BrainBux Scam PTC Site Exposed!

Before anything else, let me commend you for doing your research about the BrainBux scam rumors.

There has been a lot of negative BrainBux reviews out there, and people are calling it a blatant scam.

If you want to know the truth about this business opportunity, you’ve come to the right place.

To be honest, I think BrainBux is a scam and I am even surprised that it isn’t shut down by authorities, YET.

But, don’t take my word for it, let me show you…

Review Summary

Name: BrainBux

Owner:  Undisclosed

Price: Free to Join

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BrainBux Scam Exposed

Income Opportunity Rating:

What is BrainBux?

BrainBux or brainbux.com is a Paid-To-Click website where you can earn money by clicking ads.

Nothing much is revealed on the company’s website regarding its owners. However, I was able to confirm that BrainBux has been around since 2016.

BrainBux Com WebsiteBrainBux Com WebsiteBrainBux Com Website

How Does BrainBux Work

There are two ways to use the platform; as a member hoping to make money or as an advertiser trying to get leads (traffic).

But I will focus on the member’s side of this BrainBux review.

What Is BrainBuxWhat Is BrainBuxWhat Is BrainBux

As a member, there are Two Ways you can make money with BrainBux.

  • One is getting paid to click and view ads in the platform. 
  • The other one is by referring other people to join BrainBux.

It is free to join BrainBux. 

After you complete your signup, an affiliate link will be assigned to you. You can share this link on your website, blog, email, or social media.

When someone clicks on this link and decides to signup with BrainBux too, they will automatically become your referral.

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How Much Can You Earn With BrainBux?

You will earn €0.1 ($0.11) for your every click and €0.01 ($0.011) for each of your referral’s click.

BrainBux claims that they provide instant cashouts whenever you request payment and that there is no minimum threshold.


BrainBux Home PageBrainBux Home PageBrainBux Home Page

After you register, you can immediately start clicking the ads to make money. You might feel excited as you see your earnings rack up. 

And since BrainBux made you believe that there is no minimum cashout threshold, you might be tempted to cash out to try if they will really pay you.

This is where it gets nasty!

The Ugly Truth About BrainBux

What BrainBux didn’t tell you is that you have to make at least 100 clicks before you can request payment.

100 Clicks Requirement100 Clicks Requirement100 Clicks Requirement

You might feel confused at first because they clearly say there is no minimum requirement and suddenly, there’s this requirement out of nowhere.

You might still continue using the platform thinking 100 clicks isn’t that far away.

However, when you actually manage to hit 100 clicks and decide to request payout, this is what will appear in your screen.

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10 Direct Referrals Needed10 Direct Referrals Needed10 Direct Referrals Needed

Boo! Now you need to have 10 direct referrals on top of the 100 clicks to actually get paid?

Do you think that’s bad enough?

By the time you complete the 100 clicks and 10 direct referrals, whenever you request a payment…

BrainBux will tell you that there is some technical problem and that payments are disabled at the moment.

BrainBux PaymentsBrainBux PaymentsBrainBux Payments

Need I tell you more? Okay here’s more.

BrainBux Premium Upgrade

BrainBux, as sneaky as they are, offers its users a way to make cashout payments “quicker” and “easier”.

That is to upgrade your membership from free into the premium.

The bad news is, going premium means you have to pay BrainBux at least €9.99 so you can cash out your earnings (which could only be as little as $5). 

Either way, BrainBux and the people behind it are the ones making money.


Because every time you click an advertisement on the platform, BrainBux is getting paid by the people behind those ads.

What’s sad is that those people were thinking their ads are being clicked by real prospects when in fact, the clicks are coming from the members like you.

BrainBux, in my opinion, is not a platform worth your time and effort. As a member and as an advertiser.

Is BrainBux a Scam?

Yes, BrainBux is a scam that tricks you into believing that you can make money and even get rich just by clicking ads.

Unrealistic Income PromiseUnrealistic Income PromiseUnrealistic Income Promise

I guess you can pretty much guess that by the tone of this BrainBux review.

For your reference, there is another business program in the past that uses the same shameful deceit. It was known as Empowr aka FanBox

Although the two are now gone, it seems that the people behind the scheme are crawling their way back using a different name this time – College Power

The platform lures you in because it is free to join and making money seems too easy.

But when it comes to cashing your earnings, it will be impossible. Either you will be slapped with endless new requirements or asked to pay money.


BrainBux’s FAQ section has a lot of spelling and grammatical errors. But ‘what’s worse is that most of the information in there is untrue. As if the page was created just so the company can present something to make it appear legit.

You can visit brainbux.com FAQ section and share your thoughts in the Comment Section below.

But hey this is just my opinion, and I would like to hear yours in the Comment Section below. Is BrainBux a scam?

My Humble Advice

Paid-To-Click websites (like BrainBux) are similar to GPT sites in a way that your income is very low. You cannot expect to make a full-time income out of it. 

But to rub salt to your wounds, BrainBux won’t even pay you at all. BrainBux is an outright scam, and there is indeed a BrainBux scam going on.

It is best that you stay away from this business opportunity and try other means to make money online instead.

BrainBux Business Alternative

If you are truly serious about earning money online, I can recommend a legitimate business program that has already changed the lives of many people. 

This business program involves affiliate marketing and has allowed many people to earn a 6-figure income at home.

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Final Words

Thank you for taking the time to read this BrainBux review. I hope that the BrainBux scam is apparent to you now.

Hey, would you help me save the others from falling prey to this scheme?

You can do so by sharing this information to them.

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On the other hand, if you have anything to share regarding BrainBux, please feel free to do so in the Comment Section below.

Until here and stay safe always. 

Your pal,