The New Era Method To Sponsor People Into Your Network Marketing Business

If you want to dramatically improve your chance to succeed in the network marketing business, you should learn and master the necessary skills in how to sponsor, build and, grow your business today.

On that note…

Have you heard about the new era method to sponsor people into your network marketing business? In this article…

I am going to tell you one of the most probable reasons why you haven’t found success in network marketing, “YET.”

I am going to discuss one critical mistake that most network marketers do today when it comes to sponsoring new people.

This mistake is among the main reasons why network marketers today often found themselves stuck in a loop where everything doesn’t seem to work.

That no matter how hard you try to implement the things that are taught to you by the company and your sponsors, your business is still far from what you are expecting it to be.

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Why Read this Article?

I have my fair share of disappointments, frustrations, and heartaches in the network marketing industry before.

I write this article to offer you a solution to your current dilemma and provide you with helpful insights on how to proceed with your network marketing business.

By taking the time to read this article…

You will be opening your eyes to the truth about network marketing in the 21st century and how you can guarantee your success in this industry.

Now without further ado, let’s take a closer look at why most people are having trouble to accomplish their goals with network marketing today.

Can you guess what it is?

Why Most People Haven’t Succeeded (YET) in Network Marketing Today

Many network marketers today haven’t found their success yet because of one major flaw in their core belief.

This is thinking that network marketing in the 21st century is the same as it was 1-2 decades ago.

I was thinking the same thing too, and I was terribly wrong! 

I am not saying that you cannot get good results by following the traditional network marketing methods. However…

Your chances to succeed in network marketing today by relying on the old ways and traditional methods are slim to none.

I hate to tell you this, but this is the truth in network marketing today.

This might probably even the cause of why you haven’t succeeded in your network marketing business yet.

21st Century Network Marketing is Internet + Social Media

The introduction of the Internet and social media platforms marks the new era for the network marketing industry. And with that new era comes the new era method to sponsor people into your network marketing business.

As I have said earlier and I will repeat again this time…

I am not saying that you cannot use the traditional network marketing methods for your business; however, do not be surprised if most of them won’t work anymore.

We are now in the 21st century. There are systems, tools, and strategies that simplify and even automates the most difficult aspects of the network marketing business.

Allow me to discuss a few practical ways on how to sponsor people into your network marketing business today.

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The New Era Method To Sponsor People Into Your Network Marketing Business

One of the most crucial things about network marketing is identifying your target market.

Identify and Focus on Your Target Market

Gone were the days when

  • everyone is a prospect” and
  • everyone 3-feet from you is a prospect”. 

This is the kind of belief that will get you rejected all the time, and this is the sponsoring method that will cause you to bring in the wrong type of people in your business.

The fact is…

Not all people need your products and services. The same way that not all people would want the opportunity that you offer.

If you approach someone who doesn’t care about health and wellness with nothing else to offer but your vitamins and food supplements…

You are going to be rejected in a heartbeat. Are we on the same page?

This is why it is crucial that you must learn to identify your audience and the target market of your business. Then focus the majority of your efforts on them.

Get the Right People for your Business

It is a common belief that your family and friends will be the key to your network marketing success.

Of course…

They can be IF and ONLY IF” they share the same belief with you. However, if you present your products and network marketing business to them and they say NO…

Then just let it go.

Nothing will cost your friendship or annoy your family to the point that they start avoiding you more than constantly pestering them about your network marketing business.

Learn to accept the fact that they are not the right people for your business and move on.

Do you think that forcing them (your family and friends) to buy your products or to join your business would yield a good result? I have been there, and the answer is NO.

You will just have a bunch of people who are not really into what you are doing and will feel used by you.

Learn How to Brand Your Self

Another effective way to sponsor new people is by learning how to brand your self. This is one of the many other things that you will learn with the Attraction Marketing.

By creating your brand, you will have the ability to present yourself as someone who is there to help other people and not just to recruit them to your business.

If done right…

Branding yourself will get people to seek for your advice and come to you on their own will with the belief that what you have and what you offer is the solution to their problems.

Are you excited to learn more about proper self-branding?

I am telling you, when I learn how to do this and apply it to my network marketing business; I got astounding results that I have never thought I am capable of.

Expand Your Business Online

We are in the era of social media when most people cannot leave their homes without their smartphones and other mobile devices. You can take advantage of this fact and make it a potent tool to grow your business.

By taking your business online…

  • You can say goodbye to one on one presentations and home parties.
  • Reaching hundreds and even thousands of people within a single day is possible!
  • Generate high-quality leads and even sponsor new people into your business without even talking to them.

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Automate Your Network Marketing Business

Another important thing I will point out in this article is that we, as human beings have limitations.

  • We get tired and we need to sleep.
  • There are times that we become ill.
  • Sometimes, unexpected events will happen that we will have to attend to.

This is where automating your network marketing business is such an essential strategy. By doing so, you can continue to sponsor new people even if the circumstances are against you.

When you learn how to automate your business…

  • You will have a high-functioning network marketing business 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • The most important take away for this method is by automating your business, you will continue to generate leads, close sales and sponsor new people even if you are asleep!

Does The New Era Method To Sponsor People Into Your Network Marketing Business matters?

Unfortunately, Yes!

The network marketing industry has evolved into something that has never been seen before.

Today, there are many effective ways to sponsor people even without talking to them. This is something that was never before seen in network marketing in the past decades.

There are even plenty of network marketing training programs today that will teach you how to generate income from the people who already said NO to your business.

For you (or any other network marketers) to stay relevant in the 21st century, you must learn to adapt and adjust your strategies accordingly.

You must learn and master these new modern network marketing strategies such as the new era method to sponsor people into your network marketing business.

How To Automate Your Network Marketing Business

A Sincere Advice from One Network Marketer to Another

Before I end, there are some pieces of advice I want to share with you.

These things have been taught to me by my personal coach. While some of them I learned from one network marketing training program which has been instrumental in my own network marketing success.

At the top of my list is…

You should learn to evaluate your results regularly. This is one thing that is not emphasized by the company or your sponsor as you join the network marketing industry.

Stop fixing the things that are not broken.

It is such a waste of time. Instead, whenever something does not turn out the way you wanted it to be, take the time to evaluate your results.

Identify which methods (both traditional and new era method) are working for you and which ones need to be improved. That way, you will have a clear understanding of how to proceed with your network marketing business.

Second is to Invest in Yourself. 

To succeed in network marketing and to be an effective network marketer, you have to acquire new skills and hone your old ones.

There are many training programs today such as the one I am using until today that will teach you how to sell your products or promote your services correctly.

You will also learn how and where to get high-quality leads and how to maximize your income and productivity even as you sleep!

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The third thing is to consider having a Professional network marketing Coach or Mentor. 

Someone that is a veteran in this industry who can monitor your progress and keep you in line when everything is going haywire.

A coach/mentor will be very helpful especially if you are new in the network marketing industry.

These coaches (the legit ones) have seen the ugly face of network marketing and managed to come at the top. Their insights and experiences will be an invaluable asset to your business and can play a huge role in your own success. Lastly…

#1 Network Marketing Coaching Program

Never be afraid to Learn Something New.

Just as you are encouraged to get out of your comfort zone when you are doing network marketing…

You can apply the same logic when it comes to the strategies and methods that you implement in your business.

If you only stick to what you already know, chances are you will not get to where you wanted to be.

This is especially true with how network marketing is in the 21st century. If you are slow to adapt and adjust, you will get left behind.

One example I have given in my previous article about the same topic is Nokia, the phone company. 10-15 years ago, Nokia was undeniably one of the leaders and pioneers in telecommunications and consumer devices, e.g., cellphones.

However, a few years ago, Nokia declared bankruptcy and sold their company to Microsoft.

The reason?

It not because they did something wrong. It’s because they didn’t do anything to adjust and adapt to the changes.

If you wanted to stay relevant in the network marketing and improve your chance to succeed in this industry…

You absolutely need to adapt. If you are serious about growing your network marketing business, consider to start building your organization using the new era method to sponsor people into your network marketing business.

Final Words

Thank you for taking the time to read this article. I sincerely hope that you learned something new that will be beneficial for your business.

If you find this article worthy of reading, kindly share it to the people you know who might need this kind of information.

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Meanwhile, if you have any concerns or you need a piece of appropriate advice about network marketing, you can contact me directly.

I will be more than happy to assist you with the best of my capacity. You can also leave your questions and opinions in the comment section below.

Until next time and I wish you nothing but success in the future.

Your pal,


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