How Attraction Marketing Can Help Your Network Marketing Business

In the previous article that I wrote, I went into details and discussed some of the most reliable steps on how to be successful with network marketing. I also mentioned a little about what is attraction marketing.

But for today, I will go into details why you (and network marketers in general) should take a closer look at attraction marketing why it is crucial for your business.

So without further ado, allow me to begin with a short definition of attraction marketing.

What is Attraction Marketing

Attraction marketing is a powerful strategy that will give you the power to stoke your audience interests. This will entice them to learn more about your business, your products and everything that you has to offer.

Instead of the typical scenario where…

You are the one reaching out to other people, trying to convince them to spare a little of their time to listen in what you got…

The attraction marketing will allow you to accomplish the exact opposite!

If properly applied on your business…

Attraction marketing will have people coming your way; prospects left and right pouring into your business. Each of them eager to learn more on whatever you and your business have to offer.

Take a moment to Imagine that, how beneficial will that be for your network marketing business.

Isn’t that what every network marketer in the history of network marketing has ever dreamed of?

With attraction marketing, that dream is not far from reality.

Attraction marketing was one of the foundations in my network marketing success. It could be the same for yours too.

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There’s more to Attraction Marketing!

Attraction marketing will also give you the ability to set yourself apart from your competitors in the same niche, e.g., network marketing.  This is called proper self-branding.

In case you still on the fence on whether…

Attraction Marketing a necessary tool for network marketers and does it really matter?

Unfortunately, YES!

Advantages of Attraction Marketing

Below are the highlights and advantages of using attraction marketing in your MLM and network marketing business.

#1 Network Marketing with Zero Rejection

One of the main reason why people get burnt out and fail in network marketing and MLM is rejection.

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Using the prospecting strategies that you will learn from attraction marketing, you will be able to overcome this obstacle and operate your business smoothly, with zero rejections! Sounds like a fantasy but it’s true.

I was also skeptical about this before…

But when I implemented the marketing strategies that I learned from attraction marketing, my network marketing business performed better than I have ever imagined.

One of the many prospecting approaches that you will learn from attraction marketing is how to identify your target audiences.

This approach will show you how to connect and promote your business to a specific group of people who are most likely to buy your products (and services) or join your business.

#2 “Proper” Self Branding

With attraction marketing, you will be able to brand yourself as you; not the company, not your products, but you.

Branding yourself using attraction marketing is centered around how you can give value to your prospects and customers. This is very important especially in network marketing where competition is very high.

Successfully and properly branding yourself using the attraction marketing will get people to remember you whenever they encounter specific problems in their personal life and they will turn to you hoping for the solution.

This will allow you to set yourself apart from other network marketers and dominate your competition.

Another good thing about branding yourself using attraction marketing is it does not have anything to do your current status and performance in the business.

Regardless of whether you already have a big network of people following you or you are just starting out, everyone can use this strategy for their benefit.

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#3 Get High-Quality Prospects Daily

The most common problem that all network marketers have to overcome in this industry is that there are not nearly enough prospects to present your business. In fact, this is one of the reasons why more than 95% of people fail in the MLM industry.

Isn’t it true?

When I was also doing my network marketing business a few years ago…

This became one of the major issues I have to find a solution. I have tried everything to get prospects but nothing seems to work.

Of course at first, you can turn into your family and close friends. Then, later on, to not so close acquaintances and distant relatives. Just like me.

But trust me, once you commit to doing your network marketing business, you will run out of leads within the first few months. Just like I did!

When that happens, you will then turn into the good old time prospecting strategies such as

  • Anyone 3 feet from you is a prospect;
  • Everything that has a pulse is a potential customer and, my all time favorite;
  • Wherever you are, present your business to anyone.

No wonder network marketers get rejected all the time…

And people outside the industry has an inferior perception of network marketing. One reason is because of these outdated and obsolete strategies that still exists.

Most of them don’t even work!

Furthermore, nobody likes doing them – not you, not your sponsor and no, not the people under your team.

With attraction marketing, you can flip everything into a complete 180 degrees.

Instead of chasing people at the malls, talking to strangers in the train stations and drawing circles in table napkins, just like I did before, you can actually make people come to you at their own will.

Everyday. Willing to buy your products. Eager to learn about your business opportunity!

How would you like that?

#4 Make Steady Sales

The ultimate goal of acquiring and generating leads to your business is to make sales eventually, and the attraction marketing will make sure you make sales.

Many businesses today have become experts in generating leads the same way that network marketers learn many gimmicks and fancy strategies to get prospects. However, only a few can actually close sales.

With attraction marketing, you will make sure that the huge chunk (if not all) of your prospects that come to you will result in sales. Either they purchase your products, subscribe to your services or join your business.

What attraction marketing will provide you is not only the means to get daily prospects but the tools and system to close out SALES!

#5 Expand your Business Online

We are in the era of social media where people cannot leave their homes without their smartphones and mobile devices.

The attraction marketing will use this human behavior to your advantage and provide you the tools to launch your business online successfully.

Attraction marketing will teach you how to utilize different platforms of social media as your lead generation system and sales outlet. It will also give you the ability to build an email list which is very important when running an online business.

Why would you spend your valuable time doing one on one presentations when you can present your business to hundreds and thousands of people at once using the Internet?

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#6 Automate your Business

Do you want to make sales and generate prospects even while sleeping?

Yes, you can!

One downside of being human is that we absolutely need rest. We also get sick and sometimes, there are significant events that we must have to attend.

With attraction marketing, not only will you be able to expand your business online but you will also learn how to automate your business entirely.

By doing so, you will be able to maximize your prospecting and marketing strategies even during the time that you cannot personally attend to your business.

  • Are you going to sleep? No problem, business is running.
  • Going outside of town with family or taking a rest due to some illness? A sophisticated set of tools and system will make sure that your network marketing business is on 100%.

With Attraction Marketing, your business will continue to make you money even while you are taking your son at the zoo!

#7 Generate Income from 90% of People who already said NO

No matter how good your products are or how life-changing your business opportunity is, the fact remains that not all people will need them.

And although attraction marketing will guarantee that you get high quality leads every day, let me give you a typical scenario.

In your network marketing career, how many times have you encountered a prospect that

  • Likes your product but not the business opportunity
  • Wants your business but does not like your products
  • Don’t like your products and your business

During the time I was hustling and grinding with my network marketing business in the past, I encounter these kinds of prospects every day!

That’s just a fact.

However, attraction marketing will teach you how to make most of your prospects and even generate income from them – even after they already said NO.

No matter if they do not buy your products or they do not join your business, you will have a way to make sales.

#8 Beginner-Friendly, Affordable Advanced Network Marketing Strategy

Like any other businesses, you (like any network marketer) would very much like to hold into your resources as long as you can and only spend it on the essentials.

I am not saying that attraction marketing is inessential to your business. But instead, this is among the most exceptional quality of attraction marketing.

Many entrepreneurs including network marketers (especially network marketers) turn to attraction marketing not only because of how easy it is to get started with, or how efficient your business will become after learning it but most of all,

Attraction Marketing is very affordable.

If done right, you don’t even have to spend much money on attraction marketing at all.

However, keep in mind that some strategies and marketing approach that you want to implement using the attraction marketing will cost you money, but most of them are free.

I want to make it clear that although getting started with attraction marketing is inexpensive, the amount of money you will be required to spend will highly depend on the strategies and marketing methods that you want to implement for your network marketing business.

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Is Attraction Marketing for You?

I just told you everything the attraction marketing can do for you and your network marketing business. However, to decide whether it is for you depend on you and you alone.

Perhaps you can ask yourself these first,

  • Are you happy with your current results?
  • If not, how do you want to proceed with your business?
  • If yes, is there something else in particular that you desire your business to be able to do/ become?

Attraction marketing provides the best tools and strategies that you can use in your network marketing business in the 21st century.

However, a tool is just a tool at the end of the day. It’s how you use it and the actions that you take that will determine your results.

Another good thing about attraction marketing is you can apply the things you learn from this program into other business models outside network marketing and MLM.

There are plenty of other home-based online businesses that will benefit from the things you learn in attraction marketing.

Network Marketing Alternatives

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On the other hand, if you wanted to get started with attraction marketing…

I highly recommend that you get started with the best attraction marketing program available today.

In addition to learning attraction marketing, you can also learn the 12 Powerful Tips on How to Become a Good Network Marketer.

Final Words

Thank you for taking the time to read my article about What is Attraction Marketing and Why does it matter to Network Marketers.

  • Is there something else you need to know about attraction marketing?
  • Do you have some valuable information you wanted to share with our readers?

Please utilize the comment section below.

As I end, I will leave you this success blueprint and may it be useful for your future endeavors. Until next time and I wish you all the success in the future.

Your pal,


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