Is Viral Market a Scam or You Earn $150/Day?

Many people, including different review sites, are saying that Viral Market is a scam. But is it really?

Because there are all kinds of testimonials from people claiming otherwise. Is there no way that you can make the $150+ daily as promised at all?

Well, read this brutally honest Viral Market review, and you can decide for yourself.

We have reviewed hundreds of Income Opportunities and we have reasons to believe Viral Market is a scam, like other non-trust-able sites like USI-Tech, BrainBux, Paid4Clout and FanBox.

In addition, we have reasons to believe that the same people who ran Paid4Clout owns Viral Market.

But, to put things into perspective, I’ve joined the platform…

Viral Market Account

Review Summary

Name: Viral Market

Owner: Santa?

Price: Free to Join

Recommended? No, check this out instead.

Viral Market Scam Exposed

Income Opportunity Rating:

What is Viral Market?

Viral Market disguises itself to be a legit Get Paid To Site.

You can signup for free to become an “influencer” by using the platform, whatever that means, and you will be paid by completing mundane tasks.

There are actually many legit Get Paid To sites that do the same. But Viral Market is different.

The payments are way too high, and anyone who can sniff scams from miles away can immediately tell that these earnings are too good to be true.

Tasks And PaymentsTasks And Payments

What company will pay you $25 just for signing up, $2 when someone clicks your referral link and $50 by creating a (fake) YouTube video? Santa?

Perhaps Xmas came early this year while I am writing this Viral Market review? What do you think?

You can share your thoughts in the Comment Section below.

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Company and Owner

The site “viralmarket.co” does not provide any information about the personalities behind the platform. And like I mentioned earlier, there appears to be a lot of copies to this platform in different names.

There’s Paid4Clout which was previously known to be Clout Pay, Referral Pay (referralpay.co) MVP Bucks and I bet there are more.

After I joined Viral Market, I also find out that this platform was used to be called Viral Dollars (viraldollar.co).

Viral Market Is Viral DollarsViral Market Is Viral Dollars

In my dashboard, it says that my support contact is someone named Sandra Elsen from Viral Dollars. I tried to contact her but I didn’t get any reply.

Fake Site History

Viral Market claim that they are operating since 2015. However, I found out that the domain “viralmarket.co” was only created in May of 2019. 

Viral Market Scam Site DomainViral Market Scam Site Domain

This is about the same time Clout Pay was created.

cloutpay co site domain createdcloutpay co site domain created

And talking about the similarities between the two, brace yourself. Below are the proofs that Viral Market is a scam just like Clout Pay.

The Ugly Truth About Viral Market

Viral Market is just one of the many copies of the same scam sites probably owned by the same persons. Making money out of this sites is no more than a pipe dream.

On this section of my Viral Market review, I will highlight the obvious signs that Viral Market is a scam. That it is merely Paid4Clout (Clout Pay) on a different name.

#1 Viral Market “About Us” Page

When you take a look at Viral Market’s About Us page, it says that it has been around since 2015. But I already proved earlier that this is a lie.

What Is Viral Market CoWhat Is Viral Market Co

The domain “viralmarket.co” was only created in May of 2019.

But did you know that the same things are on Paid4Clout’s About Us page Coincidence? I think not.

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What Is Paid4CloutWhat Is Paid4Clout

#2 Viral Market Scam Income Proofs

The contents of the “Payment Proof” pages of the two sites are exactly the same. Except for the fake numbers and the site names.

Viral Market:

Viral Market PaymentsViral Market Payments


Paid4Clout Payment ProofsPaid4Clout Payment Proofs

The similarity is astounding. Word for word!

#3 How To Make Money

Viral Market and Paid4Clout don’t only pay you the same amount for precisely the same tasks, but even the layout and design of the page is also identical.

Viral Market:

How To Make Money With Viral MarketHow To Make Money With Viral Market


How Clout Pay WorksHow Clout Pay Works

#4 Contact Info

What are the chances of two different sites, if unrelated, to have both their contact information starting in “hello”?

Viral Market Contact InfoViral Market Contact InfoPaid4Clout Contact InfoPaid4Clout Contact Info

Now, let me make it clear that these are my own opinions, alright?

You are welcome to share your thoughts in the Comment Section below.


Let’s move beyond talking the similarities of Viral Market and Paid4Clout.

Those things above are more than enough to prove that the two sites are connected, “probably” owned by the same online scammers.

So in the next section, let’s talk about inconsistencies.

Viral Market Site Inconsistencies

There are clear giveaways that Viral Market is not legit on its own website. The first thing that caught my eye is that the company seems to have two different address.

Viral Market Address #1 and #2

In the Contact Page this is what you will see:

Viral Market Contact InfoViral Market Contact Info

But in the Viral Market Payment Proofs page is this:

Viral Market AddressViral Market Address

Not only the two address is different but also the business hours.

I guess the people behind the platform created too many version of this scam site that they got confused which address goes where. What do you think?

No Social Media Presence

For a platform that claims to have over 225,000 members…

You would think that Viral Market would have at least a decent Facebook Page or a Twitter Community. Well, there’s none.

As a matter of fact, these social media buttons only redirects you back to the About Page.

Viral Market Social MediaViral Market Social Media

And the coup de grace?

The fake testimonials

Viral Market Fake TestimonialsViral Market Fake Testimonials

One guy says he has been a user for over a year. But during the time I am writing this Viral Market review, the site has only been up for no more than three months.

Another one claim to have earn $1,000 which is clearly a lie because there is absolutely no way you can earn that amount in legit GPT sites.

Is Viral Market a Scam?

Well, as you can probably tell by the tone of this Viral Market review, I do believe that this site is a scam. Just like it’s copy Paid4Clout aka Clout Pay.

Viral Market will not pay you a dime. The site has no minimum cashout threshold but once you request payment for all your sweet earnings, that when the truth will slap you on both cheeks.

The most common scenario that will happen is that right after you request payment from Viral Market, you will get locked out from your account, banned or blocked.

The management will then cite some cockamamie excuses like you are doing fraud, and you violate the terms and conditions of the company.

Sounds familiar?

The Dangers Of Joining Viral Market

I understand that some people will not call Viral Market a scam since it did not ask any money from you when you join in.

However, joining this kind of shady platform exposes you to data mining and phishing. The site did not ask for your money when you join in, but it got some things from you that are equally valuable.

And that’s your name, phone number, email, PayPal account, and other sensitive personal information that they can sell to third parties.

My Humble Advice

Making money online is not easy.

When an opportunity seems too good to be true, it probably is. Be careful out there because scammers today are not only after your money but also for your personal information.

They also have ways to make you work for them without you knowing. Like completing tasks for third parties, driving traffic to their sites and recruiting more people to do the same.

Some of them are even smart enough to use you into tricking people that they are a legit company, like asking you to make a fake video that says sweet things about them.

Yes, just like what Viral Market is doing!

Viral Market Legit Business Alternatives

Viral Market is a scam, but there are other legitimate business opportunities that you can make money with.

If completing online tasks and participating in surveys is a thing that interests you, there are tons of legit GPT sites out there. One of my personal favorites is PrizeRebel.

But let me tell you this, with GPT sites, you cannot expect to make a full-time income. But these sites will give you a chance to be productive and make a few bucks on the side.

On the other hand, if what you are hoping for is to make a living online, then you should check out this affiliate marketing program.

If done right, you could also become one of the many people who are now making a 6-figure income at home. Some of them already quit their 9-5 jobs and enjoy early retirement.

So, if you are interested in earning a true passive income from home, then I highly recommend that you check out this program.

Final Thoughts

Before I end, let me thank you for taking the time to read this Viral Market review. Your support means a lot to us.

I hope that this has provided you with enough information to decide on whether Viral Market is a legit way to make money online or a total waste of your time.

Hey, can you help me protect other people from scam sites like Viral Market?

If you think this is useful, kindly share this to them. Viral Market may change its name again soon, but this will give them a heads up.

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So until here. If you have anything to say about Viral Market, please feel free to use the Comment Section.

Your pal,


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      By all means, do you have anything to prove your statement? Or an answer to any of the issues I raised on this review?

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