Global Domains International – Business Opportunity???

global-domains-international-mainName:  Global Domains International
Price: $10/mth
Owners: Michael Starr & Alan Ezeir

Bare Naked Scam rating: 3 Thumbs Down


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Is Global Domains International a scam?

Most likely you have been introduced to Global Domains International by someone through email and you want to find out whether you can really make money with this program.

Let me first introduce you to what Global Domains International (GDI) is all about. Founded by Michael Starr & Alan Ezeir in 2000, GDI is a domain registry that provides domain names ending with “.ws” instead of “.com”, “.net”, “.org” or etc.

“.ws” simply is the domain code for West Samoa, like domains from United States usually have “.us” and Australia have “.au”, the founders of GDI have partnered with a local Samoan government’s majority-owned technology firm to provide “.ws” registry services to the world.

Other than providing domain registry, GDI has a range of services like domain/email forwarding, site builder and web hosting packages. To register for a simple “.ws” domain, I have laid out the initial cost to you below:


Now, to answer whether Global Domains International is a scam, I would say NO because GDI is a legitimate business that provides legitimate services. However, you will notice that the cost for maintaining a “.ws” website is a little on the steep side because GDI do not offer monthly payment plans.

This is probably one of the pitfalls of people not buying a domain name from GDI directly. If you want cheaper cost for a “.ws”, join the Business Opportunity offered by GDI.  

Global Domains International – The Opportunity

The good thing about this program is that it is cheap to join. Unlike most MLM program where you have to spend hundreds or thousands to join, you only need to pay $10/mth to maintain the “.ws” domain and to remain as a distributor. This is what you will get if you enrol into the program:

  • 7-day free trial period (Auto-billing after 7 days)
  • A “.ws” domain name
  • Domain hosting with 100MB storage
  • A website builder
  • 10 custom email address for your domain (e.g.

On top of that, there is a premium plan where you need to pay $40/mth to enjoy the upgraded benefits. The difference between the basic and premium plan:



The structure of this business opportunity seem rather simple. Sign up for the program, create your own “.ws” website and invite people to join GDI.

GDI was marketed in a way that you do not need to do any selling because all the selling will be done for you by GDI. All you need to do is provide GDI with a list of email addresses and they will do the marketing for you.

It is great, but what if you do not have a huge email list? Well, GDI sells you “verified phone leads” for $3 each and email list as well. The results of those leads are unjustifiable though.

Upon every successful referral, you get $1/mth so long as your referral continues to pay for the $10 domain. Although GDI makes it sound really easy to succeed, truth is, it is not as simple as it seemed.

Success do not come to you for free, you need to work hard for it, and without knowledge and direction you will not know where to start.

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The Compensation Plan

I have to say, I kinda like the compensation plan because it is simple and easy to understand.

  1. There are no limit to the number of 1st level referrals.
  2. You will get a commission  up to the 5th Level.
  3. The commission rate is constant at 10%, $1.



To be honest, the $1/mth commission do not attract me in anyway. If I am paying 10/mth for my domain, I need to successful introduce 10 people into GDI to cover the cost. If I am a premium member who pay $40/mth, I need to introduce 40. There are a lot more opportunities out there that offers a better compensation plan.

Global Domains International as a Business Opportunity

Well, the GDI is a Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) company. The downside of a MLM company is that you will not get the same education or training as anyone else within GDI because different sponsors (uplines) will have different ways to train or educate their downlines.

From my experience, if anyone wants to succeed, they need a good mentor or a good place to get quality education and information. Without those education and guidance, it is really hard to succeed.

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With that being said, GDI is not for anyone to join (especially beginners) because you do not get much education in terms of selling the services of GDI. The training you get from GDI depends your sponsor or upline.

The more experience and knowledgeable your upline is, the more knowledge you will gain, vice versa. So, if you are unlucky and you have joined an inexperienced team then chances for you to succeed is definitely lowered. Click here get a rough idea on the education you will get in GDI.

The success within GDI depend heavily on the individual’s ability to market the products and services of GDI. Unless you are an experienced marketer and you know the ways to sell a product online, the chances of you succeeding with GDI is equivalent to zero.

Will you buy a “.ws” domain name?

Personally, I will only buy a “.com” domain because it is easy for people to remember and it is cheap. I bought my domain name “” at $10/yr which is 10 times cheaper than “.ws” and I use WordPress as my website builder, the only difference between my “.com” and GDI’s  “.ws” is the 10 emails provided with GDI’s membership.

Personally, I do not need the luxury of having a professional email (with your domain name in the email “”), so I definitely do not need 10. I believe this is more suited for  businesses not individuals.

Well, that’s just my opinion, you might not agree with me but I wouldn’t mind hearing your opinion. Please share with me by leaving a comment below.

My Sincere Advice to You

Unless you are highly skilled at online marketing (selling stuff online), I would suggest that you give this opportunity a miss. The main reason is because you might not get proper education or guideline.

Success for a beginner falls heavily on the basic knowledge, foundation and guidance, without those it is really difficult to succeed. If you are still new to making money online, I would suggest that you read My #1 Recommended Online Business University to get the best education and guidance.

I personally get my education from there and I have been putting my knowledge to good use (making money at the same time). So instead of joining another “Business Opportunity”, I would suggest that you invest in your education first and get your basics right.

Success is cumulative in nature and you need to start somewhere, so let this place be your stepping stone.

As always, I invite you to share your thoughts on Global Domains International with me. All you need to do is leave a comment below and I will be more than happy to discuss it with you. If you find my article helpful, please help to share it with your friends and family by clicking on the social media buttons below. Sharing is caring!

Your pal,



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Jack is an experienced online marketer who has the passion to help beginners succeed online.

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Herman - Reply

Hi Neil,

I am totally agreed with you. This is my 3rd time joined GDI until i met a TRAFFIC system called 10DollarSystemPro. We are using the CAPTURE page to promote GDI and i have learned HIGH-CONVERTING traffics so same with my team. We even have the COOP to get all new affiliates 4-6 GUARANTEED signups within one week.

Welcome to check it out at my GDI page and it will be forwarded to the system CAPTURE page at :


Herman Teo

Neil - Reply

Thank You for your insight, Jack.

I was once a member of GDI, had some small success at it and my domain name was free because I had sold .ws websites to others which covered my fees. However, my success soon faded as people dropped out of my downline but this was because I had no real idea on how to promote GDI for the big success and therefore was not able to help my team.

The GDI compensation plan may not sound too brilliant but when I was a member, people could earn extra $100 bonuses for every 5 sales they made each week. I saw that the real big hitters on the top of the leaderboards were earning in excess of $2,000+ in bonuses each week. This was because they “learned how to earn”, and it’s training platforms such as Wealthy Affiliate which help people to earn big incomes online.

I will be returning to GDI shortly and get on to those leaderboards now I know how 🙂


    Jack Cao - Reply

    Hey Neil! Yeah, totally agree with you. You need a lot of knowledge and training in order to make a success in any business, which unfortunately Global Domains International do not provide. Thanks for endorsing Wealthy Affiliate because it is really the best place to get all the education you need on online business.

    ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

    Zeev - Reply

    Hi Neil,

    I had the same expedience you had with GDI, lake of promotion power.
    People quit if they can’t market to the masses.

    I have built a website around GDI for members to work as a team.
    Check it out, might be good for you.


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