My Daily Choice Scam - Astonishing!!!

There are currently many people that are calling My Daily Choice a scam. Some are affiliates not getting commissions (more below) while others says the company has mediocre products.

My Daily Choice Scam

However, some think of My Daily Choice as the holy grail of MLM companies.

My Daily Choice Not Scam

Who is telling the truth? Is there a chance that you can make a living with this company?

Let's find out!

Review Summary

Name: My Daily Choice

Founders: Josh and Jenna Zwagil

Price: $39 - $599 plus $20 activation fee

My Daily Choice Scam Exposed

My Daily Choice Business Opportunity Rating:

My Daily Choice Product Rating:



In this My Daily Choice review, I will discuss if this company is worth your time and investment, or should you look somewhere else. 

I will also share the experiences of other people with My Daily Choice, including the challenges that you have to face if you become a My Daily Choice affiliate.

Below is what you can expect to learn while you're here:

What Is My Daily Choice

My Daily Choice (aka MyDailyChoice) is a multi-level marketing company in the health and wellness industry. Its official website is ""

Josh and Jenna Zwagil founded the company in 2014. The couple is still spearheading My Daily Choice to date along with some additions to their executive team.

My Daily Choice Founder

My Daily Choice Products

My Daily Choice flagship products are oral sprays, one of which is said to contain the highest grade of Deer Antler Velvet as the main ingredient.

However, My Daily Choice's most popular product line is HempWorx.

My Daily Choice Products

HempWorx is the company's category for their CBD and hemp oil products and is right up there with the top CBD MLM companies today.

Through HempWorx, My Daily Choice promotes bath bombs, coffee, pain reliefs, and pet foods. The US Hemp Authority has certified my Daily Choice's HempWorx products.

How To Make Money With My Daily Choice

Like how any typical MLM company operates, you can make money with My Daily Choice by selling its products and recruiting people.

My Daily Choice Compensation Plan

As a My Daily Choice independent affiliate, you can buy the company products up to 25% off retail prices. You get to pocket the profit when selling these products to non-members. 

If you want to maximize your sales profits, you can recruit people and build a My Daily Choice sales team. You will get a percentage of your 'team's total earnings.

However, some affiliates claim that My Daily Choice scams them by not giving their commissions properly.

My Daily Choice Affiliate Commissions Complaints

If any My Daily Choice affiliate is reading this, I would love to hear if you experienced any problem similar to the one above. Moving on.

Besides selling products…

There are other ways to earn more significant commissions with My Daily Choice. These are:

  • Jump Start Bonuses
  • Binary Team Commissions
  • Leadership Check Matching
  • Global Bonus Pool
  • Rank Incentives and Bonuses
  • VIP Auto Club
  • Elite Expense Accounts

When you buy more packages or earn more Business Volume (BV), you'll qualify for a higher rank. With a higher position, you will enjoy more benefits and higher commission rates.

Here's a video that will go through all the minor details you need to know about making money with My Daily Choice.

The biggest catch of the My Daily Choice compensation plan is that the company claims that everyone has the potential to earn over $1,000,000 a month!

Gosh golly you should join now and become an instant millionaire, right?

Cost To Join My Daily Choice

If you want to become a My Daily Choice independent affiliate, you will have to purchase any of the company value packs from $39 - $599 like the one below.

My Daily Choice Value Packages

You will also need to pay a one-time activation fee of $20.

But as an affiliate, you will enjoy up to 25% discounts on all the company products. You will also be entitled to a "Done For You" Automated Marketing System, exclusive company training, and to build a home business with My Daily Choice.

These sounds fair but before you grab your credit card and type in your personal information, there are crucial things you need to know first about My Daily Choice.

What You Need To Know About My Daily Choice

#1 You Can Get Free Products

Did you know that you can get free products from My Daily Choice?

There is a program called Preferred Customer. All you need to do is purchase any affiliate packages (without paying the $20) and refer three people to buy any MDC products.

Every new three people you refer to the company (who buys products) entitles you to another free My Daily Choice products.

#2 Tons Of Complaints

While there are people that praise My Daily Choice…

My Daily Choice Positive Review

The company only has a B- Rating with the Better Business Bureau.

My Daily Choice BBB Rating

One thing I would like to point out is that the company has 41 complaints closed in the last 12 months. Although this is not a valid proof to conclude that My Daily Choice is a scam, that's quite a lot of complaints.

On top of not being paid for commissions, another My Daily Choice complaint says that HempWorx CBD dog treats didn't work well with the customer's pet.

Hempworx CBD Dog Treats Review

Another one was charged by an international fee mistakenly.

My Daily Choice Shipping Complaints

But a more pressing concern that you need to look into before joining My Daily Choice is there are instances when an affiliate account has been terminated for no apparent reason.

MDC Affiliate Account Terminated

Take note; this My Daily Choice affiliate signed up paying $600 (I'm guessing the $599 package)!

In my case, I would be nervous paying $599 (or even any amount) knowing my account could get terminated that easily.

On the bright side...

The company seems to reply to all complaints accordingly. It is good to know that the customer feedbacks are addressed and are not ignored and I do hope that these matters will be resolved immediately.

Do you think My Daily Choice is scamming people? Share your thoughts in the Comment Section below.

#3 Products Are Not FDA Approved

All the claims made by My Daily Choice affiliates are based on either personal or other people's experience. These claims aren't backed up by scientific proofs.

There's no substantial evidence that Deer Velvet improves your health. It's alternative medicine based on pseudoscience. The same thing goes for CBD products

But this is not a new thing. Most products by MLM companies aren't FDA approved and tested. What you need to watch out is when an affiliate tries to convince you otherwise.

#4 Expensive Products

Selling products is not easy. But selling expensive products puts you at a big disadvantage.

There are many products similar to what My Daily Choice offers, and most of them, especially non-MLM brands, are cheaper than MDC's prices.

If you want to make money selling My Daily Choice products, you have to learn how to promote your products more effectively (convincingly) to your customers.

#5 My Daily Choice Affiliates Don't Make Money

This is perhaps the biggest concern if you are planning to join My Daily Choice for business purposes.

My Daily Choice is an MLM company, and more than 95% of people who join this type of business are not making any money at all.

Read the next section of this My Daily Choice review to find out why.

Why 95% of People who Join MDC Fail?

Like most multi-level marketing opportunities, the vast majority of people who become a My Daily Choice affiliate will drop out in the first couple of months. 

Why do most people fail with this business? Well, there are several reasons

#1 Lack Of Skills

For starters, most people 'don't have the marketing skills to move enough products to earn any reasonable commissions.

Take another look at My Daily Choice compensation plan, and you will realize that you will need to sell tons of products to make a living with this business.

The best way to do that is by recruiting more people to join your team. 

  • Are you comfortable talking to other people? 
  • Do you think you can convince people to buy your products or join the company?

These are the skills that you must possess if you are hoping to make money as an MDC affiliate.

#2 Targeting The Wrong People

The company wants you to market to your friends and family members, but there are only so many people we know in a given area. Not to mention that's an excellent way to alienate your friends. Well, most of the time.

I am sure you have an encounter with a friend or a relative who keeps harassing you to buy their products or join their business. Are you ready to become one of those people just to make a living?


There is a way to make money with My Daily Choice without losing the affection of your family and friends. More on this in a moment.

#3 Lack Of Leads

As a My Daily Choice affiliate, you're told to build a team but not HOW to build a team. Most people who join these opportunities have no idea how to market products, much less where to find the people to build a team.

If you have the connections and skills to move a lot of the products, you can potentially make decent cash.

But if you're a small-time marketer with few connections, it will be quite challenging to find the right people to promote your business to.

And even if you will go out in public, talk to strangers and do cold calls, these old network marketing strategies are less likely to work anymore. Here's why.

#4 Joining My Daily Choice With A Wrong Mindset

No matter how the company or your sponsor sugarcoats it, making money with My Daily Choice is not easy. Don't get me wrong; it is possible to make money with an MLM company.

But to be able to do that, you must first accept the harsh reality about the MLM industry first.

Is My Daily Choice A Scam

I can say with utmost certainty that My Daily Choice is NOT a scam. Yes, you will face challenges if you want to succeed in this business but My Daily Choice is as legitimate as any other MLM companies in the health and wellness and CBD industry.

Companies such as Forever Living, ASEA, Kannaway or Changing The Future Outcome.

And though the 'company's structure dwindles close to that of a pyramid scheme, I still believe that My Daily Choice is a legitimate company.

  • This is my opinion. Do you think otherwise? 
  • Do you have proofs that My Daily Choice is a scam?

You can let our readers know at the Comment Section below.

My Humble Advice

If you are confident that selling My Daily Choice products and recruiting people is the path you want to take towards financial freedom...

Then I suggest that you learn Attraction Marketing.

Attraction Marketing is a powerful strategy that will allow you to triple your monthly product sales, and even more! This strategy will also teach you where to find the right people who will build the business with you.

Find out how to use Attraction Marketing in your My Daily Choice business here.

My Daily Choice Business Alternative

If you think My Daily Choice is not a suitable business for you, 'don't give up hope yet.

I happened to be just like you several years ago. And though I didn't become successful through MLM, I found my success with the help of one particular program. 

This online business program involves affiliate marketing, and it did not require me to sell any products or recruiting anyone to make money.

In fact, this is the program that allowed me to finally quit my job and got me to where I am today. I believe it could do the same to you too. Read my story here.

The best part about this business program? You can start today for free!

Final Words

Thank you for reading this My Daily Choice review! I hope that you found the answers that you were looking for.

If you find this review useful, feel free to share this so other people would know the truth behind the My Daily Choice scam rumors going on. 

Meanwhile, I also provided a signup form for a FREE online course that will teach you to turn your passion into profits. I believe it could benefit you in your future endeavors.

Until here and if you'd like to discuss more regarding My Daily Choice, you can leave a comment below. 

Your pal,




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