Is Jeunesse Global a Scam? – The Truth behind the Hype!

You can earn tons of money, they say…

And, you don’t really need to work very hard for it, they say…

These are the messages that some Jeunesse Global’s distributors are sending out to the world.

Jeunesse Global Scam ReviewJeunesse Global Scam Review

And, it has backfired on the reputation of the company.

Many people have been claiming that Jeunesse Global is a pyramid scheme, and some swear that it is an absolute scam.

Former Distributors are claiming that Jeunesse Global is…

In 2016, the first class action lawsuit was filed against the company (1), it claims that the company is running a pyramid scheme. This case is still ongoing.

In 2017, another class action lawsuit was lodged by several former distributors against the company for the same reason (2). But, later this complaint was dropped voluntarily without any disclosed reason.

Furthermore, former Jeunesse’s Customers claimed that…

The products are not that great…

Jeunesse Global Scam - Customer Review 1Jeunesse Global Scam - Customer Review 1

Source: Quora

Now, before you pass any judgement on this review…

I want you to know that I don’t think Jeunesse Global is a scam, despite all the lawsuits and complaints.

Honestly, the claims against Jeunesse Global are pointing towards the “recruitment scheme” that some distributors are running.

Before we move ahead, let’s understand what a pyramid scheme is…

To simplify, a pyramid scheme is a recruitment drive. Members recruit other members on the basis that they can earn money from a “business opportunity”.

And, new recruits will recruit their friends and family members on the same basis.

The company sells products of no retail value. They sell products only to its recruited members.

That’s what a pyramid scheme is…

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Now, here’s the other side of the story…

Jeunesse and its products have its merits, and many people overlooked this fact.

I’ve seen Jeunesse’s customers, who are not distributors, experiencing positive results after using the products.

And, I’ve also sat in meetings where Jeunesse distributors are solely focused on selling the products, not the recruitment part.

Although I wouldn’t dismiss the fact that the company has gotten lots of class action lawsuits.

This is the fault of the many distributors as well as the company’s management for not managing their distributors well.

I totally understand those people who filed the lawsuit because they were brought into the business for the wrong reasons.

But, to claim the entire company as a pyramid scheme and a fraud, is uncalled for.

In my opinion, Jeunesse Global is not a scam nor a pyramid scheme. It is the rotten few who spoiled the bunch.

Now, I am pretty sure that you are reading this review because you are interested in joining the business opportunity. Here’s what you need to know…

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The Side Effects of the Jeunesse Business Opportunity

Before you join the business opportunity, the MOST IMPORTANT QUESTION you have to ask yourself is “have you had a positive experience with the products”.

I believe you have read the customer review above, if you haven’t, here’s a snippet of it…

Jeunesse Global Scam - Customer Review SnippetJeunesse Global Scam - Customer Review Snippet

The customer claims that she has spent $2,000 on the Jeunesse products.

And, she has promoted the products to her friends.

However, she has experienced negative side effects from the products, and she felt sorry to her friends.

Here’s what I am talking about. You need to have a positive experience with the products in order to promote the products genuinely.

How can you convince others, when you have not convinced yourself, right?

So, before you submit to peer pressure, take a month or so to try out their products before committing to the business opportunity.

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Now, even if the products have an amazing effect on you…

It doesn’t mean that you are suitable for this business.

Whoever that claim that you can earn money quickly and easily with Jeunesse, I would suggest that you run far away from that person…

Because, that is just an outright lie.

The truth is, 98.14% of the Jeunesse distributors do not earn a full-time income (> $3,000 per month) from the company.

This is not a made up statistic!

The image below is an abstract from Jeunesse’s rewards plan.

Is Jeunesse Global a Scam - Income DisclosureIs Jeunesse Global a Scam - Income Disclosure

Source: Click here

There are several reasons why people fail to earn a substantial amount of money from Jeunesse (If you are a current distributor, you may want to pay attention to this section because it might save your business).

Why 98.14% of Jeunesse Distributors did not earn a Full-Time Income?

1. They Ran out of Leads to Contact

Your sponsor said: Create a list of people you know who wants to look younger

In your mind: Duh! That’s everyone in my contact list!

You said: No problem!

Your sponsor said: Then, segment the list of people whom you think might have the entrepreneurial spirit.

In your mind: Hmm… I can think of a few! There’s my best friend, and a group of friends whom I usually share my business ideas with.

You said: Easy peasy!

 The action begins…

You started combing through your list, and out of 10 people, 3 is willing to meet up with you.

And, after sitting through a sales pitch, which was supposed to be a friendly meet up…

1 person decides to buy the products from you. If you are lucky that person may become a distributor in your team.

Now, let’s say that you called 300 people…

And, 90 people agreed to meet up with you.

Out of the 90 people, 30 became your customers…

10 of them eventually become a part of your team of distributors.

Now, the dropout rate of distributors is around 90% (because most people quit when they don’t see any results).

Which means that you’ll probably be left with 1 loyal distributor.

Where do you go from there? How do you grow your business if there’s no one else that you can contact? Do you ask your friends for referrals? Start buying leads from unverified sources? Canvassing on the streets?

Want to Grow Your Jeunesse Business? Here’s what I suggest…

Never rely on one source of leads, especially your warm leads.

Because, it will run out very quickly!

You need to find a way to acquire an endless stream of highly targeted prospects.

And, this can only be achieved with Attraction Marketing.

This is one of the strategies that the top 5% of the distributors use, and it is not known to the masses.

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2. Chasing the Wrong Leads

The money is in the follow up…

That’s probably what your sponsor will tell you.

However, what if your “follow up action” turns out to be annoying to the other party (your friend)?

I am pretty sure your friend will start avoiding your calls and soon you will enter the NFL club.

You know, the No Friends Left Club?

Now, here’s the problem…

Even though you might think that the products are amazing…

And, no one will be “stupid” enough to pass up on this awesome business opportunity.

You might be in for a shock!

Because, not everyone will think like you. Not everyone has the entrepreneurial spirit like you.

Not everyone will have the same product experience. 

And generally, people resist change.

Even if something is so obvious, people will still say no, because most people are conditioned that way.

So, here’s what I suggest you do…

Stop chasing your friends and family members.

They are the least likely people who will grow your business empire (that’s unless you are born in a family of entrepreneurs).

If you want to succeed with Jeunesse Global, you have to attract the right people to your organization.

People who…

  • Wants to see you succeed and wants to succeed themselves;
  • Have big followings
  • Are already entrepreneurs
  • Knows how to build businesses
  • Are receptive to the idea of network marketing

But, the BIG question is, how are you able to attract these people?

Again, this can be achieved with Attraction Marketing.

3. The Blind Leading the Blind

Because there is such a low success rate in Jeunesse Global, the chances of you having a successful mentor are super low.

Most likely, your sponsor is someone who is new to the business, just like yourself.

And, they are taught the same marketing methods that their sponsors, and the sponsors preceding them use.

But, none of them have achieved any results, they are just using the same old method that is passed down from generations after generations of distributors.

Causing the “Blind leading the Blind” effect.

To be really successful in Jeunesse…

You need to have a successful mentor to guide you.

Someone who has lots of experience, and has a path of success for you to follow.

The Jeunesse Global business opportunity is not an easy task.

You have to learn how to find the right leads, craft the perfect sales pitch, deliver the pitch with flare, and be consistent throughout all meetings.

And, without a successful mentor, it is almost impossible to do the things I’ve just mentioned.

But, what if I told you…

That you’ll never need to find a successful Jeunesse mentor to coach you, and still become successful.

And, at the same time, you can lead your future team of distributors through the same successful path as you did.

Yes, such a mentorship program really exists, and it is created and managed by a group of successful network marketers who’ve recruited thousands of people online.

And, they are the people who’ve built 6 to 8 figure income with their network marketing business.

If you want to get coached by these people, you can check it out here.

4. Can’t Get Passed the Emotional Stress

As it is known, becoming a part of the Jeunesse family would require you to sell their products.

And, being in the sales environment is not something that everyone can stomach.

Especially when you are getting rejected by your family members, and your friends started to isolate you.

It is an emotional roller coaster from here on out.

So, if you are somebody who is deeply affected by rejections, and you fear of losing your friends or family members, this is probably not going to be a suitable business opportunity for you.

Honestly, I am one of those people who hates to be rejected and isolated, and that is probably why I failed in all of my network marketing businesses.

However, this isn’t the end of the road…

There is still a chance for people like us to succeed. I’ve found success with this.

5. The Wrong Mindset

Many distributors came into this business with an employee mindset.

They expect to be paid for the hours that they’ve put in.

And, when things don’t go the way they expect, they cry foul.

Honestly, starting the Jeunesse business opportunity is like starting any kind of business.

There is no guarantee of success, and you could end up losing time and money.

If you are serious about becoming successful (doesn’t matter if it is Jeunesse of any other businesses), you need to condition your mind towards entrepreneurship.

Entrepreneurship is a complete opposite of employment.

There is no guaranteed income, you have to put in tons of work (maybe even longer than your normal working hours), you have to constantly upgrade yourself and evolve, and you have no one else to blame but yourself, if failure precedes.

So, if you intend to “be your own boss”, you now know what you are expecting.

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What is Jeunesse Global?

In case you still don’t know what Jeunesse Global is…

It is one of the most talked about Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) company in the anti-ageing industry.

In 2015, the company has strategically acquired 2 other network marketing companies called MonaVie and Mynt.

In the same year, the company has generated a revenue of over a billion dollars.

And, in 2018, the company cumulatively worth over 5 billion dollars.

Jeunesse Global was founded by Wendy Lewis and Randy Ray back on 9 September 2009.

The company is now operating in many countries around the globe.

The Business


Jeunesse exist for one sole purpose, which is to keep you young.

Everyone wants to look young and beautiful, it has been a dream for most, and Jeunesse Global is here to provide you with that solution.

To look young and beautiful with Jeunesse, you need to purchase a full range of its products (Brand Name: Luminesce), and to follow its guided steps below:

  • Step 1: Purify your skin with the “Youth Restoring Cleanser ($50)”
  • Step 2: Apply the “Cellular Rejuvenation Serum ($143)” which will reduce your wrinkles
  • Step 3: Apply the “Protective ($77) and Repairing ($108) Serum”. This will protect your skin from harmful rays during the day and repair your skin in the night.
  • Step 4: Drink a pack of “Reserve ($143 for 30 Sachets)” every day. This will supercharge your internal systems and the key ingredient is “Resveratrol“. A pack a day helps you maintain a healthier immune system, make you feel younger, and live longer – So they say.
  • Step 5: Take one “AM supplement pill ($75 for 60 pills)” in the morning and one “PM supplement pill ($75 for 60 pills)” in the evening. This will help to combat the science of aging and help cells in the body function properly
  • Step 6: Drink a pack of “Propectin ($199 for 30 Sachets)” to detox your internal systems. It filters impurities and it eliminates dangerous heavy metal intoxicant from your body.
  • Step 7: Take a “Finiti ($162 for 120 pills)” pill a day. This will help to maintain healthy stem cells.

The Youth Enhancement System (Y.E.S.)…

Together, all these products are called the “YES (Youth Enhancement System)”, and together, they cost a fortune.

Remember, you have to purchase those products on a monthly or quarterly basis, just to upkeep yourself.

I would assume that it will be quite tough for an average income individual to afford these premium products.

The Compensation Plan

My Sincere Advice to You

Honestly speaking, though many people claims that Jeunesse is a scam, I thought differently.

In my opinion, Jeunesse is a legitimate MLM company that has a strong presence in the “Anti-Ageing” market.

Those people who called Jeunesse Global a scam are probably those who did not have a great experience with its products, or maybe they were just lead to the business opportunity for the wrong reasons.

Anyway, if you are intending to join Jeunesse Global as a distributor, you must understand “Quick and Easy Money” doesn’t exist in this opportunity.

In fact, the concept of “Quick and Easy Money” doesn’t exist at all.

So, if you are serious about being successful with Jeunesse…

I would highly suggest that you start learning how to find an endless stream of highly targeted prospects through attraction marketing, and get mentored by other successful network marketers

Instead of chasing down your friends and family members and applying the “peer pressure” on them. You’ll most likely end up in the NFL (No Friends Left) club.

But, what if Jeunesse is not the right business opportunity for you?

If you hate being rejected or you are just uncomfortable in the sales environment…

Then, Jeunuesse Global may not be the right opportunity for you.

I was the perfect example of someone who is easily affected by mere rejection, and I just couldn’t get comfortable in the sales environment, no matter how hard I tried (I’ve joined many network marketing companies in the past).

However, this doesn’t stop me from achieving success…

I was lucky enough to have found this program that eventually allowed me to leave my 9 to 5 job and still earn a decent full-time income online. Here’s my story

All the Best to You!

I hope that I’ve provided you with enough information to make an informed decision.

Wishing you all the best in whatever decision you make.

If you found this review helpful, please share it with others who may need this information.

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And, if you’d like to discuss more about Jeunesse Global, please, feel free to leave a comment below.

Your pal,


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  1. Paul Cheung says:

    I did try a couple of products from Jeunesse. Unfortunately, I did not benefit anything from them. Despite their overpriced products, too many not scentifically proven propaganda alert me that I have to be careful with what the distriubtors or the parent company say. It seems to me that any products or even daily supplements without proper officical investigation done by authoriative bodies in the most famours universities, we have to doubt their claimed functions. In this planet, ad and slogans are too too poweful. We should always remember there is no free lunch. I do not beleive taking pills and or even supplements can keep us young forever.

  2. Can you Make review on Mary Kay?

    1. Sure. I can do that. I’ll let you know when the review is up.

      ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

  3. My wife has recently joined this MLM outfit. We are pensioners and live in bulgaria the poorest country in the EU. I cant make my wife understand that here, even though a very select few do make money from this that she has no chance of success. Many people have low wages and pensioners have a very poor income Usually under 200 BGN (100 Euros) a month.

    This product is saleable in my home country, the UK but bulgaria absolutely not. People should always look not only at the product, but demographics, incomes and etc. MLM companies never tell this to new registrants. My advicd to anyone thinking of MLM should not only look at the comapne and products prices but the saleability in your country of residence. Think before you jump in.

  4. Thank you for your message. Somebody from Jeneusse contacted me to suggest I join their team but I was a bit skeptical. Your review told me everything I needed to know.

  5. The illiteracy in this post should be enough to make most intelligent people steer clear:

    1) “super charge your internal systems.” Which ‘internal systems’ are you referring to, and how does one ‘super-charge’ them? What does it mean for a system to be ‘super-charged’?

    2) “combat the science of aging.” This one isn’t even coherent. I think you meant to say “combat aging,” but the fact that you didn’t bother to check before you posted says a lot.

    3) “detox your internal systems. It filters impurities and it eliminates dangerous heavy metal intoxicant from your body.”
    So, first I am somehow ‘super-charging’ my ‘internal systems’ (as though I was a battery), and now I’m ‘detoxing’ them. ProPectin™ is just apple pectin — and there’s very little data on its use as a chelating agent for heavy metals. Its only reliable use is as an anti-diarrheal agent, as it increases stool volume. MLMs are notorious for making up elaborate claims about their products.

    4) FINITI is just dried fruit and vegetable powder, goosed with artificial vitamin A.
    TA-65 MD® has shown little effect on *telomeres* (NOT stem cells) in double-blind trials.

    These are classic signs of a scam: an overpriced product. Claims about the product are outrageous and hard to prove. Lots of enthusiasm about the “amazing” program, without much to back it up.

    The only way to succeed at in an MLM program is to start one (or be in the first level of the program’s ‘recruits’). If you join any time later, the moment you pay for your grotesquely-overpriced ‘starter packet,’ you have done everything the MLM needs you to do.

    MLMs function by finding new, gullible people to buy their ‘starter packets.’ Any other sales you make for them before you drop out (and you WILL eventually drop out) is just gravy for them.

  6. I’ve been seeing posts all around Facebook concerning this product. The first thing which attracted me to the post was the French word used: “Jeunesse” which means youth. I read one of the posts but never thought of registering because I no longer want to run from onz shiny object to the other. I have WA and that is enough for the moment. However I will say thanks for showing us what Jeunesse really is. If there is more to say, it is that you have helped people make informed decisions about this business. Thanks!

  7. Another highly informative post, Jack. Love reading your thoughts on some of the potential scams proliferating the internet. It’s information that’s good to know.

  8. I’m sorry, but Jeunesse is a network, direct sales business, and for what I understood, never want or assume to be other than that! Their products are pricey? So what? Well, consider the fact that they were developed by an Nobel prized award doctor, no wonders…never heard the saying “you can’t make omelets without eggs?”. But the worse, is putting a business like this in a “scam” review, just because is an MLM or whatever, or because the products are pricey…Do you know the meaning of a “scam”??? I’m not a Jeneusse anything…yet, but after your comment, I went look for them, and I think you can’t talk about scam.

    1. Hi Sara,

      I think you did not read my article properly. I did mention that Jeunesse is not a scam. The rating is for the protection of hopeful beginners, where an individual need to know the difficulty level of the opportunity. Jeunesse falls into one of the most difficult business opportunity to succeed in and henceforth the rating.

      ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

    2. And what did you find out?

  9. Great honest opinion Jack. I suspect it’s like most things, you have to work pretty hard at it to pay dividends.
    I must admit, for people reading this review, I’d follow Jacks advice and check out his No.1 recommendation. Cheers

  10. Hi
    Thank you for this review, I personally have not heard of Jeunesse but when I hear MLM then alarm bells start ringing, I was involved once in a MLM and even though the products were good they were way overpriced I had no success with it but the people at the top did. It’s not hard nowadays to buy cheap cream, bottle it up and put a nice label on it and sell it as something special, from my experience I would not get involved with MLM again and like you said there are better ways of making money online
    Regards Paula

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