TruVision Health Review – Facts Most People Didn’t Know

Someone might have invited you to join TruVision Health to make money while staying healthy. Sounds like a good plan, right?

Now, you wanted to find out if TruVision Health is a trustworthy company or yet another scam business opportunity.

Well, I’d hate to waste your time so I will get right into it.

TruVision Health is a legitimate MLM company that sells health and wellness products.

That being said, making money with this company is not as easy as you might think or what some of its Associates may have made you believe.

In fact, there is a good chance that you won’t make money with this company and we will discuss why in this updated TruVision Health review.

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What is TruVision Health?

TruVision Health is a multi-level marketing (MLM) company that sells health and wellness products based in Draper, Utah.

It was founded by David Brown, Derek Bailey, and Shawn Gibson in 2013.

They aim to provide the highest quality of health products and business opportunities that will help people change their lives.

At least that’s what it says in www.truvisionhealth.com

Other popular MLM companies that operate in the same niche as TruVision Health are 4Llife, ISAGENIX, Riway International, ASEA , Thrive and Forever Living.

But are the TruVision Health products any better from the said companies? Let’s find out.

TruVision Health Products

The company offers a wide array of health and wellness products.

TruVision Health products 1
TruVision Health products 2

TruVision Health’s most popular product lines are the CORE products.

The CORE is TruVision Health’s weight loss products

The company claims that it will help you achieve your fitness goals, and enable you to reach your highest peak.

However,  their products aren’t for everyone.

Here are some of the most recent TruVision Health product reviews while I am writing this review.

TruVision Health 10K Pledge

Aside from health and wellness products, TruVision Health also offers some programs where you can get rewarded while working with your fitness goals.

The TruVision Health 10K Pledge is a great example.

10k Pledge

This program has been created to “encourage people to change their lives through healthy and active living”.

In order to get the awesome rewards, you’ll have to track your 10,000 steps daily using the Nudge Health Tracking app.

These are the rewards that you can rip off by participating in 10K Pledge…

10k Pledge Reward

Now, let’s get to the business opportunity that TruVision Health offers.

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TruVision Health Business Opportunity

TruVision Health is an MLM company and as with how this business model usually goes, you will need to sell and recruit other people to make money.

So if selling and building a sales team is something you are passionate about, here’s how you can become a TruVision Health associate.

Getting Started with TruVision Health

If you want to start your business with TruVision Health, then you’ll have to purchase a starter kit from the duplicated website of an associate.

Or you can just go directly to truvisionhealth.com where you’ll complete a sign-up form.

You will need to provide the name of an associate who introduced you to TruVision Health to complete the process.

Cost To Join TruVision Health

To become a full-pledge TruVision health Associate, you’ll have to pay a $35 enrollment fee.

You will also have to purchase at least 100 PV (PERSONAL VOLUME) of any of TruVision Health products and packages, which will cost you at least $100 depending on the product you choose.

The TruVision Health associate fee ($35) will be paid on a yearly basis and you’ll have to maintain a consistent 100 PV monthly to earn commissions from your downline.

Once you are an associate, you will enjoy up to 50% discount on all TruVision Health products and you can start selling them to earn profits.

You will also have your own duplicated website, where customers can purchase online or enroll as an associate under you.

replicated site

But is the TruVision Health membership fees all worth it?

How much can you actually earn as a TruVision Health associate?

TruVision Health Compensation Plan

TruVision Health’s compensation plan is arguably simpler and more straightforward compared to other MLM companies.

The company is also transparent with all your potential earnings and commissions.

I took the liberty to provide you with the images from the actual PDF of the TruVision Health compensation plan.

compensation plan 1
compensation plan 2

The simplest commission that you’ll earn is Retail profits.

This will be your potential earnings, say you make a sale with truFix, as a TriVision associate.

retail difference example

With Retail Difference, your commission for selling a truFix will be $9.01 ($44.95-$33.94).

Other than selling products, there’s also the Fast Start and UniLevel program where you can earn better commissions by recruiting people and building a sales team.

Watch this short video to learn how.


Based on the TruVision Health compensation plan above…

It is safe to say that you’ll have no choice but to recruit a lot of people to make a living with this company because selling TruVision health products alone isn’t going to do it.

That being said, do many TruVision Health associates make a lot of money with this business?

We’ll find out after I reveal some surprising facts about this company.

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Ugly Truths About TruVision Health

#1 TruVision Products; Ineffective and Health Hazard??

I’ve seen plenty of TruVision Health reviews and complaints stating that the products didn’t work with them.

Worse, there are people who claimed to have gotten sick after using TruVision Health products.

is truvision health a scam - products aren't effective
is truvision health a scam - bad effect 1
is truvision health a scam - bad effect 2
is truvision health a scam - bad effect 3

But don’t get me wrong, I am not saying that the TruVision Health products are a complete waste of money.

In fact, there are also some people that are happy with the results of taking them.

truvision health review - products are effective

The point here is that what works for some people may not work for others.

We all have different body characteristics and habits that can affect the effectiveness of the supplements.

So it’ll be better for you to do your research first, or consult a doctor before taking any of the TruVision Health products.

#2 Lot of Competitors

TruVision Health isn’t the only MLM company that sells health and wellness products.

In fact, there are hundreds of them and some more popular or have been around longer than Truvision Health.

health and wellness mlm companies

Some of the competitors are more popular than TruVision Health, and others even offer more affordable supplements.

If you are not going to stand out in the huge crowd, then you wouldn’t be able to make a lot of sales.

And when it happens, you would get your business stuck.

#3 FDA Warnings

The Food and Drug Authority (FDA) has issued multiple warnings against TruVision Health products in the past.

The FDA cited that TruVision Health is selling Unapproved and Misbranded drugs.

#4 MLM Companies Like TruVision Health Have Abysmal Success Rate

TruVision health didn’t provide any income disclosure statement regarding how much and how many of its associates are actually making money.

But based on the study conducted by the FTC, over 95% of people who join an MLM company like TruVision health do not (and will not) make money with this business model.

In the following section of this TruVision Health review, we will discuss why.

Why More Over 95% Of MLM Distributors Don’t Make Money

#1 Insufficient Leads

In order for a business to become successful, it needs a constant flow of prospects.

Unfortunately, many MLM distributors like TruVision Health associates are still using the old school network marketing strategies which don’t work anymore.

As a result, even if an associate has a prospect list containing 100 or more people to promote the TruVision Health products and business at the start…

Most of them doesn’t have a clear idea of what to do next once they’ve exhausted all the names on that list. Do you?

If you want to become successful in making money with TruVision Health…

You’ll have to learn how to get a seemingly endless source of leads like the top-performing associates does.

#2 Targeting the Wrong People

Speaking of your leads and old network marketing strategies…

One of these strategies can be illustrated as “randomly planting seeds anywhere”.

Whether you like it or not, your family and close friends aren’t likely the right people for your business.

Furthermore, not all people would want to buy TruVision Health products or join their business opportunity.

Most of the people who failed to make money with MLM are those who believe (and still believe) that everyone is a prospect and have wasted most of their time and effort.

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#3 Wrong Mindset

If you think that TruVision Health products are easy to sell and recruiting people is like a walk in the park…

Then you are doomed!

As I have mentioned above, TruVision Health products aren’t effective for everyone.

Some people might even prefer to use other supplements and vitamins instead because it is more affordable and it works for them.

On top of that, you’ll need to stand out between the huge crowd of competitors and convince people why they should join your company instead of the others.

I will tell you right now, making money with TruVision Health is not going to be as easy as what some of its associates might say.

It will require hard work, dedication, patience, and skills.

#4 Lack of Skills

And speaking of skills, if you are someone who is not comfortable in selling and recruitment…

Then the TruVision Health business opportunity isn’t the right one for you.

Because let’s face it, not all people are adept salespersons and not all people are willing to step out of their comfort zones.

Unfortunately, selling and talking to people to promote TruVision Health more effectively is a skill you must have to make a living in this business.

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Is TruVision Health a Scam?

TruVision Health is a legitimate company.

In fact, they provide quality products and programs that might be really effective for you.

People who claim that the company is a scam are probably those who did not get any results after taking the products and those who had experienced side effects.

Moreover, most of them have failed to find success in this business opportunity due to the reasons that I have mentioned above.

TriVision Health Pros And Cons


  • You don’t need to stock up products in your home
  • You can make profits by selling the products


  • Products don’t work with everyone
  • Expensive products and it’s hard to sell the TruVision Health products
  • Monthly and annual fees
  • FDA warnings
  • You need to recruit and recruit and recruit
  • MLM has an abysmal success rate

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My Sincere Advice to You

If you really want to join TruVision Health, then you’ll need to consider the things that I have discussed above.

Before you decide to join, you should test the products first.

How are you going to offer it to people if it isn’t effective for you, right?

Aside from that, I’d recommend that you learn this MLM program if you want to make a decent income with TruVision Health.

The same program will help you get a continuous stream of prospects.

TruVision Health Business Alternative

But if while reading this TruVision Health review you’ve realized that it is not the right business opportunity for you…

Then I’d highly recommend that you check out this program instead.

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The good thing about this business program is that regardless of your experience, and whether you have been burned, scammed or cheated before…

Finally, now you can start and make money online even if you are a complete beginner!

Thank you so much for reading this TruVision Health review!

I hope that I’ve provided you with sufficient information to make an informed decision.

Meanwhile, should you be interested in finding other means to make money online…

There is a signup form below for a FREE online course that will teach you how to turn your passion into profits.

Have any questions in mind? Feel free to leave a comment below.



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