Is HempWorx A Scam? Do the Distributors Make Money?

CBD MLM companies like HempWorx have been steadily gaining popularity since the legalization of hemp with the 2014 Farm Bill.

Today, all hemp-derived CBD is legal in all the U.S.states since 2018. 

And, HempWorx has established itself as one of the market leaders in the CBD industry.


But while many HempWorx reviews (like the ones above) claim that the company and its products are life-changing, some people feel otherwise. 


I scoured the Internet to find more HempWorx testimonials and true enough, I stumbled upon people bold enough to call HempWorx a scam.


  • Is HempWorx just another pyramid scheme? 
  • Are the HempWorx CBD products any good?

These questions and more shall be answered once you’re done reading this HempWorx review.

Review Summary

Name: HempWorx

Founders: Josh and Jenna Zwagil

Cost To Join: $20 activation fee plus products bundles that costs $39 – $599

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HempWorx Business Opportunity Rating:

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What I Recommend?

What is HempWorx

HempWorx is a multi-level marketing company founded by Josh and Jenna Zwagil.


For those of you who are wondering why some HempWorx distributors are promoting My Daily Choice products, its because HempWorx started as the CBD product line of MDC.

While My Daily Choice’s flagship products are oral sprays, one of which is said to contain the highest grade of Deer Antler VelvetHempWorx specializes in hemp-derived CBD products.

What Does HempWorx Sell?

HempWorx has a good range of CBD products that you can choose from. They even have pet supplements like the other MLM company Nevetica.


HempWorx sells both 500mg and 750mg Full Spectrum Hemp Oil.

This products comes in cinnamon, peppermint, and natural flavors. 

HempWorx also sells 500mg and 750mg THC-free CBD oils.


Other HempWorx Products

  • Hemp-Infused Coffee – Coffee made of Arabica Beans that contains 5mg of Hemp-Derived CBD.
  • CBD Keto Coffee Creamers – Each creamer stick pack contains 5mg of Hemp Oil Extract and comes in three flavors – Hazelnut, Vanilla, and Mocha.
  • Renew Anti-Aging Cream – This cream may help your skin look younger, tighter, and brighter. Additionally, this product can help increase the longevity of skin cells and contains 80mg of Active Cannabidiol (CBD).
  • Revive Cream – Contains an exclusive blend of ingredients that hydrate and moisturize the skin. It contains 80mg of Cannabidiol (CBD) with infused with Collagen Retinol.
  • Relief Icy Pain Rub – Hempworx Relief helps to soothe and relax muscles. It contains 80mg of Active Cannabidiol (CBD) and infused with Emu Oil.
  • HempWorx for Pets – These products are said to activate the CB2 receptors for your furry friends. The 2.5mg HempWorx Dog Treats are beef flavored while the 250mg pet oil is bacon flavored.

Now, to fully understand the use of HempWorx products, let’s discuss a little more about CBD and THC.

What Are CBD and THC?

THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) and the CBD (Cannabidiol) are two chemical compounds found in Cannabis plants such as Marijuana and Hemp.

These two chemical compounds are said to be the cause of the health benefits one can get from Cannabis plants. However, while THC gets you “High” or intoxicated, CBD doesn’t.

This 4-minute video will help you better understand the key differences between THC and CBD.

Do HempWorx Products Work

Well, this is a tough question to answer.

As you may already know, though HempWorx products are legal, they are not FDA approved and tested.


This means that the distributors of these CBD products cannot make claims that the products are intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. 

Still, this didn’t prevent HempWorx distributors from doing that.

But keep in mind that while the FDA hasn’t evaluated these CBD products, there are many positive HempWorx testimonials and it doesn’t mean that the products do not have medicinal properties.

HempWorx Untrue Product Claims

A 2018 TINA.org investigation has cataloged more than 100 instances in which HempWorx, or, its distributors made untrue statements.

Either made or referenced claims that HempWorx products can treat, cure, alleviate the symptoms of, prevent, or reduce the risk of developing diseases and disorders.

HempWorx CBD Could Lead To Getting Positive In Drug Tests

There have been instances when HempWorx side effects causes a person to get a positive drug result.


HempWorx addresses this issue by adding a “Drug Testing” warning on their website “hempworx.com“.


  • Have you tried any of HempWorx products and did they work for you? 
  • Is HempWorx a scam?

Share your thoughts and opinions in the comment section below.

What Sets HempWorx CBD Oils Apart From Competitors?

Now there has been many debates on which is the best CBD MLM company.

HempWorx has poised itself as a leader in the CBD industry through various third-party lab tests conducted on their products. 

The company has shown results that they’ve produced the purest and most potent CBD products. You can see the lab test certificates through this page.

Another selling point of HempWorx products its price.

Based on the comparison chart below prepared by cbdoilusers.comyou can see that the CBD Oil of HempWorx is reasonably priced compared to other CBD Oil products of the other MLM companies such as Zilis, Prime My Body, and Kannaway.


However, this is only true among other MLM brands. 

HempWorx CBD products are still relatively expensive when compared to non-MLM brands, which brings us to the next topic of this HempWorx review.

[thrive_2step id=’14205′]Are you a HempWorx Distributor? Here’s How to Grow Your Team.[/thrive_2step]

Why Are MLM CBD Products Expensive

HempWorx is proudly touting how it pays huge commissions (up to 85% of revenue) to its affiliates.


So there’s your answer!

It just means that up to 85% of the actual price people pay for HempWorx products are being used to pay commissions – both to the selling affiliate and their “upline” or sponsors.

This is true not only with HempWorx but in almost all MLM companies, and this has some severe implications on how distributors do the business.

HempWorx Distributors And Expensive CBD Products

Other than the fact that selling overly expensive products is unfair to your customers, this practice can lead some affiliates to engage in unscrupulous behavior to earn higher commissions.

This is why some HempWorx distributors will use aggressive, pushy sales tactics to making outright untrue statements. Because the more products they can sell, the bigger the money they can pocket.

But let me make myself clear! 

Not all HempWorx distributors are like this.  And I am not saying that HempWorx is a scam.

Unfortunately, some HempWorx distributors are driven by greed and are willing to do whatever it takes to get more sales. This is why some customers are calling HempWorx a scam.

Because many distributors are getting themselves involved in a pyramid scheme tactics to get more people into their team, so they can dispose of as many products as possible. 

But more on this in a moment. First, let’s take a look at how you can make money with HempWorx.

HempWorx Business Opportunity – What You Should Know!

Like most MLM compensation plans, there are two ways you can make money with HempWorx.

By selling HempWorx CBD products on your own or by recruiting people and building a sales team.

Retail Customer Commissions

This commission is paid weekly. HempWorx distributors get a 25% off on all products. So when you sell a product, you will earn the difference between the wholesale price and retail price.

Jump Start Bonuses

This commission is paid weekly and goes 10 levels deep. Your potential payout could be as much as 85% commission on the business volume of the products you and your team sell.

Binary Team Commissions

This commission is paid monthly. You can earn up to 20% commission base on combined personal sales volume on your left leg and right leg. 

Your monthly earning potential with HempWorx’s Binary Team Commission is a staggering $1,000,000! 

But don’t get your hope too high, you are most likely not going to earn even a tenth of that, and I will tell you why in a moment.

Leadership Check Matching

You can earn 5% up to 30% every month up to 10 levels deep when you managed to recruit more people in your team.

Global Bonus Pool

At the end of each month, HempWorx will take 2% of total revenue and divide it into the top-performing distributors.

Rank Incentives and Bonuses

This is a one-time bonus where you will get $500 up to $100,000 by getting promoted to the higher ranks.

Other Bonuses

Base on your rank and performance, you could qualify to get a brand new car, travel incentives, and cash bonuses. You can verify these information in the actual HempWorx compensation plan.

You can also watch the latest HempWorx compensation plan video below.

  • Base on the things above, do you think HempWorx is a scam and a pyramid scheme? 
  • Do you think you can make a lot of money as a HempWorx distributor without recruiting people?

I would love to hear your thoughts in the comment section below

Is HempWorx A Scam And Pyramid Scheme?

Just because HempWorx is an MLM company, it doesn’t mean that it is a scam.

Many people have confused MLM with a Pyramid scheme. Some even believe that once a company is an MLM, it is automatically a pyramid scheme. A common misconception.

According to the FTC, there is a clear difference between multi-level marketing (MLM) and pyramid schemes.

Any MLM distributor has to follow a set of rules guided by the MLM companies which are in turn governed by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC).

For instance, HempWorx distributors need to focus on promoting the products instead of recruiting people into the business.

When MLM Becomes A Pyramiding Scheme

But because most compensation plans of MLM companies are geared towards rewarding distributors for their recruitment efforts more than the efforts for promoting the products…

Many are more inclined to use unscrupulous methods to recruit new members than to focus on promoting the products themselves.

This is why even a legitimate MLM company if managed poorly, will be indicted in cases relating to a pyramid scheme like doTERRA, World Ventures, Herbalife, and AdvoCare

The latter got in so much trouble with the authorities that the company was forced to change its compensation plan.

From multi-level marketing into single-level marketing, AdvoCare ended its MLM business model last July of 2019.

How Much Do HempWorx Distributors Earn

Unfortunately, even if HempWorx is a legitimate MLM company, more than 95% of people who join this type of business ended up not making any money at all. 

This is apparent in the latest HempWorx Income Disclosure.


Why Most Distributors Don’t Make A Decent Income In MLM

I have been in the MLM industry before.

These are the most common reasons why many distributors I’ve seen quit their MLM companies even before they can get back their initial investment.

#1 Not Enough Leads

When you join HempWorx, you will most probably be tasked to list 100 people from your social circle. People whom you think can benefit from the HempWorx products or may be interested in the business opportunity.

Maybe you even have 200 or 300 people on your list. But the fact is, not all of those people will buy your products. Not all people need CBD oil or a believer in these products.

So what happens after you have expanded your list of prospects and you still didn’t make enough sales?

  • Will you start cold calling? 
  • Do you start buying leads from unverified sources?
  • Facebook Marketing, maybe?

I will tell you right now, these old strategies don’t work anymore.

What you need is to learn how to get an unlimited supply of leads.

And honestly, if you don’t have proper guidance and training, you will not know how to prosper in this business, which leads me to the next point.

#2 Poor Guidance and Training

Because companies like HempWorx rewards distributors who brings in more people to the company, leaders or sponsors are more inclined to focus on new recruitment than to coach and guide existing distributors.

Coaching and training existing distributors take a lot of time, and the efforts will be wasted if a distributor eventually decides to leave HempWorx.

It is one of the reasons why leaders or sponsors are often not fond of taking care of the existing distributors.

So if you are serious about becoming a HempWorx distributor, take a look at the person trying to recruit you.

See how that person manages his/her team, and do you think he will be able to show you the ropes properly.

#3 Lack Of Skills

Most people who become a distributor are not adept salespersons. Unfortunately, due to the nature of multi-level marketing, you will have no choice but to talk to people so you can make sales.

Selling and recruitment are skills that require time to practice, and most people cannot stomach tons of rejection when doing this business.

What’s worst is that you’ll have to face rejection from the people who are close to you. I have seen people lost a friend or worse, disowned by family members because of MLM.

#4 Bad Leaders Breed Bad Distributors

As the HempWorx compensation plan compensates more for the recruiting efforts, many leaders and distributors resort to questionable marketing tactics to recruit people into the business opportunity.

And, most of these strategies will be inherited by new distributors, and the legacy will continue.

For a distributor to be compliant to the rules set by the FTC, they have to focus on promoting the products rather than recruitment.

If an MLM company or its distributors are found to be using unscrupulous methods to recruit members, they can be seen as a pyramid scheme.

Beware not to join a team that focuses on recruitment!

This is one of the reasons why many people are led to believe that HempWorx is a scam, another pyramid scheme in disguise.

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#5 Wrong Mindset

Many aspiring distributors join the company thinking that CBD oil is an easy sell. However, while CBD is well recognized for its health benefits, selling these products is not easy.

Worse, imagine selling expensive CBD products when people can buy similar yet MUCH CHEAPER ones on shelves and stores.

Yes, you can make money selling HempWorx CBD products, but it will not be easy no matter how much your sponsor or the company sugarcoats it.

It is through hard work and sheer determination to achieve success in MLM, and unfortunately, most aspiring distributors do not have what it takes to become successful.

After knowing these things, do you still think that HempWorx is the business for you? 

Then, let’s find out how much does it cost to become a HempWorx distributor.

Cost To Join HempWorx

To become a HempWorx distributor (affiliate), you have to a one-time activation fee of $20. 


You will then have to purchase any of the My Daily Choice product packages that range from $39 – $599 depending on your product choice.

My Daily Choice Value PackagesMy Daily Choice Value Packages

Should You Join HempWorx?

That depends.

If you have symptoms that CBD may be able to cure, then the obvious answer is to try the products. If it works, great! 

But, if it doesn’t, you can send the products back to HempWorx within 60 days to get a full refund (less shipping cost). But be careful.

A common sales pitch from HempWorx distributors is this:

“We have a 60-day money-back empty bottle guarantee. Why not try it if you can get a refund by just sending back your empty bottle within 60 days?

Sounds familiar?

The problem here is that I’ve seen many HempWorx users complaining that it was impossible to get a refund.

Nevertheless, the first step to joining the business opportunity is to believe that the products work. The only thing to do that is by trying the HempWorx CBD products.

And If you think that you have what it takes to be successful with HempWorx, I recommend that you learn Attraction Marketing.

It is a powerful marketing strategy used by top HempWorx distributor to promote the business without rejection and to get an unlimited source of prospects.

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HempWorx Best Business Alternative

Now, what if this business opportunity is not for you, but you are still eager to learn how to make money from the comfort of your home, what then?

Well, lucky for you, I’ve been making money online for quite a while now.

Quite frankly, finding a legitimate business opportunity today that is compatible with your passion and interests is like finding a diamond in the rough.

I know it is embarrassing, but I’ve been scammed many times until I found the business program that changed my life forever.

This business program I am talking about involves affiliate marketing where you don’t need to sell products or recruit people to earn money. Yes!

If you want to learn more about how I made a six-figure income online, and how you can too, I would highly recommend that you check this out.

Final Words

Thank you for reading taking the time to read this HempWorx review. I hope that it had provided you with the answers that you were looking for.

If you find this review helpful, kindly share it with the people you know so they too would learn the truth behind this company and about the HempWorx scam rumors going on.

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If you want to discuss more of HempWorx, or if you have any proofs suggesting that HempWorx is scamming people, leave a comment below.

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