Is Lavylites A Scam – Honest Lavylites Review

So, someone you know has introduced you to Lavylites and you are wondering if you should join the company or buy its products.

Whatever reasons you are here, I hope that this Lavylites review can provide you with the information you need.

There are many people who called Lavylites a scam, while there are people who swear by the company and its products.

Who is telling the truth and who can you trust?

Let’s figure it out together….

Review Summary

Name: Lavylites

Founder: Tibor Jakabovics

Price: Free but there’s a catch. Find out more below.

Recommended? Yes and No

Is Lavylites A Scam

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What is Lavylites?

Lavylites is a Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) company based in Hungary.

There isn’t much information about Lavylites anywhere on the Internet at the moment I am writing this review, but I did find some interesting things about the company.

Lavylites was founded in 2013 by Tibor Jakabovics.

Lavylites Founder Tibor JakabovicsLavylites Founder Tibor Jakabovics

Jakabovics is an internationally-recognized Hungarian scientist and pharmaceutical chemist.

Here’s a feature about Tibor Jakabovics by Classy Dubai last April of 2018.

As I am doing further research for this Lavylites review, I noticed that these two people create a lot of the company videos.

Lavylites DistributorsLavylites Distributors

So I decided to dig further and I found out that they are:

  • Mathias Rippstein and
  • Beatrice Meth.

I cannot say if the two are ordinary Lavylites distributors or has a more important role in this company.  Even in the company’s website www.lavylites.com, nothing is mentioned about them.

What Are Lavylites Products?

Lavylites products are a combination of cosmetics, health care, and wellness similar to Young Living, Mary Kay, Beauty Counter, and more.

The Lavylites products are divided into five categories.

  1. Lavyl – nasal sprays, lip balms, and skin care.
  2. Solvyl – oral drops, body lotion, skin, and hair conditioner.
  3. Exyol – facial cream, skin toner, and night lotion.
  4. Haevyl – soft drink concentrate, skin care spray, and mouth refreshing spray.
  5. Pentyll – food and dietary supplements.

To view all the Lavylites products, click here.

How To Make Money With Lavylites?

Lavylites uses an MLM compensation plan to pay its members. An in an MLM company like Lavylites, there are two ways you can make money.

You can earn profits by selling the products, and you can also earn recruitment commissions.

  1. Lavylites Retailing Profits – As a Lavylites distributor, you will earn 20% on the products that you sell.
  2. Lavylites Recruitment Commissions – Earn a one-time 80EUR (~$90) up to 1,392EUR (~$1,568) from each of your recruits. You will also earn additional passive commissions and residual bonuses from all the sales of your recruits.

Below is a 5-minute video of the more recent Lavylites compensation plan which was published in March of 2019.

Becoming A Lavylites Distributor

It is free to join Lavylites and become a distributor.

However, pay close attention!

What they didn’t tell you is that you need to purchase at least 40EUR (~$45) worth of products to activate your account.

You will also need to have a sponsor so you can complete the signup process.

As an official Lavylites distributor…

You will earn retailing commissions of 20% per product you sell. Unfortunately, this membership will not entitle you to receive any recruitment commissions.

If you want to participate in the entire Lavylites compensation plan, you have to upgrade your membership by becoming a Partner or Business Partner.

  • Lavylites Partner – Purchase at least 80EUR worth of products (~$90).
  • Lavylites Business Partner – Purchase at least 400EUR worth of products (~$450).

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Good Things About Lavylites

Before I answer your question on whether is Lavylites a scam or not, allow me to highlight the good things about this company.

#1 You Can Make Profits

Unlike the sketchy MLM-wannabe business opportunities with no products to sell, earning profits is an option for Lavylites.

You can earn 20% for every product that you sell as a distributor.

#2 High-Quality Products

Lavylites products are said to be clinically and dermatologically tested.

The company present proofs that some of their products are indeed top quality.

What I Don’t Like About Lavylites

On this part of my Lavylites review, I will discuss the probable reasons why there are people who claim that Lavylites is a scam.

Well, is Lavylites a scam? 

You be the judge after reading this section.

#1 Expensive Products

I mentioned earlier that you could make profits selling Lavylites products. However, the question is, well, you be able to convince people to buy from you?

Lavylites products are relatively expensive compared to the similar products you can buy in pharmacies.

This is not surprising though considering Lavylites is an MLM company; you can expect the product prices to be 3 to 5 times higher than usual.

If you are wondering why MLM products such as Lavylites are expensive, its to pay the distributors commissions and support the company compensation plan.

Such is the ugly truth about the MLM industry.

#2 Undisclosed Information – Too Many

Lavylites’ official website www.lavylites.com lacks essential information and transparency. There are a lot of things that you cannot find regarding the company.

Lavylites Login PageLavylites Login Page

Another thing that I don’t like about Lavylites is they will lure you in by making you think that it is free to join.

What they didn’t tell you is what’s free is completing a signup form.

For you to become an official distributor, you need to purchase at least $45 worth of products.

#3 High Competition

Lavylites products fall under the cosmetics slash health and wellness niche. Brace yourself and expect a tight competition when promoting your products.

This is because you will be going against far more popular and established MLM companies such as

#4 Heavy Emphasis On Recruitment

You can earn profits by selling Lavylites products, but the bigger bonuses are in recruitment. Take another look at Lavylites compensation plan.

While you can potentially earn 100’s of dollars selling products, you can possibly make at least ten times that when you recruit people into the business.

Well, it is no secret, though. Recruitment is the only way to success in any MLM business.

#5 MLM Has An Abysmal Success Rate

Another thing that could be a reason why you could be wondering, “Is Lavylites a scam” is because it is an MLM company.

And MLM companies have been associated with scams because of rampant pyramid schemes and the industry’s abysmal success rate.

More than 95% of all the people who joined any MLM company failed and ended up not making any money at all!

This is true, and I will give you one proof.

I am sure you know someone who got involved in an MLM business before or at the moment. How was their financial status?

Now some of you might mention a few MLM personalities that made it to the top of the industry.

But did you know that while there may be thousands of people up there, hundreds of millions didn’t make it?

So what do you think, is Lavylites a scam after all?

Why More Than 95% Fail In MLM?

If you are serious about becoming a distributor for Lavylites, these are the obstacles that stand in your way to success.

#1 Hard To Make Sales

Making sales with an MLM product like Lavylites will be a tough one. The harsh reality of trying to make money with Lavylites thru retailing is that you will be selling overpriced products in a highly saturated market.

Sure you can turn to your family and friends first but what happens if they do not like your products.

Besides, wouldn’t you feel guilty about selling them overpriced products?

#2 Not Enough Leads

Again, you can turn to your family and friends in the first few months, but what happens after then? Are you willing to sacrifice your relationship with them to make a few bucks?

And even after they did join you, your success in Lavylites depends on building a team of like-minded people. Your family and friends are unlikely those people. What then?

  • Cold prospecting? 
  • Talking to strangers on train stations?
  • Are you handing out flyers and brochures in malls?

I was there years ago when I am still active with my MLM company, and I will tell you, it doesn’t work anymore!

I was about to quit MLM until I discovered a fantastic program that allowed me to get an unlimited supply of leads and high-quality prospects! But more of that in a moment.

#3 Lack Of Knowledge

Most people fail their MLM business because they do not know how to sell their products and how to convince people to join them.

Selling Lavylites products will be more challenging when you consider the fact that not enough information about the company or its products is available for you. You must rely hard on your sponsor and the company to provide you with these things.

For more reasons why most people fail in MLM, read this article.

Is Lavylites A Scam

While I am writing this Lavylites review, I didn’t find any proof that there is indeed a Lavylites scam going on.

I am confident that just like AVON or Mary Kay, this is a legit MLM company.

I hope that answers your question.

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Should You Join Lavylites?

That depends.

Lavylites may not be a scam, but there are too many obstacles that you need to overcome to make a living with this company.

Ask yourself first. Why do you want to join an MLM company?

If you are determined to face the challenges because selling products and building a team of people is what you are passionate about, then I see no reason for you not to give Lavylites a try.

But to maximize your chance to succeed and make money with Lavylites, I suggest that you learn Attraction Marketing.

This is a powerful strategy that will allow you to double or triple your monthly Lavylites product sales.

The same program allowed me to get a seemingly endless supply of prospects reaching out to me on their own, eager to learn more about my MLM business.

If you are excited to learn more about Attraction Marketing? Get started here!

After all, most people who say Lavylites is a scam are distributors who didn’t make money in the end. Real talk!

Lavylites Business Opportunity Alternative

On the other hand, if you feel that selling products and recruiting people every day is too much for you to handle, then I highly recommend that you check out this program.

It is the program that has taught me and thousands of people to earn a Full-Time Passive Income from home. Here’s a success story of the program if you are interested.

My Humble Advice

Much like one of Lavylites tag line: 

“Create with passion, put your heart into everything you do”

My advice is you start a business that you love.

If your passion lies with sharing Lavylites products, then the obvious answer is to join the company.

However, if you prefer to stay at home and make money online, then check out this program.

Thank you for taking the time to read this Lavylites review.

I am hoping that you now have a better knowledge of this company. I also hope that I managed to answer the question that brought you here – “Is Lavylites a scam?”

If you think this is useful, kindly share this to other people you know.

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On the other hand, if you have any piece of information about Lavylites that you want to share with our readers, you can do so in the Comment Section.

Until next time and I wish you the best in your future endeavors.

Your pal,



  1. Slav lavyl ID: 434764 says:

    If somebody writing about this company first should be there and use the product to say something. People don’t realise what does mean get a normal life. They can see lots of bad things but they have difficulty finding the positive on daily basis.

    1. Hi Slav lavyl,

      I guess that’s what makes this Lavylites review honest and unbiased (it’s in the title), both the good and bad side are exposed.

      I’m sorry if you want an honest review but expect only good things to be said about your company.

      As a business opportunity, I gave Lavylites a 2.5 rating meaning I’m neutral. I leave the decision to the readers if they’d join Lavylites or not.

      Best of luck out there and don’t worry, there are pretty one-sided LAvylites review out there coming from its members if that’s what you are looking for 🙂

      ~Jay (BareNakedScam)

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