Clout Pay Review – Is Clout Pay Legit?

If you are trying to figure out if Clout Pay is legit or a scam, then this brutally honest Clout Pay review is the answer that you are looking for.

There are varying opinions about Clout Pay’s legitimacy on the Internet. Some users are singing praises for the site.

Clout Pay Is LegitClout Pay Is Legit

While other people are calling Clout Pay a scam.

Clout Pay User ComplaintClout Pay User ComplaintClout Pay User ComplaintsClout Pay User Complaints

There are even some Clout Pay affiliates who want the site shut down immediately!

Clout Pay Scams UsersClout Pay Scams Users

So who is telling the truth?

Well, here’s good news for you!

I found out that Clout Pay isn’t legit. It is a data mining site that will compromise your personal information and will not pay you at all.

Let’s get started…

Review Summary

Name: Paid4Clout, formerly Clout Pay

Owner:  Santa?

Price: Free to Join

Recommended? No! Check this out instead.

Clout Pay Review Paid4Clout

Income Opportunity Rating:

What is Clout Pay

In a glance, Clout Pay looks like your regular Get Paid To (GPT) Site.

You will be asked to complete a signup form where you will provide your personal information, phone number, email, etc.

How Clout Pay WorksHow Clout Pay Works

In return, you will have a chance to make money by completing simple online tasks. Clout Pay promises that you can potentially earn $500 per day!

Wowzers! No wonder many people jumped right in and registered to this site.

Clout Pay Owners

There is no information regarding the personalities behind Clout Pay. 

Furthermore, the site’s domain used to be “cloutpay.co” but now, you get redirected to Paid4Clout (paid4clout.com).

Clout Pay Legit Or Scam SiteClout Pay Legit Or Scam Site

So do not be surprised if you search for Clout Pay and you arrive in the Paid4Clout site. They are the same.

Of course, this has caused some commotion. It even became the basis of others for calling Clout Pay a scam.

Clout Pay Scam Twitter PostClout Pay Scam Twitter Post

As you can see on the Twitter post above, one user links Clout Pay, now called Paid4Clout to another site called MVP Bucks.

So I went ahead and checked the site, and it is precisely the same as Clout Pay. MVP Bucks will pay you $25 signup bonus and $10-15 for referrals.

This already makes Clout Pay look bad, but I have more solid proof why I believe it is a scam.


Do you think there is a connection between Clout Pay (Paid4Clout) and MVP Bucks?

Share your thoughts in the Comment Section below.

Fake Company History

On the Paid4Clout (aka Clout Pay) “About Us” page, it says that the company was created way back in 2015

Clout Pay Legit About Us PageClout Pay Legit About Us Page

But in reality, the domain “paid4clout.com” was created just recently, in July of 2019. Check this out!

paid4clout com domain createdpaid4clout com domain created

Even the original Clout Pay site (cloutpay.co) only came into existence in May of 2019.

cloutpay co site domain createdcloutpay co site domain created

Clearly, the people running this site is lying to make it appear that Clout Pay is legit and that it has been around for some time already.

Do you want more proof that Clout Pay is a scam?

Okay, there’s more!

​​​​But first, let’s take a look at how you are supposed to make money with this site.

How To Make Money With Clout Pay?

After you have completed your registration, you can immediately start to make easy money online with Clout Pay.

  • Creating A Clout Pay YouTube review video – $50
  • Completing CPA offers – $30
  • Signup bonus – $25
  • Surveys – $25
  • Direct Referrals – $10-15
  • Download apps – $10
  • Referral link clicks – $2

Just look at those numbers!

Those are your potential earnings by joining this site for FREE! Makes you think “Gosh Golly where do I register”?


There is no way you are getting paid by Clout Pay. In fact, no one might have ever gotten paid by Clout Pay, aka Paid4Clout.

Take a look at this post from users.

Pay Clout Does Not Pay $500Pay Clout Does Not Pay $500

But what about the other users who claimed to get paid?

Well, those people giving positive Clout Pay reviews all over the Internet are probably their affiliates trying to lure more people in.

As to why I think you will never get paid with Clout Pay? Read the next section.

Unrealistic Payment Transactions

On the “Payment Proof” page of Paid4CLout, the company proudly claim that they have paid more than $44M to their members.

Paid4Clout Payment ProofPaid4Clout Payment Proof

Anyone who isn’t born yesterday can see right through this BS.

How can a “free-to-join” site get such revenue? 

This and the fact that Clout Pay has only been operating for a few months when I was writing this Clout Pay review!

Well, what do you think?

  • Can Clout Pay possibly have this kind of income revenue?
  • Do you know someone who got paid by this site?
  • What about the testimonials?

Clout Pay Fake Testimonials

Clout Pay, now Paid4Clout, has dedicated an entire page for user testimonials.

All of which are fake!

These are Fiverr actors paid by Clout Pay to say something sweet about the company. Here are my proofs.

This guy “James” on this YouTube Clout Pay review is an actor.

Clout Pay Fake TestimonialClout Pay Fake Testimonial

He is actually this guy “mulder68” on Fiverr.

Clout Pay Actor Real IdentityClout Pay Actor Real Identity

And this guy? 

Paid4Clout Fake TestimonyPaid4Clout Fake Testimony

He is none other than another Fiverr actor with username “doruku

Paid4Clout Actor Real IdentityPaid4Clout Actor Real Identity

I am confident that all the other testimonials were also fake and are all paid actors from Fiverr.


This kind of shameless strategy is not a new thing. Some of the scam sites that used the same tactic is Fast Cash Club, Second Income Center, and Lucrosa.

Is Clout Pay a Scam?

YES! Clout Pay/Paid4Clout is a scam.

You may be able to join the site for free, and you won’t potentially lose any money, but you will also not earn any money.

You will only waste your time with Paid4Clout and even MVP Bucks. I included the latter because I have reasons to believe that these sites are all connected and merely a reboot of the previous similar scam known as Kids Earn Cash.

For your future reference, another site that does the same racket about “changing the world” and being “an influencer” is College Power.

College Power is scheduled to launch in August this year (2019) so watch out!

My Humble Advice

I am sorry to bring you the bad news about this site in this Clout Pay review. Unfortunately, this is the world we are living in today.

Different online scams are rampant, and if you are not wise enough to do proper research before you join, you could lose valuable personal information, money, and time.

If you are serious about making money online, I can recommend alternatives sites and legit business programs depending on what you are looking for.

Clout Pay Legit Business Alternatives

Are you looking for a legit GPT site that will pay you real money by taking surveys or completing an online task? Then check out PrizeRebel.

I will tell you upfront, you cannot expect to make a full-time income with GPT sites, but PrizeRebel is one of the best one there is.

On the other hand…

If you are looking for a way to make a living online, I have an affiliate marketing business program that you might like. 

This business program has already changed the lives of many ordinary people just like you.

Most of the people who started this business are now making a full-time income while at home.

Some of them are even able to quit their 9-5 jobs and enjoy early retirement.

So, if you are interested to get started, I highly recommend that you check out this program.

Final Thoughts

Thank you for taking the time to read this Clout Pay review. I hope that you found all the answers that you are looking for.

Meanwhile, I am also hoping that you would help me spread the word about Clout Pay’s legitimacy so this site cannot victimize more people.

Kindly share this to anyone you know so they too would understand that Clout Pay aka Paid4Clout is a scam.

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Should you be interested, there is also a signup form below for a free online training course that will teach you how to make profits out of your hobbies and interests.

So, until here, and I wish you all the best in your future endeavors.

Your pal,


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  1. These gays called me and made all the sweet talks. After, I made my friends in London to check on their address, and it happened that, they are big time scammers. They are using address of a school where nobody knows them-Indians. please, be careful!

    1. Hey ME,

      Thank you for taking the time to read our Clout Pay review and I am sorry about your bad experience.

      Let’s spread the word so other people won’t fall victim to this scam site.

      ~Jay (BareNakedScam)

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