Maskcara Beauty Review - Is It A Scam?

If you have been looking for a legit online business opportunity, you must probably have heard about Maskcara Beauty- especially if you are a woman.

Maskcara Beauty (aka Maskcara) is a cosmetics MLM company renowned by its unique beauty routine called the HAC which stands for "highlight and contour".

In addition to providing women top-notch makeup and beauty products, Maskcara also offers a promising business opportunity for you to potentially earn a full-time income!

Review Summary

Name: Maskcara Beauty

Owner: Cara Brook

Price: $199 - $399 (+ $9.95 monthly back office fee)

Maskcara Beauty Review

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I am not using any Maskcara products (obviously) nor am I an affiliate of this company promoting its business.

Therefore, I guarantee that you can expect a brutally honest Maskcara review.

  • Is Maskcara a scam or a good MLM company?
  • Are its products really that good?
  • Is it possible to earn a living with its business opportunity?

I will provide the answers to these questions and more so if you are eager to learn what truly Maskcara is, let's get started!

What is Maskcara Beauty

Maskcara is a Multi-Level Marketing company (MLM) in the cosmetic industry.

The company offers a wide range of beauty products such as makeups, foundations, blush on, eye shadows and a whole lot more.

Although I am not a makeup expert, the company's products seem to be favored by many women on the Internet.

Many claims that Maskcara's product line is above average, easy to apply and it allows them to save a lot of time.

Company and Founder

Maskcara was founded in 2013 by a fashion blogger known as Cara Brook.

Her goal is to empower women by providing them with the kit they need to look their best while at the same time making a "full time" income.

Maskcara's website is well-designed and very informative. It isn't hard to find the vital information one needs to verify its credibility, business structure, and other whereabouts.

Maskcara Product Line

Maskcara offers a wide range of cosmetics and beauty products. From skin to eye care to cute outfits, and everything in between.

Maskcara Beauty Products

The company's most popular product is the IIID Foundation which supposedly enhances skin tone, camouflages blemishes and dark circles, sculpts features and creates the "perfect lighting" on your face.

To view all of Maskcara's products, click here.

How To Become a Maskcara Artist

Before you think that I'm pitching you some job in Hollywood, the term Maskcara Artist is simply what Mascara distributors are called.

Basically, while typical MLM company refer to their members as distributors, Maskcara members are called Maskcara Artists.

Now, for you to become a Maskcara artist, you will have to purchase one of the two kits below.

How To Join Maskcara Beauty
  • Basic Artist Kit - $199 one time
  • Pro Artist Kit - $399 one time

A monthly back office fee of $9.95 is also required in addition to the amount you have to pay for each kit.

The kits include product samples, brochures, promotional materials and other tools to start your business.

How To Make Money with Maskcara Beauty

There are two ways you can earn money with the Maskcara Compensation plan.

Either by selling their products to earn a profit and by building a team to earn passive commissions.

Retailing Commissions

When you become an official Maskcara Artist, you will earn 20% commission on your personal sales.

However, after you surpass the "Training Period," you will have the potential to earn more than 20% commission on your retail sales.

Maskcara Artist Training Period

After buying a kit and paying the monthly back-office fee, you can start selling Maskcara products to earn profits.

However, you will have to undergo the so-called Training Period until you generate a minimum of $800 in sales.

While your account is still on a Training Period...

You won't be able to make recruitment commissions such as direct-referrals. There is almost no point in recruiting new members at this point which is kind of both good and bad.

It is good in a way that Maskcara is clearly not giving heavy emphasis on recruitment, so it is unlikely to be a pyramid scheme.

On the other hand

The Training Period dramatically hinders your ability to make a substantial amount of money.

But what's worse is that this takes away your ability to leverage other people's efforts to boost your income which is the main idea behind an MLM business structure.

Recruitment Commissions

Once you graduate from the Training Period, you will then have a chance to earn a better income with the help of your team.

Your commissions will be based on your rank and by meeting the monthly sales requirements.

This video will give you a clear understanding of how the Maskcara compensation plan work.

Beautiful Things About Maskcara

In this part of my Maskcara review, allow me to highlight the things I love about this MLM company.

#1 Good Quality Products

Base on customer reviews and opinions, Maskcara's products appears to be really good. Many women claim that the products meet their expectations and are very easy to use and apply.

There are also plenty of products to choose from so whether you are planning to be a Maskcara Artist or simply want to try out its products, this company has something for you.

#2 Fabulous Website

By fabulous I mean well designed, updated and very informative. Maskcara put a lot of effort in providing people with the vital information one would seek to get a better insight into the company.

The website also shows the entire compensation plan and comes with plenty of valuable resources such as video tutorials, marketing tools, and other resources.

Maskcara Training Resources

#3 Does Not Emphasize Recruitment

Building a team fast seems to be the game plan of any MLM company, but that strategy is moot when you take a look at Maskcara's comp plan.

The Training Period will require you to make at least $800 in product sales before you can hope to earn commissions from recruitment.

Although this might be a disadvantage for you, this guarantees that you are getting yourself involved in a pyramid scheme.

However, building a big network of people under you is still essential to earn better income in the future, but well, you get my point.

#4 Decent Retail Profits

The company provides its members with a chance to earn a decent profit from each product. As a new member or Artist, you are entitled to earn 20% on each product sales.

This commission will only get higher once you move up in your ranks after the Training Period.

My Concerns About Maskcara

On the other side of things, these are my concerns about this MLM company.

Take note that these are but my personal opinion base on my own research so please feel free to conduct your own.

#1 Costly MLM Business

To get started with Maskcara, you need to put out at least $210, and that is quite a little high considering you only get a few products to sell on each kit.

This means that you actually need to reach inside your pocket after your initial investments so you can get more products to sell.

#2 Expensive Products

Having to promote a more expensive product line compared to its commercial counterparts have been one of the many issues people in the MLM industry has to overcome.

Maskcara is an MLM company, so this is the same thing you have to endure.

#3 Difficult Earning Mechanics

I already discussed this earlier, but as a recap, Maskcara has a rather interesting compensation plan.

Once you become a member, you will have to get to earn $800 first on product sales alone before you can ever gain anything from your network.

Making $800 of product sales is not easy, and I am speaking base on my personal experience.

Fortunately, you can learn how to quickly sell your products with the Attraction Marketing.

#4 No Income Disclosure

As much as I love Maskcara's website, the one thing I was particularly looking for was missing, the company's income disclosure.

Coming out at the top of the MLM industry is a near impossible task because more than 95% of people who joins an MLM company fails.

As I am writing this Maskcara review,  there is no way to tell if artists are earning money with this company or losing some instead.

#5 Monthly Sales Quota

Maskcara may not have put a heavy emphasis on recruitment, but you cannot say the same when it comes to its product maintenance policies.

As an artist, you will have to meet a certain sales quota or lose your chance to earn commissions.

#6 Strict Payout Option

As of the moment, Maskcara's only payment option is through Paylution. You have to signup for a Maskcara debit card and acquire one if you ever hope to cash out your commissions.

Maskcara doesn't process payments through PayPal or direct bank transfers.

#7 Opportunity For Women Only

Maskcara with all its intent and purposes centers around providing women all over the world a chance to earn money while looking good.

But with this comes a great limitation for its expansion.

It is hard to imagine a man who is looking for an opportunity to have interest in selling foundations, eye liner and etc. As an artist, your primary market will only be just women.

#8 A Typical MLM Company After All

Though Maskcara appears to do things a little differently than traditional MLM companies, it is still an MLM company nonetheless.

I am not against the MLM business model, but this system rarely works out for your benefit. Here's why!

Is Maskcara Beauty a Scam?

I am confident that Maskcara is not a scam nor a pyramid scheme. The company has excellent products and is not putting a lot of emphases to recruitment.

Should You Join Maskcara?

Well, that depends. I just provided you will all the information you would need to make that decision yourself.

If you think that you can make Maskcara's compensation plan work for you, then you can give this business opportunity a try.

You will have to invest more than $200 to get started though.

However, if you think that this is not the business opportunity that you can see yourself earning a 6-figure monthly or a "full-time income" with...

Then you can take a look at these online business opportunities instead.

My Sincere Advice To You

If you are keen on starting a business with Maskcara, then, by all means, go ahead. The company is, without a doubt, a legit MLM company.

However, I humbly suggest that you master the art of selling. This skill will be handy when you are trying to sell the relatively expensive products of Maskcara to your customers.

Furthermore, you also have to learn how to recruit people both traditionally and online because building your team is essential if you ever wish to succeed with Maskcara.

I feel that this training program will help get you there.

Meanwhile, if you are considering to take a look at other online business opportunities that could be an alternative to Maskcara, then I suggest that you get started with Affiliate Marketing.

Final Words

Thank you for taking the time to read this Maskcara review.

I hope that this has been useful to you and If you think that this could help other people too, kindly share this to them.

Before I end I want to point out that whether you join Maskcara or opt for other business opportunities to reach your goal...

Make sure that you are starting something that you are truly passionate about. Until here and I wish you all the success in the future.

Your pal,




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