Does Wealthy Affiliate Work?

This is a follow up of my 2nd Wealthy Affiliate post I’ve done last year.

Remember I said that I will give you an update once I’ve reached my target of $3,000 per month?

Well, I am happy, yet humbled, to say that I’ve reached beyond my target.

Humbled because many people have put their trust in me and in Wealthy Affiliate that has lead to this result.

Wealthy Affiliate is truly the ONLY course you’ll ever need to build a successful Online Business. Join Wealthy Affiliate now, and I’ll show you how you can achieve success!

My Proof? Check this out!

Results for April 2016

Wealthy Affiliate Income Proof April 2016


That’s $3,646.60 for April 2016

Results for May 2016

Wealthy Affiliate Income Proof May 2016


That’s $4,384.40 for May 2016

Join me in Wealthy Affiliate and I’ll show you the way to success!

2017: Income Disclosure + The Story I Never Told

If you are looking for a Wealthy Affiliate review to know what’s in the program, you can check it out here.

This result didn’t come easy…

Honestly, making money online is not a simple task like what many have claimed.

It requires dedication, self-motivation, hard work and perseverance.

Some of you might have read my story on how I started my online business.

I’ve went to the extreme of waking up at 5 in the morning to work on my online business till 7, where I’ll prepare for my day job.

And then, I’ll continue to work on my business right after my day job for another 2 hours. This was my daily routine for the past 2 years until my baby boy, Nathaniel, was born.

My life changed so suddenly that has taken a toll on my online business, but I fought back.

With a little one in your life, everything evolves around them, I am sure those of you who have kids will agree with me.

I barely had the time to work on my business.

I have to wake up in the middle of the night to feed my baby, travel long distance to drop off my baby at my in-law’s house while my wife and I goes to work, pick my son up after work and travel a long distance back to my own home, and finally tuck my baby into bed.

By the time this routine is over, there is no time to work on anything.

So how did I manage?

Instead of waking up at 5 a.m. like I used to, I woke up even earlier at 4 a.m. every morning and work till 6 a.m.

For some of you, you might say that I am crazy, but honestly, would you give up on your thriving business when life gets tough?

I bet you wouldn’t.

Maybe you have not seen the results that I have yet, but I guarantee you that once you are at my level, you will do the same thing.

I always believe in these 2 sentences:

“When there is a will there’s a way”; and

“Hard work pays off”

These beliefs have guided me through to this stage, and I hope that you can incorporate them in your system too.

Let’s Start Your Journey to Online Success

If you are serious about making money online, I would invite you to join Wealthy Affiliate to give yourself a chance to succeed in life.

You may have tried to start an online business in the past, and you may have failed, but do not let your past taint what you may achieve in future.

Thousands of people have accredited their online success to Wealthy Affiliate, and I know you’ll be the next success story.


  1. Hi Jack,
    Do you reckon this is the quickest and easiest platform for someone like me with very little background on computer activities. Does WA help along should someone be willing to learn?
    Thank you

    1. Hi Michel,

      I think I have to get you in the right mindset.

      There is no quickest platform for success. After spending almost $8,000 myself on courses and training, I can guarantee you that there is no programs out there that can guarantee you quick success.

      If there is, they are more likely to take money away from you rather than putting money in your pocket. There is NO SUCH THING as quick money. Sorry you have to hear that, but that’s the truth.

      Success is crafted by a person’s hard work and dedication. You’ve got to put in the time and effort to learn a craft. It is much like going to school to learn a craft so that you can perform better at work. The idea is the same for starting an online business.

      The make money online niche is tainted by false promises and fake impressions and that’s why you are having this thought, but it is not your fault. I blame it on those “fake Gurus”.

      So to answer your question. Yes, Wealthy Affiliate will help you along should you be willing to learn, but it can’t guarantee your success, and you won’t gain success quickly, especially as a beginner.

      I hope my honesty didn’t scare you away. So, if you are ready to get started, click here.

      Your friend,

  2. Spencer Millman says:

    Just wondering bud, how many of these websites sell these eganic water machines?

  3. Hello Jack,

    Believe it or not, I came across your website for the review you did on DGL….. Reading what you had posted, really put me down because in the webinars and whatnot seemed great. My best friend is great because I will send her information and she helps me with the deep research. In that review you were talking about this Wealthy Affiliate and you make it seem good as well…

    Is there really no startup costs? Is there a free trial, you said? How long does that free trail go for before I would need to start paying for the services to keep it going? Will there be products that I have to purchase or anything like how you explained with DGL…? It is the technical stuff I am curious about? A little more details about that I guess, idk. I am just wanting to provide for myself and family without over stressing and being depressed which affects my relations I have with people.


    1. Hi Rebecca,

      Wealthy Affiliate’s free trial runs forever, however there are certain features that will be locked after 7 days of joining. There’s no obligation to upgrade if you don’t think it is suitable for you. Plus, you don’t even need to provide your credit card details to get started.

      Wealthy Affiliate is basically an affiliate marketing training course. If you upgrade to the premium membership, you get to unlock all of the training materials. There’s no upsells, and no additional products to buy. You unlock literally everything.

      The training program teaches you how to search for the right niche and the right products to sell as an affiliate. You don’t need to buy any products to get started.

      In Wealthy Affiliate, we focus on teaching you how to setup a website as a base for all of your online marketing efforts. It is highly suitable for people who have absolutely no knowledge or experience with online marketing, because everything is done in a step by step manner.

      I invite you to join Wealthy Affiliate’s free trial to get started. If you haven’t done so, you can join through this link.

      Hope this helps Rebecca!

      ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

  4. Thank you for the comments. I have known about Wealthy Affiliate years back but never took action because I am not a geek on technology not to mention I have been scammed a few times and lost a lot of money.

    1. Hi Aurora,

      Wealthy Affiliate is created for people who are not tech savvy.

      Anyone can do this no matter your experience or age. That is the beauty of it.

      Instead of jumping from one opportunity after another and wasting precious time and money, why not devote yourself to this program and create a success?

      Thousands of people have started to earn a living online with the help of this program, and I truly hope that it can help you.

      ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

  5. I am very excited about the opportunity but its not available in my country… I have to go premium $49 USD per month. Surely something needs to be done about this coz I am from Nairobi, Kenya which has one of the most vibrant internet community in Africa.

    1. Hi Joe,

      The owners of WA has explained that the reason is because Africa has high fraud rates and this is to protect the community, the owners, and the members. I hope you understand.

      However, it is not entirely closed to you. You just do not have access to the free trial but you can join as a premium member. All members, including me pays $49 per month for the premium membership, that’s unless you go yearly which is $359 per year ($29.90 per month).

      You get the same treatment as other premium members once you are in. You can join as a premium member here.

      Please feel free to ask me any questions. I’m looking forward to see you in WA.

      ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

  6. Dennis Gichure Muhoro says:

    Hi Jack,
    “Free Starter accounts are not available in your country, but we would love to have you as a Premium Member!” was the message I received when i signed up. Am from Africa (Kenya) and would like to know if i can still work and get paid or am i locked out?
    Thank you.

    1. Hey Dennis,

      I’ve sent you an email.

      ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

  7. Hi Jack,
    What income you have for promoting WA. I’m a new member of WA in this is my first month. I’m working on the trainings and take action of every task included.
    Can I ask you more deep about your strategy. When your income hit $2,000+ of promoting WA, did you use any ads or just rely on SEO?

    1. Hi Efrat,

      Thanks for your comment!

      Honestly, there is no secret to earning the income. You can see my income disclosure here:

      2015: Story of How I made my First Dollar Online
      2016: Struggles leading to my first milestone
      2017: The Story I never told
      2017 (Late): Good Bye Full Time Job!

      It’s all about hard work, dedication, patience and perseverance, plus implementing whatever strategies that Wealthy Affiliate teaches.

      Whatever strategies that I’ve implemented, I’ve learn them from Wealthy Affiliate.

      Hope this helps Efrat!

      ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

  8. Hi, Jack.

    This is the page that really gives me confident and sells the idea to me. The quick-money schemes are all the same. Your honesty in the very hard work makes sense. Thanks.

    1. Thanks for your kind words Ken!

      ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

  9. Hey Jack, Thanks for the article, it’s motivational. I have been trying to earn Online from a long but never made it. I also got Nathanael (My son-5 months) and I am going through the same. I will try to follow the advice you gave.

    1. Hey Arun,

      My son’s name is Nathaniel as well. What a coincidence!

      I really hope you can find success through WA, and I wish you all the best.

      When you are in WA, feel free to chat with me if you need help. Here’s my profile link.

      ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

  10. Natalia Fedorowycz says:

    Thanks for your info re DA and WA. You’re prob the most honest and genuine upfront guy i have encountered online. I have already joined WA in the free starter section and like what i see. I would have jpined through you so u could make a commission. Anyway …i wish you all the success possible in online marketing.

    1. Awesome Natalia! I’m glad my reviews helped!

      ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

  11. I’m from Nigeria and I’ve had problems finding an affiliate program that works, most just say my country isn’t supported, I am looking to be free financially but it seems I have a restriction due to my country, can you help me out and point out programs I can run from Nigeria.

    1. Unfortunately, WA is not available for Nigerians. A good alternative to WA is Fizzle. You can join the FREE trial here.

      If you are still unsure, you can check out the Fizzle review first.

      Feel free to ask me anything.

      ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

  12. I have a small doubts.
    1. In 2014 when u started, did u take the premium membership.
    2. For how many months did u continued premium membership in the starting.
    3. Did u get some money during training, atleast the membership amount (ie 47$) from WA from the starting months ( may be 3 or 4th month).

    1. 1. Yes. I became a Premium Member when I first started.
      2. It was on my second try that I succeeded. The first time, I was a premium member for about 3 months. I left for a month or two because I didn’t get my first online business right, and when I re-joined, I stayed as a premium member till this day.
      3. No. I understood that Wealthy Affiliate was a Training program, not an “opportunity” per se. It was until my fourth month that I made a commission, and in the sixth month I broke even (my commission is paying for my premium membership).

      Hope this helps!

      ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

  13. Is it possible to sell if you have your own product and business to promote if it is not affiliated?

    1. Hi Brian,

      Do you have a product of your own that you would like to promote?

      Wealthy Affiliate teaches you how to be an affiliate marketer, which means to promote other people’s products, however, the techniques to source for traffic and conversion are fundamentally the same as promoting your own product.

      Hope this helps!

      ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

  14. Jack,
    This all sounds good, but nothing is said about the type of product being sold. Can I sell products of any range I prefer or feel confident in (health and sports etc)? If I believe there should be a market? Is it only e-products? If not, what about the logistics?

    Would love to hear from you.

    1. Hi Lida,

      There are millions of products you can promote online, but the product you wish to promote must have an affiliate program.

      I would highly suggest that you join the starter membership and see if this business is suitable for you. I am sure you will learn a lot from the free membership as well.

      ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

  15. Hi Jack,

    Congrats that you have achieved much. I agreed that it’s through hard work, and not many push button get rick quick schemes programs that professed on the internet.

    I have a question though. Your income screenshot above for April / May 2016 are from promoting the WA program?


    1. Hey Tom,

      Yes, income screenshot is from Wealthy Affiliate and from other programs I’ve promoted through the Infusionsoft network.

      ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

  16. Hi Jack,

    Thanks for sharing your info. I have been reviewing affiliate programs and came across your article. You mentioned “this is not the only affiliate” program. I was curious on the number of different affiliate programs your work with. I know it wont come easy…but I am looking forward to learning this business.

    Thanks for any tips.

    1. Hey Richard,

      When you are more established, you will earn affiliate commissions from many places. To name a few, I am currently getting commissions from:

    2. Aweber
    3. Click Funnels
    4. Inbox Blueprint
    5. Wealthy Affiliate
    6. Fizzle
    7. Optimizepress
    8. You can do it too. It takes time and effort, like you’ve said.

      ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

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