Is Nevetica An MLM To Be Trusted?

The idea is fresh and innovative; however, people have varying opinions about the “Petaceutical” app by Nevetica.

Some people are saying good things about it and how it helped them with their fur babies.

Nevetica Positive User Reviews

Naturally, there are others who do not share the same enthusiasm.

Nevetica Scam
Nevetica Negative Reviews

Who is telling the truth? Is Nevetica an MLM company worthy of your trust or a scam taking advantage of your love for your pets?

Well, after a thorough research and upon reading a lot of Nevetica reviews from credible sites and customers, i came into a conclusion that will put you at ease.

Nevetica is not a scam.

It is a legitimate multi-level marketing (MLM) company that provides an app that you can download in your phone and mobile devices that will assess the health needs of your fur babies.

You just enter the species, breed, gender, age and etc and the Nevetica app will suggest the best supplements and diet routine for your pet. Sounds convenient huh?

However, there isn’t any proof that pets do actually need supplements. In fact, a study which I will share in this Nevetica review concludes that supplements might do more harm than good to pets.

And when it comes to the business opportunity the company offers, you would not like your chances of making money with Nevetica. Most of the people who joins an MLM company will not make a steady income. I will discuss why below.

Nevertheless, once you’re done reading this Nevetica review, I am confident that you will be able to decide if you should invest your time and money in this company.

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What is Nevetica?

Nevetica (nevetica.com) is a “Petaceutical” multi-level marketing company that provides vitamins, food supplements, dental care, hygiene, and other products for your pets.

What Is Nevetica

Nevetica Founder

The man behind Nevetica is Dr. Lance London. He founded the company after his dog; “Rocky”, suffered some severe health issues.

If you think that his name rings a bell, its because Dr. London is also the man behind Carolina Kitchen, a popular burger joint.

Dr Lance London Nevetica

You might think Dr. Lance must really love his dog to make a bold move and transition from kitchen utensils to pet care. Well, that’s one thing to ask.

But the bigger question is and I’ve mentioned this earlier….

Do pets even need to take supplements like the products Nevetica and Dr. London is selling?

The Truth about Pets and Food Supplements

Base on a study, pet’s do not need to take food supplements as it can do more harm than good to them.

Nevetica Unsafe For Pets

Unless, a licensed professional veterinarian explicitly recommends such supplements. Not an app you download on your phone.

Of course this caused some heated debates on the Internet. Some people expressed their strong opposition against Nevetica products, citing that these products will be the cause of many deaths of pets.

Nevetica Users Reddit
Nevetica Products Kills Pets

But some people, could be Nevetica affiliates, claim that these products are safe and approved by the NASC (National Animal Supplement Council).

Nevetica Products Approved By NASC

Well, what do you think? Will you consider giving supplements to your pet because an app tells you to do so?

Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

Nevetica Pet Products

Nevetica has a wide range of products for your fur babies.

Nevetica Products

The company has dental chews, mouthwash, paw protector, multi-vitamins, and more. But most of the company’s products at the time I am writing this Nevetica review is for dogs.

Is Nevetica an MLM Company

Yes, as I have mentioned earlier, Nevetica is an MLM company.

But instead of selling the typical CBD oils, essential oils, cosmetics, and food supplements, the company offers pet care products.

In a way, this could work well for Nevetica and its members.

There are only a few companies that are on this niche, and there are a lots of pet-lovers out there, I included. So you can “potentially” make money with this company.

Nevetica Compensation Plan

The products may be a breath of fresh air, but Nevetica’s compensation plan is just like that of any typical MLM company.

You can make money with Nevetica by selling products (retailing) and by building a sales team (recruitment).

Retailing – You can earn up to 35% from each Nevetica products you sell to non-members.

Recruitment – You can earn up to 15% of all the sales made by your personally sponsored members up to 3 levels deep. You can also earn 10% of all the purchases made by people under your organization, both from your direct and indirect recruits.

There are also other incentives and extravaganzas that you will unlock once you rank higher on Nevetica’s Unilevel compensation plan.

This can be done by buying more products from the company and recruiting more people.

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This short video will take you to an in-depth tour of the Nevetica compensation plan.

Nevetica Compensation Plan Video

So base on the information I’ve shared with you so far…

  • Do you think Nevetica is an MLM company that you can see making a lot of money with?
  • Are you comfortable in selling products and recruiting people?
  • Are you willing to buy Nevetica products and feed them to your pets? Why or why not?

Share your opinions in the Comment Section below.

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Cost To Join Nevetica

On its website www.nevetica.com, Nevetica does not provide any informationon its membership fee.

However, I found this thread that says to become a Nevetica member; you will have to pay a one-time $690!

Cost To Join Nevetica

If true, this amount is probably one of the highest entry free among legitimate MLM companies I have reviewed so far.

On the next section of this Nevetica review, I will highlight the good and ugly side of this company so you can assess if this MLM company is worth investing your time and money.

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Good Things About Nevetica

For starters, Nevetica is a new MLM company.

This could work well for you because you will be one of the pioneers of the company, and your placement in the compensation plan will be at the top. I will explain why this is important in a moment.

Second, Nevetica’s products are unique, just like SOMADERM or ASEA. Nevetica offers pet products and not many MLM companies do the same. Therefore, competition is low.

And depending on how things unfold, you could become a part of the next billion-dollar company. There are countless of pet-lovers out there, and I bet each of them will pay a good amount of money to keep their fur babies safe.

Third, the Nevetica app has mostly good feedback from the community, so far. If this continues, it could work very well for you as you build your business and promote your products to other people.

Ugly Things About Nevetica

While “new-ness” could work for your benefit, it could also be a double-edged sword. Nevetica’s products were never proven yet, so it is unsure if it will click with the public.

Second, you will need to sell tons of products to make a lot of money. Depending on how the public accepts the Nevetica products; you might not make money at all.

Also and perhaps this is more important, you have to accept that to succeed with Nevetica, you will need to recruit people and build a large sales team. The more people you have under you, the better your income. It is how the MLM business is designed.

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Third, Nevetica promotes pet supplements and unless you are a veterinarian who spent years of training to learn what’s best for pets, it could be an issue for you.

Your potential customers might question your authority in telling them what’s good or bad for their pets. Sure the company might hire vets and pet specialist soon but you will be on your own most of the time when selling the products.

Fourth, there is a chance that you could be involved in a pyramid scheme. Nevetica may provide a good profit margin for its members, but you must be careful in joining a team.

If your sponsor urges you to emphasize recruitment to make money instead of selling more products, run away! It is what the FTC’s definition of a pyramid scheme.

Lastly, Nevetica’s membership, if it is really $690, is too expensive.

If you have 690 dollars right now, would you willingly pay it to your sponsor for some pet products and a pipe dream? Because once you become a Nevetica distributor, that’s basically what you are asking your customers to do.

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Is Nevetica a scam

Nevetica is not a scam. This is a new but legitimate MLM company with real products and a promising compensation plan.

You can make money with Nevetica and its products could work for your pets. However, nothing is guaranteed.

Nevetica Pros and Cons


  • New MLM company
  • Unique products
  • You can earn profits in retailing


  • Products might not be safe for pets
  • Expensive to get started
  • You need to sell tons of products
  • Recruitment is not an option if you want to make money
  • MLM has an abysmal success rate

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Conclusion – Should You Join Nevetica

Nevetica is an MLM company, and as much as I don’t to discourage you from joining this company, I must tell you that more than 95% of people fail in this business.

But if you have decided that selling Nevetica products and building a sales team is what you want to do, then I recommend that you learn this program.

It is a powerful strategy used by top network marketers and it will teach you how to promote your Nevetica products more effectively and boost your sales.

It will also allow you to find the right people that best fits your business.

Nevetica Business Alternative

If at this point you’ve realized that Nevetica is not the business opportunity that you are looking for, then I can recommend a perfect alternative.

This business program, and unlike Nevetica, won’t require you to sell any products or recruit people to make a living!

Sounds simple enough? Well, it is if you do it right.

In fact, most of the people who started this business is now making a full-time income at home. Some of them were even able to quit their jobs and enjoy early retirement.

These are all ordinary people just like you!

Final Words

Thank you for taking the time to read this Nevetica review.

I hope that you now have a clear idea on whether Nevetica is an MLM company worthy of your time and investment, or is it just another over-hyped scam – trying to take advantage of your affection to your fur babies.

If you think this is useful, kindly share this with the people you know so they too could benefit from this information.

Meanwhile, if you have any relevant information and further questions about Nevetica, you can let us know in the Comment Section below.

Before you leave, I invite you to check out my #1 Online Business Recommendation For Beginners.

Until here and I wish you all the best in the future.

Your pal,