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I’m Jay Roland Ayop, a content writer slash scam buster of Bare Naked Scam.

While you’re reading this, someone is likely completing his/her sign up form with one of the many business opportunities today.

Maybe you are too!

Bare Naked Scam - Jay RolandBare Naked Scam - Jay RolandBare Naked Scam - Jay Roland

As for me, I was involved in the MLM industry, with three different companies in my search for financial freedom. And to think that selling products and talking to strangers is not really my thing. I know nothing about network marketing.

However, in 2012, I happen to meet someone who’s a year younger than me but is already making a lot of money – more money than I could imagine that people my age are capable of making. 

So I got curious and decided to find out how he was able to do it.

How I Got Started With MLM

I came from a poor family, and I am never ashamed to admit it. So all I ever wanted in my life is to graduate, find a stable job, help my parents, and settle down. Nothing fancy. 

But I do want to get rich, I mean, if I have to be honest. But back then, my idea of being financially free is to get a job.

So I was on my fourth year of engineering in college when I met the person who roped me into MLM.

I am a student hoping to finish school so I can earn minimum wage yet this guy is a college dropout who’s monthly income is at least 5x of what most engineers make. 

But what got me interested in whatever he is doing is that according to him, he can make money without sitting in a tiny cubicle from 9-5 every single day. I’ve told myself, I want his life.

We talked, and he told me he’s in an MLM company.

At that time, I am too focused on my studies that I have zero ideas what the heck is multi-level marketing. But he then assured me that even I, a complete beginner, can make as much as he is making. Gosh golly I’d love that!

He also took me to meet his direct sponsor, who also assured me the same thing.

Together they mentioned successful MLM personalities like Richard Branson, Warren Buffet, Robert Kiyosaki and Donald Trump (he is not yet the POTUS at that time).

I was hyped, and at that time, I felt like my dreams are within my reach.

My Six-Year MLM Journey

Cut the story short; I decided to use my little savings to invest and join his company. It is an MLM company with a line of weight loss supplements. I have no idea if the products work and I didn’t bother trying them because all I want is to make money – wrong move.

Days and weeks pass by, and I am nowhere near my goal. I barely sold any products, and my customers are my family who bought them out of pity. I didn’t manage to recruit anyone, and I felt lost. I haven’t even made back 20% of my initial investment.

So I talked to my sponsor and requested him to guide me and personally coach me how exactly did he manage to make a lot of money.

All I got was the same pieces of advice that doesn’t work – prospecting, make a list of people, talking to strangers and the whole shebang.

It didn’t work out!!!

But even if I failed at my first try, deep inside me I believe that I can make money with the MLM industry. So I decided to try again in a different company – the same sad story.

I got the same sweet promises by my sponsor and uplines, and when I finally joined in, they left me hanging. Worst, my second company is now closed because it turned out to be a pyramid scheme.

Optimistic as I am, I decided to try one last time. Third time’s the charm, right?

My third MLM company’s flagship product is a 140-in-1 food supplement formulated by scientists and manufactured using the latest technology in the health and wellness industry.

But this time, I did my homework. I tried the products first, and I only joined after I had a pleasant experience. Did I easily succeeded this time? No. In fact…

I Was About To Quit MLM

While the products are outstanding, and I have built a list of regular customers, I cannot build a dynamic sales team. I am in network marketing where “leveraging” is a must, but I am still alone.

My monthly income for selling products is far from the six-figure income that I want.

By this time, I’m already at my sixth year in the MLM industry. And though I came to be passionate about selling and talking to other people about my company and products, I have nothing to show for. 

I ran out of prospects all of the time, and no matter how hard I try to convince people, they don’t join me.

I already spent money from my pocket for paid seminars on network marketing and company events, but nothing seems to work. I sleep very late at night scouring the Internet for solutions on my own because my sponsor’s advice was not helpful.

Unfortunately, years passed without any fruitful outcome, so I decided to end my MLM journey. MLM is not for me, period.

The Turning Point Of My MLM Career

So I decided to give up MLM and focus on my work instead (yes, I am working at this time), even if my coworkers are laughing at me and making hurtful jokes about my MLM career.

I told myself, “well, at least now I know that financial freedom through MLM is nothing but a pipe dream after all.” 

I consider it as a learning experience, and I never blamed the companies I’ve been or my sponsors. I told my sponsor that I’m going inactive so they won’t bother reaching out to me when there are company events.

But one day, as I am reading some posts on my Facebook account, I stumbled upon a woman who is saying exactly the same things as what my sponsor in my first ever MLM company. 

The only thing different this time is rather than focusing on herself; she is talking about a program which allowed her to earn a regular six-figure income in different MLM companies. Yes, she has made money in different companies.

The program she is talking about allowed her to find unlimited prospects online. People that she doesn’t even know or talked personally are buying her products and joining her team.

She said that this program had earned her hundreds of thousands in the MLM companies that she entered.

Of course, I didn’t immediately believe her. 

I don’t want to spend more money on another useless training program like the ones I’ve had before.

So I researched the training program and boy I was astounded by the positive feedback of the users. It’s hard to find a negative review of this particular training program for network marketing.

Many people (real people) are saying how they actually earned this and that right after applying the strategies from this program.

No more talking to strangers or handing out flyers in malls. No more one on one business presentations. No more convincing people to join your business or buy your products. Best of all, no more running out of prospects.

It Was All Worth It

As you may have guessed, yes, I enrolled in the program, and it is one of the best decisions I’ve made in my entire MLM career.

I was able to double my monthly product sales! I was able to build a team of like-minded people who like me, believes that we can realize our dreams with network marketing.

I finally begin making some money after learning this program. I was able to grow my team into more than 500 people within a couple of months, and best of all, my downlines including my first two directs were able to buy their brand new cars and earn money too.

About Jay Roland Bare Naked ScamAbout Jay Roland Bare Naked ScamAbout Jay Roland Bare Naked Scam

I was so happy that I’m not the only one making money but almost everyone else in my team too!

If you are currently in an MLM company and you can relate to my story, I highly recommend that you check out the program that helped me make money in this industry. If was able to do it, so can you.

As a matter of fact, even Jack, the owner of Bare Naked Scam also had a good experience of the program I’m talking so should you be interested, both of us will be able to guide you.

This is the best network marketing program that helped me big time in making money with MLM.

Until here and I wish you all the success in the future.



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  1. after reading your rewiew about TWS, i change my mind
    how do u find a true program that works and is legal.

    1. Hello Ms. A,

      There are many legitimate programs to make money today. But whether or not they will work depends on you, what are you passionate about and how determined are you to succeed.

      Are you comfortable in the sales environment? Is online trading something of your interests? Or perhaps you are looking for something that could make you a passive income from home?

      You could check out our educational page to help you decide on the path you want to pursue. Meanwhile, this is my personal online business recommendation.

      Best of luck out there.

      ~Jay (BareNakedScam)

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