Is Swagbucks a Scam or Legit? – An Unbiased Swagbucks Review

On this Swagbucks review, you will discover the truth about this popular paid survey and GPT site. Is Swagbucks a scam or is making money online too easy with this platform? 

As you’ve probably seen before coming here (or not), there are a lot of Swagbucks reviews out there.

Most claim Swagbucks to be a legit GPT site while there are also reviews calling Swagbucks a scam.

Some people are singing praises for Swagbucks, while there are others who cannot contain their disappointments and frustrations.

So, before you take the time to complete any task on Swagbucks, let’s figure out if it is worth your time in this Swagbucks review.

Review Summary

Owner: Prodege, LLC (Josef Gorowitz, Scott Dudelson, Ron Leshem, Eron Zehavi)

Price: Free to Join

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Income Opportunity Rating:

What is Swagbucks?

<img alt=’Swagbucks-Review-2019-Home-Page-Bare-Naked-Scam’ width=’800′ height=’387′ title=’Swagbucks-Review-2019-Home-Page-Bare-Naked-Scam’ data-id=’14386′ src=’https://www.barenakedscam.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/03/Swagbucks-Review-Home-Page-Bare-Naked-Scam.jpg’ style=”width: 100%;”>Swagbucks-Review-2019-Home-Page-Bare-Naked-Scam

Swagbucks is one of the most popular paid survey sites today. It is a US-based company founded in 2005 and owned by Prodege, LLC. Swagbucks is currently headquartered in El Segundo, California.

Did you know that Swagbucks members are officially known as “Swaggernauts”?

In addition to paid surveys, a Swaggernaut can also earn reward points (called Swagbucks or SB) by completing a range of online tasks and activities.

You can choose to exchange these points later on for real cash, gift checks, sweepstakes raffle entry or, you can donate it to charities (bless your heart).

How to become an official Swaggernaut?

To become an official member of Swagbucks, you just have to complete a FREE membership signup form.

Swagbucks’ membership is open to people who reside in the USA, the UK, Canada, Germany, France, India, Australia, and Ireland.

However, you must be at least 13 years of age to be a Swaggernaut.

How to make money with Swagbucks?

Most of the other Swagbucks review discusses 5-8 ways to make money with this platform. However…

I personally know 12 official ways for a Swaggernaut to earn points (SBs) and make money with Swagbucks. Let’s take a closer look at each one of them.

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#1 Use the Swagbucks Search Engine

The first way for you to earn points is by using Swagbucks’ own search engine.

Yahoo powers Swagbucks’ search engine so the results you can get will be more or less the same as the results you get with Google, Bing, or any other search engine.

While surfing the web, Swagbucks will occasionally reward you a random amount of SB. The rewards are very random but on average, earning 6-10 SB is pretty standard. Not bad for a passive income.

And although no one really knows the exact amount of points you can earn while using the search engine, it is known to be based on the time you spend using the search engine rather than the number of searches you perform.

#2 Participate in Surveys

Taking surveys is one of the fastest and the most standard way for you to earn Swagbucks (points). The amount of Swagbucks you can potentially earn taking surveys highly depends on the kind of survey you participated in and the time required to complete such a survey.

#3 Complete Offers

Other than surveys, you can earn points by completing special offers. Swagbucks has a list of offers that will reward you with decent points (or real cash) whenever you complete them.

Most of these offers are product free trials while others require a little amount of payment before you can participate. I highly suggest that you screen properly the offer that you are interested in completing.

#4 Swagbucks Daily Poll

Swagbucks posts a daily poll for its users. You can earn an easy 1SB for participating in these daily polls and answering them. Swagbucks daily polls usually take a few seconds to complete.

#5 Watch Videos

You will have a chance to earn between 1-6SB by watching Swagbucks’ suggested videos. These videos are usually about trending topics and current events that you would have watched anyway so why not get paid for it, right?

However, there is no “autoplay” feature so you will need to constantly press the “play next” button to watch the next video.

#6 Watch Videos on the Swagbucks Mobile App

There are separate sets of videos that you can watch on your mobile. You just have to download the Swagbucks’ mobile app, and you are good to go.

You can earn up to 50-200 additional SB just by watching videos on this app. These videos can be played on the background while you are doing other things, so it’s essentially a form of passive income.

#7 Buy Gift Cards and Coupons

Swagbucks offers hundreds of coupons and gift cards for all kinds of groceries.

When you buy coupons or electronic gift cards through Swagbucks, you can get a percentage of the gift a card value back in the form of SBs.

Here’s some handy hack for you.

You will receive your purchased coupon or electronic gift card in your email inbox within 1-2 business days.

Once you get it, you can use it to shop on Swagbucks to earn additional points!

#8 Shop Online

When you shop online through Swagbucks, you will be entitled to a cashback in the form of SBs. You can even buy an item online using the Swagbucks gift card or coupon (as I have mentioned in #7).

Almost every major online retailer gives cash back including Amazon and eBay. On average, you can earn between 1-50 SB’s per dollar’s worth of purchase.

#9 Redeem Swagcodes

A couple of times throughout the day, Swagbucks will post “Swagcodes” on their social media profiles and their blogs.

When you redeem them on the Swagbucks’ site or the search engine, you can earn between 2-4 SBs on each.

There are also instances when Swagbucks will have a “Swagcode Extravaganza.” This is when Swagbucks will post a bunch of high-value Swagcodes in a single day that it is possible to earn 20-30 SBs!

#10 Participate in the Swagstakes

Swagbucks conducts regular sweepstakes or “Swagstakes.” They post this Swagstakes at any given time, and anyone can join them.

To be able to participate in Swagstakes, you have to pay a little amount of your own accumulated SBs.

For example, you can participate in a Swagstakes that offers a price of 100 SBs by paying 5 SBs.

#11 Play Games

A literally fun way to earn SB is by playing games. Swagbucks has a lot of games for you to choose from. You can choose to play for free or make some in-game purchases that also gives you additional points.

#12. Refer People to Swagbucks

Whenever you refer new people to join Swagbucks, the company will reward you with SBs. You will also be entitled to make 10% of all the earnings your referral makes – for life!

Swagbucks Payment Options

Now that I have presented you with the 12 ways to earn points and make money with Swagbucks, you might be wondering how are you getting paid. Well…

The most common way is to redeem or cash out your earned SBs is thru gift cards. There are a vast number of gift cards that you can choose from. This includes big names such as Amazon, eBay, Starbucks, Home Depot and iTunes.

If you prefer cash

You will need to wait until you manage to earn 2,500 points which are equivalent to $25. Swagbucks will pay you to cash thru PayPal. PayPal payments take approximately 10-14 days to process and will be issued in US dollars.

But if you don’t want cash or gift cards, you can redeem your points for Swagstakes entries too. Finally, you may also choose to donate your SBs to charities such as Unicef, Red Cross, etc. You can give a much as you want and as low as 5 SB’s ($0.05).

How much money can you make with Swagbucks

The amount you can earn with Swagbucks highly depends on how you look at this opportunity. If you are merely using Swagbucks to spend your free time, then you probably won’t earn a lot.

But if you take it seriously by taking a lot of surveys and actively participating in all the activities, then you will probably earn a decent amount.

But that amount is still, not that much. Depending on how active you are, you can probably earn a few hundreds of dollars with Swagbucks in an entire year.

What I Love about Swagbucks?

In this part of my Swagbucks review, allow me to highlight the features that I like with this paid survey and GPT site.

100% Legitimacy

If the thought that Swagbucks is a scam is bothering you all this time, you might be happy to know that Swagbucks has an A- rating from the Better Business Bureau. This platform also earned an 8.3 rating on Trustpilot.

Furthermore, Swagbucks has been operating for more than a decade. For people who see longevity as a sign of a legit paid survey site, Swagbucks checks that box.

Free to Join

Although this is very common among paid survey sites, it is still worth mentioning that it will cost you absolutely nothing to become a Swaggernaut. You just have to complete the signup process and that’s it.

Multiple ways to earn points

Unlike other popular paid survey sites such as Survey Junkie that offers paid surveys only, you have a wide range of options on how you want to earn points and make money with Swagbucks.

Much like PrizeRebel and InboxDollars, you can earn points with Swagbucks by watching videos, playing games, completing offers and other mundane tasks that you usually do every day.

Flexible cashout options

You can choose how to use your points in Swagbucks. You can redeem it for gift cards, use it as a raffle entry or of course your favorite, get paid with cash.

A GPT site with a Heart

Perhaps one of the things that make Swagbucks really popular is that this is the only GPT site I know (and I reviewed a lot of GPT and paid survey sites already) that gives you an option to donate your earnings.

If you have been blessed enough to get thru life, you can spend your free time on Swagbucks doing what interests you, earn points, and donate them to the needy.

Not only will you be helping other people by extending some form of financial support but you are doing it without actually reaching from your own pocket.


My Concerns about Swagbucks

Meanwhile, these are some drawbacks in making money online with Swagbucks.

Limited availability

Impressive as it may, the USA, the UK, Canada, Germany, France, India, Australia, and Ireland.

You also have to be at least 13 years old to qualify. If you are not a resident of the countries above, you can try your luck with Swagbucks best competitors.

High Payout Requirement

Swagbucks applies a minimum payout threshold of 300 SBs to redeem certain gift cards and $25 worth of SB points if you want cash back from PayPal. Other popular GPT sites such as Survey Junkie only requires $10 payout threshold.

Okay-ish Search Engine

The downside of using Swagbucks search engine is that it is not as fast and as comprehensive as Google or Bing.

The Pay is Quite Low

Swagbucks won’t make you rich. In fact, the pay is relatively small when compared to other online opportunities to make money such as Affiliate Marketing.

But the thing is, paid survey sites aren’t supposed to earn you a full-time income. These platforms are created to give you an opportunity to create a few bucks on the side using your free time.

Take Swagbucks for example.

If you don’t like wasting your time taking surveys, you can make some decent passive income each month for just browsing the web using their search engine.

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Survey Disqualifications

This is a common issue among paid survey sites. Swagbucks is no exception.

Make sure to adequately fill out your “survey profile” correctly and read each survey’s requirements if you want to reduce the chance of this happening to you.

On the bright side, I actually found the Swagbucks surveys to be more reliable than other surveys provided by similar GPT sites.

Shady Offers

There had been many complaints about Swagbucks not giving credits for the offers properly completed by their members. This is a surprisingly common complaint among Swaggernauts.

I advise that unless you are genuinely interested in a particular Swagbucks offer, just ignore them entirely and stick to reliable methods to earn points.

Poor Customer Service

Most paid survey sites suffer from this problem, and it is a particularly annoying one. When people send in support tickets in Swagbucks, customer service rarely gets back in time, if they ever reply at all.

Is Swagbucks a Scam after all?

I can say with utmost confidence that Swagbucks is not a scam. However, I wouldn’t want to monopolize this privilege and would like to hear your take about Swagbucks.

Base on the facts I have provided you on this Swagbucks review, do you think Swagbucks is a scam or a legit GPT site?

Would you recommend Swagbucks to your family and friends? Please let me hear your thoughts in the Comment Section below.

Swagbucks VS Other Paid Survey sites

Some of the most probable reasons why Swagbucks is one of the most popular (if not the most popular) GPT site today is because of this company’s superb track record.

<img alt=’Is-Swagbucks-A-Scam-Rewards’ width=’800′ height=’345′ title=’Is-Swagbucks-A-Scam-Rewards’ data-id=’14390′ src=’https://www.barenakedscam.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/03/Is-Swagbucks-A-Scam-Rewards.jpg’ style=”width: 100%;”>Is-Swagbucks-A-Scam-Rewards

The time I was writing this Swagbucks review, this platform has already paid almost $241 million to its members. They also hand out more than 7,000 gift cards every single day.

More importantly, Swagbucks is known to pay its members promptly.

Swagbucks Pros and Cons


  • Excellent company track record
  • Free to join
  • Multiple ways to earn points
  • You can earn passive points easily
  • Mobile app ready
  • Good referral program


  • You will not earn much
  • Earning points can be a slow process
  • No one knows precisely how search points work
  • Only available in certain countries
  • You get a limited amount of surveys
  • Some surveys will disqualify you
  • Slow customer service

My Sincere Advice To You

While Swagbucks is an excellent online opportunity for you to earn extra bucks, it won’t and can’t provide you with a full-time income, unlike other online business models.

One of the best way to make money online even as a beginner in thru Affiliate Marketing.

Affiliate marketing is the best way for any beginners without any knowledge or experience to turn their passion or interest into an online business that generates a passive income.

If you want to get started, I highly recommend that you check out this program.

It is the same program that has taught me and thousands of individuals to find success online. Here’s my success story with the program.

Thank you for taking the time to read this Swagbucks review. I hope that you find the answers that you were looking for by coming to this page.

If this is helpful, kindly share it to the people you know who might need this kind of information.

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Until next time.

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  1. Timothy Jokoty says:

    Swagbucks is a horrible company…..the earnings they promise NEVER show up…..leaving me to write horrible testimonies to their product affiliates, return goods purchased, and initiate chargebacks with my credit card companies! DO NOT RECOMMEND!!!!!!

  2. Norma Willoughby says:

    your wrong they are taking away everything to earn with day by day if you would sign up and really try to earn i think you would change your mind real quick we know not getting rich but if you do something they have you should get the reward. If you protest too much they will ban you and close your account without you getting the points that you currently have. a monitor on the facebook page said they don’t have the advertisers so sounds bad to me those sites putting them at the top can be manipulated. When they started yes they were great. Not now.

    1. Hello Norma,

      I am sorry to hear that you’ve had a terrible experience with Swagbucks. I hope someone from the company will be able to address your concern.

      But if you are still finding a way how to make money online for free, here’s a list that you can look at.

      Good luck out there Norma and thank you for taking the time to read our Swagbucks review.


      ~Jay (BareNakedScam)

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