Global Domains International Review – Updates Most People Don’t Know

If you're sick of all the biased Global Domains International reviews out there when all you wanted to know is if this business is for you (minus hypes and BS)...

Then this article is what you're looking for!

I will say this upfront, Global Domains International (GDI) is not a scam. However, this program might be not for you.

I have written this Global Domains International (GDI) review a while back. 

There have been exciting developments recently so its time for an update - including how you can earn up to infinity (rather than just five levels) with GDI.

Nevertheless, there are also crucial things you should know first before ever joining GDI. 

Is making money with GDI as easy as what these affiliates claim?


Let’s find out!

Review Summary

Name: Global Domains International (

Founders: Michael Starr and Alan Ezeir

Cost To Join: $10/month


Global Domains International Business Opportunity Rating:

Global Domains International Product Rating:


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Now I know some of you must be already familiar with Global Domains International since this program has been around for almost two decades. 

So if you merely want to learn about the latest GDI updates, feel free to use the navigation table below.

Otherwise, I humbly recommend that you take your time to read the entirety of this updated Global Domains International review.

What is Global Domains International

For those of you who just learned about Global Domains International, it is a business opportunity which is a combination of multi-level marketing and affiliate marketing.

Founded by Michael Starr and Alan Ezeir in 2000, Global Domains International ( offers domain names and related web services. 

Domains are the term used for .com website names like “”

In the case of GDI, it is a domain registry that provides domain names ending with “.ws” instead of the typical “.com”, “.net,” “.org” etc.

What is .ws

The “.ws” is merely the domain code for West Samoa. The same way that domains from the United States usually have “.us” and Australia have “.au”

It is because the Global Domains International founders have partnered with a local Samoan government’s majority-owned technology firm to provide “.ws” registry services to the world.

Other than providing domain registry, GDI also offers email forwarding, site builder tools, and other web hosting services.


To register for a simple “.ws” domain, I have laid out the initial cost to you below.

Global Domains International Services Cost

Your ".ws" Domain:


Site Builder and Standard Hosting:


GDI’s pricing may have changed depending on when you read this Global Domains International review so you can verify the information above in here.

Is Global Domains International a Scam

I repeat, regarding the issue of whether Global Domains International is a scam, I’d say it isn’t

GDI is a legitimate program that provides decent services to customers. 

However, you will notice that the cost of maintaining a “.ws” website is a little steep compared to other similar programs

Mainly because GDI does not offer monthly payment plans.

I don’t speak for other people, but this is probably one of the reasons why people aren’t fond of buying domain names from GDI.

Another pitfall about GDI is how these ."ws" domains perform on rankings.

I have never personally seen a website ending with ".ws" that ranked at the top of my queries and searches in all the years I have been surfing the Internet.

Will you buy a “.ws” domain name?

Personally, I will only buy a “.com” domain because it is easy for people to remember, and it is cheap. 

I bought my domain name “” at $10/yr, which is twelve times cheaper than “.ws,” and I use WordPress as my website builder.

The only difference between my “.com” and GDI’s “.ws” is the ten emails provided with the GDI membership.

Again for me, I do not need the luxury of having a professional email (with your domain name in the email “”), so I definitely do not need 10. 

But this is my own opinion.

  • Have you seen any GDI site (ending with .ws) at the tops ranks in any search engines? 
  • Do you think this could be another reason why people believe Global Domains International is a scam?

Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

These things aside, I will discuss in the following sections of this updated Global Domains International review whether this program is a suitable business for you.

Global Domains International Compensation Plan (UPDATED)

Global Domains International offers a 5-Level Uni-Level Compensation Plan to its affiliates where even those who are still in their free trial period can join.

  • Upon every successful personal referral (1st level) to GDI, you are paid $1 per month, per domain, so long as your referral/s continues to pay for their domain/s. 
  • There is no limit to the number of 1st level referrals, and you will get a 10% commission ($1) up to the 5th Level.

At least this is how it used to be until recently.

As I am updating this Global Domains International review, GDI already offers its affiliates a way to earn not only on the first five levels but also on the levels 6 through INFINITY

This is called the Infinity Bonus and here’s how it works.

Infinity Bonus

  1. On the final day of each month, you must have a minimum of 10 new personally-referred, active affiliates on your first level. 
  2. Each of those ten people must have a minimum of 10 personally-referred, active affiliates on their first levels too. 
  3. You also must have a total of 5000 or more active, affiliates within the first five levels of your downline, including your own account.

Once you complete  all these requirements, you can earn $1 from all your active GDI downlines to the nth level.


Infinity Bonus must be re-earned each month following the previously mentioned requirements above. 

This means that you need to recruit ten new people again, all of which shall recruit ten people of their own, maintain an active account so on and so forth.

If you fail to qualify for the Infinity Bonus for a particular month, you remain eligible to try and go for it in coming months.

Three words. NOT.THAT.EASY.

And if you think that's all of it, then wait until you see the requirements of other bonuses as well.

$100 Bonuses

For every five affiliates that you refer to GDI within 7 days, you get a $100 bonus. There is no limit on how many times you get this bonus. 

So let's say you refer 25 new affiliates in one week, and you'll earn $500!

$5000 Bonuses (drolls)

Any GDI affiliate who can refer 1,000 or more new affiliates in any consecutive four week period is eligible to receive the Heavy Hitter Bonus. A whopping 5,000 dollars!

But wait! That's 1,000 people in 28 days!

If we're being honest here, there is no way someone will be able to recruit 1000 people within a month.

I will immediately revise this Global Domains International review and publicly accept that I am wrong if GDI can release an official record of any affiliate that qualifies for this bonus.

  • Do you know any GDI affiliate who qualified for this bonus? 
  • Do you believe that is even possible?

Share your thoughts in the comment sections below.

Should you wish to verify any information I just shared on this Global Domains International review, click here.

Note: Heavy Hitter Bonuses are in addition to the direct and residual commissions you will also get from the Uni-Level compensation plan.

Can You Actually Make Money With Global Domains International

Technically, yes. But will you be able to? That is the question.

I am not talking about the meager $1 commissions but on the Infinity Bonus and the Heavy Hitter Bonuses.

Those compensation plans are heavily based on the assumption that you can become a total recruiting machine!

Let’s take the $100 bonus for example. 

It seems easy because all you need to do is recruit 5 people in a week, right?

Unfortunately, this will rarely happen, especially if you are new to MLM

Well, you can if you are lucky enough, but most likely it would be after months of training. Remember, we are talking about recruiting only 5 people here. 

How about the 1,000 affiliates in a month for the $5,000? 

Not to mention the near-impossible recruitment task you have to do so you qualify for the Infinity Bonus.

Global Domains International - What You Should Know

GDI is an MLM company. Are you aware that more than 95% of all the people in this industry don’t make a decent monthly income?

Here’s why.

#1 Lack of Leads

Imagine getting 5 recruits a week without knowing how to get an unlimited source of leads and prospects.

Imagine getting 1,000 in one month! 

If you ever hope to make a living with GDI, you have to learn how to never run out of leads whom you can recruit to join this business.

#2 Lack of Skills

Selling and recruiting are the most challenging aspect of multi-level marketing. 

If you take another look at GDI’s compensation plan...

The only way so you can make a lot of money is to get as many people as you can under your organization.

If you have no way how to master the skills of selling and recruitment, there is no way you can make a lot of money with Global Domains International.

#3 Poor Guidance and Training

Another downside of GDI is that you will not get the same education or training as anyone else.

It is because different sponsors (uplines) will have different ways of guiding their downlines.

From my experience, if anyone wants to succeed, they need a good mentor or a good place to learn the necessary knowledge and skills.

Without proper guidance, it is tough to be financially free with GDI.

Should You Join Global Domains International

Although GDI makes it sound effortless to succeed, the truth is, it is not as simple as it seemed.

Success does not come to you for free. It never does.

You need to work hard for it, and without knowledge and direction, you will not know where to start and how to get to your goals.

GDI is not for anyone to join (especially beginners) because you do not get much education in terms of selling the services of GDI or building a sales team.

Click here get a rough idea on the education you will get in GDI.

The success within GDI depends heavily on the individual’s interests and ability to recruit new affiliates and market the products and services of GDI. 

But I am in no place to tell you what to do with your time and money. If joining GDI still appears to be the way so you can make money online...

Then you should read the next section of this Global Domains International review.

Cost To Join Global Domains International Business Opportunity

One good thing about GDI is that it is cheap to join the business opportunity. 

Unlike most MLM programs where you have to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars, you only will have to pay a $10/month fee to become an affiliate of GDI.

Below are the benefits if you enroll in the GDI affiliate program:

  • 7-day free trial period (Auto-billing after 7 days)
  • A “.ws” domain name
  • Domain hosting with 100MB storage
  • A website builder
  • 10 custom email address for your domain (e.g.,
  • Earn direct referral commissions, weekly and residual bonuses.

On top of that, you also have the option to go for the GDI Premium plan where you need to pay $40/month.


In terms of business opportunity, GDI’s seems rather simple. 

Sign up for the program, create your own “.ws” website, and invite people to join GDI.

GDI’s selling point is that you don’t need to do any selling because this will be done for you by GDI. 

All you need to do is provide them with a list of email addresses, and they will do the marketing for you, much like the Done-For-You systems like Yoonla.

But what if you do not have a massive email list? 

Well, GDI also sells “verified phone leads” for $3 each and an email list as well. The results of those leads are unjustifiable.

For me, I'd rather get leads for free than paying for something that isn't guaranteed to convert.

My Sincere Advice to You

Global Domains International is not a scam. However, this might not be a suitable business for you.

For beginners, your success in GDI falls heavily on your basic knowledge, foundation, and guidance of your upline.

You must learn the foundation of affiliate marketing as well as master selling and recruitment (MLM) if you ever wish to make money with this program.

So if you're still new to making money online, I would suggest that you check out My #1 Recommended Online Business University.

It is where I personally get my education (while making money at the same time) to get where I am today. 

Instead of joining another “Business Opportunity,” I would suggest that you invest in your education first and get your basics right.

Success is cumulative, and you need to start somewhere. 

For starters, you can enroll in a FREE online training course that will teach you how to turn your passion into profits. 

Final Words

Thank you for taking the time to read this Global Domains International review.

If you find my article helpful, please help to share it with your friends and family. Remember, sharing is caring!

Until here and as always, I invite you to share your thoughts on Global Domains International with me. 

All you need to do is leave a comment below, and I will be more than happy to discuss it with you. 

Your pal,




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4 thoughts on “Global Domains International Review – Updates Most People Don’t Know”

  1. Hi Neil,

    I am totally agreed with you. This is my 3rd time joined GDI until i met a TRAFFIC system called 10DollarSystemPro. We are using the CAPTURE page to promote GDI and i have learned HIGH-CONVERTING traffics so same with my team. We even have the COOP to get all new affiliates 4-6 GUARANTEED signups within one week.

    Welcome to check it out at my GDI page and it will be forwarded to the system CAPTURE page at :


    Herman Teo

  2. Thank You for your insight, Jack.

    I was once a member of GDI, had some small success at it and my domain name was free because I had sold .ws websites to others which covered my fees. However, my success soon faded as people dropped out of my downline but this was because I had no real idea on how to promote GDI for the big success and therefore was not able to help my team.

    The GDI compensation plan may not sound too brilliant but when I was a member, people could earn extra $100 bonuses for every 5 sales they made each week. I saw that the real big hitters on the top of the leaderboards were earning in excess of $2,000+ in bonuses each week. This was because they “learned how to earn”, and it’s training platforms such as Wealthy Affiliate which help people to earn big incomes online.

    I will be returning to GDI shortly and get on to those leaderboards now I know how 🙂


    • Hey Neil! Yeah, totally agree with you. You need a lot of knowledge and training in order to make a success in any business, which unfortunately Global Domains International do not provide. Thanks for endorsing Wealthy Affiliate because it is really the best place to get all the education you need on online business.

      ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

    • Hi Neil,

      I had the same expedience you had with GDI, lake of promotion power.
      People quit if they can’t market to the masses.

      I have built a website around GDI for members to work as a team.
      Check it out, might be good for you.


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