TS Life - Scam Or Legit Business Opportunity?

Are you considering to be a part of this company but is worried that there might be a TS-Life scam going on?

Believe me; I totally get you.

By reading this TS-Life review, you will be equipped with the proper knowledge to decide on the next course of action to take.

Let's dive in!

TS-Life Review Summary

Owner: Caius Hale

Price: Free for Pre-Star Account 
£27.50 (~$35.22) Full Star Account

Bare Naked Scam Rating:

Recommended? No
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I have been in the same dilemma before and that is understandable.

Knowing that there are hundreds and thousands of business opportunities that promise convenient ways to make money online, you can never be sure which ones are legit and which ones are total BS.

What is TS-Life


TS-Life is one of the newest MLM companies that promote health and wellness products as their main product line. The “TS” in the company name stands for “Tastefully Simple.”

The company was launched September last year (2018) in the UK and Ireland; November in the USA.

TS-Life's mission is to raise an individuals level of well-being by using the strength of the community, good health, and a legitimate career opportunity.

The Man Behind TS-Life

Caius Hale was one of 7 children in their family. He grew up grew up in a small town in Wales, United Kingdom. Caius came from a family of humble beginning.

He grew up to be a fireman and had been one for 14 years. But although he was making a decent living as a fireman, he decided to leave his ax and firehose behind for the promise of a better future in network marketing.


At first, his family and friends thought he was crazy for chasing a wild goose.

This only made Caius more determined to succeed in the industry and after putting up rigorous and massive grunt work, he managed to earn multiple six figures in a short span of 2 years.

TS-Life Products

At the moment that I am writing this TS-Life review, the company currently is promoting 5 products. This includes a food supplement, instant coffee, and weight loss replacement shakes.

The 5 products of TS-Life are

  • C-Craze
  • D-Lite
  • Pura-T
  • Supanova
  • Z-Charge

TS-Life Compensation Plan

Did you take the time to watch the video of TS-Life’s comp plan? 

You should if you are considering to “become a star” in TS-Life (pun intended).

Now talking about how you can make money with this company, you will realize early on the video that although TS-Life put a serious effort on the retailing side, the majority of their compensation plan is dedicated to you being a leader and a building a team.


My Personal Take About TS-Life

If you are worried that there might be a TS-Life scam going on, there isn’t. This company is as legit as it can get.

I have provided you with all the facts and proof to support this conclusion.

On the other hand, one good thing I like about MLM companies such as TS-Life is that the Health and Wellness industry is a gold mine for entrepreneurs.

In recent years, people have been doing the best they possibly can to stay healthy.

In fact, I am no different. I simply approach this matter differently rather than purchasing expensive food supplements.

Why I Am Not Sold With TS-Life

I wanted to highlight some of the few things as to why TS-Life does not invigorate me.

You can lose weight without losing tons of money

I am not keen to weight loss products or MLM companies that promote them.

I personally do not like the idea of paying a premium for these kinds of products when I can just change my diet and get the same result.

Besides the fact that I don’t have that much money to splurge into health and wellness products, I found out that changing your diet and exercise could provide a better (and cheaper) solution.

But hey, that's just me.

Recruitment is the name of the game

The TS-life compensation plan is heavily focused on recruitment rather than direct selling.

I usually tiptoe around these kinds of MLM companies because one can easily fall into a pyramiding scheme.

Chances to succeed within the MLM industry is pretty slim

Another reason why TS-Life does not particularly make me hit the ground running is that more than 95% of MLM company distributors are doom to fail (I will discuss more of this in a moment).

This is not a made-up number. This is the agreed consensus in the industry.

Sure a good and legit MLM company such as TS-Life will provide you with a small percentage of success.

However, engaging in a business format where you are likely to fail 9.5 out of 10 times is a little ridiculous to me.

Truth Exposed - Top Reasons Why there is a 95% Failure Rate in the MLM Industry

There are a lot of reasons why a distributor is likely to suffer a high failure rate in the MLM industry. What I am about to share with you right now are among the most common reasons why there is a 95% failure rate in the MLM industry.

First - Too Much Competition

In the case of TS-Life, the company is promoting health and wellness products. Although the niche is enormous, there are also hundreds and even thousands of other MLM companies that are promoting similar if not better products.

This will be a tough challenge to face especially in the case of TS-Life which at the moment only has a meager number of products to offer.

Second - Not Enough Leads

Leads and Prospects is the lifeline of any business. The same thing remains true in the MLM industry,

While you can promote/sell TS-Life products on your family and friends at the start, what happens if,

  • They are not happy with your products
  • Your products are not the ones they need
  • They found a much better product from your competitors
  • TS-Life products are too expensive for them

When this happens, you will see that you lose a considerable chunk of your primary prospects quickly.

On the recruitment side, you must accept the fact that the business opportunity an MLM company such as TS-Life offers is not for everyone.

Once you have annoyed most of the people around you, you will find it really hard to sell your products or recruit anyone to join your business.

Unless you learn this success formula.

Third - Selling and Recruiting is Not your Passion

No matter how good a company is if your heart is not into what you are doing, success is far from sight.

Before you decide to join and become a distributor for an MLM company such as TS-Life, first ask yourself this.

  • Is this really something you wanted to do?
  • Would you love what you will be doing in the long run?

A lot of distributors fail in this industry because of this simple fact.

Fourth - Having the Wrong Mentality

Are you doing this because you thought that this is an easy way to make money?

If your answer is Yes, I am sorry, but you are most likely to fail and become one of the 95% who does.

Many people join an MLM company because they think that making money in this industry is easier compared to I don’t know, breathing.

Alright, that might have been an exaggeration, but you get my point.

Millions of people have failed in this industry because they do not realize that to succeed as a distributor, you need to have actual skills as a network marketer.

You must be hard working and most of all, you must be patient to endure all the challenges that you are bound to face in the future.

So before you join TS-Life, get a clear idea as to “Why would you want to do this?

Fifth - Not Enough Training and Support

As I have mentioned earlier, to succeed as a distributor requires actual refined skills and knowledge - things you can acquire by attending regular seminars, symposiums, and workshop training.

A new MLM company such as TS-Life might fall short into this department as the company has its hands full on other matters such as how to survive in its primary years.

Other than that, as the company is new, there will be fewer successful company individuals to provide inspiration and guidance to the newer members on how to tackle each obstacle correctly.

Sixth - Flawed Compensation Plan

Many legit MLM companies have been taken down recently by the FTC and other similar authorities because of their controversial compensation plans. (e.g., pyramid schemes)

Apart from that, it is also uncommon that one MLM company simply mismanaged their financial plans which eventually leads to bankruptcy.

If you are keen into joining an MLM company, I highly advise that you keep an eye on the compensation plan that they offer to their members.

Now, to answer the question that has brought you to this page...

Is TS-Life For You?

The truth is, whether TS-Life is for you or not is dependent on you. If you are passionate about making an honest effort to make this business opportunity work for you, chances are it might (although the number are stacked against you).

If you are confident that you can,

  • Sell/Promote TS-Life products effectively
  • Recruit other people to join the company
  • Do the business whatever it takes

Then TS-Life might be for you. However,

  • If selling is not your forte
  • Inviting and recruiting people is not something you are passionate about
  • Leading a network of people sounds like a burden to you

Then I highly suggest that you take a look at this opportunity instead.

How Much Is The Cost To Join TS-Life

On their official website, there are two kinds of enrollment method provided to anyone who wants to become part of the TS-Life movement.

Pre-Star Enrollment - £0.00

This is the first option which requires no amount to be a part of the company. All you need to do is complete a signup form provided to you.

After which, you will then have access to TS-Life’s products and will be entitled to partial discounts.


Full Star Enrollment - £27.50

The Full Star membership is a one-time payment that will give you a “Lifetime Access” to all of TS-Life benefits.

This includes a replicated website, business tools, training resources, and more.

You will also be entitled to each of TS-Life’s products’ full discounted wholesale prices.

Pros and Cons

To keep you in perspective, here is my personal pros and cons list regarding TS-Life.


  • Legit MLM company
  • Good quality products
  • You can get product discounts for free
  • Retailing is an option
  • New in the industry, so you are likely to become one of the pioneers
  • Health and Wellness products always have a huge market


  • MLM business has a very low success rate
  • The TS-Life compensation plan is recruitment-focused
  • Too many competitors in the Health and Wellness sector
  • A newcomer MLM company
  • Currently, only have 5 products
  • Only available at very few selected territories

My Humble Advice

There is no doubt in my mind that although the company is new, there is no such thing as a TS-Life scam going on.

All the fact suggest that this is another legit MLM company with a good product line and offers a promising business opportunity.

However, another fact also remains that distributors in an MLM company are most likely to fail.

My advice to you is that if you are ready to make a life-changing decision and do business with TS-Life, I highly suggest that you make it count. How?

You can also check out this Ultimate Guide on How to Become a Good Network Marketer.

On the other hand, if you realized at this point that TS-Life is not the business opportunity that you have been looking for, then I highly recommend that you check out this program instead.

I hope that I have provided you with the answers to the question that brings you here. Thank you so much for taking the time to read my TS-Life review.

If you think this would help someone you know, please do not hesitate to share this to them.

Until the next Bare Naked Scam review. Whatever decision you arrived after this, I sincerely wish you nothing but success in the future.

Your pal,


Do you have any information to share about TS-Life? Do you know about a TS-Life scam going on?

Please do share it to us in the Comment Section below.

About the Author

Jay is a scam buster who have objectively exposed hundreds of business opportunities.

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Linda harrington - Reply

I have read your review. I pride myself in being impartial. I have been affiliated with TSLife™️ For over a year. Nearly everything you mentioned here is incorrect. We have training better than any other company I have been associated with.
Also all members regardless of team help each other. We are all very good friends.
You obviously do not know what a pyramid scheme is.
We have products which we aim to sell to our customers. Yes we grow teams. This isn’t for everyone. So our customers benefit in many ways you have not heard of.
The products are healthy. Natural and most importantly compliant.
You need to update your information. We have many more than 5 products . I’m staying with TSLife™️

    Jay Roland - Reply

    Hello Linda,
    Thank you for sharing your experience with your company. You mentioned that you have more than 5 products but I think the skin care products infused with CBD are still yet to launch as I was writing this review.

    Furthermore, I think nowhere in the review did I call our company a pyramid scheme. What I merely pointed out is that once a distributors income relies heavily on recruitment instead of selling products, that can be considered a pyramiding scheme. I hope you get my point.

    At the bottom part of the review, I even pointed out that TS-Life is not a scam and have some noteworthy traits.

    Yes please stay with TS-Life if you are truly passionate about selling products and growing a team. I have been in network marketing for 6 years in the past and I hope you will find success in yours.

    ~Jay (BareNakedScam)

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