Is Asea a Scam? – An unbiased review

ASEA-mainName:  ASEA
Price: $20/mth + $237.50/mth
Owners: Verdis Norton & James Pack

Bare Naked Scam rating: 4 Thumbs Down

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Is ASEA a Scam? – Clarity through the clutter

Chances are you want to know if this supplement work or you want to know if this opportunity is great for you to dive into.

You’ve come to the right place because I am going to share with you everything you need to know in order to make an informed decision.

There has been a lot of mixed reviews with regards to the ASEA products and its business opportunity, and I just wanted to put you into perspective and make sure you know what you are getting into.

ASEA-salt-waterSome people claimed that ASEA’s Redox Supplement is just “Salt Water” in a nicely packed bottle, while some claimed that the supplement has rejuvenated their life as well as their family’s. So who can you trust? I’ve personally tested ASEA and I’ll share my experience with you below.

There has also been claims that the ASEA’s business opportunity is the best in the industry and that you can easily make up to a thousand dollars or more every month. Is that true? Can someone really turn the ASEA’s business opportunity into a full-time job? What I can tell you is that nothing in life is easy, and 95% or more of the ASEA’s distributors fail in the business.

We will also be going in depth into the business opportunity below.

But, one thing that you may be most interested in is whether or not ASEA is a scam.

Well, the short answer is “No”. Although there has been some allegations against ASEA due to its unfair business practice, but I do believe that those allegations are made towards a group or several ASEA distributors who did not operate the business in accordance to the local laws.

Though ASEA is not a scam, it doesn’t mean that its products and its business opportunity is right for everyone.

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What is ASEA?

Similar to many Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) companies in the health and wellness industry like MonaVie, Ariix, LifeVantage, Mannatech, Level Thrive, Kyani, Evolv Health, Jeunesse and many others, ASEA has defined themselves as the only source to repair the redox imbalance (cells) of our body through a cutting edge technology known as Redox Signalling. More information on Redox Signalling can be found here.

With ASEA’s Redox Supplement, it is said to positively impact the cellular health of every system of our bodies, and to help us achieve optimal health. As we age, our normal cellular function declines, and it make sense to have a supplement that will aid with the deterioration and possibility help us to prevent diseases.

The fact that the Redox Supplement provides healthy benefits, it cannot be promoted as a product which prevents or cure diseases, according to FDA. In addition, the products of ASEA are not clinically proven to prevent or cure diseases, though some distributors claimed that they can.

ASEA-founder-verdis-nortonASEA was founded by Verdis Norton and James Pack, and was officially launched in 2010 with only one product line, its “Redox Supplement”.  In 2014, it has successfully launched its RENU28, a whole-body skin gel that also leverages the benefits of redox signaling molecules, and following another other product line “RENU Advanced”.

Many people have complained about the high cost for purchasing “Salt Water” ($150 for a month to be exact), but is it really just Salt Water?

The prices for the products differ when you become a distributor of ASEA:

  • 1 Case ASEA Bottles (4 x 32-OZ bottles) – $150.00 (Retail Price) / $120.00 (Wholesale/Distributor Price)
  • 1 Tube Renu 28 – $50.00 (Retail Price) / $40.00 (Wholesale/Distributor Price)
  • RENU Advance Skin & Body Kit – $237.50 (Retail Price) / $190.00 (Wholesale/Distributor Price)
  • RENU Advance Skin Care Kit – $162.50 (Retail Price) / $130.00 (Wholesale/Distributor Price)
  • RENU Advanced Gentle Refining Cleanser – $25.00 (Retail Price) / $20.00 (Wholesale/Distributor Price)
  • RENU Advanced Intensive Redox Serum – $100.00 (Retail Price) / $80.00 (Wholesale/Distributor Price)
  • RENU Advanced Ultra Replenishing Moisturizer – $75.00 (Retail Price) / $60.00 (Wholesale/Distributor Price)

Note: To enjoy the Wholesale/Distributor rate, you must apply for its autoship (monthly automatic purchase) for any one of the ASEA product.

So, does the ASEA’s products actually work?

The Effectiveness of ASEA

ASEA-Product-packThere are many claims about the ASEA water being just “Salt Water” that can be mixed at home with lesser than a dollar. Well, I am no expert in science, but I do believe that there must be something more than that.

You see, ASEA water is not a one-size-fit-all product. The same product can have different effects on its users.

A group of people has claimed that they feel no difference after consuming ASEA and that it is just a premium salt water, and another group of people said that they felt a huge positive difference to their health. Most of the people who felt the difference are the people who did not have great health to begin with.

So does it really work?

This is a question that can only be answered by you.

As I’ve said, there are so many mixed reviews about this product, and you wouldn’t know if it really works unless you try it for yourself.

My Personal Experience with ASEA

An Updated Review – 4 November 2017

So, as Jenese Garland (see comments section) recommended, I’ve made an order to purchase 4 bottles of ASEA Redox Supplement on 2 November 2017, and 2 days later, it came at my door step.

I’m really impressed by the delivery speed.

The reason I bought this was because I didn’t feel healthy for the past few months, and I was always tired in the day. I thought ASEA could be the solution, and also, my experience with ASEA will give this review a little more credibility. So, let’s see how good this “Salt Water” is.

Here’s some photos I took today.




Unfortunately, I’m going away on a stay-cation over the weekends and I can only start consuming ASEA when I’m back on 7 November.

I’ll probably give you an update after my first consumption. Stay tuned then. Cheers!

Updated – 14 November 2017

So, I started consuming ASEA on 7 November, and I drank the last drip of the first bottle today.


One entire bottle of ASEA can last you exactly 7 days if you consume according to their prescription (2 x 60ml per day).

I thought its gonna taste like salt water, but in fact, I think that it tasted more like water from the swimming pool. Lol!

Do I feel any difference after consuming ASEA? Honestly, the feeling of drinking “Premium” water is good, but unfortunately, I didn’t feel much difference in terms of my health.

But I guess it is still too early to say. I’ve only been on it for a week, so I’ll hold on to my verdict till I’ve completed 4 bottles of ASEA.

I’ll keep you updated 🙂

Update – 13 December 2017 – My Last Sip of ASEA

So, 4 full bottles of ASEA is running through my body as of 13 December 2017. Do I feel much healthier?

I’d love to say that my health has gotten better, but unfortunately, I didn’t feel much of a difference.

Like I’ve said above, this is not a one-size-fit-all product.

Other people may have positive results on them, but it just didn’t work out for me.

You see, this is what I am talking about, you need to experience the product firsthand before you decide on joining the business opportunity.

If it doesn’t work for you, why promote it, right?


Why 95% of the ASEA’s distributors fail, even with the presence of ASEA Business Coach?

So, if its such a great product, why is the failure rate of the distributors so darn high?

My first question to you, if you are considering the ASEA’s business opportunity, is if you are passionate about the ASEA products, and you will promote it to all of your friends and family?

Have you personally tried the ASEA’s products and felt the positive effects?

You see, to promote a product effectively, you need to thoroughly believe that the product actually work. If you are just in the business opportunity for the sake of earning extra cash, you will most likely fail.

So, if you are thinking of joining ASEA, even before you tried their products for at least a month, you should step back and consider. Do not fall for peer pressure because you will regret and blame the person who introduces you to the business, if it didn’t work out for you. You definitely do not want to risk your friendship or kinship with that person.

Even if the products worked for you, and with the help and support of the ASEA Business Coach, the failure rate is still high because of factors such as…

Getting the Wrong Training

ASEA-lack-of-leadsAs we know, in any kind of business, we need a steady flow of new prospects in order for the business to grow. The problem is, when you join ASEA, you are most likely to taught to market the ASEA products in the traditional way, which is to promote the product and the opportunity to your circle of friends and family.

In this ASEA training, the trainer clearly mentioned that the ways to find new prospects are simply up to you. Which means that they will not provide any training for you to find new prospects. This means that new ASEA distributors will only resort to promoting the product and business to their friends and family.

Here’s a quick stat for you. Out of 100 people whom you’ve prospected, only about 20 of them will be interested in the ASEA products, maybe only 3 to 5 will actually buy them, and only one will join ASEA as a distributor, you’ll be lucky if you get to sponsor 2 or 3 new distributors.

So, where do you find new prospects if your circle of friends and family is limited to a 100? Do you start prospecting on the streets?

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Not ready to be a Salesperson

ASEA-salesmanYour sponsor or the person who introduced you to the business probably didn’t mention to you that you need to be a great salesman if you ever want to succeed with ASEA.

Honestly, selling the ASEA product is hard enough, and promoting a dream of being financially free is a whole new level.

If you are serious about the business, you need to know that either your team or your sponsor has the capability to groom you to become a great salesperson.

Many times I see new distributors fail because of the lack of support and guidance from the team members and sponsors, because everyone is only looking out for their own interest. The team members and sponsors are only interested in getting more prospects to sign up, but they neglect the fact that it is actually the distributors who will expand the business for them, not the prospects.

If you are thinking of joining ASEA, make sure that your sponsors and team members put your interest before theirs.

The Wrong Mindset

Success in the business drills down to your mindset. You can’t expect to succeed without putting in your 100% effort.

Being a salesperson would mean that you have to face tonnes of rejections, and worst of all, rejections from your friends and family members. Most people I know of, gave up on the opportunity after receiving several rejections.

It is only the ones with a strong mindset who will succeed in the business, which means that these people will do whatever it takes to achieve their goals.

If you think the ASEA’s business opportunity is for you, let us take a look at its compensation plan.

The ASEA’s Compensation Plan

My Sincere Advice to You

Unless you know that the ASEA products work for you, there is no point of joining the business opportunity.

Simply speaking, you can’t promote a product if you don’t believe in it.

The chances of failure is very high in this opportunity, and it is only those with a strong mindset who will succeed. You need to be a great salesman if you ever want to succeed in this business, and this means that you will face tonnes of rejections everyday. If you think that the ASEA business opportunity is still something that you want to be a part of, great!

But, if you don’t think the opportunity is right for you, but you still want to make money possibly from the comfort of your home, then I will suggest that you check out this program instead.

This is a program that will teach you how to generate leads online, and you will never have to face rejection because everything will be done online. If this is something that interests you, you can check it out here.

Thank you for your time on reading this review! I hope this review has helped you decide if the ASEA business opportunity is right for you.

I’ll be most grateful if you can help to share this review to your friends and family members by clicking on the social media buttons (Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus). Please feel free to leave a comment below as well if you would like to discuss more on this opportunity.

Your pal,


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