Is Le-Vel Thrive a Scam? – 9 Essential Things To Know From A Former Customer

So, someone talked you into joining the company, and you are wondering is Le-Vel Thrive a Scam, is it a pyramid scheme, or is it a legitimate company. Kudos for doing your research!

Is Le-Vel Thrive a Scam

Well for starters, Le-Vel Thrive is NOT a scam as it sells products that helped many people, it offers a legitimate way for its customers to earn money by sharing the products.

But on the flip side, there are many complaints that the products didn’t work and has negatively impacted health, and hence the term “Le-Vel Thrive Scam” surfaced.

Most importantly, I have tried the products and I will share my experience in this Le-Vel Thrive review, as well as sharing my thoughts on its business opportunity.


  • Price to join opportunity: It’s FREE to join the company as a Brand Promoter. You just need to maintain 100 PV to be a Qualified and Active Promoter.
  • Pros: Le-Vel Thrive offers many weight management products, and it seems like a great business opportunity as there is a huge market in demand for effective weight loss solutions. A successful Brand Promoter can enjoy many rewards and bonuses that includes a dream car and luxury vacations.
  • Cons: Le-Vel Thrive products are expensive and may not work for everyone. The company receives many complaints about customer service, auto-ship, and many more, which makes your life as a Brand Promoter tough.
  • TLC Founders: Jason Camper & Paul Gravette
  • Verdict: There will be a three segments of people experiencing the products. One would feel that the products worked for them, one would feel there is no difference, and one would feel that the products negatively impacted them.

    To be successful with the business, you’ll need to find and recruit Brand Promoters from the first or second group of people which could be a challenging task if done the traditional way, word of mouth.

    To truly succeed in the business, you will need a way to find consistent leads and prospects into the business, and the only way to do so is by leveraging on the internet.

    Should you join Le-Vel Thrive? You should be asking yourself if the products work, because if it doesn’t, how would you convince others to believe you, right?



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1. What is Le-Vel Thrive?

Le-Vel Thrive is a legitimate Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) Company that promotes many health supplement products, and customers are offered a business opportunity to make money by promoting its products.

Similar to MLM companies like Isgenix, Total Life Changes, CorVive, Visalus, and many others in the health and weight loss industry, Le-Vel Thrive catches the attention of consumers who want to change their lifestyle to look and feel better about themselves.

The company was founded by Jason Camper and Paul Gravette in 2012 and claims to have over 10 million customers worldwide, $2 billion in product sales, and $1 billion worth of promoter commissions since it was founded.

But, it is weird where these “commissions” go to because majority of its brand promoters did not make a significant income from the business opportunity. We will discuss that in a while.

Anyway, Thrive Experience is Le-Vel Thrive flagship offering which is a health regimen consisting of its foundation products, the Thrive M, Thrive W, Thrive Mix, and Thrive DFT.

Le-Vel Thrive Experience

Thrive Experience currently offers a 60-Day Challenge which is designed to fill your nutritional gaps and deficiencies.

All you need to do is sign-up, take your genders specific dietary capsules, drink flavored mix, and apply any of their Derma Fusion Technology (DFT) patches to your skin.

Sure, you may lose weight after completing the “Thrive Experience”, but we are pretty sure the same results can be achieved even without the help of the Le-Vel Thrive products.

Worst, for a long term use, your body may constantly rely on the products to “fill” the nutritional gaps, and you may feel worse if you didn’t consume the products religiously. Just an opinion.

Let’s check out the products of the company.

2. What are Le-Vel Thrive Products?

Le-Vel Thrive offers 4 flagship products which are the Thrive M, Thrive W, Thrive Mix, and Thrive DFT.

Le-Vel Thrive M

Thrive M ($76): Dietary capsules specially formulated for men. It contains vitamins, minerals, plant extracts, antioxidants, enzymes, probiotics, and amino acids. Thrive M helps to support healthy joints, lean muscle, antioxidants, digestion, immunity, and ease general discomfort.

Le-Vel Thrive W

Thrive W ($76): A specially formulated Dietary capsule for women. It contains vitamins, minerals, and other natural ingredients to help manage weight, healthy joints, general discomfort, free radical damage, muscle support, digestion, and immunity

Le-Vel Thrive Premium Lifestyle Mix

Thrive Premium Lifestyle Mix ($56 – $58): Ultra micronized shake mix for enhanced nutrient absorption, lean muscle support, weight management, and fitness support. Comes in vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, and apple pie flavors.

Le-Vel Thrive Derma Fusion Technology (DFT)

Thrive DFT ($60): Patches use Derma Fusion Technology to encourage more nutrient bioavailability, absorption, and nutritional support. Thrive DRT is specially designed to help manage weight, appetite, and nutritional support.

The above are the Le-Vel Thrive core products. There are many other supplementary products that are said to bring greater results, and collectively, they are called “Thrive Plus”.

Instead of listing them here, if you are interested to check them out, you can click here (not affiliated).

There are people who swore that Le-Vel Thrive products have changed their life for the better, yet there are people who felt that they didn’t gain anything after trying the products.

Well, all I can say is that the products do not work for everyone. Period.

The ingredients used in the Le-Vel Thrive products will have different reactions to different body immune systems. You really have to try it yourself to know if it works.

3. My Experience With Le-Vel Thrive Products

My personal experience with the products wasn’t a good one.

I was given the direction to take 1 to 2 pills in the morning and drink the shake 40 minutes later and apply the patch.

It was a Sunday morning, I remember, and I’d taken the Thrive’s products according to the directions and went for a run.

Well, to be honest, I definitely felt energetic while running, and I felt that I could run non-stop for hours. However, after a while, I felt jittery and started to have migraine.

At first, I didn’t think that it had anything to do with Le-Vel Thrive products, but I was appalled when I saw the ingredients of the pill.

The pill contained high levels of stimulants (like caffeine), and though they are safe to consume, if not taken properly, they may have an adverse effect.

That explains why I felt jittery.

There is no guarantee that the products will have side effects in the long term, but studies say that a high level of stimulants consumed daily will have adverse effects on health.

This is my personal experience and I thought I needed to share this with you.

Though the product didn’t work for me, it doesn’t mean that it will not work for you too. You have to try it yourself to know.

Have you tried Le-vel Thrive products? How was your experience? Feel free to share it with us below.

4. How Much Does It Cost To Join As A Brand Promoter?

The good thing about the company is that it offers a FREE-to-join opportunity to be a Le-Vel Brand Promoter.

That is right! There is no need to purchase anything to become a Qualified & Active (Q&A) Promoter.

However, you will need to maintain a Q&A status.

To be Qualified, you need to purchase or sell at least 100 Personal Volume (PV) since your enrollment.

Personal Volume is the total accumulation of your personal orders or retail sales from your personal customers.

To be considered as an Active Promoter, you need to maintain at least 100 monthly PV of personal purchases or customer product orders.

5. Tough To Find Success With Le-Vel Thrive

Before we share the compensation plan with you, let us bring your attention to the reality of starting the business with the company.

The majority (~52%) of the company’s Brand Promoters buy products for personal use. These people receive discounts for their every purchase.

Meanwhile, some choose to be active Brand Promoters by sharing Le-Vel Thrive products on a part-time basis.

A smaller group of Brand Promoters build and grow a sales team to advance in ranks with the company.

Feel free to analyze the image above, but let us put our focus on the figures in the red box. We will not put our focus on the “Active” Brand Promoter because it includes customers who purchase products for personal consumption.

97.4% of the Brand Promoters who are building a sales team earned a dismal income.

RankTeam Building (% of Brand Promoters)Average Annual Income
Promoter75.6%$650 ($54 Monthly)
4K VIP15.1%$4,580 ($382 Monthly)
12K VIP6.7%$19,447 ($1,621 Monthly)

As compared to other MLM business opportunities, Le-Vel Thrive is considered one of the best performing companies.

Still, 90.7% of serious Brand Promoters earned less than $500 a month. 6.7% earned a good “side income”. Which makes a total of 97.4% of serious Brand Promoters NOT earning a life-changing income.

Success is tough to achieve with this company. Your achievement as a Brand Promoter depends on factors such as your effort, business experience, expertise, leadership, sales skill, market conditions, and personal goals.

Nonetheless, it is a good training ground for sales professionals.

Now, if you are good at sales, great! But, there is a fine line between being a great salesman and a sleazy salesman.

6. Beware of Medicinal and Financial Claims

Medicinal Claims

Le-Vel Thrive runs into trouble with the law due to several medicinal and financial claims made by its untrained (or unscrupulous) promoters on social media.

The Direct Selling Self-Regulatory Council (DSSRC) flanked the company due to strong claims made by some of its promoters.

The unsubstantial claims involved promoters stating that Thrive products can cure major diseases such as cancer, hypertension, depression, anxiety, and many more.

The DSSRC also warned the Le-Vel Thrive after they released a YouTube video when COVID-19 was wreaking havoc across the world, implying that Thrive boosts the immune system that combats COVID-19.

If you are in this business, you have got to check out the the FTC guidelines about promoting weight loss products and ads.

For your information:

So, if you hear any Brand Promoters making claims about the above, they are either untrained or they are downright unscrupulous.

Financial Claims

The company used to celebrate its top promoters who achieved the “Millionaire Award” by reaching $1,000,000 in commissions, and use it as a marketing campaign to promote its business opportunity.

However, those campaigns have been taken down to prevent unwanted dissemination and interpretations to a different audience.

So, if you still see or hear Brand Promoters claiming that you can become a millionaire with the company, feel free to correct that person because here’s the fact…

The American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) Foundation reported that:

  • 47% of Americans lose money after joining an MLM company
  • 27% make no money at all

This is inline with the findings from the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), as well as what we have discussed earlier about the difficulty of the business opportunity.

7. Is Le-Vel Thrive a Pyramid Scheme?

Although there are similarities between Multi-Level Marketing and pyramid scheme, there is a distinct difference which is the way money is made.

Pyramid schemes reward you based on the number of recruits you bring to the company, while a legitimate MM company rewards you on a sale of the products.

You can check out the following video to understand more.

So, is Le-Vel Thrive a scam? As I have said in the introduction, Le-Vel Thrive is not a pyramid scheme.

Becoming a Brand Promoter is FREE. Most importantly, the commissions are paid based on sales of Le-Vel Thrive products and not on the number of recruits. So, having many recruits does not always mean that you will get huge commissions.

Another good thing about the company is that the products are directly shipped to end customers. That means, a Brand Promoter will not be forced to purchase products and resell them.

The tell tale sign of a pyramid scheme is if there is a high entrance fee to the company, which in Le-Vel Thrive case, it is not.

8. Is Le-Vel Thrive a Scam?

Well, how do we define scam?

  • Le-Vel Thrive did not deliver the products after receiving money
  • The products didn’t work as advertised
  • Le-Vel Thrive Horror stories: Brand Promoter cheated money
  • The company refuse a refund
  • I tried so hard with the company but didn’t make any money
  • And many more

So, there are many sides to a story, and there is not one way to justify if Le-Vel Thrive is a scam.

Now, in terms of the product effectiveness, if you go to sitejabber.com, you will see that there is a well mix of positive and negative reviews on the company.

The negative reviews reveals that:

  • The products didn’t work
  • Adverse effect when consuming the products
  • Wrong order
  • Order sent, money charged even though the Auto-ship is off, and refuse to offer a refund

Unfortunately, unlike BBB, it is not easy for the company to reach out to the customer directly through sitejabber, so we can’t clearly see the remedy efforts made by the company.

The positive reviews reveals that:

  • The products are effective and life-changing
  • The company took extra efforts to satisfy customers due to wrong orders and undelivered packages

With such a mix of positive and negative reviews, we can see that the company did make the effort to resolve issues that can be solved, such as logistics issues.

But, the company could not satisfy every customer, and as for the effectiveness of the product, well, as we’ve mentioned, you’ve got to try it to know.

Now, I want to hit on the point “I’ve tried so hard with the company but did not make any money”.

Honestly, the business opportunity is difficult, as we have discussed earlier, and you can hardly get any credible knowledge from your uplines.

The ugly truth is that if you are only focused on promoting Le-Vel to your social circle (people you know), you will eventually run out of leads and prospects and you will be stuck.

A lot of people are still stuck in the “old ways” of doing network marketing. If you truly want success with network marketing in this day and age, you need to learn how to find high quality prospects online.

This increases your chance of success, but of course, nothing is guaranteed. It still depends on your commitment and how you execute what you’ve learned.

9. Le-Vel Thrive Compensation Plan

Note: Only join as a Brand Promoter if you have a positive experience with Le-Vel Thrive products, otherwise, how are you going to convince others that the products work, right?

Anyways, Le-Vel Thrive provides a number of options for you to make money and earn bonuses. Full Compensation Plan here.

Personal and Team Retail Sales

You can earn up to 20% on the Bonus Volume from your personal customers. You can also earn a commission on the customer web orders made by the Promoters down to 3 levels under your sponsorship tree.

Infinity Fast Start Bonus

Seems complicated? But, it is rather straightforward. Let me explain.

If you recruited Tim who bought a VIP package, Tim will be your level 1, and you would earn $140 (see the table above).

If Tim recruited Chris, and Chris bought only the Thrive Pack, Chris will be your level 2, and you would earn $10.

The Infinity Fast Start Bonus will be paid up to 4 levels deep. I hope this is easy for you to understand.

Infinity Fast Start Match

You will receive a 10% match on the Infinity Fast Start Commissions made by your level 1 recruits.

So, if Tim earned $2,000 in Infinity Fast Start Bonus, you would make 10% of the $2,000, which is $200.

There is no limit to the number of recruits in Level 1, so the more you Brand Promoters you personally recruit, the more potential bonuses you will make.

The condition is that you have to personally enroll at least 2 qualified and active Brand Promoters.

Fast Start Match Accelerator

If you have personally recruited at least 8 qualified and active Brand Promoters and you have achieved the rank of 4K VIP and above, you stand to earn 20% of the Infinity Fast Start Match, instead of 10%.

GO VIP Bonuses

GO VIP 800

In your first 14 days as a Brand Promoter, you stand to earn:

  • $400 VIP Bonus;
  • $100 Thrive Credit;
  • Fast Start Bonuses;

When you have:

  • 2 customers who subscribed for auto-ship;
  • 2 successfully enrolled Brand Promoters who bought packages worth of 800 QV each.

GP VIP 1600

In your first 14 days as a Brand Promoter, you stand to earn:

  • an additional $400 VIP Bonus, making it a total of $800;
  • $100 Thrive Credit;
  • Fast Start Bonuses;

When you have:

  • 4 customers who subscribed for auto-ship;
  • 4 successfully enrolled Brand Promoters who bought packages worth of 1600 QV each.

Uni-Level Team Commissions

Depending on your Rank, if you are a 4K VIP, and you have met the minimum requirement (see image above), you will earn 4% commissions from your downlines up to Level 5 of your organization.

12K VIP will be paid 4% commissions up to Level 6, and the ladder continues (see image above).

The only difference is when you achieve the rank of 200K VIP, your commission rate doubled from 4% to 8%.

Also, if you have personally sponsored 4 qualified and active Brand Promoters, you stand to earn 20% Team Commissions Matching Bonus (20% of what your downlines make).

If you personally enrolled 8 qualified and active Brand Promoters, your matching bonus rise from 20% to 40%.

VIP Auto Bonus

You can earn $800 monthly or $1,600 towards paying for an automobile. Full details here.

Requirements for earning $800 per month for automobile:

  • Must have 4 personally sponsored qualified and active Brand Promoter
  • At least 800PV (Personal Lifetime Volume)
  • Complete an Le-Vel auto agreement

Requirements for earning $1,600 per month for automobile:

  • Must achieve the rank of 40K VIP or greater with 8 personally sponsored qualified and active Brand Promoters, and 2 of those 8 promoters must be 12K VIP and above.
  • 12 personal customer autoships with a $100 QV minimum
  • Complete an Le-Vel auto agreement

Le-Vel Thrive Review: Verdict

Buying the Products

The viability of the products have not been proven, and you should always consult your doctor before consuming the products.

Different body react to the products differently and that’s why you could see 3 groups of people:

  • People who felt positively about the products;
  • People who didn’t feel a difference; and
  • People who experience negative/adverse effect from the products

Hence, just be extra careful when consuming the products.

Joining the Business Opportunity

Who doesn’t want to make a little more money, right? But, is Le-Vel Thrive Business opportunity the right vehicle for you to find success?

We can’t say for sure as there is no guarantee, but note that 90.7% of serious Brand Promoters earned less than $500 a month. 6.7% earned a good “side income”, about $1,621 per month.

The amount did not include business expenses, such as product purchase, gas money, and general expenses.

So, only about 2.6% of Brand Promoters make a “life-changing” income from Le-Vel Thrive.

If you ask for our opinion on how to be successful in business, we feel there are only two ways:

That’s how I earn a full-time income on the side. If you are interested, you can check this out.

Either way, I wish you success in your endeavors and do drop a comment below letting us know what you think about the Le-Vel business.

All the best!


  1. Basically thrive is all natural speed and has all of the negative side effects that illegal “uppers” have. It is addictive and very dangerous. The fact that it’s “all natural” doesn’t matter. There are many things in nature that if you consume them will act like speed. Sleep patterns change, heart rate increases, blood pressure increases and if continually taken over time or taken improperly, it can begin to change you as a person. You think differently, act more spontaneous, which for some people means they make bad, spure of the moment decisions and do and say things, they would never normally do or say. Ask Chris Watts what he thinks Thrive did to him just before he murdered his family.

  2. Reminds me of the Hebalife craze..over priced vitamins..eat right..healthy fresh food. Cut down on carbs,drink alot of water, and walk or excercise daily. You will lose weight. Sleep better and have increased energy ,which also builds self confidence and helps combat depression.. thanks for your post and honest review..when something sounds too good to be true..it is..?

  3. This is hilarious.

    This is an MLM (what pyramid schemes call themselves in order to he legal) which requires every promoter to post positive comments and ratings. Yet they still have a negative 3 rating.

    But if you’re into buying caffeine and substandard vitamins for a mere 5000% of their market value, this may be for you.

    This company amd it’s promoters are scum. It’s legal theft, that’s all it is.

  4. Hi Jack!

    I’ve been on the product daily for over 4 years and I really do love it. I have never missed a day. The biggest life changes I experienced is my sharpness and energy, plus I’ve never had to have another cup of coffee since day one – and let me tell you I couldn’t function without it before! I am not a fan of multi-level marketing gigs but I happen to be in one of the business line leaders who is super ethical and non pressure so you are right on that. I have zero people under me and I am a terrific salesperson, it’s my job. What I don’t like about the company (not product) is they are really behind on technology – ironic since they it’s only online.

    1. Thanks for sharing your experience Kitty! I’m glad that you are happy about the products.

      In terms of the technology, what do you think is lacking? I guess it is the part where it gets tough for members to run their business?

      Looking forward to your reply.

      ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

    2. Angel2Ashes says:

      Of course you haven’t had another cup of coffee! Guarana seed extract has OVER 2X’S MORE CAFFEINE THAN COFFEE! So uh … No wonder you don’t need/crave caffeine from coffee. 😀

  5. Not a scam and it does work! I am thriving for 2 months now and I am feeling so good with Thrive…, but anyone thriving NEEDS to drink lots of water as they always recommend. Also, some people have the results fast, others takes longer. That’s why it is called the 8 weeks Thrive experience. If you didn’t thrive for the whole 8 weeks, you didn’t give the chance for the full experience. Thrive is a life saver!

    1. Thanks for sharing your experience here Clivia! I’m glad to see someone with a positive experience.

      ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

  6. Rena Esther Gordonson says:

    Thanks for your post. I have a friend who is doing great on this so I tried it wanting it to work. I, too, woke up and followed directions. As the day went on my blood pressure went sky high – 176/107 – so dangerous. I could feel the pressure building in my body. I think that it was the guarana – because something similar happened to another friend of mine who took that supplement. This is definitely not for everyone but I do believe it works for some, although I’m wondering if there are any long-term studies of folks who are doing this program. Some of the ingredients in these products are not very healthy – like maltodextrin.
    Thanks again

    1. So it wasn’t only me who’ve experienced this. Haha! Thanks for letting me know and sharing your experience 🙂

      ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

  7. What A Laugh says:

    Just another MLM ripoff. Is there a single MLM company that doesn’t rip us off? They either sell substandard products for regular prices or regular quality products at grossly inflated prices. Thrive offers caffeine and synthetic vitamins (not from a real food source) and markets it as a weight loss remedy. How stupid can people possibly be? Can you not read the ingredients? Don’t you know that caffeine is terrible for you? Its a diuretic! It leaches water out of your body dehydrating you! It plays havoc with your nerves and emotions so you’re a monster before your caffeine “hit” in the morning. Do you need another addiction in your life? Really? Eat pure food, do cardio before breakfast drinking lots of room temperature PURE water in the morning and you’ll lose a pound a day no problem. Pure water is distilled, reverse osmosis or well filtered (Brita is cheap crap). Get serious and read about health. Real health. Natural health. For inspiration look at pictures from about 100 years ago when they first started using cameras a lot. You’ll notice something remarkable: An almost complete absence of overweight people in the streets. We didn’t use to be this fat. Middle aged people with a trim waist was typical. Now its about 3% of the population. We are whales and are dying early because of the strain it puts on our poor bodies. So get serious with your health and don’t expect a bloody patch to work wonders. Its just releasing garbage into your skin, caffeine being one of the main ingredients. And if you want to try those ingredients, buy those ingredients except not synthetic like Thrive, buy them as food, organic if possible. Then consume them raw.

    1. I have never considered this a weight loss program. I think it’s so weird that it can be promoted that way. I’ve been on 4 years and not a pound shed. I wonder who thinks it is

    2. That was AMAZING!! ? WOW!
      I enjoyed your information so much- about a million times more than any published article or anyone’s post! What are your Credentials? You sound brilliant, that’s for sure! Thank you so much for the great info- a Thrive Salesperson Wanted to call me an hour ago with this opportunity and I am so glad I looked into it before speaking to her. Thank you so much

  8. Lisa Snide says:

    I am a Thriver. They do not have a ‘diet plan’, the 3 steps are $150.00, not $300, they are not patches, they are dft stickers (dermal fusion technology) and auto ship can be paused so you’re not charged if you don’t want to be. You are correct, everyone has similar yet different benefits. You didn’t explain that it helps rid the body of toxins. I don’t ask anyone to buy anything. If they do, they do. It’s their choice. I’d pay the full $150.00 (that’s all the 3 steps are) because I am experiencing great results. Just because you get a migraine, you shoudnt have stopped. When you get a leg cramp, do you stop running forever, no. Same with Thrive by Le – Vel.

    1. Hey Lisa,

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts, and thanks for highlighting the price difference.

      I guess their price has changed since my last time I updated this review.

      Well, I consumed the products for a few days until I realize it wasn’t for me. Obviously, I wouldn’t keep taking the products if it has adverse effect on me.

      ~jACK (BareNakedScam)

    2. Dr Non Thriver says:

      Well, “it helps the body get rid of toxins” – I think you’ll find that anyone with a normal liver and kidney function doesn’t need any help for their body to get rid of toxins. It’s already doing it, every single day. Bodies are amazing things, they have an ability to get rid of toxins built in and they do it very effectively.

      What does concern me is the addition of some ingredients that will absolutely interact with prescription medications. 5HTP is something that interferes with anti-depressant medication and shouldn’t be mixed with it.

      Also “dermal fusion technology” is a made up name by Le-Vel. That “technology” is used in medication patches (hormone replacement patches and pain relief patches) and has been for years – this isn’t some new revolutionary thing.

      Even at $150 a month for a bunch of stickers its well overpriced; like most MLM products. They buy the product cheap, slap on a bunch of money to cover commissions etc and the rest to line the pockets of the founders. If you eat a well balanced diet you’ll be getting all the RDA you need of vitamins.

    3. I’m a chemist and you are being dishonest. A DFT sticker is just a fancy name for a patch. Every bit of your programs has been tested and found to contain nothing but caffeine (multiple forms of it in fact) and vitamins (usually synthetic) in such small amounts there is no point in using them.

  9. Schilar boedeker says:

    And something no one seemed to mention, even in your article is yes the prices are high, but we are the only company that if you get two people to Thrive with you, your product is free. I strive to get you your product for free, I don’t want to sell a product it’s not about that for me it’s about sharing a product.

    1. Hey Schilar,

      Unfortunately, “your” company is not the only one on the market that does that.

      Technically, this is a marketing strategy that most MLM company uses, there’s nothing new. Anyway, I’ve removed your “Sales Link”.

      Thank you!
      ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

  10. Schilar boedeker says:

    I’d just like to say that yes you can loose weight through Level Thrive but you can also gain weight and get the best shape possible, I lost weight that I didn’t need to loose because I’m skinny but as soon as thrive help me get rid of unnecessary fat I worked out and it all got replaced with muscle in turn I was in the BEST shape and gained weight, I understand you got a migraine but that will only happen if you don’t drink tons of water, water is the key to not feeling the effects of the Detox Because you will detox, it’s up to you if you want the side effects of that detox. All in all Thrive has given me a better perspective on how great I can actually feel day to day.
    Love, Schilar

    1. Hey Schilar,

      My weight was 205 pounds (93kg) a few weeks ago, and now I weigh 185 pounds (84kg), all without the help of Thrive.

      After diving into this industry and trying to figure out how to lose weight I stumbled upon some facts that companies don’t wish to share.

      You don’t need any kind of products to lose weight, you don’t need to do vigorous exercise to lose weight as well.

      Try googling “intermediate fasting”. That;s exactly how I lost weight. It is a simple process to detox naturally as well. You don’t need any products to do so.

      I think I am dropping a bomb shell on many weight loss companies here.

      Hope this helps if you are looking to lose weight.

      ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

  11. 1. Le-Vel is NOT BBB accredited
    2. None of the products are FRA approved
    3. No clinical trials or scientific research has been shown to prove ANY of the bogus claims on their products.
    4. NO nutritionist, dietician, athletic trainer or reputable cpt has EVER endorsed this company.
    5. Herbalife got busted, SO CAN Le-Vel!

  12. Theresa Crews says:

    Hi Jack! I will preface this by letting you know that I am a promoter for Le-Vel, but I think you might find my experience interesting. I tried Thrive 3 times, incorrectly, before I worked with my promoter to do it right. Even then, it took 11 days, and some tweaking, to get the right combination for me to have the full effect. As you stated, everyone’s body and metabolism, are different. These 3 steps, while simple, can require some altering to get the right combination for each individual. Your body will almost definitely go through a detox when starting these products. Water intake is key! It took me a little longer than most to feel the results. I completely stand behind the ingredients in these products. If you would like more information on the true ingredients (not what you’re finding on Google) I would be happy to help you get it. (Sidenote: while I am a promoter for Le-vel, I use any and all commissions I receive to help others get their product. I am not in it for the money, but rather to help people feel amazing. )

    1. Hi Theresa,

      Thanks for sharing your side of the story!

      ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

  13. Hey Jack, very informative.I’m currently using the product and it hasn’t really done much for me yet! I will admit I have a lot more energy but as far as weight loss nothing has changed.

    1. Thanks for sharing this Angel!

      ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

  14. Christine says:

    Not at all impressed with this product or how the ‘promoters’ handle their sales approach. They are not interested in YOU but themselves. For 180 a month I didn’t get a 30 days worth but a 15 day worth. “So just drink half the shake a day” Really?? It’s a joke, but some people can pull off scams at any expense. ..even their own jobs. Thumbs down on the whole product line !

    1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts Christine!

      ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

  15. Suzie Murray says:

    Hi there, I stumbled upon this article whilst actually Googling about a plus thrive prod that’s just arrived at my house called Expand.
    Just thought I’d add my thoughts ….
    I’m fully aware of the difficulty in people committing to trying the Thrive Experience its not cheap and the trial isn’t enough for some but it was for me, oh yeah…and promoting it wasn’t my thing I most definitely don’t work Level, but hand on heart I will say this. As a customer, I have been using the 3 steps since Sept 2017 and it has completely changed how I feel and many of my health issues have improved. Ok so I am not saying it’s Thrive as I can’t prove it, but all I know is I suffered with fatique, depression and stress prior to trying Thrive, and had time awy for work as I was prety poorly at one point. I was also plagued with IBS and tummy issues, resulting in scans, food intolerance tests and various blood tests, and I adjusted my diet and popped pills everyday with my food but I still suffered. I have also suffered with chronic epicondilitis (tennis elbow) for the last 3 years, that a one point about 11 months ago almost required surgery it was sooo awful.
    Anyhows in a nut shell..all my ailments have pretty much subsided or gone. The elbow is fine and I’m off my daily anti-inflams and brace is off woo!! My stomach just doesn’t bother me anymore. Every day I ballooned, had pains, gripe and scratched like billio for some reason?…and took antispasmodics with meals , a probiotic and digestive enzymes….now I no longer take any off these and believe the shake must be calming my bowel and tummy probs due to the probiotics / digestive enzymes present in it. Not sure about the elbow but I think there is some plant based ingreds in the DFT patches aimed at helping with join health. All I know is that so many issues have cleared up while I’ve been doing Thrive. My mood is heaps better. In fact it’s sickening how happy and positive I feel now and take no more meds for that! Yep off another 2 tablets I had for that side of things and feel brilliant mentally and physically. I can’t fault it really, give it time and I believe it works. It such premium nutrition that it kinda fixes you up or something. It has made me feel like a new person, true story!
    Some my think is it the placebo effect? No I don’t think so as I feel the difference every day and that it without doubt works for me anyway. Every day is a breeze now I’m a morning person I train and work full time, I’m a single mum of too and run a house, and I’m still smiling before bed. I know I probably sound like I’m part of a cult but I couldn’t be without my 3 steps every day and I pay that daft price as it bloody works . Thanks for reading. Suzie M England

    1. Hey Suzie,

      Thanks so much for sharing your experience here. It is definitely helpful to people who are on the fence about the product.

      The products are a little expensive, but as long as it works on you, I am sure you wouldn’t mind paying extra for it.

      So, anyone who is on the fence, I would advise that you try the product for at least a month and see if it works for you.

      If it works, great! But if it doesn’t, you have no obligations to continue with the product.

      Thanks again for your side of the story Suzie! Much appreciated.

      ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

    2. This is cut and paste from the thrive website lol

  16. I was so excited about Thrive without even trying it and I signed up to sell it. I tried it and loved it! I got numerous rejections and even had troubles getting people to try their free 4 day sample which cost me $30.00 US dollars plus shipping per person! They would receive the sample and most would take a month to try it as they were too busy to pop two pills in the morning have a drink and slap on a patch! Then after they took the sample 99% of them said they felt absolutely nothing and weren’t interested! I then started now t feeling the energy, stopped losing weight and got a burning sensation in my arms and legs. Plus my blood pressure was extremely high! I phoned my doctor and he looked over the ingredients and said it’s full of stimulants and to get off of it right away! So I stopped taking it and felt like crap and slept for 4 days! All due to the withdrawal symptoms of me not filling up on stimulants! I willno longer sell this product and I think anyone taking it could be setting themselves up for long term health concerns!

    1. Thanks for sharing your side of the story Shelley.

      Its unfortunate that you are experiencing such negative impact to your health.

      ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

  17. ⒈ autoship is not a requirement. Having it on at purchase generates a discount. But that can be turned off as soon as the purchase is made with no negative ramifications.
    2. The product has very little caffeine in it. Much less than an average cup of coffee. Nor does it have aspirin in it. It has white Willow bark which is not aspirin.
    3. You lump thrive in with Herbalife. Herbalife requires the people at the lowest levels to spend hundreds of dollars to stay active. Whereas would Thrive products you don’t need to spend any money to stay active you just need to have customers. Nor do you earn free products with Herbalife like you do with thrive. Essentially meaning you can get all your own product for free even with minimal effort.
    4. The rest of what you say doesn’t really bother comment. Except I would say that your Jitters you got on the first day was probably from detoxification which happens a number two not drinking enough water at the very beginning is something else that can cause that.

    From my own personal experience I have not felt this good at 36 years old since I have since I was 18. And I was a chronic coffee and caffeine consumer with energy drinks and now I go take any of that stuff.

  18. Hey everyone, I actually had success sending my returns to the company’s other mailing address which I found online at:

    6542 Gerrard Street
    Frisco, TX

    Hope this helps those trying to get refunds.

  19. If you have any issues, you should just reach out to the founder and CEO directly at;

    Jason Camper
    6542 Gerrard Street
    Frisco, TX 75034

    [email protected]

  20. Kary Kruger says:

    As a former top 200K leader in this company who recently resigned because of philosophical differences, my personal and professional advice is to stay far, far away from Le-Vel.com. Unless you are okay with hype, poor customer service, a Boys’ Club culture, zero science or patents (promised nearly 3 years ago), missed deadlines for country expansions, and a willy nilly, make it up as they go compliance department. Thumbs down if you are looking for a legacy company.

  21. Simon Camper says:

    You guys should read the volumes of links and research that was done in this comments of this article: Clearly this stuff is suspect. They outsourced product development and manufacturing and they are just sending you a crap product that has aspirin and caffeine in it to make you feel good.

    Go to the more recent comments at this link. There are tons of resources. Jason Camper (founder) has been accused of being a fraudster before, he has drug abuse problems before and has been accused of stealing credit card info before. Just google his name and the word “fraud” and see what you come up with yourself.


  22. I am not a promoter, but I am currently using the products. I suffer from an autoimmune disorder which leaves me on many days, lethargic and in pain. I sought out someone who was already using it. As you know, no product such as this work for any two people the same way. If it doesn’t help you, simple, don’t use it. For me, it has made a huge difference in my life. No one told me it would help me lose weight, in fact I was told that it would be slow if that happened. All I’ve heard from the people who I know to be promoters-because they had success-is what it’s done for them. When you struggle with arthritis or other autoimmune issues, you will search high and low for something to make your life “liveable”. Has it “cured” me? No, but it is helping tremendously. I would rather spend $150 for nutritional products than spend that same $150 for copays for toxic medications. My choice. I’m pleased thus far.

  23. Hi Jack,

    Very interesting read . I am a promoter for thrive but only after having success with the products itself . Sounds like what you went thru was kind of a detox in your system. Often times , I tell people to not put on their dft until day 2 and to only take half the shake and not full. You should try the new thrive for kids with no caffeine in it. Adults can also take it. Also, doesn’t sound like you really gave it enough time to work in your system .. A very thoughtful review . I did not experience the full thrive and what it had to offer until day 4. It’s changed my life and I am very grateful for it .

    1. Ellen Keogh says:

      Omg @Kari ,
      Thrive for kids?? Are u serious? Anyone who would force this
      un-researched so called “health promoter” on children is more than negligent. This should be illegal , and yes I said forced bc a child doesn’t go online with their credit card&search for “health&weightloss programs” to buy themselves any kid taking this is doing so at the hands of their parent the same way we make kids eat their veggies they don’t want to but we make them try for their own good. I can’t believe someone would be dumb enough to try this crap themselves but hey if you’re over 18 it’s on u. A child taking this is being forced &that crosses a line for me.if I saw a kid out in public with these patches on I’d have to restrain myself from going over&pulling them off while giving the negligent parent a good going over. No kid needs this , this is disgusting I would see it as nothing more than a thrive reps gross attempt at advertisement at the risk of their own child’s health. Whatever happened to feeding your kids wholesome nutritious foods &giving them plenty of outdoor activity? No paediatric professional would recommend this for any reason (unless they themselves are part of this MLM). Please do not do this to your kids.

  24. Andre Kish says:

    Hi Jack. Le-vel sounds very expensive if you’re starting up a new business from home. I doubt many will be successful as most MLM systems need constant feeding with new members/subscribers, etc. The trouble is that so many scams are being carried out right now!

    I’ve now got a much better understanding of what Le-vel is all about, so thank you for this helpful info. I’m always alarmed by schemes that offer things you consume as every-one is different and it’s impossible to guarantee the safety of anyone.

    If it’s of any interest, a recent BBC documentary carried out by a real life practising medical doctor noticed that not eating for 1 day a week helps improve the immune system and re-invigorate other regenerative aspects of the human cells. Not eating for a short while doesn’t hurt the body just the mind that lives in it.

    It’s probably safer to work from home and keep off of the pills.

    All the very best and thanks again for this info – You’ve directed me away from Le-vel which may be for the best in my case.


    1. You are most welcome Andre, and thanks for the extra knowledge you have shared here!

      ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

  25. Hi Jack, I had never heard of Le-vel Thrive, and I am so glad you did a post on it! It reminds me of the Herbalife days when I used to sell it! It also is a MLM, but you don’t realize it until you go to a conference, then it is almost cult like! I know you want people to make their own decision about this product, and I have, a big NO THANK YOU! How long has Le-vel Thrive been in business? Great review, thank you!
    With Kind Regards,

    1. Hi Linda,

      Le-vel Thrive is relatively new and there is a lot of hype on this company. Just like you have mentioned, it is almost like Herbalife. There are so many MLM companies out there claiming that their products are unique but the benefits for each of them seem similar to me.

      ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

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