TruVision Health Review - They Don't Want Negative Feedback?!

Everybody wants to be healthy.

Not just that! WE all need to be healthy.

That's the reason why health and wellness products are always on the boom.

As you might already know, TruVision Health is one of the companies out there who have taken advantage of this "never-ending need".

TruVision Health sells health and wellness products through the MLM business opportunity.

However, starting a business with this company is not as easy as you think of.

Their products don't work with everyone. And in the worst case scenario, some had even experienced bad side effects by taking TruVision Health's products.

Aside from that, there's a lot of companies who also offer health and wellness products. Some of them are even more affordable.

Due to these reasons, you might not be able to make enough sales, which might render you unable to find success in this business opportunity.

So if you want to earn a substantial amount of income, I'd highly recommend that you check out this program instead.

But if you still want to learn more about TruVision Health, then let's dig deeper!

TruVision Health Review Summary

Name: TruVision Health

Founders: David Brown, Derek Bailey, and Shawn Gibson

Price: $159

TruVision Health homepage

Bare Naked Scam Rating:

Summary: TruVision Health is a legitimate MLM company that sells health and wellness products.

Compared to other MLM companies, TruVision Health's compensation plan is pretty simple and straightforward.

However, many associates have failed in this business opportunity because their products don't work with everyone, and the company has a lot of competitors in the market.


  • You don't need to stock up products in your home
  • The compensation plan is quite straightforward (compared to other MLM company's)


  •  Products don't work with everyone
  • The company doesn't want negative feedback
  • It is hard to sell the products

Recommended? NO!

What is TruVision Health?

TruVision Health is an MLM company that sells health and wellness products based in Draper, Utah.

It was founded by David Brown, Derek Bailey, and Shawn Gibson in 2013.

They aim to provide the highest quality of health products and business opportunity that will help people change their lives.

Is their products and business opportunity really that great?

Let's find out!

TruVision Health Products

The company offers a wide array of health and wellness products.

TruVision Health products 1
TruVision Health products 2

One of their most popular product lines is the core products.

The company claims that it will help you achieve your fitness goals, and enable you to reach your highest peak.

However,  their products aren't for everyone.

For example, some people who have used the core products did not see any improvement with their body at all.

Others have even started to feel the bad side effects, such as getting dizzy and raised heart rate.

So it'll be better for you to do your due diligence first before using any of these supplements.

TruVision Health products cost around $10 to $131.

One thing that I personally like about the company is that, they offer the complete information of each product.

You can see the description, ingredients, and even the FAQs...

products FAQs

Normally, shipping could take around 5-7 business days (in the U.S.).

You can return a product if it was damaged during the shipping period.

return a damaged product
return policy

Aside from health and wellness products, TruVision Health also offers some programs where you can get rewarded while working with your fitness goals.

The 10K Pledge is a great example.

10k Pledge

This program has been created to "encourage people to change their lives through healthy and active living".

In order to get the awesome rewards, you'll have to track your 10,000 steps daily using the Nudge Health Tracking app.

These are the rewards that you can rip off by participating in 10K Pledge...

10k Pledge Reward

You can check this link if you want to learn more about the program.

Now, let's get to the business opportunity that TruVision Health offers.

TruVision Health Business Opportunity

Getting Started with TruVision Health

If you want to start your business with TruVision Health, then you'll have to purchase a starter kit from the duplicated website of an associate.

Or you can just go directly to TruVision Health's website, where you'll need to insert the name of an associate whom you want to become your upline in the purchasing process.

TruVision Health offers the most famous starter kit - the perfect drink combo (truFIX + truCONTROL).

starter kit

The perfect drink combo costs $159, which includes the controll kit drink combo (the capsule form of the product is also available), your enrollment, and the discounted annual membership fee.

starter kit - price

Once you are an associate, you can start selling TruVision Health products.

You will also have your own duplicated website, where customers can purchase online or enroll as an associate under you.

replicated site

The Compensation Plan

TruVision Health's compensation plan is arguably simpler and more straightforward compared to other MLM companies...

compensation plan 1
compensation plan 2

The simplest commission that you'll earn as an associate is the Retail difference.

Your profit for each product that you'd sell is the difference between the associate price and retail price.

For example, truFix's retail price is $42.95 and its associate price is $33.94.

retail difference example

With Retail Difference, your commission for selling a truFix will be $9.01 ($44.95-$33.94).

There's also the FastStart and UniLevel program where you can earn commissions from the sales made by your downlines.

However, in order to be commissions qualified, you'll need to generate at least 100 Personal Volume (PV) per month.

You can generate PVs in two different ways:

  • Sell TruVision Health products
  • Recruit new associates

You can check this link for a more detailed information about the compensation plan.

Ugly Truths About TruVision Health

#1 The Health and Wellness Products Aren't Effective?!

I've seen almost half of the reviews stating that the products didn't work with them.

After purchasing an expensive supplement, they did not see any improvement with themselves at all...

is truvision health a scam - products aren't effective

But don't get me wrong, I am not saying that the products are a complete waste of money.

We all have different body characteristics and habits that can affect the effectiveness of the supplements.

In fact, some people are happy with the results of taking TruVision Health's products...

truvision health review - products are effective

#2 There are Side Effects?!

Here's what's worse than being ineffective...

Some people had experienced side effects after taking TruVision Health's products...

is truvision health a scam - bad effect 1
is truvision health a scam - bad effect 2
is truvision health a scam - bad effect 3

What works for some people may not work for others.

So it'll be better for you to do your research first, or consult a doctor if a certain product or some of its ingredients aren't good for you.

#3 They Don't Want Your Negative Feedback!

TruVision Health has an official Facebook group that is dedicated to help people regarding their problems, issues, and inquiries about the products.

But it seems that the online community only accepts positive feedback.

Let's take a look at Frank's experience...

is truvision health a scam - they don't want honest feedback

Why More than 95% of the Associates Fail?

#1 There's a Lot of Competitors

TruVision Health isn't the only MLM company who sells health and wellness products. In fact, there are hundreds of them.

health and wellness mlm companies

Some of the competitors are more popular than TruVision Health, and others even offer  more affordable supplements.

If you are not going to stand out in the huge crowd, then you wouldn't be able to make a lot of sales.

And when it happens, you would get your business stuck.

#2 Insufficient Leads

In order for a business to become successful, it needs a constant flow of prospects.

Unfortunately, many associates are still using the old school marketing strategies, such as trying to recruit people who they know.

This strategy can be illustrated as "randomly planting seeds anywhere". Of course, it's obvious that most of the seeds won't grow.

In the same manner, old marketing strategies aren't as effective as they were anymore.

So, if you are serious about growing your business with TruVision Health, I highly recommend that you learn attraction marketing.

This strategy is proven to be effective in network marketing, and it will definitely help you produce a constant stream of prospects.

#3 Wrong Mindset

If you think that TruVision Health products are easy to sell...

Then you are doomed!

As I have mentioned above, their products aren't effective for everyone.

Some people might even prefer to use other supplements and vitamins instead, because it is more affordable and it works for them.

Because of this, it's only normal that you'll face a lot of rejections.

On top of that, you'll need to stand out between the huge crowd of competitors.

If you are someone who are not comfortable with this kind of business, then TruVision Health isn't the right one for you.

Is TruVision Health a Scam?

TruVision Health is a legitimate company. In fact, they provide quality products and programs that might be really effective for you.

People who claim that the company is a scam are probably those who did not get any results after taking the products and those who had experienced side effects.

Moreover, most of them have failed to find success in this business opportunity due to the reasons that I have mentioned above.

My Sincere Advice to You

If you really want to join TruVision Health, then you'll need to consider the things that I have discussed above.

Before you decide to join, you should test the products first.

How are you going to offer it to people if it isn't effective for you, right?

It is also important to choose the right associate whom you want to be your upline. He/she will be the one responsible for guiding you in this business.

Aside from that, I'd recommend that you learn attraction marketing if you want to keep your business running.

This strategy will help you get a continuous stream of prospects.

But what if TruVision is not the right business opportunity for you?

Then I'd highly recommend that you check out this program.

This program has helped thousands of individuals, including me, to build a successful online business. I hope that you can benefit from it too!

Thank you so much for reading this TruVision Health review!

I hope that I've provided you with sufficient information to make an informed decision.

If you found this review helpful, please share it! It might help someone who is looking for this information.

Have questions in mind? Please, feel free to leave a comment below.

Your friend,

Cee Jay

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