Is Ariix a Scam? – Good Branding Equals Overpriced Products!

When I was first introduced to Ariix, I immediately know that it is a Multi Level Marketing (MLM) Company because more than half of its founders were former leaders of USANA.

When the founders left USANA, they brought many top USANA distributors along with them, causing a huge crisis to the former company.

What is so special about Ariix that these top distributors are willing to give it all up with USANA and start again with Ariix?

Ariix Founders Were Mostly from USANAAriix Founders Were Mostly from USANA

Is it because of the products? The compensation plan? These are the things we are going to discuss in this Ariix review along with:

  • What you need to know about the Ariix Products;
  • Should you join Ariix as a representative;
  • Is Ariix a Scam or a pyramid scheme?

Name: Ariix

Founders: Fred Cooper, Mark Wilson, Jeff Yates, Riley Timmer, Deanna Latson, Harry Zhang, Ian Chandler 

Ariix Reviewed by Bare Naked ScamAriix Reviewed by Bare Naked Scam

Business Opportunity Rating:

Products Rating:



Why Ariix choses MLM?

When I was first introduced to this company, I immediately know that it is a Multi Level Marketing (MLM) Company because more than half of its founders were past leaders of Usana, another MLM in similar industry.

When I browsed the main website of the company, I was a little confused by the header “The Opportunity Company”. I thought MLM companies are not suppose to post itself as an opportunity? Many have claimed that Arixx is a pyramid scheme because of its high failure rate and such, but is it really a pyramid scheme? Let us first understand what is a pyramid scheme:

The purpose for a company to choose the Multi-Level Marketing channel is because it can reduce the cost in advertising, and to distribute its products in a private channel through the “Word of Mouth”. People from all walks of life are welcomed to try the products and join the company as a distributor, and as more people joins the company, that is how the company grows.

When assessing whether Ariix or a MLM company is a pyramid scheme, we have to consider many factors such as, the quality of the products, the way the “business opportunity” is presented to each prospect, the cost of the product, and the support system. I have went through tonnes of reviews and have personally experienced the sales talks, and I will share my findings with you in this article. If you personally have experience with the company, please feel free to share it at the bottom of this page, at the comments section.

I am no stranger to the MLM industry (I’ve been in the MLM industry since I was 18 and it is till I found success with Affiliate Marketing), and I am not a Ariix distributor, hence, I believe I am able to provide an independent and unbiased review of this Company so you could assess whether Ariix is worth your time and money.

Is Ariix a Scam? – The Truth

After going through many reviews and personally experiencing the sales presentation, I was convinced that Ariix is NOT a scam.

Ariix was founded in July 2011 and has quickly expanded to 12 countries. It has 6 product lines and each serves a different purpose, such as the following:

  1. Nutrifii – Health Supplements
  2. Slenderiiz – Weight Management
  3. Puritii – Water Purification
  4. Reviive – Body Care
  5. Prime – Essential Oils
  6. Jouve – Skin Care

Ariix has great products (though a little pricey), great leaders, good business system and a legitimate opportunity. Everything is well prepared for anybody to succeed, but the question is why do the majority of the people still fails in the Ariix Business?

Having a great business opportunity is one thing, but making it successful is a whole different story. Anyone who is interested in joining the Ariix business must be prepared to be a salesperson, if you do not like sales, or do not like to approach people, this is not the business for you, you may want to look at this opportunity instead.

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Why does Majority of the Ariix Distributors fail?

Let us first look at the income disclosure of Ariix:


The above is the 2014 income disclosure of Ariix and as you can see, the majority of the distributors falls under the category “Team Leads”, “Supervisors” and “Managers”. Distributors under the said categories do not make sustainable income:

  • “Manager” average monthly income: $1,055.58
  • “Supervisors” average monthly income: $579.92
  • “Team Leads” average monthly income: $244.00

To be honest, out of so many income disclosures I have seen in the MLM industry, Ariix’s shows one of the best results. I personally believe that it is due to the widespread training provided by the company which teaches its distributors how to find leads and prospect them.

Most MLM companies leave the training and support to its distributors and hence there are so many diversities in the experience for each of them. Ariix have done a great job in providing quality training and support to its distributors.

Tim Sales, a prominent figure in the network marketing industry, has joined Ariix and has done a great job developing the Ariix B.O.S. System with Robert G. Allen, who is most popularly known for his best selling books “The One Minute Millionaire” and “Multiple Streams of Income“.

You can see the extract of the B.O.S. System below:

So with all these training, support and coaching from the leaders of the Company, why is the failure rate still so high?

I can think of many reasons, but the main reason is the mindset of the distributor. Though the company makes the effort to provide quality training and support, it does not mean that every distributor will follow through with what they are supposed to do. Many distributors join the Company thinking that the products will sell for itself or his/her sponsor will take care of the selling for them.

If you have that mindset when you are in the business, you are bound to fail, and every new prospect whom you have brought into the business will fail as well because you will not be capable enough to lead your team.

Lots of work needs to be done in building a successful business, be it MLM or Affiliate Marketing or any other business opportunities. You can’t have the lazy or dependent mindset if you want to be successful. You can’t expect success to find you when you are no where to be found.

I also know that there are many hard-working distributors who have followed all the training and have put in their best effort to the business but still couldn’t find the success they are hoping for. Some of us, like myself, is just not cut out to be a salesperson, not matter how hard we try. If you fall into this category, I would suggest that you check out Affiliate Marketing because I, as a non-sales person, can find success in Affiliate Marketing, so I believe you can too.

You see, the Ariix Business Opportunity is not meant for everyone, or anyone to join. You really have to consider your own personality and suitability before you join the business. To be honest, if anyone were to ask me which  MLM company they should join, I would direct them to Ariix or Forever Living.

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The Compensation Plan – Activ8

It really depends on how team leaders or sponsors teach their downline to sell. When I was approached by one of the Ariix distributors, I was preached with the reasons why I need to purchase the Elite Package which cost well over $1,300 in order to succeed. Well, $1,300 is not a small sum for most of us, and it is not going to be easy to sell the Elite package.

I was turned off by that presentation because that distributor is only looking out for his own interest and not trying to understand my needs and wants.

When a distributor is only preaching about the business opportunity and do not understand what you need, you should avoid joining that team, because you will most likely be the person who will be doing the same thing.

The Activ8 Compensation Plan is great as it makes it easier for new joiners to make money, but it is inherently motivating its distributors to promote the most expensive products without a care of the needs and wants of the consumer.

How much does it cost to Join Ariix

To join Ariix and to earn money from its Activ8 compensation plan, you have to generate at least 150 points of Ariix products by either (i) purchasing the product for personal consumption or selling the products, or (ii) purchasing a pack. Each product has points linked to it. The cheapest starter pack is the Nutrifii Member Pack, which cost $217.95 and has 150 points tagged to it.

This does not mean that once you are active, you will stay active. You have to attain the 150 points every month in order to qualify for any commissions. So if you are not intending to sell the Ariix products, be prepared to pay a minimum of $217.95 for its products for consumption.

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My Sincere Advice to You

If you love the products and you can see yourself using it in the long term, you should join Ariix as a member to enjoy the discount. I guess you will be purchasing more than 150 points each month anyway.

If you are just into the business opportunity, and have no desire to use the product, I would advise that you stay away because you can’t promote a product if you haven’t used it.

The Ariix business is there for people who genuinely love to use the products, at least that is how I see it.

If you think that the Ariix business is not suitable for you, but you still want to find financial success, here’s an alternative way.

If you would like to discuss more on Ariix, please feel free to leave a comment below, and if you find my article useful, please feel free to share it with your friends and family by clicking on the social media buttons (Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus).

Your pal,


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  1. Luke Jones says:

    Really great article. I am a representative at ARIIX and just like you mentioned most most people fail. I know this is not the companies fault as I am successful in other MLM’s also where this is the same problem. Truth is, it takes hard work, consistency and dedication to get anywhere and most people quit after 1 month and are not cut out for MLM.

    I consider MLM an upgraded version of affiliate marketing, for example every customer I get is in my team and if they decide to sell I earn commissions. With affiliate marketing your are limited to 1-2 levels deep. (I also do affiliate marketing and glad you you found success with it).

    ARIIX pay 50cents of every dollar back to the reps in commissions and bonuses, awarded #1 compensation plan in the industry paying more than any other company. It’s not easy, but very lucrative if you have the determination and ability to learn and improve.

    PS. I built multiple MLM’s completely online, I also do the same strategy for affiliate marketing. One problem ARIIX addresses is saturation by having multiple brands in different sectors, company will never get stale with new products and brands added with future trends.

    1. Thanks for sharing your experience with Ariix Luke, and congrats on being the top 5% in the company.

      ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

  2. Orlando Marocs says:

    I’m in the UK and my wife was introduced this products (fairly expensive) via her Chinese friend and she try to use for herself. What my concern is if the products is good, why they do not sell them in the prime market? Any idea if the products them-self is good enough for the expensive price? They have claimed that Ariix has lots of awards, certificates, are they all real and valuable?

    Thank you


  3. You are partially correct, there are alternatives now for ARIIX
    If you love the products and you can see yourself using it in the long term, you should join Ariix as a member to enjoy the discount. I guess you will be purchasing more than 150 points each month anyway.

  4. Hi. I’m Oscar,
    Someone introduced me to the ATOMIC opportunity and I thought I could do this a real business.
    Honestly I gat no idea in MLM. If I join ARIIX it will be my first experience in the industry. And another issue is that “Do you really think ARIIX can work out in Africa?”

    1. Hi Oscar,

      Any kind of opportunity is workable if you have the following right:

      1. the Right Mindset (You have to be determine and self-motivated, and without a care facing rejections)
      2. the Right Mentor (In the Ariix business, you need a great mentor who is willing to coach you to be a great salesperson and to be successful)
      3. the Right Team (If your team teaches you all the good old marketing techniques of Network marketing, it will be really hard for you to succeed)

      The chance of success in Ariix is very slim, almost or more than 95% of its distributors failed in their business every year.

      I hope that does not happen to you.

      All the best to your success!

      ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

  5. Niko Hernandez says:

    Hello jack,
    My name is Niko Hernandez and I am a member of Ariix with the title of Vice President I’m fairly new to the company(5 month) but I do have to say that I enjoyed reading this posting. When I first joined I too had the same thoughts of it being a pyramid scheme but with the amount of success I’ve seen and the amount of training I got with the amazing support of my upline truly does prove this company’s potential. Although there a few things in here that are a little exaggerated such as..
    It’s only 75 points a month to stay active
    You can purchase or sell those points
    Or you can bring four members on board to your team and you’ll automatically be covered monthly.
    No one is required to put money into it put each package does have a higher pay out in the long run.
    These packages do t have to be purchased they can also be sold to get the benefits of each package
    But to be truly honest you don’t have to be good at sales in order to be apart of the company.
    I’m 20 years old with a back round of being in the navy and working at a sandwich shop. Neither of those have to do with sales. But the training that I would take the time to attend whether it was for product knowledge or speaking training or how to build my business that I took the time to do got me my success. So for anyone that is offered to work with a phenomenal company like this should definitely look into it.

    1. I am glad it worked out for you Niko. It is definitely the hard work and dedication that you put into it that you find success.

      Sales skill is to be nurtured and if you do not have a great upline, like yours, it is very hard for anyone to succeed.

      Thanks for sharing this!

      ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

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