Global Profit System Scam Exposed!

Recently, I am hearing a lot of rumors about Global Profit System scams going on. Global Profit System (GPS) appears to be a new platform for affiliate marketing.

I am unfamiliar with this company so I decided to join the program to give you a better insight on what GPS is all about.

Bare Naked Scam Global Profit System Account

I will discuss all the things that I discovered about this affiliate marketing program in this unbiased Global Profit System review. And I will also reveal if there is indeed a Global Profit System scam going on.

Review Summary

Name: Global Profit System

Owner: Angela (Anji) Long and Ben Martin

Price: Free To Join

Global Profit System Scam Review

Global Profit System Business Opportunity Rating:

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I know that you are eager to know if there are indeed Global Profit System scams going on. But before we move on, I will make it clear that I am not affiliated nor promoting this company.

I also mention that this is an unbiased review because I also have no intentions of bashing this company.

Everything I will share in here is merely my personal opinions base on the facts and the information I gathered during my research.

Now I understand that your opinion may not always be similar to mine so if at any point of this review you feel like you want to share your thoughts...

Please feel free to do so in the Comment Section below. Let's begin.

What is the Global Profit System

In two words, business automation.

The idea behind the Global Profit System is to allow you to create multiple income sources within a single platform, and to generate it on autopilot.

Global Profit System promises to give you access with different tools so you can earn passive income from three various Affiliate Marketing programs and manage them all in one place. 

The three programs within the GPS are Global Domains International (GDI), ClickFunnels, and AWeber.

However, you can also use the GPS to promote other Affiliate Marketing programs in addition to the three I mentioned above. But more on this in a moment.

Company and Founders

The company's landing page does not provide any information about the business. You can only find a login area, or you can choose to register as a new member.

Global Profit System Scam Reviewed

If you choose to register (like me), you will be taken into a signup form that has a 4-minute video presentation of a woman. 

She will tell you that she is going to introduce you to a system that allows her to earn $400 a day.

This woman identifies herself as Angela (Anji) Long and together with her boyfriend (now husband) Ben Martin...

They created the Global Profit System.

Global Profit System Founders

I want to learn more about the company, so I did some additional research.

It seems that the domain for GPS was created in July of 2018, only a few months past as I am writing this Global Profit System review.

GPS Domain

Global Profit System Product

Once you become a member of GPS, you will then have access to its entire system, tools, and training videos on how to earn money online.

However, you must create an account for GDI, ClickFunnels, and AWeber to be able to make money using the Global Profit System.

Create GDI Account 2

You can subscribe to the three programs using the free trial accounts.

But I'm assuming you will eventually have to go for a paid subscription if you wish to make money with GPS in the long run. The important thing is you must have an account in all three of them.

How Much Can You Earn Using Global Profit System

The amount you can earn with the Global Profit System depends on how many people you can enroll in its three Affiliate Marketing programs.

You will be paid $1/month for every person that subscribes to GDI on your referral. You will also earn a bonus of $100 whenever five people signs up to GDI within a single week.

For ClickFunnels, you will earn a 40% commission from all your referrals on top of your 30% commission from all your referrals in AWeber.

This means that you are running three different Affiliate Marketing businesses in a single platform.

All you need to do now is drive traffic to your GPS website for people to purchase your affiliate products. The best way to promote GPS is by using solo ads, but you can also use free traffic. 

Everything you need to know on how to make money using the Global Profit System is provided in their Free Training.

Cost To Join Global Profit System

It is absolutely free to join and create an account with the Global Profit System. You just have to provide a valid email address and voila! You don't even need to verify anything.

I must say though that having access to GPS alone won't make you money.

Your income will come from products that you promote using the system. So where do you think the $400 monthly income that Anji is talking about? 

Your right!

From the other High-Ticket Affiliate Marketing Programs that she is promoting using Global Profit System. More on this in a moment.

Good Things About Global Profit System

Although rumors of Global Profit System scams are circulating around the Internet, many people are saying good things about this opportunity. Even I have some good stuff I want to highlight about GPS.

#1 Owner Transparency

GPS owners Ben and Angela are real people. I mean they are just like you and me who manage to succeed in Internet Marketing by learning the business and acquiring the skills to do it.

I did some more research about the two, and it is inspiring how they are living their lives as successful online entrepreneurs.

Here's Ben's FB page:

Ben Martin Global Profit System

This is Anji's FB page:

Angela Long Global Profit System

#2 Free To Join

I did tell you that it doesn't matter that much if you can create your GPS account for free because you can't really earn anything without promoting any affiliate products.

However, the advantage of getting access to the Global Profit System back office is that you will also have access to its tools and training resources that can provide you with valuable input on how to succeed in Affiliate Marketing.

#3 High-Quality Training Videos, Tools and Resources

I'm impressed how Ben and Angela put much effort into each of their training videos on GPS.

Each video is very educational, professionally composed, and comes with the right amount of visual aids to make learning as fluent as possible.

You will also learn about traffic generation, keywords, setting up your email list builder, and more.

Yes, you can find similar free training elsewhere, but the way they organized and presented each webinar is excellent.

Global Profit System also have an excellent FAQ Section where you can learn more about the company.

#4 Free Traffic Generation using Twitter

One thing that you will learn with the webinars in the Global Profit System is how to get free targeted traffic using Twitter.

The good thing is that you can use this knowledge not only in GPS but in your other online business as well (if you have any).

Ben get into details about how you can exploit the Twitter search feature to find the people that are most likely searching for your products.

My Concerns About Global Profit System

On the flipside, these are the things that I must bring to your attention about the GPS. These things might not be an issue for you, but I feel that they are things you should be aware of before you join this company.

#1 Everyone is Different

Ben claims that with his system, you do not need to go through challenges to succeed because you will simply clone his work.

No disrespect to Ben and his years of expertise in the field of online marketing, but he makes it sound like GPS is a Get-Rich-Quick program.

That you just need to trust his system, set it up, and money will flow to your wallet. Just because it worked for him doesn't mean it will work for you. I believe this is just a hype to get you to join in.

GPS Issue Number 1

Unfortunately, there is no way to earn money with you not having to do anything. And there is no such thing as a foolproof income generating system.

#2 GPS is Free; Your Affiliate Products are Not

If you are thinking of joining GPS because you can earn 100's and even 1000's of dollars without investing a dime, you are mistaken.

Again, it is free to join the Global Profit System, but for you to be able to make money using the system, you must have an affiliate product to promote. Thus, GDI, ClickFunnels, and AWeber.

These products are not free, and you have to pay a monthly subscription fee.

#3 Misleading Info

Earn $500 Daily With GPS

You may find this statement within the GPS back office but make no mistake; this is not referring to GPS.

The same way that Anji's $400/day earnings most likely did not come from GDI, ClickFunnels or AWeber.

This is actually referring to another high-ticket affiliate marketing program Ben is promoting known as JVZoo. He is not talking about GPS in here.

Ben Martin JVZoo

Ben even spend a considerable amount of time on some of the training videos promoting JVZoo and Wifi Wealth as the secret to your financial freedom with GPS. I discovered all of these because I spent hours watching the videos created by the couple.

Wifi Wealth is another High-Ticket Affiliate Marketing program created by none other than Angela Long.

Wifi Wealth Anji Long

There is nothing wrong about this since they own the platform anyway so they can advertise anything they want.

It's just that the way they promote GPS is very misleading.

It's easy for other people to think that all these money that they say they earn can be made just by using the Global Profit System and nothing else.

If you think that GPS is just a front for Ben and Anji to earn more money from their other affiliate business programs, then you are probably right.

And in a more serious matter, do you think that there are indeed Global Profit System scams going on? I would also like to hear your thoughts in the Comment Section below.

#4 No Real Successful Stories

Other than Ben and Anji themselves, it's hard to find anyone online who claims to have made money with Global Profit System.

You may find a few people who are promoting the company, but it is safe to assume that these are their affiliates, and even they cannot present proof of their earnings.

In their defense, though, I am not giving the company a hard time about this in a sense that GPS is relatively new in the Affiliate Marketing scene.

Therefore, it is not surprising that there are not many people making money with it yet.

Are There Global Profit System Scams Going On?

I'm afraid I cannot give you a definite answer regarding this issue. I also believe that this matter has something to do with how you define a scam.

If scams for you are paying money and not getting something in return, then GPS is not a scam in a sense that it is free to access the whole system.

However, if a scam for you is being promised something but getting an entirely different thing in return, then I cannot blame you if you think Global Profit System is a scam.

In fact, I wouldn't blame the people spreading the Global Profit System scam rumors.

Maybe they didn't fully understand what GPS is or they didn't take the time to research by watching the videos Ben and Anji provided within the back office.

It may also have something to do with how the couple presented GPS as the system that will earn you $500 or more without having to do any work when in fact; they are talking about JVZoo and Wifi Wealth.

My Two Cents

Nevertheless, I think that GPS is a decent (not good nor bad) platform to get started with Affiliate Marketing.

I say decent because I have reviewed worse programs to what Ben and Anji offers. That being said, I also have reviewed much better programs that you can get started with if you want to venture in Affiliate Marketing.

For starters, you can get started with this beginner-friendly Affiliate Marketing training program for free!

Global Profit System Alternatives

The idea behind Global Profit System it that it allows you to have a multiple Affiliate Marketing income streams in a single platform.

This is a cool idea and could work well if and only if...

You will learn more about Affiliate Marketing, its pitfalls and how to succeed with this online business model.

You must have a better understanding of the ins and outs of the business, especially on how to get all kinds of traffic (paid, organic, targeted) to your website.

Meanwhile, if you want to consider other online business opportunities for beginners other than Affiliate Marketing, you can click here.

My Humble Advice

Before I end this Global Profit System review, allow me to share one important piece of advice. A real secret to success if you will.

No matter which business opportunity you decide to start with the hope of reaching financial freedom, you must make sure that you are doing something you are passionate about.

Believe me, when the time comes that the going gets rough and your business is not turning the way you want it to be, your love and commitment to what you are doing is what will push you to see it through.

It may take months or years before you reach your goal. But if you are truly passionate about it with the guide of a reliable success blueprint, you will eventually get there.

Final Words

Thank you for taking the time to read this Global Profit System review. I hope that this gives you a better insight into the truth behind the Global Profit System scam rumors going on.

If you think this is helpful, kindly share this to the people you know. That way, they too would be guided on the proper course of action to take regarding this online business opportunity.

On the other hand, if you have anything to share or ask about Ben Martin and Angela Long's Global Profit System, feel free to utilize the Comment Section below.

Until next time and I wish you all the success in the future.

Your pal,




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Global Profit System Review Summary
Global Profit System Scam Review

Name: Global Profit System

Description: The idea behind the Global Profit System (GPS)is to allow you to create multiple income streams within a single platform and to generate it on autopilot. GPS promises to give you access with different tools so you can earn passive income from various Affiliate Marketing programs and manage them all in one place. Sad to say, GPS has a major flaw which is why many people don't earn a decent income with this program. Read this review to find out more.

  • Overall Global Profit System Business Opportunity Rating

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Founders: Angela (Anji) Long and Ben Martin 

Price: Free to join; many upsells

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