30 Day Success Formula Scam – Earn Money But…

The 30 Day Success Formula is a scam!

I dare say this not because you can’t earn money with this program but its HOW you make money that is the issue.

So in this review, I will discuss everything you need to know about the 30 Day Success Formula and why many people have fallen victim to this pyramid scheme.

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What is the 30 Day Success Formula?

The 30 Day Success Formula presents itself as a multi-level marketing business but is actually an illegal cash-gifting scheme.


Members of this program will gift money to each other. That isn’t exactly how a legitimate MLM company works.

I don’t know about you but I’d rather not invest my money on sketchy and unethical investment schemes, even if I do make money. But that’s just me.

The domain “30daysuccessformula.com” was registered privately in 2017.


This business opportunity is getting a lot of attention recently, but mainly because of the negative 30 Day Success Formula reviews you can find on the Internet.

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30 Day Success Formula Owner

On the website 30 Day Success Formula, the personalities behind this program aren’t revealed.

However, multiple sources, including the Better Business Bureau named a certain Simon Petrowski to be “the co-owner and director of this business.”


Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to find anything else about Petrowski. No image, no digital footprint, nada!

If you have any information about this person that you’d like to share to our readers, it will be much appreciated.

30 Day Success Formula Products

This company has no retailable products.

Do not be fooled with 30 Day Success Formula’s E-Learning section. This isn’t a real product that you can sell to earn profits, but an overpriced digital product about online marketing, lead generation, etc.

I know many similar yet better and more affordable courses than E-Learning. You can even learn the same education for free here!

And what makes this “product” interesting is that 30 Day Success Formula’s business operation is focused on offline and direct marketing.

The company sends physical sales letters to prospects telling them how they can earn easy money straight to their doorsteps.

The truth is, when you join 30 Day Success Formula, your income will come from recruitment and recruitment alone.

It is a major red flag because according to the FTC, this is the definition of a pyramid scheme.

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Can You Make Money with 30 Day Success Formula

Technically, you can make money with this program. Heck, you can even make tons of money.

How does the 30 Day Success Formula Work

30 Day Success Formula is a cash-only business. Cash is being sent in the mail, and it is only available to US residents.

But people from Canada can also join this program; granted they have a US address for cash transaction purposes.


To join the program, you need to send money directly to your sponsor via FedEx.


When you recruit someone to join this program, you make money.

When your direct recruit also recruits new people to join 30 Day Success Formula, you also earn money.

Don’t you think this is exactly how the pyramid scheme works? Do you believe 30 Day Success Formula is a scam?

Feel free to leave a comment below.

How Much Can You Earn

30 Day Success Formula offers seven different membership tiers to its members. Each level entitles you to earn different commissions.

Here are the cost of each tier and your potential earnings.

Level 1 (Gift $89 cash to your sponsor)

You can earn $30 on level 1 (personally recruited affiliates) and $20 on level 2 (personal recruits of your recruits).


30 Day Success Formula Level 2  (Gift $250)

You’ll get all the perks of Level 1, and you can receive $100 for each of your direct recruits and $50 on level 2 recruits.

Level 3 ($1,000)

You will earn $400 on level 1 and $200 on your level 2.

Level 4 (Gift $2,500 cash)

You will receive $1,000 for all your direct recruits (Lvl 1) and $400 (Lvl 2).

30 Day Success Formula Level 5 ($5,000)

Earn $2,000 on your level 1 and $500 on level 2 recruits.


Level 6 ($12,500)

Enjoy all perks of Level 5 and receive $6,000 on your direct recruits and $1,500 on level 2.

Level 7 (Gift $27,500 cash to your sponsor)

You get the perks and training of all the previous levels. You will also earn a whopping $10,000 from direct recruits and $5,000 from indirect sales.


On Level 7, you will have an option to purchase your online eCommerce store to advertise the 30 Day Success Formula; like Amazon or Shopify.

30 Day Success Formula; A Pay To Play System

With the 30 Day Success Formula, you only earn money at the Level you are currently enrolled in.


For example, when your recruit joins under you but purchased a higher tier membership than you, the commission for the higher Level goes to the next qualified person above you.

If you are a Level 2 member and your direct recruit purchase a Level 5 membership, you can only earn $100. The rest of the commissions is passed to the next Level 5 member above you.

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Is the 30 Day Success Formula a Scam

While the company offers products in exchange for your investment, I would still call 30 Day Success Formula a scam because of how you can earn money with the business.

The 30 Day Success Formula is a pyramid scheme and an illegal cash gifting scheme like Turbo Wealth Solution, Global Dream Network, and Club Cash Fund.

You cannot sell the digital products that are included in the membership packages. Therefore, when you can’t recruit someone, you will not earn money.

This is a textbook pyramid scheme according to the FTC.

Should You Join 30 Day Success Formula

I am in no place to tell you what to do with your time and your money.

However, I would not recommend this business opportunity to anyone because it is a pyramid scheme, period.

Yes, you can earn money but again, through an illegal and malicious manner. When the recruitment stops, so will be your income.

The poor people at the bottom, the newest members, cannot ever hope to make money with the 30 Day Success Formula.

But hey this is just my opinion. Do you think the 30 Day Success Formula is a scam too? Why or why not?

Share your thoughts in the Comment Section below.

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30 Day Success Formula Best Business Alternative

It is not my intention to ruin one business’s reputation to promote another. I merely present the facts to you and leave you to decide.

But if you realized at this point in this 30 Day Success Formula review that this isn’t the business that you’re looking for…

I can recommend an alternative if you’d hear me out.

My business recommendation won’t require you to recruit anyone to make money.

This program has already changed the lives of many ordinary people and allowed them to earn a full-time income at home!

There are even those who were able to earn a six-figure income that enabled them to quit their 9 – 5 jobs!

Read this real-life testimonial with proofs if this interests you.

Final Words

Thank you very much for taking the time to read Bare Naked Scam’s 30 Day Success Formula review.

I sure hope this has provided you will the necessary information you need why many people (including me) believe that the 30 Day Success Formula is a scam.

If you think this information is useful, kindly share this with the people you know.

That way, they too would be able to make a wise decision whether or not to invest in the 30 Day Success Formula.

On the other hand, if what you seek is to make money online with your skills, passion, and interest: I have something perfect for you.

At the end of this article is a signup form for a FREE online course that will teach you how to turn your passion into profits. (Yes, 100% free)

Until here and I wish you all the success in your future endeavors.



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