Global Dream Network is a Scam and Pyramid Scheme!

Global Dream Network appears to be a new multi-level marketing company based in South Africa. Many people in that area are saying good things about this company. That nothing is wrong about a “peer to peer” cash gifts.

Unfortunately, this is not entirely true!

Please refer to the images below.

Illigal Cash Gifting GDN

As you can see, this system used by most peer to peer gifting clubs like Global Dream Network is illegal.

It is how a pyramid scheme works and only the people at the top will benefit from this scheme. What’s worse is that you could face a jail time or pay a huge fine by joining and promoting this kind of companies!

GDN Illigal Cash Gifting Scheme

My heart goes out to all the members of GDN who are hoping this is a legit way to make money. For your reference, you can learn about the legalities of cash gifting by reading this article.

On this Global Dream Network review…

I will provide further proofs, like the ones I presented at the beginning of this article, as to why I believe Global Dream Network is a scam. GDN is not a legitimate MLM company but a pyramid scheme.

And for serious opportunity seekers, I will also share an alternative online business program where you can possibly earn a full-time income at home.

Global Dream Network Review Summary
Global Dream Network Scam Review

Name: Global Dream Network

Description: Global Dream Network presents itself as a legitimate multi-level marketing company based in South Africa. However, it is no more than a pyramid scheme that uses illegal cash gifting to fund its operation. There is no other way to earn money with Global Dream Network other than recruiting new people because this company has no products to sell. Getting involved with Global Dream Network could get you into a lot of legal issues and there is a risk that you would lose money instead of making some.


Before we proceed, allow me to say that my opinions might be different from yours.

So if at any point you want to share your thoughts about anything on this Global Dream Network review, feel free to do so in the Comment Section below.

So let’s continue.

What Is Global Dream Network

As I mentioned earlier, the Global Dream Network, aka GDN, is a new company that appears to be in the multi-level marketing (MLM) industry.

Global Dream Network Home Page

How new? On its official Facebook page, the company recently celebrated its fourth month last May of 2019.

GDN Facebook Page

I want to learn more about the company to clear the initial suspicions I have about it, so I did an extensive research about Global Dream Network.

On its official website, there is nothing you can find about the people behind GDN and where it is based.

However, I was able to find a lead that suggest Global Dream Network is based in Johannesburg Area, South Africa.

It also appears that the information on its Facebook page is accurate. The domain for Global Dream Network website is registered in January of 2019. So by the time I am writing this Global Dream Network review, the company is indeed on its fourth month.


As for the people behind this company, there is one name that keeps coming up on video presentations about GDN. Someone called Akim Sibande.

Global Dream Network Akim Sibande

Although I was not able to confirm whether Akim Sibande is the founder of Global Dream Network, it is clear that he has direct ties with the company.

Akim Sibande On GDN

Global Dream Network Products

I have watched four different video presentations by Akim about GDN but never did he mentioned any company product on any of them.

On each video, he spends at least 15 minutes in mind setting before he explains the company’s compensation plan. But not a single thing about any product nor any background info about the company.

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Is It Really Free To Join Global Dream Network

Global Dream Network insists that it is FREE to join into their system. However, they require a “donation” from you to activate your account.

No donation, no join.

Free To Join

The funny thing is not only that you need to deposit your donation into local bank accounts, but the company also set a specific amount of donation.

You must donate R350 (~$24) so you will become a member of Global Dream Network.

Registration Free To Join GDN

This is funny because the last time I checked…

A donation is a form of gift or charity. Donations are an act of kindness where you extend help to other people. You shouldn’t be forced to give a specific amount when you donate.

When you are required a specific amount of money for something, that is not a donation but a payment, a fee.

How Much Can You Earn With Global Dream Network

Okay, this is where things get really interesting and this is what led me to believe that Global Dream Network is a scam.

If you can recall, you will not get any products in exchange for your membership fee (donation) to GDN. No form of ROI whatsoever.

What you will get is access to your own Global Dream Network account that entitles you to recruit people into the company.

Your earnings will depend on how many people you can recruit to join under your organization.

Global Dream Network Compensation Plan

Global Dream Network uses a combination of different MLM compensation plans.

The R350 (~$24) you are going to pay when you join in Global Dream Network will go to your direct sponsor.

Once you become a member by paying the R350, you will have a chance to make that money back by recruiting two people under you.

Each person you recruit will pay you R350 so that you can earn R700 for your first level.

Global Dream Network Compensation Plan

If you want to qualify to earn for your second level, you will have to upgrade your membership status.

Account Upgrades

There are specific additional fees that you must pay to qualify to earn on the deeper levels of the Global Dream Network compensation plan.

The amount ranges from R600 (~$41) to R2,000 (~$137), and you must pay these upgrades so you can earn money up to your fourth generation of recruits.

For the second until the fourth level, Global Dream Network uses a Pass-up compensation plan.

If you manage to fill up your genealogy up to the fourth level, you will earn a total of R38,800 (~$2,650) from your R350 (~$24) initial investment.

However, this completes the entire compensation plan, and your income has reached its limit. So what if you still want to make money with Global Dream Network?

Maximum Accounts

For you to continue earning with Global Dream Network, you must create a brand new account after your fourth level is filled.

You will need to pay the R350 again and repeat the whole process once more, recruiting more people to fill up your genealogy to the fourth level.

Global Dream Network does not indicate how many accounts you can create. This could mean that if you have more money to invest, the more accounts you can register into the company – which by the way is another red flag.

This is probably what the company means with “maximum is unlimited.” Once you maxed out the four levels of one account, you can register new accounts to continue earning.

Account Limit

Good Things About Global Dream Network

I have nothing against MLM companies, but I cannot say any good thing about Global Dream Network because it is a scam, a pyramid scheme.

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Is Global Dream Network A Scam? – The Ugly Truth

As for the reasons why I think Global Dream Network is a scam, read the next sections below.

#1 Plethora Of Undisclosed Information

One thing that makes a company trustworthy and not “scammy” is public transparency.

For starters, GDN did not reveal the personalities behind the program. I also have to conduct my own research to find out what the R currency stands for.

It turns out that R is for ZAR or South African Rand.

The entire website could also use a lot of work. There are some misspelled words, and the sentences are incoherent that it is more confusing than informative.

Mispelled Words

Legitimate MLM companies does not make this kind of blunder.

#2 Dishonest Membership Requirement

Global Dream Network claims that it is free to join their system. This is false! You will need to pay roughly 24 USD to join. Members of GDN will argue that this is not a payment but a donation.

Again I will emphasize that donations do not require a fixed price. A donation is an act of kindness, like giving a gift.

When you are forced to give a certain amount rather than your free will, you are making a payment. You are paying the price and in this case, a membership fee.

Donations do not have to be even money at all. If it is true that you can join in Global Dream Network for free and all you need to do is donate…

Then you should be able to become a member by donating your old clothes, old books, and other things. That is how real donation works.

#3 Investment With No Products

I say investment because Global Dream Network insists that it is not a company, nor a business, nor a corporation.

Not An MLM

However, anyone who can read between the lines will realize that this a chain-recruitment program where you need to invest money hoping to make more money!

#4 A Pyramid Scheme!

Finally, if you’re still not convinced that Global Dream Network is a scam, the FTC thinks it is.

The FTC clearly states that when your income from an investment program relies on recruitment instead of product sales (which GDN has none), you are involved in a pyramid scheme.

Basically, you will earn money with Global Dream Network because people are paying membership fees to become part of the entire scheme. There are no selling of products in this company.

All your income will come from the new people at the bottom of the pyramid paying the R350 to join the program, hoping to make more money from other people below them.

Global Dream Network Scam

That’s true! Global Dream Network is all about recruitment!

GDN Recruitment Scheme

Right again! The only way you can earn money from GDN is if you recruit people to join the company and pay money to placed in a genealogy under you.

Should You Join Global Dream Network

i am in no place to tell you what to do with your time and your hard-earned money. But if you would hear me out, I would humbly advice you to stay away from this company.

Global Dream Network is a scam that uses a pyramid scheme business model.

Pyramid schemes are illegal, and severe consequences await anyone who will be caught taking part in its operation. No manga manga!

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My Humble Advice

I advice that you contact the authorities and verify the legality of Global Dream Network in your country.

My Advice For GDN

Base on the facts I shared on this article, Global Dream Network is a scam and you should stay away from it.

Once again, you can read this article about illegal cash gifting to better understand why.

Global Dream Network Alternative

If Global Dream Network turns out to be not the business opportunity that you are hoping for, then what now?

Well, I can recommend an alternative business program that is guaranteed legitimate and has already transformed the lives of many ordinary people like you.

This program will allow you to make money online without needing to recruit tons of people and getting involved in a pyramid scheme. If you do this right, you might be able to quit your 9-5 job anytime soon!

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And one more thing, whether you join an MLM company or start your own business, make sure that you are doing something that you are truly passionate about.

So regarding this matter, there is a signup for at the end of this article for a FREE online course that will teach you to turn your passion into profits.

Final Words

Thank you for taking the time to read this Global Dream Network review. I am hoping that you found the answers that you were looking for.

Feel free to share this article if you find it worthy.

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Meanwhile, if you have any relevant information as to why Global Dream Network is a scam (or not), feel free to drop a comment below.

Until here, and I wish you all the best in your future endeavors.

Your pal,


Global Dream Network Review Summary
Global Dream Network Scam Review

Name: Global Dream Network

Description: Global Dream Network presents itself as a legitimate multi-level marketing company based in South Africa. However, it is no more than a pyramid scheme that uses illegal cash gifting to fund its operation. There is no other way to earn money with Global Dream Network other than recruiting new people because this company has no products to sell. Getting involved with Global Dream Network could get you into a lot of legal issues and there is a risk that you would lose money instead of making some.


8 thoughts on “Global Dream Network is a Scam and Pyramid Scheme!”

  1. Thank you for such an informative article. The good thing about access to such information is that we all have a choice to make an “informed” decision of whether we go ahead and just ignore or heed to it . I’m not one to discourage investments, I actually encourage them. But once something seems too good to be true, it probably is. For me the red flag is getting money back without selling any product but just by recruiting others. If that’s the case, why do we need a company like GDN? Why not join together as family members or friends and do the same? You said it all well, the threat about your account being deleted if you do not donate is another red flag. Why R350 and not any amount since it’s a donation as you’ve rightly said? A lot of people will defend GDN in embarassment of how foolish they were to believe this was legit and not a pyramid scheme. I’m yet to read a defence that says why is it not a pyramid scheme. The last time I checked, what I’ve read and heard about GDN is a perfect example that even a 2 year-old would see. Maybe people are so eager to make quick money that they take the risk, even if they can see it’s a pyramid scheme and hope by the time it collapses they would have cashed in thousands. We have lost conscience as a human race and it is really sad. The person who created this GDN knows the vulnerability of people and uses that to his or her advantage and they are falling for it. Really really sad! Please do not be discouraged by the negative comments. Anyone who tries to open people’s eyes to the truth has been opposed since biblical times. It is expected. Some of us are still here to support your efforts. Thank you and good luck in your investment idea.

    • Hello Princess,

      Thank you for your kind words and for taking the time to read our Global Dream Network review. It is people like you who keeps us motivated at Bare Naked Scam to continue exposing the truth behind different business opportunities.

      Should you be interested, here’s a list of all the pyramid schemes we’ve reviewed so far. Hope it helps.


      ~Jay (BareNakedScam)

  2. Thank you for you wise advise please do expose this company
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    Bank Name: First National Bank
    Account Holder: Azanto Trading
    Account Number: 62769118219
    Branch Code : 250655
    Reference : YOUR ORDER NUMBER

    • Hi Mphumelelo,

      Thank you for reading this Global Dream Network review. By the way, what company are you asking me to expose again? Or you are talking about GDN.
      Have a good day!


      Jay (BareNakedScam)

  3. Man stop trying to bring this down clearly you dont know anything about gdn well its a pyramid but best thing is we dont pay money to a system and again this thing of saying fire your boss …it aint working its a phrase scammers use we dont have such

    • Hello No body,

      So base in your comment, you know that GDN is a pyramid scheme yet it is still fine for you as long as you are making money?

      Yes, you do not pay money to the system because you are paying it directly to your recruiter and your recruit will pay you money and so on. That is illegal.

      Well, I am sorry if my Global Dream Network review offends you nonetheless, it is the truth. I sincerely hope that you will learn more about illegal recruitment schemes and pyramiding schemes to protect yourself in the future.

      Remember, you may earn back the money that you lost but you cannot be certain to earn back the trust and respect of your recruits.

      May you find a legit business opportunity in the future that will be worth your time and investment.

      ~Jay (Team BareNakedScam Buster)

      PS. I know you are also “Tray” because you have exactly the same IP address so I decided not to publish the other comment.

  4. go back and do your research. i joined GDN and there was no joining fee. your goal was to sell your own product wealthy affiliate.

    • Hello David,

      Thank you for taking the time to read my Global Dream Network review.

      However, I must disagree about your comment that they have no joining fee.

      GDN completely declares on its website and video presentations. that you need to give R350 (approx 24USD) to your sponsor to become a member. If you do not deposit the R350, your application will be “deleted and blocked” from the system.

      Whether you call that R350 “donation”, “peer to peer” money gift or something else, the fact that you need to give money means it is not free to join GDN.

      Free = No payment/no donation/no money involved.

      On the other hand, Yes I am promoting Wealthy Affiliate but only as an alternative to people who are serious of making money online in a legitimate way so their effort, time and investments will not go to waste in the end.

      I wish you the best in your career.

      ~Jay (Team BareNakedScam Buster)

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