How to Become Successful with Affiliate Marketing?

Congratulations for coming to this page! It would mean that you are serious about becoming successful with affiliate marketing.

And, this article is all about helping you reach your goal.

If you come here from the previous article I wrote on how long does it take to become successful with Affiliate Marketing, then you already know that success in this business is within arms reach.

Before I give you the answer (the success blueprint) you are looking for…

Allow me to share with you the advantages of affiliate marketing (if you don’t already know).

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The Advantages Of Being An Affiliate Marketer

I have been an Affiliate Marketer since 2015, and I am telling you right here, right now…

Making a substantial income with affiliate marketing is more than possible.

I am telling you this base on my personal experience. Should you be interested, you can read my Humble Story.

I even dare say that affiliate marketing provides perhaps the best chance for you to succeed online.

But what’s even more astounding about it is that not only did I become a successful affiliate marketer…

I also have been fortunate enough to help out others to become successful as well. If you don’t already know, with affiliate marketing, you can…

#1 Get started for free

Although some affiliate marketing programs will ask for an upfront membership fee, there are plenty of others you can get started for FREE!

To help you out, here are 2 sets of affiliates programs that do not cost a dime to join.

  1. High-Ticket Affiliate Programs
  2. Affiliate Programs that Pays Recurring Commissions

#2 Cost effective business model

If you are hesitant to invest your hard-earned money, then starting an affiliate marketing business is one of the most affordable there is.

For example, you don’t have to worry about any cost of production because the products are readily available for you to sell.

Also, you don’t need to build a physical business store. This will be replaced by a website which is very easy to create these days, believe me.

There is also no need for you to hire any employees either for that matter.

#3 No Inventory and Shipping required

I have discussed this in the previous article I wrote.

In affiliate marketing, you don’t need to worry about storage, packing or shipment of any products whenever your customer buys from you. They will be taken care of by the seller themselves.

If you want a refresher course about affiliate marketing, perhaps you would like to revisit this article.

#4 Global market potential

With the help of the Internet, affiliate marketing can easily give you the opportunity to reach out to different potential customers all over the world.

You can do this by making use of different social media platforms and video channels at your disposal.

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#5 No need to provide customer support

Needless to say, as the product owners and manufacturers themselves will handle all your products orders, processing, handling, and shipping…

You do not need to provide any customer support or entertain consumer complaints at all.

Whenever, you make some sales, the product owners will see to it that the order is fulfilled while you simply take your profits.

#6 A Passive Full-time income potential from home

The best thing about affiliate marketing is that it provides an equal opportunity for an average Jane or Joe to create a steady flow of income at the comfort of your home.

Depending on your skills and knowledge about affiliate marketing…

You can even get a steady flow of PASSIVE full-time income thru this business model even if you are not personally attending to it anymore. 

Isn’t this what most of us could only dream of?

Well now, it’s more than a dream obviously. In fact, you can get started with affiliate marketing and not long from now; you too can be where I am right now.

But don’t get me wrong.

To become successful with affiliate marketing is nothing like taking candy from a baby. To answer the million dollar question, here’s how you do it.

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The Affiliate Marketing Success Blueprint (5 Steps)

These are the crucial steps that I myself followed and implemented in my own affiliate marketing business.

So, without further ado…

Step 1 – Identify Your Business Niche

As with any other business models, the first thing that you must do right if you want to become successful is by choosing the right niche.

Affiliate marketing is viral today. There are plenty of other people out there right now that is doing the same thing as you, learning about affiliate marketing and eager to start their own.

What will separate you from these people in the future is how fast can you learn the ropes and execute your knowledge in the manner your audiences (people in your niche) like.

Essentially, it is your audiences who will determine how successful you will be.

Having said that the best way to choose a niche is to discover your passion or interest. If you don’t have the passion for your niche, how will you drive yourself to learn more and educate the people in your niche.

To be successful, you need to be “kind of an expert” in your niche in order for your audiences to trust you and buy stuff from you.

2 Tips to choose a niche

  1. Choose a niche that you are interested in or passionate about (like the Pets Niche)
  2. Use the 3 step down model. For example, the first step is to choose the Pets Niche, then drill down to the second step which is “what pet? Is it dog niche? Cat niche? Hamster?” The third step, once you have selected the dog niche, is to identify what you want to talk about in the dog niche. Dog health? Dog food? Dog training?

Now, after you have selected a niche, your ultimate goal is to become an authority (the go-to expert) of the niche – for example, the expert in dog training.

Step 2 – Pick the Right Affiliate Products to promote

More than just the quality of the affiliate product(s), the profitability of it is just as important.

Obviously, you don’t want to promote a product that only earns you $1 per sale, for example. That would mean that you have to sell 3,000 units of the product every month to make a living online.

Our goal as an affiliate marketer is to become financially free after several years (or maybe months) of doing the business.

To do that, we have to pick the right products with the right attributes…

Attribute #1: Sell-ability (Convertibility)

Were you a customer of the product that you are promoting? If yes, what attracts you to buy the product in the first place?

Was it because of an advertisement that you saw, or maybe you were attracted to the benefits the product can bring to your life?

If you are promoting a product that:

  • Does not provide readily made adverts (like banners, images, etc.), and affiliate tracking tools;
  • Offers poor affiliate support or do not have an affiliate manager;
  • Has poor after-sales support which results in bad reputation and thus a high refund rate.

Then, you will have a hard time promoting the product (that’s unless you are a great marketer).

Understanding the reasons for you to buy the product is one of the most critical factors. Those reasons are probably what makes others want to buy the product.

It is super important to choose a good quality product to promote, and the best gauge of the quality is your personal experience with the product itself.

Attribute #2: High Commission Rate

Like I’ve said above, you don’t want to promote products that earn you only a dollar…

You should promote products that offer a good percentage of commission or products that have a back-end sales funnel that provides you with more commissions on a sale of the higher tier products.

A good percentage of e-commerce commission payout (physical products) is as follows:

<img alt=’Amazon-Affiliate’ width=’710′ height=’616′ title=’Amazon-Affiliate’ data-id=’14903′ src=’’ data-lazy-src=’’ style=”width: 100%;” data-was-processed=’true’>Amazon-Affiliate<img alt=Amazon-Affiliate width=710 height=616 title=Amazon-Affiliate data-id=14903 src= style=”width: 100%;”>

The above is adapted from Amazon because they are the best gauge for e-commerce commissions. Physical products will typically have a lower affiliate commission rate because of the overhead of running the business.

My personal favorite is to promote digital products because their commission rate could be as high as 30% to 90%.

By digital products I mean, e-book, online courses, memberships, Webinars, Conferences, etc., or anything that doesn’t have a physical presence.

Here’s a list of high-quality digital products with high commissions.

Attribute #3: One-time sale vs. Recurring sale

My personal favorite is affiliate products with a recurring sale. This means that you’ll earn a commission for as long as a customer stays a customer.

Recurring commissions are usually found in membership programs, like an online education platform, online magazine, or online software.

As you have grown a pool of paying customers month after month, you can see steady growth in your income every single month. It’s like a salary increment, but every month.

However, for me to choose an affiliate program that pays only on the first sale, I’ll usually select a program with high ticket products (Commission of $500 and upward).

There is no value in promoting a product that pays $20 one-time because you’ll have to drive tons of unique traffic (new prospects) to the product every single month.

What if you can’t drive that much traffic in a particular month, and your family depends on your income?

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So, to sum it up…

You should pick a high-quality product that pays a good commission.

Here are 2 lists of digital products that you can promote (one for recurring income and the other for one-time commissions):

  1. Best Digital Products Affiliate Programs with high paying recurring commissions
  2. Best Digital Products Affiliate Programs with a high one-time commission

Step 3 – Drive Quality Traffic to Affiliate Products

There are basically hundreds of ways to drive traffic online, but first, you have to understand where your traffic congregates and at which stage of the buyer’s journey they are at.

Here is a list of the most common ways to drive traffic online:

  • Blogging
  • Social Media Marketing (Organic & Paid Ads)
  • Solo Ads
  • Search Engine Marketing (Organic & Paid Ads)
  • Forums (Quora, Reddit, etc.)
  • Banner Ads

Whether it is through paid medium or organic means, the cost of promoting the affiliate product is borne by the Affiliate.

An affiliate is compensated based on a percentage of a successful sale.

So, if you are an affiliate, and you are using paid advertising to drive traffic to the affiliate offer, you have to calculate your advertising expenses wisely because you don’t want to be in the losing end.

The affiliate marketing model is supposed to be a win-win-win situation for the merchant, the affiliate, and the consumer.

I would say that the best traffic strategy for beginners is the organic search engine traffic, and the best way to learn this strategy is through this program.

Step 4 – Retain Existing Customers

Although this is the job of the product owner, you as an affiliate can play a significant role in customer retention.

Especially, when you refer someone to a program that pays a recurring commission, you have a vested interest in retaining the customer.

And, because the customers trust you, they will come to you for advice.

This is where you have to work closely with the product owners to notify them if any detrimental issues are stopping people from staying as a customer.

Step 5 – Build an Email List of Followers

You’ve probably heard this before, “the money is in the list.” Guess what,

It is still true today.

Building an email list will allow you to continually be in touch with the people who once trusted your affiliate business.

This will allow those people to remember your existence and there is a high chance that people will trust you again when you have another affiliate offer.

Many affiliate marketers took their email list for granted, and they start promoting whatever products they are affiliated with.

To me, building an email list is like building a relationship.

Instead of continually promoting products to your email list, you have to build a relationship with your list by providing value (For example, sending valuable information to your list via a blog post).

If you don’t have an email marketing tool yet, you may consider starting with this.


It is never too late to start your own affiliate marketing business today. You might have heard some people that claims “affiliate marketing is dead” and such.

As much as I would hate calling anyone a liar, I sincerely believe that what they are saying is untrue.

Here’s a FACT!

I have been hearing those things way before I started my career in affiliate marketing.

Had I listened to them, I wouldn’t be here right now. If affiliate marketing is “dead” as what they claims…

Then I wouldn’t have poured a serious amount of time sharing my own success story and telling you these important tips on how to become successful with affiliate marketing.

Perhaps the best piece of advice I can give you for today is this…

Listen to what your heart tells you.

  • Is affiliate marketing something you are passionate about? 
  • Do you think this is the opportunity to change your life for the better?
  • Would you like to consider other online business models?

You may also be interested to read:

The good thing is…

all the skills on how to become successful with affiliate marketing can readily be acquired thru plenty of affiliate marketing training programs and coaching sessions.

But the best of all (in my opinion) is this program, because it is the program that mold me into the affiliate marketer I am today.

Final Words

There is a saying that goes,“The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago, the second best time is today.”

The same goes for affiliate marketing. Now that you know how to become successful with affiliate marketing, what’s left is for you to take action.

If you follow these steps by heart, there is no doubt in my mind that like me, you too will be able to succeed in affiliate marketing.

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If you find this helpful, kindly share this to the people you know. You might be the instrument for them to find new hope and get a clear idea of how to become successful with affiliate marketing.

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Meanwhile, if you need more information and could use some assistance with your business, you can message me directly, and I would be happy to help.

Thank you for taking the time to read this article. Until next time and I wish you all the success in the future.

Your pal,


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