Second Income Center Review – Can You Make Money?

So, Second Income Center found you and you are not sure if you should join it to make some money.

You’ve come to the right place because we are going to discuss everything you need to know about this program.

It is said that you can quickly and easily make money at your own terms, and they are even willing to mentor you, but what I’ve found is that no matter how others may sugarcoat this, it is not an easy opportunity.

Let’s find out why…

Review Summary

Name: Second Income Center

Owner:  Arcamax Publishing

Price: Free to Join (many upsells)

Recommended? No. Check this out instead.

Second Income Center Review

Income Opportunity Rating:

What Is Second Income Center?

In a nutshell, the Second Income Center (SIC) is an online business opportunity that involves affiliate marketing.On its official sales page, nothing is disclosed about the company.

You will only be able to see an opt-in form, a testimonial by a “Melissa Johnson” on how SIC changed her life, a privacy policy, and a few other things.

To learn more about the Second Income Center, I joined in to give you an exclusive tour of what you can expect regarding this online business opportunity.

Here’s what I found.

Cost To Join

During the time I join in Second Income Center around June of 2019, there is no fee. It was a free offer, and I only have to provide a valid email.

Second Income Center Company OwnerSecond Income Center Company Owner

After providing my email, I was immediately taken into what appears to be the SIC back office.

This is where you are supposed to access the training program to mentor you about this business opportunity and get started.

I was terribly disappointed with what I witness, which I will discuss more below.

Company and Owner

Base on the membership confirmation email I received from the Second Income Center, it appears that the platform is owned and powered by Arcamax Publishing.

SIC Email ConfirmationSIC Email Confirmation

ArcaMax Publishing is a privately-owned American syndication service firm.

Other than that, I haven’t found any more crucial information about the Second Income Center.

Good Things About Second Income Center

As much as I want to be fair on this Second Income Center review, it is difficult to mention a single good thing about this company.

Well, I did somehow manage to join in for free, so I guess there’s that. However, be careful with the upsells though. 

It may be free to join in, but for you to take part in some of the opportunities (which is more like SIC’s affiliate products)…

You must pay separate fees that could cost between $20 up to $200.

Second Income Center Red Flags

Oh boy, where do I begin? Well for starters let’s discuss the fake testimonial on the Second Income Center’s sales page.

#1 Fake Testimonial

I don’t understand the reason why some business opportunities feel the need to create fake testimonies for their programs. One example is the Fast Cash Club.

It is a form of deception the same way how some sketchy MLM companies pay celebrities to endorse their products. The Second Income Center is no exception.

On its official sales pages, you will not miss this FAKE testimonial by a Melissa Johnson.

Real Melissa Proof 2Real Melissa Proof 2

Why I dare say it is fake?

Because the woman in the picture is a model of Shutterstock.

Real Melissa ProofReal Melissa Proof

As proof, you can see more images of that model on this link.

#2 Not A Standalone Program

If you are interested in joining the Second Income Center hoping it is the answer to your financial problems, you are mistaken.

The Second Income Center is not a standalone online business opportunity program.

The business opportunities offered in the SIC platform are coming from third parties like AVON (a direct selling multi-level marketing company) or…


From various paid survey and GPT sites similar to PrizeRebel.

I have reasons to believe that SIC is using its platform to drive traffic to its affiliate programs and promote its sponsored products.

SCI SponsorsSCI Sponsors

#3 Various Undisclosed Information

Before I invest time and money on any online opportunity, I always want to know who am I dealing with.

Unless you decide to provide an email which what I did as I am writing this Second Income Center review, you will not be able to get any information regarding SIC.

In addition to the many undisclosed info, the website also appears rushed that there are some misspelled word (GUARANTEED) like the one below.

Mispelled Word On Sales PageMispelled Word On Sales Page

Base on my experience, trustworthy online opportunities do not make this kind of blunder on their sales pages. 

#4 Misleading Info

If you decide to visit the Second Income Center sales page, you will also notice the image below.

Second Income Center Misleading InfoSecond Income Center Misleading Info

Make no mistake, what is featured in those prestigious shows is not the Second Income Center per se…

But for the other legit work from home opportunities. It is just put in there to gain your trust.

#5 Privacy Issues

Okay, this is where I was tilted with the SIC. When I provided my email as I sign up, I didn’t remember providing my location and any other information about me. I wasn’t even asked for it.

However, I was surprised that this thing pops up below the platform with my name and my exact address on it.

SCI Account PrivacySCI Account Privacy

This means that even though SCI claims that they will ask your permission before taking any of your private data…

It turns out that they will automatically collect them without your knowledge. E.g., your IP and location.

Second Income Center Privacy TermsSecond Income Center Privacy Terms

#6 Spam Emails

Right after I provided my email to Second Income Center, I begin receiving spam emails from various third-party companies. 

This proves my suspicion that the Second Income Center is tricking people into joining in so they can collect data, especially your email address so they can promote their affiliate products.

Please refer to the image below.

SCI Spam EmailsSCI Spam Emails

Is Second Income Center A Scam?

For me, I believe that Second Income Center is a scam. However, that may depend on how you define a scam for yourself.For starters, you can join SIC without paying anything. You only need to provide a valid email address so you really won’t lose any money (unless you buy any of its affiliate products).On the other hand…

If a scam for you is being tricked into believing that you can earn easy money from home, then I would understand if you will think that the Second Income Center is a scam.


The Second Income Center also fails to provide the mentorship program that is supposed to guide you on how to do your business. 

There are no training materials, and everything on its sales page appears to be nothing more than hypes and fake promises.

The cheat sheet is nothing more than links to various third party companies and affiliate products.

Second Income Center Cheat SheetSecond Income Center Cheat Sheet

Should You Join Second Income Center

If you want to make money online, then I wouldn’t recommend the Second Income Center.

I believe that there are too many red flags with this business opportunity and even though you can join in for free…

It is almost impossible to make money and a steady income with SIC.

My Humble Advice

Before I end this Second Income Center review, allow me to ask you a question.

Are you dead serious about making a living online?

If so, then I can recommend an online business program that you could benefit from.

This program has already changed the lives of many people, allowing them to:

  • quit their 9-5 jobs
  • be their own bosses, and
  • make a 6-figure monthly income at home.

You will also get a real personal mentor this time that will guide you all the way to success.

Final Words

Thank you for taking the time to read this Second Income Center review.

I am hoping that I had provided you with all the necessary information you needed to make an informed decision.

Feel free to share this to the people you know if you think it’s worthy.

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Meanwhile, if you have any questions about the Second Income Center or you have any valuable piece of information that you would like to share to our readers…

Please do so in the Comment Section below.

And whether you join an online opportunity or start your own business, make sure that it is something you are truly passionate about.

Until here and I wish you all the best in your future endeavors. 

Your pal,


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