12 Powerful Tips on How to Become a Good Network Marketer

12 Tips on How to Become a Good Network Marketer12 Tips on How to Become a Good Network Marketer

#1 Tip on How to Become a Good Network Marketer: Select a Great Network Marketing Company

This is probably one of the most important steps that will determine your success and failure.

There are many elements that make a great network marketing company, and I’ve shared them in this article.

But, I’ll share just a few important elements here:

#1 Unique Products

Firstly, Network Marketing Company needs unique products. Products that are easily understood by the general public.

If the product confuses you, chances are, it will confuse your future prospects as well.

It is also important that the company has a unique angle for marketing its products.

For example, if the network marketing company sells weight loss products, but there are already thousands of brands out there doing the same thing.

What makes the network marketing company stand out from its competitors, and whether or not their unique selling point is substantial enough to beat their competitors.

#2 Good Compensation Plan

How would you get paid, right?

How to Become a Good Network Marketer - Good CompensationThat’s the question everybody is interested in.

For all you know, some network marketing companies make you do all sorts of things and only pays you when you have achieved some milestones.

Those are the companies we want to avoid.

Join Network Marketing Companies that pay you immediately after you’ve successfully sold a product.

Of course, there are many other ways a network marketing company can compensate you with…

But, an immediate payout for your efforts should be the basis of all compensation.

#3 Products are exclusively sold by its distributors

On top of relying on distributors to sell the products, some MLM companies sell their products on local stores as well (like supermarkets or organic stores).

How to Become a Good Network Marketer - Choose the Right company - exclusiveThis will create even more competition for the distributors of the MLM company.

Just think about it, why would anybody buy a product from you if they could buy it from the local stores.

The very reason for the existence of network marketing companies is to avoid paying hefty advertising and shelving fees to sell their products.

Does it really make sense for any Network Marketing company to sell its products in stores?

Before you join a network marketing company, be sure that the products are sold exclusively through its distributors.

If you are interested to learn more about selecting a good network marketing company, you can read this article.

Examples of Good Network Marketing Companies

Here are several MLM companies that meet the criteria of a Good Network Marketing Company:

#2 Tip on How to Become a Good Network Marketer: Get Rid of the Employee Mindset

Most of us are employees of a company before we join a network marketing company.

How to Be a Good Network Marketer - Stop Thinking like an employeeBut, having the same employee mindset will not get you anywhere with a network marketing opportunity.

Firstly, don’t expect to get paid immediately for the work you’ve done.

Get this straight! This is a business, not a job.

Which means that you may be putting in a lot of effort and not get paid at all.

There is a chance for you to waste your time and money with the opportunity, but that is if you decide to give up.

Successful network marketers understand that this business requires you to develop yourself, and it is a long process.

Most of us working for someone else always hope to get paid instantly, and we are always looking for instant gratification.

If you have that mindset, get rid of it. Because that mindset is the reason for many failures in the industry.

#3 Tip on How to Become a Good Network Marketer: Believe in…

I know this may sound cliche, but I still have to mention it, because it is important.

There are 3 things you need to believe in:

  1. Leadership
  2. Products
  3. Yourself

#1 Believe in the Leadership

This sound logical, but most people fail to do proper research about the company before joining it.

It is obvious that you shouldn’t join a company that is run by people who have a shady past, but you’d be surprised that people still make this mistake.

Good Leadership = Good Reputation = Good MLM Company

You see, selling a product and an opportunity comes in a package.

Not only the products and opportunity needs to be good, the leaders of the company play a big role in the sales process as well.

You see, MLM companies come and go almost every day.

Of course, you wouldn’t want to follow a leader who frequently sets up and closes down companies, right?

You want to follow a leader who builds the following, trust and reputation with ONE company for a very long time.

#2 Believe in the Products

This is the first and most important step to decide if the Network Marketing company is for you.

In order to be a great salesperson, you have to believe that the products work.

And to do that, it means that you have to personally experience positive results with the products.

Never join a network marketing company because of the “amazing opportunity”, join because you believe in the products.

In case you are still questioning yourself if Network Marketing is the right opportunity for you, then I’d recommend that you read this article “Should I Join an MLM Company“.

#3 Believe in Yourself

In order to be successful in Network marketing, the first step is to believe in yourself that you can do it.

There will be many obstacles ahead of you, and the network marketing opportunity is surrounded by negativity.

So, there will be times that you will feel beaten down by this opportunity.

And, if you let the negativity come to you, it is almost absolute that you will fail in this opportunity.

Believe in yourself when the going gets tough, that’s the best advice I can give you.

#4 Tip on How to Become a Good Network Marketer: Give up the idea of Prospecting People in Your Social Circle

In the past, before the internet was born, people needed to rely on their social circle to become successful in network marketing.

Now, with the evolution of the internet, the entire game changes.

Most of the people I know, will run away from you if you are a network marketer.

Because, through the years, Network Marketing or MLM, has gained negative a bad reputation.

The truth is, no matter how great a product or a company is, people will tend to avoid buying products from a network marketer.

So, if you are still thinking of prospecting the people in your social circle, you will find a hard time succeeding.

Because you are targeting the wrong group of people, and you may risk losing a few of your friends.

Also, you will eventually run out of people to contact in your social circle.

So, in order to find an endless stream of highly targeted prospects…

How to Be a Good Network Marketer - Endless Leads

I highly recommend that you leverage on the power of the internet.

Find prospects online instead of finding them on the streets.

There are ways that you can filter out people who are not interested in the products that you sell.

And, there are methods that can help you identify the right prospects for your network marketing company.

Learning how to find high quality prospects online is the skill that every Network Marketer needs.

To develop that skill, I highly recommend that you check out this program.

#5 Tip on How to Become a Good Network Marketer: Find a Great Mentor

Good guidance and support are lacking elements of most Network Marketing opportunities.

It is almost impossible for any new distributors to succeed without good guidance and support.

And, this can be achieved with a good mentor.

A good mentor is someone who is successful, and who has walked a thousand miles in your shoes.

Should I Join an MLM Company - Have you found the right mentor

However, because the success rate in the Network Marketing industry is so low that, finding a successful mentor is like finding a needle in a haystack.

And, that’s probably the reason why so many people who’ve ever set foot in the network marketing industry fail.

So, instead of me telling you how important it is to find a mentor, let me show you where you can actually find this person.

After searching high and low for a community of successful network marketers, I’ve finally found them in this program.

With this community, you no longer need to rely on your sponsor or upline for support.

Whatever questions or problems you may have, this is the group of successful network marketers who have the answers.

So, be sure to check this out if you want to be successful in the network marketing industry.

#6 Tip on How to Become a Good Network Marketer: Be Coachable

There will be situations where you think the best solution is your solution.

And, when a successful mentor tells you that it isn’t going to work, you better listen.

Why? Because that person has walked a thousand miles in your shoes.

And, whatever things that you want to “try”, that person has probably tried it before.

So, instead of being stubborn, and egoistic, listen carefully to your mentor and learn.

Be someone who is coachable, and not someone who thinks you are above others.

#7 Tip on How to Become a Good Network Marketer: Invest in Yourself

How to be a successful Network Marketer - Invest in yourself

Success in the network marketing industry is a long process.

You can’t expect to get rich in network marketing without actual skill sets.

The baseline is “You need to learn how to sell”!

And, what comes after that is the “mindset training”, “internet marketing training”, “confidence training”, and so many more.

It is a constant process and you always need to keep yourself motivated.

You have to constantly invest in yourself in order to succeed in this industry (whether it be investing in a course or in a networking event).

And, if you are not willing to spend time and money investing in yourself, or to even get out of your comfort zone to sell something, you shouldn’t be in the network marketing industry.

To find out if you are suitable for the network marketing industry, read this article.

#8 Tip on How to Become a Good Network Marketer: Learn the Art of Selling

The key to being successful in Network Marketing is to learn the art of selling.

I am not sure if you’ve heard this before, “the art of selling is not to sell at all”.

To be honest, there is a proven sales method, and you can learn it from the Attraction Marketing Formula.

But, to master the skill of selling requires a lot of time and effort.

This skill isn’t acquired through some courses or lectures, it requires you to learn through experience.

Which means actually talking to people and eventually selling something to them.

As you polish your sales skills, good things are going to come your way.

Not only you can influence people to take action, you can literally sell anything you want.

So, if you don’t know where to get started acquiring the sales skill, I’ll suggest that you start with the Attraction Marketing Formula.

#9 Tip on How to Become a Good Network Marketer: Never Rely on Shady Traffic Sources

If you ever bought MLM leads online, you’ll know that the leads won’t ever convert into customers.

The problem with this is that, you won’t actually know how and where these shady websites got their lead from.

Probably through some general surveys…

Or, some other methods that don’t really qualify a lead as someone who is interested in joining an MLM company.

And, it is actually quite expensive to buy a lead.

In other words, you’ll be wasting your money and time on trying to prospect the wrong group of people.

So, my advice to you for lead generation, is to do it yourself.

Because that way, you will know how and where the lead come from, and you can qualify the traffic as a lead through some filtering process.

To start learning lead generation online, I recommend this program.

#10 Tip on How to Become a Good Network Marketer: Build Your Own Brand

How to Be a Good Network Marketer - Brand Yourself

Be someone that other people want to follow.

Nowadays, to be successful in Network Marketing, it is more than just selling products.

It is about building a powerful brand that people want to follow.

Unlike the past where building a brand requires a lot of money on advertising.

In this day and age, there are so many powerful media platforms that can help you build your personal brand for free!

I see beauty queens promoting a mascara from an MLM company through YouTube.

How to Become a Good Network Marketer - Build a Brand

Network Marketers writing blogs that educates and promotes an MLM product, and there are so many other ways.

This is part of what we call Attraction Marketing. Instead of going out to find prospects, you attract people through building your own personal brand.

#11 Tip on How to Become a Good Network Marketer: Don’t put everything in one basket

Instead of limiting yourself to promote products from one MLM company…

Learn how to promote just about any products relating to the niche.

Which means that if your MLM company is in the weight loss niche, you can promote products from other companies in the weight loss niche as well.

You can either join another Network Marketing company or learn how to do affiliate marketing.

Because, you never know if the MLM company will last forever.

So, if you put everything in one basket and it fails, you’ll face a huge consequence.

#12 Tip on How to Become a Good Network Marketer: Automate Your Sales Process

How to Be a Good Network Marketer - Automate Your BusinessYou’d be surprised that you can actually automate the entire sales process online.

Without even meeting someone physically.

Best of all, you can actually track the success rate of your sales pitch by studying the metrics generated through the entire process.

It starts with building a sales funnel, and then, an email follow up series.

The best tool to build a sales funnel is Click Funnels, and the most recommended email automation service (Autoresponder) is Aweber.

If you are not sure where to start building a sales funnel, I suggest that you start learning from this course.

Automating your sales process will free up a lot of your time prospecting people.

Instead of meeting one person at a time, you can now prospect people even when you are sleeping.

Not only it will free up a lot of your time, it can dramatically improve your sales conversion rate as well.

Do These Tips Help You Become a Better Network Marketer?

I hope these tips can help you become a better network marketer, and if you have any suggestions that can add value to this article…

… Or, if you have other tips and tricks that you are happy to share, please, leave a comment below.

I will be more than happy to add them to this article.

In case you are not sure if Network Marketing is the right business opportunity for you, then be sure to check out this article “Should I Join an MLM company“.

Thank you so much for reading this article.

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Please help to share this information on Facebook and Twitter. I am sure this will help network marketers who are struggling to find success.

Thank you in advance for your support!

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