Is JIFU Travel a Scam? – Why Most Affiliates Aren’t Making Money

So, someone has already invited you to join Jifu Travel, and now you’re wondering whether JIFU Travel is a scam or an excellent business opportunity.

I’d hate to waste your time, so let me cut to the chase.

JIFU Travel isn’t a scam. But, is it true that you can make a lot of money with it?

The fact is, it won’t be as easy as many affiliates claimed. We’ll discuss more about this below.

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What is Jifu Travel?

JIFU Travel (jifu.com) is an MLM company in the travel niche like World Ventures and Paycation

It is founded by Jeffrey Boyle and Bradley Boyle in 2018.

The word “jifu” is a Chinese verb that literally translates to “a good time.”

Much like the two MLM travel companies above, JIFU Travel sells affordable travel packages that can be very appealing to those who love to travel a lot.

Instead of the standard retail prices of trips that you can find in Expedia or Priceline, JIFU Travel offers marked-down and discounted packages.

JIFU Travel can offer such sweet deals because according to them, they get access to hotels, condos, excursions, activities, cruises, rental cars and etc at prices way below retail from partner travel providers.

And instead of marking up for profits, they offer discounted travel prices as perks to their members in exchange for membership  and monthly fees.


For entrepreneurs, you can make money with JIFU Travel by becoming an affiliate and selling JIFU Travel packages to other people. 

And because JIFU Travel is an MLM company, you can also earn commissions whenever you recruit someone to join the company. This is where it all gets interesting.

Since JIFU Travel is very similar to World Ventures, it might be considered a pyramid scheme and was shut down in other parts of the world.

JIFU Travel Affiliates earn money through recruitment and is one of the reasons why other people think JIFU Travel is a scam, a pyramid scheme. But is it?

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Is JIFU a Pyramid Scheme?

The FTC made a clear distinction between a legitimate multi-level marketing business opportunity to that of an illegal pyramiding scheme.

Pyramid schemes only reward its members whenever they can recruit new people. There are no real products to offer. 

Examples of these are the Global Dream Network30 Day Success FormulaClub Cash Fund, and 8 Figure Dream Lifestyle.

These companies will only pay you whenever you recruit someone.

In JIFU Travel, however, one can make money by selling trip packages to other people.

Affiliates of JIFU Travel will get an exclusive discount, and they can earn profits whenever other people book JIFU Travel trips.

So when it comes to legitimacy, JIFU Travel seems to check all the boxes.

When Does JIFU Travel Become A Pyramid Scheme

It will be hard to make a sustainable income as a JIFU Travel Affiliate without recruitment. Such is the cold-hard truth of multi-level marketing.

So it is not surprising that those who are making a lot of money and anyone who wishes to make real money with JIFU Travel will focus heavily on recruitment and building a large sales team.

As a result, JIFU Travel can be considered a pyramid scheme when an affiliate relies solely on recruitment to make money.

It is not unheard of for a legitimate MLM company to be branded a pyramid scheme because of the misconduct of its members.

Take AdvoCare, for example.

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Is JIFU Travel Worth It? – How Much Can You Save with JIFU Travel

According to the JIFU Travel website, you can save up to 75% when you book a trip at jifu.com compared to other booking sites.

Also, according to jifu.com, JIFU Travel offers an average of 33% up to 44% savings on hotels compared to the big-name websites.

Now, this is all good on paper. But in reality, this isn’t entirely true.

Maybe for someone who travels a lot and the deals match the location you frequently travel, it makes perfect sense. You can cover your membership fees with just a few trips.

But (1) for people who do not travel often or (2) to those which destinations aren’t offered by JIFU Travel, joining this company could be a waste of money.

Now, these are all my opinions and I would love to hear yours.

Is JIFU Travel a scam?  Why or why not?

Share your thoughts in the Comment Section below.

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JIFU Travel Good Experiences

JIFU Travel is a new travel MLM company, so there aren’t many JIFU Travel reviews on the Internet yet (October 2019).

But on TripAdvisor, there is a divided opinion from different people regarding JIFU Travel.

Naturally, there are those who sang praises for JIFU Travel.


Most of them cited that if you travel a lot, especially on international business purposes, becoming a JIFU Travel Member could help you save some serious bucks.


Do you agree with them? 

JIFU Travel Bad Experiences

On the other hand, these are the people who’re unhappy with JIFU Travel.


But their worry that JIFU Travel is a scam root from the fact that it is an MLM company. 

Some also claimed that the people saying good things about JIFU Travel are none other than JIFU Travel Affiliates themselves, hoping to convince and recruit people to join the company.


Do you think this is true? In your opinion, is JIFU Travel a scam? Would you book a trip with jifu.com?

Feel free to share your thoughts below.

For those of you that are keen to JIFU Travel, there are two ways you can join the company – As a Member and as a JIFU Travel Affiliate.

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How Much Does JIFU Travel Cost?

JIFU Travel Members will enjoy travel discounts and exclusive perks by paying a one-time fee of $50 and maintaining fee of $25/month

JIFU Travel Affiliates, one the other hand, one has to pay a one-time fee between $100 up to $1,000 depending on the starter pack that you choose.

There are four JIFU Travel Affiliate packages to choose from.

  1. JIFU Travel Silver Affiliate Pack – Costs $100 with a monthly membership fee of $30
  2. Gold Affiliate Pack – $400 and $40 per month.
  3. Platinum Affiliate Pack – $600 with a monthly membership cost of $80.
  4. Diamond Affiliate Pack – $1000 with a monthly membership fee of $120.

JIFU Travel Affiliates not only enjoys discounted trips but also can earn commissions whenever someone book a JIFU Travel package on their travel portal, or by recruiting new JIFU Travel Affiliates.

Each of the four JIFU Travel Affiliate packages entitles you to different perks and bonuses within the JIFU Travel compensation plan.

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JIFU Travel Compensation Plan

Like any typical MLM compensation plans, JIFU Travel Affiliates can earn money by direct selling and recruitment.

Direct Selling/Retailing with JIFU Travel

JIFU Travel offers something called a Buddy Pass.

This acts like a ticket that allows people to book trips in your Travel Portal (provided by JIFU Travel) at discounted rates – even if they aren’t members of the company.

But instead of getting 100% discounts, they will only enjoy 50%, and the other 50% will be paid to you as commissions.

Say one trip offers $100 savings for JIFU Members. The people you give a Buddy Pass to will only get a $50 discount, and the $50 will be paid to you in cash.

So every time people book a JIFU Travel package using your Travel Portal, you will earn money.

JIFU Travel Recruitment Commissions

As an active JIFU Affiliate (means you pay the monthly fee), you can earn 50% on your first level and 10% on the second level for all Member and Silver Affiliate Packages. 

Not only that, if you purchase or earn your way to Diamond Affiliate status, you can receive as much as $285 every time you sell a Diamond Affiliate Pack.

You will also earn matching bonuses down to 10 levels whenever your personally sponsored JIFU Travel Affiliates recruit new people to the company.

The more people you have in your sales team, the more money you can earn with JIFU Travel.

You can verify the information above with the actual JIFUTravel compensation plan.

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What I like about JIFU Travel?

Despite some people calling JIFU Travel a scam, I think this company has some merits.

The cost to become a JIFU Travel Member is low, and if you regularly travel, especially for business purposes, you might find it worth your while.

Also, as an Affiliate, you can make money while helping other people save money whenever they book trips using your Buddy Pass.

What I don’t like about JIFU Travel?

While there are good reasons why you should consider joining JIFU Travel, below are the things that I would like to point out before you invest your hard-earned money in yet another MLM company.

First, the cost to become a JIFU Travel Affiliate is costly compared to being just a Member. 

Sure, affiliates enjoy more perks, but still, paying up to $1,000 with a monthly fee of $120 is a little too much, especially for beginners.

It makes sense for JIFU Travel Affiliates to try and convince others to buy the $1,000 product because it makes them the money.

Affiliates can’t make much selling low-level membership.

But truth is, there are plenty of other business opportunities that don’t require much investment yet offers the same or even more income potential to JIFU Travel.

I will share one that taught me how to build a six-figure online business and has allowed me to leave my full-time job below.

Second, JIFU Travel is relatively new to the travel industry. There are plenty of other established and well-known travel MLM companies out there.

Not only travel MLM companies, but there are also many other options.

Chances are, people will most likely book trips from those sites because of their reputation and long track records.

Third, you might get involved in a pyramid scheme. WAIT!

I am not saying that JIFU Travel is a pyramid scheme. However, it is not uncommon for MLM distributors to perform unscrupulous practices to make money.

As a JIFU Travel Affiliate, make sure that your focus is on selling the JIFU Travel trips and packages and not recruitment. Because the latter will be how a pyramid scheme works according to the FTC.

Lastly, JIFU Travel is an MLM company, and more than 95% of people who join this industry end up not making any money at all.

Read the next section of this JIFU Travel review to find out why.

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Most People Don’t Make Money In MLM Like JIFU Travel – WHY?

Why most people aren’t making money with MLM isn’t a mystery anymore. These are some of the most common reasons as to why.

#1 Lack of Leads

The first challenge you have to overcome to make a lot of money with JIFU Travel is how to get endless leads and prospects.

As you may already know, not all people go on regular trips. And people who travel regularly might not find their preferred destinations in JIFU Travel.

If you take a look at the JIFU Travel compensation plan, it’s no secret that if you wish to earn a six-figure income, you must sell tons of travel packages or recruit hundreds of people.

Without a constant supply of leads, your hope of financial freedom with JIFU Travel is nothing but a pipe dream.

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#2 Lack of Skills

Network Marketing is simple, but it isn’t easy. Much like any other business, your success will depend on your hard work and skills.

Most people who join MLM are not adept salespersons. Much fewer are excellent in building and managing a sales team.

No wonder most of them don’t make money in the end because they don’t have the ability to do so.

So if you wish to make a lot of money with JIFU Travel, you must master the art of selling and recruitment.

#3 Wrong Mentality

Now, some join an MLM company like JIFU Travel because they think (or made to believe) that this is where they can make fast and easy money.

That is far from the truth!

No matter how your sponsor sugarcoats it, success in MLM requires hard work, determination, skills, and time.

JIFU Travel is not a Get-Rich-Quick scheme. Nothing is.

Is It Possible To Succeed with JIFU Travel

While the numbers are against your favor, it is possible to become financially free with an MLM company like JIFUTravel.

The top network marketers are able to make 6 figure monthly incomes (or more) with their MLM companies because they learn one important strategy.

How to get unlimited prospects to maximize their monthly product sales.

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Verdict – Should You Join JIFU Travel

For those who’re still wondering if JIFU Travel is a scam, I’m positive that it isn’t.

Nevertheless, JIFU Travel isn’t a business opportunity for everybody. The few people who’ve succeeded in MLM are those who are passionate about selling and recruiting people. 

Moreover, they have taken the time to hone their skills in network marketing. Are you that person? If not, don’t lose hope.

Selling And Recruitment Are Not Your Cup Of Tea? Here’s A Good Alternative

JIFU Travel Best Business Alternative

If you think JIFU is not the right business for you, you may want to check out this alternative.

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Until here, and I hope that you found this JIFU Travel review helpful.

If that’s the case, feel free to share this with the people you know so they too can make use of this information.

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