    Are you ready to claim your winnings of $250,000.00USD ? Shall we proceed on the claiming of your winnings?

    Sent: Monday, August 28, 2017 at 12:48 PM
    From: “aaron parry”
    To: [email protected]
    Subject: Please explain

    Sent from Yahoo Mail for iPhone

    1. Right there sounds an alarm bell! Will they really pay you USD250,000?

      Think about it!

      ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

  73. I just saw that they took out 25.00 out of my pay pal account and every one is right you can’t get a hold of any one at empowr. I have contacted pay pal and told them that they took money from me with out my ok. they said they are looking in to it and will get back to me by September 5 I will let every one know what happed.

    1. Awesome Don! Please do update us.

      ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

  74. how can me cash out my balance

  75. From what I understand is that upon very close inspection, you can understand the “how” of Empowr’s profiteering and your own profiteering (if any). By default, Empowr will automatically charge your PayPal or whatever linked account you may have Ad Credit Fees and Power Level upgrade fees (the two ways Empowr actually makes money off of you). I have changed my Empowr settings to not automatically deduct from my connected PayPal account. In fact I’ve double-checked and triple-checked to ensure that they will not charge me automatically. Furthermore, I intend on checking my PayPal account frequently within the next “90” days to ensure their are no automatic payments to Empowr.

    However, the “why” of certain aspects of the profiteering (on the part of both Empowr and yourself) remains to be revealed. As the author explained, he, and in addition do not understand how the Empowr balance accumulates, especially if you have never posted, liked, commented, or shared any content on their social media network. At least from what I understand, at least one source of Empowr’s income is derived from interactions on their social media network.

    I’ve currently paid about a $10.00 ad credit fee from my Empowr balance of $466.34. (I like to refer to this balance as virtual money, as I’ve no proof yet that it can exist in the real world. Of any Ad Credit Fees to be paid, I would recommend it being paid from the virtual balance of the Empowr account because this means no real money forfeited.) I’ve earned $16 and change so far (Early Cash Out earnings) and I plan on cashing out more after this “Maturation” period. I have many questions that I’m preparing to ask my “Success Coach”, chief among them is how I earned that amount having never posted, liked, or shared anything on Empowr and why exactly I have to wait for “Maturation”.

    So if and when my balance reaches “maturation” I will attempt to cash out something around $250.00. (According to the notification included in the article, if the Empowr account falls below $2 it will automatically deduct from your linked PayPal account in order to return the amount to $2. I’d be careful not to let the virtual balance be anywhere near that low, else real money will be taken from the PayPal account.) I’ll keep my eyes peeled if anything besides Ad Credit Fees and Power Level upgrade fees are included to take even more money out of the virtual balance. If I do indeed manage to receive this money, I’ll be posting about it on here, along with much more information about this experience.

    So maybe I do receive this $250.00, but I don’t think the legitimacy of Empowr rests on that. Rather in the lucrative value of the earnings. What I’ve written barely scratches the surface of the profiteering nature (for self and for the corporate entity of Empowr) of Empowr. I hadn’t even mentioned the ever growing balance of the Ad Credits themselves. For while you do have to pay a mandatory Ad Credit Fee monthly, this balance will constantly grow. Consider this like a bank loan, although without accumulating interest. This is money spent in your behalf on advertisement campaigns and I assume this grows as your balance grows. I still have to learn more about this, but thankfully Empowr, will only ever exact a mandatory Ad Credit Fee which is only a small percentage of that amount (at least according to my knowledge).

    DISCLAIMER: If you test out Empowr for yourself, I would again recommend that you only deal with the virtual money of the Empowr balance and never put yourself at risk by spending real money in your PayPal or other linked account. In addition, I would further recommend using a separate PayPal account that is not linked to any of your banking institutions.

    1. Hi Taylor, I wish you luck on cashing out. Please update us.

      ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

  76. Seriously this is bullshit. All those talking in favor of empowr only give theoretical facts they believe to be true whiles everyone else is asking for proof of cash out. Are u guys dumb or can’t see or ignoring simple questions. Provide proof of cash out smart asses.

  77. Sobuj Ahmed says:

    I have more than 3500 USD matured. But I am not being able to withdraw that amount. I wrote to empowr several times. They never answered my message. I have no credit card and I have no paypal account, as I am a Bangladeshi. I think empowr is a cheater. Otherwise why they will ask the paypal or credit card? They may fix my amount after deducting the fees (if there is any).

  78. Sander khan says:

    I don’t know Empowr is scam or Genuine But I am using Empowr from last 8 months But they never cash out.

    It is also True Thai I never worked with Empowr after starting 2 months

    Recently Empowr has deducted 50$ from my PayPal..

    Yes There is a refund process and I raised the refund request and it is also showing on my Empowr account But I am unable to cash it out.

    I talked with another member at Empowr. He says that you need a credit card for cash out.

    It’s really irritating Now I need a credit card.??.

    I don’t know what is going on ?? But I am really irritating by Empowr services.

  79. The writer who wrote this article made a thorough investigation before posting this article. All what he said is true. Empowr was launched after people realized the scams of Fanbox. How can you earn money by just posting mere photographs? What did you do to earn about 40,000 dollars?

    And if you are intelligent how can Empowr request the detail of your credit card to pay commission on the money you have earned if what you’ve earned is enough for them to take any commission they wanted from it?

    One of the fraudsters on the social media Fanbox was Alex Aurora, she is also on Empowr. She has defrauded a lot people, especially those from Asia. They have selected people that claim they cashed in so, so and so. It’s all false cashing news.

    Thanks for publishing this article.

  80. After reading this, I think I’m done.
    It keeps “upgrading” my account and taking my earnings when I haven’t agreed to that. How do I cancel my account?

  81. Dr Gadzamoyo Dewah says:

    I think empowr is good as a way of redistribution and occupation to states that have high unemeployment. As a new member I have done my 90 days and I am waiting for encashment. I will provide a proper evaluation after 10 months.

  82. Jeno Koch says:

    Firstly, I thank the author of this site for their comments and allowing me an opportunity to comment, in this case, about empowr. From the beginning, I loved empowr. The mission statement alone stunned me. Facebook has about one and a half billion users and empowr is seeking four billion, over half the world. Further, the intent is to “empowr” people globally to earn some kind of living in these ever changing economic times. I put every effort into empowr I could, while working full time. I was exceedingly active and moved up quickly, I was headed soon to move out of blue level. My account balance was right at thirty thousand dollars. I was asked to be a success coach as well. My regular job changed, I had to step up. I stepped down from success coach training and asked to “power down”. Immediately…..yes…my account was closed. I will not bore you with details of the abundant attempts I made to understand the account closure. Empowr hides under the blanket of an LLC (limited liability company), they may close your account at any time. In my case…..I was trying to shut down my credit cards which they still breached and further I had the goal of extracting “earnings”. I never received ten cents from empowr. There are many other flaws such as in the marketplace and people not paying etc. The flaws/glitches do not matter. As long as you have a credit card on file, you are in danger. Their math of advertising fees and more is so disjointed, it is difficult to understand if in fact you are making money but regardless what your account balance is…..try to get some out. Good luck and with the accelerated earnings ??? I wish, truly, I could say one positive thing about empowr. I cannot. I know for sure…..if you heed not my brief warning here….you will be at a loss soon enough. There will be no winners and I do not care what that top ten earner board says….it does not tell you what was spent. Even if empowr fails….they have won and I mean huge. Your failure is their success!!! If you believe this to be incorrect…..I challenge you to show me billions, millions, thousands, or even your one success story.

  83. I have 2 accounts in empowr. but I did not created. I operate 1 account . now I can not log out from that account , because I don’t know the user name or password . I tried to change my password by going to “I forgot my pass word ” but I can not do it . how to do it? please can some one help me ?

  84. Maria Rara says:

    empowr is not a scam, it is a legit site. It is a site where you can earn friends and money. But, the key to success is patient. It is not a get rich quick site. I have been on empowr since 2013 and empowr help me. I love empowr and sorry for them who says empowr is a scam.

    1. Erm… Empowr doesn’t exist in 2013, it was called Fanbox…

  85. Wow thats crazy. There are so many scams around. I see a guy posting all the time about them, and he is probably not making a dime.

  86. I just signed to empowr, but reading this – I am leaving it – what a joke.. It is very hard to find any non scam offer online, it is sad how everyone is trying to rip u off!

  87. I have a balance of $1,068.25,, of this a large amount is matured yet I can not access any of this. If part of these profits have been spent on automated ad campaigns these funds should not show up in my balance!

    I have been charged numerous times over $300 and have not been able to cash out anything as the amount is always 0 to cash out. The money was taken from me without my consent and because this is taken in US Dollars it is costing me far more in Australian Dollars. Costing me for something I do not want and did not ask for , what are they advertising on my behalf as I don’t post anything.

    This is a scam and is fueled by peoples desire for easy money and the guilt for wanting to earn stops people from speaking out! (Even though some do.)

    I want out before I get charged any more money.. This is a SCAM!

  88. You have a few things wrong, but the only one I’m going to address is that you can choose to have NO OUT OF POCKET COSTS.

    If you understood how empowr works by using the platform, watching the educational videos and asking questions, then you would also understand that unlike facebook and other social media, profits are SHARED by the users.

    1. Just look at how many complaints there are in this review. I need not say anything more.

      I hope you are making money from the program, but if you haven’t, I’ll say good luck to you.

      ~Jack (BareNakedScam)


    Empowr is a bogus site, which everyday claims that you have earned $4 , this is just to drive traffic to its site,its just one funny bogus scam site where you are lured that you have earned $5000 but pity, you can never cash out a penny, spend all in the ads, now 89% have nothing to sell, so they bid on some social get together pics.

  90. I forgot to check that they bond my paypal account to auto payment to theirs , so it auto paid for orange star , and I claim for refund, and it never happen , so they legally took my money legally ,

  91. I’m number 4 on the US leaderboard… a lot of what you said is true specially about johnny cash I think we all hate him and his blog posts are so insulting and dumb. I wouldn’t call it a scam because u just need to learn the site adjust your settings and not let them rob your PayPal it’s easy to figure out. Most people quit after a few months after putting hundreds in the system all u have to do is do your daily goals every day .. no one does this that’s the problem, they think they can just join and make a few hundred and than do nothing and cash out … doesn’t work that way … it takes many years to cash out but along the way u make money if u do everything right .. I payed in $700 and I have gotten that $700 back plus a few hundred and have been able to buy thousands of dollars worth of stuff from the market place

  92. Hello Mr. Abiodun,

    I keep on trying to cash out. Now I received a notification on my phone. It reads like this:
    To receive your cashout key:

    1. Please signout below, and sign-in using your account: [email protected]

    2. Once signed in, click the balance button

    3. Then click “cash out”

    That email is not mine. Does it mean someone has tampered with my account?
    What do I do now?

  93. I shared my paypal account with empowr and one day i was cheking my paypal account. When i came across on 4 different occasions i was chrged by empowr from $28.34, $19.98, $18.28, $05.00. When i asked my success coach about it. She asked my to share the screen shorts of my paypal account with her through fireshot. I followed her instructions and send her the link to her. Vut guess what?
    She never replied after that and she transferred me to another coach.
    My question is: you get notifications for every small thing. Why nothing when your paypal account is charged?
    If you have like $9000 in your empowr account. Why would they try to get into your paypal account for 20 dollars.
    I have now disconnected my paypal account with empowr and getting hell lot of messages from them about ‘you are loosing Money. Your account is not optimised”
    What i feel after being there for more than 2 months and So called earning more than 10k. That they just love my paypal account and steeling from it.

  94. HAN TRUNG LE says:

    Hello every body
    I am real man in Hochiminh city, Vietnam . Worked with Empowr site more than one and half year and my account earning balance is usd 51,000.00 . Up to now i did cash out usd 375.00 while my visa card was deducted more than usd2,000.00 by Empowr site automatically . I cannot cash out more. I sent letter to support team for asking this , they told me to wait more than 90 days. When 90 days ended i asked again then they told me to keep waiting more another 90 days and so on . …. I dont know how can to handle this situation. Who have best advises ? Thank you

  95. Love your article. I was charged $25 and try to cash out. I gave both my credit cards and PayPal, contacted success coaches all to no help. I recently just deleted my account for the simple fact i was fed up with the run around the site was giving me. I hope people do not waste their time on that site. Its a scam and regardless of how much you may think to be making, its all just a trick to get your actually cash. Apps like Acorns and Stash are much better.


    I worked diligently thinking this would actually earn money..

    They kept wanting to zero out the earnings with the same amount of fees.

    Over 48 % Failure to deliver orders to buyers after items were purchased.

    When asking for Customer service or real time questions they were never available..

    Now with over $117K earned I am being asked to pay out $1355.49 in Ad Platform Fees.

    I Called My Bank and listed them as a Fraudulent Vendor..

    I had actual sales of $670.47 and over $25K paid out not once , but 2 times when they completely stole my earnings at the 4th month AMCO..

    2 months and they have not paid out any AMCO’s …Trying to pawn off a new lie as the next endeavor on here ..it is nothing more than a scam

    Now they are sending me notices almost daily saying I need to validate my account after I have repeatedly done so…

    I am calling Pay Pal and Blocking all transactions with Empowr as a so called Vendor..

    This Brian Woosley needs be investigated for SEC and EXCHANCE Fraud..
    He and his wife GRace or whom ever she might be is FAKE,..

    They are skimming profits and running with the money!!

    I Bet May Ram is his actual wife who supposedly in Belgium Living high on the profits of others hard work..

    Their indifference is completely telling in their criminal behavior..



  97. I lost my money .They charged on my credit card. one time $8.12 and second time $ 78.56.THIS IS A SCAM. understand or else u will loose money. I closed freaking account and reported the case to credit card





  99. Empowr is 100% scam. I lost money while I spend several months and worked daily to get targets but they charged me money on my account.It shows that you made money but you cannot cash out. Its Bullshit. its a scam. No support provided .You will be charged money from credit cards like I was charged.Finally deleted my account to stop this scam.Please trust me and don’t waste your time and money.

  100. Dilhan Chandrasiri says:

    It’s a big scam. I was joined with them last year. After few days I realized it’s a scam because, my account balance keep growing without doing anything. Who pays money to anyone doing nothing. Then I search on Google, and on their Facebook page too. Almost everyone didn’t get paid anything. Everyone asking questions and to most of the questions they Never reply even. Now my account balance showing 4 thousands something and there is 60-89 days balance have 1 thousand and something. But 90 days matured balance is 0. Looks to me their 90 days will never come. Also go to YouTube and search, everyone say scam. There is lot of fake testimonials too. I completely agree with you. Myself saw lots of those inside the system and I think they are put those into top of there news feed. They are stealing money from members. Complete scam. I can say directly with my experience and with my research. 10 years old one can understand it’s a scam useless waste of time.

  101. I have been with Empowr some months now, and just had me account closed today after I asked them for a refund for $125 which they are trying to take from my Paypal account. I say “trying” because I don’t have funds to cover it. They have also been taking money from my Paypal account to pay for purchases I made on their site, despite having a balance of over $2000 with them. There have been amounts of $25 taken from my Paypal account previously for some kind of Power-up I know nothing about. I gave them the benefit of the doubt until now. Money from items I have sold through their auction and sales has not been received by me, only added to the balance I have with them that there seems no way of withdrawing. Each month I wait for my earnings to “mature” but it never happened. Well, now I am well over $200 down, plus items I have sent to people at my own cost, and I have nothing to show for it. Avoid Empowr like the plague. I can’t believe anyone there is really earning money from it.

  102. Empowr is a scam
    Just stole money from my paypal account without authorisation
    when told to cashout, sent confusing instructions which don’t work anyway
    stupid success coaches repeat the same instructions over and over again without any solutions
    Basically its American bullshit as usual
    I am posting comments on facebook re empowr scam
    They will email you eventually with the same crap that their supposed overpaid success coach tell you

  103. all I’d like to know is why we cant cash out with western union, money gram, or any other secure methods than paypal or our very own credit cards? I shouldn’t have to pay to cash out if my balance reads $6000 and yet they cant just deduct from that very $6000 than my paypal account..

  104. So, we have all learned our lesson that Empowr is not a g-dly program. They write a LOT of information for you to read, I believe to confuse you! They place the money they say they are paying you, up front at the top of the page so you can focus on that money and not your paypal or debt card. They allow you to visit, write blogs, bids, talk and show videos and a LOT of other crap to keep your mind off YOUR money. That is another reason they do a LOT of twisted math, so it will be hard and again, confusing , so you won’t focus on anything but the crap they offer you while they steal. I thought it was a law against stealing and scamming. What happened to it? Yes, they TOOK $350.00 from my debt card and I am almost 70 yrs of age, and that money was for my bills for the month of March! Now I am double behind with LATE CHARGES! But you think they care? Talking about the old lady in the shoe! I emailed them 50 times and I got 4 lies back in return. And the coaches are just as nutty as the company. You can ask them questions about empowr and they talk like they created the company, but you can never get a answer about your MONEY! They ignore your questions and start talking way off in left field somewhere! But, The Most High Yah and The Messiah Yahshua is looking right at these sad, hungry people. They never sleep, and He said He will have His revenge!! I pray all of us help to stop thieving crooks, and hopefully some, if not all of us will get our money one way or another. G-d still has money and the POWER 4 us. Pray and bless all…… Shalom. lovely1

  105. Allama Abid Hasan says:

    Dear Sir,
    I am very much clear about empowr. It is a scam. My question is about Neobux. I had 7.63 USD on Neobux. From there i was unable to work to due to personal problem for 4 months. After 4 months when i tried to login, they said that the user name & password is invalid. What to do now?
    Plz help me regarding this matter.

    Best regards
    Allama Abid Hasan
    Dhaka, Bangladesh

    1. Hi Allama,

      Unfortunately, I haven’t tried Neobux, but I believe you can try to contact the support of Neobux.

      ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

  106. Samuel Cruz Sr says:

    So you would say that Empowr is a sweat shop social media ? Paying out meager earning to all of its citzens despite how long or much they advertise online social media?

  107. Mandeep kumar says:

    Hi Team,
    I have received your mail regarding feedback .I live in INDIA ,I will wait for you to call. Even daily goal “post”“share” or “like” per month. Iam attach card in paypal iam I says not agree or don’t understand then why do that validation.I will get refund if charged ? I posted a question to my “support ” 1 month , but I did not receive a call reply.Once they get credit card or PayPal details, it is hard to say if you will make more money than what spend. As you already know, you might be charged a fee without knowing me.

  108. Thank you all for sharing your experiences in both ways, positively and negatively,
    Making extra bucks especially on the internet may not be that easy, it is a game of both smart hunter and a smarter prey,
    I quite appreciate the detailed explanation of Chris above, and also not calling other scam complaints as rubbish, because the platform may be showing different sides to different people.
    My opinion is that, never you be overwhelm with earning figures you may see on your page until you are able to feel the bucks in your palm, and if otherwise, you have lost only the time you used on the website..
    God have mercy ….
    Lagos, Nigeria.

  109. They keep on telling you earn money but up your subscription levels get increase and they toke off your so called balance and it is not 90 days pay out it is a lot longer.
    But before you can even get there they take money off your Paypal account for so called increased power levels, so they just keep on taking money and dont pay out BIG SCAM

  110. They charged my paypal account $100 without any notice but i got my refund back after emailing and a lot of texts in 6 to 8 days i got my money back and i just left empowr but today i got $100 in my paypal as empowr Citizen Payment i dont know what is this but there is 100$ in my paypal.

  111. Luka Kamenski says:

    The Empowr is clear scam. they stole my 2000 USD from Paypal without me confirming it and i stil lwait to get 20k USD to mature and when it did mature i had to pay with credit card or paypal ad credits. People in marketplace ask me to ship them item which they bought, but i never got their money so i could have to ship them item. go away all from empowr. It is clear scam and go miles away from it.

  112. pam williams says:

    Earlier today I found out my husband feel prey also I can only imagine the many others who also have, So for I’d say the better part of 2 hrs. Iv’e been planing my strategy on my approach to my husband, I’m sad to say this is not his first nore 2nd not even his 30th- 40th moment succumbing to yet another online scam. Each one of a financial matter. Hoping, believing this is the one, sounds familiar I’m sure, right ! I get it, times can be hard, times are hard. So when I found he had signed up with this Empower and our $ began misplacing themselves in another’ account, Empower’s account, I jumped to my computer and found this sight and others how were expressing concern for the consumers that were unaware they were not being treated as such. SO I have to say I am so glad to see another willing to do there due diligence and and not let what is sounds like as you wish it to be but to find the truth of what they are and what they do. I also just had to investigate nathan lee & serena villanueva the photos look fake, am I right ? So I duge a little and yes, they are not real people, Copy past everyone. Fake names with fake photo. So I went even farther, Know I already new this but I looked into anyway, and I get a lot of companies online do this, there address is virtual, what that means is there not really in the building. There’s a lot more but that’s good enough, anyway as I just got off my own track, this is really what I want to say, Wisdom, use your wisdom to empower yourself with, We have all suffered enough feeding for our hopes and futures off anothers back., were allowing ourselves to over and over again silently feel humiliation from again a pipe dream someone created for there own self. Look up at yourself never down and be your own financial legacie not another’s. Please remember, I promise things truly are not as overwhelming as we allow ourselves to believe, Stay your path, breath, and focus so you can express your own wish of the future you’ve dreamed to be. For Empower, I only speak for myself , I do want to say to you that when I’m coming to or joining a company I like to feel as if I am part of equal as, not after the fact deceived as if a casualty to myself. So please rethink the direction you’ve gone, think being as part of many not only for yourself. Good luck, know it’s time to have my heart to heart with my husband wish me luck in saying the right words so he can see he has within himself for his future not on another’s swindle for only there riches.

  113. Felicia Ellis says:

    I have been on Empower over 90 days. I have saved some of my conversations w/ my coaches. Most of them say the same thing over and over. What I found out was that when you start after 90 days each day is started over w/ the 90 day process. I asked this in my last talk w/ my coach. I have not been able to get back on the site. I had over 4,000.00 made in (points) Which they show as money I have made. When it came time to cash out. it was only 28.00 at the time. I kept asking and they would say (in my mail) I had to pay add fees which was supose to be taken out of my account. I set up a Pay Pal account w/ no money. There is so much more I could talk about. I liked the set up and I felt good to be earning (I thought) extra money because i’m on SSI and wanted to go to work in my home because i’m loosing everything I have. I felt so good to be making money for my home. I spent endless hours and GB on Empower. If you dont have things to sell (like me) you cant reach your goals for the day. So I would think twice before doing business w/ these crooks. I so wanted this to be true. Even half of it would have been good to cash out, I deserved the pay just for the many hours I was online. So Jack Cao I also have conversations about sponsoring (that’s a big joke) You might have all you need but if you like I will be glad to send you everything I have.

  114. Ken Horkavy says:

    TOTAL SCAM. I have 1300$ sitting in my empowr account, unable to access and the system is so complicated that the chances of seeing even $10 in real work money is nil.

    My “coach” says I should start over, I think I should have never started. NOT WORTH YOUR TIME OR EFFORT.

  115. Hi Andrew, I´ve received the same notification from them.
    I don´t understand what is behind?

  116. Wow. Where to begin. Empowr is either a total SCAM or they are great and have serious software bugs. NO WAY TO CASH OUT! The system puts every obstacle they can in your way. BE AWARE AND READ CAREFULLY. DO NOT EXPECT TO MAKE MOENY FROM THSI PLATFORM BUT — YOU CAN BUILD A LARGE SOCIAL NETWORK QUICKLY.

  117. Albert Nobert says:

    I have been at this for over 90 days and have asked for an early cash out but no luck.. I have earned over $ 6,000.00 USD but I was never told how much I would be getting…Now they cut me off and will not answer my messages I am 61 years old and worked many hours every day and now I think it was all for nothing for me

  118. Im sure, If empowr is 100% cheating. If not:
    Why there is no transparency on SC test results?
    Why there is no open source for complete training modules?
    Why not able to find answers for 70% questions on given training module?
    How people can correct their mistakes if they can not find their mistakes?
    it is 100% cheating.

  119. Nancy Hemphill says:

    I joined empower in Nov of last year. Tried cashing out this week. When they wanted paypal and credit card I followed directions. Then got cold feet and closed account and blocked them from my pay pal and credit card.

  120. hi, i have a $9000 balance and $2,000 is matured but no matter what i try i cannot get cash out, just excuses

  121. David Ciebien says:

    I think Empowr is a scam.
    There is no way that you can contact the management. Emailing “the Empowr Team” gets no response.
    I cannot get my money that I paid from my Visa for a bid that was unsuccessful.
    I also did not get a camera I paid for with my Visa.
    I am asking my Visa to refund these payments.

  122. Tariq Zayvion Williams says:

    I Just Want to Say Don’t Attach You PayPal I Think it charging my empower money. And if it ask for PayPal. I Say No Because I have no PayPal and no full bank account and to give a random site my direct job money is in hear of. I Am Sorry But Some People Are Not New To My Century But We Know What Fake Or Not. They Rule Idiots.

  123. Sameer Srivastava says:

    I got $14 in my account, first time in 20 yrs on internet throgh empowr

  124. Venkataramana says:

    I raised these question to my success coach many times but no reply. But today I sent a stern warning and update the website with support team and a chatting facility. For this she replied and I will forward to you if I get your mail address

  125. Andrew Chia says:

    Hi Jack

    Really appreciate your effort, I really share your same sentiment.

    I just received an email as follows:

    Empowr ® Corporation
    501 Broadway, San Diego,
    CA 92101, United States.


    Confirm Receipt of this mail with Ref. NO: 420 C/MCA, Batch: 864/14.

    This is an official notification to you by the board of trustees of empowr Partner Awareness Team as one of the recipients of cash Grant Award for your personal business and community development.Empowr loves its citizens and has taken proactive measures reward and empower you. Empowr Partner Awareness Team is conceived with the objective of humanitarian growth and community development.

    To celebrate the end of year anniversary program, Empowr Partner Awareness Team is giving out a cash donation of $700,000.00 USD each to 10 lucky recipients and you are one of the lucky recipients. Quickly confirm the receipt of this mail by filling the form below correctly and you will be duly informed on what next to do.Empowr, giving is ingrained in our culture, a cornerstone of our citizenship and as our employees will tell you, one of the most rewarding — not to mention fun — aspects of our jobs.

    Endeavor to contact Empowr Partner Awareness Team,with the following details below alongside your (Ref NO: 420 C/MCA, Batch: 864/14) to avoid unnecessary delay.keep all information regarding the cash donation confidential.empowr values your right to privacy! Your information is 100% secured and will be used exclusively for the purpose of this award grant only.
    You are required to Contact Empowr Corporation Board (UK) below for the documentation and processing of your grant, between the hours of 8.00am – 5.30pm on Monday to Saturday.
    Brian Woosley
    Empowr’s general counsel and executive president of empowr

    Email the following details below to: [email protected]

    (i) Name: (ii) Age: (iii)Occupation: (iv) Address: (v) Tel: (vi)Email: (vii)Nationality:

    Your preferred mode of grant remittance from the two options below:

    (i) Cash Pick-Up (You as the Beneficiary coming down to our office in UK to receive your Grant Personally, available to only British Citizens and Residents).

    (ii) Courier Delivery of your Certified Grant Bank Draft in your name and other vital documents safely to your address.
    NOTE:empowr will not be responsible for any outstanding fees services rendered by the Courier Company,they are to be paid by you and not the empowr team grant.

    Congratulations from the staffs & members of the Empowr Awareness Team.
    Executive Chairman of Empowr Corporation
    © Copyright 2016 Empowr Corporations All Rights Reserved.

    NB – Any comments?

  126. I had an for about 4 months, in month 3 they charged my Paypal 5 without my consent so I disputed the charge got back the money in month 4 they did the same thing and I disputed that charge as well. couple days later deceid to log back on and I got the message email not found. so I ask a friend to ask his success coach and was informed that they deleted my account because I disputed the PayPal charge. so they deleted me for reporting the illegal activity they were doing. how interesting.

  127. After 13 months of diligently posting, bidding, etc.. with empowr I can conclude that empowr is set up to siphon money from the massess and pay out menial cahsouts to people who have made large Ad Platform Fees to get to the position of Red Star Power User or higher where you don’t have to Pay Ad Platform Fees. I spent much more money than I earned and had my account deleted when I disputed withdrawals from my PayPal account for purchases I did not want. I have over $60,000 in fully matured 90 day earnings that I’ll never see because you have to deduct Utilized Ad Credits (over $85,000 to date) and Ad Platform Fees (over $4,500 to date) from those earnings to determine your Profit. Do the math and stay away from this deceptive site.

  128. Hi Jack.
    Can you help me to have a starter membership account in Wealthy Alliance? I’ ve tried to have one but the response from the system is “starter membership account is not available in my country (Tanzania)”; and gives suggestion for creating a premium account that costs USD 349 per year. If that is the case, do you know any other company that i can start an online business without initial payments?
    Thank you

    1. Hi Galgan,

      Try Fizzle, the best alternative to Wealthy Affiliate.

      ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

  129. So thankful for this site.. almost got into a blackhole.. i hate scammers!!

  130. Nithin Venu says:

    How can i prevent it from automatically withdrawing from my paypal accouny? Any other way than deleting my account?

  131. I think many are missing a HUGE component here: getting you to swap real USDollars into phoney baloney EMPWR dollars which you can never seem to touch. In the marketplace, people routinely pay $80 EMPOWR dollars for a Silver Dollar which can be purchased in cash anywhere at about $20. Thus, people are taking 25 cents on the dollar to cash out by overpaying for coins! No one is making any real money that I can detect and the reason is obvious: You can’t figure out how badly you’re doing unless you realize your revenues are in phony money and cost in real money. Still think you’re making a profit? The success coaches are either duped themselves or can’t tell you this but it is all about getting real dollars from you and paying you in phony dollars.


  132. Woow so much complaint and I don’t really know what to do… But me I am going till the limit to see what is going on… I will keep posting, like and sharing till 90 days… I don’t care if empowr charge me with 2.9% as long I get the cash out I will be more than happy… If I can’t cash out then I will delete my account… In any case I am spending my time and data to post, like and share… But I do enjoy it…. Let’s see where that takes me in 90 days… I am only 2 weeks in empowr… But I am not giving up… Thanks to you all.

    1. Hi Melissa,

      Thank you for your comment!

      Can you please let me know the outcome after 90 days.

      Thank you!

      ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

  133. Hi, I am from Nigeria. I joined empowr since April 2016, I earned close to $1k in just 2months because I was busy doing the jobs since they promised I will cash out after 3months(90days). After the end of July, requested for a cash out and what I see is $0.00 available for cashout. WTF!!! To cut the story short I just became uninterested and labeled it a scam but this empowr kept spamming me with mails of daily accumulated earnings and I decided to try to cash out again in November, I still see same shit. I can’t cash out even a cent. They are SCAM!

  134. I never subsc too and yet they told me i earned some money…why is this happening….so.much scammers..bye bye empowr

  135. Hello everybody…i am a former FanBox member but wasn’t materialized because I have no bank/credit card or PayPal Account. By this October of 2016 I saw the last message of FanBox to my email and I try to click, then I went through Empowr their new name. I joined the empowr because I have now a bank account and a PayPal account. I did same thing with the others post, share, list and bid. I try to bid an item, because I really like the item so much I try to won the bidding. It was automatically deducted to my bank account through PayPal. I message the Empowr seller citizen but the seller told that she was not received the payment yet. We waited until one week but because empowr handled my payment and the items refuses to delivered by the seller, me and the seller disputed the transaction. I try to asked a refund, after 3 weeks waiting again my refund reflected in my balance and is ready to cash out. I follow their procedure in cashing out but it says that the amount should be reflected on my PayPal after 10days. Another experienced that I encountered in joining empowr was they deduct again $7.15 in my bank account through PayPal again for the ad platform fee and told that I can cash out the half of it amounting to $3.58, because it is my money I try cashing out again the said amount and I should waited again 10days to reflect in my PayPal. It is odd because I am thinking now I can cash out because that money belongs to me. But, it takes a lot of time and patience in order that my own money will be reflected in my PayPal. Hopefully it will be reflected because this coming November 14 is the 10th day and I don’t know if they charge me again for another ad platform fee so that I cannot get my money. It’s odd and a big ? mark on me.

  136. a lot of people has asked… HAVE YOU CASHED OUT BEFORE? and no one is answering it.
    Even those defending empowr keep avoiding answering this question.

  137. ThiaKnock says:

    This is definitely a scam. How on earth I am gaining a $193 in the last 35 days without posting or doing any activities on empowr? prolly a scam. Not interested in this and the top on this are just making money not the new users lol.

  138. Apostle Arne Horn says:

    I was a user of Empowr but today I deleted my account because I can’t verify my account on Paypal [not enough money on my Paypal account???] The answer I got when I want to verify my Empowr account ; I did it to often [20]= not true! I mailed to the support email= [we will look at it!] and no more respond, mailed my coach 3x and also a new coach= no respond.[ do they really exist??] And when you place something on their marketplace, they approve it and later you got this message ;
    [Your listing Old steam machine has been rejected due to the following reason:
    The shipping details are missing or are not detailed enough Relist your product and update the shipping details so that a clear cost and methodology is provided for your customers
    If applicable, you can edit your listing and resubmit it for approval.
    Did you know? Your marketplace listing will be auto-approved and instantly posted to your profile as soon as you have demonstrated a history of approved listings. You’ve had 2 of your last 10 listings approved (9 out of 10 needed for auto-approval). Regards, The empowr team]
    But if you want to relist it, it is not possible because for 7 days you excluded to place another add or to change your list!! You can also made your daily goal!!
    [This message you get when you contact the support email; The empowr support team (empowr)
    Oct 28, 12:17 PM PDT
    Thank you for contacting us. We’re currently experiencing unusually high traffic.

    For an immediate response concerning an issue with your account please contact your success coach. By utilizing your free Success Coach, you’ll have 24/7 access to a community expert dedicated to making your experience on empowr the best that it can be. Simply click the question mark icon located at the top right corner of your homepage to get in touch: Click here.
    To request a refund, please click here.
    If you simply wish to delete your account, please view the following instructions. Click here.
    Please note that once your account is deleted, you will no longer have access to any of the earnings you generated. You will also lose all of your fans and access to any content you created on empowr.

    If your issue is not covered above and persists please respond to this email with a detailed description of your issue with screenshots of what is occurring so that we can assist you in a timely manner.
    If you have any questions or concerns, please reply to this email.
    Best Regards, Alyssa
    The empowr support team

    So that’s why I deleted my Empowr account!!

    1. Thanks for sharing this! There are still many people who thinks that Empowr is a good platform for marketing, in fact, like I’ve mentioned, nobody actually looks at your offers and there are no social value to it. I totally do not see the point of Empowr’s existence and your comment just proofs it.

      ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

  139. Chrisogonas Odero Odhiambo says:





  140. i just tried to unsubscribe and the computer wouldn’t let me do it . I need help. Can anyone help me?

  141. scam, my credit card was charged $100 twice believing I could earn it back but almost a year past, I haven’t earned any actual money.

  142. Formetoknow says:

    It’s all bull!!!! There’s no free lunches… company makes only 3%??? Lol… either their lying or they’re just plain stupid… but I think it’s the first one… they plan on stupid ppl using their website… ppl don’t get into this shit!!!

  143. Scam! Scam! Scam! You no my candid advice if you are on empowr, run for your life. I just got a notification from my bank that my account was bridged. This happened after I allowed my success coach to view my account detail, Much has been said already and there is nothing more to say. My success coach still has loads of questions to answer but she is busy telling me that I am nominated to be a coach( To be a scammer) Impossible!

  144. Mehwish691 says:

    i am confused i can’t cash out money from empowr
    will anyone guide me if it is not a scam

  145. Richard M. Renneboog says:

    I wish I had seen this before becoming an empowr ‘citizen’. After being one for about three weeks now, here is what I have seen. My ‘balance’ goes up and down like a yo-yo and cannot be tracked consistently. I joined once, but apparently have at least two accounts assigned to as many different personal success coaches. In connecting with other accounts I have often been referred to my own account so that I can ‘close the loop’ with myself for some reason. None of the coaches had an answer for this. The activity consists of liking, sharing, posting and listing the same posts and listings from other people time and time again, day after day. The claim is that empowr gets its income to share from paid advertising, but I have yet to see a paid advertisement on the site. It seems to me that the only money that is going through empowr from anywhere is from the fees that its ‘citizens’ pay to use “advertising credits”, and that is the “97%” that empowr gives back to the citizens, some more, some less. I think empowr rakes the other 3%, which still amounts to a great deal of money though taken as a small amount from each person who joins. Here’s the last straw. Today, after finally deciding I had been duped, I tried to delete my account. This requires entering your password, but for reasons known only to empowr my password came up as incorrect and I had to leave my account in place while I wait for an answer to the question of how to get my password. I’ve spent several hours a day over the past three weeks giving the empowr system a fair test, and it has failed miserably. All I will get for my effort is more fodder for an academic work about online fraud.

  146. Luis Tobal says:

    I’ve been in Fanbox and I’ve been in EmPowr, I have been selling and I sold tangible goods worth $ 60,000 plus the cost of shipments, many of them very costly because they were for different parts of the world, I have not received absolutely nothing my products sold no longer count my earnings for work done and got my money from sales matured 90 days, but every day were investing me in advertising astronomical amounts for so according to them earn while they ran up my credit and increasingly owed more than one credit of a fictitious money because it is not real, they charge interest on a not real money and if you do not pay interest on interest which is prohibited, the money never comes, you have to invest when you have your own earnings ( real money sales) in energy, in payment of dues (and care if you have your account credited you charge those fees in your paypal or bank card) sometimes very heavy due to uncontrolled investments that make you. Everything is prepared to not get paid anything, and instead you have to pay now a fee of $ 19.95, promises and no answers, just make everything more complicated each time so you do not charge anything at all and if you charge something is what remains to pay the assumptions used and the two real owners EmPowr, which are feeding people who believed in win something to help our families. TO

    He estado en Fanbox y he estado en Empowr, he sido vendedor y he vendido productos tangibles por valor de 60.000 $ mas los gastos de los envios, muchos de ellos muy costosos por que eran para diferentes partes del mundo, no he cobrado absolutamente nada de mis productos vendidos ya no cuento de mis ganancias por trabajos hecho y conseguidos, mi dinero de las ventas maduraban los 90 dias , pero cada dia me invertian en publicidad cantidades astronomicas para asi segun ellos ganar a la vez que me subian el credito y cada vez debia mas de un credito de un dinero ficticio ya que no es real, te cobran intereses de un dinero no real y si no pagas intereses sobre intereses cosa que esta prohibido, el dinero no llega nunca , has de invertir cuando tienes tus propias ganancias ( dinero real de ventas) en energia , en pago de cuotas ( y cuidado si tienes tu cuenta acreditada te cargan esas cuotas en tu paypal o tarjeta bancaria ) a veces muy cuantiosas debido a las inversiones sin control que te hacen . Todo esta preparado para que no te paguen nada y en cambio tu has de pagar ahora una cuota de 19.95 $, promesas y ninguna respuestas , solo hacerlo todo mas complicado cada vez para que no cobres nada en absoluto y si cobras algo es lo que queda de pagar a los supuestos empleados y a los dos dueños reales de Empowr, los cuales estamos alimentando las personas que creimos en ganar algo para ayudar a nuestras familias. A mi me han arruinado

    „empowr” is a scam!

    DON’T BELIEVE messages like these:
    f.john.gr at gmail dot com sent you $20 to try the all-new empowr: Receive your $20 …
    – или –
    Reminder: f.john.gr at gmail dot com claims to know you Yesterday, f.john.gr at gmail dot com sent you $20 to try the all-new empowr: Receive your $20

    Please read carefully to protect yourself from danger!
    And then, please, put a “Like” and “Share” this post and distribute it everywhere you can – on Facebook or via email – because in this way you will protect your friends from harm and robbery which operates now at this moment on the Internet!!!
    By email use the text from the start to here – and include this link:
    or this one http://www.virt.us/empowr-vs-Facebook_htm
    Both of them lead to this publication – and thus the explanation is complete.

  148. Yep I got my “Invitation” to join them from a friend that has never ever emailed me and I found it in my junk mail folder Hmmm yes seems very legit wake up people the net will not give you free money ever
    it’s made to take it from you the second you pay your net bill every month its done it’s job 😉 thee end
    now go watch netflix or something

  149. Ellyn George says:

    I’ve only been a member of Empowr for a little over a week. I do think it odd that either someone sent me an invitation, or they just got my e-mail address and sent it themselves. If someone sponsored me, I have no clue who it might have been.

    My current question and major frustration is that when I go to my own site, or even anyone else’s, I’m getting this completely unreadable website which couldn’t be worked on to earn anything if I tried. It is so impossible to read the tiny writing that I had to post a “blind”, for lack of a better word, post to ask if anyone else is having trouble with the website. I can’t even begin to meet my daily goals the way it is. It is the Empowr website because every other website I go to is just fine (including this one).

    I know how to take a scrn shot, but not how to get it in the body of this post. All I can say is it isn’t allowing me to do what I need to do. It’s very frustrating.

  150. Hi Chris
    Please can you show us proof of your earnings and cah out on empower after maturity.This is very important so that those of us who are already into it will be properly guided

  151. It doesn’t matter how much you can earn! the point is .. you’re making money Freely , Regarding you stay within the Red Flags! Meaning do not Sell Or buy too much .. Stay within the Budget that requires you to pay for all the Fee’s on Empowr! That’s what I’ve learned so far… If you don’t have a Budget! It’s like Gambling in a Casino and you Lose all your money!!

    It isn’t Convenient when you have real money.

    Regarding empowr and all the expenses and how much you really earn! Doesn’t Make any value structure to this post you have of Empowr! Considering the money you make is actually paid to you by Empowr! as long as you actually stick within the Margin of Budgeting and staying within the Red Flags of paying off your selling expenses and Strictly staying on top of those monthly charges!!

    Empowr Is sort of like Facebook! … only the Interface alone .. The rest is pretty strict and strategically structured! so that people do not get away with spamming.

    The democracy is real! and you do make a ton of friends just from reaching out and sharing or viewing their pages which is just half of the fun you get to do within Empowr!

    Most of all do not Cry… Because you do not get Charged!! Unless you’re paying for some expense you did not Govern properly!

    1. I am just thinking, have you cashed out of Empowr? And, who have responded to you when you have made a post – I guess you get a lot of likes?

      How is it that you are not charged? Have you provided your paypal account to them yet?

      ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

  152. Dawn Afolabi says:


    Guys I want to give you a head up on a company running mad on the net right now called empowr. They seem to be an interesting social network and I joined under the invite of a friend this week. Stay well away and by no means give them access to your debit card or credit card even if you think entering it under paypal makes you safe it does not. I stupidly did, but thank heavens for my angels. This morning my online banking was suspended. I rang AIB which is an Irish Based Helpline to find out why and apparently my PAC Number was accessed by phishing and we believe it to have come from empowr, as it occurred around the same time I signed up with them. So stay away folks and thankfully I have a bank that watches my back closely!!! Don’t trust this company on any level. They may never have done anything with my details, but put in the hands of the wrong unethical person and me and my kids would be starving!!!! I never get involved in stuff like this but as the invite came from a trusted friend, I thought heah maybe this is ok. Its not and I can say no more. I posted up a status to warn my fellow fans on there to take the blinkers of and I am been called a liar!!! I have better things to do with my time then to be running around lies on frickin social media!!! Its amazing how people that dont know you simply are so quick to persume your a nut telling lies. Why!!!!!!!Anyhow thats my REAL experience with empowr. Lesson Learnt.

  153. I noticed the phone number for contact has an 877 area code. With a quick search I found that it is a Russian phone number. Not to generalize but isn’t that is a hotbed of scammer activity?

    Where is area code 877?
    Area code 877 (NANP), toll-free number. Area code 877 (Russia), Republic of Adygea.

  154. empowr is a scam site dont ever make the mistake of linking your bank detail to them, they will keep deducting your money ontill it finish and you can not withdraw any money from them. am a victim of empowr defraud.

  155. I have been on Empowr for like a month now and I am pissed because they are charging my paypal and if I don’t have money in my paypal they charge my credit card which is connected to my paypal and I am losing money not making it so I am going to try and cash out what ever I can then just leave the site because it’s a scam. I googled empowr and scam articles popped up and it really answered my question to wether empowr is a scam or not. My balance is over $1,000 but they keep taking money out of my paypal. Makes no sense at all

  156. Robyn Wallis says:

    I just got an email from Empowr saying that someone I supposedly knew had invited me to join. I had never heard of this person, and when I tried to figure out who it was by going to their site to research it, I suddenly got a flood of emails to my email address in the last day saying that I had earned $20. Every third email today has either told me to post something to earn more, told me that I had been welcomed by someone new and needed to “close the trust circle” with them, or told me that someone had “liked” my photos (fascinating, since I hadn’t posted ANYTHING there!!).

    I have been trying to delete my account with them, but they have not made it easy to do it. I had to wade my way through their site until I found thge place to delete the account. A reason to do so had to be checked off, and thge choices listed were:

    I don’t understand how to use empowr
    I didn’t earn enough on empowr
    I have a privacy concern
    My account was hacked
    I don’t feel safe on empowr (I checked this off)
    I have another empowr account
    I get too many emails from empowr (Lordy, ISN’T THAT THE TRUTH!!!)

    Under “Please explain further” I sent the following reason to them:

    I have no idea how the person who claims to know me got my email address, since I very DO NOT know him/her. I don’t feel safe on this site, and I resent the huge number of emails generated and flooding my email address after I tried to use the site to figure out just who it was that claimed they know me. I most certainly DID NOT and WILL NOT post anything here. Your site is singularly difficult to understand or navigate, and again, the assumption that I opened an account with you while trying to figure out how the person who “invited” me and claims to know me got my email address, couldn’t be further from the truth.

    Please rest assured that should I receive any other contact from you except to acknowledge the deletion of my “account” , you will be hearing from my attorney.

    I guard my privacy aggressively, and I feel that your actions have been an unwelcome violation of it.

    Now that it’s sent, we’ll see what happens…

  157. I worked for six months on and I realized they empowr often quietly deleted the account payment qualify or refresh time that they can not get paid for their efforts

  158. I have made 50 dollars on empowr and have NEVER heard of them! Yet, dozens of people have “liked” the” pictures” I posted. WHAT?? I don’t even have an account with them.
    They’re telling me to sign up before I lose my chances on my ad credits. Why do I need to sign up if I’m already “posting”? Sounds like a Junk Bond scheme. Or even a pyramid of some sort. Yes, I suppose people will make money off of this. But which people? What people? Who? And for how long? The Junk Bond scheme ran for years. So did the mortgage market bubble. And look what they left behind.

  159. Hi I have been on empowr for a week or more now and am getting more confused with the contradictory responses am reading here. Please Chris can you just show us proof of your cash out so someone like me will know I have a good reason for devoting my time to empowr. Thanks

  160. My question about this Empowr.com is that while you run your ads were you able to get any conversions fromthe ads you run? please kindly let me know

    1. If your ad and your product is interesting and enticing enough, any platform will generate sales for you, but the convertibility in Empowr is much lesser because there is basically no social value. Everybody clicks “Like” or “Share” blindly.

  161. Cautiously Optimistic says:

    The other thing I forgot to mention is that empowr puts up “avatars” i.e. fake profiles. I find that practice to be rather odious. If you don’t have enough users on your site, then improve your marketing, not put up fake profiles. I pretty much assume all the good looking women on the site are not real…

  162. Cautiously Optimistic says:

    Very interesting dialog about empowr. I got referred to empowr from a linked in contact, checked it out and started participating at the beginning of this month (Sept. 2016). The thing about these social networks is that you simply MUST read the terms and conditions, as mind numbing as they are.
    Remember that if it costs nothing to join or participate, YOU are the product (or more accurately your buying habits, demographics and other information that can be gleaned from your posts, likes, etc.

    When I was going to list something for sale, I read a good amount of the terms and conditions. empowr is an “information and entertainment service”. I haven’t read the whole thing and need to find out about the cashing out procedure, which will be the part that makes or breaks this thing. If cashing out becomes difficult, overly costly or painful for too many people, state AGs will start getting complaints.

    So far I have enjoyed the experience but you do have to post, like, bid and list if you want to increase earnings. I’m going to stay on for 90 days to see if I can cash out.

    The “social value” of empowr has yet to be proven in my mind but what is the social value of facebook? Not much in my opinion. With empowr there is at least the opportunity for something to come back to you. With facebook, all I get back are ads.

    The key is to really understand what you are doing when you decide to participate in social experiments where you are product. I’m not naive about things like this but at the same time there are now so many different non-traditional business models that exist, it’s worth looking at them.

    If you get to higher power levels, you do have to spend more time to hit those daily goals so the time factor could be a real issue down the road.

    Thanks for putting this out there.

  163. Michael Jenkins says:

    Thanks for all the information. My problem is that someone gave them my personal business email and average 12+ emails per day and can not stop them; any advise?

  164. Francis E Cole says:

    My main, “BEEF,” with empower is that they keep using my email addresses without my consent saying I invite them to join empower which I haven’t!
    I am finding this most embarrassing to say the least as I have been in empower under 90days and am still wondering wether I really want to be in it or not?
    Does someone know how I can STOP empower from using my email list, which incidentally I have never given them in any shape or form?

  165. David Garstang says:

    As a business owner we receive 4 emails per day from this rogue outfit claiming we have $20 in the account when we have not even signed up to join them.

    Its just a SCAM that will be shut down shortly for sure. Anyone actually signing up and joining this ridiculous scheme needs their heads testing seriously! There is only one way to make money and for that, the truth is to run a legit business unless you want to be a scammer like this outfit clearly is!

    Stop wasting your time and energy on a non existent scheme that will not only take money from you but is also going to shut down shortly and move onto another scheme to run and pull innocent people in to rob them of their money. WAKE UP AND SMELL THE COFFEE PLEASE!!!

  166. Thank you SOOOO much for putting this out there.

    I received an “email offer” today and I will now stay FAR away.

  167. Anti-Pyramiding Scam says:

    Right of the bat, I pegged Empowr as a pyramiding scam, disguised under “monetizable share/post content site.” The money people “earn” are from the paypal fees they charge for other people to pay when they want to cash out their earnings.

    In pyramid scams, you have to pay for a “membership fee” before you can start earning. How do you earn? by making other people pay membership fees to join the model, where you get a cut from what they paid.

    Empowr sounds very much like it, except they’ve hidden the basic framework of pyramiding from plain view. I’ve been busting pyramid scams in my country since they started putting unwitting people in tens of thousands worth of cash into debt, and this smells every bit like a pyramid scam in sheep’s clothing.

  168. Hi Pal,
    Thanks for sharing this post. Based on my previous experience on stuff like this, I decided to do a background check on Empowr. If what you write about Empowr is anything to go by, then people should forget about them. I had a nasty experience with fanbox. I earned more than $6,000 and when it was time to cash out the money, I was told to pay some dollars to facilitate my withdrawal.

    However, I wrote a letter to them pleading that they deduct the said sum from my earnings and I didn’t hear anything from them again. The next thing was that they sent a mail notifying me of debiting my credit card. I had to delete my fanbox account. It was not that easy to that because of nonsense question they asked me. Thank God I finally did it.

  169. Hi Jack, I’m here because someone sent me a ‘connect’ email I clicked to see which one of the people I know it might be, immediately it says “thanks for signing up” I did no such thing. That’s a scam alert right away for me.

  170. John Sacco says:

    I started in January of 2016. Probably spent $ 1500 before I realized that I was not getting anywhere . Now I am still there mainly to aggravate them which I am doing . Can you make money ? If you invest pretty close to
    $ 5 , 000 and reach red level , and really become a seller in their marketplace , you have a chance to make some serious money . But their business model remains one that needs thousands of new fans worldwide each week who on average will spend between 300 and 2,000 before they pull out, run out of funds or sit like me on the sidelines . Only a very small number make it and of course they won’t tell you that . THEY TAKE FROM THE NON KNOWING FANS IN ORDER TO KEEP ALIVE . This is not a scam but as borderline as you can get .

  171. I never heard of empowr, I just happened to check my junk mail folder and found about 30 emails from empowr. The first email welcoming me was from 3 days ago, then the other emails were about my earnings and likes from photos. I certainly didn’t sign up and was hesitant to click on any links in the email. I googled empowr and looked at their site. Then I found this review. Sounds scamish to me.
    I think I’ll just ignore the emails for now and see if it stops, rather than ‘unsubscribe’ because I’m still hesitant to click on any links from them.

  172. So If I been in empowr for two weeks and lets say i have erarned $400, after read this threat I feel that the best thing for me to do at this time is to drop out, would I own anything or do I come out clean owning nothing, and forfeit the $400.

    1. You get nothing if you don’t pay anything to Empowr. You have to pay them advertising fee in order to cash out. Worst thing is your “income” takes 3 months to cash out while you pay monthly advertising fees.

  173. Channa Waterman says:

    Search on social cash robot. That was a scam too. The fb account with name chuck sperry is false. The photo used was from someone else. I just signed up with empowr, curious what it was. But i got a reply from an old ticket from scr, but with an email from empowr. So be careful it is totally fake!!

  174. Haakon Stang says:

    I got an email saying it as from a friend.
    Stupid me, I doubled clicked, opening it.
    Now, every day I receive somestupid email saying my ‘earnings’ are so-and-so many dollars.
    These never ipen, I simply delee them all.
    Yet they keep coming.

    How do I get this to stop?

    I will NEVER open a single one, and simply want to be left in peace.

  175. William meyer says:

    I just can’t believe these nut jobs that are defending empowr…it boggles the mind that they can’t see its a scam…

  176. paul denning says:

    never signed up and and getting spam emails

  177. Why not just keep the daily use of ad credit payed down instead of them making a big balance for you to pay out if your cash out in 90 days ?

  178. here is deal…my Admin(server admin) has account..He opened account after Me,he has 110$ matured and earnings turned on from start..so everything should go fine..but I sow my self he can’t cash out neither…he will provide account info to admin of this site to try to cash out…is it fair?than admin can publish review….He is member for almost 4 months….Admin has my e-mail so can ask for account info..

  179. They are scammers…they deleted my account with 1.900$ ..980$ matured..I couldn’t cash out and I post few posts where i describe my case..at the and I call them scammers..and after that they deleted account.but i made screenshots and luckly I have resource to sue them..now I’m geting e-mails from them every day…but i didn’t even read it..I asked for refunds from my bank directly…You can ask for refund in your bank..they don’t care about TOS on websites…you just need to give them one bank statement with empowr transacton..that is it..will be refunded and they will pay refund fees to payment processors.I also run business and refund fees that payment processor charged is very high..so if you want ruin empowr..just ask refund from bank.Paypal doesn’r have refund fee for sellers but credit card gateways have and I pay two anti fraud sistems just to escape refund fees.You can’t cash out..it is simple..in fact you can’t cash out more than few bucks while you will have huge loss…they will deduct ad platform credits from your account which you can only see in “advertismen” section,and on every 100$ earnings you will spent about 90$ add credits thus 2.9% fee+monthly power subscription…you can’t earn at all..I tryed every combination…they have simple sistem..while you wait 90 days to cash out they will eat your balance and if you ask refund …yes they will auto refund but all refunds go in non matured balance but they chrge that same balance from matured balance….and after I sow this I tryed to turn off this ..but if you turn it off…well you will have to wait another 90 days…it is scam circle…these users who claim they got paid…I claim that they lie..if not provide proof that you got paid more than few bucks….

  180. Amending my prior comment. Looks like Better Business Bureau DOES have a list of complaints but since Empowr resolved them, they still get the A+ rating. If anyone had a complaint that was not satisfactorily resolved, they must not have bothered to take it further.

  181. When I got an email saying that a friend had requested I join Empowr, my BS meter immediately spiked. I refused to click the link in the email in case it was a virus. I went to the website and I didn’t like the look of it so I did a Google search. Interestingly enough, BBB.org has Fanbox/Empowr listed with an A+ rating. This means that even though people may have complained on the site or on facebook, no one has contacted the Better Business Bureau so that they can reassess the company’s trustworthiness.

  182. I was on empowr for since end of april
    I went out yesterday. Its so clever made system, you pay platform fee, thats getting higher of course from your all earnings , then your 2.9% fee is expensive, at last they want me to pay $400 for one month. But cash out only some $ , and all this promised money is never reachable, if you do not have a lot of people and post
    I could payed from earningsthe most part of $400, so at last had still to pay $170
    But fo that what i got out, i had more lost money as i ever got back
    and this for nearly 5 month
    empowr is waste time and scam, stay away from this !!

  183. Hello Jack,

    I am very frustrated and confused.
    Yesterday I realized I suddenly have an account with this Empowr s***.
    Excuse my language, but I swear, I have NEVER opened an account with them, nor agreed to anything, and now I suddenly have a $5+ earning?
    I am trying to figure out what this is, and how I can delete my account. How are they able to make me an account when I have not done it myself?
    I do not want my account there, I have not asked for it, and I do not even know what this crap is.
    I am not able to delete my account because it is asking me for a password I do not have since I did not make this account.
    Do you have any suggestions on how I can delete my account? I have tried my so called “Ask me” person, but have not gotten any reply.
    How can I delete this, please help me!!
    Thanks in advance.
    And thank you for your review, even though I still do not understand what this is, other than a scam and a bunch of crap! 🙂

  184. All things are contrdicting and if some was looking for proof on how this empowr works,believe me after ll those comments up triggers his or her mind off the whole thing.
    Am new in this an am still looking to understand it better how it works before I trust them with my credit card info.
    Thanks for sharing above.

  185. Mel Tallagsen says:

    Definite scam, I have been trying for days to get them to delete my account that I didn’t even set up… I try to delete myself, but I didn’t make the account and do not have the password, and when I do a lost password, I never receive an email… and get bombarded with 10 – 20 emails a day… my next step after this is to create a site like this myself… I am an SEO specialist and I can and will destroy these people with their own system…. and they’re own reputation…

  186. Destinee Hayes says:

    So I have been apart of empowr for about a year, I stopped using it about 5 or 6 months ago when I tried to cash out but it would not allow me to do so, no matter what I did it would not give me any actual options on cashing out…no PayPal, credit card, no telling me I had to pay a certain amount of money, I even tried contacting quite a few people, my coach anyone I could for help but I can not get help with it my coach has never responded to even one of my messages. Needless to say I stopped using the site…
    Here it is I am going to say about 5 months later and I get a few text messages asking what the heck I am sending to them on my email. I was terribly confused on what they meant and they sent me screen shots of emails sent from my personal email address inviting them to be apart of the empowr team, so I tried logging back in to try and deactivate my account because I have business partners and coworkers getting these emails from me that I never sent, I can’t remember my password. Leave it to me to forget something I requested a password reset have not had any email sent back to me and it’s been over 5 days, at this point I am not sure what to do at all…
    I never gave them permission to use my personal email, I never gave permission to look in my contacts, I did not agree to allow them to do this.

  187. Hello,

    I have nearly $700 in earnings. I haven’t posted anything since maybe a few days in to signing up. Since then they claim I’ve made hundreds of dollars for doing nothing and I’ve been a member for about 2 months. I’m a single mom and don’t want to risk giving my credit card info to see what happens, but it I haven’t posted I can’t be charged for ad fees right!? Lol if anyone really does want to find out and again I’ve barely posted I’d be happy to let my acct be the Guinea pig… Let me know if anyone is interested in working together to see what happens!?

  188. I have no idea how I got into this system, nor do I know how to get out. I am paying every month. I do not get statements. I do not post anything. I have never accessed the account and when I try to link to my success coach, I just get linked to the video.

  189. Raphael Emakpor says:

    Mr. Jack, empower is big scam, its very obvious.
    They said you will get $20 for every each person you bring in or sign-up in empowr. When I received a mail sent to me by a friend to register and get $20 instantly, I quickly register and I also registered 5 more person within 20 minutes, that means I have made $120 for registering 5 persons plus my account.

    When I saw this it look WOW to me cos I have more than 750 Email Contacts in my phone and laptop. And it very easy to get at least 400 people that will show interest when you send them the EMPOWR bulk message showing get register now and earn $20. If you calculate 400 persons times $20 it amount to $8000. To my surprise, I never get any more $20 again after the first $100 i got from registering those five persons at the initial.

    I contacted my moron success coach ( I called him moron becos they are one bunch of scammers) about me not getting $20 from the people am introducing into EMPOWR. He said they have not VALIDATED there account. I quickly goes to the page on how to validate your accoubt. I saw that you have to give or link to them your PAYPAL or CREDIT CARD detail. A smart person will know that if you give your PayPal or credit card detail, you will debited unsolitedly, they won’t inform you before they will debit you directly from your account.

    Till now I never received $20 for bring people in. And that matter is dead and buried.

    Another issue I have with EMPOWR is that, they always send me messages telling me my account is nor secure because is the rate of how am earning is high, so I should PROTECT MY ACCOUNT. And to protect my account as they said is to VALIDATE YOUR ACCOUNT. and to validate your as they said is to provide your PAYPAL OR CREDIT CARD DETAILS. As a nigerian, I know what happen to peoples credit cards on internet. 30% of persons providing their credit cards detail online in the name of financial transactions have been scammed by emptying their account to untold, uninformed, unsolicited and unaware withdrawals of their HARD EARNED MONEY when you are sleeping or even in your presence you will be receiving series of debit alerts.

    I have decided that I will not provide my card details untill the maturity period of 3 months when I can cash out. And if you want to adopt this pattern of waiting till 3 months before you give them your paypal or credit card details, make sure you don’t have money in your account at least a give away money like $30 should be left there, better still open a new account for this purpose… Mind you, you are doing this to try/test if they wilk really allow you to cash out or if they really give out the money that all EMPOWRIAN have generates over the 3 months

  190. Kimberly Wiefling says:

    After months of experimenting, I was unable to cash out my supposedly $2,000 in matured earnings. My success coach never answered any real questions, just sent me bot-mail. Then Empowr started spamming ALL of my thousands of contacts, so I deleted my account, giving up the over $2,000 supposedly accumulated there. Unfortunately the continue to spam my contacts . . . repeatedly!! And now each one of them is writing to me to ask my why I am sending them these messages, so I have to delete their accounts or unsubscribe them one by one. Empowr is a FLAT OUT SCAM!

  191. Izar Amagusto says:

    I have been a member of fan box and generated over $9000. They keep on hounding me to give them a credit card which I refused to do. as a result I never got a cent from them. Later I saw something in my mail from empowr how easy it is to make money, being a poor man I decided to take up this offer, then they started asking for my paypal account or credit card. Something clicked and I decided to check how different are they from fanbox. However when I entered fanbox in my browser it came up as empowr. Now I know that this is just another game by it’s owner to get rich off people trying to make an honest bread.
    Just another scam…

  192. seems to me like another ponzi scheme. it is all great while it grows, but when it peaks out…

  193. hi i dont have credit card so how i am going to get money?

  194. I think I just avoided a pot hole…thank you.

  195. Riaan Veldman says:

    I see looooong replies regarding this, and I’m sure everybody thinks they have the right idea regarding all the above. I only have one question… When did society start going so blind that when a Ponzi scheme stares them right in the face all they see is money money money… Wake up!!!

  196. Whatever Empowr says in their Learning Centre videos, or remarks on pages/correspondence of Members…mostly members of their staff/coaches with pseudo names, acting as if they are members like us, using carefully worded “comments” to give the standard show-piece impression that any member of Emp can utilize other payment options for the 1st 3 months. This is a word-hidden, blatant lie!: newbys MÚST pay the 1st 3 months’ AD PLATFORM FEES (ADVERTISING COSTS) in DOLLAR CASH! Whatever you READ, hear on video, read “they” write as “comments” on yr page, say or do, YOU MÚST PAY THE APF IN DOLLAR CASH FOR THE 1st 3 months. If you do not pay it, you have to keep on having-to-pay- it (upfront, IN DOLLAR CASH) until you do!
    Note” “APF” = Ad Platform Fees.

  197. Empowr: Why is everyone on Empower so secretive and evading about the FACT that AD PLATFORM FEES MUST BE PAID IN DOLLAR CASH FOR THE 1st 3 months…and if u do not pay it, then longer????!
    So, to be part of Empowr YOU MUST BE ABLE TO PAY A LARGE AMOUNT (for South Africans and other non-Dollar countries) for 4 months…or longer!

  198. luis fernandes says:

    Hi to all my question about EMPOWR id how they get the money to pay us since they give free credits just imagine i spend $28 and win $30 everyday money that are generate by sales
    another questions who buys the products from EMPOWR
    members maybe but once you pay the fees you can purchase in market place using credits
    i think?
    so my reason is how they can generate so muck money to pay you its impossible that they can generate thousands of dollars monthly like they promisse?

    please any one to replay this post


  199. Sandi Beadles says:


  200. Cybele Moon says:

    they put a fake profile of me on their site. I have no idea how they found me and added my email to their list. I don’t like that kind of thing. I tried to unsubscribe so we’ll see. They even added a pic to my profile that’s not mine and said others liked it!

  201. Mark Antkowicz says:

    It has been a week since I joined. I have asked many questions and changed coaches and have got no answers. All I see is how much I “earned”, not how much it costs. I need checklists or a recipe of what to do when. The videos are scatted and haphazard. They show gauges they say to keep in the green on the videos, but I can’t find them. I feel if it is too complicated, with no support or help it is too fishy. he posts are just posts like “watching TV”. No content.
    Thanks for helping save some time looking at dribble.

  202. Mawunya van LARE says:

    I believe is a scam. If not why is it that they can not deduct the $481 they claim i have to pay so that they give me the remaining money out of the balance they say i have earn.

  203. I would like to know what you found out? I do not want to waist any more time if I don’t see that people are getting paid.

  204. hi, does anyone knows how get out to empowr?

    1. You may check out this link:

      www dot support dot empowr dot com/hc/en-us/articles/204218595-If-I-delete-my-account-will-I-owe-empowr-anything- (Link Unavailable)

      ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

  205. that thing is a scam, if you are a human being please dont try it. ok, fine you can just use it for fun, but dont give them your paypal/credit card, heheehe, i had more $300 000, but i was never able to cash even a single $1, always they claim you have to pay atleast what is more than what you have earned. Infact i have never seen or meet anyone who have earned through this platform, just like everyone else. FACTNO ONE HAS MADE MONEY!!!!except may be employees/owners as they comment claiming to be users, hahaha!we got you!

  206. shekhar sangare says:

    I m shekhar sangare having [email protected] account with empowr from 20 jan and having total earning more than $20,000. But from last 5 days i m unable to login my account.
    on that day i reinstall the empowr app & install empowr app on my mobile.

    Currently i m blue first degree.

    Still having problem in login. showing Email & password do not match.
    & at forgot your password session, then i am cant receive instruction to reset my password email from system.

    Pls help to get out from this.

    Todays 5th day i unable to login so how can talk.
    also i have paid ad platform fee on 5th june 2016. 75$ out of 221$.

    pls. Help to resolve this issue on priority.

    Best regards
    shekhar sangare
    [email protected]

    1. I’m sorry to hear about your misfortune. Hopefully the Empowr team may give you access to your account, and “Allow” you to withdraw your funds.

      I suggest you contact the Empowr support directly to resolve this issue.

      ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

  207. Anonymouseee says:

    I have been on empowr for more than 100 days and still no payment from them althought I am a Success Coach people ask me question and I reply them but simply I have no Idea that I have wasted my 100+ Days in hoping to get some benefits


  208. They have just scam me to pay $30 to withdraw $1 I link my account to it almost 700,000

  209. The are a disgusting scam. Even after my 90 day waiting time was over, they still had stories as to why I couldn’t be paid.

  210. Hello, I deleted my account a few month ago because a didn’t want to pay for a social network, how can is possible that empowr still take money from my bank account? Who could I write to?
    thank you,

    1. Hi Gabriele,

      Did you try going through this step:

      www dot support dot empowr dot com/hc/en-us/articles/204218595-If-I-delete-my-account-will-I-owe-empowr-anything- (Link Unavailable)

      ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

  211. is there any mobile app the pays genuely?

    1. I guess nothing in this world is free, and you can’t expect to make money with little to no work done.

      If you are looking for a legitimate way to learn how to make money online, then check this out.

      ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

  212. after 120 day in empowr and get fully 90 days matured earning 481$ , but I must pay addcredit 4000$ more and fee 280$ to cashout so I will never pay it because I will lost my money, empowr is scammer they say profit go to user don’t trust them they are a big liar

  213. SCAMMMMMM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They will put you into a mind set that you will get all the money they send you in the email like update of your earnings and you can refund! NOT TRUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They have link to refund but when you do that they will just put the money to your account not on your paypal or credit card account but to your empowr account then they will ask you to validate your account, pay ad platform fee and increase your level which means more out of the pocket or use the money you are trying to refund til you realize your money is gone!!! back in their pockets!!!!! EAT THE MONEY EMPOWR, NO SHOVE IT IN YOUR ASSS!!!! !THATS MY CONTRIBUTION TO YOU WHEN YOU DIE!!!!

  214. Arifur Rahman says:

    Hi All

    Thanks for sharing all of your experience. To me Empower is looking scam too as its asking my own money before I get a penny in a tricky way!

    I am going to post it on Empower to ware all.



  215. Well Guy, Based on this post and all your comments,
    i think empowr does steal money from some people and give it to other peoples.
    which means all of you are correct.
    For some it is scam and for some it is not.

    i have an idea.
    you need an empty paypal account with 0 balance.
    than withdraw cash from empowr .
    after you receive cash in to your paypal quickly transfer that cash from your paypal to another account.

    always make sure that the paypal account which is used to cashout from empowr is always empty.
    so that empowr steal your money. but you will get money .

  216. Ismael T. Fortunado says:

    We will try to buy products…

  217. I’m a member or “citizen” in empowr for several years now and my “earnings” exceeded $4600. I could not cash out $0.00001 since I joined.
    I know many members also could not cash out, they were just paying fees through Paypal each and every month.

    People who reported they cashed out are mostly FAKE names, and the rest are either getting paid for advertising this scam, or the owners of this big lie.

  218. elizabeth says:

    I am a green badge member with almost $3,000 in matured balance in less than 3 months. I am nearing the 90 day mark.

    I needed money one day because my bank account was overdrawn. I was ability to receive $8. But when I tried to do it again a few days later, I was informed that my account needed to be validated again.

    I checked my PayPal account and found 3 validations. So I asked my success coach. The first did not give a direct respnse , so a changed coaches. The second told me that because I validated my account with PayPal, revalidation occurs more often than connecting with a credit card. Oh and revalidation charge is $2.

    I wish I would had known about this before transferring the $8 to my bank. When I asked about matured balance I was informed that I would need to pay ad platform fee of $40 before able to withdraw mature balance.

    I am skeptical. But I will try what the person above suggested about having fees deducted from balance at time of maturity.

    Follow me at LEADS for everyone on Facebook. Next month I will be at 90 days. I will post my update there.

  219. I recently received a cheque from Empowr for early cash out of $32.09 USD – it has been declined and my account has been charged $32.09USD for a dishonoured cheque. Everytime I ask a coach about it I get no reply. I have put a bad review on their site – and guess what! NO REPLY! EMPOWR IS A SCAM – DO NOT GET INVOLVED WITH THEM AT ALL!

  220. Empowr is the biggest scam ever! they are using people to generate money but they pay you little or nothing! Americans are smart people created smart scam to use people efforts to get themselves rich. I have been member of empowr since December until now end of april; my earning are 3500 dollars when I tried withdrawing was told have ad credits which in the first place they don’t tell people at all. Scam is a system that good promises, but deliver nothing!!! I have been deceived by empowr is just another smart scam online deceiving people to is social platform !!! To me empowr is scam have been there for four months have nothing to saw but deception and white lies because have never had not even single coin as benefit from empowr!!

  221. anonymous says:

    I don’t know much about this new site, but I worked for them when they were FanBox. I was never paid about $3,000 in wages (fought it for a while but eventually gave up). There were probably about 50 employees that weren’t paid, and this amount totaled tens of thousands. They aren’t ethical. They don’t care about he;ping people in third world countries. They care about getting rich. That’s it. If they cared about people, they would have attempted to pay all their debts to past employees and that never happened. Their new site says they were given $180 million. If that is true, then they have the money to pay people who worked and never got the paychecks they were promised.

    I wouldn’t trust these people at all!

  222. Show me approve payment from them

  223. then plz tell me which site is best for earning i’m student and i need money for education plz help anyone………

    1. Hi Amy,

      If I tell you that there is a guaranteed way to make money online, then that will be a lie.

      Success Online is crafted by a person’s hard work, dedication and perseverance. If you want to learn how you can create a successful Online Business, I suggest that you check this training program out.

      Feel free to contact me if you need any help!

      ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

    2. Rozalynn bradford says:

      HI Amy I know.how you feel, I help stedents every day make an extra income on their spare time.
      As Jack said there is no real guarantee you will make money.

  224. How do u get put of this? I’ve signed up and want to cancel everything?

    1. At the top right hand corner there is this little arrow down, click it and you will see “Settings”. Click on the settings and you will see a “Delete Account” button.

      ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

    1. Vikas attri says:

      So tell me finally I should continue with it or not I joined a week ago and now it became around 260 usd

      1. In my personal opinion, I wouldn’t want to be associated with this.

        There so much more opportunities out there. I’ve seek out the best ones and you can find it here.

        ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

  225. Cloudkicka says:


    I think the Empowr network is a powerful one. Furthermore.. I noticed you didn’t state how long you have been a member. Also, a lot of the questions that you asked can be answered in the learning area .Few take the time to fully read I get it , I personally haven’t paid much to Empowr,only about $4 or $5 .I think it’s very helpful and beneficial for a lot of people who like to learn more about blogging, selling, and doing overall online marketing and Affiliate programs. I think this is a great springboard to doing just that. I agree that this might seem complicated to a lot of people, But the few who persist believe will learn and understand a great deal more. In closing, I enjoyed your article and hope to read others…Thanku for the information


    1. Unfortunately, I think otherwise. I don’t think Empowr is a good way to learn about “blogging, selling, and doing overall online marketing and Affiliate programs”. I’ve been in the industry long enough to know which programs provide good education and knowledge, and Empowr just do not make the cut.

      Empowr is complicated to begin with, and I do not think it helps on the knowledge part. The programs which I think provides great knowledge and education is in this page.

      ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

  226. I’ll put this as an example version. I’m a user of empowr.com not empowernetwork.com but empowr.com. You make money off posting,sharing,liking,blogging,advertising, and friending others. Lets say you’ve made 900 bucks in one month. Small amount technically to what an average person might make but its an example. Your utilized credits must be paid back at 2.9% of what was used. So even saying you used 900 credits making 900 bucks, you pay 2.9% of the 900 being less than 27 bucks for it. Depending on your power level determines what amount each month you’d pay as a power user. $6 monthly being the lowest. When you upgrade if you pay attention to your balance, a deduction is made each time you chose to upgrade or if set up to auto upgrade. You can set it whether or not you want to upgrade but by upgrading you make more. You don’t have to hook up anything, bank card paypal account nothing. You can have it set up to get checks if you want ( its an option but its small, most people miss it, they’d probably rather you do it electronically it makes easier) and you pay the fees in 90 days when you cash out, out of your balance. You can chose to set it up that way, they give you 3 options. Whatever you made that first month you have to wait 90 days to receive. This month is march, so lets say you made 900 bucks this month and you are the lowest power user. Your utilized credits are at 900. 2.9% of 900 is less than 27 bucks, 6 bucks times 3 months is 18 bucks, you pay $46 out of your matured funds to receive 854 bucks in cash. You’d have to wait 90 days to get that 854 bucks tho, so you’d get it on june 30th. April would be paid on July 30th and so. But technically that 6 a month comes directly out of your balance so it would be 27 bucks out of 900.
    Also you have an option what power user you want to be. You can get a refund for the payment difference from your balance when you previously upgraded and receive the money back to your balance. You can be the highest one paying $25,000 a month or whatever, refund it back into your account by downgrading power users and have more money and rebuild your power levels back up by doing what you did the first time and then cash out that money with your other money after its matured. Having more money, they give you that option.
    That above statement about it taking money out of your paypal account is only if you set it up that way. You can set it up you don’t pay anything until after your money is matured with your matured money. So your not spending any money. You don’t have to spend anything at all, thats how it’s designed. I have my paypal account hooked to it and they charged me $0.01 and paid it back in 2 seconds as an initial fee. I’m guessing penny stock trade so they can make more money but thats just assuming. They’ve never did anything else at all after that.
    They are here to help you, people just think the worst of everything. No bad reviews have been sent to the BBB. They find no fraud within it.
    Its meant to make you money, it’s easy theres videos explaining what and how to do everything. My coach responds to me, if yours doesn’t you can ask for a new one. Coachs are people like you that got paid an extra $1000 bucks after they became a 2nd degree orange user and passed the exam for the coach position. Empowr has a seperate page that answers all questions on a “most asked question” page and explains everything similar to I did above. Its not possible to lose money on this, you can close your account out whenever free of charged. Its meant to make you money. They’re making 3% you make 97% but there making 3% off of 100,000 people so technically they’d be making more than everyone.
    You found something worth doing you just have to pay attention, keep your gauges in the green by posting sharing liking blogging selling and fanning people. You can also add a friend for 20 bucks per friend (you can only have 100 friends theres a limit but unlimited fans) so if you have 100 friends thats $2000 right off the back, sometimes when you refer a friend or your refered it gives you a bonus option for $50 per friend. All these its a scam, it’s because they don’t know what they’re doing and thinking wrong about whats happening. If you set up your account to not pay anything until you cash out and pay with your matured funds than you lose no money and basically made free money. The more you do the more you make. If you do it right you can make $5000 a month, even if the ad credits are at 5000 you pay 2.9% being less than 150 bucks out of the $5000. Anything else is on the empowr help page. Hope it helps because i basically told you everything. It’s not a scam, it’s more like hey guys lets switch from facebook to empowr and get paid to do it.

    1. Thanks for your great info!

      I think your point of view is good on an individual level, but let me post a question on an overview.

      Question: Take your example of making $5,000, and having to pay only 2.9% which is $145. Who foots the bill for the remaining $4,855 to you?

      Empowr is a new name of Fanbox, and if you search Fanbox on BBB you will see tonnes of compliants, and furthermore, BBB’s rating are not as trustable as you think. Just read this article.

      Also, just check out the comments section of my Fanbox review.

      ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

    2. Profit Alerts says:

      Man…. So much talk. Answer me 1 question smart ass: Have you been able to get cash out your matured earnings yet while using 2.9% BS? I bet you did not and if so SHOW PROOF! The 2.9% option means: That you are not able to cash out anything! Not untill you choose the option to pay for 50% ad fee yourself and even then you wont get paid your matured earnings because of the fact that this empowr scam “gives” you ad credits for “free” each month (without you even asking for it!) what could be the exact ammount or more in round numbers the ammount you have on you empowr balance! Meaning: In the end you will feel like a donkey strapped with a carrot (matured earnings) in front of his face NEVER to be able to eat it (BECAUSE OF THE AD CREDITS YOUR FORCED TO PAY OF WITH YOUR MATURED EARNINGS, AD CREDITS “GIVEN TO YOU FOR FREE” AD CREDITS YOU DIDN’T EVEN ASKED FOR OFFCOURSE BUT THAT IS HOW THEY WILL KEEP YOU RUNNING ARROUND IN CIRCELS LIKE A FOOL, LIKE A DONKEY CHASING A CARROT STRAPPED DANGLING INFRONT OF YOUR FACE: WHILE THEY ARE LAUGHING LOUD PLUNDERING YOUR BANK ACCOUNT BLAMING YOU FOR USING AD CREDITS SO YOU NOW HAVE TO PAY AD FEE BECAUSE OF THE AD CREDITS THEY HAVE FORCED ON YOU BECAUSE OF YOUR LACK OF KNOWLEDGE EXPLAINED TO YOU CLEARLY WHAT EMPOWR REALLY IS: A SCAM! )

    3. Christina Cosme says:

      Thanks for clearing that up I have only been doing empowr for a week but after reading this I am definitely more excited about making money!

    4. Go spin it somewhere else, “Chris.” If empowr is so legit, why are they skimming emails off LinkedIn and auto-generating accounts? Why? I’ll tell you why. They are crooks, plain and simple.

    5. did you cash out any money until now from empowr?

  227. Athal Kumar says:

    Just to let you know that this site is not a scam. Yes the site has fees, and there are rules to cashout. But if the site is understood properly and used then you can earn from it. Myself and my friends have cashed out from this site.

    People incur a loss when they do not understand the site properly and use it. Every user has been allotted a success coach who will help you attain success. If a citizen does not contact his coach how can he expect help.

    Yes, as you said success coaches are also regular citizens. But they are the one who know the most about this site. It is not easy to become a success coach. You have to excel in all the exams and undergo a training before they are assessed whether or not they have full knowledge of the site. Even the messages which are sent go thorugh Audits to make sure they are giving the correct information to the clients. If any coach is found giving incorrect information they will be first warned to correct themselves and if the continue the same they will be removed from the success coach programme.

    You can contact me for cashout proofs and any further clarifications or help about this site.

    1. I am sure you get paid, just like Fanbox when it first started. In my opinion, it is just a matter of time before Empowr becomes the next Fanbox. A leopard never changes its spot.

      As much as I like to believe Empowr is good for its users, and I thought that Empowr has changed its ways, unfortunately, I see the same system, same issues, but just different brand and name.

      I quote several comments below from past users of Fanbox:

      FanBox robbed me of my money. They charged me IPL processing fee in my paypal account and immediately removed my account. I have pending 90-day matured earnings to be cashed out but they removed my account. I worked hard for that earnings and waited for a long time to cash out but they removed my account just because I was criticizing the president. I feel stupid allowing myself to be a wiling victim to their scheme. What a shame.

      Yah, Fanbox or empower as its new name now is a BIG SCAM!!! They loan you money but charges you for IPL fees and dreaded additional charge if you happen to be overdue with your payment. And worst, you can’t control your account as contrary to what they are saying. They will give you power without your approval and charges you for penalty when you refund what they charges.

      you can’t even cashout your money without turning on your earnings for a minimum of 90 days.

      worst you must spend the whole day liking and posting to earn – even worst – you are earning as much as your Power user allows you to earn regardless how much hours you sent.

      Now i want to get out but I Just saw that my money is again less than to pay for the IPL they said I used.

      – Source: Here

      I just cancelled out of FanBox. My advise to others who may want to join FanBox – keep out! I have been a member of FanBox for more than two years and in the process was able to “earn” more than $17,000.00 which were actually paper and fake earnings. They kept on increasing “funds” for boosting or other investment schemes like loans lent out to you over which you have no control, but paid IPL fees for their use. Bottom line I paid more in terms of IPL fees than what I got in so-called cashouts. For those still with FanBox, note that FanBox keep on coming out with new policies like their so-called New User Boost which makes it difficult to cashout in the long run while paying so much in IPL fees.

      Hope this puts you into perspective.

      ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

    2. Vikas attri says:

      Please show me some proof I am from delhi
      And just started it this month around a week before
      That will be so kind of you if you can show some proof of cash outs.
      Thank you

    3. hi athal kumar,

      i am a member of empowr. my balance is $314 . i have paypal account. now what i am doing for payout?

    4. marjorie painaga says:

      hi.. can i cash out without a credit card account? and how?
      pls. contact me at this [email protected]

    5. hi can i get the payment proof which u received payments from empowr

    6. jasmine Smith says:

      Hey I was wondering what are the fees you pay before cashing out

    7. Thomas Mckaughan says:

      You are an empowr employee shill. No picture equals a hiding liar.

    8. i need a help and guidance in this site brother

      1. Hamish Curtis says:

        I’ve been with this empowr for 2 years and in that time they have taken money out of my real bank account without me knowing, and over the 2 years I have never got a cent from them, every time I would go to cash out, no money was ever available although there was over 10,000.00 in my balance. It’s almost like a money scammer, stealing good money for fake money. Oh, the coaches would never answer your questions just copy and paste something that leads nowhere.
        I would call them money launders.
        To the best of my knowledge, this is a SCAM. I mean how do you really make money liking peoples pictures and posting
        I really wouldn’t waste your time or effort on this.

        All the best Guys

    9. MARLENE JOHNSON says:

      hi can you show me proof of your pay out from empowr? i am tired of scams

  228. Simple answer
    If it is scam then how long it can run. How a scam can be promoted in USA when strict laws are there. Why not they close it.

    Who have no idea to work and earn they called scam. Why not you look for ” Many people paid by empowr”

    when you attach card it says you if you not agree or dont understand then why do that validation. You can get refund if charged , does scam site return?

    Dont miss lead or get proper knoledge before you post here.

    Dont show one side review.

    1. Just i need confirmation from you that are you getting cash out from Empowr. I am facing more problem to get cash outs.
      I fed up that its all trash and doing funny business with us.

      Please revert with your answer.

    2. Lakeya McEachron says:

      I l ike that, I am an Empowr citizen and although their concept is different, it works. Understand that anything you do will require money. You have to spend money to make money. Take your time and research the company for yourself. Just because one person doesn’t understand, doesn’t mean you should lose out too. And the information in reference to auctions is wrong, payment is not received by seller until product is delivered to buyer. Empowr holds the money.

      1. So have you receive any money? Many users here want to know.

        Looking forward to your reply.

        ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

    3. Ionut Ghionoiu says:

      Let’s connect. I want more details

    4. There is only one truthful side, Aeshad.

      If this is a legitimate business, why are they spamming me despite the fact that I never signed up?
      And why are they telling me I have earnings when I have no account with them?

      They are scammers. They got my email from somewhere and are trying to swindle me. Why? They are swindlers, that’s why.

    5. LOL: “Strict laws” in the US only protect corporations and the wealthy. There are no laws in the US protecting the average person.

    6. Dannielle Obenchain says:

      There are scams here in the US all the time! It’s very easy to be scammed online. Not sure what strict laws your talking about but the scammers have to be caught for that too even matter in the first place. Most online scammers aren’t even in the US. Sadly people are gullible lazy and stupid. They want something for nothing as fast as possible so they fall for the stupid emails and other online scams.

    7. Boubou Galle says:

      Assalaamu Alayk. Whoever asks for refund from Empowr, their account will be deleted.
      Don’t get fooled by the smoke screen. Empowr is a scam.
      We are gathering all the evidence to prove it, beyond any doubt.
      Come check our Group at Facebook.

    8. Shelly Huff says:

      Sounds like scam to me glad I saw this before signing up.

  229. Don’t know if it was the same one, but the promo I saw was a fast talking young man in front of what looked like a sliding glass door that led out to a pool…. looked like a cheap hotel room. Fast talking. Don’t think just react. It is my experience to walk quickly backwards holding your billfold when facing a sales person with this attitude. The only upside of the experience was that the refund process was relatively quick. Not something I would try again. Thanks for posting this review. Going to check out your link. Has your experience been better?

  230. In fanbox, i have an earning of USD 4,982.08 which i could still open at facebook, but when i tried to cash out, a reply was sent that i need to pay about USD 600 or more through paypal or Visa Card. I wrote to them if they could just deduct it from my earnings but no reply. Today, if i open it from facebook, it will bring me to empowr and my current earnings of 357.68 which i cannot cash out. There was a message from them that i can cash out 1.43 dollars or so, i was thinking why that very small amount when i have more than 300 dollars. I was not able to cash it out then because they were asking my paypal account.

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