51 High Ticket Affiliate Programs

If you want to make it BIG with Affiliate Marketing, it is wise to work with High Ticket Affiliate Programs, as well as Recurring Affiliate Programs.

If you are on this page, I presume that you already know what Affiliate Marketing is and how you can become success with it, so I won’t beat around the bush.

In case you are not sure how to be successful with Affiliate Marketing, you can read this article.

To be successful in Affiliate Marketing, you need to direct people to the most suitable products. There’s no one product that is suitable for everyone, and you have to understand the needs of your visitors.

You must have a diverse pool of affiliate products that you can promote, however, your products can’t diverge much from your niche, it has to be relevant.

So, it’s really important to understand the people in your niche thoroughly in order to connect the right people with the right products, and be successful.

This list of high ticket affiliate programs is not an exhaustive list, but rather a list to be expanded upon.

If you have a high ticket affiliate program that is not disclosed here, please let me know by leaving a comment at the end of this article.

I’ll be more than happy to add it to this list if it fits the criteria of a high ticket program.

Now, let’s get right into it…

This list will disclose high ticket affiliate programs in the following niches:

  • Internet Marketing
  • Trading and Investment
  • Debt Relief
  • Travel
  • Internet Essentials
  • Golf
  • Drone and Flying Objects
  • Health and Fitness
  • Medical Equipment

Find out more about the list of Best Recurring Affiliate Programs here.

High Ticket Internet Marketing Affiliate Programs

#1 Legendary Marketer (Read Full Review)

Legendary Marketer High Ticker

Legendary Marketer aims to teach individuals to become great online marketers. It also offers people a chance to be financially free promoting its membership.

Its membership starts with a low ticket membership fee, and as members work with a private coach through the funnel within the membership area, they will be introduced to the high ticket offers.

Through my experience, its high ticket offers are highly convertible, and the best part is you don’t have to sell the offers yourself, the private coach will do it for you.

Here’s the commission structure:

Product Name


​Commission Rate

​Commission Amount

Legendary Marketer Club

​$30/month or $179/year


​$18/month or $107.40/year

Traffic Rolodex




Invisible Influencer




Legendary Builder Masterclass




Legendary Leader Masterclass




Legendary Marketer Mastermind




Legendary Entrepreneur




Legendary Lifestyle Experience




​The best part is, you don’t have to purchase the top tier products to earn the commissions, but the catch is, you’ll only earn commissions from the 4th sale of the product that you don’t own. The commissions from the first 3 sale will be given up.

All you have to do to start promoting Legendary Marketer is to join the Legendary Marketer Club.

Click here to join and promote Legendary Marketer


#2 Click Funnels (Read Full Review)

Click Funnels High Ticket

Click Funnels is basically an Internet Marketing software tool, however, they are offering more than just a tool.

There are many education programs that are operated by Click Funnels. If you are already a skilled internet marketer, you’ll love to promote this program, because there’s really a ton of valuable Internet Marketing knowledge in this program.

If you want to learn more about Click Funnels, you can read the review here.

Product Name

Product Price

Commission Rate

Commission Amount

Click Funnels

​$97/month or $297/month


​$38.80/month or $118.80/month

Funnel Hacks




DotComSecrets Book Funnel




Expert Secrets Book Funnel




Funnel Scripts




Funnel University

​$67/month or $597/year + $297


​$26.80/month or $238.80/year + $297

The Perfect Webinar




*Potential Earnings

The best part about this program is that it is totally free to join, and you’ll get a $997 worth of affiliate marketing training for FREE.

So, if you are totally new to making money online, this will be a good place for you to start.

Click here to Create your FREE Click Funnels Affiliate Account

#3 Authority Hacker (Read Full Review)

Authority Hacker High Ticket

This is a step by step training program that teaches beginners how to build an Authority Website to earn a living online.

This comprehensive training course has three membership levels, however, every new member has to purchase the first level of membership before they are introduced to the other memberships.

Product Name

Product Price

Commission Rate

Commission Amount

The Authority Site System




Authority Hacker Pro




Authority Hacker Pro Platinum




​The product owners are selective with their affiliates (its totally understandable) and they will want to review your promotional methods before approving your affiliate account.

Click here to Create your Authority Hacker Affiliate Account

#4 Inbox Blueprint (Read Full Review)

Inbox Blueprint High Ticket

This is an Internet Marketing training course developed by Anik Singal where he teaches people how to use an email list to create a lucrative online business.

Product Name

Product Price

Commission Rate

Commission Amount

Inbox Blueprint

​$397 x 3 or $997


​$198.50 or $498.50

Authority Hacker Pro




Authority Hacker Pro Platinum




​Click here to Create your Inbox Blueprint Affiliate Account

#5 Ray Edwards’ Copywriting Academy (Read Full Review)

Ray Edwards Copywriting Academy High Ticket

If you have a pool of aspiring copywriters or small business owners in your email list, then this will be an easy sell.

This high ticket copywriting course was responsible for doubling my sales conversion rate for my online business, and it has revealed the concepts of a good copy.

This course is a no-brainer for anyone who wants to increase their sales conversion.

However, this course is not available all year round. Enrollment to the Copywriting Academy is only available once a year.

So, as an affiliate, you’ll have to gear up when the cart opens.

Product Name

Product Price

Commission Rate

Commission Amount

The Copywriting Academy

​$1,995 or 4 x $595


​$798 or 4 x $238

​​Copywriting Academy Affiliate ​Program has closed

#6 Tai Lopez (Read Full Review)

Tai Lopez High Ticket

There are basically 3 core programs that affiliates can promote.

The 67 Steps is a transformational program where it will condition a person’s mind for success.

Social Media Marketing Agency (SMMA) teaches an average person how to create a home based social media marketing agency.

Bitcoin Crypto Mastermind, the name speaks for itself. It is basically an event that talks about how you can invest in Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies.

Product Name

Product Price

Commission Rate

Commission Amount

The 67 Steps


​50% – 75%






Bitcoin Crypto Mastermind

​No Info Yet

​No Info Yet

​No Info Yet

*Potential Earnings

Click here to Create your Tai Lopez Affiliate Account

High Ticket Trading and Investment Affiliate Programs

#7 Etoro (Read Full Review)

Etoro is a social trading platform where you can copy other successful traders’ trades automatically.

So, aspiring traders or investors do not need to know how to trade, but they must be good at sourcing out good traders to copy.

It is also a great place for aspiring traders to learn how to trade as it has a demo account that mirrors the real time charts.

Affiliates are compensated in 2 different ways, (1) Cost per Action where affiliates will receive a maximum of $400 depending on the deposit made by the referee, (2) 25% of the trading fee for each trade done by the referee.

Product Name

Product Price

Commission Rate

Commission Amount




​Maximum of $400 or $25% of trading fees on all trades

Click here to Create your Etoro Account

#8 Regal Assets Affiliate Program

If you own a trading and investment blog, you can’t miss this affiliate opportunity.

Also every pro investor will want to buy gold as investment, so by recommending them to buy gold from Regal Assets, you can get a 3% commission.

Though the commission rate looks meager, but it can add up to a huge chunk because of the size of the investment.

Product Name

Product Price

Commission Rate

Commission Amount

Gold Affiliate Program

​$20,000 to $80,000


​$600 to $2,400

Click here to Create your Regal Assets Affiliate Account

#9 Colmex Pro

Colmex Pro is a trading platform that allows its traders to trade in US Stocks, Forex, CFD’s, Futures, Options and Indexes.

Here’s the compensation scheme:

Product Name

Product Price

Commission Rate

Commission Amount

Colmex Pro Deposits

​Minimum Deposit of $3,000


​$90 to $1,000*

Colmex Pro Revenue Share

Click here to learn more about the fee schedule

​25% of trading fee for each trade

​Varies on the trading size

​To learn more about the affiliate program, click here.

*Depending on the deposit amount

Click here to Create your Colmex Pro Affiliate Account

#10 Plus500 Trading Platform

Similar to Etoro and Colmex Pro, Plus500 is a trading platform.

What’s different about this program is that its affiliate program called “+500Affiliates” has won the “best Forex Affiliate Program”.

Because of the complexity of the compensation plan, you’ll have to visit the compensation plan page here.

Click here to Create your +500Affiliates Account

#11 IQOption

Unlike the other trading platforms, IQOption do not compensate on the deposit, however, it offers one of the highest revenue share of 50%.

So, as long as you referred a sizable number of active traders, you’ll continually earn 50% of the brokerage fee on each trade.

Imagine having 10 active traders executing 10 to 50 trades a day, you’ll earn quite a size-able income from this affiliate program.

Click here to Create your IQOption Affiliate Account

#12 TradingView

Again, if you have a trading and investment blog, this is not one that you should miss.

Almost everyone who sees your blog would want to learn how to be a successful trader, on top of just providing a trading platform to your audience, you can direct them to a place to learn how to be a successful trader.

Yes. TradingView offers its students many trading courses that they can dive in, and the best part is you can earn a 30% commission from each of those educational programs. That’s a big deal! You’ll know what I mean when you see this:

Product Name

Product Price

Commission Rate

Commission Amount

​Million Dollar Traders Course




Harmonic Pattern Foundation Course








5-Step-Trading Stocks Series




5-Step-Trading FX




Lex’s Technical Trading Strategies




5-Step-Trading Gold




Click here to Create your TradingView Affiliate Account

High Ticket Debt Relief Affiliate Programs

There are just so many Debt Relief programs, but which should you choose?

I would advise that you do some due diligence on each program before signing up as an affiliate. Do not join a program just because of its high commission payout, but join one that is the most helpful to your audience.

With that said, let’s get into the list:

#13 Curadebt

Like many Debt Relieve programs, Curadebt targets only U.S. citizens.

This is probably one of the highest paying Debt Relieve affiliate program.

If you are a U.S. citizen, you’ll know that Debt Relieve is a big thing now, and the services in this niche is in high demand.

If you own a blog or a Youtube channel about Debt and Finance, you are going to love this affiliate program, because you have the potential to earn up to $500 per enrollment.

There are several ways that you can earn from this program, and you have to select either one of the following:



​Pay Per Confirmed Enrollment

​$350 – $500

​Pay Per Debt Lead

​$25 + $100 bonus per sign up

​Pay Per Call related to Debt Relieve

​$40 – $50

​Pay Per Tax Lead

​$35 + $100 bonus per sign up

​Pay Per Call related to IRS or State Tax Debt Relieve

​$44 – $55

​Referring other Affiliates

​10% of your recruits’ earnings

Click here to Create your Curadebt Affiliate Account

#14 National Debt Relief

For affiliates with U.S. traffic sources only.

This program is comparable to Curadebt as it recently introduced the “Per Confirmed Enrollment” scheme.

However, it is a flat pay out of $300.

Let’s get into details:



​Pay Per Qualified Lead


​Pay Per Qualified Free Debt Relief Phone Call


​Pay Per Enrollment


​Referring other Affiliates

​12% of your recruits’ earnings

​What I like most about this program is that it provides affiliates with training and resources to maximize lead conversions.

This program leverages on an Affiliate Network called “ShareASale” to manage their affiliate  program. So, you’ll have to create an account with ShareASale to promote this program.

Click here to learn more about National Debt Relief’s Affiliate Program

#15 American Debt Enders

Here’s what you will earn:



​Pay Per Qualified Lead


​Pay Per Debt Settlement Enrollment


​Pay Per Debt Management Enrollment


​Pay Per Student Loan Enrollment


​Pay Per Private Student Loan Program


​Pay Per Ch7 Enrollment


​Pay Per Pay Day Loan Program Enrollment


Click here to Learn More about the American Debt Enders’ Affiliate Program

#16 911 Tax Relief

This affiliate program is only suitable if your traffic sources are all from the U.S.

This company targets U.S. citizens who owes the IRS $10,000 or more in taxes and have not paid them. This company solves the debt problems for the U.S. citizens.

If you leverage on this affiliate program and point the target audiences to 911 Tax Relief, it could be a lucrative business.

As long as your lead is legitimate, which means that she/he provided the correct contact information, is a U.S. citizen and owes IRS $10,000 or more in tax debt, you are qualified to earn a commission.

911 Tax Relief pays you $45 to $100 for each qualified lead.

Though it may meager, but imagine sending 100 qualified leads to them per month, you’ll earn a full time income already.

Affiliate Application is closed.

#17 Americapital

Unlike other affiliate programs where they will only take in customers with $10,000 debt or above, this company takes in customers with debt of as low as $5,000.

What you will earn from this affiliate program is a 10% of the debt of each enrollment.

So, if you send someone with a debt of $10,000 to Americapital and she/he has enrolled with the company, you’ll earn $1,000 as commission.

This is unlike others where they will pay you per lead.

Your income with this affiliate program is a reflection of your qualified customers’ debt.

Click here to Learn More about Americapital’s Affiliate Program

#18 DMB Financial

Similar to Americapital, you’ll be compensated based on the debt amount of the enrollment.

However, instead of a percentage of the debt, DMB Financial compensates in several tiers:

Amount of Debt per Client

Your Commission

​$5,000 – $9,999


​$​10,000 – $​19,999


​​More than $20,000


Click here to Learn More about DMB Financial’s Affiliate Program

High Ticket Travel Affiliate Programs

The travel industry is huge, and there are so many affiliate programs that you can join.

In here, I will expand a list of affiliate programs that a travel affiliate can join.

#19 Superstar Blogging by Nomadic Matt

Whether you are new to the travel industry or you are a veteran, joining this affiliate program can help you earn a lucrative income.

Some visitors would want to know how you created your blog, and they would be interested to be travel bloggers as well.

The idea of earning while travelling is just so compelling.

Instead of you creating your own course to teach people how to travel blog, you can direct your visitors to Superstar Blogging.

Here’s what you will earn:

Product Name

Product Price

​Commission Rate

Commission Amount

The Business of Travel Blogging




How to become a Travel Writer




How to become a Travel Photographer




How to become a Travel Filmmaker




 Click here to Create your Superstar Blogging Affiliate Account

#20 Booking.com

If you ever plan to book a vacation online, you’ll most likely come across booking.com.

And, if you operate a travel site, it would be wise to recommend people to book their vacation with Booking.com. Why?

Booking.com pays you a percentage of the commissions they earn from each confirmed booking, and your commission rate starts at 25%.

As you send more referrals to Booking.com, your commission rate increases through a tiered structure, and if refer more than 501 confirmed bookings every month, your commission rate will be a whooping 40%.

Click here to Create your Booking.com Affiliate Account

#21 TripAdvisor

TripAdvisor is one of the most trusted Travel review site in the world, and any travelers will visitor TripAdvisor while planning for their trip.

By directing your site visitors to TripAdvisor, you’ll be able to earn a 50% commission from whatever TripAdvisor earns through your referral.

If your referral buys a tour package through TripAdvisor, TripAdvisor earns a commission from the vendor, and you get a 50% cut of what TripAdvisor earns.

The more people you send to TripAdvisor, the more you’ll earn. It’s that simple.

Click here to Create your TripAdvisor Affiliate Account

#22 TravelPayouts

TravelPayouts is probably one of the most lucrative Travel Affiliate programs as it offers 80% revenue share with its affiliates.

The best part about this is that you can white label their booking engines and run it as your own website.

This is huge because anyone who doesn’t own a travel website can now own a travel business, and all they have to do is to get the word out to get people to buy travel packages through their site.

You can even build your own brand with TravelPayouts’ back-end engine.

On top of that, I like the transparency of this program because it has a calculator that shows you how much you can earn when someone travels with TravelPayouts.

Unlike most Travel Affiliate programs where affiliates will run into technical issues and lousy support, TravelPayouts provides one of the best user experience.

Click here to Create your TravelPayouts Affiliate Account

#23 Agoda

Agoda is one of the biggest booking website for Hotels and Private Rentals.

Like Booking.com, its commission structure is tiered based.

Number of Departures

Affiliate Commission Percentage

​1 – 49


​50 – 99


​100 – 199


​200 – 999




​Your commission is calculated the following way:

Commission Paid = (CI – HI – (CI*PP)) * ACP

CI = Client Invoice (Client paid to Agoda)

HI = Hotel Invoice (Agoda paid to Hotel)

PP = Processing Percentage @ 2.6%

ACP = Affiliate Commission Percentage

To me, this is one of the simplest commission structure I see from travel affiliate sites, and probably one of the easiest to implement for any travel bloggers to monetize their site.

Click here to Create your Agoda Affiliate Account

#24 Cruise Direct

If you are interested in promoting cruise packages, this is one of the most lucrative affiliate programs in the niche.

It offers a 3% gross sales commission.

Though it sound meager, but remember, cruise packages for a family can easily cost up to $5,000, and you’ll get to earn $150 from just one referral. That’s not bad!

Click here to Create your Cruise Direct Affiliate Account

High Ticket Internet Essentials Affiliate Programs

#25 WP Engine

WP Engine is one of the highest paying web hosting service on the internet.

It uniquely targets high end customers, like small and medium businesses or large corporations. This program is not suitable for bloggers or small site owners (although it has a low tier package), because it limits the number of site visits.

What is unique about this program is that it offers great solutions for corporations to run highly customized wordpress websites that provides great user interface and fast loading time.

Corporations which do not have an in-house IT department will love this solution because WP Engine has a dedicated team of WordPress developers to meet its clients’ expectations.

If you are promoting WP Engine, forget about the low tier solutions for small site owners because there are better solutions for them. Focus on the SMEs and the corporations, you’ll earn big commissions from that.

Here’s what you will earn:

“$200 per new customer or 100% of the customer’s first monthly payment (whichever is higher)”

Just imagine referring a corporation that signs a $7,500 hosting package…

Click here to Create your WP Engine Affiliate Account

#26 Liquid Web

Like WP Engine, it is a top tier web hosting platform targeted at SMEs and Corporations.

More than just a wordpress hosting platform, this allows its customers to run their website with their preferred Content Management System (CMS), like Joomla or Drupal.

SMEs and Corporations will like this kind of platforms because it offers a total solution for them.

I worked in a firm that relies on service providers that runs an internal server, and boy, there’s a lot of complication. In the end, they subscribed to hosting services like Liquid Web and WP Engine.

Because of the complexity of the affiliate compensation, I can’t disclosure the entire structure here. Click here to see the full list of compensation.

Click here to Create your Liquid Web Affiliate Account

#27 Hostgator

Hostgator is one of the most trusted brands for website hosting, and any website owners (new or veteran) will already know the existence of the program.

This could be an additional lucrative income if done right, because…

Sign ups per month


​1 – 5

​$50 per sign up

​6 – 10

​$75 per sign up

​11 – 20

​$100 per sign up



​Just sending 21 new sign ups in any particular month to Hostgator will earn you an income of $2,625.

If you have a large audience of aspiring bloggers or site owners who runs into problems with other hosting platform, you could easily send a ton of traffic to hostgator.

Top affiliates of Hostgator earns a whopping $41k per month.

Click here to Create your Hostgator Affiliate Account

#28 Bluehost

Like Hostgator, Bluehost is a well known branding in the web hosting industry, and its services are highly competitive with Hostgator.

Though their similarities, the compensation plan for their affiliates are rather different.

Hostgator has a tiered based compensation plan, but Bluehost offers a flat rate of $65 per new sign ups.

I would definitely prefer to promote Bluehost if I am just starting out, but the earning potential for Hostgator is much higher as the traffic to your website grows.

Like I’ve said, offer a range of products for your visitors, never restrict yourself to one.

Click here to Create your BlueHost Affiliate Account

#29 Thrive Themes (Read Full Review)

Probably one of the best WordPress Themes and Plugins I’ve seen.

This site is built with Thrive Themes and its plugins as well.

All of the themes and plugins are sales conversion focused, and that’s why many authority blogs and site owners loves their products.

Thrive Themes have a great value proposition. A new customer can enjoy all of the themes plus plugins that Thrive Themes has developed for just $19 per month (paid annually – $228).

As a Thrive Theme Affiliate, you’ll earn a 50% commission on the first year sale ($114), and a 25% commission on the recurring yearly payments ($57).

Click here to Create your ThriveThemes Affiliate Account

#30 StudioPress

If you love the WordPress Genesis framework, you will love what StudioPress has done with it.

Using the Genesis Framework, StudioPress has created a series of visual friendly and high functionality wordpress themes.

On top of that, it provides a hosting platform for wordpress sites as well.

The StudioPress Themes typically cost between $99.95 to $129.95, as an affiliate, you’ll earn 35% of the sale, which is between $35 to $45 per sale.

If you referral bought a hosting package with StudioPress, here’s what you’ll earn:

Sign ups per month


​1 – 5

​$75 per sign up

​6 – 10

​$100 per sign up

​11 +

​$150 per sign up

​This is a highest paying site hosting platform, however, please do your due diligence before promoting it as the “best” site hosting platform. Honesty wins the game.

Click here to Create your StudioPress Affiliate Account

High Ticket Golfing Affiliate Programs

The golf niche is booming, and many aspiring golfers are willing to pay top dollar just to improve their skills.

If you have been promoting low ticket golf products all this while, it’s time to put some NOZ to your income.

#31 Golf Simulator Store

As the name suggests, it is a place that sells Golf Simulators, and you know they are super expensive.

But hey, people who play golf do have that kind of spare cash. I would guess the cost of a Golf Simulator is chump change to them.

With that said, a golf simulator will cost between €8,250 to €23,995, and as an affiliate, you can earn a 10% base commission.

There are several products that will earn you a 15% commission. You can check the full details through the link below.

Click here to Create your Golf Simulator Store Affiliate Account

#32 Protee UK Golf Simulators

This is another Golf Simulator website.

Though its affiliates earn a smaller commission rate of 5%, this program offers more products than Golf Simulator Store.

A standard Protee Base Pack will cost anywhere between £4,794 to £7,794, and its other essentials will cost between £2,600 to £5,000. A super customized solution would cost more than £25,000!

So, a 5% of the minimum would be £369.70, and its top tier products can earn you a good £1,200 and above.

Plus, you must remember, it is £ not $.

Click here to Create your Protee UK Affiliate Account

#33 PurePoint Golf

Whether you are a novice or a pro, this program provides training courses for every level of Golfing.

And, because they are so confident of their products, they will offer a refund if the customer doesn’t see results.

So, you know this program has a high conversion rate!

They have a wide range of DVDs for every levels that cost between $39.99 to $72, and they have a range of training aids that cost between $19.99 to $79.99.

All affiliates will receive a 50% of all products sold through their affiliate link.

Unfortunately the Affiliate Program is Closed

#34 Golf Coach Systems

Golf Coach Systems has developed a software called MotionView to analyze your Golf Swing, and it automatically tells you what and where to improve.

It’s almost like having a personal coach right beside you.

Golf Coach Systems only provides 25% affiliate commission on all software sold, and though the commission sounds meager, its software isn’t cheap.

A basic MotionView software with 12 months of software update will cost $455.

And there are several MotionView packages as well that ranges between $750 to $2,179.55.

Just image earning a 25% commission on those high ticket packages.

Click here to Create your Golf Coach Systems Affiliate Account

#35 Roger Fredericks Golf & Fitness Learning Center

This website offers a wide range of products from apparels to Books to DVDs and many more.

Though the products are not high ticket, but when a visitor buys multiple items, it could add up to a huge amount easily.

As an affiliate, you’ll earn a 25% commission on all sales.

Click here to Create your R.F. Golf & Fitness Affiliate Account

#36 Pro Putt Systems

Though this program does not accept new affiliates now, I think it is worth a mention, and just in case they accept new affiliates again.

Pro Putt Systems offer a wide range of Golfing products, from Golf Hitting Mats to Golf Room Installation.

Affiliates will earn between $80 to $450 per sale, and this is one of the highest paying affiliate programs.

Too bad it is closed for new affiliates, but you’ll never know if it re-opens again.

Here’s the Pro Putt Systems Affiliate Page

High Ticket Drone Affiliate Programs

This is a niche that is quietly booming! More and more people are getting interested in flying drones.

Be it for personal use (like taking a selfie), or for professional use (creating corporate videos or films), there is a high demand for flying drones.

A simple search in Google trends shows that the popularity of “Flying Drones” has been on the rise since 2012, and if you are an affiliate marketer in this niche, you could really earn a handsome profit.

Here are several high ticket drone affiliate programs that are worth a look:

#37 DJI Affiliate Program

DJI seems to be one of the leading brands in the drone market.

DJI’s drones are stylish, modern, and well equipped.

There are basically 6 different models of drones catered for different occasions. As an affiliate, you’ll a basic commission rate of 5%, and when there’s a sales promotion, you’ll have a chance to earn a 8% commission.

Product Name

Product Price

Commission Rate

Commission Amount





Mavic Air




Mavic Pro




Phantom 4 Advanced




Phantom 4 Pro




Inspire 2




Matrice 600 Pro




Of course, there are other accessories that people will buy, and that adds on to your commission as well.

Click here to Create your DJI Affiliate Account

#38 Hobby Tron

More than just a site that sells drones, Hobby Tron sells many other types of novelty products. They have RC Helicopters, RC Vehicles, Airsoft Guns, Toys and many more.

So, you are not restricted to sell only Drones.

Products from Hobby Tron can cost up to $2,950.

Plus, you’ll get a good 8% commission on all products sold through your affiliate link.

Click here to Create your Hobby Tron Affiliate Account

#39 Amazon

We all know what Amazon is. It is one of the largest e-commerce store in the world.

With an Amazon Affiliate account, you’ll have a diverse portfolio of products that you can promote.

Amazon award 4% commission to affiliates who promotes drones, and honestly, there are many high ticket drones on Amazon. From brands like DJI (as seen above) to Yuneec, and the most expensive of all, which cost $10k and above, is Freefly Alta.

The last seen price for a Freefly Alta 6 is $11,995. Selling one unit of this will earn you a profit of $479.80.

Click here to Create your Amazon Affiliate Account

#40 AerialTech

Another e-commerce store that is focused on selling drones.

This company is one of the leading drone distributors in Canada and it has been operational since 2014.

You’ll earn a 4% commission on all sales through your affiliate link and it has a 30 day sticky cookie.

Meaning, if your referral buys a product within 30 days, you’ll earn a commission.

Visit Website: Click here

Click here to Create your AerialTech Affiliate Account

#41 One Drone

One Drone is a Europe based e-commerce store that sells flying objects and its accessories.

It gives a diverse range of flight objects and it is a store that flight enthusiast will love.

As an affiliate, you’ll find it easy to find products to review, and you’ll earn a 3% commission from all sales through your affiliate link.

Visit Website: Click here

Click here to Create your one Drone Affiliate Account

#42 DroneFly

I wished this affiliate program was still active because this affiliate program was unique.

It was unique because it has a 4 tier compensation scheme.


Commission Rate





3rd & 4th


This means that your direct referral sale will earn you a 5% commission, and if you recruit other affiliate members, you’ll basically earn a cut of their commission.

Tier 3 and 4 are affiliates whom your 2nd tier affiliates recruited, you’ll earn a cut of their commissions as well. This is just like a Multi-Level Marketing company.

Too bad the affiliate program doesn’t exist anymore, but it is still worthy of mention.

And, in case the affiliate program is up and running, you’ll be notified here.

Visit Website: Click here

DroneFly Affiliate Registration Closed

High Ticket Health and Fitness Programs

Health and Fitness is one of the most competitive niches to be in, and it is also one of the most profitable as well.

There are hundreds, if not thousands of affiliate programs in this niche, and you just have to find the right combination of products to promote to be successful in this niche.

Without further ado, here are some high ticket affiliate programs in this niche:

#43 Life Fitness

You can’t earn huge commission in this niche unless you sell fitness equipment, like a treadmill or an upright bike.

Life Fitness is a well known brand in the industry that sells high-end fitness equipment.

It’s average order value is approximately $3,000, and as an affiliate, you can earn a good 8% commission.

Here are some high ticket products in Life Fitness:

Product Name

Product Price

Commission Rate

Commission Amount

Treadmill Desk

$2,499 to $3,298


$199.92 to $263.84

Club Series Recumbent Lifecycle Exercise Bike

$2,999 to $3,498


$239.92 to $279.84

Integrity Series Certified Used Treadmill




Certified Used 95X Inspire Cross-Trainer




Augie’s Quest Lifecycle Bike




Platinum Club Series Recumbent Lifecycle Exercise Bike

$4,499 to $7,498


$359.92 to $599.84

Platinum Club Series FlexStrider

$8,999 to $11,199


$719.92 to $895.92

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#44 Pro-Form

The difference between Pro-Form and Life Fitness is that Pro-Form targets average working class individuals, while Life Fitness targets the rich.

Pro-Form has a better commission rate than Life Fitness, but its products are much cheaper.

Well, like I’ve said, as an affiliate, you should always have a diverse range of products that caters to different types of consumers.

So, here’s what you can earn:

Your Total Commission

Your Commission Rate

$0 – $10,000


$10,001 to $20,000


$20,001 to $30,000


$30,001 +


Here are some of Pro-Form’s high ticket products:

Product Name

Product Price

Pro 1000 Treadmill


Pro 16.9 Ellipticals


TDF Pro 5.0 Exercise Bike


HIIT Trainer Pro


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#45 Net2Finess

This is the only affiliate program in this niche that provides a 2 tier commission payout.

Which means that if you recruit other affiliates to promote the products of Net2Fitness, you’ll earn a cut of your recruit’s commission.

The website of Net2Fitness looks a little outdated, but it has a wide range of products (both low and high ticket).

Here’s what you can earn as an affiliate:


Commission Rate





And, here are some high ticket products of Net2Fitness:

Product Name

Product Price

Body Solid Pro Club Chest Press SBP100G


Endurance T10HRC Commercial Treadmill


Body Solid Endurance B3R Recumbent Bike


Maximus MX325 Multi Press / Row Combo


Maximus MX335 Seated Tricep / Bicep


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#46 Workout Warehouse

As the name suggest, it is basically a warehouse that houses several brands of fitness equipment.

Among other brands like Nordic Track, Weslo, and HealthRider, Workout Warehouse also sells products of Pro-Form (as shown above).

And, its affiliate commission plan is exactly the same as Pro-Form as well.

Your Total Commission

Your Commission Rate

$0 – $10,000


$10,001 to $20,000


$20,001 to $30,000


$30,001 +


Here are some high ticket products from Workout Warehouse:

Product Name

Product Price

HealthRider SoftStrider Treadmill


HealthRider H82E Elliptical


NordicTrack Commercial 2950


FreeMotion 1020 SY Dual Station System


FreeMotion S83 Power System


 Visit website: Click here

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#47 Wahoo Fitness

There dozens of low ticket products on this website and that’s what we are not interested in for this article.

But, if you are interested in promoting the low ticket products, you’ll get a 10% commission from each successful sale.

What we are interested in is the high ticket products, and this website gives a 7.5% commission for the sale of its “KICKR” brand products.

Product Name

Product Price

Commission Rate

Commission Amount

KICKR Snap Bike Trainer




KICKR Climb Indoor Grade Simulator




KICKR Snap Trainer Indoor Cycling Pain Cave Bundle




KICKR Snap Trainer and CTS Coaching




KICKR Power Trainer




KICKR Trainer Indoor Cycling Pain Cave Bundle




KICKR Power Trainer and CTS Coaching




Ultimate Cycle Wahooligan Bundle




So, there’s quite a lot of high ticket products from Wahoo Fitness.

Visit website: Click here

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#48 BowFlex

BowFlex has its own brand of Fitness Equipment.

The review type product pages provides clarity to its visitors, and in my opinion, they are highly convertible, so it won’t be a waste sending traffic to BowFlex.

As an affiliate, you’ll earn a 7% commission on all sales. Here are some high ticket products from BowFlex:

Product Name

Product Price

Commission Rate

Commission Amount

BowFlex TreadClimber TC100




BowFlex TreadClimber TC200




BowFlex HVT




BowFlex HVT+




BowFlex Max Trainer M5




BowFlex Max Trainer M7




BowFlex BXT116 Treadmill




BowFlex BXT216 Treadmill




Visit website: Click here

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High Ticket Medical Equipment Affiliate Programs

We all gets old one day, and we will need medical equipment to support us.

Unfortunately, these medical essentials for the elderly doesn’t come cheap.

Affiliates who are in the medical niche will want to look into these programs, because these may be their ticket to become financially free.

#49 Mountainside Medical Equipment

People who visits the website will find it easy to navigate because the owners have categories their products carefully.

I mean, they have to group them properly because of the huge range of products that they offer.

This is probably one of the highest paying affiliate program in the niche, however, if you find something more rewarding than this, please let me know by leaving a comment at the end of this article.

So, affiliates will earn a 10% commission on all sales through the affiliate link.

Here are some high ticket products from this program:

Product Name

Product Price

Commission Rate

Commission Amount

Equinox Transportable Oxygen Concentrator with Autosat




Eclipse 5 Transportable Oxygen Concetrator with Accessories




Airsep Focus Portable Oxygen Concentrator




Airsep Freestyle 5 Portable Oxygen Concentrator




Invacare Platinum 10 Litre Oxygen Concentrator




​Visit website: Click here

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#50 Medical Supply Depot

The higher tier products in Medical Supply Depot are rather different from Mountainside Medical.

So, this will be a good combination of affiliate programs for your affiliate site.

The commission rate is tiered base as follows:

Sales Volume for the month

Commission Rate

​$1 – $2,500


​$2,501 – $7,499




​And, here are some high ticket products sold in the Medical Supply Depot:

Product Name

Product Price

​Drive King Cobra PGV Executive Scooter


​Invacare Roze Stand Up Lift


​Invacare Reliant Stand Up Lift


​Drive Medical Stand-Assist Rechargeable Battery


​Drive Medical Trident Heavy-Duty Powerchair


​Visit website: Click here

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 #51 Medical Department Store

This program offers a ton of high ticket products that help with the mobility of a patient.

As an affiliate, you earn a flat rate of 5% commission.

Here are some high ticket products sold in the Medical Department Store:

Product Name

Product Price

Commission Rate

Commission Amount

Harmar EPL400 Enclosed Vertical Platform Lift




Harmar TG400 Toe Guard Commercial Platform Lift




Harmar CPL400P Vertical Platform Lift




Passport Vertical Platform Lift




Harmar RP350-S Alpine Signature Stair Lift




​Visit website: Click here

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 Phew! That’s a long list and I hope that you have enjoyed this list of high ticket affiliate programs.

If you find any high ticket affiliate programs that are not listed here, please let me know by leaving a comment below.

I would love to continuously update this article to help people who are looking for high ticket programs in their niches.

Thank you once again for reading this!

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