Is Regenalife a Scam – Updated RegenaLife Review

Someone must have invited you to join RegenaLife, and now, you wanted to know whether it is a scam or an excellent business opportunity.

To ease your mind, let me assure you that RegenaLife is not a scam. It is a legitimate MLM company that promotes health and wellness products. It is also possible for you to earn money by selling RegenaLife products and building a sales team.

But is it true that you can easily make a lot of money with the RegenaLife business opportunity?

Truth be told, despite being a legitimate company, most people who join a business opportunity like RegenaLife won’t make a decent income in the end.

Not because it is one of the scam business opportunities out there but due to the reasons that we will discuss in this review.

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What is RegenaLife

RegenaLife is a multi-level marketing (MLM) company in the health and wellness niche.

Other leading MLMs in the same niche are 4Life, Riway International, USANA, and Forever Living.

RegenaLife was founded by Justin Chernalis in 2008 and was formerly known as Regeneration USA.

The reason for the rebrand is unclear, and only the management team knows.

But this isn’t the first time I’ve heard of an MLM company to change its name (see iBuumerang and CTFO) and I might have an idea why.

I will share with you below.

RegenaLife Products

RegenaLife initially promotes “anti-aging” food bars, but in recent years, the company added a wide range of products that they claim to be all organic, non-GMO, gluten-free, and made with plant-based minerals.

While I am writing this RegenaLife review, the company offers products for:

  • Cardiovascular Support
  • CBD Products
  • Cleanse/Detox
  • Energy/Focus
  • Immunity/Minerals
  • Joint Support
  • Skin/Hair
  • Snacks
  • Weight/Fitness
  • For Your Home
  • Pets

RegenaLife products appear to be decent, and there tons of them which give you the flexibility to test which ones appeal to your customers.

I wouldn’t discuss much the RegenaLife products and would instead focus more on its business side.

What I can say about RegenaLife products, though, is that they are relatively expensive when compared to similar non-MLM counterparts.

Also, the health and wellness industry is very saturated.

There are tons of other companies out there that offer the same products as RegenaLife, so competition is extremely high.

But these are not only the reasons why it will be hard to make money with RegenaLife. We will discuss it more below.

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RegenaLife Business Opportunity – What makes it Different from other MLM?

There is no difference.

As with how most typical MLM companies operates, you can make money with RegenaLife by selling products and recruiting people into the company.

I did find some interesting things about the RegenaLife business opportunity, which we will discuss in a moment.

Cost to Join RegenaLife

You can join and become a RegenaLife affiliate for free. 

There are no enrollment fees, monthly, and annual recurring fees. You can even waive the initial product order and proceed with your enrollment

According to regenalife.net, RegenaLife affiliates get 25% discounts on products and enjoy a FREE eCommerce website, which allows you to earn commissions on all referral sales.

You will also receive product training and Affiliate Support for growing your own home-based business.

But here’s the catch!

For you to actually start your business and qualify for the RegenaLife compensation plan, you have no choice but to buy a Fast Start Package, which ranges from $99 to $549.

So for me, it isn’t really free to join this business. What do you think?

Feel free to leave your thoughts and opinions in the comment section below.

Meanwhile, RegenaLife claims to have “The Most Rewarding Earnings Plan in The Industry,” so let’s find out if that is true.

RegenaLife Compensation Plan – How Much Can You Earn?

While selling and recruiting is how you can make money with RegenaLife, there are different ways for you to do it.

We will discuss all of them below, including your potential earnings.

Retail Profits

I used retail “profits” and not commissions because RegenaLife doesn’t give you any commissions for selling products.

What you get as an affiliate is a discount on all products, and when you sell those products to other people at retail prices, you get to keep the difference as profits.

Say you get a product for $15, and you sell it for $20, you get $5 in profits which is the 25% discount you get for being an affiliate of the company.

That being said, while you can make money selling RegenaLife products, the bigger paychecks will come from recruitment.

RegenaLife Recruitment Commissions

#1 Unilevel Commissions

RegenaLife uses a Unilevel MLM compensation structure through which you can earn 3% up to 20% of all the sales made by your team down to the 7th level.

Here’s the breakdown for your potential Unilevel income with RegenaLife:

  • Level 1 – 20%
  • Levels 2 and 3 – 10%
  • 4 and 5 – 5%
  • Level 6 – 4%
  • Level 7 – 3%

#2 Fast Start Packages & Coded Infinity Bonus

Qualified affiliates can earn a commission when his/her recruit purchases a RegenaLife Fast Start package. 

Notice the word “qualified,” which means you must be in a specific rank and purchased a certain number of RegenaLife products to qualify for this commission.

This recent RegenaLife compensation plan video will give you more details about how to qualify for all the MLM commissions of the company.

#3 Check Match Bonus

You will earn a 5-15% matching bonus based on the total amount made by your team from 1 to 3rd level. 

#4 Rank Achievement Bonus

Every time you achieve a new rank within the RegenaLife compensation plan structure, you get a one-time cash bonus of $75 up to $8,000.

#5 Infinity Bonuses

Top-performing RegenaLife affiliates can earn not only up to their 7th level of downlines but also 1-5% of the total sales of their 8th level to infinity.

#6 Lifestyle Bonus

Additional cash bonuses for the elite affiliates of the company (explained in the video above)

Now, these numbers are all good in paper, but the question is, are many people making money with RegenaLife?

If you look at it closely, you making money with RegenaLife requires a lot of selling and recruitment.

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RegenaLife Income Disclosure

Considering that RegenaLife has been around for over ten years, it’s disappointing that the company didn’t provide any income disclosure on how many of its affiliates and members are making money.

Perhaps most of its members are living the dream now? Maybe half of them are doing well with the business? We can’t say for sure.

Once the company has come up with one, I will immediately update this RegenaLife review to let you know.

But one thing I am confident, though, is that MLM companies like RegenaLife have an abysmal success rate.

In a study conducted by the FTC, it is found out that a staggering 95% (or more) of all the people who join any MLM company didn’t make (and even loses) money in the end.

Here are the reasons why.

Why Most People Don’t Make Money With RegenaLife

#1 Lack of Leads

As with any business model, the biggest challenge most MLM distributors failed to overcome over the years is how to get a steady supply of leads and prospects.

As a RegenaLife affiliate, you will need to have a seemingly endless number of prospects to whom you can sell your products or who you will recruit to join the business.

Now, the company acknowledges this and even addressed the issue by offering a solution, a paid lead marketing program where affiliates will pay $50 to get 330 leads.

What baffles me is that why can’t the company simply teach its affiliates how to get leads which will be more beneficial to the members than constantly forking $50 every time they ran out of leads.

Besides, there is no guarantee that the people you get from the RegenaLife lead marketing program will buy your products or join the business. 

If they don’t, that’s money down the drain for you.

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#2 Targeting the Wrong People

Another issue that most people have their heads scratching when getting involved in an MLM business like RegenaLife is rejection.

Whether you like it or not, you must accept the truth that not all people would want to buy your products or join your business.

So when you talk to them, it is only natural that you will get NO for an answer.

Unfortunately, not all people can stomach tons of rejections, especially from family and close friends, which is why a lot of people quit MLM without even earning a dime.

If you wish to become successful with RegenaLife, you’ll have to learn how to find the right people for your business and focus your time and efforts on them.

#3 Wrong Mindset

Why would you want to join RegenaLife?

Is it because you had a pleasant experience in any of its products, or is it because you are made to believe that this is where you can make easy money?

The majority of people who ended up not making money in MLM like RegenaLife are those that think the latter.

Again, RegenaLife is not a scam, but making money with this business opportunity will not be easy. It will require hard work, time, dedication, and skills.

#4 Lack of Skills

Speaking of skills, not all people are made for the sales industry, and not all people are willing to go out of their comfort zones.

Selling and recruitment are essential skills, you need to possess to make money with RegenaLife, and if you don’t have those skills…

Either you start learning them ASAP, or you accept that MLM (network marketing) is not a suitable business opportunity for you.

Selling And Recruitment Made Easy For MLM Beginners

Is RegenaLife a Scam/Pyramid Scheme

Once and for all, RegenaLife isn’t a scam nor a pyramid scheme.

Oh wait, it does have the characteristics of a pyramid scheme because of recruitment.

Well, the FTC made a clear distinction between a pyramid scheme and a legitimate MLM.

Also, RegenaLife has been around for over a decade. The fact that it is still standing and not taken down by the FTC supports my case.

But full disclosure, it isn’t unheard of for a legitimate MLM company to be shut down (or taken action) by the FTC later on.

This is why some companies are forced to change names (not saying this is what RegenaLife did) or completely change their business structure. See AdvoCare.

Now, these are all my opinions, and I would love to hear some of yours.

Do you think RegenaLife is a scam and a pyramid scheme? Why or why not?

Leave your thoughts in the comment section below.

What I Like About RegenaLife

  • You can earn profits from selling
  • Offers a wide range of products
  • Has been around for over a decade

What I Don’t Like About RegenaLife

  • Heavy emphasis on recruitment
  • Expensive products
  • High competition
  • You are likely not to make money (over 95% of people fails in MLM)

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Should You Join RegenaLife

I am in no position to tell you what to do with your time and money.

But one thing that might help you decide on whether you should join RegenaLife or stay away from it is asking your self the reason why this business interests you.

You might also find more clarity on whether or not an MLM business is for you after reading this article.

My Humble Advice

If promoting the RegenaLife products and building a sales team to do the same is something you are passionate about, then this business might be for you.

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  • master the art of selling (and recruitment) and
  • how to attract the right people for your business instead of you chasing after them.

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RegenaLife Business Opportunity Alternative

If selling and recruitment is not your cup of tea, then I can recommend a more suitable business opportunity for you.

I have also made money from MLM, but it’s this program that is what allowed me to earn a six-figure income from home without selling and recruitment.

And regardless of your experience, and whether you have been burned or scammed before…

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Thank you very much for reading this review.

If you have any questions, let me know in the comment section below.

Until here, and I wish you all the best in your future endeavors.

Your pal,


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