Is IAM Worldwide a Scam? – 11 things you need to know before joining

IAM Worldwide is a Philippine-based Multi-level Marketing (MLM) company in the health and wellness niche.

There are people on the Internet who tout how their lives were transformed by this company.

IAM Worldwide Reviews

However, there are also those saying the exact opposite!

While the company proudly claims that all you have to do is…

“Avail, Learn, Refer and you will Earn”

This is far from the truth.

So many distributors complained about not earning money even if they put their hearts into the business.

They were made to believe that they only need to refer (recruit) 2 to 6 people and they’ll earn a decent income.

But, they all ended up in disappointment, which led many swearing IAM Worldwide is a scam.

So, in this review, we will discover the 11 pertinent information about the company and the business opportunity…

And hopefully, you can decide for yourself if this is worth joining.

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1. Veteran Network Marketers Leads the Company

While the company has only been around for a few years (since 2017), IAM Worldwide now has branches and members in the UAE (Dubai), Kuwait, Hongkong, Singapore, Rwanda, and other territories where Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW) are abundant.

This fast expansion of the company is a testament to its current stability and the quality of leadership it has.

This is a good sign for you if you intend to join as a distributor.

You wouldn’t want to join an unknown MLM company with no reputation.

And, at the same time, you wouldn’t want to join a company where its owners are sketchy or have been involved in past scandals.

IAM Worldwide was officially launched in 2017 by Allen Marvin Yu Eder and Aika Lorraine Uy – both are successful network marketers.


The two received the Outstanding and Significant Achievement in Entrepreneurship Award from Golden Globe in 2019.

Company mentors like Hermilino Razon and Jun Espinosa are also MLM veterans who came from one of the popular MLM companies in the Philippines.

IAM Worldwide Awards and Recognitions


The company also won:

  • People’s Choice Best New Company of the Year Award 2018
  • Most Inspiring Story of the Year Award during the Asian Networkers Convention and Expo (ANCE) in 2018. 
  • Best New Company Award 2019
  • ANCE Vision Excellence Award 2019
  • Business Leader of the Year Award for Male and Female categories 2019

2. IAM Worldwide is a Superbrand But…

When it comes to product quality, IAM Worldwide is recognized as one of the Superbrands in the Philippines for 2018-2020.


Superbrands is an invitation-only organization for the most outstanding brands in their respective fields. It currently operates in more than 85 countries.

This Superbrand seal could serve as a good marketing point when you sell your products to the customers.

During this review, these are the products promoted by the company:

Barley Products (Flagship Products) – Amazing Pure Organic Barley Powdered Drink, Amazing Pure Organic Barley Capsule, and Amazing Choco Barley Powdered Drink

Healthy Coffee – Amazing Coffee Mix with Glutathione, Amazing Coffee Mix with Tongkat-Ali, Amazing Cafe Latte with Barley and Alkaline, and Amazing Cafe Mocha with Barley and Alkaline

Weight Loss – Amazing Grape Juice with Garcinia Cambogia

Personal Care and Beauty Products – Awesome Organic Instant White Face Cream, Awesome, Organic Instant White Body Cream and Awesome Organic Premium Soap.


Scalar Energy Pendant – A pendant that removes fatigue, boosts the immune system, improves your overall health, and protects the user from radiation.

Foodcart Franchising – IAM Worldwide partnered with KJA-Global Franchising Company Inc., a Philippine-based company that offers product distributorship through franchising. 

IAM Worldwide offers a wide array of good products for its international market. However…

3. The Company Products are Hard to Sell because…

You would think that as a Superbrand and with the company’s prestige and reputation, selling IAM Worldwide products would be easy. Unfortunately, it wasn’t the case.

In the Philippines alone, respected MLM companies like JC Premiere, UNO, Frontrow, and AIM Global offers the same line of products to IAM Worldwide. Some of these companies are also named as Superbrands.

Therefore, competition is very high.

Not to mention the fact that international MLM giants like 4Life, Amway, and Forever Living are also popular in the countries where IAM Worldwide operates.

Therefore, it is not surprising that a lot of IAM Worldwide distributors are struggling to make profits from retailing. Furthermore…

4. IAM Worldwide Products Can be bought in Online Retail Outlets

Another challenge that you will have to overcome as a distributor is the fact that IAM Worldwide products can be bought in online retail outlets like Lazada and Amazon.

Buy IAM Worldwide Products Online

The company didn’t provide any official advertising policy on its site whether selling products online is prohibited.

It could be the company or the distributors that are selling these products online but this is not a good sign. It could be the reason why many distributors are not making product sales.

One selling point of an MLM company is the exclusivity of its product distribution, so when people want to buy IAM Worldwide products, they will have no choice but to search for distributors like you.

But this selling point becomes moot when the products can be found online. Do you agree with me?

Please feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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5. Joining IAM Worldwide Isn’t Cheap

If you are interested in this company, you’d want to check your budget because becoming an IAM Worldwide distributor comes with a hefty price. (pun intended)

Currently, these are the international package options the company offers.

  • Silver 2.0 – $350
  • Gold – $1000
  • Platinum – $2,300
  • Jade – $4,000

On top of the four options above, the company also offers packages exclusive to Philippine residents.

These are:

Membership Packages

Copper – $116, Bronze – $231 and Silver – $462.

Note: All prices and commissions are subject to change without prior notice.

The company implements a strict one account policy, unlike other MLM companies where you can have multiple accounts.

Once you already purchased an account and you want to get better perks and earn higher commissions, you have to upgrade your membership. We will discuss more about this below.

Is the membership fees worth your money? Here’s what you will get.

Perks of IAM Worldwide Distributors

  • Get 100% worth of products for the price of your package
  • Up to 50% lifetime discount on all products
  • Company training and coaching
  • Earn money through profits and commissions

6. Training is provided, but it is not enough

There are plenty of regular training videos and workshops prepared by the company for its distributors.

On YouTube alone, there are plenty of videos that you can watch to “learn” the business and eventually make money.

IAM Worldwide Training

The company also has blogs and other educational posts for both its members and prospects.

With decent company support, you would think that it truly is easy to generate an income with the company.

Unfortunately, this isn’t entirely true.

The skills you need to succeed as a network marketer go beyond YouTube videos and attending seminars. It is a start but it isn’t enough.

You will have to go out there, talk to people and learn through experience. See what works and what doesn’t and of course, you must endure and stomach tons of rejections.

Another effective way to succeed in this business is to have a personal coach who guides you and monitors your progress.

It would be awesome if you can get the founders and the mentors to spend time with you regularly but we know that isn’t possible.

You can then turn to your sponsor but that person might not be a successful network marketer (yet), and a blind leading another blind is very dangerous in any kind of business.

It then falls to your own hands to find someone who has seen the underbellies of the MLM industry and managed to come at the top.

Get a Personal Network Marketing Mentor to Cement Your Success in IAM Worldwide

7. Making Money with IAM Worldwide Compensation Plan is Hard

In a few words, just REFER and EARN is not true!

IAM Worldwide uses a Binary compensation plan, and to be honest, this is one of the reasons why most distributors fail in this business.

Here’s how the Binary system works:

When you first join IAM Worldwide, you will be placed at the top where you will be given a right and left sales force.

Once you recruit someone to join the company, you can put him/her on either side. You will earn commissions as long as both sides grow in sales and numbers.

IAM Worldwide Binary Compensation Plan

As a new distributor, you are often told to recruit just two people and place them on each side. Then you will teach those two to do the same, and so on.


The Reality of the Binary Compensation Plan

What the company and your sponsor didn’t tell you is that not all people are suited in the network marketing industry.

Not all people are comfortable in the sales environment, and thus, there is no guarantee that your two people will stay in the company.

The moment your two recruits didn’t earn money in their first few months, it is likely that they will quit. The same thing could be said for their recruits.

The moment they realized that selling and building a sales team is not something they are passionate about, they will quit.

Most people quit their respective MLM companies only after a few months due to different reasons.

Here’s the sad part:

For you to continue earning money, you will have no choice but to find replacements for the people who drop out of your team. 

Thus, instead of recruiting just two people, you will have no choice but to recruit and recruit and recruit.

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However, once you get past that hurdle and you are able to recruit comfortably…

8. It is possible to Make Money with IAM Worldwide

Despite the issues I shared above, you can make a decent income with this company if you can make it work, it is possible for you to make a lot of money.

During the publication of this IAM Worldwide review, here’s how much you can earn as a company distributor.

Retailing – Earn up to 50% in profits from all products for a lifetime.

For example, as a distributor, you can purchase the Barley (IAM Worldwide’s flagship product) for $14, and you can sell it for $28.

IAM Worldwide Products Retail Profits

Direct Referral – Every time your recruit someone to join the company, you will earn a one-time commission base on the package they buy.

The commission amount is as follows:

IAM Worldwide Compensation Plan Commissions

Sales Match Commission – You will receive a matching commission whenever the number of people on both your sales force matches.

Regardless if you recruited those people or not as long as they are under your organization.

The amount you earn will depend on your membership.

Check Match Commission – If only one of your sales leg is active and making sales, you can still earn 5-10% from all the weekly earnings of your direct recruits.

Infinity Bonus – Starting from your 3rd direct referral (personal recruit), you’ll earn commissions from all the FIRST TWO recruits of your recruits.

Just 4 You Bonus – This is where you will feel the “Pay to Play” system of IAM Worldwide. This bonus is exclusive to Gold, Platinum, and Jade members only. 

If you recruit 4 people who bought the same packages as you, you’ll earn 800 (Gold), 2,000 (Platinum), and 4,000 (Jade).

This bonus will be unlocked every time you refer 4 people who bought the same package as you – no time frame.

Give Me 5 bonus – For Silver 2.0 only, you get a $300 bonus every time you refer 5 people who join IAM Worldwide with Silver 2.0 too.

IAM Worldwide Distributor Ranks

IAM Worldwide distributors are divided into four ranks – Diamond, Emerald, Ruby, and Sapphire.

You will unlock the ranks, depending on your membership package and the packages that your recruits purchase.

Your rank determines the Unilevel Commissions that you can earn as well the different bonuses and incentives that you will get from the company.

For a deeper understanding, here’s a recent video of the IAM Worldwide compensation plan.

Proceed to 18:11 if you want to skip the company introduction.

9. It is “Pay to Play”

As an IAM Worldwide distributor, there is a set of maximum earning potential depending on the membership package that you purchase.

For example, you are only a Gold member ($1,000) and your recruit joins with the Jade package, you will only receive the commission set for Gold members.

To qualify for the full commissions, you must upgrade to Jade member yourself. You have to pay the difference between the Gold and the Jade package.

Now, this puts people with less capital at a disadvantage. 

Even if say a Silver 2.0 distributor manages to recruit 10 people, his/her income potential will never be close to that of a Jade distributor who recruits the same number of people into the company.

This also forces earning distributors to throw more money back to the company in hopes of qualifying for better commissions.

10. Dangerously similar to a Recruitment Scheme

Another thing I frown upon this company’s compensation plan is that your income greatly depends on recruitment.

Yes, you can make money by selling the IAM Worldwide products, but the bigger paychecks are for the distributors who bring in more people into the company.

It even reflects in the company’s tagline – Avail, Learn, “REFER and EARN.”

There are little to no rewards for distributors who sell more products, but people who build a bigger team are guaranteed to earn huge bucks.

But these are my own opinions. Whether you agree with me or not, I would love to hear what you think of the IAM Worldwide compensation plan in the comment section below.

11. IAM Worldwide is not a Scam

Despite the issues I discussed above, I believe that IAM Worldwide is a legitimate MLM company and I will state my reasons.

First, this company promotes real products that you can purchase without becoming a distributor. This gives IAM Worldwide distributors a way to make money even without recruiting people.

Most MLM scams like pyramid schemes do not have products to offer and there is no way for its members to make money than recruitment.

Second, IAM Worldwide is transparent of the people behind its operations. Most founders of scam hide in anonymity to remain safe once their scheme is exposed.

Finally, this company has been recognized and received different awards from legitimate authorities in its industry. These organizations (ANCE and Golden Globe) wouldn’t risk their reputation being affiliated with scams.

Again, these are my opinions and if you think otherwise, please use the comment sections below.

That being said, legitimacy is not enough of a deciding factor that anyone should join an MLM company. 

Note: Selling and Recruitment is the only way for you to make money in MLM like IAM Worldwide.

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Conclusion: My Humble Advice

MLM businesses like IAM Worldwide is not for everybody. You should think appropriately if this business is for you.

I do hope that what I’ve shared in this review is sufficient enough so you can make a well-informed decision.

But if becoming an IAM Worldwide distributor is the new path you want to take, may I suggest that you try the company products first.

Do not join just for the sake of earning money.

Because once the products have done wonders in your life, only then you will be able to promote this company with genuine passion.

Furthermore, I also recommend that you check out this training program used by the top distributors of IAM Worldwide.

The same program is what allowed them to :

  • Find continues prospects online for their IAM Worldwide business.
  • Attract the right people to be part of their team.
  • Learn how to get product sales in a very competitive industry.

Meanwhile, if you are looking for another way to make money online, I would highly recommend that you check out this program.

It is a program that taught me everything about starting an online business, and it has provided me with the opportunity to make a six-figure income from home.

Here’s My Humble Story if you are interested.

Thank you for taking the time to read this IAM Worldwide review.

Until here and whatever you decide, I wish success will come your way.

Your pal,