Opulence Global Review – Is It Worth Joining In?

So, someone introduced you to Opulence Global and you are wondering if it is a legitimate business opportunity to join or a scam.

You are in the right place because this brutally honest review will provide you with the pertinent information for you to decide if it is worth joining.

Without further ado, let’s get right into the details.

Review Summary

Name: Opulence Global(formerly Global Wealth Trade)

Founder: Ramin Mesgarlou

Cost To Join: $270 – $1,800

Recommended? No

Opulence Global Home Page

Income Opportunity Rating:

What is Opulence Global?

Opulence Global, formerly known as the Global Wealth Trade, is a Multi-Level Marketing(MLM) company that has products for multiple niches. They offer customers a wide selection of products from jewellery, fashion, and accessories.

In 2016, Global Wealth Trade added a range of personal care products, and in 2018, the company launched its flagship health and wellness product Fountain of Life.

Following the introduction of the Fountain of Life, the company Global Wealth Trade proceed into a complete re-branding and is now known to be Opulence Global.

In an interview, Global Opulence’s CEO confirmed that the re-branding is to give credit to the company’s new focus moving forward and that the owner feels that they are a brand new company.

Opulence Global Founder

Ramin Mesgarlou is the Founder and the current CEO of Opulence Global.

<img alt=”Opulence Global Founder Ramin Mesgarlou” width=’798′ height=’329′ title=”Opulence Global Founder Ramin Mesgarlou” data-id=’17743′ src=’https://www.barenakedscam.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/06/Opulence-Global-Founder-Ramin-Mesgarlou.jpg’ style=”width: 100%;” data-lazy-src=’https://www.barenakedscam.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/06/Opulence-Global-Founder-Ramin-Mesgarlou.jpg’ data-was-processed=’true’>Opulence Global Founder Ramin Mesgarlou<img alt=”Opulence Global Founder Ramin Mesgarlou” width=798 height=329 title=”Opulence Global Founder Ramin Mesgarlou” data-id=17743 src=https://www.barenakedscam.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/06/Opulence-Global-Founder-Ramin-Mesgarlou.jpg style=”width: 100%;”>

According to the company’s official website, Ramin is said to have more than 27 years in direct sales and managed to build four multi-million-dollar businesses.

Ramin is also known as “The Forensic Networker” and has his own separate website for that purpose.

In 2005, he founded Global Wealth Trade which he has now re-branded as Opulence Global.

If you care to learn more about Ramin’s background, here’s another feature about him. As I am writing this Opulence Global review…

Ramin is directly involved with all the operations of Opulence Global together with a team of his trustees.

Opulence Global Products

As I mentioned earlier, Opulence Global has no shortage of products.

Unlike other legit MLM companies out there, Opulence Global have products in three significant niches, namely – fashion, beauty, and health.

For fashion:

The company offers handbags, wallets, watches, shoes, jewelry, and other accessories.

When it comes to beauty:

Opulence Global features a variety of Feri Flawless collections such as skin care, moisturizers, toothpaste, shampoo and conditioner, and more.

For health:

The company promotes a line of Fountain Of Life products.

You can view all Opulence Global products in here.

How Does Opulence Global Work?

When you join Opulence Global, you can enjoy discounts on all products of the company from 20% up to 30%.

And depending on your membership package, you will also get a chance to make money by either selling the company products or recruiting people to become a member as well.

Cost To Join Opulence Global

At the time I am writing this Opulence Global review, the company offers three main options for you to choose from should you wish to be affiliated with Opulence Global.

You can either become a Retailer, a Lifestyle Promoter, or a Lifestyle Advisor.

<img alt=”Opulence Global Membership Price” width=’800′ height=’437′ title=”Opulence Global Membership Price” data-id=’17744′ src=’https://www.barenakedscam.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/06/Opulence-Global-Membership-Price.jpg’ style=”width: 100%;” data-lazy-src=’https://www.barenakedscam.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/06/Opulence-Global-Membership-Price.jpg’ data-was-processed=’true’>Opulence Global Membership Price<img alt=”Opulence Global Membership Price” width=800 height=437 title=”Opulence Global Membership Price” data-id=17744 src=https://www.barenakedscam.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/06/Opulence-Global-Membership-Price.jpg style=”width: 100%;”>

Retailer – $270

This is the basic membership option for you to become associated with Opulence Global. By paying $270, you will get two Fountain of Life and a 20% discount for all the products on your next purchase.

Lifestyle Promoter – $720

When you choose to join as a Lifestyle Promoter, you will be given a personal online shop (like Amazon or Shopify), different Opulence Global products and will enjoy a 25% discount on all products on your next purchase.

Lifestyle Advisor – $1,800

The Lifestyle Advisor is promoted to be the best value package if you want to join Opulence Global. This is supposedly the starter package you should get if you are serious about doing business with the company.

In addition to the different products as your ROI, a personal online shop, and shopping credits, you will also be entitled to a 30% product discount.

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How To Make Money With Opulence Global?

Basically, Opulence Global is just your typical multi-level marketing company. And no matter how your sponsor sugarcoats it, just like an average MLM company, there are two ways you can make money with Opulence Global.

You can sell the company products and make profits, and you can also recruit people to earn a direct referral bonus.

Through recruitment, you will also get the “chance” to receive a passive residual bonus from all the sales of your team.

I say you will get a chance because there are strict guidelines and qualifications for you to be able to enjoy the Opulence Global’s compensation plan fully.

For your convenience…

Below is a 13-minute video of the Opulence Global entire compensation plan by Ramin Mesgarlou himself.

Good Things About Opulence Global

Before we discuss why there some people refer to Opulence Global aka Global Wealth Trade as a scam

Allow me to highlight the good things about this multi-level marketing company.

#1 No Negative Product Feedbacks

One of the best ways to gauge an MLM company’s legitimacy is to see how the products stand among its customers.

Unlike this one MLM company selling handbags, it is hard to find negative feedbacks referring to Opulence Global products.

The people who call Opulence Global a scam are the ones who ended up not making any money with the company – which I will discuss more below.

However, this is not necessarily a good thing.

The absence of negative product feedbacks could be due to two things.

  • All of Opulence Global products’ quality is somewhat acceptable that people have nothing to complain or,
  • Not many people purchased the company products, which is why reviews are hard to find. However, this leads me to another question. If the company products are not a hit, how did the company generates its revenues? 

I will share my thoughts about this matter in a while too.

#2 Wide Range Of Products

When you join Opulence Global for business purposes, you will have the flexibility to sell different products in different niche. Not many MLM company can offer the same luxury.

You can sell high-end jewelry, personal care products, accessories, health supplements or, all of them. Your choice!

#3 Profits Thru Direct Selling Is Possible

Opulence Global made it possible for its members to make money by promoting the company products.

In addition to the 20%-30% profits that you will enjoy, having a variety of products to promote will lead to better sales.

Well, granted that you actually have some skills in selling. If not, it’s always not too late to learn the art of selling today.

#4 Good Track Record

The Opulence Global may be a new brand, but Global Wealth Trade has been operating for over a decade. Clearly, something good is going on with this company which why it lasted this long.

Opulence Global also has an excellent BBB rating of A+ if that is something that matters to you.

Opulence Global BBB Rating<img alt=”Opulence Global BBB Rating” width=800 height=341 title=”Opulence Global BBB Rating” data-id=17745 src=https://www.barenakedscam.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/06/Opulence-Global-BBB-Rating.jpg style=”width: 100%;”>

But as I promised, this article is not all about the good things of this company. Below are the red flags about Opulence Global that you should be wary about.

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Opulence Global Red Flags

On this part of my Opulence Global review, allow me to share with you some issues I found about this company.

#1 Ramin’s Inconsistent Background Story

On the company’s Corporate Team Page

It clearly states that Ramin Mesgarlou has 27 years of experience in direct selling and has successfully built four multi-million dollar businesses, a true master distributor.

However, Ramin is unheard of in the MLM industry until 2005.

In fact, I even found a document stating that in 2000, Ramin was working in another company and was fired.

This was only five years before him launching his most significant break in the MLM industry, the Global Wealth Trade.

Why would a 6-figure earner MLM personality with 27 years of experience, the guy who is said to build four multi-billion business, be working for a meager $40,000+ sales position in the year 2000?

Ramin Misgarlou 3XS Enterprise<img alt=”Ramin Misgarlou 3XS Enterprise” width=800 height=446 title=”Ramin Misgarlou 3XS Enterprise” data-id=17739 src=https://www.barenakedscam.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/06/Ramin-Misgarlou-3XS-Enterprise.jpg style=”width: 100%;”>

The timeline doesn’t add up.

PS. The document contains other stuffs. Press Ctrl + F and type in Ramin Mesgarlou to locate the part about him.

#2 Expensive Startup Cost

It is true that for any legit business, you will most like have to invest a startup capital to get started. However, getting started with Opulence Global is relatively expensive.

As a retailer, you will need to pay close to $300, and that does not even qualify you to the entire compensation plan.

#3 Heavy Emphasis On Recruitment

I have nothing against Opulence Global, but no matter how you look at the company’s compensation plan, it is clear as day that the big paychecks are intended for the distributors that can bring as many people as they can to join the company.

Now there is nothing wrong with recruitment in a legit MLM company per se…

But if the company clearly favors recruitment over selling products, then that is a gray area.

The FTC clearly states that when distributors of an MLM company gets the majority of their income from recruitment instead of direct selling, the company is operating a pyramid scheme.

I’m worried that the majority of the company’s revenue is coming from recruitment. I cannot stress enough how bad that would be.

Not only that, there are other red flags about Opulence Global that could link it to a pyramiding scheme. Here’s the whole list.

#4 Lack Of Transparency

Unfortunately, I’m afraid that Opulence Global turns to a pyramid scheme once you register above the Retailer package.

The company provides no information and no income disclosure on how much its distributors are making on average. Opulence Global does not even publicly show how much each product costs.

There is no way to tell if going for the more expensive starter packages will make you more money or not.

Chances are, even the person that eagerly recruits you into joining Opulence now cannot tell you the answer to this and you are going in blind.

It is just like a blind leading a blind which is coincidentally what Ramin is said to experience on his former MLM company.

The Forensic Networker<img alt=”The Forensic Networker” width=800 height=238 title=”The Forensic Networker” data-id=17747 src=https://www.barenakedscam.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/06/The-Forensic-Networker.jpg style=”width: 100%;”>

#5 Account Renewal Fees

During the time I am writing this Opulence Global review, you need to pay an annual $100 to renew your membership.

I am particularly not a fan of this because the company is already getting a lot from you promoting and selling its products thru word-of-mouth advertising, why can’t it let you become a lifetime member?

Opulence Global may have a lot of products to offer, but at least on the other MLM companies, you only need to pay once to become a member.

#6 MLM Has An Abysmal Success Rate

Perhaps my least favorite thing about Opulence Global is that it is operating in an MLM business model, and you are most likely to fail in an MLM business.

Across the entire industry, more than 95% of distributors for any MLM company end up not making money. Here’s why.

Is Opulence Global A Scam

Even with the many red flags this company has, I wouldn’t say that Opulence Global aka Global Wealth Trade is a scam.

This is a legit multi-level marketing company with a decent product line and a legal MLM compensation plan.

Should You Join Opulence Global

That depends. I believe I have provided you with enough information to make that decision yourself.

If selling products and building a team of like-minded people is up to your alley, then you can give this business a try.

However, I suggest that to maximize your chance of success in an MLM company such as Opulence Global, you must learn and master the Attraction Marketing.

Attraction Marketing will teach you how to double and even triple your sales, promoting the Opulence Global products. It will also allow you to attract the right kind of people who are eager to join your team.

Furthermore, this article will also help you decide on whether you should join an MLM company like Opulence Global or not.

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My Humble Advice

There are plenty of ways to make money today.

Joining a legit MLM company like Opulence Global and becoming a good MLMer is one of them.

On the other hand, if you prefer an online business where you can earn a full-time income without:

  • Selling any products,
  • Recruiting people,
  • Paying expensive startup capital and yearly fees,
  • Talking to strangers or,
  • Prospecting your family and friends

Then I have the perfect thing for you!

This online business program has already changed the lives of many people. This even eventually led some of them to quit their 9-5 jobs!

And the best part is, you can get started for free!

Final Words

Thank you for taking the time to read this Opulence Global review. I am hoping that you found the answers that you were looking for. Please do share this if you think it is useful.

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One last thing. Whether you join Opulence Global or start your own online business is up to you.

However, make sure that whatever you decide on, it is something you truly are passionate about. Because doing something you love and enjoy will make you feel as if you are not doing any work at all.

Until here and I wish you nothing but success in your future endeavors.

Your pal,


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