Forever Living Scam? – Review from A Former Distributor

My mum was involved with Forever Living a few years ago…

And because she bought so many products for reselling, we don’t know what to do with the unsold products.

Forever Living - Unsold Products

Here’s an image of the forever living face and hand soap taken in my home (Image on the right – below if you are reading this on mobile)…

I have used many of Forever Living products over the years, and I can almost certainly say that I feel no difference using their products as compared to their competitors.

To me, their products are way overpriced because of an ingredient that they added to almost every one of its product lines, Aloe Vera.

Though I didn’t have a fantastic experience with Forever Living, I wouldn’t consider it a scam.

It is a legitimate Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) company that was founded in 1978 by Rex Maughan.

Forever Living is a long-standing company with product lines spanning across healthy living to skincare.

With such success, you would think that the distributors of the company are living the “good” life, but the fact is just the opposite.

You’d be surprised to know that the majority of people (95% or more) who join this business don’t make a decent income.

Not because Forever Living is a scam but for specific reasons that I will discuss below.

But before that let’s take a closer look if Forever Living products are worth its hefty price tags.

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Is Forever Living Products Worth It?

Is Forever Living Products Worth It

Though I know, there are many positive effects of Aloe Vera on a human body, but be mindful that overusing/overeating will harm your body as well.

Solely my opinion: Honestly, you do not need Forever Living products to enjoy the benefits of Aloe Vera, all you need is to head over to the supermarket and buy Aloe Vera off the shelf.

It only costs a few bucks, and the contents from a raw Aloe Vera beats the Aloe extract used in the Forever Living Products.

If you have a different experience from me, please feel free to share your experience with me in the comments section below. 

That being said, this review is not intended to discuss the Forever Living Products…

But rather, I want to talk about the business opportunity and the problems that most Forever Living distributors (like my Mum) faced.

Most importantly, by the end of this review, you will know if the Forever Living business opportunity is worth your time and money. So, let’s get into it!

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The Cold Hard Truth About the Forever Living Business Opportunity!

It is unfortunate to see that 95% of its distributors are struggling to make ends meet.

Forever Living Scam or Not

The problem is not with the Forever Living products…

Though the Forever Living products are expensive, it is still marketable if you know how to promote our products more effectively.

Regrettably, the problem lies with the leaders of Forever Living. I am not speaking of those at the top of the food chain (the MLM Pyramid)…

I am speaking of those foot soldiers who are actively recruiting people as their downlines. If you do not understand what I am talking about, that’s ok.

All you need to know is that if you decide to join Forever Living, the strategies that you will learn are most likely going to set you up for failure.

That’s because the majority of Forever Living’s distributors are using the traditional method of marketing. 

You know, strategies like, hosting home parties, chasing down friends and family, knocking on neighbors’ door, hunting prospects in the mall…

I am not saying that the traditional strategies don’t work, but I am saying that success with the conventional methods is going to be tough and most people give up halfway through.

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When will Forever Living be Considered a Scam?

Now, this is a touchy topic.

Is Forever Living a Pyramid Scheme

As legitimate as Forever Living is, there will be groups of people who will run their business in the likes of a pyramid scheme.

It simply means that distributors shift their focus towards recruiting or enrolling people into the business opportunity, even before they promote the products.

Heavy focus on recruitment is the primary cause for companies like Herbalife to be sued by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) successfully.

Another big name in the MLM industry that had trouble with the FTC with a similar issue is AdvoCare and was forced to change its compensation plan last July 2019.

So now you know when you are getting into an illegal pyramid scheme. 🙂

In the next section of this review, I will reveal why people don’t make money with Forever Living. 

Why 95% of People Fail in Forever Living?

As I’ve briefly mentioned above that the conventional way of network marketing is the leading cause of failure, but there is more to that…

On top of the old strategies like…

  1. Creating a list of your family and friends and sell your opportunity to them
  2. Getting your family and friends to do a 3-way call/meeting with your sponsor
  3. Host home parties
  4. Give away free samples

The main culprit for the majority of failure lies with YOU.

Especially if you are not in the field of sales, you are going to need to brush up your sales skills and the ability to convince people. And this can only be achieved through practical experience.

Facing lots of rejection every day is a norm, and some distributors couldn’t get past that.

You see, even with the most updated strategies, and the best training and support, someone can still fail if they do not have a strong mindset.

The Traditional Network Marketing Strategies Don’t Work?

Now let me break this down into pieces, so you understand why the conventional marketing methods don’t work…

#1 Tough to get Leads (Prospects)

The key to success with any network marketing company is to have a constant flow of new prospects.


The turnover rate of distributors is exceptionally high!

If you are trying to build a team, you will find difficulties growing unless you can quickly replace the distributors who quit.

The real problem lies with the ability to find new prospects every single month.

But, the traditional method restricts you from prospecting your friends and family.

And, if you want to go out of your social circle, you’ll either have to cold call or to canvass on the streets.

We all know that the latter methods will only bring misery to your life, do you agree with me?

Perhaps you have tried the methods above in your network marketing business? Did it work for you?

Share your thoughts/network marketing experience below.

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#2 Don’t Reinvent the Wheel


I am pretty sure every sponsor will tell you that they have a success formula for you…

Their uplines had success with the same formula and you should too if you follow it!

What people don’t know is that with the evolution of the internet, the entire network marketing industry has changed.

Gone were the days where someone tells you a product is so amazing and there is no way you can verify it, other than trusting that person’s word.

Nowadays, people are smart, and they have access to information almost immediately.

The word of mouth marketing now translates onto the internet…

And if you are still praying that people will trust your word, then you can probably say goodbye to your success.

#3 Your Friends and Family are Your Best Prospects?

Truth be told…

Your friends and family could care less about your success. It is hard to hear, isn’t it?

Are Friends and Family the Best Prospects

They will probably purchase a product from you, but to get them to join your business opportunity is going to be an uphill battle.

That’s because not everyone has the same entrepreneurial spirit as you.

And even if they do, they may not have the same mentality or the right mindset as you.

No wonder it is so difficult to keep distributors active.

The worst happens when things fall out. Your friends and family will start blaming you. And it creates strain on your relationship with each other.

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The Forever Living Business – Compensation Plan

What Do I Like About Forever Living?

Unlike many other MLM companies out there, Forever Living Membership is free.

The way you can make money is when someone buys the Forever Living products from you or from your downline.

Downline – people whom you have directly or indirectly introduced to the Forever Living Business.

Forever Living is a proper MLM company and if anybody were to be eager to join an MLM company, Forever Living is the right choice. Let me share with you why:

  • A new distributor in Forever Living does not need an initial investment into the business; hence no money lost;
  • There is a money-back guarantee for all Forever Living Products, your customers get a refund, and you get a replacement product;
  • Forever Living prohibits you from building a large inventory of products
  • You can leave the Forever Living business anytime and Forever Living will buy-back all the products you have purchased for the last 6 months.

I am not sure why my mum didn’t sell the products back to Forever Living, I guess she overlooked the buy-back policy.

So you see if you want to start an MLM business, Forever Living is the right place to be, but as you know, it is an uphill battle from hereon.

Most importantly, you need to learn and implement the right strategies, and of course, you need to possess the will to succeed.

FLP 360 Forever Living

Forever 360 is a new online platform for Forever Living.

Is Forever Living FLP 360 Necessary

If you ever want to find success with Forever Living, you need this because it gives you an all-in-one online marketing suite.

Take note that FLP 360 is only there to make your life simpler; it is not there to guide you to success.

FLP 360 is a platform that gives you an overview of how your business is doing, and it provides you with your FLP email address as well as up to a maximum of 4 websites.

However, if you do not know how to put them to good use, there is no point having FLP 360.

To be successful in Forever Living, you have to know how to source for new customers and prospects online. 

Within Forever Living, nobody teaches you how to do that, so how are you going to be successful?

That’s why I highly recommend that you start learning from this program. With the right knowledge and guidance, you can be successful with anything you do online.

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My Sincere Advice to You

If you’ve decided that Forever Living is the path you want to take, then I would advise that you learn how to find prospects online, and set your business on the right track.

I wouldn’t say that the traditional method is entirely obsolete, but I am saying that you will face a much tougher challenge if you do things the old way.

I was a failed network marketer, and I have joined many MLM companies like…

None of them ever worked out for me till I found this training program.

So, do check it out and feel free to share your thoughts with me in the comments section below.

If Forever Living is NOT the Path You Want to Take…

By any chance you think that Forever Living is not your cup of tea, then you might want to check out this program instead.

It is the best alternative to network marketing opportunities, and it is how I fired my boss and still earn a good living online. Here’s my story.

Meanwhile, if you want to build a business around your particular hobby or interest, I have something that can help you.

At the bottom of this page is a form for a FREE online course that will teach you how to turn your passion into profits.

Thank you so much for reading this Forever Living Review, and I hope that I have provided you with sufficient information.

Do feel free to share your opinion with me in the comments section, or if you have something to add, please do the same.

Your pal,



  1. Hi I have had a successful business with Forever for over 25 years and it spans many countries. The products are superb, the marketing plan is extremely generous and I am sure that to any experienced internet marketeer, it is very obvious that you are using that old trick of an eye catching headline and a critical article to plug your own course.

  2. Walid mohsin says:

    Hey jack, im 18 yo im still a student, My dream is to be an entrepreneur i know alot about dropshipping with shopify platform, but things went wrong with my bank account, anyways i met guider in forever living products and he told that forever is the best place for me and i could make money faster but i can’t tell if he’s lying, my family is rejecting this forever idea and everybody is saying im gonna fail im gonna lose money and time alot of negative thoughts, im confused i swear , just need a real advice from you , i know you are a marketer not aloe expert but try to help me, thank you walid from morocco!

    1. Hey Walid,

      Entrepreneurship is a lonely road, I’ll be very honest with you. Nobody will believe in you until you’ve shown results.

      Everybody will put you down at first because they have limiting believe in themselves.

      Unless you come from a family of entrepreneurs, you will face this kind of negativity. So, if you really want success, you have to look pass those people, even if they are your family members.

      With that being said, Forever Living is an avenue for you to earn money, but it is not a “faster” way. In fact, many people fails in this business because of the reasons I’ve mentioned in this article.

      So, my advice is that if you want to succeed with Forever Living, you need to avoid all the pitfalls I’ve mentioned by learning attraction marketing.

      It is the best way for you to grow a network marketing business as you are attracting like-minded people, instead of targeting people who do not have the entrepreneurial spirit.

      And, the best part is that you can learn how to attract people online. You will never be limited by the number of people you personally know.

      So, I recommend that you check out attraction marketing here.

      Hope this helps.

      ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

  3. Hi
    I joined forever since april 2018 , now its 7 monthes i didn’t sell my products ,
    my manager he is carless , when i called hem he didn’t reply
    so i’m lonley now and i have a lot of products
    i think that i will give up cause i don’t know how to start from zero
    i’m not even sure that there is money in forever or just i will lost again and again
    i’m trying to find online job or something
    so please jack just tell me the truth about forever if i will get money then i will continue with patient but if will lost my time then its bettre for me to concentrate in my education sorry i have a bad english but we used to talk frensh
    hassna From morocco

    1. Hey Hassna,

      It’s really sad to hear that your sponsor can care less about your success.

      Your success with Forever Living is really limited if you are depending on your sponsor for support. So, I don’t recommend you doing that. Take your success by your own hands, learn attraction marketing, and grow your Forever Living business without ever having support from your sponsors. Money can be made with Forever Living, it is just that you are not given the right training and tools. I would suggest that you start with this program and grow your Forever Living business online.

      Hope this helps! Anyway, you’ll always have access to me if you need help on marketing matters.

      ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

    2. Christine says:

      Hassana please call me I’m a mentor with forever and am very successful and am happy to help you make a go of your business

      1. Hi Hassna,

        I am the moderator of BareNakedScam and we forbid any form of affiliate links in the comments section, and if you would like to contact Christine, you can reply to this message and we will put you in touch.

        Thank you!

        ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

  4. Aakash shukla says:

    Hi jack….. Well i read your profile and it said your a experienced online marketer…. Well if you were you shdve known that an aloe vera needs a proper environment to grow mature but if it grows in a polluted environment like most of us been breathing in it would definitely give harmful effects on your body. The production of aloe vera gel by forever is done at high mountains of spain in a pollution free environment and their products are all patented aswell (you can check them all on the internet) . People used it and they do have many positive effects which changed their mind and their life aswell. You can read the testimonies on the internet and as a personal recommendation you should work on your facts buddy 😉

    1. Thanks for this Aakash!

      I am an online marketer and not an Aloe expert. 🙂

      I based my experience on the product to write this review, and I stand firmly on what I believe in, which is that the products don’t work for everyone. Everyone will have different experience with the product.

      But I do appreciate that you are sharing your expertise on this.

      ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

  5. The sponsor said that i could complete;y get rid of my Psoriasis however that was not the reality. I’m pained that i had to shell out a huge amount of money for the same & the disease has spread almost a thousand times. Feeling very sad about the way the product was presented. Im feeling un-presentable a & don’t go out for the same reasons. I hope my case is taken seriously as im feeling cheated & will reach out for justice

    1. Yet another case of misrepresentation by a distributor. It’s really sad to see a legit company being promoted in such a way.

      1. Why am I penalized as your representative has given me false image of your product…

        1. Hi Jithu,

          I am not sure what you mean, could you please further elaborate?

          ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

      2. Ganesh prasad saha says:

        You should try Homoeopathic treatment to eradicate Psoriasis,Psorinum a medicine may cure your problem but consult a homeopath

    2. For psoriasis have you tried emuaid. Seems to have cleared my daughters eczema

  6. I really need someone to teach me about these things because I don’t know nothing about this at all

    1. Hi Hanna,

      Thanks for your comment! I’ve sent you an email.

      ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

      1. Irina Dicusara says:

        Hi, Id like an email too with more information of how to get a mentor in Copenhagen. Thanks

    2. I can help you to understand the forever living business and products also

      Thank you

  7. I am spent the last year looking at various Work from Home opportunities. And yes that is how you must look at them. There are many mlm or Network Marketing companies out there. Non of them are Get Rich Quick companies. If you are expecting that , then walk on buy and go get another Lottery Ticket. Network Marketing is based on a simple, simple but also hard work. You cannot sit at home and expect it to work. I am about to join Forever Living, having spent months looking at it and watching hours of You Tube Videos. It is a sound Co.. In business for 40 yrs, debt Free, Cash Rich with a Pay plan that you can actually ”will’ to your family or favourite charity if you prefer. No other company does that. On death you usually lose any accumulated monies. No it is NOT a scam and will not ultimately fail as Polly has said. There is a well developed ongoing training program .. You do NOT have to stock up with products that you never use. Yes it makes sense to try the products, how else can you honestly answer questions like ”what does it taste like”? Rex Maughan the founder and his family appear to be genuine caring generous people with a very long term plan for Forever .. Also Forever is a patented product range.. and therefore a more pure form of Aloe.. And yes Jack that is what Forever is about Aloe! that is what they are selling and Aloe is in many of the products that are available via Forever. They have control of the whole process from growth to harvesting and manufacture. So no additives, no gms, no pesticides etc. Will Forever change? I would hope so, change is vital for growth, innovation the life blood of a company. Lastly for me .. They do NOT test on animals which for me is extremely important.

    1. Thank you for your honest opinion Liz! Much appreciated!

      ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

  8. Hello.. First let me start by saying I do not normally read these types of reviews all the way through as they are usually just a bashing fest filled with inaccurate facts. Your review I did enjoy as it came from the heart of a daughter and stayed honest and true to your message so thank you for that.

    I am leaving a comment because you mentioned you never noticed a difference using your mums Forever Living products and that is we did to let you know.

    First point I must share is the Aloe Vera used in the Forever Living products is a higher grade quality then the supermarket brands and higher aloe content. FLP use more then extract and because FLP control everything from plant to product to you you can feel safe knowing the aloe in the FLP products is grown in a pure organic environment free from all pesticides.

    That’s why I trust and use FLP

    The skincare and general hygiene products are great for sensitive skins like mine and the toothpaste is frigging awesome with no fluoride at all and worked on my sensitive teeth where other leading brands like Colgate Sensodyne did nothing but make my gums bleed

    The true power of FLP however is in the dink products. Back in 2008 I was diagnosed with advanced cervical cancer and was told by doctors if I did not have a Radical hysterectomy: complete removal of the uterus, cervix, upper vagina, and parametrium, Indicated for cancer. and start chemo I would not see Christmas.

    I was not happy with that option so I found FLP and starting drinking the aloe drinks only 100 mls a day and taking some of their supplements. I also started using the organic Honey and Bee products. I gave up smoking and drinking (alcohol) both these I had been unsuccessful at giving up so many times before but with the aloe cleansing me from the inside it made it so much easier.

    2016 came and I was still alive so I had some tests done. I will be 100% honest my cancer had not been cured I still had it but it had reduced in the level of severity that they have. So I went from stage 4 to a stage 1.

    Yes they still wanted to cut me and treat me but I walked away and said no. 2018 and as far as I know I am still living with cervical cancer that has not spread through my body and killed me yet.

    I can tell you every day since I was diagnosed in 2008 I have not missed my 100mls of aloe drink every day and I can honesty swear to you all that without my FLP I suffer extreme tiredness fatigue like symptoms and immense joint pain as well as debilitating back pain but by drinking the Aloe everyday and continuing to focus on a positive healthy lifestyle i am virtually pain free and have the ability to function in society like a normal human being.

    Yes in the last 10 years I did stray for a while and tried out inferior cheaper aloe products that I was not sure if they were organic and they were shit I had pain tiredness and they just didn’t work for me like the FLP organic Aloe Vera products so it is FLP for me all the way and the business side comes latter.

    That is another thing I love about Forever Living Products I was able to join for free and have purchased the products the cheaper distributor price ever since with no pressure from the company to build the business side..

    Thanks for your honest approach in writing this article and I am very sorry your mum seemed to get a raw deal with her up-line and I am sad to think she was told to walk the streets that is horrible and should never have happened.

    1. Thank you so much for sharing this Sandra!

      ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

  9. Hi

    For me MLM have been my only “jobb” for 20 years now
    I do like most of your article and you have many good points

    I have been with Forever sense 2002 and have great success
    This business is best for people who like to have customers and that means that we need to train those skills to our distributors

    Most mlm companies and trainers have got it al wrong with a recruitment first and sometimes only focus. All good businesses needs Customers !

    Regarding quality of products thats always an interesting issue
    Why buy BMW instead of Toyota ?
    You pay extra and get basically the same result traveling from A to B

    From my point of view Forever have great products and they have total control from plant to products. This ensures that you get a good product and when that is combined with a great service from the person who is selling our products it works.

    I do agree that MLM is not for everyone and we as professionals have to be more honest about what the requirements are for people to have success.

    All the best to you from Norway


    soo helpful knowledge

  11. Guys,
    Speak about the importance of using the Product. I couldn’t see atleast a single post which says about the usage of product and the healthy benefits gained.
    Rather it speaks about the business and making money being a Sales person.That’s bad!!!,
    how the product is helping the people and whats the importance of using this, atleast a brief note, should attract the people,
    Our targets should be to the people who needs help, and our marketing should be from the people who have benefited(Healthy perspective) out of it.

    1. Well said Jillin! This is the problem with many distributors. They care more about putting money in their pockets then to help the people around them.

      To help the people around them, they have to believe that the products work for them. Unfortunately, many distributors is coaxed to join the business opportunity instead of gaining the benefits from the products first.

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts Jillin!

      ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

  12. Aloe vera gel have very poor quality. No benefit. Totally money loss

  13. Nick fernandez says:

    Hey I am nick from India ….few days back I was introduced to forever living products by one of my knowns they gave me presentation on it,told me about the whole system and everything …..the dreams were on the display as if we get motivated through any presentation it looks like it’s going to happen to us in reality….but in reality it’s not like that and very different when you try to meet people and invite them just to listen you and buy products or join you ,people will probably just start to ignore you and label you as a salesmen and will ignore to meet you ….and in country like India it’s very difficult to sell even free products ..so you can think how it would go…Nd you may acheive something in that business if you have quality to convince people but you will not get the people who will possess same qualities as you to convince people and keep the chain going….my verdict there are many other options and businesses available do what suits you and gives you opportunities to use your caliber and talent don,t be get influenced by someone…..thank you

  14. I would like to bring more light on most of the comments i see here. First, people go to 8 to 10 or more on conventional education to become for instance a practitioner doctor or engineer. Question: How long did people here who pretend they were involved in any mlm company spend on their personal growth or business training to develop new skills other than the ones they already have while joining the mlm industry. Guess what for majority of people it’s less than 6 months or a year but they wish they were expert on sale or any other skills required to be a profession. MLM is not different than any other profession it requires one to learn and get skilled. Only difference is mlm companies provide training materials or events most of the time free. People dont fail because its all about so call pyramid scheme. But because they are not up to the skills set required to build that business from scratch. Did you ever enjoy to be treated by a medical doctor who seem not to master the medical fields jargon or even advices? NOOO… So newbies in mlm not well trained receive lots of rejection mostly from their friends and family because first they know them too well to take them too seriously and from unknown people because they dont inspire professionalism and credibility. Secondly…Mlm is not a get rich quit scheme..for people who attends event in mlm this is what you will always hear from the top leaders…It’s not a get rich scheme people. Building a business is not easy mlm is no different so stop lying to people about fact you wasted this and that in mlm. You dont criticise your employers when they make you work long hours that because you were train to be a good employee right from school so thats nornal to you. But a mother who take the chance to set up a home business and pay the price to have some freedom thats sound bad yeah??? No one asked her how ong she was involved? How many years was she away from her kids while carrying her mlm business? What brought her to mlm first? how was her life before amazing? No of course..thats why she joined to make some improvement. And so maybe her mentor did not explain what she supposed to teach to a newbie or maybe she saying a lot negativity out of frustrations cause she did not succeed. But people do you see those who succeed? Because those who make it big in mlm seem to be invisible to you. Cause you are so happy to spread negativity around that industry that have helped lot of people globally to achieve what a job could not provide to them. Make your research and get the facts not emotionnal disapointment.

  15. Forever Living Products For me
    is the best business, only requirement for this business is believe in yourself, be confident and cinsistent. Who is Forever Living? only Jesus is Forever living, thats why most people succeed on this business have a generous heart and have calling from God, thats my opinion.

  16. Lerato Mhlanga says:

    This is a very good article indeed! MLM business isn’t meant for everyone! And of course I have heard of Forever Living and I think Forever Living is a marriage and family breaker! A person will stay 24/7 on the phone depriving his/her family of time together… Forever Living is worse than a full time job because a person will spend more hours on the phone or sometimes on the street travelling around looking for recruits with little return from the efforts and money invested. Forever Living products are quite very expensive especially in countries with poor economic performance like South Africa… It’s not a get rich quick scheme, one have sweat and bleed money all the way throughout the marketing levels which might even take 1-5 years to start realising the returns as long as one is determined, dedicated and disciplined… Forever Living is really not for everyone! Thanks for a good article

  17. I like the idea of keeping and open mind. Forever living is not a scam, like any other business its a business which offers people an opportunity to get paid for what they do on a daily basis “marketing”. I do not think advicing your friends and family to take better care of themself by perhaps using Forever Living products is forcing them into anything, its simply means u sharing with them what u already know would make a difference, as for it being expensive, quality does not come cheap and life itself has never been cheap. One way or another it catches up with you…so u could either choose to be healthy and wealthy or be frustrated,broke and unhealthy because you buzy analysing systems. One thing u need to understand is that, life is all about systems and its up to you which system u want to fall under…if it promises u to be healthy and wealthy why not go for it, afterall its free, what’s there to loose?

  18. A lot of people are dubious about MLM and network marketing, I think that’s a whole different subject altogether… for me I see it now becoming a respected profession with many big business names backing it, and is definitely worth a look if you’d like to work for yourself.

    I think a lot of the problem lies with people still thinking they are get-rich-quick schemes, when they are now actually legitimate business that require a lot of hard work. I’m in both Forever Living and self-employment in another unrelated area. I find Forever Living a lot harder (mainly because of the stigma of network marketing around some people) but when you put in the hard work its a lot more rewarding than ‘normal’ businesses.

    You’re probably not going to see big differences after using, for example, hand wash. But taking the drinking gels internally and some of the other health supplements, and using the products on my skin and hair have made a big difference to me- and I am the type of person who always buys quite expensive natural products. In fact I was a customer of Forever for 6 years before I even thought about the business side as, to be honest, I thought it was a bit below me as a postgraduate successful in another career.

    Keep an open mind, I’d say. There’s lots of great opportunities within modern network marketing and if you find the right company and products for you and know how to actually work the business, you could be in for a real treat business-wise. I do agree the ‘sell locally’ and canvassing streets ideas are very outdated, though. My success has only come from working online, and lots more training needs to be even in this area.

  19. My ex-wife started with Forever Living in 2000 after someone put a card through our front door. She really got sucked in and attended all sorts of meetings and training sessions, some of which I attended too. It quickly became apparent that this was a serious business and it was possible to make good money. To cut a long story short my ex-wife was very successful with forever living and it provided a good income for her up until she died. However, she was able to leave the forever living business in her will and now my children are enjoying a good income without having to work at it. This is definitely not a scam but you do have to work hard at first to build your core business.

    1. Thanks for sharing this Ribbo!

      ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

  20. Hi Jack,
    Being a successful sales person for almost 10 years, I’ve been approached to become a rep for Forever Living, in the Dubai, Middle East. The comments on sales & being able, I have no issues with.

    My only concern is the whole setting up & pushing products onto friends and family, this I don’t like. The lady who is looking to recruit me is supposedly No.1 in Ireland & has advised she will spend time training me up etc.

    From your piece – the negatives, if you may, are sort of covered under my circumstances?

    Whats your thoughts?


    1. Hi James,

      If you are already a sales person, that’s a plus.

      But, you need to know how to find a constant flow of prospects, and if you do not start with your social circle, where else can you source?

      Unless you are already an Internet Marketer who knows how to drive traffic to your offer, otherwise, I figure it will be hard for you.

      ~Jack (BareNakedScam)


    There is always a ratio known as
    That works
    Which means 80 percentage of people will be unsuccessful and will forced to say negative aspects only
    On the other side
    20 percentage of the people will be SUCCESSFUL and will tell others their success story

  22. Hey Guys, I am from Bangladesh, I’ve achieved A/M post & on they way to manager. Not received any money in my account yet. Only 2months take bring me the post of manager. I’m very new in FLP but I’ve invested money to become Manager quickly. I also stared group selling with my friends, It returns me good. I just believe in selling the product & earn money.

  23. jennifer macpherson says:

    why not grow your own aloe vera and make products for your own use for free? Gardening and plant growing is the best therapy ever. Loads of information about herbal products on the internet. I grow all my own and just like my granny before me, they work! I am in my 70s and would probably have been called a witch in the 1600’s … herbal remedies work and are free! Go for it people, as long as you take care to check you are not growing poisonous plants and only use the products for yourself it is fine. MLM? nah… why lose friends to a basic selling scheme when you can make the stuff yourself. Happy new Year.

  24. michelle hughes says:

    How much is it to become a foreverr living distributor. I am with juice plus and have been told forever living is a better e

  25. so i was contacted by a friend of a friend in the UK, trying to get me joined up here in Australia, she said in the UK you have to pay to join, but lucky us in Oz dont, well we dont here because it is illegal to run a pyramid scheme, which this is, dress it up how you like, but it is.

    living here we already have an array of natural products for sale much cheaper, we grow aloe vera like weeds and most aussies know how to use it raw when needed, so i think its a no for me lol, i like my friends and family way too much to risk losing them due to pushy sales methods

  26. Hi Jack…I am not a salesperson type of person (face to face that is) but online I can do some business…am seriously thinking of joining FLP because of my nephew who introduced me to the products a month ago. Am going to attend a meeting in Mississauga in November and will decide for sure after that. Any help from you will be appreciated…thanks…Kamal

    1. Hi Kamal,

      In the FLP business, you definitely need to do business face to face. There is no other way round it.

      ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

  27. Complete scam,gave me hopes of building a business and sold me some drinks and cream for £250,chuck most of them in the bin,scam scam scam.

  28. Thanks for sharing,I think like you mention network marketing is meant for those who are into sales and if you don’t understand the concept you well fail.

  29. Tricia Teitelman says:

    I was born and raised in the natural food industry, my folks owned Natural Food stores for over 30 years and I have to tell you, I love forever products. I don’t think the prices are high at all and honestly I have seen results, and my mother who has been hired on by all the number one stores in the country ( USA) to be the vitamin buyers she loves forever products as well. I think MLM works for some and others give up. You have to be motivated and wanted to work hard, just like any job. I’ve seen people go from making nothing to $20,000 thousand to 30,000 thousand per month with this company and traveling All over the world for free. Again it’s not for everyone but I would not put this in the scam product at all

  30. Ben Dover says:

    I’ve worked at the manufacturing end of FLP for 2 yrs. I can only say in good faith what I’ve seen during my tenure… Insects, glass, God knows what else, in the batches of products. Yes, I said glass. European e-mails can verify this. The company cannot keep a quality manager due to their bullying and non-compliant procedures ie… quality forced to release products. The majority of the pumps used to move products throughout the production area are well worn and produce minute pieces of stainless steel..mmmmm yummy. I wouldn’t touch this product with a ten foot pole. I’m not familiar with the scam aligations or amounts of moneys they do not pay their peddlers, but I can say with certainty that the gel drink and cosmetic products are pumped-out with little concern or thought. Sidenote: The Mgr’s are 100% behind whatever the COO is spewing, right or wrong, and are quick to stab any opposing views in the back. The Maintenance Manager’s history was well documented until the FLP website removed all complaints. Do yourself a favor and stay clear of this time-bomb.

    1. Michelle Corrigan says:

      The quality of the products are absolutely unquestionable. Sorry but your comments are utter rubbish !

  31. Many people fail in MLM because they think Network Marketing is a get rich Quick scheme. Forever Living is still the best network marketing i have ever known especially for those who want more out of life, i am a distributor and its awesome to be one. Lastly, wealth is for minority not for majority.

  32. I just love Forever Living Products and the business concept.
    I don’t sell , I recommend only if somebody says NO, its okay , recommend to another, but you don’t have to be pushy. If you only learn deeper how the business works, you can earn. In this world you need to work, whatever is it, job , mlm (legitimate).

    Just like forever , small investment, higher income , you will just have to teach people how to love the product.
    Product of Forever is great

    I earned in Forever extra.

    I just love Forever and the business concept.

  33. When I joined FLP, I was told that it is not mandatory to sell something to be on program – that was one of the reasons I joined. I am usually buying for myself and my family, and I don’t care if that is once in half a year. As far as I know, some other programs requires you to make some amount of sales to stay in them. And no, I don’t like everything from them, I don’t have anyone to sell that to, but I am pretty happy that I do not need to find the agent if I want to buy something.

  34. Mr Jack
    If u buy a Chinese phone and IPhone there is a lot difference between costbcoz it’s a brand and services and quality.plz go through aloe Vera subject and compare it with Flp products you will get to know what the difference.

    1. Hi Jeevan,

      Thank you for your comment!

      I agree with you that FL is a brand and the quality of the product is unquestionable, but unfortunately for me, I do not feel much difference. Glad it worked out for you.

      ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

  35. Anthonious Momo says:

    Hello Jack,
    Let me thank you for your article, it’s very much interesting and educative.
    To be honest, I’m a distributor of Forever Living products in my country, Liberia. I joined forever living company this year May 28, 2016.

    These are my challenges:
    (1) pushing for new customers is challenging for me, I’m not that good at face to face selling. What I do, I give my products out to people and later pay me at the end of a given time either monthly or weekly.
    (2) convincing people is some how challenging. Can you imagine, since I join the FLP company, three 3 months now, with the amount of people I talked to, I was only able to get one person on board who purchased his products. I’m still talking to people.
    (3) sometime I invite people to the business opportunity meeting, out of 10-12 persons I only get one person attending the meeting, why? And this thing continue to happen.
    For now, these are my concerns. I hope to get in touch with you, so you can better help me out.

    My Regards
    Anthonious Momo

    1. Hi Anthonious,

      I fully understand how you feel. I was in your shoes with many other MLM companies.

      You can communicate with me through barenakedscam@gmail.com.

      ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

  36. Comment: well Forever living is the only business that make sense to me right now…you don’t need funding you just need to on you marketing plan that’s it..

  37. Satnam Sadeora says:

    Well its but obvious that everyone of us wish to earn the most but via easiest way. Most east way is that u should born with a gold spoon in your mouth else you have to struggle to earn for your living. As it is wisely said ” If you are born poor, it’s not your fault; but if you Die poor is certainly your fault”. Network marketing is the business we are all involved into…. if you are not building your network you must be a part of somebody’s else network. Every business tycoon has learnt and developed his or her own network…. u name anybody on this wordly planet.
    Forever is also one of the networking business but certainly not a scam.
    Secondly, aloe vera forever is boadting about — BARBEDENESIS MILLER is certainly one of the best species out of nearly 300 species known on this planet hence quality is matched with the price. Have u ever asked a person suffering from cancer going through chemostages and she got 100% cancer cells removed from her body after using FLP products…..whether FLP products are costly or not? Kindly go through thousands of testimony videos on net if u haven’t.
    Moreover, i said it right that FLP is not a business for everyone… rather a person should have zeal and positivity to do such business. It’s true that not everybody gets success in this business but if u are positive enough u shall surely get..
    I would apologise if i have made any harsh statement above but its true that forever living products is the world’s best business opportunity.

  38. Good morning Jack,

    I went for a FLP seminar last week. The tutor never mentioned the negative side of joining the network of FLP but instead presented the rosy side of joing FLP. They are only out to see you registered under them after which they leave you to fair on your own.

    Your article said it all. I hate convincing people. FLP is not for me.
    Thumbs up Jack.

  39. Hi Jack – I have also had experience of FLP, and agree with all you say about needing to understand marketing and having a desire to run a business online as a prerequisite. But I also wanted to let you know how impressed I am with this post/Squeeze Page. Very innovative! It has given me some real food for thought for my business to9o. Please get in touch if you want to discuss this further?

    Thanks for the great post
    best wishes

    1. Hey Richard,

      Thanks for your comment!

      Great to know another Affiliate Marketer. Feel free to communicate with me at barenakedscam@gmail.com. Maybe we can exchange knowledge.

      ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

  40. Nice article… #Akira, have you read “Rich Dad poor Dad” by Robert T Kiyosaki, and “A students work for C student, B student work for the government by same author…well in summary most people suffer financially, because they spend so much time in school learning how to work for money and never learn how to make money work for them…
    Well, I found a way of making money with forever living without selling products and it’s a sure route to wealth, if you are interested contact me. The fortune is not in the product sales by you.

  41. I think that like starting any business, you must be willing to work hard and make sacrifice. If you are not willing to work hard, sacrifice and do everything it takes to learn and be successful, then FLP or any other business is not for you. You are better off getting a job. The minimum requirement to purchase a starter pack so that you can try the products for yourself as well as sell them is actually quite reasonable when you think about the cost and capital you need if you are to start your own business and risk involved. With FLP, all that is minimized and furthermore you can do it part-time. Also, understand you will not grow overnight. It will take patience, time and endurance. Again, with FLP, you need to develop a cliental especially among people who can afford the products. If you want to successful in FLP or in anything in life, you need passion and to believe in the products. These are contagious and will rub off people when you talk to them. However, if you are not, then this business or any business you want to start is not for you. You will be wasting your time and energy. Just get a job!

  42. Thx for everything but remember that success is not easy because everybody would be successful. What does Bill Gates say about MLM? Failed experts are killing an industry that is giving back over 70b $ to hard working distributors. Who pays you that in a JOB or where you are telling desperate people to join? Dont be offended just keep researching and tell people the truth. Thx.

  43. To Exwes Gold

    You think i’m a NEGATIVE person? My sponsor, also my cousin, CONSTANTLY calls me that.. it’s like the magic word for all who have been sucked in to this scam… she even had the cheek to call EVERYBODY that i know, NEGATIVE PEOPLE for not buying anything from me! Negative negative negative… you’re all taught that word like a child is taught their A.B.C’s. Stop being so rude to people. This stuff is way overpriced, so it’s no wonder i can’t sell any of it – I live in England.. the only country in the world where we are FORCED to wash our garbage before we throw it away.. we must pay mega high water rates and council tax.. so finding 12 quid for a small tube of lotion is difficult…People here are overcharged for everything, so nobody can afford this kind of luxury… as for the £200 joining fee? Yes i DID have to pay £199 to JOIN and to get a tiny box with a few bits in that i will never use.. i just wanted to sign up, buy the sample packs, get the catalogues, and show them to people and sell the stuff that way. I didn’t know i had to pay anything until i went to my cousins house to sign up, where she did it all online for me.Since then, she’s bombarded me for meetings, and sizzle days, and more meetings… wanting me to travel 50 miles to deliver a lip balm to someone… NO NO NO i won’t do it. I am 200 quid down with nothing to show for it and ive had to give it up before ive even started properly, because it’s already left me out of pocket.. not just the £200. ive had to buy things i haven’t needed or wanted to make up the £50 order fee.. any lower than that, and i can’t put the orders in. .. this isn’t for everybody, and it certainly isn’t for me. In future, please do not call ANYBODY a liar, or a nagative person again … YOU are actually the negative person for saying it to ME.

    Nikita .. Thank you 🙂

  44. Danielle Hannibal says:

    I sent the company an email stating I wanted to cancel my membership and within a day or two I receive a reply that my account was indeed cancelled and all authorization were cancelled also.

  45. I would like to know,from where in Richardsbay can I buy the forever products.I am situated in Richardsbay,KZN in South Africa.

  46. Thanks for your write up. if doing biz with Forever Living Products did not work for u and your Mother does not mean it has not worked for millions of people and other folks out there. You need not make negative comments/write ups to stop people from doing something that can lift them out of poverty. The company has a fantastic reward scheme, good incentives and many more. did you expect that you will get them without working? you do not have to transfer your laziness to folks out there. people spent years in school without getting prepared for the real world out there but MLM has helped millions to own their lives and change that of pple around them. A word of advice: MLM is not for everyone. it is for those who are in need of extra income and wish to help others. thanks again. Bucci

    1. Hi Bucci,

      I’m sorry that you see my article that way. I did not write to stop people from doing the forever living business. I was neutral with this opportunity and I thought I was clear about it.

      My Mum and I did try this business, and a lot of effort was put in but we did not succeed. I am sharing my experience on the business, and I wanted everyone to have an informed decision.

      I also wanted to let people know that MLM is not meant for everyone or anyone, and there are many other opportunities out there other than MLM.

      I thank you for your input on this!

      ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

  47. Hi jack,
    I was recently told about this and found out from the promoter a lot of information about it, I just wanted to update you that there is an upfront cost of close to £200 for the products to be delivered to you so that you can start your business, it’s not free.
    Unfortunately it was because of this upfront cost that I didn’t join with them

    1. Thank you for your information Emma and it is well noted!

      I’ve recently gotten a lot of messages from other people telling me the same thing.

      Thanks for the tip once again!

      ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

  48. Tiisetso Mathodlana says:

    hi Jack

    I appreciate the fact that you acknowledge the legitimacy of Forever Living and I completely agree with you its not an easy journey, however entrepreneurship in itself is not an easy journey hence we have the most successful businesses and failed businesses.

    There are a number of success stories all around the world of Forever Living Business owners as much as there failure stories, so if one were to dawn on the failures of others then they too are destined for failure in any business which is a given.

    However you are correct different strokes for different folks, I got into the business with a clear mind and am fully aware of such risks of failure however I have used that as my propeller to success in the business.

    1. Hi Tiisetso,

      Thank you for your comment!

      I wish you all the best for your Forever business and hope that you will succeed.

      ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

  49. stephen paton says:

    Hi Jack, i have found your website quite interesting, i am currently considering joining forever living for various reasons and not only to make money, confidence, learning new skills and to meet new people and to have a new focus in my life, i am just looking for any tips and advice. thank you

    1. If people and sales skills are what you are seeking for, then you should ensure that you join the right team. Also, you have to keep in mind that there will be tonnes of rejection even if you have done your part by being friendly and helpful to those people. Not all will be your client.

      Before you join the team, you have to do your own due diligence to see if the teachings of the team suit what you are seeking for, and if they put your interest ahead of theirs.

      Hope this helps!

      ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

  50. Aloe products off the supermarket shelf are not the real thing. Please do your research before making such comments. First of all most companies don’t use the inner leaf gel, the part there the goodness is, and secondly the content of aloe is now high enough to make any real difference to anyone. Aloe product off the shelf = scam

  51. Mercy Diamond says:

    Hi. Your post is actually correct. FLP is the best MLM company world wide (you can Google it). I joined this company a few months ago and I must confess there’s nothing better and I see it as the best decision in my life. You get to use their amazing products and just introduce people to use them. It’s an exciting business and I found nothing better than this. In a few I made quite a lot of money including qualifying for a vacation.
    MLM is all about your dreams. How far do you want to go in life? If you have big dreams like me, then a couple of nos you receive won’t stop you from talking to the next person. It’s also not a pyramid because you can earn much more than your uplines.

  52. Some people have suggested this is a cult – I tend to agree.

    A friend of mine is currently being brainwashed into this and has just given up her job to maximise the opportunity! She posts things on line like: –

    “I have just watched an AMAZING business video and am soooo excited about my future ! WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO GET EXCITED ABOUT TODAY ?”

    It reminds me so much of friends who joined Amway many years ago. They too were soooo excited and called non-believers like myself ‘thumb sucking pinheads’ while they attended brainwashing meetings and test-drove the supercars that they would be able to buy when ‘their business’ took off.

    Yet not a single one of them (not even those that gave up careers to dedicate their time to it) made it work…

    It seems to me that by the time you get to hear of a MLM scheme it is too late to make money out of it – only those at the base level of the pyramid get to be successful.

  53. manoj kaushal says:

    i am interasted for FLP bussniss ….next wt can i do?

    1. I am sure you were introduced to FLP by someone you know, you should seek that person for assistance. Otherwise, you can go to their main website to join them. Someone who is located near you will contact you.

      Hope this helps!

      ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

  54. I claim that MLM is harmful for most people because hey sell products to their private network. It’s like selling something using a friendship. Are you willing to put on risk losing your social structure within your family, friends etc. Herbalife e.o. destroyed compete family ties and good friendships.
    If you start with multi level marketing NEVER sell It to people you know already. If you succeed the product was good and your marketing too. If you fail, the product is not good enough or you skills. Its a pyramid. In the end everybody but the top loses. Forget, just earn your living on a ethic and social hard way. You will keep your friends and families,

    1. manoj kaushal says:

      then tell me ….pls that FLP bussniss plan is good…or nt

  55. Cecilia Mwaura says:

    Everyone is entitled to their opinion. Am a distributor with forever living company. To me it’s an amazing company and so far so good. I love this business that made me resign from employment and concentrate on it. I must admit challenges are there just like any busines, but let’s understand that nothing comes on silver plate thus hardwork is an ingredient of success.

  56. Very good artical, I just receive an offer to work as a salesperson, but I just have a bad experience with this kind of markting. And after I read this artical, I just get more worried about it. However, I’m searching for a good & legal opportunity to increase my financial independence. But kinda get lost

    1. Thank you for your comment!

      Many people do fail in MLM Business, or rather, 90% of the businesses fail. One of the main reasons people fail is because they couldn’t find a proper coach to guide them to success. The case may be true for Forever Living.

      I found success online because I have great mentors guiding me through the hurdles. Many people have benefited from the mentor-ship of this program, and I believe you can too.

      ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

  57. Hello Jack,

    You just wrote an awesome review. I have been a part of several MLM’s and haven’t made a penny with any of them. One thing is for sure though, I learned a lot about myself and it made me a better person.

  58. I know a lot of people who this has worked for. As you rightly said, it depends who your ‘upline’ manager is – my mum has been doing FLP for 10 years or so and earns a very respectable income. She also puts in time and energy into helping anyone who wants to do the same and has a lot of successful people in her team. You are right that you need the correct attitude though – you can’t be lazy and want something for nothing!

    In fact, her income paid for all my university fees and more – in the UK, that is not cheap.

    I have been using the products for over 10 years – I can honestly say I would not switch from most of them – the quality is immense and great for my sensitive skin.

  59. Hello Jack, thank you for the genuine sharing. One needs to study the opportunity to maximally benefit. The promise of quick money does not work. The questions you put are key for success and one needs to appreciate that it is hard work that helps you attain your goals, planning is key and sharing.

  60. Seriously … Forever Living takes 200 pound from you when you start your business .they say you have to test their high selling products in order to convince people.

  61. i have noticed chumps who join MLM usually end loosing most of their family and friends and only hold up fake friends with the same motive of duping people by selling over priced products.

    Annoying calls
    Annoying calls.
    Fake fb pics of their travel.
    Fake boiler room personality.

    Few if their traits

    1. Hi Karen,

      Well, I know most people who join MLM will have those kind of experience, but not for all. There are people who enjoy being in the MLM business. Some succeeded and made new friends. MLM is not all bad, it is just not suitable for most people.

      ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

  62. Kate lindsay says:

    Hi iv just started with forever and to be honest I’m struggling and everyboby seems to be doing it. I came across this whilst searching on the internet and am very interested but the products you would be selling in order to recommend them do you get to sample them first? So you can recommend them to the right person?

    1. You have to buy the sample from Forever Living. They will not provide to you. However, it depends on your local office. In my country, if you can bring your customers to the main office, they can try the products there.

      Hope this helps.

      ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

  63. Mabel Balbuena says:

    I have tried many different network marketing companies. The problem I run into is that they all require some kind of investment and however minimal they might be for someone low on funds it can be too much. I personally like to do network marketing. However, most companies require some initial investment to join and to start making any money. I started doing research online and found a few companies that do not require any membership fee or initial fee. The problem with most of them is that they still require an initial investment. You have to buy some type of package and on that it depends how much commission you get paid. This is unfair to me! I kept searching and I believe that I found the perfect company. It’s called Forever Living Products.

  64. It is unequivocally a pyramid-scheme. Don’t get involved. Someone in my work sells this stuff. The ingredients are so vague that you can’t tell if aloe latex (the dangerous part of the plant) is included or not. The bottom line is that you shouldn’t be ingesting aloe in any way.

  65. Mandeep kamboj says:

    I use its products regularly, they r so good, their quality is best in the world , not a single product can be compared to any company quality wise, when quality is best then price is not the problem for the one who is looking for best products for his family. Thanks the owner for producing so good products for this world.

  66. I have done 3 or 4 mlm oppertunities over the years and never made any money at any of them, the trouble is when jo blogs is sitting on his Arse doing nothing but waiting for his downline who are also sat on their Arse waiting for their downline who are also sat on their arse, and it goes on and on. That’s why so many fail, the only way to make money is to get off your Ass and go and earn it..

  67. Mbalentle says:

    I am from South Africa and the guy who is a member of FLP is already approaching me, but I need to buy products with the amount of R4800. So I hear you say that it is free, do you have to buy that stock or you sell for them and make people join. its a bit confusing for me and the money is too much for the first stock you don’t even know it will sell or not.

    Thank you

    1. The membership is basically free as long as you purchase products from them. Technically, the opportunity is free but the products aren’t.

      Hope this clarifies.

      Jack (BareNakedScam)

    2. HI Mbali all I can advise you on is joining is free as all businesses you can’t sell air but you will need stock to sell which is why you are advised to buy a starter pack. The good thing about this is that when you sell the product’s you retain your money back through sales which still maintains the fact you joined for free. Growing your business is easy, as people have voiced their concerns. We all are subjected to our opinions, just keep this in mind just for yourself for the future. If you no longer like the position you see about yourself you will do something about it, but again if you still enjoy the position you in more excuses will come out. In short no matter what you venture into for one to make money you need people even the Kingdom of God needs multiplication.

  68. Hello,
    A friend introduced to me forever living company yesterday and i am still thinking about it,its because of this that i decided to search online and i landed on this article…am a student and have no time to sale any product. what advise can you give me?

    1. All I can say is that if you want to be successful in this business, you have to have the passion and tenacity, and most importantly, you need focus. If you have all those in check, then you will have a chance of success, otherwise honestly, you will just be wasting your time and effort.

      Jack (BareNakedScam)

  69. MLM, there is always an angle when looking at this company.

    You don’t have to interview, have qualifications or any business understanding when you join this cult.

    Most are house wives seeking freedom from work and independent wealth, they are groomed by eager supervisors intent on building their down line. They are rountnly encouraged to attend training seminars at a cost so that the 1% of apparent success stories can be wheeled out, showing what you can have. Some of these 1% expect to be picked up by ordinary members at the airports and paraded around as if they are heros.

    Once in many buy lots of stock themselves as they crave to reach the first step into recognition, they are routinely told that it’s not a Pyramide scheme as it has a product to see, but anyone with half a brain can see that if you have a down line then each of your downline have a downline then this clearly makes a bloody Pyramide!!

    Now, as part of the cult status and brain washing many whom join soon find themselves the subject of isolation from family and friends as they become so driven that you can’t have one point of contact without the forever living family being pushed down your throat.

    Challenge a Forever living person and standback, the routine answer is how success the company is, how many! Go on holidays at the expense of forever living, how it’s people whom think otherwise that destroys their success!

    Many will compare themselves with genuine tax paying businesses, often criticising those whom work for others as being the mugs, forgetting that for all business owners they had to be qualified and competent to run a business. How many FL members pay tax or earn enough to pay tax I wonder.

    The reason you don’t see this side online is that for those whom have been suckered into it, shell out a fortune for seminars about personal growth and not giving your power away to negative people ie people critical of forever living are to embarrassed to say they were fools.

    The only sign of Forever living after their realisation of it being a cult is the spare room filled with Aleo Vera products!!

    Businesses are run as such, they are not for everyone and if you have to constantly sheiks your employees from taking on anything critical whilst charging them for apparent self growth in the forever living family then there is something wrong.

    Steer clear of it, your friends and family will thank you for it. Put the money into training or an established business at doing something you are good at.

  70. guys £200 is a bargain. You are getting access to a very cheap franchise.
    everything that blocks your success is deeply rooted in your mind.
    good luck trying to find a reliable franchise model for less than £200.
    That said you DO need an excellent trainer. Not all are alike!

  71. Ive noticed multiple comments on this thread saying that people they know are selling fl products under the guise of medical products saying that they cure certain ailments- this is against company policy and that representitive can actually be penalisee for doing so. Fl products may help certain people with certian problems but they must be sold as healthy living/ beauty products as opposed to making medical claims as that is unethical and once again against company policy!

  72. Just stumbled across this page whilst googling information on forever living. My Neighbour has been trying to get me to join for a few months and she seems so happy and passionate about the business. I’m just so on the fence right now with it all. Time is my biggest issue as I feel you need to put in quite a few hours over a week to reap any benefits.

    I have worked in sales for the last ten years but in a completely different sector so sales isn’t something new. I am also building my own website, my first one that I hope to have up and running by the end of the week, so I thought with my sales and a new website this could all work together in order to start up a Flp business, yet I can’t quite get myself to make the jump.

    Also 200 is a lot of money, yet you have to be in it to win it. Anyone who has read up to this point can read my confusion but I am very thankful I have read all the above comments..

    Thank you

  73. I have just attended a session last night and honestly, I want to try the product for my Mom to get the benefits that was being said there. To me how would you know if you will not try. But I only want to buy the products in a fair price and not to be in the business as I am not good in selling and convincing people. But seems the price is already been marked up so high in order to compensate those people who are hooked up in the business.

  74. What I find particularly sad when reading the majority of these comments is that the way people are encouraged to sell or recruit others detracts from the good quality products themselves. I have used the fl hand and face wash for the past two years because I had terrible problems with the skin on my hands cracking and bleeding. However, the regular use of the hand wash has erased this problem completely. My son also had a similar problem with his hands. His skin in between his fingers would crack and weep causing him considerable discomfort. I purchased some of the hand and face soap for him to use and it has cleared the condition. He has been using it for over 18 months now and says that although the product isn’t cheap, it is worth every penny to him. You only need to use a small amount and generally the product lasts about 3 months. The hand and face soap is also very good for the skin on your face. My skin feels so soft and looks good. My mother uses the topical aloe vera gel for any aches and pains and says that is definitely gives her pain relief. She has now started applying it to a varicose vein so we’ll see what happens to that in due course. So, whilst debating about the actual way this company runs things, I just wanted to share with you the positive outcomes of actually using some of these products.

    1. I agree with you on the products Judy, however, based on my personal experience and others as well, it seems that the products does not benefit everyone. Some will find the product beneficial while the others don’t. I am glad it works for your family.

      In terms of being involved in the company, I would say that if you join the company for the use of the products thats good enough. I would suggest that unless you are passionate about the product and you are good at selling it, you should not join Forever Living as a distributor.

      Thanks for sharing this!

      ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

  75. Angela Langdon says:

    I have just been in contact with Forever Living and the cost to start to get the books and products is £199.00

  76. I am so happy I found this thread and thank you for helping me confirm my overall decision to decline joining forever living which until yesterday 24/11/2015 I never heard of

    Last night I was invited to a business meeting hosted by the overall rep this was done through the go to meeting app we all tuned in and listened saw like a pay point screen shown how good the overal business turnover was what we can make if we put effort in etc

    But in all of that presentation I was lost when the rep stated we had to buy a package which contained products and information which cost £199.78 something like that well nearly £200 the whole thing was based on us using the product ourselves and in using the product we become sellers indirectly based on product overall benefits eg family commenting on our appearance due to product benefits etc

    I personally do not think I have the skills to sell to new customers find them etc but the moment I am asked to part with my own money to start I instantly start to think no.

    What I got from this meeting was to join you need to go back to the person who told you and the sign you up this straight away screamed pyramid despite the efforts to state it was not.

    Now the person who invented me is a friend who brought the package mentioned earlier and was invited by someone who was invited by the overall host

    I am now trying to be convinced to attend a home gathering to try the products because most meeting attendees alarms rang at the mention of money so we have been told we can borrow and return the persons who invited us products to get an idea of what it does to us before we purchase

    How I see it yes forever living may have very good products but aloe Vera is everywhere not to mention you have big stores like Holland and barrats for completely natural products and they are cheaper despite being expensive in comparison to other high street shops and if anything it makes sense to buy the plant

    That is how I am seeing this as both a consumer and a seller I think if you’re great a selling and drawing people this is good for you but if not avoid and as a buyer I think it’s expensive and if I’m approach bro buy theses wonderful products I would instantly compare with what I am already familiar with

    So I appreciate every single comment made and will be declining the product testing meeting this coming weekend as I have no intention of parting with my money

    1. I feel it is like some sort of cult. A friend of mine signed up for this a year or so ago. I joined to help her out (she paid my £200 joining fee!!!) and I have seen her personality change. She is so driven recruit others and has been totally ‘brainwashed’ at the events. The techniques used to brainwash the distributors is all about repeat hype so they start to believe the hype. She sees no-one as a person anymore, everyone is a business prospect because instead of having to sell 4 case credits of their overpriced products they can introduce 2 people and each person is 2 case credits hence the massive recruitment drive.
      The name Forever really makes me laugh as that’s exactly what it’s about, it goes on forever or you have wasted the time in the business. She says she can leave it to hers sons in her will but if they don.’the continue the 4 case credits then her time is also wasted. So yes she can pass the so called business on but they have to continue in the brainwashing and selling or they lose the lot as would she if she got ill and couldn’t continue with it all. How is that looking after the people who built the business. This is where I think it could be classed as a scam as it basically goes that continue as you’ve been doing ‘forever’ or lose what you built, including anything coming from the downlink of the MLM part of things. So basically the distributer would have been completely used by the Company.
      Why anyone would build this business is beyond me. If you have the time to put into this business for goodness start your own business because it would really be your own and you dictate the way you run it and not some rip off like FLP.
      Yes their own currency is case credits and why…..because they can change the value as and when they fee like it!!!

  77. My experience of FL have not been a good one. the product is very good but I have had a bad experience recently in Watford when i ordered £45 worth of supplies and as soon as the seller got my money she stopped communicating with me and i had yo chase her for my products. She was not interested in me or my need for my ordered cream. She knew i had just hsd an operation on my hand and needed the gel. 3 weeks later and I still have not received one of my creams. Before she took my money she was very interested in me and helping me heal from my operation. I later discover that this was all pretend just to sell. This is what FL does and it has put me off the product. The people who sell have no ethics and just want the money and will lie just to get you to buy the products. I say stay away from FL unless you are willing to sell your soul and tell lots of fibs !

  78. The big question is if the Forever Living business opportunity is a scam. I feel we need to separate the product from the business. The actual product seems pretty good but their efficacy is hard to judge. I’ll leave for someone else to do
    I do have major reservations about the forever living approach to selling. You should ask yourself these two questions before joining them.
    1 Is money and making money your God?
    2 Are you to totally prepared submerge yourself and your individuality in order to make money?
    If you can honestly say yes to both questions then read no further, otherwise, read on.
    Forever living pride themselves on their ethical approach. Believe me their approach to selling is far from ethical. I signed up to the Forever Living group some time ago. I was interested in making some money and helping people. But I made it clear to my “supervisor” that I’m an individual and would do things my way.
    But as I got further into things I really didn’t like what I found.
    Making money is God for this group and the people within it. They will sell their products for whatever illness or disability exists. I have seen advisors saying that they can treat MS, relieve cancer, treat diabetes etc etc. It’s all there on their Facebook pages. No matter what illness one has the forever living group will have some potion for it. They will never turn away a potential customer. For every potential customer is a potential recruit and every recruit makes more money for the recruiter. The more you recruit the more you make. That simple. People inexorably get sucked into the whole obsessive process.
    Once someone buys from a member then they too will become a target for recruitment. Every single customer is targeted and an attempt will be made to recruit them. They will promise anything to recruit. Why? Because every single person recruited brings extra money in for the recruiter.
    Forever living is a pyramid selling business. They have to say it isn’t because in many countries pyramid selling is illegal. There is nothing sophisticated in their approach. Basically the more you sell and recruit then the further up the ladder you get. They conveniently have propaganda( literature )attempting to show why they aren’t a pyramid.
    They have pompous job titles like supervisor and manager etc. This is all nonsense and part of their seduction technique.
    If a member fails to sell them your supervisor will forget about you. Why? Because you aren’t making them extra money.
    Yes some people make at lot of money. But to do so you have to completely immerse yourself in the group. You will have to recruit your friends and family. They are especially keen on getting members to recruit their partners thus strengthening their hold on them.
    Their approach is insidious and based entirely on our weaknesses. They are very clever how they word their literature so as to avoid any investigations. But they expect total loyalty to their approach and will not allow any deviation from their methodology.
    The aloe Vera product is almost incidental in the forever living approach. It’s simply the means to make money.
    Recruits will be expected to watch mindless live video streams of so called product launches and team meetings etc. These are nothing more than propaganda based video streams about how good the product is and how much money you can make. I gave up watching them as they were so boring with every single person saying exactly the same thing. Money money money.
    Successful Members ( those who make the most money )will be invited to massive conventions in large arenas around the world. I watched one is complete disbelief as the audience went wild every time money and profit was mentioned. It made me feel quite ill to see so many people obsessed by making money.
    I don’t see anything illegal in their approach. I found it to be immoral and left much to be desired. I found their ethical assertions to be farcical as they indoctrinate the most pliable into completely accepting everything they are fed day after day.
    I believe that over 90% of recruits drop out. The collective do not want anyone who won’t make them money.
    When I signed up there were things that I wasn’t told about. For example, recruits have to pay for everything. You even have to pay forever living for your order forms. This was appalling.
    Do I regret joining them? Absolutely not. It’s been a massive learning Experience. I confirmed to myself that money is not a God for me. I confirmed my ethics and morals by being appalled at the way they sell and their “cure all” products.
    To be honest I found most of it to be completely laughable. They even have their own currency. Poor things. Is their desire for money and control that overwhelming?
    The forever living approach creates a massive need within the individual to work non stop.
    Their approach is seductive. Thankfully over 90% drop out. I feel that many will find the whole approach to be somewhat dubious. This is pleasing for me as it means that not everyone has making money at any cost as their primary goal in life.
    We all have a right to choose. We all have the right to be individuals. But once one is seduced by the forever living primary ethic then one must be prepared to sacrifice these thing and so much more. And what is their primary ethic? Make as much money as you can. Every sale makes the recruiter more money. And so it goes on within the pyramid.
    I refused to get involved in any selling but kept watching forever living fun and games for many months. My partner and I had a really good laugh at some of their antics. But we were also quite appalled at some of their practices. That is our right as free thinking
    Is Forever living a scam? I would say not. A tiny minority of those who sign up do make money in large amounts. But for me the price one has to pay for this is your soul, freedom to choose and individuality.
    I will never sell my soul and what I believe in simply to make money. There’s is more to life than that. Believe me!!

  79. I’ve just got back from flp seminar,my friend invited me to,here in Ireland.
    As I’m curious person I went browsing and found this forum.
    It is very interesting what people have to say about it and as Jack mentioned you have to be good at selling.
    Tell you the truth, I’m thinking about it. But first I have to try this product before I can even consider to sell it onwards to the others.
    As Denise mentioned they are ways of starting this without getting yourself into any debt.
    I just have one question I forgot to asked at seminar. Is there any bare minimum for placing an order?


    1. Hi Veron,

      There is a minimum. You may purchase the cheapest product they have, but I truely believe if you want to make a success with the business, purchasing only the minimum will not be enough, you need to purchase lots of samples for people to try. This was what I was told.

      Hope this helps!

      ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

  80. Sounds interesting. I believe flp is good for a good marketer and I love their products too ..

  81. Denise Brett says:

    Hi, I tried the C9 when my friend told me about it in May. I lost 16lbs. Felt great, full of energy and had no more aches and pains or acid reflux! I Was impressed. I have a successful business as a Psychoanalyst and was not looking for a business opportunity. But I decided the products were so good it was worth trying to see if it is possible to make money, have fun & not annoy anyone! So far it is working well! I’m having fun and my health is improving. I’ve just done another C9 and lost an additions 12lbs!
    In answer to those who say they lost money ; you pay an amount approx €380 in Ireland to get your starter kit which is full of products you can use and or sell. You also get an online shop, administrative support from head office, free training, support and can trade-in 158 countries worldwide. If you don’t like the business you can get a refund within 60 days. Whoever signs you in is obligated to tell you this. If you’re not ready for the starter pack and just want to get a discount you can sign in at the 15% level if spending over €70, it varies slightly from country to country. What other business offers you all this for so little? It really is a no brained. You can also choose how hard you want to work based on how much you want to earn. It is not about harrasing friends & family as that’s a sure way to fail! It’s an opportunity, it’s not for everyone but it’s there if you want it. Oh and the company reward every level of achievement. My manager is just back from an all expenses paid trip to Cancel! Chose your upline well, chose someone motivated and supportive with a good team. I’ve a great team and we are having fun and going places 🙂 if you’re willing to work very hard and learn this is a great opportunity!

  82. I’ve had a terrible experience with a ‘friend’ taking me through their presentation.

    The policy appears to be to ask friends & family to listen to your presentation in order to support you, so that you can gain experience & achieve points or something.

    But in reality the ‘presentation’ is a hard-sell to try & get you interested in signing up as a distributor. That’s grossly dishonest to start with.

    I am disabled & my daily/weekly activities are greatly restricted by my condition, particularly in the last five years.

    So I became very sad & upset by the end of the presentation as it reminded me of all the things I’d love to be doing but cannot physically do.

    At which point the presenter had to go & I’ve heard nothing since, except receiving another link to watch some more sales pitches (Sorry, stories & presentations sounds so much nicer, don’t you think? Dishonest but more pleasant on the ear).

    As a vulnerable person I feel emotionally used & abused by my friend & by the aggressive marketing techniques they use.

    And no follow-up to see if I’m ok. People can become very depressed or suicidal when struggling with limitations of their health.

    This has totally put me off ever buying their products again as I cannot be the first or the last person to be manipulated & abused in this way to try to achieve unrealistic targets.

    To my mind, it’s totally irresponsible & coercive to be aggressively selling to people who are not looking for or cannot even benefit from such a ‘business opportunity’.

    Best regards

  83. Having read to about half-way down, I feel I must correct you on one VERY important poit. There IS an initial outlay to join this MLM – either £100, £200 or £300 depending on what level of business you want to start out with. So, if you are considering joining this scheme, it is like any gamble in life – only commit to what you can afford to lose. And, as you are desperate enough to be looking at any MLM, I would hazard a guess that even £100 would be too much to lose.

  84. Hi Jack

    My wife has started with FL and loves it, yes you have to purchase products but then use these products as demonstration that they actually work. in addition we are trying them out as a family because she needs to have faith in what she is selling. So far very impressed with the stuff that I’ve personally tried and actually feel so much better, just started the Clean9 programme and lost half a stone after the first two days of a 9 day programme so I’m over the moon. Until I tried it I would have agreed with most of the previous posts being somewhat sceptical by nature and please believe me when I say that this isn’t a sales pitch, just thought I’d add my bit as I was skipping through FLP reviews out of interest!

    1. Hi Dave,

      Glad that the products works for you and I hope you will create a successful business with FL. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and experience, really appreciate it. FL products didn’t work for me and my mum. We have been using it for quite some time but still feel the same. Well I believe the products work for some but not all.

      In terms of creating a business out of FL, I would feel that it is possible but you will need to follow a great leader. Knowing the products work well doesn’t guarantee your success with the Company, you need a great leader to nuture you into a great salesperson. If you are not comfortable being a salesperson, I would suggest to avoid the FL opportunity or rather MLM companies in general. Try Affiliate Marketing instead.

      Thanks again for sharing your experience Dave!

      ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

  85. jkihars@yahoo.com says:

    Success in marketing is not for everyone. Most ppl are wired to give excuses not result n that’s why many fail. Few are happy coz they don’t have time for excuses.

  86. I have used Nectar Berry & Pomesteen of Forever Living products over 2 years . Yes i feel the diff 🙂 My dysmenorhoea has settled in 2 weeks after starting drink this. At the 1st place i didn’t plan to do this bussiness. But with the result, i am really happy to share with family & friends. FLP is easy when you willing to learn the beauty of this product. I put my trust in FLP. Sharing is caring.

    1. Btw, FLP membership is not free 🙂 In Malaysia, we only need to pay RM80 for membership and get 1 free aloe vera gel for free(worth RM90), plus it is a lifetime membership. Worth. They will repeat their order when they finds FLP suits them. Same experience with me. Let the products talk. Dont chase them.

      E c a

      1. Of course, you have to purchase a product to join the membership. If not they will have legal proceedings linking them to a pyramid scheme. Totally agree with you, let the product speak for itself. But, from my experience, I still find the products are highly priced and I still feel the same after using it. You may have different experience.

        I do like the lifetime membership after the initial purchase. There is no pressure to stay active as a distributor. If your intention is to be successful in MLM, I would say that Forever Living should be your starting point.

        ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

    2. I am glad the products of Forever Living works for you! 🙂

      ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

  87. Hi there! Interesting comments on flp.i did start this, but personally think, no matter how you dress it up, its a scam, you DO have the buy in to start, because if you try the other way the products are WAY to expensive, you are bullied into ‘of you dont work hard you wont make anything’ which-once youre in, actually means try and get as much money out of your friends and family. You HAVE to lie to people to really make any money from this, because you only start to make money if you’re constantly selling to a certain level, BUT if you recruite people, you get a percentage pf what they sell. So what i mean is you have to say to people ‘forever is fantastic, im making SO much money, look at my wonderful life (even though youve made feck all cos you need THEM to buy in before youll make money) granted, once youve lied and cajoled friends and family into buying the overpriced products or even better buying into the business, you WILL make some money, but can you sleep at night?!

  88. Sorry for the dodgy spelling, it’s dark in here and i can’t be bothered to put a light on !!

  89. Hello .. you said it’s free membership so no money is lost when a person decides it isn’t for them, and leaves the company? Why have they just charged me £200 to join them? My sponsor has only done this a month or so longer than i have and all she has done so far is bombard me with invites to meetings, and asking me constantly on Facebook if ‘ you’re free to meet up for a coffee’, and asking me to attend silly ‘Sizzle’ meetings. She;s tried making me sit and watch HOURS of youtube videos of other women telling us ‘their story nd how their journey began’, and as i told her, after watching some of the videos, i feel like they are just bragging about how great their lives are, and for that, she called me a negative person. I was under the impression that was a self emplyment opportunity when i do what i want, when i want to and where…. i don’t appreciate her or anyone else demanding i go here and there because it’s part of my training…..training? to sell skin care to people with dodgy skin? Yea, alright then. Here in the UK, we must gain 4 case credits to bump us up the pyramid to supervisor, manager, etc etc , and we are not allowed to place an order for under £50. Someone i know has just ordered £27 on 2 items, and because that’s all i have, i myself have had no choice but to buy something to make up the 50 pound just so i can put the order in for her, with an added extra of £7 for postage and packing which I have to pay for.. to me, that isn’t fair. i have no job equaling no salary as it is.. my husband keeps me and our 3 kids on his measly one wage. I thought FL would be a great way to earn extra money to help him with the bills but its turned out cosing me, well, him, money everytime i put an order in. Today i put that order in and it is my last order, I’m not doing it anymore, because its impossible to sell over £900 worth of stuff just to gain my 4 case credits, whis is what’s needed for the company to pay me a bonus at the end of the month. They say they aren’t a pyramid scheme, but they are.. whoever signs you up, your sponsor, and whatever you sell, your sponsor gets paid extra from the company from YOUR sales, and when you sign someone up and they sell something, you and YOUR sponsor will get that bonus because of their sales. you have to build a team to make money, but here in the UK, to get someone to sign up, they each must pay that £200, and in this day and age, nobody’s got that. So my 200 quid is well and truly wasted. ive learned my lesson, no more pyramid schemes for me.

    1. Exwes Gold says:

      Hello Jules,

      I believe you are not honest when you say, “they have just charged me $200 to join them”

      Since the first time I heard of forever living in 2007, it has always been free to join.

      Perhaps the reason your sponsor invites you for coffee is because she is trying to help you. Like when you get into a new job, the first two weeks to a month are spent on training.

      It is just the same but many people (like you) join forever living ( and other companies) without understanding it.

      You sound very negative as if you were forced to join. I know for a fact a sponsor can even help you with stock(it’s allowed) when you are building your business. My sponsor used to do that for me until I started making money.

    2. Hello there my lovely,

      I just wanted to have my say, I saw that someone accused you of being dishonest about the £200 joining fee and I wanted to back you up.

      I have also been charged £199 to join forever living.

      Must be a new policy…….

      1. Hi Nikita,
        You haven’t been charged $199 to join Forever Living you selected how you wanted to join and how much it was going to cost you for products.
        It costs nothing, zero, zip, nil to join Forever Living.
        How do I know? I’ve been a Forever Business Owner for 5 years

    3. The £200 is for the trial box with all the products to trial ,it’s not a joining fee. I’m a firm believer that you get out of life what you put in .my wife is selling forever living products she was signed up by a close friend who has been doing it for 6 months and is already at a supervisory status and both are doing well. Like I said you get out what you put in and with this product you have to put in the initial graft to reap the rewards later .I hope you do well in this or any future venture

  90. My partner joined the company last year and has reached manager level already! Nearly 20 people on her team, which isn’t that much! Making nearly €2000 a month! Not bad for someone in it a short time! Onwards and upwards!! Definitely not a scam!

    1. Hi Will,

      As I have mentioned, Forever Living is not a scam. However, not everyone is suitable for this business. I am glad that your partner is successful with Forever Living.

      ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

  91. Thank you for this article Jack, I have just terminated my ownership with FLP. I started my summer semester in college and I know I would not put much effort in it that it’ll take to see progress. I plan to look into the affiliate program on my down time.

    1. Hi! I’m currently in the same situation and I also have started working a new job. Could you tell me how you terminated your membership with selling FLP? I know for sure that I will not have time to sell the products, plus my grades are my top priority.

  92. best on your review of the forever living products, I concur with your finding that it is a scheme. many everyday people or scammed out of billions of dollars every year. glad the laws are changing to put these folks away for a long time. scammers never see the other side of their crime or they really just do not care. based on your review, you do and please keep posting material to avoid such schemes.

    1. Well to be honest, Forever Living is one of the more legitimate MLM companies. Not exactly a scam, but many people fail in the business.

  93. Hey Jack,
    This was very interesting. I have heard about MLM marketing before but i always avoided them ( still do ). My personal opinion is that these types of programs will ultimately fail. It is like you said, You have to have tenacity and a certain intestinal fortitude to stomach all the rejections you will have to face in order to make just one sale. Sales is a tough business, especially if you think of it as “sales” Promoting I think is a better mindset to put yourself in. Also there is one important aspect you forgot to mention, You have to really believe in what you are promoting. If you don’t believe it , they won’t believe you. What is in your heart shows through to whatever you say and do. I also chose affiliate marketing as my career online. It is very important to believe you are helping your audience to make the right choice.

    1. Great comment polly! Thanks! Thanks for highlighting the point that I have missed out. Glad you are in the affiliate marketing line. Wish you all the best!

      ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

    2. Nenneitah-miles says:

      You have to be your best customer, the products are excellent , it’s a legitimage business with earning potential with any self employed business to have to work hard at it and follow the marketing plan . It’s all about recommendation . I am a business owner with forever , it’s financial freedom, time for family , building a legacy for retirement and family and living the lifestyle you want.

  94. Hello Jack – this is a great article! I have never heard of Forever Living, but you could put any name on this and you would have the same – HerbaLife, Avon, Melalucca, Shaklee, and a hundred other MLM’s, all are pretty much the same as you have so perfectly described here.
    I have tried these things too – and like you – failed. I’m just not a pushy salesman and having to try and recruit friends and family members has left me with PTSD!
    I’m sure you’ve done a great service to anyone wanting to hook up with Forever Living, although it does sound like one of the more reasonable MLM’s since you don’t have to stock your house with their product and there is no cost to join.
    Nice job!

    1. I and my family are a product of forever living.
      We all have conquered health challenges we suffered prior
      to starting this business. Forever is not a get rich quick scheme.
      Its for people who are honest, hardworking and dedicated not just
      to their success, but to the success of others.
      I am glad it’s working for millions of people around the globe.
      Giving us Robust health and time and financial freedom. Through
      our commitment and dedication.

  95. As soon as I see the initials ‘MLM’ I get cold shivers up my spine – not for me but a successful business model for some! Great article, I’d never heard of Forever Living products before.

    1. Hi Chris,

      Yup, it is lucrative for some people. MLM is not for everyone. It is not for people who are not ready or not willing to be a sales person.

      ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

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