Why The Traditional Network Marketing Methods Don’t Work Anymore

Today, I am going to discuss with you why the traditional Network Marketing Methods don’t work anymore –  or the vast majority of them.

I know I am coming off as someone skeptical to traditional network marketing, but please hear me out. I guarantee that by spending your time reading this article, you and I would be on the same page. 

This will be a suitable learning material for you and could provide you new ideas on how to succeed in network marketing.

Why Should You (as a network marketer) Read this?

The truth is, most of the strategies that come with traditional marketing are all played out and obsolete.

To remain relevant in the network marketing industry…

You must do your best to cope up with the changes. Or sooner or later, you will find yourself like Nokia, the prestigious cellphone company.

They refused to adapt to the changes. A critical error in judgement which eventually lead to their downfall.

To prove my point…

I will discuss some of the classic and most popular traditional network marketing methods that don’t work anymore.

Not only that, but I will also share with you some ideas on how to address such issues so you can do your network marketing business as it should be. 

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The Truth about Traditional Network Marketing Your Sponsor Didn’t tell You

Before I proceed, I would like to clarify that I have nothing against the traditional network marketing.

The fact is, I have been one among to avidly practice and implement these strategies a few years ago. Oh yes!

When I was just starting my career in network marketing, I am a hardcore traditional one.

But as a previously traditional network marketer and the one who has experienced a lot of failure in this industry…

I find it my responsibility to give you a heads up on what you can expect if you continue to treat network marketing as it was a few decades ago. 

Make no mistake…

Network marketing is a lot different today than what it was during the time when traditional network marketing “was” king.

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5 Traditional Network Marketing Methods that Don’t Work Anymore

I am sure you have known about the saying that goes, “The only constant thing in this world is change.”

Well, the same goes for the network marketing industry. In the past few years, network marketing has transcended its former self.

Along with that evolution is the fact that some traditional network marketing methods are not as effective as they were a few years back.

These are 5 of the most popular traditional network marketing methods and strategies that don’t work anymore.

#1 Network Marketing is a Numbers Game

There is no question here, but there are some facts that you must know.

Although it is true that the more people you talk to, the better for your network marketing business…

The thing that matters the most is how you present your business to other people.

What your sponsor might haven’t told you is that the real challenge is not about how many people you can talk to and present your business but instead…

It is how you project yourself and your business to them.

  • Are you coming off as an earnest person?
  • Did you take the time to discover what each person needs?
  • Do you actually have something to solve their current problems?
  • Did you present yourself and your business as THE solution to their current predicament?

Before you go out badgering other people…

Make sure that you learn how to add value to yourself and your business. You can do this by learning how to brand yourself properly.

If self-branding is something that is new to you, I can gladly give you some more tips and pointers. You can message me directly and I will make sure to get back to you.

Going back to our topic…

I must say that branding yourself is one of the most effective ways that allows you to be someone of interests to other people, instead of becoming the guy who everybody stays away from.

I have been there, and it’s not a pleasant experience.

#2 Anyone 3 Feet from You is a Prospect

One of the most common reasons why people quit in network marketing is rejection. I bet you already know that.


Did you know that people get rejected all the time in network marketing because of this traditional network marketing core belief (anyone is a prospect)? 

I bet you didn’t. Guys let’s all be honest here! 

The likelihood of everyone on Earth needing and wanting your products, services, and business is an impossibility.

Unless you are selling air that we human beings all need to breathe, you must accept the fact that…

Not everyone is a prospect!

Only the people that your business and products are intended to serve.

This is the reality in this is one of the Ultimate Truth about Network Marketing and MLM that your sponsor didn’t tell you.

I learned this the hard way. And I wouldn’t want you to experience being laughed at by your own family and friends.

If only I had access to this kind of information before, I would have known that one of the most effective ways so I wouldn’t get rejected by my prospects is to identify my target market.

This is one area where the traditional network marketing methods gets it wrong.

Like any other businesses, you are going to have greater success and efficiency in your network marketing business if you identify your target market and focus your efforts on them.

A Friendly Reminder:Someone who doesn’t care about weight loss supplements or health and wellness is probably not the best person to talk to (if health and wellness products are what your business offers).

#3 Your Friends and Family = Success

Talking about being laughed at by my family and friends, I put all the blame to myself.

I am not saying that your family and friends cannot help you with your network marketing success. However…

There is a thin line between asking for help and pestering the most important people in your life.

Nothing will annoy your family and cost you a lot of friendships more than constantly pestering and hounding them about your business.

There’s nothing wrong with letting your friends and family know what you are doing and asking them if they have an interest.

But if the answer is “NO”, just let it go. 

No need to take it all personally or hold a grudge against them for not being supportive and delightful enough to buy your products or, join your business.


You are in a network marketing “business,” and you must treat it like any other business which takes us back to #2.

Focus on the right people that need the things that you have to offer.

#4 Conduct Home Parties and One on One Presentations Regularly

Alright, I am sure this is a delicate topic so let me tiptoe on this and gently guide you through it (lol).

First off, I am not saying that this is wrong. I wouldn’t even say that this traditional network marketing method doesn’t work anymore.

But I strongly believe that it is not very effective anymore today. I have the “privilege” to experience these arduous work, and I must say, it is not worth it.

Sure, if you are doing network marketing way back in the ’90s or early 2000s, this is fine.


We are in the age of digital marketing and with it comes a much better, effective and more efficient strategies to present your network marketing business to other people.

Although, you can still choose to do your business the old way should you want to.

  • Talking to prospects face to face
  • One on one presentations
  • Dinner appointments and drawing circles in table napkins
  • Home parties and hosting business events
  • Turning every family gathering into awkward business presentations
  • Starting bizarre conversations with strangers in malls


You can forget all of that and start getting high-quality leads at the comfort of your home.

With the right tools and systems, you can even automate your business so you can get leads while you are on vacation or while sleeping.

This is among the many beauties of digital network marketing! 

What’s even better is that there are plenty of fantastic network marketing training programs today that will teach you how to implement these things in your own business.

#5 Follow your Sponsor (Upline) and You will Succeed in Network Marketing

There is nothing wrong with following your sponsor’s advice. I even recommend that you get a proper business coach/mentor to monitor and guide you along the way.

What is wrong is if you are always relying on them on what to do with your business.

Other than the fact that your sponsor (upline) have their own business to look into, your success in network marketing actually depends on your own hands.

In addition to the support you will be getting from your sponsors…

You must (and you should) take actions on your own.

One of the things that you must be able to accomplish before you could ever hope to succeed in network marketing is to learn and hone the necessary skills for this industry.

  • The art of “proper” selling and recruitment
  • Learn the Attraction Marketing
  • How to become a good leader

These are only three of the many things you need to work on yourself before you can expect a good result in your business.

Get Started With A Free Network Marketing Training Program

Get A Professional Veteran Network Marketing Coach

The good news is just like #4

There are many network marketing training programs that will teach you how to master these things quickly.

There is an abundant source of information on the Internet that you can utilize on how to be an effective network marketer in the 21st century.

All you have to do is take action on your own. You success is in your hands.

Create Your Own Success Story. Take Action Now!!

A Sincere Advice, One Network Marketer to Another

There are many ways on how to succeed in network marketing.

Some might come as unfamiliar and new to you. However, one important thing I learn in life (especially in network marketing) is that…

If you only stick to what you already know, you’ll never get anywhere than where you started.

What matters most is what you want to do and accomplish in your life. What do you want to do with your network marketing business and how far are you willing to go.

If you are serious about succeeding with network marketing…

Let me ask you a question.

If I would show you a much better way to do your network marketing business in the 21st century, would you be willing to learn more about it?

The network marketing training program I am talking about has already changed many lives in this industry, including mine. It could also change yours for the better.

PS. I know you might be worried about payment so let me tell you right now, you can get started with this training program for free.

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Final Words

Thank you for taking the time to read this article.

Can you do me a quick favor and tell me honestly, did you learn anything useful as to why the traditional network marketing methods don’t work anymore?

Meanwhile, if you find this article helpful in any way, kindly share it to anyone who might need this information.

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Also, if you have more ideas to share as to why the traditional network marketing methods don’t work anymore, feel free to use the comment section below.

Until here and if you need any assistance for your network marketing business, contact me directly.

Your pal,


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