Is Lifevantage a Scam? – The Shocking Truth is Revealed!!!

Lifevantage-mainName:  LifeVantage
Website:  www.lifevantage.com
Price: $299 to $1,200
Owners: Publicly Listed on NASDAQ

Income Opportunity rating: 2.5 / 5 Stars

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Well, I am sure you probably have read a lot of reviews of LifeVantage on the Internet, but the problem is, which review provides the most accurate information on LifeVantage?

What are your views after reading those reviews?

Please share your thoughts by leaving a comment at the bottom of this page, I’d love to hear it from you.

Personally, after doing an extensive research on LifeVantage, I believe that LifeVantage is an amazing company that provides great products (though they are a little expensive).

LifeVantage is the only company that focuses on reducing Oxidative stress on a human body.

Every Human being has Oxidative stress and it is inevitable, you may check out this video below that explains what Oxidative stress is:

LifeVantage uses the Protandim, a scientifically proven formula, to help reduce Oxidative stress in a human body.

To me, it is an amazing product and if everyone understands the benefits of Protandim, it will be an easy sell.

So, to answer the question as to whether LifeVantage is a scam, my straight answer is NO.

I am not sure why people are linking this company to a scam. I do believe that those people who claims this company is a scam are those who joined the LifeVantage as a distributor, but failed in the business.

LifeVantage is also the only Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) company that focus on your dog’s health.

Anyone who has a dog and wishes to improve its health will most likely be attracted to LifeVantage’s product “Canine Health”.


Just because LifeVantage is legitimate and the products are beneficial to anyone (including man’s best friend) doesn’t mean that you will become successful as a distributor.

In this review, I will be discussing mostly on the business opportunity because we already know that the LifeVantage products are beneficial.

I will also share with you why 95% of the people who join LifeVantage fails in the business, as well as all the things you need to know in order for you to make an informed decision.

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Before we go into details, lets take a look at the Compensation plan.

The Compensation Plan

The video explained very clearly on how you will be compensated, and to be honest, it does look attractive.

However, that means that you would have to invest $1,200 in order to receive the highest commission (in order not to leave any money on the table).

Paying $1,200 for the products and marketing materials doesn’t guarantee your success, you have to work your butts off for a chance to make a sustainable income with LifeVantage.

Why 94.51% of the LifeVantage Distributors fail?

Let us first look at the Earnings statement of LifeVantage:


Now let us analyze.

The most important column that we should look at is the “Monthly Avg” and the “Avg % Paid Distributors as a % of Total Distributors” – in short – “% Paid Distributors”.

Let us classify “Sustainable monthly income” to be $501 or more. If you add up the % Paid Distributors column starting from Pro 3 onwards, you will notice that only 5.49% of all the distributors earn a sustainable income from LifeVantage.

The remaining 94.51% of the distributor is barely making enough money to cover their initial investment. Why is that the case? LifeVantage products are supposed to be an easy sell, but why aren’t its distributors making any sales?

Reason #1: Too expensive…

Let’s be clear, in order to earn a sustainable income from LifeVantage, one cannot rely only on the commissions from product sales.

It is the bonuses from the compensation plan that allow a distributor to make good income.

As you have seen from the video above that the minimum you need to invest into the business is $300 to purchase the Freedom pack, may not seem a lot to you, but it may not be for others.

Normally, people who are seeking for opportunities do not have that kind of money to start with.

However, if you happen to meet a prospect who have the capability to join the opportunity, I guess you would push for your prospect to join the Platinum Pack ($1,200) right?

To be honest, even if it is for a person from the middle class, $1,200 would be a little steep. $1,200 would most likely be 40% of the person’s monthly income.

Just ask yourself, if I approach you today, and present this amazing LifeVantage business opportunity and ask for $1,200, would you say yes immediately?

Selling the LifeVantage product is easy, but selling a dream is a whole different story.

Reason #2: Not everyone is suited to be a Salesperson…

If you can’t sell for good, I would suggest that you do not join this opportunity. I guess you know that if you want to be a part of this business, you have to sell, sell and sell.

What’s more is that you need to know how to recruit, basically selling a dream. The fact that you are selling a dream would mean that you will face tonnes of rejection.

If you can’t handle rejection and can’t afford to lose any close friends or family members, you can’t be in this business.

If you think you are up to that challenge, then good for you, but if you are not, then I will suggest that you only be a customer of LifeVantage and take advantage of the benefits of its products.

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Reason #3: Joining the wrong team…

The right teamMost likely when you first join the company, you have no clue on how to sell the products.

You need a great team leader who has the time and patience to groom you into a great salesperson, and you need a good team to be there for you and support you. Without that, you will most likely fail.

I have seen many people joining the wrong team and fail in their business within the first year.

In order to prevent that from happening, you need to assess your sponsor and get to know the team a little bit more before jumping into the business opportunity. It is hard to switch teams after joining so you have to make the right decision.

Reason #4: Lack of Prospects…

This is a common problem for most distributors in the MLM industry as a whole, but lets focus on LifeVantage.

When you first join the company, depending on the team that you join, most likely you will be asked to list down a list of people whom you think will benefit from LifeVantage’s products and people who will be interested to join you as a distributor.

Thereafter, you will need to call everyone on that list to fix an appointment. Of course you can’t let your prospect know that you are going to sell a product or promote a dream to them, otherwise they will not even entertain your call. You have to be subtle and ask for a friendly meet up.

As you go through the list you have created, you will soon realize that not everyone in the list will want to meet up with you.

I would say that out of 100 people you call, maybe only 20 would be willing to meet up with you.

Out of that 20 people, based on LifeVantage’s products, I would say that 10 people (50%) would purchase the product. 3 of them will most likely be interested in the business opportunity, and only 1 will join you as a distributor.

After you have expanded your business, where else will you find new prospects? How will you be able to grow your business if your prospects are limited?

When this situation occurs, no one else can help you, and you have to depend on yourself.

Which is why almost 95% of the people who join LifeVantage fail.

My Sincere Advice to You

Although LifeVantage is a legit company, and its products are beneficial, we can conclude that the business opportunity is not suitable for everyone.

To be successful with LifeVantage, one has to have the tenacity, and perseverance to leap through hurdles over hurdles in order to find success.

If you are ready to be a part of LifeVantage, great for you, however, if feel that LifeVantage is not for you, but you are still trying to find a suitable home based business opportunity, I would highly suggest that you check out this program.

I am in the MLM industry as well as the online business opportunity industry for a long time, and I can identify a good opportunities right off the bat.

This program that I suggest to check out, in my opinion, is the best way to learn how to make money online.

I have personally benefited from the program as well as a , and I hope it will work for you too.

As always, I invite you to share your views on LifeVantage with me by leaving a comment below. If you find my article helpful, please feel free to share it with your friends and family by clicking on the social media buttons (Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus) below.

Your pal,



  1. What I don’t understand is why it takes so long to take effect. Because I am in my 50’s I was told I need to take the pills for at least 5 months to see any results so that means I have to pay $95 dollars a month for 5 months until I can feel or see any results? This is something that baffles me about their products…….

    1. I guess like anything in good in life we may need to wait. Like if you trying to lose weight, you need to be consistent with your dieting and exercising plan, and if you are an entrepreneur, you need to be consistent with your efforts in order to see things work. I think it is the same with any products. However, with LifeVantage, it doesn’t mean that even if you take the products for 5 months, it will work for you. There is a chance that you will not have a positive experience with the products. It’s a risk you have to take.

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts on LifeVantage!

      ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

  2. It’s pretty identical to being an illegal pyramid scheme and formal allegations against the company have already been made about it. It is not about whether the products are good or not, and that’s not my argument here because I don’t have one thing to say about that one way or the other, it’s that they make their distributors “buy in” to start which is part of why pyramid schemes are illegal. Secondly, it’s not about being a good salesman, but the company focusing on recruitment over actual sales is also characteristic of an illegal pyramid scheme. And no, before anyone asks, I never was a distributor nor will I ever take part in any “business opportunity” such as this.

    1. As a distributor for LifeVantage I can assure you I did not have to “buy into” the company. There is a world of difference between MLM and Pyramid Schemes. Pyramid Schemes offer nothing for your monetary investment.

      The business direction that LifeVantage took to go MLM instead of retail only was a very smart move. The complexity of their products and the science behind those products are not something a minimum wage worker at GNC could understand, much less express to someone else.

      In LifeVantage a person can choose to be a “preferred customer” (on monthly auto ship that can be easily cancelled or rescheduled), a “retail customer” (shipments only when you remember to order) or a “distributor”. Distributor kits include samples & marketing info for $50 or you can purchase lots of products (at a largely discounted rate) to use as samples or sell as retail products. Your investment is whatever you decide to be.

      Personally I did not join LifeVantage for the business aspect but quickly realized the potential for income because of my passion for the products and the 40 years of research that is the basis for the products.

  3. Q: After you have expanded your business, where else will you find new prospects? How will you be able to grow your business if your prospects are limited?

    A: Like any other mlm, to avoid running out of prospects you have many methods:

    Referral Marketing: By asking your customers and people who have said no to the business/products if there is anyone they know that would be interested. If you have treated your prospect or customer with respect this can go a long way to expanding your network.

    Timing: After getting a no from a prospect, ask them if they would be open to you following up with them in X months to let them know how your business is going. Once again if you have been respectful, most prospects don’t like telling you no twice. People will pay attention and if you don’t abuse your relationship by spamming them, they may find themselves looking for an opportunity in mlm.

    Building new relationships: Go out and live, meet new people and get to know them, if they are the kind of people who are open minded to learning about your business, then share your opportunity.

    Self improvement: Lean how to grow yourself as a person. Take the time to read, watch, and listen to successful people because “success leaves clues” -Tony Robbins

    Make your business about others: If you go into mlm thinking only about yourself and your needs; you will grow very little. Take the time to ask yourself: can my products and/or business help change others lives?

    If you have just started a mlm business or have found yourself not growing after starting I would recommend starting with the book: Your first year in network marketing by Mark and Rene Yarnell.

    I hope this comment reaches those who are needing it the most.


    1. Hey Mike,

      Thanks for this!

      What are the chances that “the people who have said no” refer you to their social network? I would say very slim. You suggestion on sourcing new clients are great, but wouldn’t you consider sourcing for prospects online?

      ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

  4. The easiest way to show that Protandim had some promise at reducing age related disease would be to conduct clinical trials on animals that have a very short life span, for example, rats and mice. This has not been done and for obvious reasons will never be done. Oxidative stress is an extremely complex subject which is not yet fully understood, reading clinical trials with a lot of scientifically sounding words and pretending you can relate that to efficacy on humans is achieving little more other than feeding your own ego.
    As all of the other comments here are pro Protandim I can assume these post will not be made public, but at least you know that I know it’s a scam.

      1. Joe Deasy says:

        @ Mahrokh,
        Do you have a link to something other than their marketing department’s press release?

        The NIH program is primarily focused on alzheimers disease. A search on their website does not provide the results of clinical trials. It does provide the following though:

        “Some sources claim that products such as coconut oil or dietary supplements such as Protandim® can cure or delay Alzheimer’s. However, there is no scientific evidence to support these claims.”


    1. Terry, of course these products have been tested on mice. Not sure where your “information” or made up “information” is from, but you’re wrong & spouting off about something you know nothing about. This company & it’s products are not scams. It’s unfortunate for you that you will likely never benefit from the use of these products as THOUSANDS have because you think it’s a scam. More Protandim for us then!

    2. Cornelia Keijser says:

      Our 14 year old German Shepard cannot fake it. She is on Petandim and it makes an awesome difference for her mobility. Agile and happy. Without Petandim her rear end becomes painful and she walks very carefully and slowly. Cornelia Keijser

  5. Amanda Schullian says:

    Great review! The videos reinforced your review very nicely as well. Thanks for the information.:)

  6. Chuck and Evelyn Larsen says:

    As you stated above, not everyone is able to sell anything. This sounds like a good opportunity if you are a born salesman, but I agree with you that it probably won’t work for the majority of the people who try it. Thank you for this information.

  7. Hi

    Thanks for this review. It is very informative.
    I’m sure this is a great product. But why does a great product have to rely on recruiting. Isn’t this just another MLM scam where the recruitment part is more important than the actually product.
    There is so many like this on Facebook selling products and trying to get their friends and family to join.
    Also the cost is very high for this one.
    I just feel there are better ways to make money.

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