What is Click Funnels? – Is it worth it?


Click Funnels Review – A tool that can save you $1,000 per month?

Every month Online Entrepreneurs have to spend a huge sum of money on tools to run their business.

Tools like Email Autoresponder, shopping cart, membership site, site hosting, site builder, affiliate program, and so many more.

If you run an online business, you’ll know what I am talking about.

Furthermore, you have to worry about the driving traffic, and sales conversion. But, h0w can you be sure that your online business is attracting the right traffic and the right customers.

What if there is a tool that allows you to save money on the essential tools that you are currently using, and it also helps you attract the right traffic and the right customers, and increases your sales conversion.

Is it something that you will be interested in?

Introducing Click Funnels, a tool that is built by, and for Internet Marketers and Business Owners.

I am sure you briefly know what Click Funnels is, so I’ll share with you the things you need to know to make an informed decision.

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Is Click Funnels Right for Your Business?

Now that I have your attention, the next question you might have is, “Would Click Funnels be suitable for my business?”

If you have…

  • an e-commerce store;
  • a coaching business;
  • an insurance business;
  • a Network Marketing business;
  • a Real Estate Business;

Whichever business you are in, as long as you have something to sell online, I believe Click Funnels can help.

If you are not sure about Click Funnels and how it can benefit your business, I invite you to attend this free webinar.


I am sure you will learn a lot from this webinar, and it will help you decide if Click Funnels is right for your business.

What is Click Funnels?

Click Funnels is a platform that provides you with many different features, all related to generating leads and increasing sales conversion for your business or product.

A “Sales Funnel” is the name for a small website with a series of pages that people have to navigate through in order to purchase a product. These websites are extremely effective when comes to increasing sales conversion.

On top of that, what runs behind the Sales Funnel can easily double your sales conversion. What I am taking about is an autoresponder.

I am sure you know about that.

Click Funnels has its own autoresponder service called “Actionetics”, which is complimentary to the Click Funnels membership.

Actionetics is unlike others with its unique feature, and you can find out more below.

What’s so good about Actionetics?

Isn’t it great to have a tool that understands your customers?

Wouldn’t it increase your sales conversion if you send targeted message to your customers?

I am an internet marketer and a business owner, and I definitely would pay a lot of money to get insights on my customers.

And for this reason itself, I will always use Click Funnels and Actionetics for my business.

FREE WEBINAR: Find out if Click Funnels is Right for your Business?

Internet Marketing Tools in a box

Every tool that you need in order to sell a product online from…

  1. capturing leads;
  2. building an opt-in page;
  3. exit pop up;
  4. up sell page;
  5. down sell page;
  6. thank you page;
  7. email follow up series
  8. a shopping cart; and even
  9. an affiliate marketing platform for individuals to join your company as an affiliate

are within the Click Funnels platform.

So, building an entire Sales Funnel only takes less than an hour. Try Click Funnels for FREE now!

For me, the Click Funnels existence is significant because it changes the entire Internet Marketing industry.

You no longer need to pay separate membership fees on independent business tools, because you have everything in Click Funnels.

Companies like LeadPages and Unbounce, who once charges thousands of dollars to capture large amount of leads, has changed its strategy to compete with Click Funnels.

The same is true with other autoresponder companies like Aweber,  Mailchimp, Infusionsoft.

Many Click Funnels members, including myself, have saved thousands of dollars per month by reducing the amount of independent marketing tools, to just one.

The picture below shows which products Click Funnels can replace:


Claim Your Free 14 days Click Funnels Trial

What I Like about Click Funnels…

For starters, I like the theme editor, it’s all click-based and you simply have to click and drag modules to build your theme. There are also many pre-made templates for your convenience, based on the most popular types of templates, such as a free report download.


The entire platform is really user-friendly and anyone can use it to create professional funnels. There’s a huge selection of pre-made themes also, so if you don’t want to edit, there’s no need to; all you have to do is pick a theme.

If you like the user friendliness of LeadPages, you will like Click Funnels.

Secondly, there’s a 14 day free trial. I always appreciate free trials because I like to test out a product before I commit to spending money on it.

I highly recommend that you sign-up for the free trial and at least take a look around and see if it suits your needs and desires. You can even create a few funnels and start collecting leads right off the bat!

Third, the third-part integrations are a life-saver! The software allows you to connect many third-party services to your funnels. The following are some of the many services that you can connect: Paypal, Aweber, GetResponse, MailChimp, ClickBank, Mad Mimi, and much more.

Fourth, and most importantly, Actionetics. Actionetics is a cool feature for any business owners to understand their customers. It works as an autoresponder and captures the detailed data of anyone who subscribes to your email list. What’s more is that you do not need to pay an additional fee for Actionetics as it is complimentary to the Click Funnels membership.

Fifth, an in-built shopping cart that allows you to track your customers’ orders. You do not need to sign up for another shopping cart service and integrate to your business. Click Funnels has that covered as well.

Sixth, if you run a membership site for your digital product, you can run it on the Click Funnels platform. Garrett J. White, the founder of Wake Up Warrior, operates his membership site through Click Funnels, and here is his testimonial:

Lastly, cost is one of the major set back of any business. By using Click Funnels, it can reduce your operational cost by more than a thousand dollars.

Is Click Funnels right for Your Business? Try it Out!

Things to Consider Before You Sign-up…

Before you sign-up to Click Funnels, there are a few things that you shoulder consider.


For instance, I suggest that you create all the files that you need for your funnel prior to signing up to the membership. It will save you time and money in the long-run.

This means if you want to sell an eBook then you have to write the eBook and make sure you know what type of funnel you want to create for it.

In other words, you need to know how you want to market your products before signing up to Click Funnels.

If you are still unsure if Click Funnels is suitable for your business, I highly suggest that you attend this free webinar which can help you understand more about Click Funnels and Internet Marketing, and at the same time helps you decide if you wish to engage Click Funnels services.

It will show you how to attract the right kind of customers, and it is written by Russell Brunson himself. In my opinion, it is a book that every online marketer and business owner should have.

However, if you already have an up and running business, transferring your digital assets to Click Funnels will be smooth process.

All in all, I think Click Funnels is an awesome product for Internet Marketers and Business Owners. This small investment can lead to a massive change in your business.

If you are already using other Internet Marketing tools, I’ll highly suggest that you give Click Funnels a try.

On top of providing a user friendly platform for your business, Russell Brunson, the CEO of Click Funnels, is offering his marketing knowledge for FREE.

Check out his free deals here, I am sure you will learn a ton from him.

I welcome your comments on Click Funnels, especially if you are/were a customer. Please help to share this article if you find this article informative and useful by clicking on the social media buttons (Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus) below.

Your pal,



  1. Me personally I love ClickFunnels I know there are cheaper options out there like Leadpages. I believe if you can afford a program and in time as you use it will pay for it’s self you know?

    I have my website to which I am happy you can intergrate CF with your website and plus I mostly use CF on my social media accounts. I can say CF has helped me grow my list plus helped me grow my business in general. I know I could have gotten where I am without CF but it just would’ve taken a little bit longer.

    Thanks for the good review I hope the best,

    1. Your are most welcome Matt and thanks for sharing your thoughts and experience with CF here!

      ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

  2. Charles f Trovillion says:

    Reviewing your info, I am wondering why I would need click funnels if I already have get response

    1. GetResponse is just an email autoresponder, and the standard ClickFunnels account gives you tools to create an either sales funnel that can be integrated with your GetResponse account.

      If you go with the ClickFunnels etison suite, you don’t even need the GetResponse account.

      Hope this helps!

      ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

  3. Hi
    We have an e commerce business, would Click funnel help increase sales ?

    1. Hey Wayne,

      Click Funnels is essentially a marketing tool. It is what you do with the tool that increases your sales.

      I would highly recommend that you join this webinar if you want to learn how to increase your business sales.

      ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

  4. Laniesa Garcia says:

    I have a medical billing business and would like to know how click funnels could work for me as far as getting new clients. Also, how would I direct traffic to my funnel?

    1. Hi Laniesa,

      Click Funnels is basically a marketing tool, and it is what you do with the marketing tool that makes the difference.

      I see some people having a click funnels account and they build really lousy and low quality funnels, and I see people who’ve built amazing sales funnels that generates millions of dollars.

      The key is to educate yourself on how you can use Click Funnels to build a brand and run your business.

      I would suggest that you start with this webinar.

      ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

  5. Karl Heinz says:

    Hi. I don’t have a web site or domain name. Can I still use ClickFunnels?

    1. Hi Karl,

      Yes, ClickFunnels is suitable for people who do not have a website.

      However, do you have a product that you wish to sell online?

      Looking forward to your reply.

      ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

  6. Mark Thompson says:

    Hey Jack thanks again for this wonderful site. I am doing the WA Affiliate Bootcamp and really like the Clickfunnels. Can see how having both would be super. Any thoughts on using CF to promote WA?

    1. You can definitely use Click Funnels to promote Wealthy Affiliate.

      But, as much as I’d love to promote ClickFunnels, I think that if you are a webmaster, and you are not focused on selling a particular product, ClickFunnels may not be the best option for you.

      You see, Click Funnels is meant for people or business owners who are focused on selling a product.

      It gives them the leverage of not setting up an entire website. As you know, setting up a website could be a tedious task for most entrepreneurs.

      I know most entrepreneurs will enjoy using ClickFunnels because it is a stable system, and it gives them the flexibility to focus on what matters to their business.

      However, if you do own a wordpress website and you are not focused on selling a product, ClickFunnels may not be the best option for you.

      I would suggest that you check out Thrive Themes instead.

      Hope this helps!

      ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

  7. Hi! I intend to start a dropshipping website this month but am looking for more ways to market my products. Would you recommend using a clickfunnel as an addition to the site?

    1. Of course Elin! Click Funnels takes care of the email follow up, the check out process, and many more, all at one place. You do not need to get services from different vendors, and this saves you a lot of money.

      Hope this helps!

      ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

  8. I have been trying to decide if clickfunnels would be good with my online webstore. I’ll see what can be done with it.

    1. Hi Charlene,

      Thank you for your comment!

      Let me invite you to a free webinar hosted by Russell Brunson. In the webinar, you’ll learn a lot on Internet marketing, as well as helping you decide if Clickfunnels is the right program for you.

      Here’s the webinar link: https://barenakedscam.com/funnel-hacks-webinar

      I hope everything goes well for your online business.

      ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

  9. Savarus Woodall says:

    With Click Funnels Do I Still need to Purchase A Web Domain? or Is A Website Address is included. Do they use my existing Web Address or Can I Let My Old Web Domain Go?

    1. Hi Savarus,

      A subdomain is included with CF, you don’t need to purchase a new domain. However, if you have your website on word press you can incorporate CF into that through a subdomain that you own.

      But, its best to get a new domain for the purposes of your sales funnel, but it really depends on your business…Just don’t use the subdomain as your main page.

      Hope this helps!

      ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

  10. Yousuf Social says:

    how is it different from hosting your own wordpress with a salesy theme?

    1. I would say its a ease of setup and it lessen the time taken for entrepreneurs to setup a sales funnel.

      If you use a wordpress theme, and if your business is e-comm, you’d need to install many plugins and have to spend a lot of time understanding how they work.

      With Clickfunnels, you just have to drag and drop, and simply integrate to your email provider with just a few clicks.

      Time is of essence for entrepreneurs! What if you need to setup multiple sales funnel? It will take you ages for using wordpress.

      Hope this helps!

      ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

  11. Wow great blog! Truly some valuable information.

  12. Hi! can I incorporate click funnels in current platform that our store has? or it is a separate platform? Actually, we’re using FB Ad Manager for product promotions and our store is mainly for product landing page. Thanks.

    1. You can definitely incorporate ClickFunnels to your e-commerce store.

      The best way to confirm if ClickFunnels is suitable for your business is to contact its support:


      click the Support icon in the bottom-right corner of the page above.

      Hope this helps!

      ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

  13. Hello.

    How is click funnel important for me running my shop on the shopify platform.
    I am curious

    1. Click Funnels is sales centric, and you can build sales funnels to sell specific products (it’s really good for promotional campaigns). Shopify and Click Funnels can work very closely to achieve your business goals.

      Hope this helps!

      ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

  14. Oh my, thanks! This is indeed a great eye opener. Thanks for saving me thousands of dollars with this article

    1. Awesome!!! Glad you found this article.

      ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

  15. rory beserker says:

    thank you so much for your genuine!!..hard to tell these days…advice….may your soul be fulfilled..very informative

  16. ClickFunnels says:

    Hey it’s Russell here,

    I just got to say I appreciate your opinion and thank you for an honest write up.


    1. You are most welcome Russell! Great fan of yours!

      ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

  17. Thanks Jack for the review on Clickfunnels.
    I have a Shopify store, not doing good. How can Clickfunnels help boost store sales? Can I integrate Shopify into Clickfunnels?

    1. Hi Jenn,

      You can definitely integrate Shopify with Clickfunnels.

      There’s a lot of training within Clickfunnels (those that teaches you how to sell), and if you hit a roadblock, you can ask for help through the support.

      Hope this helps!

      ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

  18. Sir, are you an affiliate for any of the companies you give a positive rating for?

    1. Yes I am. It make sense for me to promote programs that I truly believe works.

      ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

  19. I see this pitched a lot at product based businesss.

    Can click funnels be used for a service industry business such as Roofing & construction/remodeling , or a tattoo artist ?
    These above two are service businesses where the customer doesn’t typically come back that often.

    What I have read , I haven’t found an example of this

    1. I think click funnels is suitable for any kind of business. For the kind of services where you constantly have to find new prospects, it is good for your after-sales people to ask for referrals, if not, ask them to provide a testimonial or share your product or services on the customer’s social networks (Facebook, etc).

      In terms of the functionality of click funnels, I think it covers the front-end sales, and if you setup your email marketing campaign right (a function of Click Funnels as well), you can definitely use it to brand your business, get new customers, and retain existing customers.

      Hope this helps!

      ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

  20. You have really explained and dissected click funnel accurately. Thanks for the insight, you have saved me a lot of time!

  21. Hi Jack,
    Does Click Funnels allow you to do split testing on your ads, landing pages, sales pages, etc.?

    1. Hi Kristin,

      You can split test your landing pages, sales pages etc on Click Funnels, but split testing an ad should be performed on the ad platform (i.e. Google Adwords, Facebook Advertising, etc).

      Hope this helps!

      ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

  22. Need help. I want to start but I don’t know where to to get right information since there is so many scams going on. What kind of books do you recommend to someone who has not ideas or experience and want to get into the business? Thanks in advance

    1. Hi Patrick,

      Could you let me know if you own a brick and mortar business and you wanted to expand the business or if you are just looking to build an online business generally?

      If you have an existing business, I would recommend you to read Russell’s books:

      Dotcomsecrets Book: Get it here
      Expert Secrets Book: Get it here

      But, if you are looking to build an online business, I would suggest you to learn the foundation from Wealthy Affiliate. Here’s Wealthy Affiliate’s review.

      ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

  23. Hi Jack,

    I’m trying to decide between Blueprint & Clickfunnels – I’m looking only to be an affiliate without selling my own product.

    I also already have my own website, social following and MailChimp account.

    Which out of the two would you recommend for me for being 100% affiliate, monetisation and also ease of integration with social media, please?


    1. My preference is the Affiliate Bootcamp. You can join for free here.

      ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

  24. Great blog. Keep up the good work. Cheers

  25. Thanks for sharing this article. I consider to take a free funnel giveaway from Russel in person.

  26. With ClickFunnels do they provide an autoresponder or do you supply your own autoresponder?

    1. There is a built-in autoresponder called actionetics, but if you prefer to use a third party service, like Aweber, you can integrate with Click Funnels as well.

      ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

  27. Hi – I am trying to decide between Inbox Blueprint 2.0 (with launchpad software) or ClickFunnels- I noticed you have reviewed both. Which one would you recommend?

    1. If you ask for my personal opinion, I would say that Click Funnels is better because it is used by many expert Internet Marketers.

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