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Review Summary

Name: Beauty Counter
(aka BeautyCounter) 

Founder: Gregg Renfrew

Price: $98 + Starter Kit

www beautycounter com

Beauty Counter Business Opportunity Rating:

Beauty Counter Product Rating:



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What Is Beauty Counter

Beauty Counter or BeautyCounter is a multi-level marketing company that sells cosmetics, skin care, and other beauty-related products.

Beauty Counter Scam Review

Its official website is The company has been operating since 2013 and was founded by Gregg Renfrew.

Beauty Counter Founder Gregg Renfrew

Beauty Counter Products

Beauty Counter offers a wide selection of cosmetics and beauty related products.

Some of the company's best selling product categories are skin care, makeup, bath and body, and the Counterman (men products).

How To Make Money With Beauty Counter

Beauty Counter is a multi-level marketing company. There are two ways you can make money with Beauty Counter.

#1 Retailing

Earn up to 35% in profits by selling Beauty Counter products.

I assume this also includes the profits for the sales you make on your website (which Beauty Counter will provide you) just like how Amazon FBA or Shopify works.

#2 Override Commissions

These are commissions that you can earn by recruiting people into the company.

And base on your rank and qualification, you can also earn up to 9% from the sales of each person on your team.

To fill you in with the technicalities, here's an updated short video of Beauty Counter's compensation plan.

Beauty Counter Membership Options

If you want to be a Beauty Counter Consultant, you can get started by paying the initial fee of $98.

Beauty Counter Consultant Membership

After you pay the initial fee, you will have to choose from the different Beauty Counter Starter Kits.

The Starter Kits contains various products that you can sell to start your business officially.

  • Skin Care Basics - $285
  • Skin Care Best Sellers - $565
  • Deluxe Skin Care - $760
  • Complete Counterman Collection (Men Products) - $132
  • Makeup Master Kit - $685

There is also a $50 Business-Builder renewal fee that is auto-billed annually on every Consultant's anniversary date

You can learn more about how to get started and become a Beauty Counter Consultant in here.

Good Things About Beauty Counter

Before we discuss if there is indeed a Beauty Counter scam going on, allow me to highlight the good things about this company.

#1 Informative Website

One thing that amazed me about Beauty Counter is how the company made it so easy for anyone to get to know them.

If you visit its website, you will find almost everything you need to know about the company.

From the company's history, Beauty Counter products, tips on how to become a Beauty Counter consultant, compensation plan, income disclosure statement, you name it, they have it.

I always admire MLM company's that shows the public this much transparency.

#2 No Product Inventory Requirement

Another thing I like about Beauty Counter is that they do not require a monthly product reorder.

You can choose to meet the monthly quota or not; it is up to you. Although you have to if you want to qualify for the bonuses and rewards.

Ugly Things About Beauty Counter

On this part of my Beauty Counter review, I will discuss the ugly things about Beauty Counter.

This will help you understand the reason why there are rumors of Beauty Counter scams going on. If I am right, these rumors could be due to any of the reasons below.

#1 US And Canada Only

Although this could be hardly a reason for people to be calling Beauty Counter a scam, you should probably know that at the moment I am writing this Beauty Counter review...

Only residents of the US and Canada can become a Beauty Counter Consultant.

#2 Hard To Sell The Products

The most common complaints of the members of the Beauty Counter is how challenging it is to sell the products.

It is not surprising though since the company products are beauty-related products which the competition is very high.

Popular companies like Mary Kay, AVON, and Forever Living have the same product lines.

And in addition to the high competition, it will be hard to sell the Beauty Counter products because they are relatively expensive compared to its non-MLM similar products.

Take a look at the image below.

Beauty Counter Products

Now I there are a lot to process here, but I want you to focus on why the customer finally decided to buy the product.

It's because she was hounded...

Which could only say a lot about how hard it is to sell Beauty Counter products. I am not saying that all consultants operated this way, but you get my point.

#3 Beauty Counter Product Complaints

While some people sing praises about the Beauty Counter products like this:

Beauty Counter Product Review

Or this much recent one:

Beauty Counter Product Reviews

There are also those who are not so happy with their Beauty Counter experience.

Beauty Counter Products Customer Review

#4 Heavy Emphasis On Recruitment

Beauty Counter have one of the easiest MLM compensation plan to understand in the world.

But it does not change the fact that for you to earn a better income with this company, you need to put the majority of your efforts into recruitment.

Take a look at Beauty Counter's comp plan again.

The big rewards and bonuses are intended for Beauty Counter Consultants who can build a big network of people rather than sell many products.

Now, this is a gray area because according to the FTC, when distributors are relying on recruitment instead of product sales to make money, they are getting involved in a pyramid scheme.

However, the ugly truth is: Recruitment is the only way for you to succeed in an MLM business.

#5 You Might Not Make Money

For your reference, take a look at Beauty Counter's Income Disclosure Statement.

Only the Senior Manager and above earns a decent monthly income. This leaves more than 90% of the Beauty Counter Consultants struggling to make both ends meet.

Nevertheless, I do believe that you can make money with Beauty Counter. I will tell you how in a moment.

Is Beauty Counter A Scam

During the time I am writing this Beauty Counter review, I did not find any substantial evidence of an intentional Beauty Counter scam going on.

I also believe that the Beauty Counter is not an outright scam.

It is a legit MLM company in the same niche as Forever Living, AVON, Mary Kay , Maskcara and others.

Beauty Counter has a decent product line and an MLM compensation plan that is approved by authorities.

However, there are some serious red flags about this company that could possibly link it to a pyramid scheme.


There are many obstacles that you have to overcome if you wish to succeed as a Beauty Counter Consultant, which brings us to the next topic of our discussion.

Should You Become A Beauty Counter Consultant

I believe that the answer to this depends on your passion and what you want to do to achieve financial independence.

If selling products (online and offline) and recruiting people to join your business is up to your alley, then you could give Beauty Counter a try.

But only join Beauty Counter once you have used its products and is satisfied with the results.

Promoting a product that you have not tested yourself will be extremely hard. You would likely just lie to your customers to get sales.

Also, joining an MLM company with this kind of mindset is why more than 95% of people fail in this business. This is probably where the rumors of the Beauty Counter scam comes from.

Why 95% Fail In Multi-Level Marketing

Yes, this is a statistics all across the whole industry and not only in Beauty Counter. If you are considering to become a Beauty Counter Consultant, these are the crucial things you should know about.

#1 Expensive Products

Name an MLM company like Beauty Counter that offers affordable products. I bet you cant.

MLM products are usually more expensive than similar products you can buy in malls or boutiques because the profit is needed to pay off its distributors and support the company compensation plan.

Imagine the challenge distributors face having to convince people to buy their products when the price is 3, 5, or even ten times higher than usual!

#2 Wrong Mindset

As I have mentioned earlier, many people join an MLM company without even trying the products first because they fell for hypes, sweet promises and the wrong assumption that MLM (like Beauty Counter) is an easy way to make money fast.

There is no such thing as a Get-Rich-Quick program.

For you to make money with Beauty Counter, you need to work hard, patient, and learn the skills to become a good MLMer.

#3 Not Getting Enough Leads

The biggest challenge anyone will face as a Beauty Counter Consultant is how to get an endless source of leads.

Sure you can turn to your family and friends during the first months but after that, what then?

  • Cold calling?
  • Prospecting strangers?
  • Handing out flyers in malls?

I've been there and I will tell you, there is a better way to recruit people to your business, both offline and online. I will discuss more about this below.

Besides, to succeed in an MLM company like Beauty Counter, you need to build a team of like-minded people. Your family and friends are usually not those people.

Now, these are only three of the reasons why more than 95% of people are most likely to fail as a Beauty Counter Consultant. Here's more!

My Humble Advice

If you have your heart set into joining Beauty Counter, then I advise that you learn Attraction Marketing.

It is a powerful network marketing strategy that will teach you how to double and even triple your products sales.

More importantly, Attraction Marketing will help you get a seemingly endless supply of prospects. People that are eager to join your business left and right.

Imagine what this can do to your organization! If you are excited to learn about Attraction Marketing, you can get started here.

Beauty Counter Business Alternative

Meanwhile, if you think that selling expensive products and recruiting people left and right is not the thing that you want to do, then I can recommend an alternative opportunity for you.

This online business program has already changed the lives of many people.

It allowed ordinary people, even complete beginners, to earn a 6-figure monthly income online to the point that they decided to quit their 9-5 jobs finally and have an early retirement.

This could happen to you too! 

And the best part about this online business program? 

You can get started for free now!

Final Words

Thank you for taking the time to read my Beauty Counter review. I sincerely hope that you found the answers that you were looking for.

Especially when it comes to the truth about the Beauty Counter products, business opportunity, and the Beauty Counter scam rumors.

If you think this is useful, kindly share this to the people you know so they too could benefit from this kind of information.

Feel free to contact me directly or use the Comment Section below if you have any questions about Beauty Counter.

You can also share any relevant information you have on this company to our readers.

Lastly, whether you join an MLM company or start your own online business, I will leave you this success blueprint and wish you the best in your future endeavors.

Your pal,




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