Kids Earn Cash – Scam or Legit? Truth Exposed!

Welcome to my Kids Earn Cash review (updated Mar 2019). If you are wondering about the rumors about the Kids Earn Cash scam going on…

Then you are in the right place!

I am going to share with you today all the things about Kids Earn Cash that I found in my thorough research. 

I can guarantee that these facts come from the verified and most reliable sources, but I welcome you to double check them with your own methods.

By reading this Kids Earn Cash review…

You will be guided appropriately on the next course of action to take regarding this online business opportunity.

Review Summary

Owner: Undisclosed

Price: Free to Join

Recommended? No. Check this out instead


Income Opportunity Rating:

What is Kids Earn Cash(a.k.a KidsEarnCash)?

Kids Earn Cash introduces itself to be an online money-making platform specifically for social media influence-ers.

On the surface, Kids Earn Cash looks just like another GPT or paid survey site. You can make money by taking part in surveys, completing simple tasks, or by promoting your affiliate link.

This company presents a simple formula to earn money online and that anyone has the chance to do so.

How do Kids Earn Cash Work?

<img alt=’How-To-Earn-Money-Kids-Earn-Cash-Scam’ width=’800′ height=’221′ title=’How-To-Earn-Money-Kids-Earn-Cash-Scam’ data-id=’14415′ src=’https://www.barenakedscam.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/03/How-To-Earn-Money-Kids-Earn-Cash-Scam.jpg’ data-lazy-src=’https://www.barenakedscam.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/03/How-To-Earn-Money-Kids-Earn-Cash-Scam.jpg’ style=”width: 100%;” data-was-processed=’true’>How-To-Earn-Money-Kids-Earn-Cash-Scam<img alt=How-To-Earn-Money-Kids-Earn-Cash-Scam width=800 height=221 title=How-To-Earn-Money-Kids-Earn-Cash-Scam data-id=14415 src=https://www.barenakedscam.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/03/How-To-Earn-Money-Kids-Earn-Cash-Scam.jpg style=”width: 100%;”>

As I have mentioned above…

Kids Earn Cash appears to be a platform that allows you to make money by completing simple tasks. Here’s how you can make money with Kids Earn Cash:

Participating in surveys and offers

Kids Earn Cash rewards you with huge payments (at least $25) just by completing very simple surveys and offers.

Completing small tasks

Other than surveys and offers, there are other online tasks that you can complete in the Task Wall with payments ranging from $25 – $50.

Creating a YouTube Video

You can earn an easy $50 just by creating a personal video promoting Kids Earn Cash to other people. The length of the video isn’t specified. What is only required is your video link and voila! $50!!

Sharing Your Kids Earn Cash Referral Link

Once you become an official member of Kids Earn Cash, you will be automatically given a personal referral link.

By posting your link in different social media platforms, e.g., Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, you will have the potential to earn $2 every time someone clicks your link.

An additional $10 for every new account sign-up.

How to Join Kids Earn Cash?

You can join Kids Earn Cash and start racking up your earnings by merely completing a sign-up form on their website.

You will also be rewarded with a bonus $25 just by completing this process.

There is no need to wait for email verification or confirmation.

Kids Earn Cash does not verify your email account which means once you have completed the sign-up, you can start earning money.

Kids Earn Cash Payment Options

The company claims that you can get your payments in flexible options. You can either choose to get paid with cash upfront, thru PayPal, Western Union or, wiring your earnings to your bank account.

What  I Like About Kids Earn Cash

NADA! Instead, I found a lot of red flags which I will discuss in a moment.

I have reviewed many business opportunities, and I can honestly say that base on the results of my research about Kids Earn Cash, I want nothing to do with this company.

Kids Earn Cash Red Flags

Okay, as you might have already known and to those who are familiar with my articles,  I want to remain unbiased on any of my reviews.

So at this point…

Although I can totally understand where the rumors of Kids Earn Cash scam are coming from, I will merely present to you the red flags about Kids Earn Cash.

You can draw your own conclusion afterward.

#1 Company Owners Undisclosed

One of the most basic information any legit company will disclose to their patrons and members are the identities of the people behind the company.

This is one of the requirements to be considered a trustworthy name.

Not only Kids Earn Cash does not provide the names of certain individuals behind its platform, but their website also does not even mention a parent company.

If you are interested to learn about Kids Earn Cash’s company background, you may find that impossible to accomplish.

#2 Unrealistic Earning Potential

Kids Earn Cash claims to pay you decent money in exchange for completing various mundane tasks online. They even claim that anyone can earn up to $500 in a single day!

<img alt=’Kids-Earn-Cash-Scam-500-Earnings’ width=’800′ height=’300′ title=’Kids-Earn-Cash-Scam-500-Earnings’ data-id=’14419′ src=’https://www.barenakedscam.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/03/Kids-Earn-Cash-Scam-500-Earnings.jpg’ data-lazy-src=’https://www.barenakedscam.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/03/Kids-Earn-Cash-Scam-500-Earnings.jpg’ style=”width: 100%;” data-was-processed=’true’>Kids-Earn-Cash-Scam-500-Earnings<img alt=Kids-Earn-Cash-Scam-500-Earnings width=800 height=300 title=Kids-Earn-Cash-Scam-500-Earnings data-id=14419 src=https://www.barenakedscam.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/03/Kids-Earn-Cash-Scam-500-Earnings.jpg style=”width: 100%;”>

The chance of this happening in the real world that we are currently living right now is close to zero (I leave a few percents for a miracle) and this is clearly just a hype.

#3 Fake Testimonies

The third red flag I would like to raise about Kids Earn Cash are the obvious fake testimonies that they present on their website.

<img alt=’Kids-Earn-Cash-Scam-Fake-Testimonials’ width=’800′ height=’300′ title=’Kids-Earn-Cash-Scam-Fake-Testimonials’ data-id=’14426′ src=’https://www.barenakedscam.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/03/Kids-Earn-Cash-Scam-Fake-Testimonials.jpg’ data-lazy-src=’https://www.barenakedscam.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/03/Kids-Earn-Cash-Scam-Fake-Testimonials.jpg’ style=”width: 100%;” data-was-processed=’true’>Kids-Earn-Cash-Scam-Fake-Testimonials<img alt=Kids-Earn-Cash-Scam-Fake-Testimonials width=800 height=300 title=Kids-Earn-Cash-Scam-Fake-Testimonials data-id=14426 src=https://www.barenakedscam.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/03/Kids-Earn-Cash-Scam-Fake-Testimonials.jpg style=”width: 100%;”>

Most of these success stories are dated way back to 2018 and 2017. These are all FAKE!

I know calling a company’s success story and testimonial a fake is not a small thing but allow me to present my proof.

How did I know?

So hoping to get more reliable bits of information about Kids Earn Cash, I decided to visit “Whois” – a verified platform to provide crucial information about certain websites.

When I type in “kidsearncash.com,” Whois showed this result,

<img alt=’Kids-Earn-Cash-Scam-Who-Is-Results-BNS’ width=’799′ height=’300′ title=’Kids-Earn-Cash-Scam-Who-Is-Results-BNS’ data-id=’14412′ src=’https://www.barenakedscam.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/03/Kids-Earn-Cash-Scam-Who-Is-Results-BNS.jpg’ data-lazy-src=’https://www.barenakedscam.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/03/Kids-Earn-Cash-Scam-Who-Is-Results-BNS.jpg’ style=”width: 100%;” data-was-processed=’true’>Kids-Earn-Cash-Scam-Who-Is-Results-BNS<img alt=Kids-Earn-Cash-Scam-Who-Is-Results-BNS width=799 height=300 title=Kids-Earn-Cash-Scam-Who-Is-Results-BNS data-id=14412 src=https://www.barenakedscam.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/03/Kids-Earn-Cash-Scam-Who-Is-Results-BNS.jpg style=”width: 100%;”>

As you can see, the website Kids Earn Cash is no more than two months old (as I am writing this review).

Then clearly, those testimonies that date back to 2018 and 2017 were no more than a bunch of fabricated lies and sham.

In addition

<img alt=’Kids-Earn-Cash-Scam-Bare-Naked-Scam’ width=’800′ height=’262′ title=’Kids-Earn-Cash-Scam-Bare-Naked-Scam’ data-id=’14411′ src=’https://www.barenakedscam.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/03/Kids-Earn-Cash-Scam-Bare-Naked-Scam.jpg’ data-lazy-src=’https://www.barenakedscam.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/03/Kids-Earn-Cash-Scam-Bare-Naked-Scam.jpg’ style=”width: 100%;” data-was-processed=’true’>Kids-Earn-Cash-Scam-Bare-Naked-Scam<img alt=Kids-Earn-Cash-Scam-Bare-Naked-Scam width=800 height=262 title=Kids-Earn-Cash-Scam-Bare-Naked-Scam data-id=14411 src=https://www.barenakedscam.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/03/Kids-Earn-Cash-Scam-Bare-Naked-Scam.jpg style=”width: 100%;”>

Kids Earn Cash also claim that they have already paid $27.3M to their 75K members. For a company that has been operating for only over a month, this numbers don’t add up.

#4 Fake Contact Information

Kids Earn Cash is kind enough to provide its members with contact information just in case there will be issues to arise.

However, the email and contacts they provided were either nonexistent or fake. Here’s my proof.

<img alt=’Kids-Earn-Cash-Scam-Contact-Information’ width=’800′ height=’300′ title=’Kids-Earn-Cash-Scam-Contact-Information’ data-id=’14421′ src=’https://www.barenakedscam.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/03/Kids-Earn-Cash-Scam-Contact-Information.jpg’ data-lazy-src=’https://www.barenakedscam.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/03/Kids-Earn-Cash-Scam-Contact-Information.jpg’ style=”width: 100%;” data-was-processed=’true’>Kids-Earn-Cash-Scam-Contact-Information<img alt=Kids-Earn-Cash-Scam-Contact-Information width=800 height=300 title=Kids-Earn-Cash-Scam-Contact-Information data-id=14421 src=https://www.barenakedscam.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/03/Kids-Earn-Cash-Scam-Contact-Information.jpg style=”width: 100%;”>

As you can see, the contact information is rated as BAD.

#5 No Customer Support

In addition to the false contact information, there is also no FAQ section on Kids Earn Cash website. Meaning, you cannot expect customer support in any kind.

#6 No Verified Earner Identity

Other than the fake testimonials you can find on Kids Earn Cash website, there is actually no real people that claims to have received payments for their efforts.

Moreover, if you look closely at those testimonials on their website, each of them does not even have a proper image of the person.

#7 Negative Reviews (a whole lot of them)

If you have seen other Kids Earn Cash review before this one, it is highly likely that they are playing the same tone to this one.

In addition to the number of legit review sites talking about Kids Earn Cash scams…

<img alt=’KidsEarnCashScam-Review-2019-Bare-ScamAdviser’ width=’800′ height=’408′ title=’KidsEarnCashScam-Review-2019-Bare-ScamAdviser’ data-id=’14423′ src=’https://www.barenakedscam.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/03/KidsEarnCashScam-Review-2019-Bare-ScamAdviser.jpg’ data-lazy-src=’https://www.barenakedscam.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/03/KidsEarnCashScam-Review-2019-Bare-ScamAdviser.jpg’ style=”width: 100%;” data-was-processed=’true’>KidsEarnCashScam-Review-2019-Bare-ScamAdviser<img alt=KidsEarnCashScam-Review-2019-Bare-ScamAdviser width=800 height=408 title=KidsEarnCashScam-Review-2019-Bare-ScamAdviser data-id=14423 src=https://www.barenakedscam.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/03/KidsEarnCashScam-Review-2019-Bare-ScamAdviser.jpg style=”width: 100%;”>

You can also find plenty of complaints and negative Kids Earn Cash review coming from real people who claim to be not paid by this company.

#8 Identical Scams Spotted

When you search for Kids Earn Cash, do not be surprised if you would come up with almost similar sites with the same marketing strategy, earning potential and practically the same name.

I don’t have enough information to verify the truth about this but many people, including legit review sites, claims that Kids Earn Cash is just another branch of a previous similar scams.

These names are consistently linked with Kids Earn Cash, and you might be familiar with one of them:

  • Kidsearnmoney.co
  • Kidspaidmoney.co
  • InfluencersClub.co
  • Kidsgetmoney.co
  • Kidsearn.money
  • Teensmakecash.com

Do you think there really is a Kids Earn Cash scam going on?

If you have some valuable information to share about this topic, please help us enlighten our readers by sharing your thoughts in the Comment Section below.

I also encourage Kids Earn Cash members who happens to read this review to shed some light about these matters.

#9 Social Media Blackout

It is pretty standard for any platform claiming to be an influencer to have a respected social media presence.

However, Kids Earn Cash even fails accomplishing this. 

Kids Earn Cash does not have any social media account, and I even found out that its Twitter account is suspended!

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#10 A Potential Data Harvesting Scam

Kids Earn Cash may look like an ordinary GPT site that allows you to make money by completing small online tasks.

However, it is very likely that Kids Earn Cash is a scam that will potentially steal your personal information. Other than promising huge income…

One of the most effective ways for these scams to lure people in is by offering free membership sign-ups. Yes, just like Kids Earn Cash.

If you are thinking to give these shady income opportunities a chance because you believe that you have nothing to lose…

Well you are mistaken.

Scammers nowadays are not only after your money but also your personal information.

Your personal details such as phone number and email account can be sold to third-parties.

#11 Unethical (SCAMMY) Marketing Strategy

One of the tasks you can do with Kids earn cash is “Youtube Video Submission.”

However, the way it works is that you will be asked to create a Youtube video talking about:

  • the good things about Kids Earn Cash (where there is none);
  • why people should join too (they shouldn’t) and;
  • how much have you earned (you just joined, what earnings do they mean).

Oh, I get it. They ask you to LIE on your video and hype more people to join their platform.

That’s a big no-no!

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Is Kids Earn Cash a Scam?

Although this company has not been officially tagged yet by the FTC and authorities as a scam, it is very likely to be one.

Legit GPT sites and other online business platforms may have some flaws, but they do not have as many red flags as Kids Earn Cash.

Do I Recommend Kids Earn Cash?

No, and I would even tell you to stay away from this company.

Don’t fall for it! Do not give your PayPal, your bank account and other delicate personal information.

If you see other people promoting this, or there are people you know that had signed up to Kids Earn Cash…

Share this KidsEarnCash review to them before its too late and irreversible damages had been done.

Kids Earn Cash’s Motives

Other than this is likely a scam in disguise to get your personal information; Kids Earn Cash takes advantage of you by making you actually work for them for free!

You complete the offers which they will get paid from the third parties involved, and you aren’t even getting a dime for it.

Other than that, by sharing their affiliate links, you are essentially providing them free advertising, and you are acting as their lead generation system.

How convenient right?

If you have already signed-up to Kids Earn Cash, and you have provided your personal information to them…

I suggest that you immediately removed them and change your passwords, especially for your Paypal and email account.

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My Sincere Advice

There are many legitimate ways to make money online that you can try. Did you consider taking a look at Affiliate Marketing instead?

However, if you are a fan of these kinds of opportunities, get into something legitimate. There are plenty of legit paid survey sites and GPT sites similar to what Kids Earn Cash claims to be.


You can also see which of these GPT sites made it to our Top 10 Paid Survey Sites in 2019.

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Final Words

Than you for taking the time to read this review. If you find it helpful, kindly share it to the people you know who might be needing this kind of information right now.

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Showing this to them could potentially save them from becoming a victim of yet another scam in disguise.

On the other hand…

If you have more reliable information about any Kids Earn Cash scams going on, please share them to our readers in the Comment Section below.

Until next time.

Your pal,


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