SalesVision Review – Vincent Ortega’s New Pyramid Scheme?

So, someone introduced you to SalesVision and told you that it’s a good way to make real money online because it’s created by veteran Internet marketers.

And now, you want to learn more about SalesVision…


Well, the statement above is partially true since Vincent Ortega Jr, the man behind SalesVision is indeed a successful Internet marketer. He was directly involved in multiple companies in the past where he and his cohorts made a fortune so they clearly know what they’re doing.

But here’s the deal. Vincent and his team made money from the hard work and out of the pockets of the people who believed in their promises.

I first came to know Vincent in Internet Lifestyle Network (ILN), a pyramid scheme in disguise that supposedly teaches you how to make money online via starting a blog, creating marketing videos, forwarding emails, posting affiliate links, and connecting with people on Facebook.

However, the ILN training and courses didn’t live to its promises. They are full of fluff and don’t really teach you anything of value.

How did I know? Well, not just from the copious negative Internet Lifestyle Network reviews out there but because I myself joined the program. Needless to say, ILN got a bad rap from its members.


But it didn’t end there! Vincent was also involved with another shady company called Online Sales Pro, which I also have personal experience with. 

He is also the main person behind Elevated Legacy, another business opp that shut down a few months after its conception, leaving tons of people with nothing but heartache, regret, and hundreds if not thousands of dollars poorer.

Although some people have already expressed their pessimism as early as Vincent announced the launching of Elevated Legacy.


And now, Vincent, together with his parents and some of the personalities in his former companies, are promoting SalesVision. 

I don’t know about you but just looking at the people behind SalesVision gives you an overall idea about the credibility and integrity of the company.

And even if we disregard the fact that its founder has a shady past which something your future prospects might have something to say about…

I still believe that SalesVision isn’t a worthy investment of your time and money, and we’ll be discussing why in this review.

Review Summary


Founder: Vincent Ortega Jr

Price to Join Opportunity: $7/mth – $250/month ($777 one-time)

Recommended? No. Not only does Vincent Ortega Jr has a reputation of getting involved in shady investment schemes but upon a closer look, SalesVision isn’t something you want to invest your time and money on. You may want to check this out instead or read the full review below.


Overall Business Opportunity Rating:

Quick Summary: SalesVision is a $7/month – $250/month investment that will teach you nothing about Internet marketing. At least nothing that justifies that hefty fee you’re paying each month.

While its true that Vincent ans is team will teach you basic knowledge on how to make money online, all of which are geared on how to promote the SalesVision to other people and nothing about how to start and scale your own online business.

Furthermore, the company has no retailable products and you will only make money by bringing new people into the program which is something the FTC frowns upon. And this is all on top of the fact that Vincent Ortega Jr has a negative reputation in the industry, all of which you’ll learn more below…

What is SalesVision all about?

The domain “” has actually existed since December of 1997 and has been owned by multiple parties in the past years. 


Now, the domain is bought by Vincent Ortega Jr to promote SalesVision’s “business games.”

Business Games are actually the name of the training that supposedly teaches you knowledge on how to market your products online and how to make money online.

From a video below, Vincent talks of SalesVision as the “first game in the world that pays you to play.” When you join SalesVision even using a free account, you’ll get a black VISA card with a dollar on it.

SalesVision was launched by Vincent in later 2019 right after he left Elevated Legacy. Multiple sources say that SalesVision used to be a sales funnel for HempWorx until Vincent decided to make it a standalone program.

The primary personalities of the company include Vincent Ortega Jr (CEO and President), his parents Vincent Ortega (CFO and Co-owner) and Gillian Ortega (COO and Co-owner), and Clifton Hatfield (Vice President and SalesVision Software Developer).


One thing I must point though is that while Vincent says SalesVision is all about business games, it also seems that it is also a sales funnel tool, a lead generation tool, and a digital marketing agency as well!

SalesVision also has a real estate academy from where the company’s top affiliate known as Asia Love is making money from.

And as a matter of fact, the SalesVision website doesn’t give any clear definition of what the company is.

But based on what I found on my dashboard as I open my account, SalesVision seems to be focusing on the so-called business games at the moment.

How does the SalesVision Business Games work?

There are different business games that you can participate in SalesVision depending on the account that you use to join.

Participating in this business games like logging in your account and sharing links on your Facebook will earn you Legacy Points. You can use the points to win gifts, prizes, and daily giveaways.

While writing this SalesVision review, the business games are named Speed Wealth 360, Mindset 360, Limitless 360, and Solomon CEO 360.

Another business game is the 100-day Video Challenge where you say good things about the company and any positive things about your life for 100 days straight. SalesVision will pay you $100 once you complete this task.

As for the other business games, no information is revealed by the company yet.


And no offense to Vincent but I would think twice about investing my time, effort and money and put my hopes into making a living online in a program that is literally called a “game.”

What would your prospects say as you introduced them to your business game? I bet most of them will think your not involved in something serious.

But hey, it’s just me and you’re free to share your thoughts about these matters in the comment section below.

SalesVision Products

The company has no tangible and retailable products. When you join the company, you will only make money by selling the SalesVision membership to other people.

Vincent and some of the affiliates of the company does talk about a “marketplace” that is coming soon. This marketplace is supposedly similar to Amazon where members can sell their products. 

However, the thing is you’re supposed to get commissions every time the people you refer to the marketplace will make purchases, regardless if said people bought your products or the products from other vendors.

Vincent pointed out that while you can only make money from Amazon if the person you refer bought your affiliate product, you can make money from the SalesVision marketplace on all purchases of your referral.

Now I must admit that this idea is good, I must point out the that Vincent gave the same promise on Elevated Legacy, and we know how that turned out.

Members were hoping that the marketplace will soon roll out but eventually, Vincent left the company without it going live. Who can say that the same thing won’t happen in SalesVision?


I snipped the statement above from the description of the Elevated Legacy video by Vincent Ortega Jr a few years ago.

That being said, you do get access to different training courses that come with your SalesVision membership.

What are SalesVision Training Courses?

Webinars and training are provided to members by Vincent and his teammates. 

One training I watched is almost 3 hours long and it mainly talks about how to find people whom you shared similar interests, passion and hobbies with and add them to your Facebook. These people will then become your prospects and you will convince them to join SalesVision.

Now, the same training is taught in ILN and is not really something worthy of paying money. There are also other training that mostly focuses on proper mindset and positive vibes and how it can help you achieve your goals. 

Again, the same things are taught in ILN and while a proper mindset is needed, it takes more than a positive attitude to succeed in Internet marketing and make money. 

More than anything, you will need the fundamental knowledge of Internet marketing and the ability and skills to properly implement the things you learn. And this is what I find lacking in SalesVision.

As far as I can tell, the so-called trainings are only teaching you how to promote SalesVision to other people and nothing else.

Basically, you are paying to join SalesVision so you can advertise the company to other people so Vincent and his gang can make money. I don’t know about you but no matter how I look at it, that’s not fair!

On the bright side, Vincent promised that after you’ve completed the 100-day video challenge and you still don’t make any sales, the company will pay you $100 for your effort. 

Now, this sounds familiar. Oh wait, Vincent used the same gimmick with Internet Lifestyle Network.

Nevertheless, this video challenge is probably why you can easily find people on YouTube saying good things about the company, but as it turns out, those videos are merely to complete a task.

Here’s are some examples of the said video challenge.

Take note that the guy above (much like most of Vincent videos) is only saying rubbish and a lot of hypes.

And again, the sales Vincent is talking about is non-other than the SalesVision membership that you’ll force down other people’s throat so you can make money.

Is that something you want to do knowing that there is no real value in these memberships?

I don’t know about you but other than having the right to earn recruitment commissions, there is no real benefit in joining SalesVision.

Now, this is my own opinion and if you’d like to share yours, feel free to leave a comment below.

Cost to Join

There are four ways you can join SalesVision as I am writing this review. The good thing is one of them is free.

Free – Complete a signup form and once you’ve verified your account, you’ll get a SalesVision VISA black card with a dollar on it. Another MLM company that gives its members a black card is ZBlackCard.

However, to earn commissions from the people you recruit into SalesVision, you’ll have to signup with any of the paid accounts below.

  • Apprentice – $7/month
  • Professional – $77/month
  • Diamond – $777 (one-time) or $250/month
  • SalesVision-Membership-Prices

    Like I discussed above, you won’t be getting any products in exchange for your investment in SalesVision the same way it was with ILN before. Heck, even the name of the upsells is similar.

    SalesVision Compensation Plan

    Your potential income in SalesVision highly depends on your membership account. 

    The free account owners cannot earn money.

    • Apprentice members can earn 10% of all personal Apprentice membership sales.
    • Professional members can earn 25% of all personal sales of Apprentice and Professional memberships.
    • SalesVision Diamond members can earn 25% of all personal paid membership sales and another 25% from all the sales of their personal recruits.

    As you can see, there is no real product selling with SalesVision and your only income will come from recruitment which begs the question…

    Is SalesVision a Pyramid Scheme?

    I’m afraid that the lack of retailable products from which you can earn money from makes SalesVision a pyramid scheme. 

    I know many of its affiliates will defend the company on the basis that what you are getting are digital products such as educational training and marketing tools.

    However, the fact remains that SalesVision doesn’t teach you anything about Internet marketing, and the so-called training and marketing tools are geared to promoting the company itself.

    Let’s put it this way. Should you join SalesVision today but you won’t recruit a single person, can you make any money at all?

    Food for thought.

    My Two Cents

    There is no real merit in paying $7 a month for a program that teaches you things that you can easily get elsewhere for free.

    Speaking of mind setting training and positive character building, you can go to YouTube and search for Tony Robbins or Nick Vujicic and voila!

    And while I do like the idea of the marketplace that allows you to earn commissions from all the purchases of your referrals, the said “vision” is still “coming soon” and one thing I learned in my life is that history tends to repeat itself.

    I also don’t like how Vincent and most of its affiliates are using the angle of faith and how “God changed his life” so now he is trying to give back through SalesVision. 

    Last time I checked, there are tons of ways to give back without asking people to invest hundreds and thousands of dollars in your company.

    And I’ve got nothing against religion and believing in the higher powers but I find it ironic to hear such things from a guy (Vincent) who is the reason why many people lost their money in the past.

    Now if at this point you’ve realized that you want nothing to do with SalesVision but you’re serious about learning how to make money online…

    Then I highly recommend that you check out this program.

    It is the same program that turned me from a nobody to somebody online and allowed me to earn a full-time income from home that I was able to quit my job.

    I know how this too sounds too good to be true, so I’ve shared my early income proof here: 2015, 2016, 2017.

    Anyways, thank you for taking the time to read this SalesVision review. I do hope that you found the answers that you’re looking for and if you think this is useful, kindly share it with the people you know.

    And if you have anything to share about Vincent Ortega Jr or on SalesVision, you can leave a comment below.

    Until here and whichever path you decide to take towards your financial goals, I wish you all the success.

    Your pal,


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