Top 5 Affiliate Marketing Training – #1 is Truly Amazing!

Before we dive into the best Affiliate Marketing Training programs available on the internet, let us check out this video where I explain Affiliate Marketing (within 2 minutes):

Best Affiliate Marketing Training Here

What is Affiliate Marketing all about?

Do you have a passion? Do you want to make money online?

Affiliate Marketing is all about turning your passion into a profitable online business.

To many people, Affiliate Marketing is about promoting other people’s product online, and making a commission out of it.

While it is true and that is the premise of Affiliate Marketing, you have to dig deep into the purpose of it.

The reason why Affiliate Marketing was founded was because of a simple word “Trust”.

Most of the time, consumers will not purchase any products online unless they either trust the source, or they trust other user’s experience.

On the latter, this is where you as an affiliate marketer comes in.

You establish yourself as a trusted source within the specific niche, and you give recommendations based on either your own experience or on a consolidated experience for other users.

Consumers are more inclined to purchase products through your affiliate link, if you can demonstrate reliability and accuracy in your product recommendations.

Big Firms or companies love affiliate marketers even though they make a cut out of the sale, because Affiliate marketer drives tonnes of sales for the company.

You can be one of them too, but where do you start?

How to be Successful in Affiliate Marketing? – Where do you start…

It is not easy to achieve success with Affiliate Marketing, yet it is not that hard either.

Most importantly, when you first started out, it is important for you to follow a structured successful blueprint.

And thereafter, receive support and guidance whenever you hit a road block.

 There are not many programs on the internet that offer this level of training and support. I have scoured through the internet and have found several legitimate and trustworthy programs that matches the criteria.

#1 Affiliate Marketing Training: Wealthy Affiliate


Thousands of people have joined Wealthy Affiliate every year and have benefited from its training and support. On top of that, it is a community of like-minded people who are willing to exchange ideas, knowledge and experience.

In my opinion, this is the best place for any individual to get started with Affiliate Marketing.

I have communicated with many Wealthy Affiliate Members, and I have concluded that many members have achieved great results and have gotten out of the rat race.

Though I haven’t gotten out of the rat race, I am half way there thanks to Wealthy Affiliate, you can check out my results in 2015 here. (Update: I got out of the Rat Race in 2017.

In my experience with the program, I’ve always gotten support from other Wealthy Affiliate members within seconds. My questions were never left unanswered and if I hit a road block, someone will guide me out of it.

Personally, I have been with Wealthy Affiliate for several years, and I am still in the program because I know and appreciates its value.

The only complaint I heard from other Wealthy Affiliate members is that they are overwhelmed with information. It is not a good thing, however, if you follow the course closely, and you take a step at a time to expand your horizon, you shouldn’t drown with information.

To get a deeper understanding of what is contained within this amazing program, you can check out this review.

#2 Affiliate Marketing Training: Fizzle


A new kid on the block, but has risen quickly to take the 2nd place.

Similar to Wealthy Affiliate, it takes you by the hand and walks you through all the small little steps to achieve small successes which will lead to a bigger success.

The only difference is that Fizzle focuses on the general Online Business (Product Creation) while Wealthy Affiliate focuses on Affiliate Marketing (Selling other people’s product).

If your intention is to start an online business with your own created products, then Fizzle will be a suitable training program.

The reason this program is not the #1 is because I personally feel that it is much easier for beginners to be successful with selling other people’s products as opposed to creating their own.

Creating a product from scratch may contain many complications and it cost a lot more to get started. Nonetheless, it is a good training platform for online business.

For more information on Fizzle, you can check out this review.

#3 Affiliate Marketing Training Program: Chris Farrell Membership

Chris Farrell Membership Review (Facebook)

If you want to have a good foundation of Affiliate Marketing, Chris Farrell Membership is one of the best place you can go to.

However, Chris Farrell Membership is restricted to basic knowledge on Affiliate Marketing. If you want to dive further into the advanced level, you would have to seek some other programs like Wealthy Affiliate, Fizzle or Affilorama.

Chris Farrell, the owner of the program, has definitely created something amazing as he took scattered information and turn them into a simple and easily understood training program.

This program is suitable for any beginners who has no clue what Affiliate Marketing is.

To find out what is contained within the Chris Farrell membership, you can check it out here.

#4 Affiliate Marketing Training: Affilorama

Affilorama Product Reviews

The main reasons why this program is not at the top are because there are many upsells within the program, it is not cheap to maintain its membership, and some of the information and lessons are outdated.

Otherwise, it is an awesome program that provides basic to advanced training on Affiliate Marketing.

Similar to the training programs above, it feeds you information on a structural basis, so it is easy to grasp and implement.

If you want to lean more about this program, you can check out this review.

#5 Affiliate Marketing Training: Legendary Marketer

Legendary Marketer Review

Unlike the programs I’ve mentioned above that focuses on mainly search engine traffic…

Legendary Marketer’s focus is on building a personal brand and driving traffic through social media channels like Facebook, Linkedin, or Instagram.

Though the cost of the training is a little steep, but their coaching and support is one of the best, because the coaches are highly qualified as they are successful entrepreneurs as well.

If you are interested to learn more about Legendary Marketer, click here.

Can These Training Programs Guarantee Your Success?

What I’ve just shared with you are the top 5 Affiliate Marketing Training you can find on the internet.

But, make no mistake…

Though these training programs are great, they cannot guarantee your success.

Your success depends on your ability to learn and implement.

To become successful online is not as easy as it seemed, but it’s not hard either. Anyone can achieve success and I believe you can too.

One word of advice is to never give up what you’ve started. Consistency and perseverance is really the key to success.

I promise that you will feel the sense of accomplishment when you receive your first commission online.

It is like hitting a jackpot in the casino, you will understand what I mean when you get there.

Before you dive more into Affiliate Marketing, I hope you would read this article where I share with you what you can expect from your Online Business.

Why is it Important to Get Affiliate Marketing Training?

Especially when you are new to Affiliate Marketing, you’ll be stuck.

If you try to source for information in this internet jungle, chances are, you will be overwhelmed and you may quit. I am quite certain of it.

Similar to a college degree, you need to go through truckloads of information in different stages. You can’t expect to learn the advanced materials when you are just starting out, unless you are a genius.

You need have a structured proven step-by-step training program which can guide you to success.

Though this approach is conventional, but it works. One thing you do not want to be is to get ahead of yourself.

If you are ready to become a successful Affiliate Marketer, join me here to get started.



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