What is Internet Lifestyle Network – Another Multi-Level Marketing Company that sells you junk

Internet-Lifestyle-Network-mainName: Internet Lifestyle Network

Website(s): www.internetlifestylenetwork.com

Price: $37/mth, $97/mth & More upsells

Owners: Vincent Ortega Jr. and Mark Hoverson

Income Opportunity Rating: 1.5 / 5 Stars

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What is Internet Lifestyle Network?

As much as they want to hide their agenda, a sniff at it and I know it is a pyramid scheme. See, I know what some people might think, Internet Lifestyle Network is not a pyramid scheme, it has products like a blogging system and courses.

While I agree that the Internet Lifestyle Network’s product are its courses, on the flip side, the courses are all about teaching you how to refer other people to join Internet lifestyle Network. How different can it be from a ponsi scheme?

Internet-Lifestyle-Network-posting-linksOne more thing you can get from joining ILN is the “mindset changing courses”. Almost 3/4 of the entire Internet Lifestyle Network course revolves around changing your mindset.

If you had join as many Multi-Level Marketing companies like I did, you will probably understand that these mindset courses are worthless for anyone who are unwilling to change.

A strong and positive mindset starts within and no course can change you unless you are willing to change yourself. If you are those kind of stubborn people, I would urge you not to join Internet Lifestyle Network. (I am not saying you should join if you are willing to change. Lol!)

The premise of Internet Lifestyle Network revolves around forwarding emails, posting affiliate links and connecting with people on facebook, creating your own video and uploading it on youtube to promote Internet Lifestyle Network.

Although the Facebook strategies are easy to follow, it has no value in terms of your knowledge. These strategies are typical and can be found anywhere on the internet, they are no secret and are widely used.

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Your experience on the Internet Lifestyle Network’s Landing Page

Internet-Lifestyle-Network-landing-pageWhen you first visit the landing page of Internet Lifestyle Network, you will be conned to sit through a 20 minutes video presentation by Vincent Ortega Jr (the co-founder) to find out what it is all about. After the 20 minutes video, you probably still can’t get the entire picture of Internet Lifestyle network.

You will most probably only get that you have to pay $37/mth to join the program, then ILN will send you an email for forwarding to your personal email list. Further to that, you will get a guarantee that Internet Lifestyle Network will pay you $100 if you do not make $20 in 30 days. BEWARE: It just seem too good to be true.

It sounds really easy but note that there will be consequences doing this. You will start to lose your friends and their trust as you will be introducing them to junk.On top of that, there are many upsells after the $37 is paid.

The Upsells – Similar characteristics to every scams

Internet-Lifestyle-Network-member-areaWhat you didn’t know from the first introduction video is that you will be probed with 3 upsells before you can start on your Apprentice membership level training.

There are a total of 4 Membership Levels:

  1. Apprentice Members – $37/mth
  2. Professional Members – $97/mth
  3. Executive Members – $997 One time
  4. Total Lifestyle Alliance – $2,000 down payment & $250/mth for 48 months

The First UPSELL is the Professional Members Level. Vincent Ortega will share with you the benefits of upgrading to the Professional Members level and he will convince you that since you are putting in effort to promote ILN anyway, why not rip the full benefit of it.

Just be aware that Vincent Ortega will preach that each upsell is better than the previous.

The Second UPSELL is the Executive Members. Another mindset changing course and you also get some cheap travel deals by a company called Global Resource Network. Not worth the money at all!

Total-Lifestyle-AllianceThe Third UPSELL. After upgrading to the Executive Members level, you will be introduced to Total Lifestyle Alliance (TLA) which is an association of ILN.

Totally do not understand what TLA is, all I know is that I have to pay so much more to make more money and TLA guarantees to return $10,000 to me if I follow the steps and did not make $10,000 in 12 months.

Which means to say I have to wait for 12 months to get my probable refund. (ILN mentions that I can only get the $10,000 if I follow all the steps and persist on for a year. IT’S A TRICK PEOPLE! DON”T FALL FOR IT!

In general, Internet Lifestyle Network is a Multi-Level Marketing Company. If you have paid only for the Apprentice Members level, you can only earn commission for that level.

Which means to say, if you referred someone to Internet Lifestyle Network and that someone purchase all four levels of the program, you can only receive a commission for the Apprentice Members level. – It s*cks, I know.

Basically, you are forced to purchase all the membership levels to enjoy the full benefits. Thank you so much for looking out for my interest and helping me Vincent Ortega, I am $21,429 more broke than I am now in 48 Months.

This is such a ridiculous sum after you do the math. It is a total rip-off!

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The Internet Lifestyle Network affiliate program Compensation Plan


The picture above is for illustrative purpose only. You will get 80% commission on your personal referrals, 50% commission on your 2nd level referrals (meaning people whom you referred who made commission), 10% commission for the 3rd and 4th level of referrals. Anything below that level will be sucked up by your downlines and Internet Lifestyle Network.

What is in the Internet Lifestyle Network?

One big problem with the lessons in the program are that they are too lengthy and boring. There are so much talking and do not really have much substance and useful materials.

The Apprentice Members level which cost $37/mth teaches very basic Facebook affiliate marketing strategy. I’m trying to keep this review short so I’ll only be discussing on a selected few lessons.

Course 1: Speed Wealth System Fast Profit Formula

Lesson 3: 6-Figure Earner’s Daily Facebook Playbook

Internet-Lifestyle-Network-course1This is a 2 hours long webinar video which teaches nothing much about affiliate marketing. All it teaches is posting links on Facebook.

Once you are a member of Internet Lifestyle network, you will be provided with a Facebook affiliate link. Copy that link and start posting (Spamming) it on your Facebook wall and everywhere else.

This link will direct any potential viewers to a Facebook group created by two members of Internet Lifestyle Network. Once  any viewer joins the group, he/she will see post of other members of Internet Lifestyle Network (Almost all posts are about how “Great” ILN is).

Internet-Lifestyle-Network-fb-stepsThere will be steps in the Facebook group that will lead viewers to join ILN. (See picture on the right. Click to enlarge)

Once anyone joins ILN, you will get a commission. It is simple as that. But on the flip side of it, you will start to lose many friends as you are spamming their walls and “hard-selling” them.

Lesson 4: 6-Figure + Speed Wealth Thoughts

Another 2 and a half hours webinar video that has a lot of talking but very little education. OMG! I sat through the entire video and I almost wanted to kill myself.

This video is more about instilling a positive mindset in you. It is just another typical MLM “YOU CAN DO IT”, “EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE IF YOU JUST BELIEVE” kind of video (Not the best I’ve seen anyway).

The first quarter of the video is about Mark Hoverson’s (Co-founder) life before he became successful. How he turn from rag to riches and what was the mindset he had.

For me, this video is just a waste of my time, it doesn’t give you any action plan, no exact steps for beginners to follow. It only teaches you to read a motivational book called “Secrets of the Millionaire Mind by T.Harv Lker” to keep your spirits up.

Course 2: The Famous Viral 5 ILN Lifestyle Formula

Lesson 2: Create your “Amazing” Blog

This 29 Minutes video on creating a blog  do not teach you about creating content, getting free traffic, getting rankings, etc. It only teaches you how to create the blog. THAT’S ALL! There are so much you need to know about running a successful blog or website.

To Learn how to blog, you are required to join the Professional Members Level and this is not a good thing. Being an affiliate marketer revolves around building a blog, without a blog you are just like fighting a war without any bullet. So basically you are being forced to upgrade to the Professional Members Level.

Moreover, the ILN blogging platform generates a “done for you” blog with a blog address like “yourdomainname.internetlifestylenetwork.com”. If you want to do something else with the blog or change your blog name, you have to upgrade to the professional members level as well.

MORE UPSELLS! You will need to pay somewhere around $195 to $495 for customized backgrounds and banners. THIS IS CRAZY!!!

Building a Website is easy (you do not need to pay more than $50 to set one up) but running a profitable website is hard. If you need guidance on building a successful website, I would recommend you to a well thought out course for beginners (Even if you have zero knowledge).  You can read my #1 recommended Affiliate Marketing Course and opportunity.

To sum it all up

For your $37/mth, you get practically zero knowledge and a blogging platform.

A waste of my precious time! A bunch of long draggy videos with a lot of talking but very little education. It is really difficult to focus through the videos as most of the time the speakers do not tell you what exactly you need to know, they beat around the bush A LOT.

For a 2 hours video created by the owners (Vincent Ortega and Mark Hoverson), you can expect 1 hour and 45 minutes of chit chatting, talking about their lives, how they made the big bucks, what mindset you need to have and tonnes of Bulls***.

All I can say about ILN is “Avoid at all cost!”. Heed my advice, proceed to read my #1 recommended affiliate marketing course and check it out. You’ve got nothing to lose and lots to gain there.

If you have any thoughts on Internet Lifestyle Network, I welcome you to share it with me. Leave a comment below and I will respond to you. Thank you so much for reading Internet Lifestyle Network review.

Your pal,


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  1. Devon Buse says:

    AbdulHakim Maina, Craig, and pretty much everyone on here has made some good points.

    I have been with ILN for a while to see really how they were, and it truly is just to recruit others, shove them the mindset portion, and teach a few tips here and there.

    However, they have recently changed to Lifestyle Design Network, and It is the same thing.

    The Layout Looks nicer than before, but same teachings just now Mark Hoverson and Jaden Elliot have taken full control as other top-performers have moved on to their own industries months ago.

    I am personally more interested in the action portion, not mindset, mindset, mindset… I will stop.

    Thanks for the Elaborate Review Jack.


  2. In The Know says:

    Wow, I knew something didn’t feel right. I personally knew Vincent Ortega Jr. and had a chance to be involved in the back end of the ILN when it first started. I could quite grasp what it was, and it felt off. He’s learned a lot from his Mamma, who took advantage of me and didn’t pay me for the work I did for her Mary Kay business website. Ugg I don’t want to get started…

    There is another site that says:
    Update: Vincent Ortega Jr. has a new system that he is rolling out where he promotes his weight loss and he bashes this old ILN system because it was only about getting rich quick and only had digital products. His new system is called the superchargednetwork.com.

    I am still in the ILN FB group and found this post:

    Vincent Ortega Jr.
    January 15 • Edited
    Today I Stepped Down As Co-Owner Of The Internet Lifestyle Network To Follow My Passion In The Health & Wellness Industry… Watch This Live Webby Replay Of Tonight For All Of The Details…
    “ILN Family, I just want to say I appreciate everything you have done for this vision!!! Thank you for allowing me to lead you the best I could, I gave you 100000% of me, and I know you gave me back the same!!! For that, I appreciate you so much!!! Without you I would be nothing!!!! So I know regardless of me moving onto my passion in the health and wellness industry, that ILN is in good hands, and one of my dream companies will keep pressing forward! This will be my last post here in this group, please know that I will Love you guys FOREVER and I am super grateful for you!!!!”
    Comment below, if you have any questions I will be sure to answer them!!!! This is my last post, feel free to say, and ask anything you would like! :)))

    Also if you want her back story, check out pinktruth dot com

  3. I was with ILN and it was like being in a cult, leaving was the best thing I ever did! The training is long winded and did not add an ounce of value to my life. The most that ILN training does along with the over inflated egos of the so called ‘top earners’ there is make everyone below them feel inadequate! There are so many honest people caught up in ILN I am sure but many that I came across all get their business from poaching other people’s team members with promises of extra training and so called ‘secrets’ that quite frankly you can get for free anywhere on the web. The blog is also not fully flexible like it would be if you had your own wordpress site – utter rubbish!

    I am glad I had this experience in a way as it opened my eyes to what a con some MLM programmes can be!

    I have been with Wealthy Affiliate for several years and it is a great programme with great training, why I got caught up in the rubbish and hype that is ILN I really do not know! Lesson well and truly learned!

    1. Hi Joanne,

      Thank you for sharing your experience on ILN. Your experience definitely adds value to this review and it enhances my views on ILN as well! Now readers can make a better informed decision.

      Thank you once again for your kind support!

      ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

  4. Hey Jack great review, I nearly got sucked into this ILN program then done some research and found out some interesting things. I done the 7 day free trial, and my upline member didn’t even bother to contact me. I later read some reviews on him. A Mr Paul Darby who also owns The Marketing Platform, which is another MLM program, which he claims to make 1000’s of dollars from. He owned a website YouGetPaidFirst dot com, and the reviews on that were absolutely scathing. This through a massive red flag up for me, for someone who has scammed people out of money and is now involved with ILN “No Thanks”. It’s ok for these guys to claim to make thousands of dollars. These guys have built email lists as long as your arm, probably with unsuspecting subscribers who are getting taken for a ride. The information in ILN is totally useless, and you could learn this stuff online without having to pay $37 dollars a month. The way they teach you how to market on Facebook is so far fetched, it’s basically telling you to spam on Facebook. I think it will be only a matter of time before people wake up, and it will probably be shut down.

    1. Thanks for dropping by Craig!!! Yup, the training in ILN is useless. There are no useful contents and worst of all you have to sit through hours of video to realise that. There are many ways to market on Facebook and spamming is just not it. I have been communicating with a past member of ILN, at first he was defending ILN that it is a great program and that his sponsor (who have more than 10 years of experience) was really great….but after a while when I showed him the BIG difference between Affiliate Marketing and MLM, which his sponsor clearly do not understand what affiliate marketing is, he was convinced that MLM is not a good way to promote a product. Furthermore, he now realize that he is promoting junk to people and he feels it is really unethical.

      Well I know there are many people who are still defending ILN or rather brain washed. I don’t blame them at all because they are not exposed to other ways to make money online and they do not know the difference between ethical marketing and spamming.

      Anyway, thanks Craig!!!

      ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

  5. On this post you have great difference between internet lifestyle network and multi-level marketing company. Such like your post provided newest technique to earn money from multilevel marketing company. There is other option to get high income from ARMMLM.

    1. Hi Beaulah, apologies I took out your link because I do not allow any selling on my site. However, the place you are introducing only entices people to build their own scam products. I’m sorry it just doesn’t work this way and I definite would not want anyone to waste such money on your recommendation.

  6. Click Here says:

    Traitorous clickbank super affiliates finally proclaim the shockingly sophisticated routine that makes me $10,000 per month without a website or product of my own. And now you can cultivate this faultless modus operandi as well. Just an hour or two regularly gets you setup with no headaches about building websites or selling things or any of that puzzling stuff.

    1. Yup! Thats the whole premise of the online scams nowadays! it captures your attention with quick and easy way to make money but they are all but lies. However, this is not linked to Internet Lifestyle Network, you may want to email me on the name of the product and I will review the product for you.

      ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

  7. Seems like ILN is not a good opportunity like they claim to be. Im glad I found your site. I am going to avoid this. Thanks!

    1. You are welcome Lai Kuan! Thanks for reading my review and leaving a comment.

  8. Aww I should have found your review earlier. I just join ILN recently and I did not have a pleasant experience. I went through the course and like you said, its boring. I did not learn anything from it. I spoke to my sponsor and all she did was ask me to pay more money to upgrade to get more courses. I am sick of all these stupid so called opportunities. Is there anywhere online you know that I can actually make money?

    1. I am sorry to hear that you had a bad experience with ILN. The problem with MLM companies is that different people will get different kind of experience, it really depend on your sponsor or upline. There’s no way a MLM company can control that kind of experience.

      I do know of a place where you can learn the legitimate way to make money online. That is if you are willing to take action. You can read my #1 Recommended online business opportunity and check it out. I am confident that you will find useful information that you are looking for.

  9. So lucky to have found your review. I almost sign up with this program because I was attracted to the promises that they have made. Thanks for this!!!


    1. Hi Felicia,

      You are welcome! I saved some $$$ for you! You owe me one. 🙂

      ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

  10. I joined ILN for two reasons: Just to get into the back office of the system and prepare an honest review for my own personal subscribers. This way, I can let them know if it is worth their time. Secondly just to take them up on their challenge and do everything that they recommend and if I don ‘t make any money, I would rightfully expect my $100 payment. IF they do not pay, I have a sister who is a high power attorney plus my buddies over at ripoffreport.com and complaintsboard will be glad to publish my sentiments. So that was it. I got the feeling that their videos were a bunch of limp lectures with no real helpful content. Since I am an experienced marketer, I could just do my own traffic generating techniques along with theirs and bypass the long lectures. I disagree with what you said about NEEDING a website. To be successful in affiliate marketing, you do not need to have a website. It is helpful and lucrative to have a nicely monetized website in some great niches that are getting good traffic. However, to be successful, anyone can rock affiliate marketing with no website at all. I personally know Clickbank, Commission Junction and CPA network affiliates who are making 3 to 4 figures each day and they do not want to be bothered with owning and operating a website. Please don’t tell people that they MUST have a website because it is discouraging for folks who do not have one or do not want to be bothered with making a website. I am not sure whether or not (after reading your post which I am thankful for) if I will promote the ILN just to see if I would make any money.

    I do see a way around this issue of their ridiculous upsells though. I like the fact that ILN affiliates get paid each Monday and I like the idea that the pay is residual. The key to building a team and keeping a nice residual income is not to sell their products. It is to sell one’s self. Like the other person who posted a comment above said that his sponsor is helpful and teaches him how to write and blog etc. If I were willing to build and serve a team by making sure they knew how to create a blog (outside of this silly system), drive traffic and build lists etc. then people would want to be teamed up with me based on how I carefully treat them and support their desire to learn how to be an affiliate marketer. Then I would be successful in any MLM no matter how shady it is. I am not sure what I may do as I am already involved in successful online income work (I am a scientific writer and a CPA marketer).. I think this system can make money if it is worked properly and ethically. But what you said about the upsells and boring tutorials I can already agree with 100%.
    About this being a pyramid scheme. This is not any different than any other lopsided pyramid. We are all born into a pyramid. The top of the pyramid is our shady government, the world bank, IRS etc. A real scam is working for $8 bucks per hour to help a company bring in billions of dollars per day. The company can afford to pay more $$ to employees and they even promise it in due time, but they never do. Who are the biggest scammers? Fast food chains, Sears, and other lame call center gigs. I think that driving traffic to any offer with a few hours of work for a chance of making some kind of return is awesome. A real affiliate marketing opportunity (like at http://residualincomefinder.com or other networks) doesn’t require any investment at all – unless you choose to use paid traffic). That is the biggest message I have for anyone who wants to do affiliate marketing.

    Getting involved in any MLM requires willingness to take on the responsibility of helping others whose mindsets might be negative or lazy in nature. I was at the management level in Pre-Paid Legal. I was making 4 figures residually per month for 2 years straight. I was very inexperienced with how to get leads, drive traffic an support a team. My upline gets the credit for my lofty income at that time. Once my downline folded, it was like a house made out of cards… my income diminished, two top leaders in my upline passed away. I ended my membership after I became sick and then life went on… more babies, family funerals, car accidents, career changes etc. etc. My point is, mindset changes are necessary and I see why the ILN founders have mindset training. But, I wouldn’t want to bring in people TO GET THEIR mind set right. I want people who ALREADY HAVE their mindset right. Sorry for the long post. To summarize, anything can be accomplished with desire and effort to back it up. MLM is for people who are all about team building, sacrifice and selfless dedication to others. Affiliate marketing is thee most lucrative way to make money on the web and it costs nothing to get started, you do not need to pay ILN, Noni, Avon, Traverus, Prepaid Legal, Shacklee or any MLM to make money online. You can make money even if you do not have a website.

    1. Well said Niki! While I do agree with you that making money online does not require a blog or a website, I would think that having a website is fundamental in affiliate marketing. I’m sure there are alot of ways to make money online like posting links on forums, facebook or etc, selling services on fiverr, placing ads here and there, cost per click, etc. However, there are no clear guidelines as to how a beginner should start making money online. There are so many “gurus” out there trying to teach people how to make money online without any website and each time I bought into their product, it all fail to live up to their promises and hence I’ve created this website to guide beginners to the right direction. I understand that you are an experience marketer and you may disagree with what I’ve said and that’s perfectly alright.

      Managing and creating a website is not a daunting task and it is definitely not expensive. Like you’ve said, it is helpful and lucrative to have a nicely monetized website. Since a website is a great tool to make money online, wouldn’t you agree that “learning how to build a website” would be a great learning platform for beginners? While beginners become better at what they do, they can venture out to source for better opportunities. At least this is what I believe can help beginners move forward.

      Feel free to check out Wealthy Affiliate and let me know what you think about the learning platform there and maybe you will understand where I am coming from.

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts and I really do appreciate your effort in writing this comment.

      ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

    2. AbdulHakim Maina says:

      ” But, I wouldn’t want to bring in people TO GET THEIR mind set right. I want people who ALREADY HAVE their mindset right.”

      Niki, this is the one thing that most people DON’T get. Its like McDonalds picking franchisees off the streets who have absolutely no background in business.

      I’ve also checked out the ILN system, and although I don’t use it, agree that it is a good way of finding people who are at least interested in making money online (not necessarily business builders, who are really what you should be looking for, but you can qualify your leads and hopefully get a few business builders.)

      But if you can do this ethically without spamming anyone, PLEASE DON’T leave your leads at the mercy of the ILN system.

      Show them how to launch their own online business FASTER and EASIER. And no, Jack, that doesn’t have to start with having your own website. As long as you are connecting with your leads and giving them great value, interacting with them, getting feedback and developing your offers based on this feedback, you are on the right track.

      But yes, anyone who’s serious about running a sustainable online business WILL need to have a website/blog ASAP. And although I also don’t use it, I agree that Wealthy Affiliate is a great training resource for inexperienced online marketers.

      1. Hi AbdulHakim,

        Thanks for your comment! Appreciate it!

        I’m glad you know where I am coming from. I am not trying to debate whether it is a must to start a website. All I am saying is 1) You need a website to build a sustainable online business 2) It is a solid foundation for any beginners to build on.

        I agree with you that as long as you are providing great value to people, you are on the right track. It takes a lot of time and attention to communicate with people. However, one thing that I do not understand is the courses in ILN do not provide much value in terms of building an online business, if a beginner who have zero knowledge whatsoever joins ILN, how is he/she going to provide any value to the people they are communicating with. This is unless the beginner joins a good sponsor who teaches the beginner the skills and knowledge.

        Thank you so much for leaving your thoughts here AbdulHakim!

        ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

    3. Hello Nikki,

      Thanks for the info you offered here. Been struggling for years trying to generate income online even signed with ILN at one point and for some reason looking at it again, guess out of desperation trying to find a legitimate work from home business that would provide me the opportunity to attend to my daughter. I’m currently going thru the training at WA and considering going all in. What caught my attention to your post is when you mentioned not needing a website to become an affiliate marketer and this is the primary requirement taught at Wealthy Affiliate.

      Any recommendations that you can offer would be highly appreciated. Visited the link you posted but still not understanding how or where I would be able to market any one product.

      Thanks in advance.



  11. Norman Tay says:

    I rarely outright call a company a scam but Internet Lifestyle Network really gets on my nerve with their unethical marketing strategies. Thanks for the informative review Jack. Unfortunately, there are not enough truthful reviews on Internet Lifestyle Network.

    1. Thanks Norman! It’s great to know that somebody agrees with me on this one. You are right, there are still many untruthful reviews on the internet. Most of them only say good things about ILN to draw readers in. It is really unethical and we should put an end to this. Hopeful this review can help readers make a well informed decision on ILN.


      1. Gary Shepard says:

        Hi Jack,
        I recently joined ILN and am dissapointed to hear this… I thought out of all the network marketing companies out there, I thought they were one of the most trusted ones. My sponsor is very helpful and really seems to be very knowledgable about marketing…We communicate through Skype and do screen sharing.

        She owns 5 companies and if you look at her blog page you can tell she is very good… She really goes out of her way to help and teach how to communicate with people and write messages and blogs the proper way… She even says it’s a learning process that takes time. She is teaching me how to blog and set up a blog page for me and is showing me step by step how to do it.

        After I write messages and blogs she goes over them with me and tweeks them to look professional…. She told me when messaging people it’s important to create relationships with them first and not spam them and everyone else in ILN says the same thing, that it’s important not to spam people.

        Can you give me more info that this is a scam company? Where can I go to find the truth?
        I have not lost any money but I don’t want to be involved if this is a scam.

        I would really appreciate your feedback.


        1. Hi Gary!

          You can look at the following video for more in depth review.


          Honestly speaking, paying approximately $5,000 or more for a program that teaches you how to promote the program itself is kinda like a deal crasher for me. It certainly do not add any value in terms of your Internet marketing education.

          You can check out a video in the “Speed Wealth System Fast Profit Formula” where Fraser Mcdonald share his “secrets” on how to search for like minded people and how you communicate with them. It is basically writing a message template, copy and pasting it and mass sending it to people on facebook. This is called spamming no matter how you defend it.

          If you really want to learn how to build your own website and create a business of your interest, I would recommend you to check this video out:


          Sign up for an unlimited time free trial and learn the exact basics you need to make money online.

          If you need any help, please feel free to let me know. You can contact me through my email:

          [email protected]

          Cheers Gary! I hope I have provided you with the information you need.

          P.S. Your artwork is amazing

          ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

        2. AbdulHakim Maina says:

          Hi Gary,

          I hope that I haven’t posted this reply too late.

          I would highly suggest that you stick to your sponsor since you seem to have found a very good mentor. Work with her through the system, learn what you can from her BUT, just as Jack says, don’t fall in love with the system.

          Appreciate the fact that ILN is a very good marketing funnel and network affiliate marketing system for THEIR products, and there’s a lot you can learn from it, but it may not necessarily be a long term business solution for you.

          Just my two cents.

          1. Gary Shepard says:

            Hi AbdulHakim,

            I agree with you but I talked to my sponsor about all this and as good as a marketer that she is, she did not quite understand the difference between affiliate marketing and MLM…The table kinda turned when I explained it to her and she sounded surprised.
            She completely understood when I told her I didn’t feel right messaging people and not really selling anything. Their only source of income is recruiting people…They say their platform is teaching people how to market but that’s if you happen to get a good sponsor like I did… So many people after joining are lost and don’t have anyone to help them so they learn nothing.

            After lots of research, I learned that MLM companies can only exist for a while with the exception of a few but 97% of people lose no matter what…I now have a change of heart and will stay with affiliate marketing and learn from WA.

            I am knew to this online marketing and finally learning the truth.

            Thanks for your comment,

  12. Thanks for the review, Jack. Looking into Internet Lifestyle Network was recently suggested to me but thanks to you, I won’t have to waste my time!

    1. Hi Denise! You are most welcome. It’s my pleasure to expose scams to you.

      ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

  13. This is a great post. Wealthy Affiliate is where I started my online business too. Looking back – joining Wealthy Affiliate was the best online decision I ever made. I highly recommend it.

    1. Hi Pauric, thank you for dropping by. I’m glad you find Wealthy Affiliate a great opportunity as well. It is definitely one of the top notch opportunity you can find on the Internet.

      If you need more information on Wealthy Affiliate, you can read my review here.

  14. Your review is spot on. It’s a scam. There is no support, no communication and no community. What I experienced was a lot of them teaching you to hard-sell. I had friends and family ask me to stop spamming them. Very little of their information was geared toward helping you build your success. I still have the guy who was my sponsor emailing me and texting me about when I’m finally going to take the big step and come on board. He apparently isn’t even aware that I’ve been there, done that and got the T-shirt. All he cared about was my getting my money. Stay away!

    1. Hi Cate,

      Thanks for sharing your experience! I’m so glad that you got out of the ILN early. Most MLM companies or rather the people who is in the MLM industry do not care about their downlines, they only care about money in their pockets. Your experience is a great example.

      Hopefully your comment can prevent more people from joining Internet Lifestyle Network.

      Thanks for your help and support Cate!

      ~ Jack (BareNakedScam)

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