Is World Ventures a Scam? – In my opinion no, BUT………

There have been a lot of buzz and discussions over the years on whether or not World Ventures is a scam.

I am not here to convince you either way. Instead, I am going to share with you my actual experience with World Ventures.

By reading this updated World Ventures review, you will be able to find out if it is still worthy to join this company and if World Ventures is a suitable business for you.

What Is World Ventures?

World Ventures Review

World Ventures (worldventures.com), aka WorldVentures, is a multi-level marketing company in the travel industry similar to Jifu Travel ,BookVIP, InteleTravel, and Traverus.

World Ventures was founded by two veteran network marketers Mike Azcue and Wayne Nugent way back in 2005.

World Ventures has been involved with multiple legal issues in the past and is still dealing with accusations of being a pyramid scheme as you are reading this right now.

Several countries already banned World Ventures. World Ventures was sued by the Norwegian government and labeled the company as a pyramid scheme in 2014.

Despite the many legal issues, World Ventures is still operating in different countries and its affiliates are as eager as ever in promoting the business opportunity.

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World Ventures Former CEO Stepped Down

The many issues that WV have to face in the past years are said to what led Mike Azcue to step down from his role as CEO of World Ventures and was succeeded by Josh Paine.

As I am updating this World Ventures review, Mike is no longer part of the current officers of the company.

World Ventures Owners

Whether Mike Azcue still has a role in WV is unclear but on the World Ventures Facebook page, a company affiliate says he isn’t anymore.

Mike Azcue World Ventures

But back on the issue of World Ventures being a pyramid scheme, I believe it is not.

Because unlike most pyramid schemes, World Ventures always have a decent product line in a form of travel packages that its reps are promoting.

The DreamTrips.

If you don’t have a representative who can enlighten you about the DreamTrips, allow me to try and explain in the simplest fashion.

What is DreamTrips? – A Simplified Version

World Ventures Dream Trips

DreamTrips is simply a Travel Club Membership offered by World Ventures. If you go to a travel agency, you’ll normally book a tour package, right?

Our common understanding is that everything regarding the trip will be pre-planned for us. This includes the itinerary, hotel rooms, tour guides, meals, flights, etc.

It is exactly the same when you book a “Dream Trip” with World Ventures, but with a little twist…

  • Members will typically have a better experience during the tour because it is personalized and the service standard should be better than those tour packages offered by the Travel Agencies;
  • Instead of traveling with strangers (a typical tour group), you are travelling with other WV members (I’m not sure how you would feel when other members starts talking about the “business”);
  • Flight tickets are not included in the packages – It is more cost effective if an individual use their frequent flyer miles to purchase their flight tickets.

If you take all of this, you can say that World Ventures is a Premium Travel Agency, but that’s not all.

As what I have said earlier, Dream Trips is a travel membership club therefore, World Ventures is also a Travel Club.

World Ventures – An Affortable Travel Club?

Much like Club Marriott or Hilton Club where it cost thousands of dollars to join, World Ventures operates in a similar fashion but at a cheaper price.

Like other Travel Clubs, World Ventures uses the concept of Wholesale.

When World Ventures offers a Tour Package (a “DreamTrip”), they will book a bulk of hotel rooms to negotiate a cheaper price.

They will book tables at the restaurants so that they can negotiate for a better price, they will do everything in a bulk so that they can negotiate with businesses for the best price. And, the DreamTrips members will enjoy all the benefits.

DreamTrips members do not necessarily need to be World Ventures representatives. The DreamTrips membership and the World Ventures representative membership are purchased separately.

DreamTrips Membership Vs. World Ventures Reps

Representatives sell World Ventures products to “Customers,” and a customer is an end consumer of the DreamTrips membership products.

Only the WV reps can earn money selling DreamTrips to other people. World Ventures representatives are compensated based strictly on the sale of World Ventures’ products to customers, both their personal sales and the sales made by their downline WV Representatives.

World Ventures do not pay commissions to Reps for recruiting new WV representatives. There is also no compensation derived from a representative’s personal purchases. This is similar to how the new AdvoCare compensation plan works today.

Meanwhile, DreamTrips members can earn Reward Points and will have a chance to waive their monthly fee by getting 4 people. But more on this below.

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How to Earn Reward Points with DreamTrips?

Every dollar that you pay towards the DreamTrips membership will be credited back to you as DreamTrips Reward Points.

Also, if you become a World Ventures Representative, and you refer people to buy any of the higher DreamTrips Membership (Gold, Platinum or Titanium), you’ll earn rewards points as well.

You can use this reward points to redeem travel packages.

However, you can’t exchange the reward points as cash, and there is a limit to the amount of points you can use towards a particular “Dream Trip – Tour Package”.

All accumulated DreamTrips Points will expire in 12 months from the date of inception (the date where you received the points in your account).

If you’d like to understand more about the Rewards system, you can check this out.

How to Book a “Dream Trip” with Reward Points?

All World Ventures travel packages are booked through a system called “Rovia”.

Rovia World Ventures

The Rovia booking engine can be access through the DreamTrips members area.

If you want to use your Rewards Points to book a travel package, you have to convert your DreamTrips points into “Rovia bucks”.

Rovia bucks will have the same expiry date as your DreamTrips points. But converting your DreamTrips points to Rovia bucks doesn’t reset its expiry date.

Cost To Join World Ventures

There are two ways to join World Ventures. As a customer (DreamTrips member) or as a representative.

If you want to become a customer, you will need to purchase any of the DreamTrips packages.

As of August of 2019, World Ventures introduced a new DreamTrips membership tier – the DreamTrips Titanium. So as I am updating this World Ventures review, here’s the current cost of the memberships.


To sum it up, here are the prices when the initial fee and the monthly fee are separated:

  • DreamTrips (Basic) – $68 initial fee, monthly $31.99
  • Gold – $143 initial fee, monthly $56.99
  • Platinum – $200 initial fee, monthly $99.99
  • Titanium – $850 initial fee, monthly $149.99

What is the Representative Business System (RBS) Fee

Individuals who want to become a World Ventures Representative can join by paying the Representative Business System (RBS) fee on top of the packages above.

RBS is a one-time $100 signup fee plus a $25 monthly renewal fee.

If you think the DreamTrips membership is amazing because you travel a lot, you might love it more once you see the World Ventures compensation plan.

World Ventures Compensation Plan

Other than becoming a DreamTrips members to save for your personal trips, you can also earn an income promoting the DreamTrips.

But first, you have to become a “World Ventures Representative” by paying the Representative Business System (RBS).

World Ventures focuses on direct selling so you won’t earn money by recruiting people into becoming a representative themselves. You will only make money from the sales of DreamTrips.

#1 Direct Sales Commissions

You will earn a one-time $20, $50 and $100 for every high end DreamTrips membership you sell. There is no limit to how many products you can sell.

WV Direct Sales Commissions

#2 Wings and Wheels Lifestyle Bonus

If you will manage to refer a specific number of new customers that buys the DreamTrips packages, you will earn $200 up to $1,000 per month.

#3 Weekly Team Bonus

Once you are manage to make 4 personal sales, you can earn Weekly Team Bonuses of up to $50 based on the initial product sales you generate as well as product sales generated by your entire Binary organization.

#4 Matching Bonus

Depending on your rank, you can earn up to 20% of the weekly earnings of your direct referrals.

WV Matching Bonus

#5 Monthly Residual Commissions

When you achieve the 3 Star Representative rank or higher, you can earn a Monthly Residual Commissions based on the monthly billing generated by your personal Customers and by those of your entire Binary Organization.

You can verify all the information above with the actual World Ventures compensation plan,or you can watch the video below from one of World Ventures top representative explaining the company’s LATEST compensation plan as of August 2019.

So, based on the information above, do you think you can make a steady income with World Ventures just by selling the DreamTrips on your own?

Do you think the World Ventures compensation plan relies heavily on you recruiting people and building a large sales team?

Id you do, do you think World Ventures is a scam and a pyramid scheme?

Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

Are Trip Packages In World Ventures Cheaper?

Here’s what most people misunderstood.

They tend to compare the cheapest price of the flight tickets, hotel rooms, etc. with World Ventures.

But like I’ve explained, World Ventures is not a typical booking portal like Expedia.com, Traveloka.com or booking.com. World Ventures is a Travel Club. So, it’s not really comparing apple to apple.

If you really want to compare, then compare the DreamTrips prices to the tour packages offered by the travel agencies.

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World Ventures Business Opportunity – I Quit

Like I mentioned at the start of this World Ventures review, I quit the company and I am currently not a representative of World Ventures anymore.

This is because making money with World Ventures is very hard.

In fact, more than 95% of the World Ventures Representatives failed in the business, and I happen to be one of them.

Below is a snapshot of the 2019 WV Income Disclosure.

WorldVentures 2019 Income Disclosure

You see, out of all the WV Reps in the US, 85.4% of them didn’t earn a dime in the business.

And, for those who did earn money, the majority of them do not earn a substantial income. A little more than 95% of all WV Representatives aren’t making a steady income.

If it’s such a good opportunity, why aren’t people succeeding? Is World Ventures a scam after all?

Well, as a failed WV Rep, I think I know the answer, but first, let me share with you my personal experience…

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My Personal WV Experience – Not a great one!

As you know, World Ventures is an MLM, and an MLM is a people’s business. The experience of each individual depends on the sponsors or the direct uplines, not the company.

“Get 4 and Pay No More!”

To look at the opportunity as a whole, I was pressured upon signing up as a member, to run around like a crazy person and grab 4 people to sign up as my downline within 30 days.

This will qualify me to earn a bonus commission, and most importantly to waive off the monthly subscription.

I was given the impression from my uplines or sponsor that the product sells for itself and I do not need to do any sales talk.

I was told that there will be weekly or monthly seminars where leaders of World Ventures will make an introductory speech of the opportunity and other members will share their experiences as well.

Basically, I thought it was an easy sell. In my mind, I was already dreaming about living the “good life”.

Getting My Friends to One of the Seminars

However, back to reality, some seminars are great and some are not, it really depends on the host, the speaker.

There was once I brought 2 friends to the seminar, but the speaker wasn’t really good at communicating the opportunity, which led my friends and I lose interest on World Ventures almost instantly.

The truth is getting people to the seminars is not a difficult task, but convincing people to sign up as a representative of World Ventures, is a completely different story.

Most importantly, my sponsor (a good lady colleague of mine) is not a salesperson, and she has no idea on how to promote World Ventures.

We rely heavily on my sponsor’s upline to do the after seminar sales pitch, but…

She is always too busy asking her own referrals to join World Ventures.

No Support, No Guidance, Feeling Frustrated!

As a result, my sponsor and I were left alone, no support, no sales experience, no confidence in the business, so we left altogether.

I am not blaming my sponsor for this, because she is a good friend and colleague of mine, who shares the same agony as I.

After leaving World Ventures, I finally gasp a sign of relief because I do not have to pay the monthly membership fee of $60 (at that time) anymore.

You may call me a loser for not getting 4 people in 30 days, but hey, this is how it is, I am not a trained sales person and I am not as influential as some people are.

Although I had experience with a few MLM Companies in the past, prior to World Ventures, I still sucked at selling.

All I was taught to do was to bring people to those seminars without first telling them what it is about. This will create a WOW factor (as I was told).

So this is my personal experience with World Ventures.

It is really up to you to decide if it is worth joining World Ventures, but be warned that hardships and hurdles are imminent.

Again, I am not saying that World Ventures is a scam but I get why many people are saying it is.

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Why Most World Ventures Reps Don’t Make Money?

Well, you’ve read my story, I am a typical example of why someone will fail.

But, there’s more to it…

#1 Lack of Leads

I would say that the number one challenge for all representatives is to find a constant flow of new prospects.

Without a constant flow of prospects, no business in this world will succeed.

When you join WV, I believe you will be taught to prospect your friends, family members, and everyone whom you met, but there’s just a limit to your social circle.

Plus, only a small percentage of people will join you in the business, and you’ll see yourself running out of new prospects as you progress.

So, like any businesses, you need a constant flow of highly targeted prospects to succeed. And, after being online for so long, I finally realize that the best way to become successful in World Ventures is to learn how to get unlimited leads and prospects.

This is one of the best strategies adopted by top network marketers to attract an endless stream of highly targeted prospects.

#2 Lack of Training

When I was with World Ventures years ago, there was no centralized training platform.

Now, at the very least, the company provides centralized training for representatives who upgrade their memberships.

But, is it enough? Current WV Reps, I would love to hear from you in the comments section below.

Alternatively, I’ve found a centralized training platform for all network marketers to get the best knowledge on growing their business.

If you are interested, you can check it out here.

#3 Poor Mentorship

Honestly, there’s only a handful of people who’ve succeeded in this business, and finding a successful mentor to personally coach you is like finding a needle in the haystack.

I can’t stress this enough that you need a great mentor in order to succeed in any business.

If you talk to any successful business person, they will tell you that at some point in their life, they had a great mentor.

So, if you are struggling with your World Ventures Business, and you’d like to find a great mentor to coach you, I recommend that you check out this program.

I highly recommend this program because it teaches you to find and prospect people online, without being salesy or sleazy. This will give you a better chance at succeeding with your World Ventures business.

#4 Wrong Mindset

I was the typical example of having the wrong mindset, the wrong expectation, and being sold to the idea that the product sells for itself.

Boy was I wrong!

The truth is, this business is not cut out for everyone.

If you hate selling, if you dislike prospecting, if you hate facing rejections, if you hate this, this, and that, AND you are not doing anything to overcome them, then don’t bother joining this business, because you are just wasting your time and money.

Successful WV Reps are the ones who would go against all odds to find their success.

Is World Ventures A Pyramid Scheme?

Okay i’ts time to answer this question. With so many developments around the company, I think it is best that I address this and let you know the facts so that you can decide for yourself.

World Ventures has been named as a pyramid scheme in Norway (February 2014), probed for investigation in Africa (September 2015) and Jamaica (June 2015).

Why is this happening?

Before we go into the details, let’s first understand what is a pyramid scheme is.

In my opinion, the World Ventures opportunity has been deeply misled and misunderstood.

The products that World Ventures offer are great, and the memberships are not exactly difficult to sell (if you are selling to the right crowd – people who travel often).

However, when a group of representatives emphasizes on the recruitment rather than selling the memberships, the company and its reputation will be questioned.

As they say, one bad apple spoils the barrel, and it is exactly what is happening here.

Who’s Fault Is It?

The fault lies heavily on the company’s management team for the lack of ability to manage and control their representatives.

Obviously, when a company compensates their Reps for the recruitment efforts, the Reps will inherently be inclined to focus on the recruitment rather than to assess if their prospects have the ability to join the DreamTrips’ membership.

So, if you ask me, I would say that generally World Ventures is not a pyramid scheme, but when a representative focus on the recruitment rather than promoting the products, the situation might change.

It is up to the company’s management team to handle their representatives.

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Should You Join World Ventures Now?

Instead of trying to convince you to join or stay away from this company, I will share with you the latest update about World Ventures so you can decide for yourself if this is a business opportunity that you want to be part in.

#1 World Ventures Complaints – Tons of them

In BBB alone, WV has 217 complaints as I am updating this World Ventures review. Many people are calling this company a scam.

World Ventures Complaints

#2 Unpaid Commissions

In 2018, World Ventures South Africa was sued by its representatives because the company failed to pay the their commissions.

World Ventures South Africa Sued

The same charges were filed by Myron Wick and Virginia Walker, former high-ranking members of World Ventures in 2016 alleging that the company failed to pay commissions that they had earned.

#3 World Ventures Recent Lawsuits

In June of 2019, Taiwan prosecutors filed charges against the owners of World Ventures alleging that the company is simply a pyramid scheme.

World Ventures Taiwan Lawsuit

So what do you think? Are you still willing to take part of this company? Is World Ventures a scam in your opinion?

Leave your comment and opinions below.

To help you decide on whether you should join World Ventures, read the next section of this updated World Ventures review.

Who Should Join World Ventures

DreamTrips Membership

These are the people who would benefit from the DreamTrips Membership? People who:

  • travel frequently
  • do not like to plan for trips (they prefer tour packages)
  • like to travel in style
  • like a personalized travel experience
  • wouldn’t mind travelling with other World Ventures members
  • People who travel frequently

You should NOT join DreamTrips if you are someone who:

  • travels once or twice a year
  • loves to go on free and easy trips
  • dislikes tour packages
  • hates travelling with a tour group
  • can’t afford the membership

World Ventures Representative

You are a suitable candidate for World Ventures if you are someone who:

  • has benefited from the DreamTrips Membership
  • has sales experience
  • has prior MLM experience
  • has extra cash to spare on a monthly basis
  • will go against all odds to become successful
  • has extra time to build a full-time business (Part-time is not advisable because this opportunity requires a lot of time and attention to be successful)

DO NOT join World Ventures if you:

  • are heavily in debt
  • are cash-strapped
  • have the wrong expectations (making money is easy?)
  • can’t find the time to do this business
  • are afraid of facing rejections
  • are not prepared to be a sales person
  • are jumping from one opportunity after another

My Sincere Advice to You

Unless you travel frequently, you will probably won’t enjoy the benefits that World Ventures brings.

This goes to say that the business opportunity is not meant for people who are cash-strapped. If you are cash-strapped and you are looking for a business opportunity, maybe you can try this.

People who travel at least 3 times a year will definitely feel that they are getting their money’s worth with the DreamTrips membership.

Prospecting people who can’t afford to travel, is probably the main reason why the company got into trouble with the authorities.

So, before you join this opportunity, please consider the facts that I’ve shared above.

And if you are already a World Ventures member, and you are struggling to grow your business, then I recommend that you check out this program.

It is a program that helps you find prospects online without being salesy or sleazy. It is my top recommendation when it comes to MLM training programs.

World Ventures Best Business Alternative

To be honest, not every business opportunity is suitable for you.

Take me as an example, I didn’t succeed with World Ventures, but I succeeded with something else.

Now, I run a full-time online business that generates a passive income. If you’d like to learn more, you can read my story here.

Final Words

Thank you so much for reading this World Ventures review! I hope I have provided you with the information you need to make an educated decision.

If you think that this is helpful, please share it with others. Someone else might need this information so they too would know the truth about the World Ventures scam rumors going on.

And, if you’d like to discuss more or share your experience with World Ventures, please, feel free to leave a comment in the comment section below.

Until here and I wish you the best in your future endeavors.

Your pal,



  1. Thanks for the info here. I was recently friended in a FB private group by someone who is a WV representative. Initially because of the spiritual nature of the group I was a little more than curious about this individual as they seem legitimately honest. But, I have a sneaking suspicion some are saying all the right things in these groups and trolling for prospects. Just need to be careful I guess, as I have no interest in the WV business.

  2. William Kulp says:

    Hey Jack. This was an amazing post. A lot of information. I did sign up about a month ago. The one thing I noticed you didn’t say was whether or not you get paid monthly on signing people up on their memberships. I thought this was also another way to get paid. I just want to make sure. The only way I can get paid is to recruit people in as an affiliate?

    1. Hi William,

      Thank you for your comment! Much appreciated!

      As for the monthly commission…

      Only if you have achieved the “3 Star Representative” rank, you will be qualified to earn the “Monthly Residual Commissions”.

      You can refer to the compensation plan here.

      ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

  3. hi Jack,how do i cancel my membership an get my refund

  4. Sabastian says:

    If people drop off do you have to replace them if you fall under the 4 and pay no more?

    1. Yes. You will constantly need to maintain 4 to enjoy that benefit.

      Hope this helps!

      ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

  5. Is social media and content marketing allowed for the membership recruitment?

    1. I believe yes. There’s shouldn’t be any restriction on this. Just make sure that your content isn’t trying to “Recruit”, but more of promoting the DreamTrips Membership.

      ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

  6. Alta Lourens says:

    Hi Jack
    How do a person go about getting your money refunded if you joined. I think as far as the consumer act goes you can cancel any purchase for refund within 7 days?

    1. Alta Lourens says:

      Hi Jack
      Just want to let you know that I manage to successfully cancel my Membership with World Ventures and they actually did pay back my Membership fees within 5 days. I am really glad about that.
      Have a great Thursday.

      1. Thank you for updating me Alta, and I am glad that you’ve received your refund.

        ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

  7. Taariq Hayat says:


    I from SA and I have just been approached by somebody from World Ventures. I do not normally take part in MLM’s and this does sound a bit too good to be true. I want to know if a decision has made made to say if it is illegal in South Africa or not? I know they were under investigation recently. They were also banned in a few countries around the word (Norway).I am a SEO specialist and work for a UK company and I make good income from affiliate marketing.

    1. Hi Taariq,

      “Being legal” depends on the country’s jurisdiction, and how its business operates in the country.

      Generally, I would say that World Ventures is legit, but for some part of the world, they will disagree with the statement.

      For example, in South Africa, people were made to believe that if they join this business opportunity, they will earn big bucks. But, as you know that MLMs should NEVER recruit people this way.

      The most legit way to recruit is to promote the services first, and if that person likes what she saw, then the business opportunity comes as a secondary approach.

      Unfortunately, most WV distributors don’t operate this way and hence the legal proceedings.

      Make sure that you join someone who promotes the WV opportunity the right way.

      Hope this helps!

      ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

  8. I deliberately came online to search for someone’s view about WV . I am happy to have found this and that you share the same exact sentiments. I have been pressured to join two times. And when I think about it , it doesn’t make any sense . In order to get paid you will have to continually get persons to sign up . And to me it makes you work harder than they make it seem. I don’t like the fact they use multi-millionaires as references when , they didn’t even join WV to reach where there are now in the first place.

    1. I am Glad someone shares the same sentiment as me, I am not alone.

      I do think that it is a great company though, but I didn’t think the business is suitable for everyone.

      ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

  9. Good article Jack. It is your experience that you are sharing and not that others may not become successful having all the capabilities. I just come out of a one on one discussion related to WV and yes, there is a cost up front and monthly, it requires growing sales and new acquisitions, and it can lead to decent returns when building pipeline. It does require aggressive sales talent and focus though., including time and money to make it work. I am concerned by the fact that you state travel must be with other persons – not what I see from their presentation – you as a member can book your own trip and separate airlines as they offer the service to corporate members as well for business – am I correct or mislead?

    1. Hi Gerard,

      I think you are correct, it is just that the information in this review is currently outdated.

      Previously it works the way I’ve described, but now I guess they’ve changed the operations.

      ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

  10. Hi Jack,

    Thank you for your article and eye opener. I was about to sign-up but after reading what you had to say and allot of that was directed at me eg. I am not a sales person for one and too enjoy travelling on my own and meeting new people as I go along.

    Keep up the good work.


  11. I hear what everyone is saying . I’m in S.A. and joined WV 7 months ago and all is going perfectly well. I’ve made my money back and even more. My team is getting paid and we all help each other. It falls right back at your WHY…. Why you started and why are you holding on. I’m not about to change anyone’s opinion but all I’m saying is … everything and anything works and sells as long as you believe in what you selling and saying to people. Joining WV has been my best decision by far.

    1. Hi Portia,

      Thanks for sharing your experience Portia!

      ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

  12. They have my bank transfer in their ewallet saying”pening worldventures authorization”

    This company is a scam! I want my money back!

      1. Sorry, no misunderstanding. Look at the BBB complaints. Now that WV has run out of capital and has no cash reserves (see Glassdoor.com), they can’t legally harass members and others who tell the truth about this organization. Numerous reps, worldwide, who haven’t been paid commissions and residuals since October of 2017 are making complaints. One of the things WV does is put the rep’s payments (or at least they say they do) in their EWallet, then never release the funds when the rep tries to withdraw their pay.
        The withdrawal is always pending WV decision.
        And look at this:

        1. Thanks for sharing this Rob! This definitely shows the other side of World Ventures. They were a good and legitimate business opportunity, and I still hope that they can sustain.

          I guess the multiple lawsuits around the world have taken a toll on the company’s finance. Such a sad story because this company has been around for a very long time, and probably millions of WV members are affected because of this.

          ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

  13. You basically pay them to work for them, and than you have to sell their garbage to your friends and family to get your money back. The product is worthless as hell. I would expand but enough have been said here about it. It has no value at all, there just to legalize the pyramid scheme. how dumb do you have to be to not see this. and all those “payed” (more accurately paying) wv reps who comment everywhere with their “awesome” fairytailes about how they got rich and traveling the world, while the company’s annual income disclosure shows that only 30% earn a comission and that the median income is 40$!! and of course not including expenses of hundreds and thousands of dollars on registering, monthly payment, events and more!!!… what have money turned us onto??? there are no ways to get rich quick, and benefit from this company to learn a lesson in life: if it sounds too good to be true, it’s probably not true.

    1. Thanks for your opinion Yahav!

      ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

  14. Andrew Hunter says:

    I cannot agree with some of the things the writer has said here. My experience with World Ventures is that they are transparent. I knew before I joined that earnings are not guaranteed but rather depend on my effort and skills. So I was not enticed to believe that I was going to get rich without working for it. If that was the case I would not have joined.

    As a member only, if you like to travel (most people do, as long as it is affordable) then WV is the absolute best value for money since you get back all your money to spend back on the already discounted trips- and now you can even spend your money on non-travel related items. I also like the idea of giving to charity so WV foundation appeals to me . They are also big on personal development, something that is hard to put a value on.

    And by the way I don’t thing the writer made it clear that the membership covers your spouse and children or even a friend- so you don’t have to team up with other WV members if you don’t want to.

    As for the Representative Business side of things, like any other business, you get out what you put in. So just be prepared to put in the work if you want it to be your other source of income. If not, then just be a member. It is however my opinion that the cost of being a representative is so minimal that the benefits you derive from just being a member would still justify you being a Representative as well, even if you not making money from it . At least keep the option open, you may just start making money over time.

    Those are my views.

    1. Thanks for your views Andrew! Much appreciated!

      It’s good that you point out the stuff that are not discussed in this article.

      Everyone’s experience with WV will differ because different teams in WV will recruit their members differently.

      ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

  15. I just started WV 3 months ago and it was the best decision I ever made. I Just got my 4th personal a couple of weeks ago so now I do have my fees waived. I knew getting in I was going to have to put in some work to make this thing work but I have already been to my first training event because I will make this work for me. I am going on an amazing trip next month to Dubai in which I wouldn’t have been able to go with out WV. I have also already booked my second training event in Kansas in April. WV is a great company and while I might not be successful yet I am glad to be a part of such a great company and I am willing to put in the time and effort to be successful.

    1. Thank you so much for sharing your experience with WV! Much appreciated!

      I wish you all the best, and I look forward to see your success story here.

      ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

    2. Lester I just got back from Dubai with WV and it was more than amazing! Someone commented that the product it crap. I’m not what that person experienced but my trips was nothing less then excellent. I even got more than I anticipated!

  16. Hello !

    Quite Interesting review! In a way you explain why most people would fail. Mlm or affiliate marketing is not for everyone. Wv is a business that needs to be lived. If you don’t feel like travelling, why would people join your team? As we first attract people like us, I’m not surprised you failed at your first tests.

    You did not keep up the fight. I personally think you did right.
    The great majority of people won’t make a dime. But a vast majority won’t do what is necessary to get this. The system is build in such a way that in the end, there will still be people “paying” for others. It’s up to you to be on the other side. Your leadership, determination will bring you there.

    If you don’t live the product, you need to sell it. Most people would fail at it. Most, not everyone.

    As part of it, I have a different experience. My upline always tries to help when I ask and even more. Cross line also works where I operate. My leader is very close to people trying to achieve. Sure if you are lazy or not coachable, they’ll step aside.
    I am not making a dime but it is a great experience that helps me understand why I failed in some parts at life. It’s huge human experience when you are with the right people…. Not the right sellers.

    It cost me money but helped me a better person. Got me back to reading and self developing… It got me back to invest on myself instead of complaining. Wv is not the only way to understand it. I was at the right place at the right time. Not everyone has this chance to be surrounded by people that would really care.

    I may earn some money one day or not. I will never be a seller but if I can help people in return by showing they are worth it and can make it here or there, that will definitely be my best gift whatsoever. If you only hold Wv as a means to get money, that’s fine and we’re very likely to fail… Very does not mean impossible. If something misses in your life… meeting the right people in Wv may help you out.

    We are all different. I promote it as I live it. I don’t over promise. I don’t force people. Having people leaving one month or so after signing up is not my aim. The commission you’d from enrolling a person is not something that motivates me. Making your life better is what thrills me.

    If you think you’re going to be rich with no effort, don’t join in. If you feel travel sells for itself, don’t join. If you won’t travel, won’t do self development, don’t want to help others, don’t join. If you lack money and are not ready to fight to get a better life, do not join. If you have no why that makes you cry, no reason to fight for, don’t join. If you don’t like people… Do not join.

    Wv is such a big thing that you can’t summarize it in a few words.

    Thanks Jack for your review. I think you were with the wrong people and it did not help. What matters is that you do what matters to you with or without WV.

    1. Thank you for your honest opinion George!

      I agree with you that if you are in just for the sake of earning, then 95% of the time you won’t earn any.

      Its great that you are a part of great group, but unfortunately, my experience with WV is very much the opposite of yours. I wished I had known you earlier, but I guess the ship was sailed 5 to 6 years ago.

      Your goal of helping people achieve something in life is inspirational, I just hope that you will keep that spirit up even when no one else cares, and no one else is listening to you, because if you keep going to improve yourself, eventually people will be able to see and feel your sincerity, and that’s when people will trust and follow you.

      I wish you all the best in your journey with your team and WV.

      ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

    2. George, sorry you had to waste your money on WV. You could have learned all those self improvement theories and practices by yourself, from much better teachers and mentors than the tax cheat Mark Accetta, and much less expensive means.
      You, increasing your reading has nothing to do with WV, but instead with you. Don’t give up your power to WV (of course, it’s doubtful if you’ll listen, as you already agreed to a 65/35 split of your wages).

  17. Mark McAllister says:

    If you get a bunch of friends to go along on vocation with you and you book the vocation as a group package you will save a considerable amount of money,, the one comment suggests that you do save money in comparison to other travel sites, I wonder did you inform the travel site or agent that you would be travelling as a group,, if you going to make comparisons you have to compare apples to apples maybe search the trip and book it as a group of say 10 and you will see considerable savings for every traveler. that being said it sounds like the company is using ignorance of its members to suggest that they are offering something that no other company offers which is not the case

  18. Hey jack
    What do you think abought MOBE?

  19. The ones who are disagreeing are not understanding how being misled can impact your success. These reps don’t lay it all out, like this; and maybe they’re not supposed too…. they just tell you what they think you want to hear. But as a history teacher… I research everything. I just met with a WV rep and he did not give me half… and I mean not even half of this information. I would have fallen off a cliff had I accepted his offer; because I would have been blindsided. It’s almost a “get them signed up” type of business. Where as long as you have some signing, some sticking with the program, you’ll get paid something. But he never mentioned airfare, group traveling, how he works with a team, or anything I’ve learned from this video and article. He was literally sweating, trying to sell this product; even some card with an electronical picture. He just wanted a sale….
    Thanks so much, but I’ll pass!!!

    1. Hey Dana,

      Thank you so much for your comment!

      I’m glad this review helped.

      As far as I know this company is legit, but it is just that the reps were not taught how to properly communicate and promote the product.

      That’s why I always recommend people to do a little research on the team they are about to join, and try to understand if the team provides quality training and support.

      Many people are misled into this opportunity, like myself, and my hope is that people can read this review before deciding if they should join.

      ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

  20. I have joined wv and i am disspointed, because when I choose one trip , we must buy 2 ticket for get low cost and we must give additional money for that trip.
    The discount fee from our poin dt and that poin is our money…. so I don’t get anything good by join wv.thanks

  21. There are many factors that can cause a person to fail in any business Jack! My advice is find something that sparks your passion! Without passion you will fail! Many start franchise restaraunts and fail after paying hundreds of thousands of dollars into it. You have to have the drive! WV is not bad at all! You pay only about 250 to join for start up which you get dream trips and rep commissions! If people fail it is usually their own fault! People fail all the time in any business!
    All you have to do is find one that sparks your passion! With the passion you will be willing to put in the hard work to be successful! With the passion you will have the drive, determination and set goals to accomplish and so on! You have to work hard at any business! The chances of failure is in any kind of business! At least with MLM you won’t be out tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars like some other businesses you can fail at!

    Cheers to you!

  22. Jack, Thank you very much for your precious advices.

    1. You are most welcome Domenico!

      ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

  23. Julia Standish says:

    Thank you Jack Cao,
    This definitely is a condensed summary of World Ventures, that I couldn’t have written any clearer than you.
    I really appreciate that throughout the post, you layed out the facts and STILL told the reader, they have a choice.
    I like your honesty, and I choose to become a representative of World Ventures.
    Reading this post, reaffirms my decision to continue sharing World Ventures. And you have definitely help me to identify those who will most like join me. Thank you, again.
    Since this is a public post, I will be referring my prospects to read for themselves and do their due diligence of research before joining me and my team, and traveling together.
    Thank you again.
    I also believe in the Affliliate programs, and sending people to where they want to buy.

    1. Thank you for your kind comment Julia!

      I wish you all the best to your journey with World Ventures and I wish you will find success with it.

      ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

  24. Someone (i won’t be petty and mention their name) shared some choice and very negative words with me about World Ventures. This led me to do more research and I found that many people have had bad experiences. Honestly, WV has some great vacation packages and thats why I became a member. I know people paying almost twice as much as I am to take trips.

  25. Thanks very much jack,
    Have not yet joined but my instincts was like that with your experience.

    Is a germ of advice.

  26. Thanks for sharing, very helpful, I just one to have a question? Someone has invited me to join this business, but yeah he said to pay some money first to online account. Which one that must send via online and should with credit card. I dont know is this real or scam? But I just confused, I thought many respons of this company is scam(sorry), so my question is, should I join or no? Cause yeah, I was worried

    1. Please be sure that you are paying to World Ventures and not a personal account. World Ventures is legitimate, but some bad apples within the group can cause its reputation. If someone is asking to you pay online, make sure that the receiving party is World Ventures, and if in doubt, check with the head quarters.

      Many have claimed that WV is a scam because they did not make money from it, in fact, they lost a few hundred dollars worth of subscription fee. You must know what you are getting into before joining.

      ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

  27. Maybe someone can explane for my how i can to stop my membership in Worldventures?
    Because i am waste my time and money.

    1. Have you tried contacting your sponsor? Otherwise, you can send an email to: [email protected]

      Please provide the following details:

      Rep ID:
      Phone no.:
      Sponsor Name and ID:
      Product(s) bought:

  28. Thank you Jack for the insight, all you did was to share your opinion and how you personally see WV. It is actually an eye opener to me and its entirely upon an individual what his/her choice would be whether to join or not. Just like Cathy, it was an honest review and not defacing the company.

    and once again hank you for sharing we never stop learning new things everyday. will definitely look in to the Wealthy Affiliate

    1. You are most welcome, and I thank you for your kind words!

      ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

  29. Thanks for the honest review. Seems you haven’t drank the tea and can still think on your own. We have a person in our neighborhood that just can’t believe we don’t join. I said come talk to me in a year , when I ask how much she has made the studdering and excuses immediately start coming out.

    1. That’s probably the reason why people who are in MLM lose friends. They make big claims to ask you to join them, but to know that they couldn’t face the embarrassment when they didn’t get the results that they’ve expected.

      Thanks for sharing this Troy!

      ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

  30. Ha, I have a cousin doing this, and she tried ‘fishing’ for interest with me awhile back. Sadly she didn’t realise that I had been in the Isagenix program once before, and it was a waste of money and time. Exactly the same program, and exactly the same problems. It was a shiny coin and they reel you in with big promises, they get you to do skype calls, and then once you have paid your $700 + initial fee, boom, support goes, they get their cash, and they are off to get more people.

    Good read this article, cheers!

  31. I think MLM provides a great opportunity for people with little to no business experience to be successful an earn a sustainable income. The problem for many people who venture into MLM, they come in with the wrong expectations. MLM is a business, and in order to be successful at it you have to treated as a business. Just because you start with no business knowledge , you should not remain that way. You need to engage in personal development and aquire the right tools to achieve success. I have personally met many people that came in green, and after applying the training, putting in work and developing leadership skills, have been able to retire from their jobs.

    Avon is on of the oldest MLM and is documented in producing women who have become millionaires. I agree MLM is not for everyone, but neither is becoming an entrepreneur, and the thought of becoming a million is beyond many people’s thought process! But you don’t know what you don’t know, and nothing changes until something changes. Many us are too afraid to do something different to make a difference.

    I believe with any business venture, you should first approach it with the question, “Is this something that I love? ” If you don’t love travel, meeting people and making friends with people all over the world, engaging with some of the most successful and innovative people in the world, people that have a zest for life an adventurous and loving spirit, and believe that what I love, I should live, and Making a living living is not just a catch phrase, but truly a way of life… Stay away from Worldventures, cause we’re having too much fun for you to spoil our party!

    1. Well said Jean! Thanks for that!

      ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

  32. josinaldo says:

    Dude, you did not take the time to give yourself a chance. In fact, people like you can not make money in any kind of business. You say you’re successful, but that’s all you can say. My opinion is that you are not smart enough.

    1. I respect your opinion, but I truly did have success with something else (Here’s my proof). World Ventures just wasn’t for me.

      ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

  33. Great review Jack, really helpful. I got invitation today for the initial training meeting. i will stay away from MLM – world ventures.

  34. Can someone explainn the earning of the world ventures for exmample. 400 members at a maximum 2000 per week and 2000per month. Is that divided into the 400 members or what ?? Like how many in a team???

  35. Lynnette Lim says:

    Hi there,
    Very interesting read up. Wish i had read it before i signed up haha, Guess i have to learn the hard way but how does one leave the group? Thanks.

  36. First I was invited to a friend’s house when she asked me to come over I asked why were we meeting she said oh just come over I’ll tell you when you get here. I was still hesitant on why we were meeting on short notice and she didn’t want to tell me why. Once I got there she did go ahead and start letting us know about her past that made her decide to try WorldVentures. Afterwards her upliner got up and spoke which after that I fell more pressured into making the decision right then. Than being able to actually sit back think about it and see if that was something for me. As the up liner was speaking he did make you feel as if it was very easy to do. He will be there to support you through everything. I am personally have not a sales person either so I do appreciate your article because that allow me to understand a little more about World Ventures. At the moment I don’t have the time needed to be successful with WV.

  37. I’ve been a member for over 2 years now. When comparing a DreamTrip to booking yourself most people just look at the hotel cost. DreamTrips are 4 and 5 star EVERYTHING trips with events/activities included. Events/activities meaning transportation to as well as tickets or entrance fees. Most times there is at least one meal included. All the trips I’ve been on have included breakfast and at least one lunch and sometimes dinner. I’ve stayed in 4 diamond hotels which I never knew existed. On all the trips I’ve been on people have paid more to just STAY at the hotel/resort per night than I paid for my whole DreamTrip experience. Yes there are other members on the trip. No you don’t have to hang with them. So you could go on the trip and be alone if that’s what you want to do. Yes, if you refer 4 members who join then you no longer pay a monthly fee. No you don’t have to do that in any time frame and in fact you NEVER have to do that if you don’t want to just pay your monthly fee like you do with your gym or Sam’s Club membership. All of that is just for buying the DreamTrip product. The business is totally separate and not required. Like everything else you do, you get out of it what you put into it. If you aren’t using your product and sharing it with multiple people then you won’t make money. Again there is nothing that says you have to sell so many memberships in so many days. HOWEVER if you do then you get a bonus. And pay day is every week. Weight your options if you got something better go for it. Everyone deserves to live abundantly and however you get there is cool with me!

  38. Private Detective says:

    Good to know this.

  39. I’ve been reviewing all the information on World Ventures for a friend who wanted my opinion and to see if I thought it was worth it. What bothers me about World Ventures is the average annual commission is only $300 with only a little over 22% of representatives actively participating which definitely skews the data but that says a lot too me. It sends up an immediate red flag saying not so fast! There is a lot more to learn here before making any decision and how does this compare with so many other programs out there today. Every hotel chain under the sun has points programs which provides you discounts by being a member & they cost nothing. In fact you earn points that you can use for free stays around the world, same as airlines and many you can link with airlines. Then you have Costco & Sams memberships, etc. what can this do for me that those don’t. As an MLM how do you counter that. I currently am a successful MLM with NERIUM INTERNATIONAL but they have real products based on real sciences that provide real results and I can clearly explain every aspect of the business and the product benefits. I don’t see that with World Ventures. Your Review was very insightful and reinforced the conclusions I was forming from my reading.

  40. I can see why you have rated Wv the way you have. As you had no success with it. From a MLM point of view maybe you didnt get the support you needed to make something of it. Or maybe you didnt understand it at all, or maybe you just quit because it got hard, or didnt attend the trainings, or maybe you quit one person too early from showing the opportunity that you missed the opportunity for it to not only change your life but others lives as well. The thing with an MLM like WV is there is no product you have to keep buying all the time, you are litterally sharing the opportunity for your fiends and family to travel more. You arent selling anything and if you are trying to sell it you would need to ask some serious questions to yourself. Why dont my friends and family believe me? Had you been on a dream trip before you showed them the opportunity? maybe they knew you were chasing money. Its easy to identify someone with greed much like a car salesman. The best thing about an MLM is that it exposes you(all your insecurities about what you think about yourself and what others think about you) before it promotes you. Take you for example you got into it to make money(nothing wrong with having money but plenty things wrong when you dont care bout the person in front of you because you are chasing money. The main reason people dont travel is becasue of time and money, and all WV has done is created a platform for people to do this more on a part time basis until you have a choice to make it a full time basis or not haha you dont actually have to do the business either. Its totally optional.

    And as you said before you only travelled once or twice a year. Which is why WV is around so people can travel more than once or twice a year. The one thing that everyone does is want to travel it is why it is the largest industry in the world spending around 8 trillion dollars a year on it.

    Anyway the reason for this response is because you had to change your career path you had to bag out something else you tried and didnt work for you. I get that you
    probably deserve to be delt a better hand in life. Do you know there was a couple that were introduced to WV and their little boy had leukemia at 4 years old. The only thing he wanted to do was go to disneyland. And now because of WV product dreamtrips they are able to start planning a trip now. It literally has allowed them to make it happen. There are so many stories of people getting into WV for the right reasons – to change their lives and others, and have more fun freedom and fulfilment while doing it. And sadly there are people like you who get in it for the wrong reasons becasue they see a new shiny object and think that its the new magic bullet.

  41. Hey there. Interesting comments. I actually took a dip into this and built a pretty big team. However I did not make much money. Let me be clear. The system works but you have to hustle! I do agree that if you are new to MLM having the right sponsor matters. In my case my upline managed like a supervisor would and his wife did nothing but lost uselsss things on our internal site. I mention this BC leadership is all about doing and having your downline mimic this. If you don’t hustle your downline won’t either. My only issue is that there are too many posers who go to the trainings. It requires work and it will make you money if you put the time in. 🙂

  42. Hi all,
    Don’t involve in this team. We have no choice to choose our holidays and we can’t use our money for the holiday trip. We must book many holidays to get back our money or use our invested money.

  43. its not easy at all to get 4 to join WV despite what they say in the presentation

    and i’m not too sure if its really a money-saving travelling scheme considering that if you can’t get 4 people to join, you’d’ve paid about $1,200 a year to be in the programme not counting the initial fee to join

    and even if you did get your 4, theres no guarantee they will stay on and persevere particularly if they can’t get 4 people to join them in their first few months

    and on top of that, theres money that you have to fork out for their monthly, quarterly or whenever theres a “training” event held at various countries that your uplines would urge you to attend that would cost you a flight fares or at the very least a fuel cost and other related costs if you use your own transport, not to mention lodging cost as well. that would add-up to quite a pretty penny and all this while, you haven’t make enough to at least cover all that cost let alone see a profit

    yes. you need to invest in your business to make it grow. thats their mantra if you brought up this issue to the uplines which is of course hard to argue with. but if after 3-4 years investing and working on this business and you still making a loss even youve been to several places on holiday using this scheme, serious questions need to be asked

    the way i see it, MLM days has passed. it doesn’t belong to this day and age

  44. Antonella says:

    Hi!! I already signed in and in a month I invited about a dozen and only 5 showed up but no one signed in….people nowadays are frightened to do such a thing with money (I WAS A HERO?) Now I want to leave the group….they already charged me$109 for not signing people in……i guess i have to lose my money ( entering fee + my first monthly) what do you think I shall do?? Thanks in advance

    1. Hi Antonella,

      The first question is, do you think the World Ventures membership is worth it to you? Second question is, do you actually use the World Venture Membership to travel?

      If both answers point towards NO, then I think you should try asking for a refund and cancel your membership.

      ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

  45. World Ventures is a total scam !!!!!!! Stay away or cancel ASAP!!
    I was involved in this company and i can honestly say if you want to act enthusiastic/motivated and con your friends into something that does not give you any discount and only costs you money this is for you. I had believed what my up line was telling me and i had recruited 6 friends in the first 2 weeks. What alarmed me is that when i used the app to compare holidays i noticed that they looked quite cheap until you press pay, then the price really jumps up ! Every holiday i looked at i could get so much cheaper through expedia and other travel sites for free. I lost my faith in World ventures when i was booking my family holiday through other sites ??? Don’t be fooled with the whole rovia 150% price pledge that is a total scam. For example holiday with world ventures costs $5000 i can find it through Expedia for $4000. To get the refund i have to pay through rovia $5000 ($1000 extra) then i must apply for a refund which is not 100% guaranteed and if it does pass you get 1500 points in rovia bucks. Now if you think this a great deal you must have rocks in your head
    1- you are paying over $170 au per month if you do not recruit 4 people
    2- you just payed $1000 extra which you could use as spending money
    3- those rovia bucks you use next time you still will be paying more for the next holidays and never come out in front
    4- they have you locked in paying more than you have to .
    I also mentioned this to the company and it is the last time i had any contact from them.
    People want to believe in something and get brain washed by these people! It is funny how they pay you on the 15th of each month and a coincidence that they always have training somewhere after (which they want you to attend!) so any money you do receive goes straight back to them !
    Then try get your money out of your e wallet that is another scam!
    I give it to the company they have done their research and have the majority of members paying for air and a dream of becoming a millionaire in 3 months on their i8 system (which changes all the time with new systems and ways) total rubbish. But if you want to con people into this dream of fun freedom fulfillment and recruit using forceful techniques of not talking about the product and only about joining them , go ahead i hope you do well who ever is involved.
    If anyone disagrees with anything that i say in this post please feel free to challenge me as i can post up examples and price differences and proof of all their lies. I have gone to great lengths and have done my research and have even received emails from People like Robert Kiyosaki stating that have nothing at all to do with the company World Ventures.

  46. Gregor Valter says:

    I was warned by my bank in Sweden that they yesterday had stopped my VISA-card. Reason being that a suspected company from the old USA, named World Ventures, had tried to withdraw sek; 3.500:- (usd. 390).

    Good luck for me is that our banks in Sweden have people working full time to keep track of these companies like World Ventures… So what happened to me was that my VISA-card was cancelled and I will be without one now for about 10 days..

    So talking about yes or no about this company is a bit stupid in my eyes and ears.. It is a scam-company who tried to STEAL fro m me usd. 390.

    So for me 5 thumbs down and to hell with them… I hope Interpool will catch them in the end..

    Gregor A.

  47. najii Omarii Adelaju says:

    What start-up course are absolutely free in only collects fees from the money you make onlinel

    1. I think there is no free lunch in this world. No business opportunity is free.

      The crux is to invest in yourself (in your knowledge). Your knowledge and experience will ultimately fetch an income for you.

      You can try heading out to search for such a program that you’ve described, but I am sure you will retreat with disappointment.

      Any kind of business opportunity requires an investment, either an investment in the opportunity itself, or an investment to acquire knowledge.

      ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

  48. Very good article – actually excellent. But I can’t see the date it was published. Thanks in advance

  49. Greetings!

    Great article. Thanks for your candid, and unbiased review. I just attended a meeting last night (unsuspectingly!). I like what I heard, and the fee isnt TOO steep, as I normally would spend the money on something anyways. Might as well be a business. Lol. Ive been wanting to try my hand at commissioned sales, but only PT, as I work a fun time job.

    If you were to do it over, what would you change??

    1. Hi KB,

      Now that I am well versed on Internet Marketing, I would source my prospects online and not from my social circle, if I was to do it over.

      ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

  50. Thanks Jack

    I am glad I bumped into your article because my Fiance and I were told to invest the money we were budgeting for our wedding into this world ventures but for some reason it all sounded too good to be true. The guy who was recommending it to us was one of the owners of the venue that we went to view for the wedding.


    1. Hey Sharon,

      Glad this review helped!

      ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

  51. Eunice Phelimon says:

    thank you for helping me to understand worldventure.

  52. Hi Jack My close friend who lives in Korea deeply inside of WV and he signed me up of member and he paid instead of me for annual membership fee and i dnt feel that I can reliable on that therefore I am trying to persuade him to get out from WV. How can i make him to get out?

    1. Hmm, in the first place, I think your friend shouldn’t pay for your membership. I am just worried that if you make the attempt to cancel your account, your relationship with your friend will be dampen.

      It’s a really delicate situation. I wish I can advice you on this, but I don’t wish to be an accessory which destroys your relationship.

      I would suggest that you speak to your friend and make him/her understand your situation.

      Hope this helps!

      ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

  53. Well my partner and I had our first run in with this sales pitch. I’ll be honest, I’m a little bitter because I was suppose to have drinks with a friend I haven’t seen in so long to end up being lured to a WorldVentures pitch. Starting off, everything seemed staged. We were getting a personal presentation with just me and my partner, and in the kitchen the other representatives were talking about how great their vacation was as background noise.
    It didn’t take very long to start seeing the pyramid forming. Also when I begin to read the fine print on the application form, she would interrupt my reading with a question.
    “You can take your time and talk it over to see if you want to join our team.” to end with a application on your lap with a pen in hand and “So we need a yes or no.”
    So much for thinking it over.

  54. Hi Jack,
    I found your information very informative but left it on the subjective side based on exclusively your experience. Reading your article has truly helped me understand MLM. Based on your information I feel like I am more capable of better selling the memberships. I’m not quite a month in and I haven’t really checked into pricing the travel packages, nor do I have 4 members. But i will.

    I travel so the idea of being in a travel club is what most interested me. However, I decided why not get some residual income from my referrals and try to work at building a small loyal group of paying members. I also went into this knowing I could be spending $50 a month as I work to build my business. With sacrifice I have the extra$50, but know that my 1st goal is to not pay this monthly fee. I have no real sales experience but I go into this with the understanding, as with anything else, some will and most won’t. It took me 6 months after hearing my 1st presentation to join. I’m analytical, so that helped me to step back and not jump in with both feet.

  55. I do not regret leaving world ventures either!!!! Just not for me.

  56. Someone just pitched this program to some friends and I and being the legal person that I am, my friends are depending on me to advise them as to whether they should join or not. Your review was extremely helpful and clarified a lot of the unanswered questions I got during the presentation. Thank you for being honest and candid with us.

    1. You are most welcome Dominic!

      ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

  57. This is probably very old but I felt like leaving my comment. My friend recently got me invited to one of the seminars (Im in Australia BTW). I was invited and attended the second one yesterday due to the mentors taking an interest in me from the first one. It was in a fancy lawyers firm in the city. There was lets say 20-30 average Joes and between 5-8 multimillionairs educating us. The old WV system seems very unorganised and inferior to what we have been taught (Infinity 8 System). I still haven’t decided if this is for me yet, I’m only 18 and just looking for some direction in life and something that will be reliable if I commit 110% to it. Thanks for this article, it was very professional, well written and unbiased!

    1. Thanks Aaron! Wow! At the age of 18, you are already looking for a way out of the rat race. Good for you! I hope you will make the right decision.

      Feel free to update us on that!

      ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

  58. Katrina Breen says:

    I love Jack’s thorough explanations and balanced point of view!

  59. Ann Kamau says:

    Hi Jack,
    Suppose u could help me..first thankyou for ur informative review,now assuming I joined and i feel i dont want to push forward with this,how does one cut this off?
    Not forgetting one gives out Master card details and etc?
    Kindly assist a friend

    1. Hi Ann,

      You may want to email [email protected] to cancel your membership:

      Subject: Your Name (xxXXXXXX – Your membership no.) CANCELLATION

      With the following content:

      Name: Your name
      Rep ID#: xxXXXXXX
      Product(s): DreamTrips Platinum, Representative Business System
      Websites: youraccount.dreamtrips.com, youraccount.worldventures.biz
      Sponsor: Sponsor’s name, xxXXXXXX – sponsor’s ID
      Reason: Your reason

  60. Frank O'Sanders says:

    More trouble ahead….it seems several former execs including the Chairman have filed federal lawsuits against the World Ventures.
    You can Google World Ventures lawsuit Wick

  61. A friend just presented World Ventures to me. It definitely gives the “too good to be true vibe” like many other MLM presentations. Though I’m not the type of person to take many trips abroad per year, I’ve learned how to travel hack without the use of the middleman. So I kinda find the whole business as a whole: unnecessary. MLMs is a genius business model for those who are gifted and make it work, but I’d rather focus on investing towards building my own brand instead.

  62. I read the comments on WV and Affiliate from those good people gives me fair indication of which route to give it a try . I just heard WV from a friend and curious enough search the web for more infor hoping to get a good glimpse of it . but then I click to this site . As I read through I began to think of better alternative which is to learn more of Affiliate than WV.

    Thanks Jack for your generous information and honesty .
    Kind regards

  63. Untrustworthy, liars, and robbers.

    At this time I have lost almost $100 of my hard earned money simply because I went to a WV meeting back in February of 2016. I told the group that I did not want to be a part of the company upfront. They told me they would cancel my membership for me and would not charge me the monthly membership fee.
    They later stated it was impossible to cancel the membership themselves and denied telling me they would not charge me. That was yesterday, 7 months later.
    Calling the support number, the man I dealt with told me he was not able to refund me.
    After hearing time and time again in the meeting months ago that “you can leave at any time with a full refund”, I was not upset about the charge because I thought I would get my money back.
    Obviously not.
    The group was incredibly cult-ish. Group-think was huge with them.

    I feel like I have been robbed, what a terrible experience for a company that loves touting about themselves.

    I just wanted to get my story out there.

  64. Hello Jack,

    Thank you so much for this review. I found it very helpful, although I am not considering working this type of business I was considering this company as a customer for the travel. What is your opinion on WV as a customer?

    1. In my opinion, if you travel frequently, there is some value in the membership, but if you travel probably once or twice a year, I do not see the point of having that membership.

      ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

  65. Carlos Sanchez says:

    So I was invited to a meeting by a friend where his already built team wanted me to join them and experience their travel experience. So first of it sounded waaaay too good to be true. But my caution sense was stopping me from joining right away. I always do my research before joining anything, even a new job. I’m still sitting here with the group and researching DreamTrips and WorldVentures as they talk about it with other people. We are all below the age of 23 soooo we are all easily persuaded into the whole “lots of money, little work” type of life. So the negatives you mention in your reviews sound pretty legit. I am not a good sellsman and I was raised to believe that you actually have to work to have something in life. The traveling membership sounds okay and I think I would rather joint that side rather than the business side. There’s just something in me telling me not to join and I want to find the reason why that is. Am I just giving my money away to the people of the company while I make almost nothing out of it, except reused traveling? Is it almost like a pyramid scheme? I also have a good job and I’m in school for the career I want to have. Would this distract me from doing so? I just don’t know what I would put myself into IF I join.

  66. Kobusingye Peace says:

    Thanks a lot for this honest review,I am about to join and I will be joining for only travelling purposes since I lack any sales experience and lack interest any selling anything that isn’t my product.

  67. I agree World Ventures isn’t a scam (FYI albeit not joining). My friend’s wife had joined WV as an affiliate 2 years prior, she would attend group meetings and go on dreamtrips with her girlfriends (my friend was happy to pay for her monthly fee as it gave a housewife some objective in life). My friend is a business owner and had no interest in travelling on dream trips with 200 other people, until recently his wife organised a large family trip to Krabi. (The trip was paid partly with monthly fees converted into ROVIA bucks and cash). When he came back he was surprised by the level of service WV provided, airport pickup, breakfast inclusion, butler service, late activity schedules and leisurely pace.

    So WV inherently does have value and my friend suggested I join too. So I did my WV analysis:

    At the very heart, WV is a company which allows you to align a personal interest of world travel and making money along the way. Their “quest for work-life balance”. This concept sounds decent and does work, as there are many advocates in favour of WV.

    The underlying principles are enough to convince people to join even without sales experience:
    1) love to travel
    2) like travelling in groups meeting new people
    3) have extra cash available, the monthly fee isn’t and won’t be a burden
    4) young at heart

    the following suggested by Jack are also important if you just want to be an affiliate and only want to make money:
    5) have Sales experience
    6) have prior MLM experience
    7) are hard-working and determined (I don’t really agree with this one, this should be criteria in daily life)

    If points 1,2 and 3 aren’t you, don’t even think about joining World Ventures. PERIOD.

    I could say a lot more, but my condensed conclusions is:

    – effectively WV has only one product, the WV membership. My concern is that there is no general consensus nor oversight how this product is sold. Affiliates have their own websites, own edited ppt slides and sales pitches that have no guarantee what they are offering is true. (Of course there are pitches done by WV consultants which would give a fairer insight).

    – a lot of the information about WV is vague, VERY vague. Affiliates are reluctant to open the ROVIA website for you to skim over. They don’t let you compare prices of the dream trips. They concentrate on the fun and residual income. New members are easily side tracked.

    – the biggest downfall is the conflict of interest between affiliates and VW (namely the monthly fee). This leads to no screening of affiliates at all and hence the “scam” element because some desperate souls mislead new members into joining asap to stop incurring their monthly fee.

    – Monthly fees are turned into ROVIA bucks dollar for dollar, but the balance cannot be utilised to “fully deduct” a single dreamtrip. ROVIA bucks expire, (p.s. my dollars in the bank doesn’t).

    As a personal note, WV just wasn’t right for me. Doing a search on the holiday destination is half the fun, I like to choose my hotel (maybe even change hotels), I don’t like travelling in groups and I drive around with a rental car if it’s safe and possible.

    Hope this helps everyone. Cheers.

  68. Luis Capella says:

    I’ve been in WorldVentures for nearly 4 months. Im in the Air Force and in a new city where I do not know anyone. Even with this circumstance, I’ve been able to make $4k part time. What people dont realize is that I’ve made a little more each month because my team has been growing and selling together. My first month I made a couple hundred, my second month I cracked the 1 thousand mark and in the next 2 months i made $1100 and $1$1700 respectively. What you all need to understand is MLMs simply compensate you for sales. If you dont sell anything, you wont make money. If you dont recruit business partners, you won’t multiply your sales efforts. People who try to say our business model is a scam, are the same people who can’t sell food to a homeless man. Their personality and desire to succeed just doesnt match up to whats required to succeed. I spoke to 62 people in 3 months and had a team of 23 by the end of those 3 months. Most people cant stand rejection so they quit once 2 or 3 people reject them off the back. People need to stop blaming MLMs and start realizing that this is your business to run and that means you are required to seek training, clients and education on how to make it work. Youre required to do your taxes, re-evaluate your pitch and use your product. Every loser out their has an excuse versus looking in the mirror and realizing you just dont have the drive to get better. Our product is great if you use it….its obviously a waste of money if you dont vacation …and if you find one of our trips cheaper on any credible site, you will be sent on that trip for free….so what exactly makes this a scam???

    1. It is vitally important that you NOT be in a place where you know people, so your being in a city where you know no one is great for you working WV.
      No one in that city means anything to you. You have no friends or relatives there, so you can rip them off without any guilt whatsoever. In my town a group of grifters from the East Coast started their “team” here. They are preying on low income minorities who can least afford this scam. This is a small place and they’ve just about reached saturation and people are becoming wise to their scam. They’ll be run out of town shortly by their new recruits, who are just finding out now that WV hasn’t been paying the liars (their upline) who painted a unicorns and skittles picture for them, just to get their money. Now new recruits who are supposed to be getting their first commissions (of about $100 US) are not getting paid and are finding out the truth about this scam.

      1. Hey Rob,

        I didn’t know World Ventures was not paying its commissions, and that they are now in trouble.

        Great information! And, thanks for sharing!

        ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

  69. Jack –
    Spoke with my friends today about this opportunity. She didn’t push the business side on me at all, just showed the travel side, buying merchandise and getting % back as well as eating at restaurants where you receive a % back at some. Overall, the travel side of it sounds more like a travel savings account since you “get back” what you pay in when you travel.

    I enjoy traveling with others and having someone else make the plans and I just show up at my designated time is appealing to me.

    Was looking last week at a package deal to Vegas through on-line sites, the deal WV offers is better (it included the hotel, some meals and shows and that was with me paying the flight too…)

    Something I noticed hasn’t been mentioned is if you find your same trip elsewhere at least $5 cheaper, you get the trip for free. AND they watch the airline flights and if the price drops, you are re-booked at the new price and your credit card is credited the difference.

    Not getting into the business side, just the travel side, do you still think this is not a good deal/legitimate deal?

    They are also working on a new technology that if it works well and can be protected, I think will be the future…it’s a smart card in which you put all your credit card and Dillons/Walgreen’s-type reward points and it keeps track of the points you get back from those restaurants you go to etc. (Mentioned above). So instead of carrying a billfold of cards, you get the one. You swipe to get to the card you want…it’s water resistant etc. It’s rather amazing technology…like I said, if they get all the potential kinks worked out.

    Thank you,

  70. Josephine says:

    World Ventures is working for me so I cannot live without it. I appreciate your review @Jack and its valid. I for one I could say world ventures is like any other investment, where you have to get customers to buy your products/services. So you have to get into the nitty gritty to make sure that you profit from your investment. So depending on your upline is another thing, he is just there to guide you on areas you may need assistance and help you sign up new members.
    With world ventures you can even earn more than your upline and even gain ranks faster before your upline. So I find world ventures one of a kind direct marketing platform that can develop you into a marketing guru and again enjoy your life while you earn from it. Stay blessed.

  71. Krystal Travis-Johnson says:

    I joined World Ventures five years ago, within a few days I sponsored 6 people and got my initial investment of $360.00 back. The 4 pay no more is and has not ever been within 30 days. It has always been WHENEVER you sponsor 4, your monthly fees are waived. Now the company has three different packages, $100.00, $200.00 & $300.00. I must say, that I didn’t really work the business until 2 years ago; I just used the product and traveled to some amazing places at wholesale prices. You DO NOT have to travel with other people in World Ventures, that is false! Since I started to take the business seriously, I now receive a residual income of $1800.00 on the 15th of every month and this is working part time (7 hours/week). All I do is share the information with others and not care if they sign up, because I have the world to talk to. I don’t care what anyone says, WV has changed my life and the life of many others. I am going to take this all the way to the top!

    Thank you World Ventures.

    1. Josephine says:

      Good, talk it dear. Thats the way to go…

  72. Jack, this is wonderful and because of your reviews I have wrote down a few questions for my rep and see if she can answer them to my satisfaction. With your site it opened my eyes to more detailed questions like, I was never told that I only had 30 days to get my 4 members to waive my monthly fees. Also, I thought I can travel when and where I wanted with BIG discounts! I meet with my rep tomorrow and this really helped.
    Thank You


  73. I don’t get MLM, why would you pay a company to represent them? If you want to sell, go be a car salesman. Unlike realtors and insurance brokers, you don’t need a license to do that, you don’t have to spend any money on advertising, so if you fail it’s just a learning experience.

    MLM is a scam, if they’re not making you buy the products you’re selling (like Nikken and Herbalife do), they’re making you pay for the right to sell those products. It’s ridiculous.

    Honestly, if I want a vacation I’ll book one online. I don’t need WorldVentures to find me great deals, I can find great deals on my own. If anyone has had positive experiences with World Ventures, let me know. Personally, I don’t feel comfortable with membership fees.

    For example, I sell on Fiverr.com, they take 20% of every dollar I bring but I’m OK with that. They make money when I make money, and I’m a Top Rated Seller who makes $1,500+ a month.

  74. I joined WV about 6 months ago, the rep that recruited me and all the presentations I went prior to joining, all stated that you get out of it what you put into it and not everyone is going to make a lot of money, if any at all. And that’s with any business. I have friends that are doing well in the business and others that haven’t really done anything. So, to me it’s all up to you. It’s not necessary to run out and recruit people within 30 days, but it helps so you won’t have to pay the monthly fee. I have enjoyed the trips I’ve taken and I am happy with my membership.

  75. I nearly was brainwashed by this presentation by my GP!! I was getting my shots before going on holiday and we started talking about my travel plans, then he said i should join his TRAVEL CLUB. HA. Cannot believe such an impressionable man would be involved in such nonsense.

  76. I did work for MLM. I lose an amount of money. It’s a really a trap! I need more flexible and freedom! NEED TO BE GREEDY FOR MONEY NOT BALANCE LIFE STYLE!

  77. I am not a WV rep. I had a very good friend call me about a fantastic business opportunity. I was immediately suspicious however being a friend I thought the right and respectful thing to do was hear him out. I have had several dicussions with my friend and his wife prior to being given the ” presentation”. Sadly my friends are completely and I mean completely convinced that WV is the greatest organisation and the greatest opportunity on the planet. They are both vulnerable to the brainwashing as they have struggled financially over the past few years. They are spending money they don’t have on training and trips ( both training and leisure trips locally, interstate and even considering traveling internationally!) rubbing shoulders with all the like minded people, flashing the blue promo sign, meeting all the successful (and I suspect hand picked and promoted) top earners. All the while they are being coached along by their “mentor” who apparently was a successful, but stressed, business owner who gave it all away for WV. There seems to be a lot of “grooming ” going on and maybe my friends may be fortunate enough to be placed higher in the compensation plan, as others have apparently been, than they have actually achieved making it financially viable. If not I am worried that they will invest so heavily emotionally and in travel to training and motivation events without any real return which could lead to their financial collapse.

    Sadly their one eyed belief in WV has already caused some rifts between them and family or friends who didn’t want to join. Anyone who doesn’t sign up is blind or ignorant. I believe they could isolate themselves from those they have known for years over a typical MLM scheme. I didn’t join after being presented the opportunity and had to work hard to get past the negative backlash that was directed towards me by my friends. I was determined not to let WV distroy our friendship! I hope to be here long after WV is passed through their lives. Unfortunately they have talked it up to such an extent and banged heads with many friends and family that the shame will be hard to overcome.

    It’s humourous to hear about all the highly successful business people who have given away their companies after WV opened their eyes to the poor lifestyle choice! How about all the world famous people who endorse or are even active members?? People like Anthony Robins and a string of others I can’t recall. Typically, and in stark contrast to WV own statistics everyone my friends met is doing amazingly well and is the next super star.

    Now every conversation, every social event is dominated by talk of WV. It’s all a bit tiresome.

    I wish them the best however all the negatives in relation to tactics, recruiting methods and little return of the time and money invested seem to be ringing true.

  78. Cutewriters says:

    Great information. I personally would not join something which looks like a pyramid scheme. If you want to know the truth, just imagine what will happen to the last people to join if the whole world joins. They will get nothing in return and that is precisely what a pyramid scheme is all about.
    People who join early and invite their gullible friends into the mix enjoy best. However, when the market gets saturated, things spill over with no more people to join.
    I advice all people, with due respect to think twice before venturing into quick money schemes like WORLD VENTURES.

    1. Hi,

      Thank you for your comment!

      One thing for sure, unless your sponsors do not disclose to you, is that World Ventures is not a get rich quick scheme. In order to achieve a certain level of success, you have to put in tonnes of effort and a great amount of investment. I personally would not recommend World Ventures because of the reasons I have mentioned in the article, but I do believe that a minority group of people does succeed in the business. During my time when I was in World Ventures, I was never of the impression that I will be rich instantly, hard work is necessary.

      I found success with another business which I put the same amount of effort. So comparing World Ventures to other business opportunities, I would say that there are many better opportunities out there.

      ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

  79. Hi Jack, I have been approached by someone I know to just join (not become a seller to sign people up) to get the benefits of travelling, is it worth it for me to pay the fee to join so that I can get cheap travel??

    1. If you ae just in for the cheap travel deals, then there is really no point unless you travel frequently. With the membership fee and all, you can actually get better deals elsewhere.

      ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

  80. Thanks for this piece I was almost convinced to join World ventures but i have taken my time reading experiences of other people now I can invest my money elsewhere.

  81. As a member and Rep of Worldventures I can honestly say its not a scam. I have been a member for almost 8 months now and have been on 8 vacations and have 2 more on the books. I’ve been in four countries in 8 months. Without this company that would have been impossible especially being 23 years old. Everyone on here complaining that you didn’t make money are the ones who didn’t work hard and expected a handout. My boyfriend and I have a huge team of over 100+ people and growing. We now get a residual income every month. You know why… because we put in WORK and spread the word. Too many people in this world are scared or too lazy to put effort in something “too good to be true.” Believe it or not, 10 years ago cell phones were too good to be true and now look how far they have come so please stop making excuses. Not traveling with WV is like having the access to electricity and knowing its available but still using candles to light your house. We are doing what Redbox did to Blockbuster and what Uber is doing to normal cab companies. Go on one of these trips and tell me it wasn’t amazing. If it wasn’t then cool, I’ll send you a pictures from the beach.

    1. I understand the monthly fee turns into ROVIA bucks that can be used for trips, can you confirm the following?

      1) The monthly fee immediately turns into ROVIA bucks on day of payment, or is there a time lag e.g. 12 months?

      2) ROVIA bucks can be used to deduct dreamtrips only. Are they other types of packages?

      3) Can all ROVIA backs be used to fully deduct a dreamtrips? E.g. I have balance 750 ROVIA bucks, the next dreamtrip is $650. I can use the balance to pay and won’t need to pay another cent?

      Another post mentioned, someone had 750 ROVIA bucks but was only allow to deduct $50 on the next trip.

      4) Can you travel on dreamtrips alone without 200 others accompanying you?

      PAGE 18 comments:
      Krystal Travis-Johnson at
      “You DO NOT have to travel with other people in World Ventures, that is false!”

  82. I’m being solicited to become a member by my sister who recently joined. she had not did her homework like I did, but she seems to think that the plan will work for her. My question is…. If I do join, but am not interested in being a rep, what happens to the $200 start of fee, and the $50 monthly fee? she said something that after a year I can use that towards a dream trip. Is that true, or does anyone know?

    1. Every dollar you put into the company they give back to you. So that $200 you payed to get into the club goes into your travel account to take off future vacations. One point equals one dollar. Every year on your sign up date your monthly fee grows to $600 dollars and they return that to you in points ($600 = 600 points) to take off future vacations.

  83. People who leave bad reviews about WorldVentures are people who don’t give it their all. The people who quit on themselves at the 1st sign of mud on their face quit. And their the ones who want to say it’s a scam. I’ve been on a Dreamtrip and they did everything they said they would. Travel does sell itself. Who doesn’t want to travel? I saved roughly 950 bucks on a trip. You see my thing is people want to price match electronics, use coupons for groceries and use points at a restaurant to get a free meal,desert or a free kids meal. That’s awesome. But when it comes to vacation tell me why people would rather pay more then they have to?
    Oh it’s a scam cause I saved 950. Man whatever. I’m a construction worker and I’m doing it. I ain’t rich yet but I ain’t quitting
    You know. You get what you put into it.
    Simple and plain
    If you don’t work, you don’t eat!

    1. I am glad World Ventures works out for you. Though Travel sells for itself, but World Ventures Membership doesn’t sell for itself. If it does sell for itself, why do more than 90% of the people I brought to the World Venture Seminar decline the invitation to join World Ventures? Just a thought.

      Could you give me a break-down of how you save 950 bucks on a trip? It would be interesting to know. Did you deduct the cost of WV membership when you calculate the 950 bucks?

      Please also update me when you become successful with World Ventures. Your experience would mean a lot to the readers.

      ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

  84. thank you so much for this information. I was invited to an “opportunity” gathering last night only to discover it was about becoming WV agent. I told the host that i would think about joining and get back to him because i really don’t like being pressured to sign up for anything right on the spot no matter how great it sounds. It seemed to me that they wanted me to sign up quickly before i had a chance to check out reviews from others that may have had negative experiences. What you’ve explained seems to be the consensus of what most people have said about the company. It may be a legitimate product but i do not have the time or energy to invest in it at this time and i certainly do not want to travel with people i don’t know in order to get decent deals, (which was information that was conveniently excluded from the presentation).

  85. hey there! When a relative told me about World Ventures I was so excited and jumped into it…I regret it more than anything. What I actually needed was cheap flight tickets ( I travel from Erope to South America pretty often) and now I read that this “thing” does NOT include flight offers. haha ! I was only told the good part: only bring 4 members and the rest is just money and fun. I wish I had read your article before ! I lost more than 300 euros. Well I totally learnt my lesson. >:c

  86. thanks for your excellent info….

  87. Most of the people who are defending WV are the exact reason I don’t like this company. They are saying that people who fail didn’t even try, or that they are worthless.

    I joined when my mother was practicing a presentation on me. She showed me the gpn video and the thing that got me was the “lock in your spot.” (I wonder if most people join because of that reason). The video basically says if you take time to think about joining, someone else can sign up ahead of you and you’ll lose sign ups that the person showing you the video would have given you.

    So after signing up, I went out and presented to multiple people and got all no’s. Which I understood that was part of the process. I didn’t lose hope, however I had a dear friend pass away and didn’t have the emotional strength to continue, so I took a break to mourn.

    When I got back in, I showed a friend who “saw the vision” and got my first sign up. It gave me a positive mindset.

    I decided to go ahead and start attending travel parties and “inviting.” That was when I started to see the hatred.

    After the guests would leave the other reps would start talking bad about the ones who said no. The reps gave me the sense that they believed they were above everyone. If you look at the comments you will see that that is a company wide hatred, it does not matter what team you are in.

    It’s ridiculous because in the gpn video, they tell you how not everyone will succeed and there is no contract so you can quit anytime. However when people do decide to quit there is backlash from all the people who are successful in the business, or from those who “see the vision.”

    I’m happy that some have been successful, but it’s a sad thing that they look down on people who don’t want to join or who want another way to financial freedom.

    My advice to those thinking of joining ot leaving, WV is NOT the only way to financial freedom. Don’t let these hateful people bring you down. They think because they are happy traveling and having materialistic things, then no one else can be happy working a job, or finding a different path to a second source of income.

  88. Messed up and misleading is the least of what world venture really is. The ultimate truth the no one can deny is the its the perfect pyramid scheme. The team leader and others that are apart of this pyramid scheme are so misleading. I did attend once, because of my wifes associate. i just believe if you have money to spare or not, rather put it to good use instead of a scheme like this!

  89. I was doing research on world ventures when i came across your page and was surprised of the negative comments. My family joined 11 months ago and easily added 4 people in the first two weeks and then 3 more in the next month. I have made all my initial money back and have earned more in points for using on vacations. We no longer have to pay a monthly fee because we referred 4 members and currently make about $300 a month because of the amazing team we work with. My family and I have taken two trips out of the united states this year and have saved several thousand dollars on travel compared to any other site. I truly do not understand why you say this is a scam and say it was hard to find people to join you on vacation. The support from everyone that is above me is tremendous and we have built some amazing friendships with people because of World Ventures. I’m sure you know that just like every company there are always ups and downs and this company has grown and added so many benefits that where not available just a year ago that I think you should re-evaluate your thoughts on this company. For the others that are asking about tax benefits, well for me they are great savings. Please look at it again with an open mind.

    1. I am glad it works out for you Mark. Like I have mentioned, this opportunity is not suitable for everyone, and luckily you found a team that cares about you and your family.

  90. I was presented to once and thought through enough to say that I’m not the holidaying type and even if I did want to join I could feel that the pressure to recruit the 4 in 30 days was a put-off.

    About 2 years later, I was invited by a social media pal, whom I had not yet met, for a cuppa kopi. This guy told me nothing but we took a long walk from where we met up to go to another place. I learnt soon enough that it was a WV presentation. Out of respect to him I stayed on although my mind was made up not to join. I share this here because I felt that the idea of making it a surprise for those invited to their presentations as a bit of cheating us of our time.

    “You should be here” … nah, no thanks, not me.

  91. Am i glad i found this article! A colleague at work tried to recruit me to WV, but i decided to google it. This thing is misleading, from the info my colleague had, she is really got messed up information. Your arcticle is very informative.

  92. William Lozano says:

    You’re absolutely right about the pressure to join. No time to do any research, just sign the contract (which I fell game to) and hoped to research more on how to before the 30 days came around to recruit 4 people. The package didn’t contain any conditions nor withdrawal options if I didn’t think it was for me. Well it wasn’t. So I reached on the 21st day to withdraw and the pressure once again began. Your article hits it right on the nose with who it is NOT for and that is where I fall into. In a nutshell I requested a refund and they never responded to me. Since then after reaching out to them, still no response. I believe I had up to 30 days to cancel. They claim 2 weeks. How so if you have 30 days to scam others? I didn’t like it. That’s why I opted out. I may need to secure counsel as they sneakily still continue to withdraw the 60.00 out of my account even after putting a stop on payment through my bank 2 times. They continue to take the 60.00 and no responses to my withdrawal. FYI, the bank is investigating their withdrawals to learn that World Ventures changes a code each time to force withdrawal. This is wrong!! Had to completely change my account. Your thoughts?

  93. hi Jack,

    Thanks a lot for your honest informative post. I am not a member of WV & i don’t think i will join them. I am not against WV either. I just feel it is not suitable for me.
    I always believe there are some people who succeed at mlm & some don’t.
    Each of us are different. We do not want the same things. There are no points in debate the pros & cons of WV or any mlm co. We all have choice. We should know better for ourselves whether mlm is our cup of tea or not in the first place.


  94. How does the dream trip part work. Can someone just purchase that and not sell. Say I don’t travel a lot right now but as I accumulate points I can travel more? So its not flights but are there cruise. And can you purchase the basic one but as time goes on can you upgrade to the higher ones?

    1. Hi Lori,
      Yes you can just be a member and benefit the DreamTrips that are offered without becoming a rep as well. What I like about WV is that it’s like a Savings Plan for me; the monthly dues I pay each month (until I get an active 4) is just funds I am taking out of my account to save to go on at least one vacation the next year. I’ve been in WV for 10 months now and it was not the income factor that I was attracted to; it was the vacation packages, it’s prices, and the fact that I could save a couple of hundred dollars on vacations. Who are we kidding? Traveling is an expensive hobby. I saw the potential to make income an additional perk to being a member; not that I need the income BUT, I might as well get paid to do something I was going to do regardless – go on a vacation, post pictures, tell my friends and family about the trip and how I was able to go 50%-70% cheaper, and tell them to join me the next time. I am an avid traveler and a lot of destinations are on my bucket list; however, due to priorities my funds had to be spent elsewhere. This club allows me to go on bucket list trips and without having to do so AFTER I retire. I finally was able to go to DR 6 months after I become a member and I just booked a trip with a friend to Dubai for Fall 2016. You can definitely upgrade and downgrade your membership. At the time WV was shared with me, yes, I thought it was too good to be true but, I saw all the vacations my good friend was going to with her husband. So I decided to join under the lowest and most affordable membership which was the Standard (or basic) membership. It was $25/month (that’s two drinks at the bar!). Once I went to DR and had such a great experience, I upgraded to Gold. If you like to go on vacation at least once a year, this is definitely a club you might want to invest in.

  95. hi Jack.
    Its really great that i read this , this has just started out in my area and people ar crazy about it. i have my doupts about it too. The joining fee is very high and they make it seem so easy and i really dont think any mlm is easy. im a great marketer and have been in a lot of mlm companies. im in south africa and here jobs ar not tht much so people take anything tht comes. i enjoyed your article.

  96. Hot Discussion but the Truth is World Venture is an Extra Ordinary Club where the benefits are endless just someone has to think in Different Direction.

    1. If you attend meeting you get to meet potential clients not for WV But your own business.
    2. You get to travel at exclusive rates or sneak trick sell your Travel Ticket.
    3. Earn money from downline.

    You have to think of it like Club gym club or whatever club otherwise no point in joining just on pressure and squeezing pockets.

  97. I enjoy my partnership with World Ventures. I would love to here positive comments about a company because most people focus on the negative. The product is awesome. I had no idea that I will do a back to back out of the country vacation with an experience I will remember for a lifetime. The trip you chose to go on does not mean you have to participate with the other members. It’s your choice of what you want to do or if you want to be bother with any one. In business, you have to set your goal and no where you want to go. Some people are in a rush and want to know everything at one time. On a job or owning your own business, it’s a process and you learn as you go. In life things change and now you learning something new again. Each business is not everyone, traveling is not for everyone, just like everyone does not wear the same shoe size. You have to be patience and World Ventures does not tell you it’s a get rich quick scheme. Its a system in place and either you plug into it or not. Why do people wait on their up line, get the info yourself. I had to go to school to be train on the career I have chosen. When I got to the job, I had little to no training. I did not rely on the downfall of their system. I had to rely on myself and search the knowledge I needed to get the job done. You make that decision if you going to be successful or fail. This gave me the opportunity to manage and teach those with higher degrees than myself. You have people out here like the gentleman in this article who has gain success in what is suited for him. Of course I want to know because I love listening to successful people then my broke friends and family. A successful person has to be willing to share. A close mind does not go far. I have been in MLM since a young adult. World Ventures has been the most successful thing I have been in. The reason why is because I love traveling. In the others I could not see myself paying $50.00 a month for a shake or tea or whatever. I currently pay no monthly fees and I help others on what there goals are whether it’s learning how to find trip, or get monthly fees waived, or getting to next level. I enjoy Seeing these people frown turn upside down because of the atmosphere this company provide. They see hope- I can afford to take a trip now with my family, I have a partnership/business with an establish company that s in the DSN and 10 years running, I can sit down with a millionaire, I can meet other people who love what I love to do. Everyone have their reason but it’s about choosing what’s best for you. I market for my job most of the time and it’s free marketing for them. I don’t get a pay check. They provide me with a uniform with their brand that the public can see, they want me to speak at their event in their behalf, volunteer or educate others in their behalf. No one see how hard I work or cut me an extra check for these things outside what I was hired for. On World Ventures note, I was never told this would be easy. My job wasn’t easy either in the beginning. God directs my path. I have patience and thank God for this partnership, an awesome team, opportunity to talk to a millionaire in a month, meet the founder the next month, have dinners with millionaires and ask questions. I’m thankful for the income the company provide, the outlook I have on life now, where I am today then a year ago, conversations with like minded people, the ups and downs with any part of life, graceful , patience, and humble. I could have been doing nothing to change my life but now I have hope and if all fails there are other opportunities to open my mind too.

  98. internet speed says:

    Thank you for sharing your info. I truly appreciate your efforts and I am waiting for your next write ups thanks once again.|

  99. how can one get out of the WV. i joined and i find it not user friendly

    1. You can call the company if you need to learn how to use it or call to cancel. It’s no contract. There are also videos on YouTube that show you how to use the site. Of course, it’s not for everyone. I hope this help.

  100. I am from China, now many Chinese are crazy on it. I was the member on Oct. 2014. Now never earn money, each month pay 111USD. Luckily now left it. cos I found that it is a big scam. I won’t cheat others even my friends any more. Thanks for god。

  101. As a director of a Model and Talent Agency- Joyce Models
    I would personally like to make a point and comment that Worldventures is a legitimate company with amazing company values.
    If any person is to be a skeptic I would be that person, however after extensive research and interest I can now say that I have complete trust in the business strategy.
    This company has changed my life as well as others . I am proud to be affiliated with this company as a newly profitable investor.

  102. Thanks very much for your informative post on WorldVentures. It helped us to make a comfortable decision.


  103. Hi Jack, thanks for your clear and unbiased review, and, especially, the many responses generated. World Ventures just made its way into Taiwan this past month and I was just introduced to it a few hours ago. The promise sounded too good to be true and hence my research, which fortunately led to your review. Please grant me the permission to translate this article, not to slam down World Venture, but just so people can make more informed and educated decisions.

    And I am very impressed by the co-founders and the company’s growth. It would be very interesting to learn the % of revenue that comes from actual travel sales vs. traveling membership & fees vs. RBS membership & fees… I somehow have a nagging suspicion that the RBS revenue is the overwhelming contributor… Regardless, though, the founder is very smart in creating a company that capitalizes on people’s dreams.
    – Judy

    1. Hi Judy,

      Thanks for your comment!

      Please go ahead and translate this page. My only request is that you can place a link back to my site for the English version (the original version). Let me know when it is done.

      ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

  104. I’m really amused by the slander and uneducated responses about WV. The company grossed 352 million dollars in 2014. It is on pace to exceed 600 Million in 2015. If you look on Instagram look up the hashtag ysbh, close to 400,000 posts. If anyone is business savy look up Ernst & Young. The number 2 auditing and accounting firm in the world. The co-founders of the company were awarded Regional Finalists for Entrepreneur of the Year in 2010. Numbers don’t lie. The company is not a scam.

    If you don’t succeed in any MLM it’s time to good hard look in the mirror and see where the failure is. No matter what company you join. It is up to you and only you whether you succeed or fail.

    How come some people make millions and some don’t? Is it because of the company or the person? How come some people go to Harvard and graduate and some drop out? Is it Harvard? No it’s the person. It is so much easier to put the blame on someone else for the failure of success in anything. That’s how majority of our society has grown to become. Entitled, egotistical, lazy, non accountable bums. How bout taking some personal responsibility and say to yourself “I failed”.

    I’ll leave with this quote: The man who thinks he can and the man who thinks he cannot are both correct.

    The way you do anything is the way you do everything. Put in half heart work you get half heart results.

    1. MLM is not the only way to success, and not everyone is suitable to be in the MLM business. Yes, World Ventures is a successful MLM business, there are a small group of people who succeed in the business, yet there are millions who failed in it. The numbers don’t lie, like you’ve said. A person is responsible for his/her own success, I totally agree with you, but MLM is not the only way to success, there are many other better ways like Affiliate Marketing where people can build an online business based on their passion without having to canvass prospects. I failed in MLM but I looked long and hard to find a business that is suitable to me.

      Most of the comments are from people with true experience with WV and they are not slandering WV, just providing their honest opinion.


      Jack (BareNakedScam)

  105. HopeIsForHeaven says:

    Here’s my take… Smart people follow the numbers. The numbers will tell you everything. If there are more negative comments, more negative google search results than positive… You’d be a fool to engage in something when the odds are stacked against you. Its safe to say you are just a gambler. People don’t get rich off of hope. You are better off playing the lottery.

  106. Atiyq Said says:

    Hey people,
    What Jack has said is actually not true. First of all, you dont have to get 4 people within your first month. No. You just have to get four people at any time and your monthly fee is waived. Secondly, the first 28 days aint actually the FIRST 28 days…no, they are just 28 days after you have signed your first person, so if you sign your first person after a year, thats wen your 28 days start counting. Also, if maybe you dont find the four within the 28 days, then 28 days start counting after you sign another person but still it will be counted as your second signing. I really feel pity for the people who left this biz, coz really friend, you letting a lifetime opportunity just slip away. Anyway i dont need to convince, i just need to tell

    1. Well if you don’t get your first 4 within the first month, you will be charged the monthly fee. What if you got 4 then suddenly 1 left? It will be back to square. I didnt regret leaving the business because it is not suitable for me. I didnt see any need for the service personally as I travelled only once or twice a year and to pay a hefty monthly fee to save that few buck just doesnt make sense. For me Affiliate Marketing makes more sense to me because I earn commission for my work done and I do not need any registration fee to participate in any affiliate programs. If you want to learn more about Affiliate Marketing, you can check it out here.

  107. Thanks for your post. I have just been approached by an old friend of mine to join. Was wondering how come she was contacting me again after a long time without news and now I realize once more why I don’t like MLM, tried it a few times and never made any money but instead lost some. Anyway the kind of travel they are offering is not what I like, cruises and hotels are not for me. Pretty much in fact despise this kind of travelling where the “tourists” stay among themselves and the “natives” are the servants.

  108. Hey Jack! Thanks for your article. I have joined WV in January of 2015 and can’t wait to get out! First off, this business is mainly for the young professionals who can afford to start all the trainings, take a few “Dreamtrips” and basically fake it till they make it. A lot of the people are not even driving BMW’S that they have earned through the company. They buy it so that you will assume WV is paying so good that some of your friends will join. You are bombarded with numerous trainings as well as quarterly conventions that are extremely expensive to someone with little to no money. While these trainings are optional, Carlos A. Rogers (WV’s Jesus Christ of recruiting) always stress during every event that the real winners “plug into the system by going to every event, buying all the training dvd’s and fully emerge yourself in this business”. All the training material sound the same just told by different people and are quite costly. Carlos always says “I don’t take advice from broke people”, yet they encourage broke people that they can do it and expect your family and friends to take advice from a broke “you”! LOL. The team calls are extremely annoying and our team leader says the same shit every week introducing people who were “time/money broke” but now the drive beamers and live in fancy houses. They are taught to praise every little accomplishment that a team member makes to keep them motivated to spend their money. People who are egotistical and narcissistic are perfect for this business because it gives them a chance to be praised consistently and to feel that their views are more important because they have a “vision” that majority of the “average world” don’t see. People who are materialistic and unsatisfied with themselves because they don’t possess a “celebrity lifestyle” are very vulnerable and easily get sacked in to WV. Every last speaker at these training/convention events brags about their material possessions making everyone feel like they can do it to. Your team leader (in this case Carlos Rogers ) may have parties or invite team members to the clubs giving them corny VIP recognition and throwing money around to entice team members and new recruits to stay positive and the money will come. Team members love to say ” I be hanging with millionaires” while the millionaires is laughing to the bank with all your money. WV is not a scam, but not a great opportunity to make a living.

  109. Let me just break it down for you when it comes to World Ventures.
    Let me just start off to tell you that indeed you talk about how you work the business correctly and i appreciate the fact you know what you’re talking about before you said anything. However, you’re section that talks about who it is for and who it is not for is completely false. I don’t know how long you were in WV for but let me just tell you that no matter if you’re in debt, or a business salesman, either one can be as successful as the other, the difference is how bad you want it. We have a booklet about success stories and they are anywhere from homeless to college drop outs, to single parents, or even unemployed. There are so many people in WV who have a great story to tell about how they did it even with some of the things that are under that section of “people who WV is not for”. So ya, you can go and believe an article that someone who quit the business wrote, most likely because he failed to do it, or you can believe a college student who has hung out with retired 20 year-old and met millionaires who have that life style because of this business. Like i said, it’s about the want for it, not necessarily the skill because as the famous Jim Rohn would say, “I make up in numbers, what i lack in skill”. One last thought to leave you with. If you are looking for a get rich quick scheme, this isn’t for you. World Ventures is a company, you got to do a little bit of work to get a result. So if you’re not willing to do a little work to get some big money then that’s fine, but have fun working a 9 to 5 for the next 20-40 years because that is all you will be good for because you never wanted to take the chance.

    1. Well you are a little harsh on your words but I do respect your point of view. Yes there are people who succeeded in World Ventures but sorry, not anyone or everyone are suitable to be a part of the Company. World Ventures will definitely want to make it seem that the business opportunity for everyone, but in fact, some or rather many people whom have tried and struggled through the business did not make money at all. How do you justify that then? I see that you have not reached the level of success as you mentioned that you hang out with millionaires, but you are not actually one.

      Well, though I failed in World Ventures, but I didn’t give up hope, I went on to find a path that is suitable for me to achieve success and I did found my success with Affiliate Marketing. So you see, it doesn’t mean that if a person fail in World Ventures, will fail in everything else. It only mean that the opportunity is not the right fit for the person.

      I truly hope that you will succeed, but I do hope that you do not condemn or bad mouth people who leave World Ventures because it brings the reputation of World Ventures down. Thank you!

      ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

  110. JustScammed? says:

    I just gave them my credit card. Then came onto ‘My’ website where the terms and conditions popped up. I have not agreed yet. Now I am having second thoughts. I thought I would be in it for the travel perks but based on the posts here there doesn’t sound like much of a benefit. I only travel 2-3x a year. Could I dispute my credit card charge? Or what else to do? I am in U.S.

    1. If your credit card hasn’t been billed, then call your credit card office to stop the payment. If it has been billed, then do this for refund:

      You can send an email to [email protected]
      a) Include on the subject line: your NAME and CANCELLATION
      b) Include in the message: your NAME, Rep ID#, DATE, and REASON you are leaving

      Hope this helps.

      ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

  111. Jack, thank you for this helpful review!

    I was approached yesterday by a family member of mine to join this Dreamtrips/World Ventures and he is asking that I give him an answer within 24 hours. I am not a sales person #1 and #2 money does not come easy and so I cannot let it go easily either. Moreover, what you say sums it up:

    “*Only some of the Travel packages are cheaper than other places
    *You have to travel with other World Ventures Members
    *You have to pay a premium to enjoy “Cheaper Travel Packages”
    *Travel Packages do not include Flight
    *80% of the people who join World Ventures do not make money
    *You might not get good support from your sponsor or uplines”

    I would definitely be one of the 80%!

    Also, hassling people to spend big bucks and commit to a venture that I have not yet proven to be worthwhile – yet upselling it to be worthwhile, will not sit well with my integrity.

    All the best!

    1. You are welcome! All the best to you too!

      ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

  112. Dear uneducated and uniformed,

    The mere fact that you don’t know how to type out the name of the company shows you are a low information person. It is WorldVentures, and yes becoming successful is hard. See, you can work real hard at your job for 40 years and still be broke at the end, or you can work real hard for a much less amount of time and retire before you are dead. You choose your hard. Unfortunately people with low ambition, looking for a quick buck give great companies a bad name, and then other people will take their word for it, rather than looking at real facts. Also, I do want to say that while WV is not a perfect company, it is the 3rd fastest growing direct sales company in the world, so they are obviously doing something right. Lastly, the good thing about this business is anyone can join, but the bad thing is also anyone can join. So with that being said, you are going to encounter people that are independent reps in any company that are not of the same high standards that their company is. Best wishes to you and this is not to start a debate or change anyone’s mind, but since I read your bathroom wall, I couldn’t resist adding a piece of truth.

    1. Hi Jo,

      I laugh at the fact that you nitpick on my spelling. Sorry to say, that doesn’t mean anything. I am well informed of this company and I share the REAL FACTS of the Company. My true experience says it all, not everyone is suitable for this business and at no point in this article did I bad mouth or tell any lies about the Company, I am only sharing the FACTS.

      Why don’t you share your side of the story and let us know if you have made a sustainable income with WV since you are so educated on the Company? I am pretty sure many people would want to know.

      ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

  113. I had joined WV last Tuesday and sent a cancellation email this past Sunday night…I agree its not for everyone, I was coerced into this, fast talking, lying rep on not to miss out on this opportunity…I have been told that my membership was cancelled by my rep, yet no confirmation was sent to my email, regarding cancellation or my refund…I am in South Africa – any tips???

    1. Hi Milan,

      With regards to your cancellation, just ensure that your monthly payment will not be deducted from your bank account or credit card. Ensure to inform your bank or credit card company to stop any payment to WV. With regards to your refund try this:

      You can send an email to [email protected]
      a) Include on the subject line: your NAME and CANCELLATION
      b) Include in the message: your NAME, Rep ID#, DATE, and REASON you are leaving

      ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

  114. Went to presentation Sunday gone thoroughly enjoyed the evenning.Im a Person with a judicial background so am from habit skeptical with many things.in 2 days I have been doing research on WV l have looked at their videos came across blogs with negative outcomes.Your site however, has been a great read during the first half of your replies I was seeing you as someone that was genuinely concerned and writing from personal experience. Made me read on hoping that you were doing this to help people. And yes people that have your problem should stay away from this line of business and just tap away at a keyboard. Therefore, I dont believe I will be doing anymore blogging it has no value im not out to make fast easy $$$ s I enjoy the travel aspect AND THE PEOPLE that held evenning Were very open and transparent and may I add when I blogged and were concerned about a certain comment I rang the host of the before mentioned presentation who was a new member and she rang her team leader who rang the senior and I received responses to my concerns within 15minutes. This team support each other 150% they keep each other close and network continuously A family unit one of them have done the dream trip shes only been in less then a year. She found a cheaper flight 2hrs before they boarded the plane and $200 difference was put into her credit card she was able to spend it on a few pairs of Nikes. These people are my friends and family and one might say then WHY am I doing background checks on WV just join up they did. Well habits die hard .So I guess u now know my decision this blog helped me make it. ANYONE FOR DISNEYLAND January 2016

    1. Thats great Muriel! I am happy for you that you have found your path. WV is definitely not for everyone and not every team in WV looks out for your interest. So if you have found a great team, thats really good for you. I look forward to your success.

      ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

  115. I have read a lot of the comments regarding the business aspect of World travel. I would like to know about the travel part, is it worth it. My wife and I like to travel, we are not interested in the business part.

    1. Hi Melvin,

      If you travel a lot in a year, more than 4 times a year, then it may be worth it. If you travel only 1 to 2 times in a year, then WV is definitely not worth it. Also note that WV do not cover flight, you have to book your flight through Rovia. Comparing Rovia vs other search engines for flights, you can easily get better offer from elsewhere. WV also do not cover all the travel destinations, and in some instances if you purchase travel packages from somewhere else, it might be cheaper or at least on par with WV. So it really depends, there are good and bad in WV’s travel packages.

      ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

  116. Thank you very much for sharing. I just paid the initial USD510 to become a member, but then after reviewing the trip, I think they are unattractive to me because same as you said, I need to pay for 2 persons and go with the other member, what’s more, I need to arrange visa and buy plane tickets. So I decided to quit after 2 days I paid to WV.

    I think I made a wise decision.

  117. Thanks for helping me to resolve my dilema of not joining wv

  118. Hi Jack,

    Thanks it was interesting to read your take on WV and the rest of the people with their opinions. I have seen this WV been advertised on some of my friends Facebook pages and they seem eager to get involved. When I saw their posts I wondered about this new next best thing been promoted. I used good old Google and came across your blog. Looking at the video above about how this works it screams pyramid scheme to me. Not only has pramid schemes hurt / burnt people before but has left many worse off before going into something like this. I have seen friendships and family ruined because of someone they trusted introduced them to this next best thing. Too many promises been made and when it does not materialise things go wrong and people are left hurt and most likely poorer. The old saying comes to mind ” If it sounds to good, it probably is”. I think “Greed is a Man’s worst enemy”. Good luck to those who feel that WV is for them and I hope it works out for them.

  119. Wow, im so glad that i read all these topics.

    Keep it up Jack!

    Would have made a decision i would have regret.

    I however was interested due to the fact that extra money is always needed. (easy money) which i thought at the time.

    My time is divided between work, study and religious activities which I involve myself in so i would definitly not fit in with WV.

    Can someone provide me with more info of this “affiliate marketing”.


    Miss Jay

  120. Jack,

    I truly appreciate the carefully word banter between many of the posters and you.

    However, here’s the truth about “Most” MLM Companies;

    Pick one – Any one, and the percentage of “successful” reps in the MLM industry is very closely related to the “successful” positions in just about any other job requiring the sale of a product or service. Very few insurance salespeople last more than a year. Why? Because it’s the ones that put forth the effort to learn the business, put in the hours and dig until it’s done that make it. Whether it’s an MLM or Car Lot, the cream rises to the top.

    So, please don’t lump MLM’s as scams or negative unless you give the same credence to traditional jobs.

  121. Simple Works says:

    I went to one of their conventions before. Such a huge hustle! Come to think of it, the guy who invited me left! Glad you are doing this to promote what a scam they are. Good job.

  122. Ive been in World Ventures for 2months, I absolutely love it. I have made my money back with double the profit, I have an amazing team, I get to help them achieve as I have and they get to help their team, I’ve created 5 leaders and im only just getting started.
    I will agree that World Ventures is not for everyone. One must have a strong mindset, clear vision, and a belief system so thick that no matter what obstacles are placed in your way, its won’t matter because see how your life is going to plan out if you NEVER QUIT.
    I’ve met so many people that have made a lot of money in World Ventures, and it just inspires me to do more, hustle harder, fight stronger, believe harder and just give it my all.
    I want to create a legacy for my bloodline, and World Ventures is my platform.
    Thank you WV.

    1. Great that you have made a success with Chiara! I’m happy for you. I believe the route was not easy for you and I salute you for that.

      ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

  123. Fithaveguy says:

    Ok I’ve been around the block tried a couple of these pyramid type money making ventures out over the years..Recently I was approached about world ventures Hers my experience.
    The two reps where young and enthusiastic and told me about all the vacations I could go on and all the accommodations and how I could change my life and be successful through WV.after an hour of that they got into the how I can make money part.After another hour or more I still didn’t fully understand the how I make money part..
    Due to having experience with these thing I basically understand that I have to sign people up and then they sign people up and if enough people get signed up under me I will have my own little business pyramid…but everyone has to stay signed up and I have to constantly sign more people up to make up for the people who cancel their subscription it’s like the phone company.That’s why phone companies make you sign a contract so it’s costly to end your service.
    The two reps where excited about their so called freedom and touted the positives of WV while completely shunning the working persons and 9 to 5s.I described my lifestyle to them and asked how WV could benefit me especially since vacations don’t interest me, I can drive any where that I’m interested in going.
    At any rate they weren’t impressed and felt I didn’t have vision and none of my achievements where impressive or what they would consider success since I still have a job working for the man.
    At any rate I fail to see how WV can improve my lifestyle I have a home multiple vehicles and I am working toward two separate 20 yr pensions which I’m more than a third of the way to completing. I have a 401k and several other investments in stocks mutual funds and previous metals I earn 20k US a year just from my interest and investments.
    I’m not rich but i live comfortably and have what I need..and I have vowed not to want anything because wants are an endless loop you will always want a nicer car a fancier house with a bigger lawn, the next new gadget from phones to televisions and talking pillows.
    I saw saw photos of people involved with WV showing off their BMW nice car but what about upkeep, longterm cost.You can buy a vehicle for half the cost that has everything you will ever need or use and you won’t freakout if it gets a scratch.I once paid 3k for a vehicle that had it all and i maintained it myself and drove it for 10 years people with S550s would stare at it.So to me saying I can get a fancy car is not a selling point because I know those luxury cars can be a headache that’s why their not the number one selling brands. Ok and people can’t afford them.
    So the metering concluded after several hours I walked away thinking These reps are working harder than a regular job would be because they rushed off to meet another potential prospect and they had just met up with one before they had the meeting with me.
    You have to put in alot of time and it doesn’t nessasarily mean success you can talk to ten people and none of them sign up .Obviously the sooner you get in on the pyramid the closer you are to the top.yes the top can make a ton of money but for the Johnny come latelys it’s going to be difficult because everyone who is going to sign up has already done so.
    I would only do it as a hobby just to see if it’s viable to make any money but i wouldn’t count on it to pay the bills.I would be more interested in this AFFILIATE thing

  124. When there are 3 or more “legs”, it is a pyramid scheme. WV works with a binary system – i.e. your left and right team. Everyone has their own opinions, 100%. I scoped this for 3 years before joining. It is very beneficial to someone who would like to earn a second stream of income in your spare time, or make it a full time job. The business side is optional, and after signing up your 4 personals, your monthly fees are relinquished (the same is done when you take the travel package). You earn more the bigger your team gets. It is the same in an everyday business. If the business grows, the CEO gets paid more, the manager might get a raise, but the employee will probably still receive the same salary. WV is a great way to create free time for yourself in the future and make a living, living.

    Thanks everyone for the review and inputs, it is much appreciated.

    1. Thanks Mitch for your comment! If you realize I mentioned before, though your monthly fee is waived when you get 4 personal sign-up, if any one of the 4 personal signup decides to leave, you are back to the payment scheme. Truth is, it is really hard to maintain 4 active members. You need to have solid motivation skills and sales knowledge to motivate and grow your team, and most of the so called “leaders” in WV do not have what it takes to be a leader (To motivate, lead and help downlines generate sales). I urge any one who is considering WV to dig deep into the team you are about to join and see if the team can bring you to success.

      ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

  125. Elizabeth says:

    SO many grammatical and punctuation errors in my previous comment!! So sorry!! Didn’t read over it, as I probably should have!


  126. Elizabeth says:

    Hi there!

    So, I had been to a WV meeting today. My friends, father and mother had just recently joined and are completely stoked about it .. But, I couldn’t help to feel uneasy about the whole WV concept. They throw SO much information at you so fast that it just goes right over your head. Anyways, I considered joking but thought I’d do some research on WV before making such a big decision, financially, with no guarantee of exponential income, well any income really. And, to have to find four people within a 30 day cycle–that’s just ridiculous, in my opinion. I do believe a lot of people have had great success with WV but the ones who haven’t greatly overweigh the ones who have. I’m so glad I came across your article. I wish I had came across it before my friends parents had joined. I think they believe that they’re just going to get all this money, residual income, and trips without having to worry to much about the technical side of it. WV reps and the company do not tell you the cons. They only tell you the pros and they “great” deals you can get out of it. But, the truth is–as you said–only a few people greatly succeed in making WV a successful business for themselves. Sorry to rame. Just really loved your article and how blunt you were. Think send a link of your article to them so they know what they’re getting into!


  127. Hey.
    Let’s put the whole business-part aside for a moment. A friend of mine joined WV two months ago because she is interested in traveling and likes the people who are in there among with her. Is it still possible to offer a member like her the opportunity to travel for a reasonable cost-benefit ratio or do you really have to get busy recruiting people in order to not being completely ripped off and paying other people’s holidays? I am obviously no business-expert but I do know that anybody has to pay for everything and in this case it seems you just pass the “rip-off-buck” to the next best 4 persons (which I guess are often your friends and you do not realise the entire dimension of how the business actually works).

    And by the way, thank you for your effort and time to put up an independent and fair review based on your observations!

  128. In Norway World ventures was shut down as a pyramide scam 11.28.2014

  129. I signed up few days ago .. few hours ago i asked my friends if they are interested to know how to travel and get paid at the same time? Surprisingly, my friends cut the topic and asked me directly before i start..”Is that the platform about travelling? I have already heard about it, so don’t need to tell me if you’re going to say that…”

    And that lead me to this forum. Like what Brian posted, i actually felt uneasy after the day i signed up but only to take it positively to at least give it a try. However, through my best friends i learnt that WV may not really suit me personally, and i am searching for a way to terminate the membership with WV without inform my up line or sponsor, and i think it’s not easy to get full refund ..


    Any suggestions?

    1. Refer to Clause 22 of the World Ventures terms and condition:

      22. All notices given by the Member must be given to WorldVentures at 5360 Legacy Dr., Building 1, Suite 300, Plano, TX 75024, United States of America. WorldVentures may give notice to the Member at either the e-mail or postal address he or she provides when making the application for membership. Notice will be deemed received and properly served immediately when posted on the WorldVentures website, 24 hours after an e-mail is sent, or three days after the date of posting of any letter. In proving the service of any notice, it will be sufficient to prove, in the case of a letter, that such letter was properly addressed, stamped and placed in the post and, in the case of an e-mail, that such e-mail was sent to the specified e-mail address of the addressee.

      You can send an email to [email protected]

      a) Include on the subject line: your NAME and CANCELLATION
      b) Include in the message: your NAME, Rep ID#, DATE, and REASON you are leaving

      Let me know if this works.

      ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

  130. Once you join an MLM, you are practically working for a company; don’t delude yourself into thinking that you are actually running your business.

    If you want to make a living out of working for an MLM, then it’s much, much harder than truly starting your own business or working for a “normal” company.

    End of the day, you’re paying a company for a chance to be paid. At best, it’s a strange working relationship. You’re basically playing a game and adding very little to no value to the world.

    1. It is true Jack. It is much harder to succeed in MLM then being successful in your own business.

      But I do not agree with you that you are working for the MLM company because if it is a job, you should be getting paid right from the start. MLM is more like a business, there is a chance of success and failure.

      Thanks for your input on this!

      ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

  131. I have recently joined WV. I have my summers off so I saw it as an opportunity to make a little extra cash in my eye. I’m planning to take trips anyway so if I can possibly make a little for something or save a little on something I would do anyway, why not?. If I don’t make any money or get rich quick, that’s okay Its just another opportunity, but I will at the very least take advantage of the rate shrinker search engine. I have already seen trips I felt were cheaper somewhere else and was ready to cry wolf like others, but they (WV) are obligated to at least price match what you screen shot them (under quote request). So that in itself to me is worth the $25 non-contractual membership fee that’s newly offered. With any kind of business it will depend on the work you put in AND IT WILL REQUIRE SOME WORK. If I find a trip that I can possibly save around $400 bucks, I have already made that money back for the year. That’s with out having your 4 signees. Everything is not for everyone, but I encourage any who are willing to try the WV product to take full advantage of all you get before making an opinion. You can’t have the opportunity without the obligation.

    Great Article!

  132. I signed up for this last night. Initially I was very excited, but after coming here and reading all of these responses I am feeling quite uneasy. Unfortunately at this point I really have no choice but to tet and succeed with wv. Unless anyone knows how I can dispute it and get my money back. I did pay with a credit card if that matters.

    1. Hi Brian,

      You may want to contact your local distribution centre to check it out.

      ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

  133. Hello everyone,
    I wanted to share my experience with WV. I have been in for 9 months now, of course like you guys I was sceptical about “to good to be true”. Well I’m here to tell you that it has been such a blessing and an answer to prayer for my family. Not only have we gone on three of the most amazing trips of our life, (also, wanted to add you absolutely have the choice to go with other WV members or on your own. All three trips we have taken have NOT been with other WV members) they have been to 5* accommodations that we never in our entire life thought we could afford, not to mention they were all inclusive. We have met the most amazing positive WV people, we now call good friends. You totally have the option to just take the products of amazing wholesale trips, or to do the business. Every dollar you pay for your membership is given back in dream trip points on your anniversary date. So, you have absolutely nothing to lose. If all this company would do is give you the opportunity to take amazing trips, then to me it is all worth it. We also joined the business for the tax brake, and for the first time in years we received a tax refund. We were able to write of 17k off of our earned income; to me that is money for another awesome vacation. We now have people asking us, “how in the heck do you guys travel so much”.

    1. I was wondering when you mentioned “all 3 trips you have taken have NOT been with other WV members, then when you mentioned “We have met the most amazing positive WV people, we now call good friends”, how would you not have met them if you do not travel with them? Just curious.

      Like I have mentioned, if you already have a lot of people under your “Right” and “Left” leg, it is definitely possible to enjoy those benefit. But for people who have just started the WV business without knowledge, sales experience, a group of followers, it is most likely the person will suffer the membership fee. For me, I travel twice a year and if I join WV just for the benefit of buying cheap hotel rooms, I would have paid a huge amount in the membership fee in order to enjoy that small discount. To me, it doesn’t make sense. But for people who travels a lot, it definitely make sense.

      If you are taking this as a business, you have to be sure that your sponsor or upline have what it takes to groom you into a great salesperson, otherwise, needless to say, there is a high chance of failure.

      Thanks for your input Rea!

      ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

  134. Hi everyone 🙂
    I just wanted to say to Duke that yes u can sing up for WV under ur friend although she is in a different country.
    And for others that have had a bad experience with WV by ppl pressuring them to join or show up to their houses, everyone does it differently. Just as you may go to a grocery store & get horrible service that doesn’t mean that everyone in that establishment is rude or pushy. There are thousands of ppl in WV all of which have different personalities.
    And yes u do have to work hard, it is ur own business & success doesn’t happen 9ver night tho for some it may be a little easier.
    ….That’s all I have for right now :]

  135. Hey I was roped into this just last night, falling for it for feeling like I would miss out on an incredible opportunity. I was wondering if you know the proper procedure for getting out of this as I no longer want anything to do with it. It was an old friend of mine that brought me into it and I’m having a difficult time breaking it to him that I don’t want to have anything to do with it. I have already tried explaining to him it is not for me, but now I have half a mind to just go on and find my own way out of this without giving him a reason.

    1. Hi Steven,

      I have sent an email to you. Please take a look. Let me know if it helps.

      ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

  136. P.S. Affiliate marketing with wealthy affiliate sounds interesting… Anything someone can do to learn more about it I recommend as well 🙂

  137. Great article… While I don’t think WorldVentures is a scam, I do not agree with some things they do in regards to marketing and promoting the business. Again thanks for the great read and I think anyone should look into affiliate marketing as second source of income! 🙂

  138. Great post Jack et al…
    I have experiecnced the same, a friend contacted me out of the blue for lunch; to find someone else there too with an ipad set up in front of me. It was a complete set up – why so dishonest in the first place, this sent my waring bells off.
    They have been hassling me so much since to join up, seriously if it really was so great then it should be easy to get 4 people. I, like most of the others dont have time, or am dedicated enough to make this work.
    Thanks Jack for your time to create this post. I wont be joining 🙂

    1. Hey Andrew,

      Thanks for sharing your experience with World Ventures. Yup, people who are promoting world ventures are thought to be sneaky when they are asking for an appointment. I am glad you have decided not to join. There are many more opportunities out there which are much easy and do not need you to be a sales person. Let me know if you are interested.

      ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

  139. Heres a bit more information about world ventures that I found out after researching and joining to test it out for myself

    • DreamTrips Rewards points
    • Membership covers you and one other
    • Or membership covers you and spouse and children
    • Rate shrinker (no need to wait before booking)
    • Price pledge
    • 24/7 concierge (personal assistant)
    backed up by Rovia, a 25+ year old company
    • Rovia’s Group-Booking Technology
    • VolunTours (volunteer trips)
    • RARELY ever beaten on price for packages (DreamTrips)
    • Low monthly fee and the money is again given back to you as points ($1=1 point same on the initial joining fee)
    • to use against trips (save more in the long run)
    • Single DreamTrips
    • option to upgrade to a superior package

    • Pinnacle Award in 2009 by Carnival Cruise Lines
    • Golden Apple, Premier Apple and Platinum Apple awards for exceptional quality and service
    • Travel Weekly in 2012 with a Gold Magellan Award for Best Community Involvement Program
    • Silver Magellan Award for best Travel Guides/Ratings/Reviews
    • 2014 World’s Leading Online Travel Agency
    • 2014 World’s Leading Travel Club
    • 2014 Africa’s Leading Travel Club
    • 2014 Asia’s Leading Online Travel Agency
    • 2014 Asia’s Leading Travel Club
    • 2014 Europe’s Leading Travel Club
    • 2014 North America’s Leading Travel Agency
    • 2014 North America’s Leading Travel Club
    • 2014 United States’ Leading Travel Agency
    • 2013 World’s Leading Travel Club
    • 2013 North America’s Leading Travel Agency
    • 2012 World’s Leading Travel Booking Website

    Nominated for (2015
    • 2015 World’s Leading Online Travel Agency
    • 2015 World’s Leading Travel Club
    • 2015 Africa’s Leading Travel Club
    • 2015 Asia’s Leading Online Travel Agency
    • 2015 Asia’s Leading Travel Club
    • 2015 Europe’s Leading Travel Club
    • 2015 North America’s Leading Travel Club

    • member of all travel associations like, Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA)
    • Airlines Reporting Corporation (ARC)
    • American Society of Travel Agents (ASTA)
    • International Association of Travel Agents Network (IATAN)

    1. I totally believe World Ventures achieve lots of rewards. But I believe World Ventures do not benefit much to a new distributor when it comes to the business aspect. As for the travel packages itself, you must note that air tickets must be purchased separately. A consumer of World Ventures have recently reported to me about World Ventures, you can check out their comment here:


      I hope this help to answer some queries you might have.

      ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

  140. I have been reading all the posts and have come to realise that the people that have put the bad comments on has never really even tried looking deep in to the company and see the good what WV has done. Have you even looked at the foundations that WV has committed helping less fortunate children and giving back to communities around the world. Do you know that they won the best Travel Club in the world 2014. Where have you ever booked a flight and got money back if the price changes to less even an hour before your flight. Have you ever looked at some of the people who are part of WV and actual have made a success of it. Listen to there stories and back grounds and hear that they were dead broke and how WV has changed there lives. And the peopIe that signed you up did the wrong in not being good leaders. The support is there you just had the wrong ones, but Never give up! I am part of this amazing company and have learned this. I am in control of who I am. Only God can change me. Don’t judge anyone or anything. Some people will say no, but not everyone strives to build a life for love, happiness and Success. And that’s okay. All I can say is that WV has had such a Huge positive impact on my life and my family and friends. Your excesses means Nothing, Your life means everything! How Bad do you want it? Thank you World Venture South Africa.

    1. I’m glad it work out for your Yolee! Like I’ve said not everyone is suitable to be a part of World Ventures. But there is a reason why there are so many complaints and bad reviews about World Ventures. While it might work well for you, it might not work well for other. Some people see the benefits and flaws of World Ventures differently. There’s no right or wrong answer to it.

      I agree with you on the “Never Give up” part, however, giving up on World Ventures doesn’t mean its the end. It only means that World Ventures or Multi Level Marketing is just not the right opportunity for the person. The are many ways to make money online, like my #1 Recommended Opportunity, you just have to figure it out.

      I wish you luck and continuous success!

      ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

  141. Anonymous1 says:

    NOTE: I originally tried to post this on another blogsite but it didn’t work for some reason, so I’m posting it here. Ignore all the references to previous comments as that will not apply in this posting of it to this site.

    I hope those still looking for some feedback on whether or not to join will consider what I’m about to say and then judge for themselves on how ethical this company’s practices are. Let me also say that I hope this is coherent and makes some sense, as what I have to say expounds many ideas in such a way that it seems as if I’m jumping from one point to another. Hopefully you can see the entire picture through my words.

    I used to hang out with a group of friends, and we did practically everything together. Often times, we would sit around, crack jokes, smoke a little weed, and just enjoy each other’s company. What upsets me is the fact that one of my friends seriously tried to approach me with this bullshit when I was high.

    This friend not only played the training cd in his car for me while trying to convince me that it “wasn’t a pyramid scheme”, but this SAME friend also played me the “just push play” intro dvd while I was high and not in my right mind. Me being in this state didn’t sway me, thankfully, as even when in that mindset I was unable to see any real value in this company.

    Everything looked too ideal for me. I’ve lived a very emotionally taxing life to be as young as I am, so I know that anything that looks this good couldn’t possibly be true or worthwhile. I wasn’t lured in by the presentation at all.

    Unlike most prospectives on here, I already regularly hung out at the place where this presentation was given, so it was just another day to all of us. I noticed that many strange new people were there, and by there having been at least 4 reps there (there were about 10-12 of us hanging out in total), they were there to make sales to us non-members.

    I remember someone being shunned and essentially ex-communicated by the same friend who tried to get me into all of this because he “just wasn’t right”. They said, verbatim, “Yeah, he’s out.” This person was speaking like this of someone with whom he attended high school. As shown time and time again, this is just another example of someone in WV diminishing, and basically shitting on, a friendship/relationship with someone who was once close to them.

    Also, the entire time I even contemplated joining, I knew I was too broke to join in the first place. This lie of a company offers people who are broke like me “an opportunity to better our lives”, but where the hell do they think we’re getting all this money from in the first place? I was on my own in college with a parent paying for my tuition, so was the money for signing up supposed to come off the trees or something? It’s just bogus. One of the friends I used to hang around even resorted to selling weed to generate enough funds to pay for the starting membership fee. I have names, but I think what I’ve said is personalized enough to where they’d know I mean them if they came around to read this. I digress.

    I see so many members on this random ass blog trying to defend their company’s stance, and it’s just like, do you not realize that you’re unplugging from one matrix into another one? Given my background knowledge in metaphysics, new age, and other alternative theories and outlooks on the world, I completely understand not wanting to be a part of the whole 9-5 job mess. I get it. It’s very enslaving, and I’m trying my best to live my life while working around that model, however, to allow your mind to essentially be given up to another company and leader with promises of working for yourself and “building your own business”, you’re still being lied to. Whether you like it or not, you’re still being sold an unachievable dream simply because it is based on false pretenses and lies.

    No one who is a former member of the company who have shared their experiences are saying that they want you to be “negative” or unsuccessful or even unhappy. They simply want you to achieve long-term happiness in the most honest way possible, and that, as evidenced by the scores of comments I’ve read, is NOT through World Ventures.

    I’ll add one last thing to this, and then I’m done because whoever is reading my comment has already made up their mind either way.

    The friend who wanted me to join didn’t pressure me at all. He showed me the video and let me listen to the cd he received at a training, I presume. My whole take on that was just “Okay, whatever. He’s just listening to something and he wanted to show me this thing, no big deal.” Weeks after I still had no clear decision made, this person had a conversation with me in the car alluding to how exclusive everything is. He pretty much made me feel bad for not being sure on whether or not I wanted to join, and if you can remember, I wasn’t sure I wanted to join only because I had no idea from where I’d get the money to join. This person talked very vaguely about how it “wasn’t for everyone” and if the average person could afford the beginning funds that it would just cheapen the whole experience for people who are able to pay all those funds. I felt excluded, and momentarily I felt bad and almost ashamed for being an outsider. I’ve been an outsider my entire life, so hearing him say this after the initial feelings I had of once again not being included into an “exclusive club” didn’t phase me.

    I know that I said that the last thing I was going to say was the last thing (sorry I just talk a lot sometimes!), but I wanted to add this, too. There is an allure of exclusivity and a fancy lifestyle that appeals to most people like me. WV plays off of that so heavily, and it’s pathetic. The allure of *owning* your own BMW, living in a lifestyle that is outside of your means just to brag about it to friends with the hopes that they’ll get jealous and join so you can stop paying your monthly fees…It’s just scam-like. The only people I’ve seen who are attracted to such a business model are lost, hopeless, weak-minded, narcissistic, and egotistical people who have such a large and empty void in their life that they seriously lie to themselves and believe that this is a legit way to become successful and live their life according to their dreams. I have no doubt in my mind that if you TRULY want to achieve any dream of yours, that you will. You do not need to hire a middleman like WV to convince you through expensive lectures that you are already this type of person. All these “personal development” seminars are doing just that. You shouldn’t have to pay someone to tell you can do it, whatever it is, but that’s what many people have done, to their mental detriment.

    I’ve been in a position to where I’ve given my mind away to someone, to some idea, and it became cult-like, with me doing practically anything to hold onto my sense of belonging for a fear of being alone the rest of my life. I avoided reality, and you’re doing that by investing any more time and hard-earned money into this company. I’ve since studied for countless hours on my own about various mind-controlling techniques, such as those used to get you to join WV in the first place, and I cannot, out of respect for myself and those around me, allow myself to go down another path like that. In continuing to be a part of this company, that is what you are doing. Like I’ve already said, you’ve already made your choice on what you wanna do, whether you wanna ignore what I’ve said and stay or leave for whatever reason, but just know that when you’re aware of a practice being unethical and choose to still partake in it, that it will come back on you later on.

    1. fantastic review!
      i aggree with you very much

      i will follow the discussion from here
      : some very informativ content in here !

      very short i will add my experiance: in greece i was introduced by an agent and i didnt join : their rethoric skills and persuation methods were fantastic and demonstatration with ipad etc… couldnt see myself in profit with a simple calculation: before i signup i want to find at least 2 people who are interested by simply telling them the facts about wv. none were interested so quit.

      but what i really want to see is people talking about their backoffice technology which in my eyes is impressive.
      the dynamic multi tier affiliate system which really is a comission generator only if the product is from “real value” i would participate

      one very high representative showed me how the leg system works in his account- its amazing but it was 1 year ago and i cannot recall everything
      only the fact that until now i only worked with static tier3 level comissions from my business ( financial transaction volume )
      i need to know more here..

  142. Hinerake Ngaronga says:

    Hi there,

    So i too have been to a WV Presentation. Personally i was really intrigued in the whole idea/concept of how it worked, i saw the video presentation and thought wow, BUT the turning point for me was When i heard a REAL TESTIMONIAL from someone who has been in the company for 5 1/2 years, it made sense. Next thing i know, there are 4 other people with their testimonials. And i could relate to them also, as a stay at home mum of 4 gorgeous children and with hubby being the main income earner, i knew i didn’t have money to waste.

    After two presentations i Signed up and needless to say my upline and my team are very VERY supportive. I find if you don’t have the constant momentum to keep going and keep pushing ahead, you loose it almost instantly, it is whether you are driven and believe you can actually do it..

    I understand people do not like asking this of your friends or family, BUT YOU ARE NOT SELLING THEM ANYTHING it is their choice whether they see the vision and see the concept, if its not for them then WE DO NOT pressure them into signing up.

    4 People in 30 days is absolutely possible. As is 6. Even more, again it goes back to how driven you are and how much you want this for yourself. Going into ANY BUSINESS you have to expect to put in the hard yards, otherwise what kind of business are you running. Nothing in life comes free, although i wish it would.

    So to sum it up, if WV is not for you then so be it, its not a bad thing. Every company has its ups and downs simply because every single person thinks differently, we are not all the same, what works for some may not work for others.

    I enjoyed reading the reviews on here
    Thanks Jack 😀

    1. I am currently a new member of WV. I truly value the opinions and reserch that all of you have done!! As have I.

      The 1 thing that everyone keeps talkin about is 4 in the first 30 days!
      Well the real truth is.. it’s not just the first 30 days…
      If you sign 4 people in ANY 30 day period your monthly fees are waved… so with that being cleared up..
      Learn your product! Then go at it! There is no hurry! Everyone works at a different pace! Yes fast is great but that comes in time…
      We all have 1 thing in common! A “WHY” even though there all different! We all have the edification to be great!
      God bless everyone and I wish you all the best of luck in whatever it’s to reach your dreams!!

      1. Hi Tim! Thank you for your comment!

        While I understand that sign up any 4 your monthly fees will be waived, this does not exactly show that you can do it at your own pace. Remember you have to pay a hefty monthly fee? Basically you do not gain much from that monthly fee and so there is a reason why it is really a hurry to sign that 4 person, you must also remember that those 4 person, have to remain active if not you have to scramble to find replacements in order to enjoy the waived fee.

        From what I see and what I know, there are 90% chance that members will drop out after a while.

  143. Your discussion of World Ventures’ MLM model is right on the money (no pun intended). Very few people ever make a living in such a model, and a lot of newcomers underestimate how hard they will have to work to reach the top of the payout hierarchy. I recently dropped someone from my professional network once I realized they were doing this with their career.

  144. ALERT! ALERT! The BBB has issued an alert for World Ventures! Think twice before joining!

    Here’s the BBB link: http://www.bbb.org/dallas/business-reviews/multi-level-selling-companies/worldventures-marketing-in-plano-tx-90030075

    Here is the Alert verbatim:
    “World Ventures promotes membership of discount vacation clubs and sales of travel services through multi-level marketing. Individuals that pay a business opportunity fee to sell WorldVentures’ products or services are called “independent representatives.” According to the business’s 2014 Annual Income Disclosure Statement, 77.51% of WorldVentures’ independent representatives did not earn a commission or override between October 2012 and September 2013. Of the 22.49% of independent representatives that did earn a commission or override, the median earned was $40.”

  145. Jack,

    Thank you again for your expeditious reply.

    I am considering joining WorldVentures because I see myself as a consumer first, if I can benefit from this product and the answer is “yes”. This is how readers here should see it. So with this in mind, I am not bothered about this target of getting 3 – 4 sign ups within a month.

    As a business front, I would say they are legitimate but you have to work hard to attain your business goal. Look, the cost of setting this business is less than USD$1,000 ( per year basis with 12 months sub). They have a company set up in Singapore with a paid up capital of SGD$100,000 ( Does Wealthy Affiliate has a company set up in Singapore with a paid up capital?).
    Furthermore, they are registered with IATA and even mastercard supports them. Look, I don’t think MasterCard is so unwise to promote such activities. Again, readers must ask first ” do you benefit as a consumer?”

    I have done a search on “Wealthy Affiliates” and there is lots of headlines shouting “Wealthy Affiliates is a SCAM”. Should I believe them? Well, I leave it to the readers here to do their own research. In my view, a business start up that cost $0 bucks needs further checks. I am very sure you are very successful doing this and I will leave it to you to work with your readers on this. It’s really not my place to comment.

    Finally, in any business, the 80/20 failure/success rules applies. In your case, you mentioned it as 90/10 failure/success. Fair enough. same could be said of Wealthy Affiliates that you are promoting. Of course, you will dispute me and you have the right to do so. End of the day, the readers must decide themselves with the information you provide. O this note, I have spoken personally to many successful World Ventures partners too. But they will tell you “its a lot of hard work involved and there is no such thing as luck”

    Jack, I wish you the very best in your venture and this is my last correspondence on this matter. All the best again !


    1. Well I believe you can definitely benefit from WV if you are a frequent traveller. Unlike myself and most people, we travel probably 1 – 2 times a year, 3 tops. If you are not a frequent traveller, you will find the monthly subscription hefty and most likely not worth the money. But if you can benefit from WV, then that’s great.

      MLM companies needs presence in a country in order to accomodate new members. Unlike WV where you need to do direct selling, Wealthy Affiliate do not need a presence because it is basically teaching you how to build a business online, you do not need to physically speak to people in order to “recruit members” or “promote products” to people. Its like comparing Chicken to a duck here. Both businesses operates at a different level. Totally agree with you on this sentence “do you benefit as a consumer”.

      Well, you mentioning “Wealthy Affiliates” having headlines shouting “Wealthy Affiliate is a Scam” suggest to me that you have not actually read those articles. If you would have done proper research you will probably realise that those headlines are just a way to capture your attention. As you have said, no business is perfect, Wealthy Affiliate do have its flaws and it is mentioned in a few reviews. They are basically the following:

      – Information provided within the membership area are overwhelming
      Owners have a very strict no spam and no vulgarity policy (A few members got kicked out of the community because of foul languages and spams)
      – Some members got their write access revoked because they violated certain policies (like selling products in the community – WA is not a place to sell products, it is a learning platform)
      – Business license not obtained up until 2012, this was already resolved.

      So if you think deep, there are basically no major flaws or any indication about the business operations, just minor ones, of which are out of the owner’s control. $0 bucks startup fee is for anyone to try out the courses in Wealthy Affiliate. There’s no obligation to sign up, no credit card is even required so I don’t see anything scammy about this. If a product were to charge a high startup cost or you need to provide credit card information beforehand, then that calls for an alarming check. If Wealthy affiliate is a scam, I wouldn’t be a member with it for more than a year now. Yes. I am in WA for a little over a year now.

      90/10 failure/success rate is not in my case but it applies to all businesses. Like I mentioned 80/20 is for effort and return. In any case, let say both me and you are right. Yup! any business requires tonnes of effort to make a success, successful WV partners are right. If WV is all about promoting a hype, I would most probably penalize them on this, but the fact is they have made it clear that it requires a lot of effort.

      Wish you all the best too Samuel. Great to be acquainted with you here. Hope to hear your progress with WV in a few months/years to come. Cheers to your success!

      ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

    2. Hi Samuel, I was reading those exchange of thoughts between you and Jack I would have to say that those comments of you both made me look into a much realistic way of MLM for I have been into several seminars in the past and none of those make me feel so excited like WV does when I heard it from a friend, It’s maybe because I always have a passion in travelling but haven’t got sufficient funds to do it often, and I see WV will be my gateway to fulfill that kind of lifestyle. I’ve searched about WV for almost a week now and I would say that this site is by far the FAIREST my wife I could find. Most of the videos we saw doesn’t even allow viewers to comment the also a thing that sets the bell in my head. I haven’t sign up yet because of course 300 bucks is still 300 it is not an amount for a family of 4 to just let it fly like that and be in an obligation of paying a monthly dues. to be honest I don’t see a huge problem getting 4 in my first month but my only concern is I’m in a country that WV is still not registered (Thailand) but I heard that they will have an event here on December which is next month. Do you see this as an advantage or a flaw for a person like me who is about to sign up? Another thing is that my friend who introduced this to us is from Singapore and she said that we will be sign up under her physical address in SG???? Which really sounded very dodgy for me… I hope you can advise us further about this for you have been a member for a month now as per your last post here.

      P.S. I am addressing this to you because you’re the only person in my opinion here who has the POSITIVE BELIEF as I still have on the company (WV)

      I would deeply appreciate it too if JACK can give some thoughts of my queries..

      Thanks in advance guys!!!

      1. Hi Duke, Thank you for your comment! Just to let you know that I have contacted Samuel and informed him on your comment.

        I would say that unless you are very good at convincing people to join World Ventures by yourself (where you do not need anyone’s help, then it doesn’t matter whether WV has physical presence in your country. Another thing is that when you find 4 person under you, you have to make sure they stay active if not you will continue to pay your monthly membership fee.

        You may also want to ask the following during the seminar in Dec:

        – Will there be regular presentation in your country?
        – How can you sign someone under you (procedures)?
        – Will you get sufficient training to build your business?

        Getting people to sign up may not be a problem but keeping them active may post a problem for many because some people might not have the same positive altitude like you.

        So its really up to you to decide on your next course of action.

        Let me know your thoughts.

        ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

  146. Jack,

    Thank you for posting my comments and answering them expeditiously.

    One last question. I realized after the review on WorldVenture, you pointed your readers to a link that is a so called “none scam” program called Wealthy Affiliate (and you are promoting it). And it happens that this Wealthy Affiliate has 5 thumbs up and right on the top of the pack and of course, World Ventures has many thumbs down. My question is how do you decide on the number of thumbs up or down?

    1. Is this decided by you alone based on your own personal experience ?
    2. OR, a group of folks ? how big is your sample size and how is the survey done?
    3. OR, a survey done by a reputable organization?

    for No.2 and No.3, please provide a link or an authorized source of your information as I would like to check it out. Please remember, it must be from a reputable source and not another link by another blogger’s opinion.

    Thank you and have a good weekend.

    Looking forward to your inputs.


    1. Hi Samuel,

      Ratings are based on my personal experience although I would like to have a rating system on my site but I could find a reliable plugin for that. I have my own rating system and it is judged by the following factors (ranked in order of weight):

      1. Cost of the program vs value
      2. Suitability for beginners (Any education provided for beginners to succeed/Is this program suitable for anyone)
      3. Level of Support provided by the program
      4. No. of Upsells (any promotions of other products)
      5. Are there hype surrounding the product/opportunity

      Are you a member of World Ventures? I would like to know your inputs on WV.

      ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

  147. Jack,

    First of all, there is no such thing as a prefect business proposal and I would agree with you that world ventures is not perfect. Secondly, if you want to be neutral, you need to include all the critical facts that you have missed out here, thus giving a loop sided review. I will not go into a debate with you on who is right and wrong which is pointless. Another point is in any business you enter there is always risk and the 80/20 rule of success applies, meaning only 20% will succeed and 80% fail. This is usually the case even with most small businesses. And finally after all this, you drop your tag line which I was waiting for, that is, “click on this link and I will show you how to make money”. You must admit that you too have an ulterior motive of posting your comments. You use key words like “world venture is a scam” to drive traffic to your site and then promote yourself. So how can you say your review is not biased? I am sure I can also write a review and poke holes on your business venture and then upload this review to a website and drive traffic, of which, I don’t have the time to do. So, will my comments be posted here? I would say unlikely as my inputs will not help you. We will see if it’s posted. Proof me wrong and post.


    1. Hi Samuel,

      First of all I would like to thank you for your time writing this comment.
      Secondly, I would like to proof you wrong that you comment is posted here.
      Thirdly, my article is based on my personal experience, and I personally did not felt the upside of World Ventures and hence I couldn’t write much good for the company. All I can say is that the company is legitimate. The rest is up to an individual to perform their due diligence and decide for themselves. Unfortunately 80/20 rule is about putting in 20% of the effort and achieving 80% of the results, it do not apply to statistic of business. The Statistics of businesses are much worst, 90% of businesses fail in their first year due to high overheads which is one of the obstacle people face when joining World Ventures. I felt that pressure to find the first 4 person to join under me if not I will lose monthly subscriptions which is paramount to my personal survival.
      Lastly, I recommend people to products that worked for me (especially when I have bought many other products and joined many MLM companies, I know what works and what doesn’t). It will be wrong if I recommend people to lousy products that only benefits me but I see no crime in sharing products that actually work and most importantly benefits other people.

      Nonetheless, I appreciate your time and effort for your comment. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

      ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

  148. WV is a straight scam!!! be careful people, they are fake!!! they tell u all kind of BS and at the end they suck your money! screw them!

    WV is a straight scam!!! be careful people they are fake!!!

  149. Hello Jack,
    Thank you for your honest review on this company. This was my experience with World ventures and why I did not join. I apologize in advance for this post to be long but I wanted to bring much detail about this encounter as possible and maybe to help someone else.
    I was introduced to this idea by an old friend from my church that I have not spoken to in months back in April 2014 through a text message. Her text message exactly read “I have something exciting I would like to share and I am rolling it over my Mom’s house, are you available this weekend at 4:00p?” After reading her text, I was a little hesitant to respond because I had no idea what this “exciting news” was that would have me drive 30 minutes to her mother’s house. So I replied back and said that I have to be at a wedding shower at 5:00pm but will try to swing by out of curiosity. Then she sent me another text the day of to see if I was still coming after I left swimming practice, and I replied “Yes”. I was still a little curious and nervous about what this “exciting news” was so I’ll just take a chance. So I went over her Mom’s house, which is a 30 minute drive, and when I came in her house I saw a couple of her relatives and several other strangers that she introduced me to. I had a million things going inside my head as to why am I here?

    Then there were more folks that came, which I mostly knew from my church and they were just as clueless as I was. So the old friend and her Mom were feeding us refreshments and her Mom directed us to go upstairs. I never felt so clueless in my life, so I followed along and went upstairs to notice a video screenplay that had photos of people holding the “blue sign”, which I remember seeing before on my old friend’s instagram page. My old friend introduced herself to everyone, and then introduces the lady to start the WV presentation. This lady sounded very enthusiastic and I was pretty drawn to her presentation where she talks about how much you can save on vacations, $69 cruises, dream trios, and not having to pay so much for food and etc. Then she also kept saying how this is an opportunity to help people. So, I was sitting there thinking, this could be a good idea but there’s got to be a catch to this. After her presentation, her husband gave his presentation piece on how to earn residual income from this.

    After the closing of his presentation, the strangers who I saw earlier before the presentation were actually in on this whole idea and they gave their testimonies on how World Ventures changed their life along with my old friend’s mother. The presentation and testimonies were quite compelling so I was excited and asked about how I can join. They gave me the application and I filled some of it out, but still had questions. I asked another lady, who was part of this about signing up to be a rep and she said that it cost $300 to start, which we were not told during the presentation. GO FIGURE!!. So I told this lady that I can’t pay the $300 until the end of the month, having her think I was going to actually join, but it gave me a chance to buy in some time to research this further. I gave the application to my old friend and she assumed that I agreed to join and she gave me a big hug and was happy, but I didn’t fill out the banking information cause that was a lot of money to give away and plus I was going on a vacation myself in a few weeks. So, I did my own research and I haven’t read or heard great things about WV and I have prayed, talked to family members and coworkers that I trust to finalize my decision whether to join or not. To make a long story short, she has been constantly texting me out of the blue asking me to go to these out of town training sessions, call in conference calls and etc in a more urgent and desperate way to get me involved. It was to the point that I really don’t have time to commit to this and I just blew her off without any explanation thanking GOD I didn’t give out my banking info. After that, I haven’t heard from her since and I don’t regret turning this down which saves me some money and stress.

    The whole idea was that I don’t like the fact that I have to recruit people to make money and then in order for them to make money, they got to recruit people. This to me is a pyramid scheme and I personally am not influential enough too hassle any average people I know to join.

    1. Hi Yontine,

      Thank you for sharing your experience! Really appreciate you being detailed here, this way readers will be able to get a feel of what World Ventures is all about. I’m so glad you didn’t get caught into this. As I mentioned, MLM opportunities are not suitable for everyone and making the opportunity a success is a lot harder than it seemed. While many people at the bottom of the food chain are struggling to make ends meet, the people at the top are enjoying the time of their life. If you are at the bottom of the pyramid in a MLM company, you have to put in probably more than a 100% of your effort to start making some money, this is unless you have a big group of loyal followers who will follow you to which ever company you join. This is also one of the reason why people can make money almost instantly in MLM companies. This fact is usually not disclosed to many new joiners.

      Thanks for your detailed experience once again Yontine!

      ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

    2. Well i joined about 4 months ago i work an average of 60-70 hours per week in my first week i got my four people and my team has been growing i have a great upline and support i also made all my money back in the first month and have made money each month ive taken three trips one was at the venetian in vegas 4days for under 400 dollars i searched and no one could beat that price so for me it has been one of the greatest blessing my family has ever experience and like with anything you get out what you put in its not easy but i love it but most things in life worth fighting for are not easy so fun freedom and Fulfilment will be no different

      1. That’s great that you have gotten some success. I wish you well and hope you can grow a bigger team. World Ventures works for some people but not everyone can be in it, I’m glad you are a suitable candidate.

        ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

  150. Hey Jack,

    Thank you for your balanced opinion of WV.

    I have not yet joined, I am however seriously considering it. A few questions though… Kindly allow me to number my text. It just helps me think through my concerns systematically.

    1) You mention that with WV for one to make money they need to work really hard. I might be wrong but I think that is exactly how life is. You get out exactly what you put in. If there is anything to the contrary kindly point me in that direction. I believe I am at a point in my life where I would like to put in 10 or 20% effort but get 100% returns. You know invest $100 sit back and watch it turn into $1000, with no or very little effort.

    Besides, my understanding is that every coin you put in is redeemable dollar for point. So you really do not loose your money.

    2) You or someone, mentioned somewhere that the offers are only available to members. Of-course they are, why else would they be open yo all and sundry? it would beat the purpose of the travel club wouldn’t it? . I have traveled a little and find hotels that have membership clubs that give their members concessions all the time. The principle is the same I guess. in any case given that one has to be introduced to join the club, they can always use the access the members sites to compare prices… as a member if one finds a trip cheaper than the one booked, remember they will get a full refund and a paid up trip. Or so we were told. That to me means that WV goes for the lowest bargain possible.

    3) With regards traveling in groups. I am a very private person and prefer to be on my own than with crowds. My understanding and again I could be wrong is that you do not have to take part in any group activity. My take would be view the other members at the hotel as you would any other guests at hotels you would be staying at unless of-course one usually stays at private exclusive resorts. That way you take advantage of the low costs and then do your own thing.

    Ok I will stop there, though i have more to ask/discuss.

    1. Hi Harriet,

      Thank you for your comment! I’ll like to address your questions in point form as well.

      1) It is true that you reap what you sow. That is the fact of life, unless you are born in a rich family where everything is taken care of. Putting in 10 or 20% of effort to get a 100% return, I believe it is not possible in my opinion, especially during your starting phase. Unless you have vast knowledge on what you are doing and you already have a developed system that will automate the process for you, 10 or 20% percent of your effort might not reap any benefits.

      2)Personally, I travel probably 2 times a year and I had done my research previously that hotel prices are probably a little cheaper than what was offered elsewhere, however, if you factor the monthly membership fee, it is just not worth being a member of WV. This is unless you travel a lot a year than it would be worth it.

      3)Like you I am a very private person. Basically, if you are travelling with WV, you can expect that the hotel is semi or fully booked by WV. As for whether you need to join those events, I can’t comment on this because I have never travelled with WV.

      Let me know if you have more questions.

      Thanks Harriet!

      ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

  151. Thanks for the honest review Jack! I’m already involved in MLM, which has apparently inspired friends to look into it…and they’ve joined World Ventures. Wish I’d known they were considering it, I’d have suggested a lot more research into their choices! I’ve watched the MLM I’m with grow for several years before I joined, I’ve used the products, all of which do what they say they’ll do, and I know they’re legit – I’ve seen the success time and time again, but its all through hard work and determination not to give up. There is no way you can (or should!) coast along on the success of the people below you. World Ventures sounds too close to the dodgy end of MLM for my liking, the whole system revolves around recruiting, and the actual benefits to members aren’t all that beneficial. You have to have something worth investing in before intelligent people will buy into it.

    1. Hi Dee, Thanks for your comment! I totally agree with you. Anyone who want to succeed in MLM will need to put in 100% effort and determination. Any MLM business that focuses on recruiting is not a company that anyone should join. MLM companies should focus more on selling the actual product than recruiting. Well, some people feel that World Ventures benefited them in some way or another, I shouldn’t comment on that because different people have different experience and I totally respect that. Glad that you have decided on your opinion, hope my review helped you in one way or another.

      ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

    2. K. Harris says:

      It is funny you said that because I was told NOT to focus on recruiting people into the biz because it is simply not for everyone. So perhaps it is the individuals you worked with that had that goal. That is the wrong perspective.

  152. I was introduced to World Venture last year and thankfully, did not join them. Thanks for sharing with people all over the world about this Jack!

    1. You are welcome McKing! Glad to be of service to the online community!

      ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

  153. The biggest reason for me to join was the tax breaks from owning a home-based travel business as well as to get the rovia bucks from shopping I already do. Not sure how much others spend, but the amount I get back is definitely 100x more than my credit card rewards programs, and the only difference is just that it has to be used on travel, which I’m fine with. hotels, flights, and car rentals are all things I use regularly so for ME it was a win-win. Like I said, I did not join for the DreamTrips. I joined to save money on the backend while making some here and there, and in my case, it just worked out.

    1. Ok Thank you so much for this post. Now I read many people are more inclined not to join. But then last post by Ron he seemed to actually get som benefits from it. So I have joined although I have my cooling off period. As I have been busy I really do not have the time to join 4 people within 30 days. I do not like that. That is I need 1 week training full-time and then on the phone selling hard out. And simply I do not like hassling my friends. Hey with my business I never hassled friends if they wanted what I offered they approached me they know what I do. So I am a very great sales person but again I don’t try and sell to my friends. I am an expert in my work so they know that. I have joined and I did join purely for the travel purposes as it could very much work with me. Although I do not see the real prices yet. I only hope they are true. I do not want to join 4 people and I do not want the monthly fee. Which I can not afford right now. So I am not really in it for the money but just for the travel. I want to waive the monthly fee as I have had no time to look at the business side of things. And yes it is hard to join 4 people. I did it because my friend is so excited about it. I am sadden that people really can not make money from MLM its just sell sell sell. I have voiced my concerns to my girlfriend about the monthly fee. The question is are there really good deals or not? flights are they cheaper or not? Please HELP… I really have no money to loose right now with no job but starting out fresh

      1. Hi Marilyn,

        Thank you for your comment! From my past experience, only hotels in certain places are cheaper. Not all deals are the cheapest. I did met up with someone in the past to compare prices side by side between similar deals on hotels (Although I forgot which hotel it was), the prices are somewhat similar. So if you want to waive the monthly fee, it is best you get 4 people to join, otherwise, I suggest that do not join at all. This is my opinion, the decision is yours to make.

        ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

  154. I joined 12 days ago. My husband and I were told about this opportunity by my brother and his wife. We were excited because we do enjoy vacations and wanted the opportunity to take a “luxury” vacation at a heavily discounted rate. Once I got access to their vacation packages, I began comparison shopping with other sites – apples to apples – same hotels and even added the “special inclusive perks” that comes with WV packages. What I discovered was very disappointing because we really wanted to share something of value with our friends and family. There was not much of a difference in pricing. In fact many of the packages offered by other sites were several hundred dollars cheaper and if the WV package came out lower it was because of the points (that we paid for) were deducted from the total costs. Also, we were told by many of the reps that when we took vacations, it would be a tax write-off since we were in the business of selling this product. I’m not sure if that is true and we have posed this question to our CPA. We’re waiting to hear back. If that is true, then it might have some value. But if not, I don’t see any reason to keep paying towards monthly payments. I heard there was a 14 day window to get a refund.

    1. Thanks Ris for your valuable information! We look forward to hear from you regarding the tax write-off. Hope it all goes well for you and your husband.

      ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

    2. I’m not 100% sure you can writeoff the trips entirely, but I know you can write off any meal for 2 or more people where you discuss world ventures at least once. If you bring up the name of the company you are marketing, it classifies it as a business meeting (but make sure you keep a log of whom you brought to dinner in case you are asked, etc.)

      The trips are with other members and might be able to be classified under business since you can essentially pitch it to people while you are on a trip and call it marketing, but I really don’t know how that could work out.

  155. World Ventures seems a little too good to be true and after reading this great review, I can see that it is. Promoting an easy work lifestyle is bad for business and can give the opportunities bad reputations.

    I am involved in network marketing and it does take hard work, commitment, patience, sacrifices and time to get a business off the ground and bringing in a good source of residual income. There’s no such thing as an easy life until you’ve worked very hard in order to get there. I’ll be staying away from World Ventures for sure though.


    1. Thanks Neil for your feedback! Life is never easy and you should not expect a system that do all the hard work for you. Systems and softwares can assist to make your job easier but it can never make you any money. At least this is what I know.

      ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

    2. There is a difference between Simplicity and ease , I personally know tons of young guys with no sales experience , that have made millions from WV, purely because they were more ambitious than the person writing this article , it’s easy to fail at something and point a finger , but what you doing is defacing a good and honest company that provides genuin opportunity because you failed at making it a success , not WV

      1. Hi Darren,

        I guess you are talking about me. Well, just to be clear, WV is not meant for anyone and everyone. I may not have success with WV and that does not mean that I can’t be successful in other things. For your info, I am a successful Affiliate Marketer, so do not be bias over WV. I know WV does provide a good opportunity but I just want to point out that there are many factors that can cause one to fail in the business (like I did). It was partly my fault for not doing my due diligence, and it is also the fault of my uplines for not communicating properly and not managing my expectations.

        I do hope you find your success with WV, and hope your are like those people whom you have described as ambitious and made millions.

        ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

  156. Great review Jack, enjoyed it a lot.
    I like your site’s design and your review structure, very informative and helpful.

    Thanks, been a pleasure.


    1. Thanks for your compliment Or!

      Its my pleasure as well!

      ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

  157. I was recommended to this program last year but having spent a fortune on some gimmick internet marketing class, I wasn’t keen to jump into another gold promising opportunity. This is probably the first time I read an honest review about it. Thank you for sharing Jack.

    Like any MLM company out there, one; it’s important we know if they are legitimate, and two; are we the right fit for them. Walking away from MLM doesn’t mean we are a looser. We just found one company that doesn’t suit us so search again. As a result of not giving up, I have come to discover Wealthy Affiliate and I am happy to say that I’ll be staying here for a while.

    1. You are welcome Cathy! I’m glad my review assisted you. You are totally right about MLM. First the legitimacy and second the right fit. I just World Ventures is just not the right fit for me. Kudos! I too am happy with Wealthy Affiliate and will be there for a long time.

      ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

      1. I recently joined World Ventures and we have not made a cent and two months down the line not even a single person has joined. I would like to know more about this Wealth Affiliate, please share some info with me. I am in South Africa? Do I have to invest money like in World Ventures, how does it work? I dont think I am willing to pop some money again on something that is not guaranteed.

        1. Well, Wealthy Affiliate and World Ventures are in a total different kind of business setup. World Ventures is in the Multi Level Marketing Industry (I believe you know how it works) while Wealthy Affiliate is in the Affiliate Marketing Industry where you recommend other people’s products to people who are interest to buy.

          One advantage of affiliate Marketing is you can start a business based on your interest. Affiliate programs are free to join, however, as a beginner in the industry you would not know how to start the business and this is where Wealthy Affiliate come in. Wealthy Affiliate can be a business opportunity itself or it can be a learning platform for you. You can definitely learn a lot of valuable internet marketing techniques and tricks from Wealthy Affiliate.

          So I would rather say that instead of paying to join a business opportunity like World Ventures, you should be paying to invest in your make money online education (Affiliate Marketing).

          Check out the page below where I have a video that explains what affiliate marketing is all about. After that you can sign up for the free trial (no obligations, no credit card information required) and see what exactly Wealthy Affiliate is all about.


          I do not want to over promise you on anything but I can be sure that if you follow the lessons in Wealthy Affiliate and keep working on your success, soon enough, you will start making money.

          If you have any further questions, please feel free to ask me and I will try my best to help. Hope the above helps!

          ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

  158. I feel a person would need to do a lot of traveling to see a benefit for the cost. I would not personally want to promote it.

    1. That’s probably true! Personally, I don’t travel very often, maybe once or twice a year. So I wasn’t sure it benefits me when I first joined World Ventures. My judgement was clouded by emotions, Greed to be specific. Thinking back I’ve never regretted leaving World Ventures.

      ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

      1. Bro, before you join into any MLM company, your have to set your mindset and direction of what you want from the company. In sales line, you need to prepare a lot of thing in yourself before you can become a successful rep in the company. 1)Did you ever really work hard to earn the money that you want or just by saying only. 2) Did you join the correct MLM company 3) is the payout system good. 4) Are you the pioneer of the company. 5) Do this company produce their own product. 6) Do you know that 95% MLM company in the world is just a trading company. Only 5% produce its own product
        Bro, give your chance again to choose a more brighter future MLM company with more opportunity. Only the good MLM company can made your dream come true, but everything still have to depend on your determination. Cheers

        1. Thanks Johnson! Those are really good advices. Anyone who read this review should really consider your advice before they join an MLM company. As for me, my MLM days are long gone. I am an affiliate marketer now and I enjoy what I am doing. If anyone wants to know how I made money online, Click Here.

  159. Steen Rasmussen says:

    One of the problems I see in MLM rather than affiliate is that you must build a team anywhere as widely as possible, but most beginning with MLM find out how hard it is to build a team. but ok you may be lucky enough to find just the person who can build the really big for you. whereas with affiliate that only you it comes and you get paid for every sale. I will not go into MLM again, I got plenty d I tried ACN a few years ago. I used between 3 and 4 months of trying to sell video phones for personal or commercial use, I did not sell one and stopped the following year

    1. Hi Steen! Thanks for sharing! I agree with you fully that building a team in MLM is really difficult. I have been trying that for a few years, jumping from one MLM company to another, but still I got no result. It is after I found Wealthy Affiliate than I started to make my 2nd income.

      ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

    2. The thing is you don’t have any sales experience and yet you are offering someone else a business opportunity, people like you disgust me and many others in the mlm industry. Just because the thing don’t work for you that don’t mean it won’t work for others and to me I think you are lazy and it’s your business so why are you depending on someone else to help you achieve success. In any mlm company if your mindset is not right you are bound to fail.

      1. Hi Ricky,

        Thank you for your comment!

        Unfortunately, I disagree with you. If a new distributor is made known of the forthcoming challenges before joining the business opportunity, and the distributor chose to be lazy and rely on someone else, then that is the distributors fault.

        The case with WV is during the sign up phase, you are told that the product (WV) sells for itself and all you have to do is to bring new prospects to the WV seminars and they will be convinced. It is not about relying on someone else, it is how you are brought into the business with the wrong mindset.

        If your leader or sponsor did not set you in the right direction and with the right mindset, you are bound to fail.

        I have seen many WV members became successful because they were lead by great leaders, unfortunately, most members do not have that kind of leadership to start with.

        ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

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