Usana Scam – Is it a Legit Opportunity?

Usana-mainName:  Usana
Price(s): 3 Enrollment Packages:

  • Professional Pack ($1,250)
  • Entrepreneur Pack ($625)
  • Basic Pack ($305)

Owners: Myron Wentz

Bare Naked Scam rating: 2 Thumbs Down


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What is USANA?

Usana-professional-packUSANA is a health supplement production company that offers members an opportunity to work as affiliate for health products. You can select one of three enrollment packages and then earn a commission on each sale that you make.

In theory, it sounds like a decent business opportunity but there are a few things that you should know before you get involved with a company like USANA.

Before we continue, I would like to take a moment to remind you that this review is about the business opportunity that USANA offers people. It’s not a review about the products that the company produces which as far as I can see are decent products.


Can You Make Money With USANA?

It’s possible.

But in order to start you’ll have to enroll and the enrollment packages aren’t exactly cheap. The company offers members several different compensation plans. The most lucrative option would be to build a list of followers who promote products underneath you.

It’s based on a typical MLM system where you recruit members and those members recruit more members while you earn a percentage of everyone’s earnings.




There have been plenty of complaints about this company’s business opportunity. Some people claim that it’s a downright scam. Some people claim that it’s a legitimate business opportunity. It’s difficult to find out the truth.


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But the truth is that it’s possible to earn money with this company. Once an enrollment package is bought, one can begin promoting various health supplements for a commission fee. USANA claims to let its members profit on the difference between the retail price of a product and the preferred price (the production price vs. the selling price).

There are also several other compensation plans which we’ll discuss in detail later on in this review.

But before we dive into the details, let’s talk a little about MLM schemes.


What Everyone Should Know About MLM Schemes:

People fall for MLM schemes all the time because the idea is quite attractive. The whole idea appeals to people’s desire to make money without putting in the effort. Unfortunately, a lot of people still fall for that trick.

With experience, people will begin to realize, that, in order to build a successful business, one must forget about schemes, and focus on building something that actually solves a problem and fills a need.

Usana-no-mlmMost companies use MLM systems because people like the idea. It sounds like a good deal. Those people then refer friends to the same systems and the scheme spreads like wild-fire. Once the company has a massive list of members and a massive cash flow they can either decide to call it quits or stick around to milk the members.

You should know that MLM schemes are dangerous. The people behind the scheme will try their best to make people buy into as many different products as possible. When it comes to MLM most people believe that there will be a steady flow of cash to the top of the pyramid. That’s rarely the case. Most people won’t stick around.

You can refer friends and family members but after awhile, when it becomes clear the system is only designed to benefit people at the top, then everyone will opt-out, and you’ll have to start from ground-zero.


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Alright, let’s talk about USANA’s compensation plans…

USANA Compensation Plans:

There’s six different ways to make money with USANA.

  1. Retail Sales

I mentioned earlier that members will have the opportunity to make a profit from the difference between the retail value and the preferred price. In most cases, the retail price is about 10% higher than the preferred price)

  1. Weekly Commissions

You can earn up-to 20% commission each week depending on the amount of Group Sales Volume that you and you’re down-line collect.

  1. Lifetime Matching Bonus

This is where the MLM scheme comes into the picture. You recruit members and earn a bonus for teaching them how to make money with USANA. You’ll also be able to collect a small fee from each sale that they make.

  1. Incentives

USANA’s way to keep members on the boat.

There’s a wide variety of competition held within the company on a regular basis and rewards range from paid vacations to cash prizes. Basically, rewards for working hard.

  1. Leadership Bonuses

The best leaders in USANA will be able to collect shares of the total profits on a weekly basis. Basically, whoever recruits more people will be able to receive some extra bonuses.

  1. Elite Bonuses

Like I mentioned, when it comes to MLM, the cash always flows to the top of the pyramid.

Become an Elite Member and you’ll be able to collect a wide range of exclusive bonuses. It’s quite difficult to reach this level so don’t get too excited.

The Recruitment Process:

Members are encouraged to recruit their friends and family members.

I was approached by a friend who was involved with this company and she showed me a simple slideshow with basic descriptions of the products and services. I was a little bit intrigued so I followed her to one of the USANA meetings. The meeting did not take place in a lecture hall or office. It was at a house.

The owner of the house continued to brag about how much money he made with the company and pointed out all the luxurious items he can afford, like, cars and other gadgets. Inside the house, there was a similar presentation, and the other people within the room seemed to be slightly too enthusiastic and didn’t seem quite believable.


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The other members seemed to echo shouts of excitement each time the speaker said mentioned a bonus or compensation.


It all seemed a little weird.

You should also know that in order to make money with USANA you’ll have to be a good salesperson. You’ll have to be capable of approaching people and recruiting them to the scheme. You’ll have to convince them to stay on the team with promises of cash and other rewards. I don’t like the idea of false promises. I don’t like spreading lies. I like to be honest and share my thoughts.

So in a nutshell, I wouldn’t recommend this business opportunity. If you’re an outgoing person who has a way with words and selling products then this opportunity might be profitable for you. Otherwise, I would recommend keeping your distance and focusing on building a real online business.

My Sincere Advice to you

Although Usana is a legitimate company and it’s opportunity seem like a good deal, it is not exactly suitable for everyone. This opportunity is better suited for outgoing people who loves to sell and who are willing to put in tonnes of effort to make their business a success.

If you are someone like myself, who do not like direct selling, I would suggest that you do not join the opportunity because after a while when you start to lose interest in the opportunity while not making enough sales, you may give up the dream of becoming an entrepreneur. I am speaking with previous bad experiences with MLM companies.

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