My Daily Choice Scam – Astonishing!!!

So, someone you know has introduced you to My Daily Choice, or maybe you are here to verify if you've made the right decision to join the company.

Whatever reasons you are here, I hope that you can find the answer you are looking for in this My Daily Choice review..

We'll mainly be discussing the...

  1. Legitimacy of the business opportunity; and
  2. Difficulty of the business, and what it takes to become successful with the company;

But first, here's a quick summary of the review...

Review Summary

Founders: Josh and Jenna Zwagil

Price to Join Opportunity: $20/mth + $237.50/mth

Price: $39 - $599 plus $20 activation fee

My Daily Choice Review

Overall Business Opportunity Rating:

Quick Summary: The first question to ask yourself before joining the My Daily Choice is if you have a good experience with the products. Because, before you can convince anyone to buy the products or join your business, you have to be convinced yourself. It's the moral thing to do, and it just makes sense. You can't sell something you don't believe in. 

The next thing to think about (if the products worked) is to consider if you have what it takes to be successful with the company. Success with this company is not a walk in the park, I assure you. This business is not suitable for everyone. I'll discuss more about the difficulties of this business below.

So, in case you decide to go with My Daily Choice, or you decide if this business is not for you, here are some training materials for the direction you choose...

What Is My Daily Choice?

My Daily Choice is a Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) company in the health and wellness industry, and it is founded by Josh and Jenna Zwagil back in 2014.

Today, the couple is still spearheading the company with some additions to their executive team.

My Daily Choice Founders

The company's flagship products are oral sprays, one of which is said to contain the highest grade of Deer Antler Velvet as the main ingredient.

However, due to the legalisation of CBD in the U.S., the CBD product line sold through an umbrella company, HempWorx, has quickly become the most popular product line of My Daily Choice.

My Daily Choice HempWorx CBD Products

Being one of the first MLM companies to be certified by the the US Hemp Authority, a certification that proves the quality of its CBD products...

The company has become one of the top MLM companies in the CBD industry.

It is no wonder why so many affiliates hold high regards of the company.

The Difficulties of the MDC Business

You may have been told that you can easily earn a lot of money from this company, but do you know that over 95% of the affiliates fail?

Just take a look at the income disclosure of the company...

My Daily Choice Income Disclosure

If we focus on our attention on the "Annual Average" earnings, you'll see that the affiliates ranked from "Builder" to "10K" did not earn a decent income from the company.

  • Rank 5K & 10K - 405 out of 28,874 (1.4%) earns an income equivalent to a part-time Job;
  • Rank Builder to Executive - 28,359 out of 28,874 (98.22%) earned peanuts.

I don't know about you, but to me, the statistic is alarming.

So, no matter how your introducer sugarcoat it, this business is NOT EASY, and it is not suitable for the majority of the people.

For starters, here are 2 main reasons why people fail...

#1 Inability to Sell

Yes, this is a direct selling company which means you need to embrace attributes of a sales job. It includes talking to strangers, prospecting your friends and family, and most importantly, face a ton of rejections.

Sales and persuasion is a skill that requires lots of practice, it is not something that you can learn from the books.

Many affiliates fail in this business because they do not possess the skill or they are not strong enough to seek the knowledge and experience.

#2 Lack of Leads and Targeting The Wrong People

Interestingly, the most common prospects for new affiliates are their friends and family, but top earners of the company do not prospect those people.

There is a very good reason for it. The people you know are probably good customers, but they are not ones who will help you build your business.

Don't get me wrong, prospecting the people you know is a immediate boost for your business, but it is not sustainable.

I would say that out of 100 people you meet, maybe 20 will buy the products you sell, and if you are lucky, 1 or 2 will join your business as an affiliate.

And, out of the 1 or 2 affiliates, 95% of them will leave the business within 3 months. I know the math doesn't make sense, but you get what I mean. Now, what if you only have 300 people in your contact list? It is probably the end of business, right?

To be really successful in the company, you need have a constant flow of NEW prospects. Affiliates come and go, customers have many other product options, so it only make sense to amass a huge flow of prospects for your business to prosper.

But, the question is, how do you do that?

Here's How to Find An Endless Stream of Highly Targeted Prospects Online!

​​​​​My Daily Choice Compensation Plan

If you are confused about the MDC compensation plan, I'll try to explain it in layman's term below.

There are 8 ways to earn from the company...

1. Retail Commissions

In case your friends and family are only interested to buy MDC products, they will be purchasing it at a retail price.

The retail price is 25% above the affiliate or member price.

So, as an affiliate, whenever there is a sale of product, for example, $100, you'll immediately earn a 25% commission, which is $25.

However, if a customer decides to be a preferred customer (where the customer buys a product on auto-shipment - recurring purchase), you will not earn retail commissions.

Because, Preferred Customers buys products at affiliate price. Instead, you'll earn points (Business Volume - BV) that will be added to your sales volume to earn from other commission plans mentioned below.

2. Jump Start Bonus

My Daily Choice's Jump Start Bonus is unique in a way that it pays affiliates (1) a range of commission rates based on different ranks and levels. Let me try to explain it simply.

As you can see from the image below, the ranks start from Builder, all the way to Super.

Level 1 consist of preferred customers and affiliates that you've personally sponsored into the company. Level 2 are preferred customers and affiliates sponsored by your Level 1, Level 3 are people sponsored by your Level 2, and it goes all the way down to level 10.

And, the percentages you see are basically the rate that will be used to calculate your commission. Take the percentages and multiple it with the Business Volume (BV) you have accumulated on each level for the week. Add them together and you will know how much you earn for your Jump Start Bonus. I hope this explanation is easy to understand.

MDC Jump Start Bonus

3. Binary Commissions

The Binary commission plan pays you different rates based on your rank as well.

Just keep in mind the following Ranks and Percentages and I'll explain how this work:

  • Unranked - 8%
  • Builder - 10%
  • Director - 12%
  • Executive - 15%
  • 5K Affiliate - 15%
  • 10K Affiliate - 15%
  • 25K Affiliate - 15%
  • 50K Affiliate - 15%
  • 100K Affiliate - 15%
  • 250K Affiliate - 15%
  • 500K Affiliate - 18%
  • Super Affiliate - 20%
  • Now, when you start as an affiliate, you'll have a right and a left team. To put it simply, when you sponsor your first preferred customer or affiliate, that person will be in your left team, and the next person you sponsor will be in your right team.

    When your business grows, more and more people will join either your left or right team. And, both teams will generate business volume (BV) for you. You'll try your best to balance both teams' performance, however, it is never an equilibrium.

    MDC Binary

    There will be a team that generates lesser BV, and that's the team you'll be paid on.

    For example, let's say you have achieved the rank of Director (12% commission rate), and you have 1,000 BV from your left team, and 5,000 BV from your right team.

    So, your commission will be 12% x 1,000BV = $120.

    This is the most basic calculation for the Binary Plan. However, here are additional conditions:

    • You must accumulate a minimum of 40BV (either from your personal purchase or you personally sold 40BV worth of products);
    • The affiliates and preferred customers you've personally sponsored must accumulate 90BV on both your left and right team. For example, if you sponsored 1 preferred customer on your left team who've bought 40BV worth of products, and you sponsored 1 affiliate on your right team who've purchased 180BV worth of products... You still do not qualify, your left team of personally sponsored customer need to accumulate 90BV.
    • Your weaker team needs to generate at least 300BV to participate in the Binary Commission Plan.

    4. Leadership Check Matching

    The Check Matching plan is one of the most lucrative plan, however, the only people who maximizes this plan are those of the higher ranks.

    If you refer to the image below, you will notice the different ranks and percentages.

    Just note that you will be paid the said percentages of the money earned by the affiliates in your organisation. 

    For example, if you are an "Executive", and someone who is in your Level 4 Organisation earns $1,000, then you'll be paid 5% of the $1,000, which is $50.

    MDC Leadership Check Match

    5. Global Bonus Pool

    At the end of each month, My Daily Choice will take out 2% of the global business volume earned by the entire company and distribute them to its affiliates.

    This compensation plan rewards Affiliates who are hardworking and consistent.

    Every 4 NEW Preferred Customer or Affiliates you sponsor for the month will earn you 1 share, so the more people you recruit, the more share you will get.

    So, the total Business Volume divided by the total shares that are issued to Affiliates will determine the "Amount per share". Then, you will multiply the shares you've accumulated with the amount per share for your commission.

    6. Incentive and Bonuses

    The incentive and bonus rewards is a one-time payment awarded to Affiliates who've advanced in rank.

    The image below shows the amount of money you will earn when you've attained the rank.

    MDC Incentive

    However, the following are the conditions. You must:

    1. Accumulate at least 90BV in personal sales or purchases;
    2. Maintain your newly attained ranked for a consecutive 90 days.

    7. VIP Auto Club

    Want My Daily Choice to partially sponsor for your dream car? Then, qualify for the VIP Auto Club.

    The VIP Auto Club is meant for Affiliates who attained the rank of 5K Affiliate to 50K Affiliate. Those who are above the 50K Rank will have a different set of compensation plan (#8 below).

    Once you've earned your one-time Incentive and Bonus by maintaining your rank for 90 days, you'll automatically be qualified for the VIP Auto Club.

    The company will pay (if you continue to maintain the rank every single month):

    • 5K Affiliate - $150 per month
    • 10K Affiliate - $250 per month
    • 25K Affiliate - $500 per month
    • 50K Affiliate - $1,000 per month

    8. Elite Expense Account

    As said in #7, if you attained the rank of 100K Affiliate and above (and maintain it for a consecutive 90 days), you'll enjoy the perks of this compensation plan.

    To continually benefit from the Elite Expense Account, you need to maintain the rank after you've attained it.

    • 100K Affiliate - $2,000 per month
    • 250K Affiliate - $5,000 per month
    • 500K Affiliate - $10,000 per month
    • Super Affiliate - $20,000 per month

    Cost To Join My Daily Choice

    So, if you decide to join My Daily Choice as an independent affiliate, here is what you need to know about the cost of the opportunity.

    The cost of joining as an independent affiliate is a one-time $20 activation fee that includes (1) a replicated website, (2) back office, and (3) a welcome kit.

    And, you'll need to buy products worth of 40BV to get started as an active affiliate.

    However, if you are serious about this business, your sponsor will most likely recommend you to get the HempWorx Director Pack ($199) or the Executive Pack ($599) because you'll be able to share samples with others to get them interested in the products.

    And, it just make sense to buy the said packages because you are buying products at a discounted price as compared to if you buy them individually. You'll consume those products anyway.

    In case you are just intending to join as a preferred customer, here is the list of product packages you can choose that ranges from $39 to $599.

    My Daily Choice Value Packages

    Now, in case you still can't decide if you should join My Daily Choice, let's see what others have to say about the company...

    My Daily Choice Complaints & Praises

    Some people really love the products of the company and sing only praises...

    My Daily Choice Positive Review
    My Daily Choice Not Scam

    While others are having the worst experience of their life...

    My Daily Choice Scam
    My Daily Choice Affiliate Commissions Complaints

    On top of not being paid for commissions, another My Daily Choice complaint says that HempWorx CBD dog treats didn't work well with the customer's pet.

    Hempworx CBD Dog Treats Review

    Another one was charged by an international fee mistakenly.

    My Daily Choice Shipping Complaints

    But a more pressing concern that you need to look into before joining My Daily Choice is there are instances when an affiliate account has been terminated for no apparent reason.

    MDC Affiliate Account Terminated

    Take note; this My Daily Choice affiliate signed up paying $600 (I'm guessing the $599 package)!

    If it were me, I would be nervous paying $599 (or even any amount) knowing my account could get terminated that easily.

    On the bright side...

    The company seems to reply to all complaints accordingly. It is good to know that the customer feedback are addressed and are not ignored.

    It may be good for you to know that MDC has a B- Rating with the Better Business Bureau.

    My Daily Choice BBB Rating

    Are MDC Products FDA Approved?

    All the claims made by My Daily Choice affiliates are based on either personal or other people's experience. These claims aren't backed up by scientific proofs.

    There's no substantial evidence that Deer Velvet improves your health. It's alternative medicine based on pseudoscience. The same thing goes for CBD products. 

    But this is not a new thing. Most products by MLM companies aren't FDA approved and tested. What you need to watch out is when an affiliate tries to convince you otherwise.

    Are My Daily Choice Products Considered Expensive?

    Honestly, no.

    The products sold by My Daily Choice or HempWorx are one of the cheapest as compared to the competitors. It is almost comparable to the cheapest CBD Oil sold on the market by CTFO (Changing The Future Outcome).

    • CTFO sells $59.97 for 500mg of CBD oil ($0.120 per mg), while MDC sells  $0.138 per mg;
    • CTFO sells $69.97 for 750mg of CBD oil ($0.093 per mg), while MDC sells $0.119

    Compare MDC product price against direct competitors below:


    In my opinion, the products sold by MDC (HempWorx) are reasonably priced, and we can verify (with the US Hemp Authority certification and the Lab Test Results) that the quality of the products are not compromised due to the lower prices.

    These two advantages (price and quality) puts MDC affiliates on a good spot to promote the products.

    Is My Daily Choice A Scam?

    I can say with utmost certainty that My Daily Choice is NOT a scam.

    It provides a good business opportunity in the health and wellness and CBD industry.

    However, we cannot overlook the fact that more than 95% of the Affiliates fail in the business. In fact, the same percentage applies for people who joins other MLM companies like Forever LivingASEAKannaway or Changing The Future Outcome.

    But, as I've made it clear, most people are not suitable for this type of business, and many people join for all the wrong reasons.

    That's why you'll see a lot of people complaining that the company is a scam or a pyramid scheme.

    Well, this is just my opinion, if you have a different view, please feel free to voice it out in the comments section below.

    My Humble Advice

    If you are confident that selling My Daily Choice products and recruiting people is the path you want to take towards financial freedom...

    Then I suggest that you learn Attraction Marketing.

    It is a powerful strategy that will allow you to attract the right prospects to your business instead of you going out to find them.

    However, if you don't think that the MDC business opportunity is for you...

    And, you are still looking for ways to earn passive income online...

    Then, I highly recommend you to check out this program.

    It is the program that teaches Affiliate Marketing, and it helped me quit my full-time job and still earn a full time income online. Here's my story if you are interested.

    Anyway, thank you for reading My Daily Choice review! I hope that you found the answers that you were looking for.

    If you find this review useful, please, do share it with others because they might be looking for this information.

    Until here and if you'd like to discuss more regarding My Daily Choice, you can leave a comment below. 

    Your pal,


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